Monday, September 17, 2012

They wanted an Arab Spring, now they get the Mother of all Springs

Yes, they spent millions of dollars to train activists to topple their own governments. And one of the main tools Washington has been promoting to force change in the Muslim world through violent uprisings - change tailored to benefit the White House, of course - is the Internet.  
Suddenly, however, the same tool is backfiring against the Obama administration. Now the real uprising, the Mother of all Springs, is backfiring against the US. Sit back and watch their First World hypocrisy ... p.s. Do wonder as well if the "activists" trained by  the US dollars aren't in our country, too!


  1. Sama dengan perangai "pendatang" disini, gasak semua hasil bumi disini dan sekarang nak musnahkan negara ini mcm perangai SUARAM dan seangkatan dengannya

  2. The mother of all foul mouths have spoken.
    The mother of all idiotic BN bloggers.
    The mother of all braggarts...claiming to be President of a so call "All Blogs" Association.....making a fool of himself for years.
    He follows the mother of all Devils faithfully.
    Rocky is a Devil in disguised.

  3. Mazlan11:45 pm

    I think conspiracy theories about the Obama administration formulating the Arab Spring are off the mark - as they were as surprised as anyone when it started.
    The Arab spring was formulated over many years as the growing younger Arab population grew sick and tired of living under quite brutal Dictatorships. Ghaddafi and Mubarak were responsible for the death and imprisonment of many of their won citizens. And it is only a matter of time that the other Dictators will fall.

    I would suggest you read Imam Faisal of the New York Mosque to appreciate the view that American Muslims feel.

  4. Anonymous3:30 am

    I have no comment because I simply cannot comment on your religion for fear of backlash. Its not that I dont want to, but common sense is not your best friend.

  5. Anonymous5:25 am

    panggil Ameng SPRING lagi sedap lagunya

  6. IT.Sheiss6:29 am

    Remember the title of Spencer Chapman's book, The Jungle is Neutral about the communist insurgency in Malaya.

    Well, at the end of the day, the Internet is neutral and is a double-edged sword, which can cut either way and this time, it's cut the U.S. imperialists.

  7. Anonymous8:05 am

    U reap what u sow; what goes around comes around;

    ..but i always wonder how on earth, did the brits succeed, classic every time, in implementing their signature strategic divide and rule occupying policies - so far, their old tried and true mechanisms, never fail to work, anywhere...

    ..USA a bit "young" to follow suit, bit more radical wanting quick results, and as a result, always back fire...

    ..the "art" of occupation, annihilation, robbing global resources, fulfilling darwin's logic of only the fittest shall survive, the weak must die...?

    WTF indeed...

  8. Anonymous8:29 am


    The Arab Herd Instinct is no different to the UMNO Herd Instinct...

    All they need are Bloggers like you and a distorted squalid mainstream Media (They should let you into the mainstream media as they are no different from you.... But then that's another UMNO inside backstabbing story)!

  9. Anonymous9:07 am


    Kamu tak nak ikut KJ buat bantahan this week ke!!!!

    Ni semua kerja BANGANG,,!!! Mereka akan PIJAK and BAKAR Bendera US,,!! BAKAR Bendera US sama DOSA dengan PIJAK gambar PM,,! PAK POLIS tak nak tangkap mereka ke,,!!!

    Siasat lah asal Usul sape buat film tu,,,Tujuan Director buat soft porn tanpa pengetahuan Actor/Actress,,,datang Si Mamat ARAB di alih BAHASA,,,,laqgu ginilah jadinya,,,SALAH siapa ek,,!!!

    Kot-kot,,RAHIM TAMBY SHIT yang buat nya,,!!!


  10. Anonymous9:26 am

    din kno u r anti american... while ur little emperor paid big bucks juz to have a chat with obama.

  11. Anonymous9:31 am

    and midgetball is the DEVIL exposed!

  12. Anonymous9:34 am

    Hai Rocky Rocky...

    Tak habis Habis dengan Konspirasi Theory Bodoh!!!

    Sama dengan Master Dia yang kata 9/11 tidak berlaku sama dengan Filem Avatar!!!

    Pendek kata kalau dah Bodoh tu tak kan berubah... Bodoh sampai bila bila!!!

  13. Anonymous9:40 am

    Anwar have been involved to split Sabah and Sarawak from Malaysia for the CIA.

    He did while in Government. So it was only Jeffrey Kitingan that got ISA-ed.

    That is act of treason.

