Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Movement of Moderate Muslims

"The real issue is not between Muslims and non-Muslims but between moderates and extremists in all religions ..." - Anifah Aman, Malaysian Foreign Minister, in promoting the Global Movement of Moderates at the United Nations last year. Isn't the same message - and movement - even more relevant today?

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It's a shame that the youth wings of Umno and Pas won't be walking together for the same Muslim "innocence" cause after the Friday prayers tomorrow. They had wanted to but could not agree on a common approach. The Islamic party's youth wing wants a massive protest outside the US Embassy. They want to march by the thousands from KLCC to Jalan Tun Razak, where the US Embassy is. The Umno youths think this could be messy.  They have seen enough violent outcomes in other Muslim cities. 
Angry Muslims in London ...

In India ..
So, after the Friday prayers tomorrow Khairy Jamaluddin and his boys will gather at Kampung Baru or Masjid Jamek instead to express Malaysian Muslims' displeasure and anger over the provocative Innocence of Muslims (read AsH's post here to understand the issue). 

On Sunday, Ummo's Wanita wing plans to gather outside DAP's ngeh's residence as a response to his disparaging remarks about The way Muslims' respond to provocation. That one, too, will not be violent.



  1. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Good to hear that UMNO youth come back to their senses.

    We should react, but not violently or demeaning to muslim.

    Hopefully we should concentrate more of a bigger issue at hand. Giving the right information about islam.

  2. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Rocky, is that really how its going to go down? Or are you exploiting your fellow Muslims for your boss?

  3. Anonymous11:18 pm

    In Islam there is no such thing as moderate Muslim
    Either a person is a good Muslim or a bad Muslim
    Moderate Muslim is an innovation
    Is is Bidaah

  4. IT.Sheiss2:52 am

    A massive protest doesn't mean that it will necessarily turn violent, while protesting in front the the US Embassy will send a message to them, not that they would care too much but still it's more in their face.

    Have such protests in front of the U.S. Embassy in Malaysia turned violent in the past? Not that I know of.

  5. Anonymous3:53 am

    anon @ 11:18 PM

    why quarrel over semantics, "bad" Muslim should not even exist lah bahlol

    Moderate Muslims is a corrective concept against terrorist Muslims as perceived by the gullible west lah tolol

  6. What so shameful about it.....Rocky?
    Khairy can do his thing....PAS youths can do their things.
    You want to see Umno and PAS Youths become friends???....fat chance now.
    Maybe after 13th GE. is FOR or AGAINST change in Govt.
    Moreover...umno B is a Devil party...corrupted to the core.
    Don't tell me you don't know that.

  7. Anonymous9:47 am

    Anon 11:18,

    On the contrary, Islam is moderation. And there is no good Muslim or bad Muslim...go read the Quran and you'll find that there's only Muslim and/or Non-Muslim.

    It's the 4 mazhab Imams, the mullahs, the imams, the sufis and what nots Muslim clerics who innovated (or rather insulted) and the mockery out of the Al-Quran, the one only reference that a Muslim should use as their guide.


    1. Anonymous5:41 pm

      Bro razman

      Tang mana yang hang kata imam 4 mazhab tu innovate ..tolong habag or bagi contoh sat..ka hang main tembak tunjuk pandai ni?

  8. Serious Shepherd9:50 am

    PAS can demonstrate in front of the US Embassy where the US Ambassador is around.

    UMNO may want to demonstrate in front of PULADA Ulu Tiram where 96 US troops are around until 28th September.

  9. Salam,

    Saya setuju dengan anon 11:18. Tidak ada moderate dalam Islam. Samada anda Muslim yang baik atau yang Lemah. Contohnya kerajaan malaysia sekarang. Muslim yang Amat Lemah yang berselindung dibalik Muslim Sederhana konon !. Hingga diKencingkan oleh Yahudi dan Amerika sahaja.

    Tak taulah bila nak sedar diri !!

    Agaknya tunggu Nabi Isa turun baru menggelabah !!

  10. Anonymous11:44 am

    anon 11:18.
    in islam also no good or bad muslim.
    Allah will decide.
    that too, is a bidaah.

  11. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Oh yes there is - they are *Good* when they begin to *understand* the religion better, that language better , go mengaji everyday and follow what's in that book just like a natural born psycho Muslim Arab. Until then they are just moderates.

