Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MACC to probe Selangor MB for demanding top post in foundation

Corruption Involved? An major update on chairmanship-for-project scandal involving Khalid Ibrahim, the Menteri Besar of Selangor, and the Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan, an anti-poverty foundation. I blogged about it here [Is that Blackmail, Tan Sri?] last week based on an exclusive by The Malay Mail.

Today's front page of The Malay Mail, MACC joins the post-for-project fray, here.


  1. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Tahniah Rocky !!!! Selangkah maju bagi jatuhkan Khalid !!

    Doktor gigi toyol mesti senyum kambing sekarang,pasal ada chance duduk kerusi MB sekali lagi !!

    Rocky, MACC sudah buang kes K.Toyol 24 Million mansion ke ?? senyap aje MACC !!


  2. Anonymous9:51 pm

    hey rocky,

    pls highlight the macc probe on kelantan mb over a 10kg cake worth rm3900.

    it is fun to read n good for a laugh.

    rm3900 vs the dead-in-sewage khir toyol's rm24mil mansion.

    macc really cute lah!


  3. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Well...Selangor govt wants audit reports to be presented on the assets and cash flows of YBK.

    Are you willing to support that Rocky since all the Selangor Govt wants is transparency?

    The MB has not denied the fact that he asked for the post. Since the charity received assets from the state, it is only right for the MB to oversee how these "freebies" are managed.

    I don't there would have been controversy if Khir Toyo had asked for the position as MB. Another way to waste the MACCs time I suppose. After the cow and car, the next C is for charity.

  4. Anonymous10:09 pm

    What about Khir Toyo case....no case?

    Batang Kali Voter

  5. What a waste of time and focus. MACC openly admits that they are short of manpower to investigate. Yet they waste time and focus on longshort blackmails. Today, we also read about the MACC goin after a 10kg cake to Nik Aziz. Earlier, we read about Kevin Morais of MACC blantantly misleading to a point of lying in court and another MACC officer filing a police report against the Thai expert witness. My advice to the new MACC head, please stop all these nonsense, else you will end up being kicked out as your predecessor. As a new head, you have a chance to take the right path. You can easily earn the backing of the people when you are seen to be doing the right thing.

  6. Anonymous10:44 pm


    Look like Khalid the stammer and his zionist goons have succesfully Palestinized and Gazanised UiTM.

    Din Pungkok
    Tanah Liat
    Permatang Pauh

  7. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Why don't they probe the millions squandered by YBK, an organization which has not been audited for the last five years? Are you trying to protect certain UMNO politicians Rocky?


  8. Jamali & Batang Kali voter,

    I don't think the MACC has closed the file on Khir Toyo. Kalau ada bukti yang cukup, mesti kantol punya. Dan kalau memang ada bukti, dah tentu musuh-musuh bekas MB tu dah bagi kat MACC.

    As for the audit, as brought up by NIck and Anon 10:09pm, that's news actually. Setahu saya, minit kedua-dua meetings yang dipaparkan oleh blog-blog tertentu tidak ada sentuh pasal audit.

    Lagipun tuan-tuan, kalau auditlah masalahnya di sini, kenapa pulak MB nak kena jadi Pengerusi YBK. Mana relevan nya? Adakah kalau YBK buat Khalid jadi MB, semuanya akan ditutup?

    Sekiranya ada unsur2 korupsi dalam YBK melibatkan audit tak buat dsbnya, wajib bawak ke hadapan. Wajib lapor. Jangan biar disogok dengan jawatan : you bagi I jadi pengerusi, semua OK, segalanya beres.


  9. The more YBK resists the more it will lend credence to speculation they have something BIG to hide.

    Not surprising since the original project was mooted and 1,600 acres alienated by the $2 million suitcase CM and has continued under the $24 million CM (who wasted millions more in Disneyland and Oz).

    It's in our - the Selangor Public's and Taxpayers'- interest that the current Selangor MB and Govt have an official oversight role in YBK to ensure theer is transparency and accountability as well as NO CORRUPTION!

    The land does not belong to UMNO and many do not trust a set up like this which is run entirely by UMNO nominees and Trustees!! Why should it? The political landscape has changed and with it must go out the window all these secret and behind closed doors deals.

    We do not want another PKFZ-type fiasco to blow up in our face!

    I congratulate MB Khalid for taking a principled stance. Let's see if YBK's dealings can withstand the glare of broad daylight!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  10. Anonymous11:55 pm

    So its you rocky who lodged a report to macc on this, so they could open an investigation ke?

    Didn't expect you to be one of those amno paid goons hired to destroy the selangor state government.

  11. Under our Penal Code, corruption is not just about giving and taking bribe, it is also about abuse of power by Government officials. Khalid Ibrahim as MB of Selangor is a state official.

    Maka siasat SPRM jangan tak siasat mungkin ada kes ini, better than the cow for sacrifice or the 4WD issue last time.

  12. Anonymous12:17 am

    Curious kat sini..hutang Bank dah selesai atau belum?

    Takkan lama macam tu pun tak kena blacklist.

    Macam mana nak sit on any Board kalau hal kewangan sendiri belum beres?

    Alamak, cukai taksiran tahun ni, aku tengok depa tolak RM10 ajer? Nak beli tong sampah MPS pun tak cukup!!

    Ceh, main main dengan kami ker?


  13. Anonymous1:07 am

    maybe u might also want to list out the number of chairmanships your najis held.

    pls update your reader on this so we will know how hardworking & busy this fler is.

    btw, think the last count is around 20+... right?

  14. The sickos will always say the govt did no do this or did not do that, and the govt has done this or that (this or that means, things they themselves conjured) hahaha sickos

  15. nstman5:20 am

    Well done, MACC. Well done, Rocky. Superb work. Malay Mail is now aptly considered the Paper That Cares. The paper that cares for Barisan Nasional, that is.

  16. Come on, man. The MB may want the post knowing the corruption happening there. He wants to sit in to see what's going on. Can it not be that?

  17. Pune Deck7:39 am

    The MB is in no position to audit an organisation he is not part off.

