Friday, September 21, 2012

USAid, Russia and the elements in Malaysia

USAid covertly influencing political processes, says Russia 
Russian foreign ministry explains decision to expel the US agency for international development 
Miriam Elder in Moscow, Wednesday 19 September 2012 12.58 BST
Vladimir Putin has accused the US state department of orchestrating the mass protests that have swept Moscow since he announced his intention to run for the presidency again. Photograph: Alexey Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images
Russia has accused the US of using its aid agency in Moscow to covertly influence the country's politics and elections, explaining its decision to expel the mission amid a wider crackdown on the opposition movement. ... READ MORE

As A Voice argues in his latest posting SUARAM, and USAid expulsion from Russia, Moscow didn't just blow the USAid's cover, it seems to have opened up our minds to the elements working in our midst. The mainstream media seem to have picked up on the Suaram case in earnest these past few days, something they have ignored for months despite the exposes and deliberations on blogs.  If you think those exposes were a pre-occupation of some paid cybertroopers, think again. Some of us remember how YL Chong aka Desiderata, the veteran journo and consummate truth-seeker, blew the cover of Malaysiakini and established its links with Soros way back then. The now-defunct FEER did that, too.

In fact, it was this time last year when Desi reminded us about the foreign funding for Malaysiakini and how its boss had denied it at first! Desi was a news editor with Malaysiakini in 2000 and resigned (or was he forced to?) in protest over the funding "mystery".
I was then News Editor, and hence privy to information raised at Mkini's meetings, and I had learned that indeed Mkini had received an initial 10percent down payment of RM188,000 for a 10percent interest in Mkini. At a weekend meeting I told the top two guns--Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran-- they had better come clean by telling the "full story" and not half-truths. I saidf how the investment money came through from George Soros -- direct or indirect -- was not important. The truth was indeed that RM188,000 came as initial investment from MDLF, a Soros unit. 
I told them since Mkini flagged itself as promoting transparency and openness, it was not right to hide the fact. I said I had no problem with funding from Soros into the news portal -- as long as we practised ethical journalism. Since the top two guns did not agree with me -- in fact Steven Gan said it would be the death of Malaysiakini if they admitted to receiving this Soros funding! -- I was given Hobson's choice but told them I would hand in my resignation the following Monday (two days later) ... Read More  H E R E

Back to Suaram, I rotfl when I read about the police report they lodged here saying,
 "The minister [Ismail Sabri] has misused his power, trying to influence the prosecution process, underestimating the country's legal process and disrupting the ongoing investigation by the CCM." 
Dear Theva the Suaram coordinator, Ismail Sabri is the Minister in charge lah, so he is just doing his job. The question is, are you at Suaram allowing yourselves to be used by foreign money and interests to underestimate and disrupt (to borrow your words) the peace and democratic political process of this country?


  1. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Rocky... bila nak buat cerita Najib tipu warga FELDA ??

    Rakyat mesti sokong Suaram bagi expose siapa pembunuh sebenar Altantuya...dan berapa wang haram sudah di rasuah oleh Najib dan geng-nya !!

    Jelas nampak Rocky ni kuat sokong parti rasuah seperti UMNO !!

  2. Buah Ciku12:45 pm

    Alamak....I thought 1Malaysia's Najib hired APCO to do PR works? Now, who are those behind APCO?

  3. Anonymous12:47 pm


    The only Aid that you should claim to have expertise in is AIDS...

  4. Jasper Bloodstone12:49 pm

    Just to provide a balanced picture, Putin's Russia is no haven of democracy, transparency and good governance.

    In fact, there is significant domestic opposition to the man within Russia itself.

    Putin's government created a whole bunch of well-connected billionaire oligarchs with his interpretation of "crony capitalism" Russian-style.

    And what about his strong-arm tactics in Chechnya? I don't see PAS and Umno demo-ing in front of the Russian Embassy in KL over this egregious violation of human rights in Chechnya and the discriminations against it's Muslim population.