    1. Anonymous5:44 pm

      What are you trying to say here?

      Please do not talk from the other orifice please...

      A muslim has duty to understand his religion and his creator by learning..not by doing nothing

  12. Anonymous1:47 pm


    what business does this Khairy guy has to do parading himself as an Islamic Pemuda UMNO leader. He should concentrate on his Emperor Has No Clothes store in Pavilion. Good for nothing fella......

  13. UnitedMamaksNationalOrganisation2:27 pm

    Malay Unity is truly Doomed...

    Jangan Cabar Ketuanan Mamaks!

  14. MAHAthir yang PERKASA2:31 pm

    Ini Khairy tadak bising-bising pun pasal Bashar Assad killing their own Muslim children, brothers and sisters... gapo pulak dia kecoh!???

  15. Jasper Bloodstone3:40 pm

    Will Umno Youth and PAS now demo in front of the French Embassy over the Charlie Hedbo cartoons?

    Or will they parade in front of the German Embassy because some obscure far-right German political party insists on doing a public screening of THAT movie?

    Where will this end? Or are we on a never-ending path of action and reaction?

    It has been reported that in Singapore, the Media Development Authority has asked Google to restrict online access to the notorious YouTube video. Google is considering the request.

    The Singapore Straits Times on September 20 quoted Imam Habib Hassan, who heads the Ba'alwie Mosque in Singapore as saying that it was more important to educate all Singaporeans about each other's religion.

    He said: "If we educate our people to understand other religions, when things like this come, they will know what to listen to and what not to listen to."

    Indeed. What is faith if it is not tested?

    Especially if the ways of the Evil One or the Great Deceiver are many and varied.

    And since fomenting discord or dissension is one of his favourite tools.

  16. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Najib yg kelentong wang rakyat dgn komission kapal selam...bila agak kawan-kawan muslim nak buat protest depan rumah Najib, begitu jugak dgn Sharizat punya lembu susu kes !!

    Adakah Malaysia punya muslim macam Rockybru sokong kerja Rasuah ??

  17. Anonymous4:05 pm


    Berapa kali nak buat BANTAHAN,,!!!???

    Kalu BAB nak kasi jalan JAM,,pangil lah MELAYU,,,,!!!

    AMERIKA apa bole BUAT,,,!!! Mamat yang buat FILEM tu pon dapat PERLINDONGAN Keselamatan disana,,!!

    AMERIKA retaliate adalah coz RAKYAT di yang TERBUNOH,,!!

    Melayu ngapa Xleh buat FILEM SEX yang MENGHINA Ugama lain,,,Xda TELOQ kot,,,CUBA panggil TAMBY CHIK,,PENGARAH film SEX,,


  18. BudayaMelayu4:07 pm

    Ala keling mcm Khairy mcm tu lah.. berlakon pandai.

    Hari ini sokong islam besuk sokong Cina kafir esok sokong mcm lah..

    Kita orang Melayu bukan Arab. Tak perlu sibuk-sibuk.

    Mereka Kristian Koptik dan Islam Arab dari zaman dulu bergaduh.

    Mengikut perlembagaan walaupun kita Islam kita mesti berbahasa Melayu dan mengamalkan budaya Melayu yang penuh tata susila.

    Bukan budaya Arab yang tak tentu hala. Kena cucuk sikit membunuh,, cucuk sikit melatah...

  19. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Looks like you strategised it for UMNO ?


  20. Anonymous6:30 pm

    This DAP's must hated muslim so much.. whenever they have the opportunity they attack hard... Yet they want to rule this country which majority is muslims?.. what they will do after ruling?..kick out the hated one out?....


  21. All the way we were told that Anwar is a US tool. Now it seems that Khairi is very careful not to offend the US. Who are US tools really ?

  22. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Huh... I bet that you will not see this by the DAP fellow as supporting the purpose for which you wrote your piece.

    And I can also bet that Utusans, NSTs, Berita Harians, TV3s, RTMs, Astros will never mention in full the context of the message below.

    Because, all of you have been 'conditioned' to perfection to ignore such things - all because its from anti-BN politicians.


    "I retract and apologise to any Muslim who is offended by my tweet as it was never intended to be so.