    If he see any foul play, he could report to police or MACC.

    The fact is he doesn't have any eveidence but is only fault finding.

    He only wants the Foundation for his political mileage.

    All said, harassment is a crime and Khalid have clearly demonstrated he abused his power.

    It is very Anwar Ibrahim.

  18. Anonymous8:08 am

    The PR salesmen used 'corruption' slogans to corrupt the minds of voters during their election campaigns. The voters swallowed the bait hook,line and sinker.

    Now the thief that shouted thief wants to do a turn around?

    It's funny how the PR fanatics twist the issue to suit their agenda, drawing comparisons with the ones they kicked out, likening two wrongs to a right.

    The voted MB must not waste time dabbling with cronyism or nepotism to secure top jobs, but, be should look into other everyday issues such as :

    - The Klang Jams
    - The poor farmers of Tg. Karang
    - Poor garbage management
    - Bringing down power tariffs
    - Single mother issues
    - Over supply of GRO joints
    - Improve investment climate
    - River pollution
    and the list goes on.

    Stick to priorities and fulfil your obligations during your sales campaigns, my dear YB.

    Let others handle the YBK thingy. Yes let UMNO run the show, so there's check and balance and also ammunition to shoot if the project fails.


  19. Anonymous8:12 am


    Sejumlah 39,046 warganegara India ‘hilang’ di Malaysia selepas visa pelancongan mereka tamat tempoh dan perkara itu merupakan isu yang membimbangkan bagi negara ini, kata Najib Razak.

    Di berkata, mereka tidak dapat dikesan daripada rekod Jabatan Imigresen, menurut anggaran yang dibuat pada Jun tahun lepas.

    Keadaan tersebut menyebabkan jabatan itu kurang berminat mengeluarkan visa waktu ketibaan kepada warganegara India kerana kemudahan berkenaan telah disalahgunakan, terutama mereka dari Chennai, katanya.

    "Mereka ini yang datang ke Malaysia melalui kemudahan visa waktu ketibaan mungkin telah kembali ke India atau masih berada di negara ini... (mungkin) bekerja di restoran-restoran India.

    kah kah kah… MACAM MANA BOLEH HILANG?… kah kah kah…






    jawabnya rasuah.
    semua boleh dirasuah.
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    tak percaya tanya linggam kah kah kah

    dulu bukan ke ada juga minah mongolia
    yang namanya hilang di jabatan imigrisen
    minah ini mungkin dari madras kah kah kah


  20. Tak kisah la kalau MB Khalid betul-betul corrupt then, dakwala dia... I don't have any issues on that matter... what bothers me is when the MM always like to pick on petty issues such as this rather than BIGGER ones by our UMNO warlords.... Tu jer....

  21. Anonymous9:19 am

    Freaking hilarious cumming from a ranking officer of the Malaysian Anal Craps Confectionery. Get you wondering what these buggers eat that change them from a normal human-being into retards doesn't it? Maybe they eat those 'cakes' that are by-products from our digestive system after we consume cakes.

    Freaking hilarious I tell ya.

  22. Anonymous9:21 am


    You are steering the BEEHIVES,and all BeeEnds top guns will be stung by the bees... hehehehehehe

  23. Anonymous9:21 am

    Wow, another lst in Boleh land...10kg cake worth throwing our tax money to investigate while they play dumb, deaf and blind to the $2 million deal that became $21 annually, among the many cases that SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. At least the 10kg cake is shared and eaten by many (no way can Tok eat it himself or that MB Khalid feast on all the cows himself - they have to share with the public. MACC should close shop if they are unable to get the big picture and can only go after petty cash.
    Many of us are unaware MACC has moved to new premises since the sightings of TBH, (another waste of tax money and what plans are there for this old empty space? Maybe we should have a closer look on the terms and agreement of the tenancy?.

  24. Anonymous9:26 am

    It's so obvious that you are aiming the gun on Khalid!What did he do ? Yes! you are diverting the attention why should 'nt the Selangor state government verify the accounts of YBK !Tell you this Umno pukis got alot to hide and they know its game over once those worms starts crawling out!
    Its so obvious you have a personal vendetta against the MB who is doing a good job or stepping on umno toes!By all means blog but not the way you are doing now!
    Its a desperate attempt on your side .


  25. Anonymous9:59 am

    Why lapor? I thought MACC can lapor itself? Selangor government is going the bluff by asking Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan to declare its audit report

    Isn't that how LKY has nip Mahathir's bud by releasing official letters showing how insincre Mahathir is? What does Mahathir say after that? Do not release the letter in the public?
    Frankly Khalid Ibrahim or Selangor government's government asking for chairman is irrelevant. MACC can't do anything especially Teoh Beng Hock case.
    Since you are into conspiracy, perhaps it's Pakatan Rakyat's conspiracy of luring MACC & ultimately BN into the wild goose chase. With that, Teoh's ghost is alive again.
    So MACC, go on, baying for blood by interrogate Nik Nazmi 24 hours of thus creating another scandal. Anwar is damn smart that even Rocky's fallen into the trap

    Apa macam? Declare your asset. Pay up your money. Else.....

  26. Anonymous10:07 am

    Abuse of power.....According to your logic, even Najib can be called for questioning by MACC. Remember Juara Rakyat scheme......Don't get me wrong, frankly, it's noble to spread money around. But then, don't you think it sounds like an election campaign
    Why need of publicity? When you can pass the money from A to B very easily. Maintain sugar subsidy is one of them.

  27. Anonymous10:15 am

    Would u like to see YBK in the same situation as PEMPENA one day?
    MB Tan Sri Khalid wants to make sure everything goes well under him.
    So anything for us to know on toyol's case?

  28. Bunnies10:27 am

    Aiyah... give that Selangor MB a break la. Can we just give him a chance to do his job properly without having to explain and defend his every step ah? Give him a grace period of 2 years and see how la.

