Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thanking my Readers

18 million. I've made it a point to thank my Dear Readers each time I make another million, so here's thanking you, again, for the eighteenth time. Many of you have been around since I first started blogging in middle 2006, when Jeff Ooi was still just a big name in blogosphere and RPK wasn't really swinging yet, and Big Dog and OutSyed The Box had not decided to start their blogs, and Zorro was a masked man and Haris Ibrahim a full-time lawyer. I really don't know how you guys do it but I greatly appreciate it. And since it's obvious that you guys are going to stick around, at least until the 13th General Election, I guess it's not time for me to go yet ...


  1. Mek Na1:40 pm


    Tahniah Otai Bru!!

  2. Please dont stop. We have been following for a long time & will do so for many more moons InsyaAallah. We know a good blogger when we read one.

  3. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Great job, Bru.Congratulations and Salam berjaya selalu

    Granted there are occasional lapses [who is perfect anyway except the Prophet (pbuh & hf)that is) here and there [with regard to my comments :)], this blog has been the best so-po thing to happen this side of the world and long it may it continue to the angst and hair-tearing frustration of shitworms, douchebags, slimepoops,cuntticks, clitleeches of the demented and deluded variety everywhere in Malaysia (especially those Chingkie shitbags) and the immediate region.

    Bravo and Cheers to a Melayu Bermaruah. Haris Ibrahim, Anwahore, Lim 'the Chingkpig' Kit Siang, Zorro the Masked Horror and co must be tearing their cockhair out by the clumps in unison.....hahahahahahaha

    Here's to 20 million and then beyond Malaysia's population!!!

    Warrior 231

  4. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Congrat bro..your blog Rocks

  5. CONGRATS Dato' Rocky!!!

    Yeaah...u had surely been around unlike others.

    While, Jeff Ooi is busy conning Penangites with his DAP propaganda, RPK hiding his royalty ass outside the country without any balls to even step back home, Big Dog now busy getting chased by Big Cats, Outsyed The Box being boxed by his own Shit & Zorro trying hard to earn fame by blogging senseless topics but is getting are the ONLY ONE who is gaining fame & popularity.

    After all, there's only DATO in blogosphere & its' YOU!!!

  6. Anonymous3:23 pm


  7. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Do you know why you have reached 18 million hits ? It's because deep inside you are a fair person. Even though you are employed by UMNO, you hold on to the view that everyone needs to be heard. You cling on to the principle of free speech.

    Well done, Latuk Locky. Even though we don't agree on many things, and we call each other names, there is respect from me for your steadfast principles. Except, of course, when it comes to hitting at Badawi and his cohorts. Cut them some slack, will you ?


  8. CONGRATS on achieving 18 Million hits, my Blogger friend.

  9. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Congratulations! Bro.

    Razman Kassim

  10. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Way to go! 18 million hits man!

  11. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Bro Rocky today is World Animal Day don't you have anything to write on God creatures to create somekind of awareness among your blog followers.

  12. Anonymous6:53 pm

    18 millions, that's more than two thirds of the population. That's more than enough to sway public opinion. You could write pretty much anything now Rocky because you already have huge base readers!..

  13. Hahaha congrats Rocky, keep up the work

  14. Salam Datuk,

    Congratulat18ns. Go? Perish the thought. Rock on!

    Very best wishes for the next mil.

  15. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Congratulations ! Been hanging around ur blog since 2006. Checking it out in the morning, afternoon & evenings. And also those odd nights when its hard to close my eyes. Go on blogging !

  16. Time to double up mate.
    Do the Oppa RockyStyle and who knows?

  17. Anonymous7:27 am

    When u khawin lagi, make sure u invite 131,000 people :)))

  18. Anonymous8:34 am

    congrat dato rocky!!!
    btw, i think half of it contributed by godfather, monsterball and the gang. Even though they hate you but i'm really sure that they are addicted to your masterpiece..You should thank them more..:-)

    Airputih, Kuantan

  19. Anonymous9:47 am

    it did ? [18 million]. guess you'll be around for sometime more and the hope is the usual, keep up the stinging factor ! cheerio......:)

  20. Anonymous12:13 pm


    "Kuala Lumpur listings now rank fourth globally behind Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange and Tokyo First Section, by proceeds raised."


    to go with this:

    Beats being an unethical, immoral money-laundering and a tax dodgers haven like Chingkpiggish Singapork anytime...hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Must be pretty galling and shitsaltish for pondan cockless bastard pigs everywhere especially the one who got pwned by a true blue and red Yank surnamed (drumroll please) 'Cousins" here:

    Eat your balls inside outlah, Chingk pigs!!!!!

    Warrior 231

    Note:Links from pro-Chingkie pigs sources selected deliberately.
    why even the pigs are envious:

    Ada maruah kah, pigs?

  21. Anonymous12:34 pm

    salam rocky..congratulations...very best wishes for many more millions to come

  22. Andrew Gopal1:55 pm

    Congrats Bro.

  23. Sweet eighteen, Rocky.

  24. Anonymous9:10 pm

    A good blog site, though quite the opposite of blind one track hate filled bloggers such as Zorro, Shaggfish and Mkini etc.

    Even RPK is seemingly losing appeal, my appeal at least.

    Keep up with the broad minded views for broad minded individuals, but be prepared to be blasted by your envious foes, mainly the paid Pakatan Rosak foes.


  25. Anonymous12:10 am

    a deserved pat on the back for the wonderful job of misinforming the blind.

  26. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Last elections I used to come a lot and used to believe in you. Now i realize you are part of the umno-putras. I am coming to your blog after so many months. Nothing has changed.


  27. Anonymous1:47 pm