Thursday, October 04, 2012

Khalid Ibrahim's biggest sin after the water fiasco

Foundation for the poor vs Selangor MB. One of the reasons why Selangor became the most developed state in Malaysia is the existence of bodies like Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. This anti-poverty foundation has always been headed by a citizen instead of the State. but in early 2010, Khalid Ibrahim, the first ""Opposition" Chief Minister for Selangor, wanted that to change. He demanded that YBK come directly under him. The YBK resisted this "hostile takeover" attempt and the case went to court in 2010.

Is That Blackmail, Tan Sri MB? 
The Malay Mail [which was still The Paper That Cares then] did not blink an eye in championing the issue. The case came to a close this week as Shah Alam Court orders State to return land to YBK. 

As a result of Khalid's bossy desire, the poor folks in Serendah, a sleepy hollow in Hulu Selangor, lost the opportunity to have a university branch for an estimated 5,000 students which the YBK was supposed to build in their area. Melaka Chief Minister Ali Rustam came to the rescue and offered to build that campus in Jasin, Melaka. 

In another country but Malaysia, the chief minister would have to quit over this verdict. 

Khalid: YES, I wanted to be YBK Boss
MACC to probe Selangor MB 


  1. Anonymous12:59 pm

    So true. In any country but Malaysia the Minister would have quit.

    I don't care whether it is BN or PR, the person in charge should and must quit. I have yet to see any minister resign over a public fiasco.

  2. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Khalid Ibrahim.
    An honest MB.The best MB that Selangor ever had.At least we know he wont give away state land easily.He dont make money for himself.
    You name it,The previous Selangor MB,like Dao Haun,Dato Ahmad Rzali,Dato Rafee,Dato Hassan Omar,Dato Mohamad Taib,dato Khir Toyo,they have given out state Land to their cronies and themself.
    This is the problem with UMNO in Selangor.Too many State Land was given out and you cannot control the housing development,
    This is the main reason why UMNO lost the state to PKR because all the Malay majority area had gone.Kelana Jaya,Klang,Puchong,Shah Alam,Ampang,Gombak, This is Malay majoity are that they lost to PKR because Chinese not supporing them.
    Give Khalid more time he will make Selangor a batter state.

  3. orang banting tulang1:26 pm

    Are you blind or deaf anon 1:07 pm?

    Havent you heard of hajiman bin ibrahim? What about the sand affair? There ismany more.

    What aboutthe bas Jelajah Anwar Ibrahim and the 50 loro sampah being coincidently assembled at the same place

    Sekejap kata sewa dan sekejapkata beli

    what happen to their investigation on the video peeping tom. Why did they refuse to do a police report.

    Khalid was in a compromising with tahimah kaaaa. . ?

    There is lots more shit on Khalid. So dont accuse others without fact and proof and ignore his shit spattered all ovrr the state.

  4. Anonymous1:35 pm

    ALLAH tu maha adil... siapa ko nak rampas tanah anak yatim?MB paling jujur?jujur my as*!

  5. Anonymous1:58 pm


    When it is a decision against a state leader from Pakatan - you want the leader to resign.

    When the courts decide against BN 'edicts' the ministers need not resign - or for that matter you become blind and cannot see such things to make such resignation requests.

    What happended to your battle against that fellow leading Information?


  6. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Nor yakcob yg rugikan duit negara berbillion-billion ringgit...ada quit tak ?? lagilah dia dinaikkan jadi Minister !!

    Madey jugak sama, kelentong wang negara tapi pulak dijadikkan PM !!

    Najib ambil komission $500 juta, dinaikkan jadi PM...Rocky pulak terus sokong Najib..kah..kah..kah...

  7. Anonymous3:37 pm

    last ramadan dapat sms from khalid wishing hari raya.. i know it must be from his secretary or staff but hati rasa happy giler.. tak tau kenapa feel macam tu.. anyway thanks to him sebab dapat free air.. pity to yang pakai meter pukal..

  8. Firstly, there wasn't and there isn't any water shortage in Selangor.

    This is deliberate misinformation (read as LIES) put out by irresponsible water concessionaires who wanted to lumber Selangor with an incredible 35% tariff increase, without complying with their contractual obligations. The Fed Govt under Najib and DPL Muhy also wanted to force Selangor's hand over the wasteful and totally unwanted and unnecesary RM8 billion Langat2 Pahang-Selangot water tunnel, dam and water treatment plant.

    As for another Uni in Selangor, do we really need one with so many unployed graduates in the country?

    MB Khalid acted judiciously and when the dust eventually settles over the YBK affair, we'll get to see who has been getting rich at whose expense! There's not a million reasons in one for Khalid to resign.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  9. Anon, though i might agree wif some of ur point but YBK is 1 big blunder actually and either way i dont think khalid will get more time... AA is there waiting to push him somewhere else~

  10. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Ali Rsutam was found guilty of money politics his own party. has he resigned?? in any other country a chief minister labelled by his own party to be corrupt would have resigned. I won't even begin with isa Samad, thambi chik and the others ESP the guy who lost billions of BNM read , the rakyats money, where is he now..oh yes the finance minister. talk about getting the wolves to guard the sheep.

  11. Ellese5:06 am

    Again DPp misinforming the public. The water issue was a result of greed by selangor government trying to make billion dollar middleman profit and politicizing the matter. It doesn't have the money to buy it. So it wants to buy low from concessionaires and sell high to PAAB. Then they make billion dollar profit at the expense of taxpayers. He purposely disregard the interest of selangorian because PAAB will lease back to selangor authorities with higher lease rentals which results in higher water tariff in selangor. Funny man this Khalid.
    On source of water, Those in the water industry knows selangor needs a new treatment plant from a different source. The existing source are limited and many rivers polluted. Thus agree with Pahang transfer. Khalid also acknowledge this need. He has even suggested selangor To obtain water from Perak and even kenyir dam Trengganu. See press report on this.

  12. Anonymous5:05 am

    if u feel MB selangor tan sri khalid not honest just report to sprm,.....SPRM...still under kerajaan persekutuan control...under PM najid ....