    I must say he is not wrong in this case la. At least he dont go hiding around some mama's skirt like those BN sissies! So he wants to be the chairperson of that foundation and he not ashame to say so for very good reasons. Better than some I know senyap senyap sit or worse still put their wife(or is it wives ah, whatever la) who knows next to nothing to sit and puppet her to do all the evil deeds. Then when bongkar rahsia dy, act like stupid.. the wife worse still act like a....err.. (ok... I wont say it.. it is very rude!)

    Rocky, I like to believe that you are picking on this issue because you are concern about such practise that has been abused before. I also like to believe that you will write the same way if it was the tempeh eating to look youthful bygone MB or one of those in the same clan la..

  29. Anonymous10:29 am

    i used to respect rocky.A man of priciple. what happen???

  30. Anonymous10:45 am

    Anything concern opposition- speedy Gonzalie.

    Vely obvious lah, Hi Brew..Syabas.

    Carlsberg .

  31. Anonymous10:59 am

    Hahahaha... Rm 2,400 drew nation wide attention over 24 million.
    (Solylah is Rupiah).

    Someone hope for a change with the revamp and now is clear that all you have to do is dream..dream..dream....

    Nia Kong Sakit gigi lah.

  32. Anonymous11:33 am

    Khalid long time ago should be a bankrupt..
    Go pay back your millions ringgit worth of debt to BankIslam you scumbag politician, before trying to potray yourself as a holyman..

    Kepimpinan melalui teladan..? 2x5 lah Fuckatan Riot..Don't perasan diri so much lah idiot. Just another old shit with new branding on the block..

    Give rise to the Neo-Nationalism. Real changes. Demi Malaysia..starting with the SSS!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  33. Anonymous11:36 am

    rocki biru,

    very fastlah umno's machai acts eh.....

    this is your MACC.....serving umno tHE ALmighty.....not Allah obviously!......

    The MIND!!!

  34. Anonymous11:41 am




    January 12, 2010
    MP Zulkifli Noordin must toe the Parti KeADILan Rakyat Line

    by Terence Netto* (January 11, 2010)

    Anwar Ibrahim’s unequivocal statements condemning acts of insensate destruction against churches and those responsible for the climate of opinion that led to such outrages have made him the surpassing Malaysian leader in this time of national crisis.

    By saying that Muslims in a majority Muslim nation should protect the rights of minorities, Anwar has not only stayed consistent to his frequent espousals of the nobility of the religion he professes; also, he has plumbed for the humanist principle that the strong protect the weak as a matter of course.

    In the present crisis afflicting the nation, Anwar has blamed UMNO for creating the climate of opinion that has led to the arson attacks on churches.

    He has gone further by pinning culpability for the outrages on the UMNO-owned newspaper, Utusan Malaysia. In his latest pronouncement, Anwar has fingered the one-time standard bearer of Malay nationalism for stoking the flames of racial and religious mistrust and hatred.

    The public pronouncements of UMNO leaders are apparently not quite susceptible to altering influence save that of the ballot box.

    Zulkifli must toe the party’s line

    Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders cannot afford to be comparably impervious to public anxiety over threats to their freedom to worship.

    Thus Anwar Ibrahim can react proactively to this moment of national crisis by persuading PKR’s Zulkifli Noordin, the party’s Kulim-Bandar Bharu MP, to recant stances he has taken in recently on issues purportedly affecting the Islamic religion.

    One of them is that the High Court decision allowing Catholic publication Herald to use the term “Allah” was inimical to the security of Muslims.

    Anwar is on public record as early
    as December 2007, telling
    Christian leaders in Petaling
    Jaya, that since Christian
    children these days are largely
    Bahasa Malaysia speaking, they
    should be allowed to use the term
    ‘Allah’ in study and worship.
    Zulkifli cannot claim ignorance of
    his leader’s stance. He wrongly
    affects to give the impression
    that Islam is under siege in
    He is eccentric in his
    protestations about alleged threats to Islam in Malaysia and as far as can be seen, has not said anything about the outrages that have taken place in the last few days.

    Since behaving in a unpardonably disruptive manner towards a Bar Council meeting in 2008, an action for which the PKR disciplinary committee recommended punishment, Zulkifli has proceeded to compound matters instead of taking due heed of his party’s forbearance.

    Anwar, who has led exemplarily in this current national crisis, can shake the dust off the disciplinary committee’s stricture and demand the recalcitrant MP for

    *TERENCE NETTO, a former journalist, is a Malaysiakini stringer.

  35. Khalid Gagap11:52 am

    This is a threat and clear cut case of abuse of power.


    Khalid wants 4 seatrs from 5 board members. That is an oputright unfriendly takeover.

    This is a private initiative unlike Yayasan elajaran Selangor which has to answer to the state.

    The land have been paid premium. So it is no more state land.

    What abuse? The land is only set to be develop. No one change title to others.

    Rodziah offer expertise? Sure expertise in roundtriping Talam?

    They already manage for 20 years. How many years of experiance has Rodziah have?

    How many years of experiance does Khalid have in public administration?

    This is just greed and jealosy. Tactic to stifle YBK's income stream.

    THat stammer is a heartless bastard considering the thopusands of kids that could go to University on that campus.

    Transparency? YBK answer to ROS/ROC and Public trustee. WHat do Selangor's inexperiance Govt knows about transparency than rhetorics.

    Investigate gangster Ronnie Liu if thay are serious about clean Govt and transparency!!!!!

  36. Anonymous12:02 pm

    MB Khalid sepatutnya bagi tumpuan membangunkan Selangor yg sekarang dah macam2 kes yg tidak memuaskan hati Rakyat. Tunaikan janji semasa pilihanraya dulu. Tumpukan kepada masalah yg lebih besar melibatkan Selangor bukannya yg kecil2 seperti YBK. Jiwa harus besar utk memajukan Rakyat, bukan segelintir Wakil Rakyat.

  37. http://malaymailphoto.wordpress.com

  38. Anonymous12:52 pm

    tadbir je la negeri. NGO tu bawah undang-undang persekutuan. negeri selangor tak reti tadn=bir mau tadbir NGO pulak....

    tu duit selangor habis beli hutang Talam kasi cerita dulu apa faedahnya pada rakyat selnagor. tolong tunjuk ketulusan selain tolong phak2 tertentu yg tak layak ditolong tu.