    It was 1.43 am 17th September 2012, after seeing world news on CNN, BBC and Al Ajazeera showing violent protests in various parts of the world where lives were lost, many injured properties gutted and unrest ensued in response to the video produced by Sam Bacile, and after reading the news in that YB Khairy Jamaluddin has planned to hold massive protest coming Friday (21st Sept 2012) with regard to the same matter that I tweeted the following words

    ‘Khairy wants muslim protest against Same Bacile. For Islam or for his political gains? Are muslims wasting to much time and energy on this?’

    This was the context of my tweet

    In the context of the violent protests round the world and the many demonstrations to be held that I posed the question ‘Are muslims wasting too much time and energy on this?

    I was wondering if too much time and energy have been spent in response to the 13.5 minutes video produced by a mad man in the name of Sam Bacile.

    I wanted our society to think deeper with regard to the way we response to any provocation or issue that confronts us. I have been taught and have always emphasized to the young never to react but always to respond.

    No compromise

    I want to make it very clear my following stands:-

    1. I strongly condemn the video and its producer for belittling the faith/religion of another person and reiterate support for the stand that has been taken by DAP on this issue which is contained in the media statement issued by my party’s Secretary General on 16/9/2012.

    2. I totally support the rights of a person to hold peaceful demonstrations. In my 23 years of active political involvement, I have organized scores of demonstration in Perak. I was arrested by the police in Bersih 2.0 and was there at Bersih 3.0.

    Twisted by UMNO-BN

    The abovesaid tweet has now been twisted by UMNO/BN to say I belittle Islam. This is a total lie. However, having explain the context in which my question was posed, any muslim who is still offended by the question I posed, I apologise as that was never intended.

    I feel comforted that a leading Muslim cleric Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of international union of Muslim Scholars, Encik Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya, the Executive Committee Chairman of Malaysia Young Ulama Assembly and Encik Musa Awang, the President of the Syarie lawyers of Malaysia have also come forward to call for restraint in the response to this video issue.

    Ngeh Koo Ham is the chairman of Perak DAP & the Berusas"

  23. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Rocky Rocky...

    A man who has no religion talking about the Muslims!!!

    Instead..Cut your hair go to mosque and for goodness sake stop drinking!!!

  24. MinyakMan7:59 pm

    Stupid protest over a stupid movie. C'mon muslims, you're better than this

  25. can anyone imagine the jam on Jalan Tun Razak tomorrow afternoon.. ? is it so Islamic to block the road?

  26. Rocky.
    In Islam there is no such thing as moderate muslim or extreme muslim.The real conflict now is between muslim and non muslim.The non muslim are trying to detroy the muslim.It started with attack on Iraq and then Afganhistan and now Iran.
    They are also involve in the attack on Libya,Syria ,Yemen and Sudan.

    We can plan but Allah plan batter.

  27. Anonymous8:39 am

    Please put "Muslims in India".

  28. Mahathir spent 22 years creating that he can divide and rule.
    He is the creator of all things evil...and Rocky keep ignoring that.
    Perhaps Rocky hero worship Hitler too.

  29. Khairi tak bising sebab.
    Ada udang dibalik mee.

    Macam masa PETRONAS lepaskan telaga minyak kpd Brunei !!

    Diam membatu !!

    Pepetah Melayu kata :

    Diam ubi ........;
    Diam besi ........rat !!

  30. Melayu selama ini memang moderate. Tetapi jangan sampai kesabarannya dicabar. Akhir-akhirnya terdapat mereka yang biadap cuba mengambil kesempatan untuk menentang penyatuan orang Melayu membantah penghinaan terhadap Rasullullah. Dengan cepat dia mohon maaf kerana takut dengan kekuatan penyatuan Melayu!

  31. Anonymous11:36 am

    DAP should join the protest.

    They should go hand in hand expressing their protest against the insult of prophet Muhammad and Islam.

    All this while, PAS has been a real good friend to DAP. They went through thick and thin with DAP. Saving DAP faces by condoning DAP's action. In most issues, even in Hudud, PAS has compromised.

    Why not once in a while, DAP support PAS? Just to show some gesture of good will and friendship.

  32. Anonymous5:18 pm

    blooodystone and midgetball

    Rightwing views that China’s growing power threatens Japan have been given ammunition by days of fierce anti-Japan protests in cities across China, including the LOOTING and BURNING of some Japanese companies’ premises.