    Yet, when his government kicks out USAid, what message are they sending? That it's ok to hammer NGOs and civil society movements using the excuses of national security and interference in domestic politics?

    At the end of the day, in democracies, it's citizens who vote in local and national elections. And it's condescending in the extreme to aver that these citizens are so feeble-minded that they will succumb to the lures of foreign ideas and money.

  5. Cakap banyak..USAid influeces the political process..blah..blah..blah..Bila nak pegi demo depan US Embassy bawak semua suku sakat.....TAKUT..siapa sebenarnya yang jadi tools US tu..

  6. Anonymous2:21 pm


    Malaysia being Invaded by Russia and America!!

    Wow American spies everywhere!

    Rocky the Rocker sudah kena sengat penyakit James Bond!!

  7. Anonymous3:14 pm

    In the same vein, the likes of Jasper must not expect the readers here to fall for their nursery rhymes and other feeble attempts to sway ...

    The American psy-war is not just against Russia and the Third World, it is also applied to their own citizens and media. Theirs is supremely sophisticated and the operating procedures very, very established.

    But if we read and analyze more, neither of which you do enough, we won't be so dumb and will be able to spot their attempt to gain out minds and souls.


  8. Rocky,

    Really good job on this one. I applaud you.

    Keep up the good work. Malaysia and the rakyat needs learn of this insiduous presence. Unfortunately, too few are aware of how the tentacles of colonialism are creeping subtly to choke us. One look at the anjeng PR commentors is enough to remind us.

    Again, keep up the good work.

  9. Anonymous3:50 pm

    nasib baik ada amerika
    kalau tak, tak dapat la
    anuwar buat LGBT.
    go america go.

  10. booyah4:17 pm

    banyaknya pencacai PR yg buta melalak dekat blog ni..ish2 kesian. Kalau Msiakini yg didakwa telus tu, komen semuanya ditapis. transparent my ass

  11. Peri-PeriMekar Chicken5:06 pm

    That's Chicken Feed compares to RM500,000,000 Subs komisen!

  12. Anonymous6:27 pm

    how much suaram received? i believe it's pittance compared to what were/are received by other parties. the party that needs to be investigated the most is umno. Why CCM does not investigate umno where it got billions to build pwtc. look at their official account tabled at umno meetings. how much they have? and then the account could not be debated upon. only tabled.


  13. Jasper Bloodstone8:18 pm

    Anon 3:14 PM

    The American psy-war? Really?

    I see a US where people in the Middle East would rush to if immigration curbs were to be lifted, anti-US demonstrations notwithstanding.

    Amazing, isn't it? A supposedly corrupt and morally decadent US still manages to attract global talent, including those who adhere to different faiths.

    Is that neocolonialism? Or simply a desire for a better life in a country where hard work can help you achieve your ambitions.

    Oh, btw, it's not if Malaysia hasn't got its own psych ops apparatus. But that, apparently, is verboten for you!

  14. IT.Sheiss2:34 am

    Jasper Bloodstone wrote:-

    "And what about his strong-arm tactics in Chechnya? I don't see PAS and Umno demo-ing in front of the Russian Embassy in KL over this egregious violation of human rights in Chechnya and the discriminations against it's Muslim population."

    I have a theory that in this case, U.S. imperialism is instigating and backing the Muslim insurrection in Chechnya to serve its geo-strategic interest and weaken Russia.

    If Chechnya breaks away, guess who will get its hands on its rich oil reserves.

    "At the end of the day, in democracies, it's citizens who vote in local and national elections. And it's condescending in the extreme to aver that these citizens are so feeble-minded that they will succumb to the lures of foreign ideas and money."

    Judging by the many commentators here, on other blogs and in the "alternative" media, it's very likely that many citizens don't look deeper than to satisfy their opposition to domestic political issues, like a chess player who makes moves which result in an immediate gain, such as a white rook taking a black knight without realising that by doing so, opens the way for a white bishop to take a black queen.

    Another analogy is a group of chickens in a coop they share with turkeys which because of their bigger size graps most of the food.