    Jalan kat BU yg dah jam menyusahkan penduduk sekitar kasik settle.

    tu baru tugas negeri la wey...

    lu org bukan MACC, lu org pentadbir negeri. so tolong buat kerja. aku bayar cukai tanah maka aku layak nak tau.

    korang lodge la report kat MACC pasal YBK, walaupun tu bukan bidang tugas korang sebagai kerajaan negeri.

    perkara pokok jangan lupa.. iaitu salah guna kuasa. undang-undang tetap undang2 weh.. mana boleh paksa syarikat ambik korang sebagai director ke, pengerusi ke suka hati je. Bapak korang punya yayasan ke????

    YBK tu dah satu hal. Tapi korang dah berapa tahun ni, apa yang dah buat untuk org miskin??????????

    -anak selangor yg bayar cukai-

  39. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Dear Rcoky,

    Your blog is becoming a joke.



  40. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Salam Rocky, saya sedih sangat tengok the editorial level that you have stooped down to. There was hope and even admiration before.. Saya takkan kembali.

  41. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Tahniah Rocky ! Your bosses have outdone themselves again ! 10kg cake investigation on Nik Aziz. Investigation on people who want to stamp out corruption. Investigation on people who searches for the truth.

    Stupid is as stupid does. Especially when it applies to the dark side of the Force.


  42. Anonymous3:18 pm

    How to have proof when they can delete any record or perform marvelous disappearing act at their whim and fancy.If someone is after you , no proof also can create proof to the extend of bringing bolster ,pillow or even matress.

    David Copperfield pun surrender.

    Cari Makan (defending respective Master)regardless of maorality has become the national passtimes.

    Man of many faces.

  43. Anonymous3:34 pm

    It's not surprise that we are lagging far behind in many areas while others have progressed by leaps and bounds.

    Kita tak habis habis dengan MACC , PDRM ,PKFZ , STOLEN ENGINES , COLLAPSED BUILDINGS , UNTRACED IMMIGRANTS ,COA ,ILLEGAL FUNDS TRANSFER LAH, BLA, BLA....sunyi saja , abuk pun tak nampak.

    Last but not least- Oh My God !

    One Eye Jack.

  44. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Org2 Phuckatan Riot tak paham konsep. Kalau rasuah tu rasuah jugak!

    Will it be ok if rasuah tu kecik? So it should be ok if BN did more? Benchmark is siapa lagi byk patut kena tangkap? PR rule numero uno!

    PR supporters are obviously stupid and will always act stupid just to legitimize their leaders actions.

    You just have to support them dont u, even if they stole your money (in general, takut x paham pulak)..Blind supporters!


  45. Khalid should have demand for a lamp post which suit him well.

    lembik punya MB....asyik kena sepak macam bola oleh partner dia

  46. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Well Done Rocky,
    It always amazed me to visit your blog to find all the negative comments against you...If I were you, I'd stopped blogging long time ago..What do you get for doing all these?
    Tan Sri Khalid already made it clear that he wants the post because he wants to oversee the work of the foundation...If he is in for getting a salary, then he is at fault. But this is a charity organization and he is in to improve the foundation...Then he is coming in with a noble intention..So Rocky, apa salah?

  47. Anonymous4:39 pm

    I think MACC has missed out something in their investigation. I was told by an insider working for the Kelantan government that their office bought Faber Castell blue pen instead of the cheaper Kilometrico. By my rough calculation, in one year alone, the price difference would have saved the government a whopping RM 23.14.

  48. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Don't be so wicked you PR baddies..!!

    This is a very serious matter, buying cakes so expensive to give to Menteri Besar.

    They should emulate the previous Selangor government and don't buy such trivial things.

    Give something substantial - like RM 50K watches, send the MB and family for holiday in Disney Land
    or better sstill sell him land worth millions for a song.

    This matter must be investigated !!

    Why only such inexpensive gifts for Kelantan Menteri Besar ?

    The federal government must know the gift is so cheap and not worth a few thousand - only RM 390/-

  49. Masalahnya penyokong yg taksub. Kalau kena batang hidung sendiri maka pihak lain disalahkan dan cepat2 spin cerita. Sy sokong rocky punya pendedahan. Kalau Khir Toyo benar2 ada kes, sy harap MACC akan ambil tindakkan. Tetapi yg taksub dan percaya pada kenyataan org politik sampai rumah tsb dinilaikan 24 juta. Mana pembeli yg kata sanggup beli 24juta. Mana dokumen yg mengesahkan khir toyo melakukan rasuah. ingat laa sikit, masa khir jadi MB, sy pasti dlm pejabat SUK banyak penyokong PR dan khir sendiri pasti punya musuh dlm selimut. Kenapa sampai sekarang tak ada bukti, bila kena nik aziz dan org buat laporan kenapa nak kait dgn org lain pulak. sepatutnya kita minta org yg lapor serah bukti pada macc, barulah kita dikatakan rasional dan penting jemaah sendiri

  50. Anonymous4:46 pm

    AHAHAHAHAH MACC is turning into a funnier clown by the day laa.

    What ever happened to the rest of the files eh? the likes of the Istana toyo, RM600k to dubai by a particular penguin, RM10M by the MB of N9 and the list is simply too elaborate to list.

    Come on laa MACC, Dont make it any worse that where you are already , my job requires me to move around the globe for quite a bit and you guys (and all your counterparts) are giving me a hard time in talking to all my customers cause each time I strike up a conversation they will start poking fun like " Arent you from that country that lost jet engines taken by a sarge? " and " Arent from that country where they burn churches?"

    How to cari makan laa brader?!!

  51. Matilah...Siasat tak boleh, tak siasat pun tak boleh.

  52. Anonymous5:09 pm

    What a waste of the nation's
    resources, gee, what else and how low will MACC stoop down I wonder,
    have they (MACC) not made a fool of themselve yet??


  53. Anonymous5:25 pm

    hang nak buat development ka?

    aku tak larang.

    tapi.. aku tak dak duit dah nak cover line tolong org miskin kat selangor ni... maklumlah.. sebenarnya aku bukan peduli pun...

    orang banjir teruk pun aku tak peduli nak tengok - kan aku ada pekerja. Buang masa je kalau aku pi jenguk.

    Yang org miskin dan anak yatim pulak.. ishk peleceh la.. tak bawak hasil ..

    tapi.. kena gak cover line..
    maklum lah nanti pilihanraya mai..

    so... hang kasik aku jadi pengerusi. aku boleh jadi hero bila aku potong riben ka, huluq cek kat org miskin tu dgn duit hangpa..

    rodziah tu bukan tau apa sgt, apa aku buat dia ikut je, so kau bubuh dia sekali..

    APAAAA??? hang degil???

    ok.. hang nak degil, aku TAK AKAN LULUSKAN PROEJK HANG!!!!

    tu je ceritanya...

    tapi buat org taksub PKR ... tak apa lah, apa salahnya.. begitu....

    sebab aku dah canang, "aku hero mau jaga hak rakyat"

    hehheh tapi penyokong PKR bukan paham bab-bab tu, depa aku cakap "ketelusan" je, depa sure sokong... maklumlah .. bukan cerdik pun.

    bukan depa tau atau paham pun, aku sebenarnya tak dak pun kuasa bawah mana2 undang2 negara ka, negeri ka, dunia ka atas YBK.. bukan depa paham bila YBK kata dia NGO yg ditubuhkan oleh bawah akta negara.

    jauh sekali nak paham, YBK dah ada laporan audit bertauliah tiap tahun sejak ditubuhkan,kat website depa pun ada.

    bukan depa reti pun maksud YBK dok kata depa bayaq premium dapatkan tanah tu, bukan dapat free.

    bukan depa reti pun, kerajaan selangor tarak bagi apa pun duit kat YBK... aku torak apa pun depa percaya... hish best best

    bukan org penyokong PKR paham pun semua tu.

    Dah depa bongok gitu, aku senang settle la... kasik je tau cerita YBK tak telus, depa percaya la.

    peduli apa aku yg aku fitnah si Zainal ustaz tu!! wakakakaka! Peduli apa aku nak rampas hak anak yatim.. akhirat? alah, tu nanti la, antara aku dgn Tuhan... antara aku dgn Eli, dgn Theresa..

    yg bukan Islam mana kira bab tu, yg islam PKR dah sah tak cerdik.. tipu je percaya. Taksub kat aku pun..

    hahahahhaahhahahahahha!!! Kot mana pun aku berak kentut pun, depa percaya aku wangi.

    ishk mana tah duit zakat hari tu, aku nak pakai dah ni buat pembangunan... fulus dah makin tarak ni..

    -anak selangor yg bayar cukai-

  54. Dear loess 74, its not my logiclah, its the Penal Code. Anwar was convicted for abuse of power, maybe you can ask Anwar what it means before you start accusing BN leaders as well.

    Anyway I hope that the MACC have a case against Khalid Ibrahim for abusing his power as an MB to withhold a much needed project for the benefit of thousands of UITM students some of whom whose parents probably voted him into the MB office not knowing he also owns a bank RM64million Ringgit. Khalid Ibrahim, being transparent my foot.

    Something from the Mmail(7/1/2010) for the benefit of the hard wired Pakatan supporters who never reads the paper:

    Foundation chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom told The Malay Mail this morning that the State's directive to appoint Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and Batu Tiga assemblyman Rodziah Ismail as chairman and trustee respectively along with two other State government representatives was a clear indication it plans to take over the foundation.

    "The board of trustees cannot have more than six board members. As the State government wants four of its representatives on board, then it is clear that it wants to take over the foundation," he said in refuting Rodziah's statement that the State government just wanted to add and not replace the trustees (see accompanying report).

    He also refuted a claim by Rodziah that the land bank under the foundation belonged to the State government and it, therefore, must get involved to monitor its usage to prevent misappropriation.

    "The 1,642 acres of land in Serendah awarded to the foundation in 1995 does not belong to the State. We have already paid the premiums on the land and we own the title. How can she say that the land belongs to the State?" he asked.

    Zainal, who rebutted claims that the State government had given the foundation 3,000 acres of land, also refuted Rodziah's claim that the State government wanted to prevent misappropriation.

    "The UiTM project is the first one we are going to develop. There is no way we have misappropriated anything as all the land is still an undeveloped forest. It is only now that we are going to start developing the land," he said.

    Zainal said the foundation had built 1,000 housing units for the poor on land provided by the State government or private land, other than the 1,642 acres awarded in 1995.

    On Rodziah's statement that the State's involvement will allow them to assist the foundation on aspects such as management and administration, as well as planning of poverty eradication programmes, Zainal said: "We also know how to do management and administration. We have been doing this on our own and we are capable of doing this on our own. We have also been in the land business for 20 years."

    Yesterday, The Malay Mail had reported that YBK, and its subsidiary Permodalan YBK Sdn Bhd, could not proceed with the development of the UiTM campus because it had refused to bow to pressure from the State government.

    The State government, it was learnt, had used the inability of the foundation to settle quit rent arrears for 1,642 acres of its land as a "bargaining chip" to get Khalid and Rodziah appointed to YBK's board of trustees.

    The foundation, which has had its numerous appeals to pay off the arrears by surrendering some of its land turned down, had wanted to settle the arrears with its earnings from the UiTM project — which is slated to accommodate 5,000 students.

    The project was awarded a Letter of Intent by the Federal government's Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in 2008 and Permodalan YBK was subsequently issued a letter of approval by the Hulu Selangor District Council.

    The council, however, had stated that the project could only go ahead if the foundation obtained the final approval of the State Planning Committee, something that was never given.

    End quote.

  55. maccYou are insignificant. You, are a coward. You, are a great disappointment to your mother and I!