    The chickens think themselves smart by opening a hole in the coop to lat a fox in in the hope that it will kill the turkeys but then find that the fox also kills them.

  15. Anonymous7:40 am

    Jasper Bloodstone,

    Betul benar cakap you nih, US is such an ideal place where all dreams come true,

    Abis tu you ape buat tunggu lama2 sini?


    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:41 pm

      Heh, heh - let me count the value of the Apple shares in my portfolio.

      At north of US$700 per share, that's a pretty decent chunk of change.

      Now, what are Felda G V shares worth these days?

      Any more bright ideas?

  16. Anonymous1:48 pm

    "Back to Suaram, I rotfl when I read about the police report they lodged"

    will you stop all this rotfl, rocky?
    ... it conjures up an image which is not all a pretty sight. sheesh. spoiled my lunch to picture you ROTFL.

  17. Rocky, you should also give our side of the story right?

  18. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Malaysia is a stepping stone to China.... anjeng PKR is the used toilet paper ... no wonder it is full of sh... the smell is everywhere now... better rid them in this coming GE... before they turn Malaysia into a sewer pond....

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:45 pm

      Ah, yes - and the Malaysian government is inviting FDI from China and Chinese companies to set up shop here.

      Realpolitik must be outweighing the pervasive "smell"....


  19. Anonymous3:25 am

    poor bloodystone

    worried that FDI from China might shift totally from red dot to Malaysia


  20. Suaram sekarang tak boleh di tegur...

  21. Dear Pramesh,

    Sometimes its rubbish what you write and trying to con people. The question against suaram is legitimate. No foreign contribution should be accepted if it meddles in our self determination.

    PLease note that a ban on foreign contributions in domestic politics has become a widespread value. Laws have been enacted in many countries from US, Canada, Japan Spain etc and even India against this. The values and justification behind these laws are to protect a nation sovereignity and to permit its citizens to select their own leaders. Foreigners should have no right to interfere with a country’s political determination.

    These values are sound and reasonable. There’s been instances where foreign companies were involved in determination of chile’s leadership for example for favorable investment laws and opportunities. See also aftermath of Nixon’s watergate where it was found many US companies do this.

    To give example of the extent of a ban please refer to US law Foreign Agent Registration Act and Federal Election Campaign Act. It prohibits any contribution of foreigners in domestic elections whether direct or indirect. A person knowingly accept such contribution commits an offence.

    The scope of ban varies. I don’t suggest we go to the extent of India’s but some statement of these values in our laws is reasonable.

    So as seen above this is an acceptable value. I think Mahathir makes sense again. Some due partisanship will justify everything for partisanship like some commentators here. I think this is wrong.

    So Pramesh go and look at the man in the mirror. You receive foreign funding and use this to meddle in our foreign affairs. Youre lucky youre not in US otherwise you would have probably been jailed.

  22. Jasper Bloodstone8:43 am

    Ellese A

    Are you saying that Malaysian NGOs and civil society movements are fomenting revolution, bloodshed, violence, domestic terrorism and regime change in Malaysia by availing themselves of foreign funding?

    Can these claims be tested in the courts?

    I would argue that there are many more "illegal" money transfers into and out of Malaysia by other parties who are doing so for various reasons (concealment of "black monies", money laundering, questionable bulk exports of Malaysian currency notes and "roundtripping" of slush funds held overseas).

    Aren't these just as nefarious and reprehensible?

    I believe that Bank Negara keeps tabs on funds inflows and outflows. How much of this is legitimate and how much is not?

    And, by the way, is anyone keeping track of funds from Middle East countries coming into Malaysia for purposes other than legitimate investments? What if these funds are being used to promote certain agendas and special interest groups?

    You cannnot make a blanket assumption that it's just organisations in the West who are pursuing their own agendas!

  23. Anonymous11:45 am

    "You cannnot make a blanket assumption that it's just organisations in the West who are pursuing their own agendas!"

    Hahaha every organisations pursue their own agendas but the west wants to colonise other countries on the SLY!