  56. Ainon7:49 pm


    Ramai nye cybertrooper Fuckatan Rakyat masuk blog lu. Tapi semuanye pakai nama anon.....

    muhaha ha ha


  57. michael collin7:53 pm

    Idup roki

    mari lahkita jatuhkan Anwar Ibrahim si penyodom dan rakan rakannya yang bangsat

  58. Satu lagi sandiwara anjuran UMNO, selepas jet hilang dan dicuri 2 orang daripada markas TUDM, Skandal PKFZ, Skandal bakar gereja, skandal kek Tok Guru.

    Kita sudah bosan dengan UMNO, Utusan Meloya dan Pemimpin UMNO yang rasis.

  59. Anonymous8:47 pm

    @ anak selangor yang bayar cukai,

    I like your to-the-point comments on good governance.
    Getting tired of the politic for politic sake kind of comments from immature M'sians.

  60. Rocky, whats your view on this? In his maiden press conference as MACC chief, Abu Kassim, 48, said based on Section 29(4) of the MACC Act, any person found to disseminate information on a complaint which has been lodged can face legal action.
    "Under the act, action can be taken against the person giving the information including the reporters who report this," he said.

  61. Anonymous9:29 pm


    Whats the latest on his million dollar loan?

    Kesian dia, kalau BELUM MAMPU BAYAR BERMAKNA Menteri Besar ini boleh di anggap jatuh dalam golongan fakir miskin...

    duit zakat pun duk perati...

    Sekarang duk perati top post mana saja yang boleh cekop..

    Sambil perati, duk bayang loan yang masih belum dapat dijelaskan!


  62. Anonymous9:46 pm

    MACC is in selective so is Rocky, all for UMNO Almighty.

  63. viva rocky10:05 pm

    y la u bloggers aka anon. if RPK can talk cock, so can rocky. this is a free country ma and a free Malay Mail paper.

  64. Honestly I have lost hope on MACC making any successful attempt at redeeming itself. By the day they are only piling up bylines for future acts by Commedy Court or any other commedien. Stupid cannot possibly describe their need for redemption. Imbecile maybe? MM tried those two combinations not so long ago on one other bunch. Ah so sad man.

    But then knowing how they are undrmining their own credibility,why on earth are you publicising this on your blog la, bro? You got any beef with the MACC?

  65. Anonymous12:01 am

    ini kes cam anwar..guna kuasa untuk mengugut orang ubah kenyataan sehingga dia meringkuk lam penjara 6 tahun...atau lebih tepat akta yang dibuat sendiri oleh anwar dilanggari olehh dia sendiri...

    nampaknya anak muridnya tak pernah belajar...buat apa yang tok gurunya buat...

    nampaknya dalam kes menggunakan kedudukan dalam mengaut keuntungan di menangi oleh PR...pakatan rasuah...

  66. Anonymous12:36 am

    woiiii...ape cite ni....income tax punya flyers dah sampai pasal cukai tahun ni....aku tak mau la nanti cukai yg aku bayaq depa dok masuk poket depa jeee....MACC segak la sikit buat keje tu biak nampak segak macam misai boss baru tu....jangan2 pakai gel kut nak bagi tegak....tak kan org bagi kek pun nak kacau...lain la kalau bagi kek tok guru janji nak bagi balak...


  67. plain water2:23 am

    see bru,they all condem on you. coz they'll want you to be their pet.Dont't be a dog bru,be your self..

  68. Anonymous6:26 am

    Rocky, you should cover the sand mining operations.

    By the time PRU13 come, a lot of people will be millionaires just stealing sand right right under the nose and eyes of Semesta and some state exco.


  69. Anonymous9:24 am

    Anon HAHAHAHA @ 4.46PM,

    You can cari makan if you lessen your hahaha and try to explain to your customers the rationale and the logic of things. But if you are squint-eyed, of course you see only from the angular or demented view.

    Give the MACC a chance la, amigo. They have a new Commissioner who has been talking sense recently. For example, it's very logical when he warned people not to reveal to the public what they report to MACC in confidence because those reported on or possible witnesses get to know and hide or run away.

    He has also said that so long as they have not announced that they have closed the case, it's still on. Maybe they are still trying to trace witnesses who ran away when the issue was publicised. And you know, TBH a potential witness, died. Careful now, don't join the group which speculates all sorts and Lim Eng Guan even blamed the MACC for the death before the Police investigation was fully launched. This new Commissioner I don't think works on the basis of idle threats and warnings. He'll prosecute a few who flaunt disrespect for the MACC.

    When you return from "moving around the globe", read up and get the proper perspective and the latest developments like what the MACC Commissioner spoke upon return from his leave. If you are not prepared to explain things to your customers, maybe you just keep quiet or talk about the corrupt practices in China, US, etc - Google being harassed in China, Enron, Madoff who made off with US50 billion US Jewish money, or just talk about the weather.

    I always tell those in temperate countries that they can talk hours about the weather because they have four seasons and the weather changes more often than the dresses of women. Join them, man.

    Weather man.

  70. Anonymous10:03 am

    either you & ur flers pro blogger have ur postings in bah malaysia or remove that funny logo "satu..." from your sidebar.

    cakap tak serupa bikin.

  71. Anonymous10:41 am

    Now a new state government policy. Every developer in Selangor should appoint MB as chairman.

  72. Anonymous11:11 am

    Tulis la apa pun dalam malay mail or dalam blog awak ni, saya dan jiran-jiran kat Bandar Tun Razak tetap akan undi Khalid come next election.

    Sekian Terima Kasih

  73. Anonymous11:39 am

    good work MACC..that stammer does nothing for selangor except create issues for fuckatan political mileage..useless/clueless as MB..talk only administrative matters to show off and stupid supporters think that is great.

    ali klang

  74. Anonymous2:26 pm


    Boss MACC yang baru kata dia sanggup jumpa bala dimana sahaja.

    WOW! ini hebat...kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah... BETUL KE?... kah kah kah

    sekarang bala berada diluar negara.
    nak ambil bahan apa lagi.
    orang yang patut disoal tidak disoal.

    cacing kerawit di buntut obama nampak
    anak badak berkeliaran depan meja tak nampak.

    betul ke nak jumpa bala?
    atau hanya acah acah?
    atau nak pergi bombay nak jumpa tan sri sharouk cunt kah kah kah


  75. Anonymous2:33 pm


    Betul ke ini? Atau hanya nak bagi syiok Mat Saleh di London dengar.



    Akhirnya ikang janji akan dedahkan siapa yang bertanggung
    jawab jadikan Ganu Darul Runtuh ....kah kah kah..

    Ini kerana tekanan datang bertalu-talu.
    Nak bengkeng pun udah malu.
    Jadi kena buat putar belit.
    Jadi kena telan bulu.

    Munkee ni tak faham politik dah berubah.
    Munkee ni tak sedar bik mama dah duduk di istana.
    Munkee ni ingat mat ngantuk dah tidoo.

    Munkee ni masih mencandat sotong.
    Munkee ni betul betul nak jadi munkee kah kah kah

  76. Anonymous2:44 pm

    TANJUNG DAWAI, 10 JANUARI 2010: Pada zaman dahulu, ada terdapat sebuah negara. Negara tersebut bernama Melayau. Negara Melayau amatlah aman damai. Penduduknya berbilang kaum dan agama. Ada bangsa Cukong, bangsa Eeee, dan bangsa Entot-entot. Malah, oleh kerana kemasyhurannya, ada juga bangsa lain yang datang mencari rezeki di negara Melayau. Mereka ialah bangsa Indo Mee, bangsa Mnyamun, dan bangsa Bonggol. Namun begitu, bangsa utama negara Melayau ini masih lagi kaum Melayau – bangsa yang memang suka kecoh tak tentu pasal.

    Negara Melayau mempunyai seorang raja. Sudah berkahwin, tapi sentiasa gatal nak kahwin lagi. Namanya Bung Mokhtar Radin. Datangnya dari Tanah Jawa. Huh! Pelik kan. Nama negara Melayau, tapi rajanya datang dari Tanah Jawa. Sasau betul orang Melayau nih. Negara sendiri pun tak tau jaga. Kena bagi orang Jawa jugak yang jaga. Memang dasar Melayau!

    Alkisahnya, ada seorang anak penghulu Melayau di Kampung Serai yang cantik jelita. Putih melepak dan halus gebu kulitnya. Mata siapa terlihat pasti ghairah. Itu time dia pakai baju. Kalau time dia tak pakai baju… Mau melompat Pak Lebai Kampung Pandan. Habis tanggal serban! Seksi you! Nama dara sunti ini Zizie Ezette atau nama glemernya, Zizie Ezette seksi. Nama Zizie Ezzette seksi ini memang masyhur seantero Melayau. Ermm… I tau… Memang gerammm.. Cubalah usyar gambar Zizie Ezette seksi nih. Opps! Tangan letak atas meja you. Jangan letak tempat lain. Keh keh keh!
    Adapun di satu hari, riuhlah seantero negara Melayau, katanya Bung Mokhtar Radin ingin turun ke Kampung Serai, ingin datang melihat dengan mata kepala koroknya sendiri tentang keseksian Zizie Ezette. Bila dah nampak sendiri, maka tersenyum lebarlah Bung Mokhtar Radin. Pucuk dicita, ikan menggedik-gedik yang datang. Habis terlupa anak bini di rumah. Cukup berkenan sungguh Bung Mokhtar Radin dengan Zizie Ezette anak penghulu kampung yang seksi.

    Apalagi, maka keluarlah segala pujuk rayu daripada Bung Mokhtar Radin. Segala tujuh petala ayat-ayat cinta yang disimpan di dalam poketnya setelah sekian lama telah habis digunakan. Zizie Ezette tak layan. Ditunjukkan segala keikhlasannya dengan segala bantuan apabila Zizie Ezette dalam kesusahan. Masih Zizie Ezette tak layan. Ditunjukkan kepada Zizie Ezette seksi akan betapa dirinya akan menjadi seorang suami yang bertanggungjawab apabila berkahwin kelak. Masih Zizie Ezette buat dunno. Lalu, setelah Bung Mokhtar Radin kehabisan modal, dia pun menunjukkan sesuatu kepada Zizie Ezette.Setelah melihat benda tersebut, Zizie Ezette terus melompat ke atas katil lantas berkata…nak main..nak main..

    Soalannya :

    Apakah yang ditunjukkan oleh Bom Moktar kepada Zizie Ezette?

    Sila teka.

    p/s: Biasiswa disponsar oleh Bik Mama.

    cukong darat

  77. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Saya percaya yang MACC dibawah kepimpinan Dato' Abu Kassim dengan semangat dan aspirasi yang baru akan menjalankan tugas siasatan dengan adil, sempurna dan telus...dan profesional..kita berilah peluang beliau menunjukkan kepimpinannya...

    big day

  78. Anonymous3:30 pm

    hehe i understand how MACC's feel. wanna do their job, but some asshole sue them bcos doing out of office hours.
    Delay in investigation got screwed.. do extra work also kena screwed..

    to PR's..keep up blaming KT. or his assumed 24mil house.where is that DAP guy that say he can get a buyer for that amount..


  79. Anonymous5:24 pm


    Who can tell if a case of corruption is already reported to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) if the commission would not allow news reports on what has been lodged?

    Say I talk to the press about a corruption case. Then I later discover the matter was already reported by someone else to the MACC.

    Would I be imprisoned or fined for that which I could not have known?

    How convenient! This is a way to censor all reports of corruption.

  80. Anonymous5:25 pm


    Complaints are taken to the press because of the failure of MACC to act or the way they drag their feet especially when big fish are concerned. Can YOU please tell us how long we'll have to wait before we can release the details to the press?

    This provision looks like the Official Secrets Act.

  81. Anonymous5:31 pm

    setiap Orang Melayu patut antar satu sumpah laknat kat kalid n da gang kerana menyebabkan satu institusi utk org melayu gagal dibina.

    biar ini menjadi satu pengajaran kpd setiap pengkhianat bangsa dan agama yg akan datang.

    -kalid yang hina

  82. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Haha Bunnies

    how can the mb do his job properly - he is only ali baba take instructions from the puppet master

  83. Anonymous10:28 am


    I see some stupidos here.

    What's wrong with having Khalid as the chairman and three others to sit on the board?

    To make sure the welfare of the poor is taken care of?


    This is how it works:

    Arrears - RM6 million
    UiTM project - RM300 million

    SPIN-OFF REVENUE - RM1 billion

    Who gave out the project? FEDERAL GOVT

    Who approved it? Hulu Selangor District Council, subject to state planning committee

    Who did not approve it? State planning committee

    What were the conditions? Project can only proceed if Khalid and gang get appointed

    What's wrong with this noble cause?

    # One billion in moolahs from spin-off revenue to cover for the less-than-healthy balance sheet of the state government. Why do you think Anwar Ibrahim is the pro bono economic advisor, dumb asses?

    # Remember when PAS took over Tganu. The poor in the Umno list were changed to the poor in Pas' list. Khalid will be noble and not emulate previous Umno state government, or Pas in Tganu and have his own list? Sure, he will be neutral and noble.

    # Project is worth RM300 million. I am sure in the spirit of PR, the contractors will not have any connection to Khalid and PR people in Selangor. Sure, coz that would be exactly what YOU will do. No adik, no kawan, no old school mates, no political mates will get the contracts. Sure, he's NOBLE what.

    # Khalid is shooting from his arse. He's maintaining that they want to make public the audited report.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the reports since 1999 have been posted on the YBK website all the while.
    Some have put up postings claiming otherwise.
    Here are three simple steps:
    1) Go to www.ybk.org.my
    2) Click on the left top icon under Kenali YBK
    3) Click on Laporan Kewangan

    I'll add another one for the yahoos:

    Go check your eyes....and your pea brains...

  84. Anonymous10:28 am


    I see some stupidos here.

    What's wrong with having Khalid as the chairman and three others to sit on the board?

    To make sure the welfare of the poor is taken care of?


    This is how it works:

    Arrears - RM6 million
    UiTM project - RM300 million

    SPIN-OFF REVENUE - RM1 billion

    Who gave out the project? FEDERAL GOVT

    Who approved it? Hulu Selangor District Council, subject to state planning committee

    Who did not approve it? State planning committee

    What were the conditions? Project can only proceed if Khalid and gang get appointed

    What's wrong with this noble cause?

    # One billion in moolahs from spin-off revenue to cover for the less-than-healthy balance sheet of the state government. Why do you think Anwar Ibrahim is the pro bono economic advisor, dumb asses?

    # Remember when PAS took over Tganu. The poor in the Umno list were changed to the poor in Pas' list. Khalid will be noble and not emulate previous Umno state government, or Pas in Tganu and have his own list? Sure, he will be neutral and noble.

    # Project is worth RM300 million. I am sure in the spirit of PR, the contractors will not have any connection to Khalid and PR people in Selangor. Sure, coz that would be exactly what YOU will do. No adik, no kawan, no old school mates, no political mates will get the contracts. Sure, he's NOBLE what.

    # Khalid is shooting from his arse. He's maintaining that they want to make public the audited report.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the reports since 1999 have been posted on the YBK website all the while.
    Some have put up postings claiming otherwise.
    Here are three simple steps:
    1) Go to www.ybk.org.my
    2) Click on the left top icon under Kenali YBK
    3) Click on Laporan Kewangan

    I'll add another one for the yahoos:

    Go check your eyes....and your pea brains...

  85. Rocky, the write up by Dr Rafick in his blog gives an objective and factual assessment. Hope your future 'expose" will also have similar details. He has drawn similar conclusion as you did about YB Khalid Ibrahim demand for Chairmanship but with a valid,factual and unbiased arguement.

  86. skilgannon10667:00 pm

    Could someone please probe the bailout of Malaysia Airlines, especially in view of the fact that the new Japanese govt is almost certain to push the once-mighty Japan Airlines into bankruptcy and forced restructuring?

    How about it, MACC? Feel like delving into the archives and digging up old files on what happened in MAS?

    Let's not even go into the verboten area of defence equipment procurements!

  87. Anonymous10:09 am

    Pure Shiite

  88. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Rocky, I think your papers days are numbering. Even the police this days turn to Facebook to look for criminals.

  89. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Interesting ...



  90. Daer YBhg. Datuk,

    Here’s something about corruption.

    I also saw somewhere before in a documentary a scene where a local newscaster was interviewing a foreigner (businessman) who have been trading in this region for a very long time on what he thought about corruption in this region and here was his answer:

    Indonesia - black (bad)
    Singapore - white (no corruption)
    Malaysia - grey (somewhere in between)

    He said, 'It's easy if it is black or white, but when it is grey, it is very confusing!

    In Indonesia, the practice of corruption is very systematic, one knows who to pay to, how to pay them and after that, whatever he wants is or are delivered. No questions asked.

    In this country, as I said before, it is very confusing because there's no system. One pays someone as he arrives at the payee's office doorstep and then out come others from all over, from the windows, ceilings, walls and even floors asking for their share otherwise, your file/s will not move.

    Upon leaving the door after he thought that the matter was done, he meets with a queue of unknown people who appeared suddenly from nowhere outside and had to pay each and everyone of them.

    Never mind if that's the way it is, he thought further, but after some months later and after paying a lot of money, whatever he wants and asked for, thinking that he had done everything that he was required to do, are still not delivered.

    In a ‘grey’ country, one tends to pay more compared to a ‘black’ country.

    So, you’d eventually ask: “Hey, macammanadey, apalagi yang diaorang mahu?”

    Maybe, it’d be better for this country to set up a ‘Department of Accepted Corruption’, with set rules and procedures, and make it systematic as with the practices seen in ‘grey’ countries like those in Indonesia, Africa and India (pardon the pun, not intended) and station it at Putrajaya, next to MACC.

    Best regards.

    Hussaini Abdul Karim