  14. Anonymous9:54 am


  15. Anonymous10:08 am

    Being a practicing Muslim , obviuosly I am also very angry about the movie.
    But is going to the streets to express outrage,spewing hatred, causing chaos & death, the right thing to do to please ALLAH?
    Lets not fall anymore into the trap of the enemies of Islam.
    It is enough that Islam is seen as professing violence and terrorism.
    Is it not true that NABI MUHAMMAD SAW had adviced us to practice DAKWAH BIL HIKMAH during this end of times.

  16. Anonymous10:17 am

    As much as you want the America to fall but unfortunately most violence demonstration are actually happen in the poor middle east countries. Their own people and business entities will suffer the financial consequences not the America.

  17. Anonymous10:39 am

    monsterball. why? you cant accept facts?

  18. Serious Shepherd10:47 am

    No, Obama didn't start the Arab Spring. In fact, news report by CNN during the 18 days before Mubarak's downfall suggested that the Arab Spring was initiated by 'the unthinkable'.

    In the meantime, Israel's response to the Arab Spring seems to be parallel with some of our leaders.

  19. Anonymous11:58 am

    Please watch these videos:

    on how the muslim should react.

  20. IT.Sheiss12:43 pm

    "I think conspiracy theories about the Obama administration formulating the Arab Spring are off the mark - as they were as surprised as anyone when it started."

    They are not conspiracy theories. The U.S. invited some of the youth leaders of the Arab Spring to come to the U.S. for briefing and training in ways of uprising. This was written about by Michel Chussodovsky.

    Of course, there were genuine greivances, among the Egyption workers and other ordinary people over rising prices, etc and there were industrial actions in the factories, etc prior to the dramatic events in Tahir Square. All this went unreported in the western media.

    Watch these videos where Evgeny Morozov mentions how he used to think the Internet was an effective tool of revolution.

    Evgeny Morozov headed a Soros-backed NGO and had authority to fund activist NGOs which instigate revolutions

  21. Anonymous12:50 pm

    what la... those are tyrants not leaders... living a lavish life with wine & women while the masses surviving from hand to mouth.

    if usa is so fcuking bad, we should shut down our embassy, cut all ties & recall all the students...

    y want to bother with that little black fler in that white house...

  22. Anonymous3:21 pm


    Why are so angry at Rocky. Don't you know each other? I thought both of you are friends during the time, bloggers are trying to bring down that Slumberjack. Kickdefella was even arrested for displaying the national flag, upside-down.

    Rocky has huge site audience, you know. 2nd. best to ChetDet. Don't reveal the real devil in you. Racist!


  23. Anonymous3:48 pm

    The West has the blood of almost every Islamic nation on their hands. With this sort of facts in the Moslem’s mind, logically, the West would be seen as hypocritical lot if they try to project themselves as a patron saint of the Islamic world.

  24. Anonymous4:50 pm

    To Anon 3:30 am. We Muslims have never insulted people of the book (Christians and Jews) and their prophets, Jesus and Moses because we believe they were Allah's apostles. To the Muslims it is a sin to be disrespectful to both of them and thus we expect the non Muslims to respect our prophet Muhammad in return. We Muslims accept criticism, but to insult our prophet is a blatant act of provocation by those who do not want to see people of different religions to live in harmony.

  25. Mat Shah5:13 pm

    Rocky, at least we know you are trained by UMNODollar.

  26. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Do you really really believe that all those protestors are defending the insult to the religion or is it politics using that stupid insulting video as an excuse for those parties wanting to grab power within their own countries?

    Or is it another plot by terrorists to take advantage of people's emotional behavior to blindside everyone in their war against unstable Govts?

    An Egyptian born naturalized American, who has been incarcerated before for peddling drugs as a movie maker is the producer of this video? And he is a Coptic Christian and not a Yahudi mind you. Can you believe these?

    Could it be the rise of the Moslem brotherhood to hold power in Egypt in their struggle to achieve ultimate power in Egypt?

    Who are the pawns actually in this game played by others in some other part of the world?

    I hope no Iranians or Iranian born come out with a video to offend the Israelis or show they are preparing a nuclear bomb which will then also give the Israelis an excuse to launch a war against Iran and achieve Bush Doctrine of eliminating the 3 evil states as mentioned after 9/11.

    Still blur? Bush doctrine of "you're either with the USA or them" is as clear as daylight warning to all countries.

    So, where's the Freedom? The Mayans maybe true in predicting the world will end in 2012.

    Don't worry, Live Happy!

  27. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Sekarang saya nak tunjukkan hipokrasi Amerika dan juga PKR kepada anda semua:

    1. Bila DR Mahathir dengan lantang mengutuk Amerika dalam blognya hari ini, nukilan beliau di petik MI dan dengan segera balaci PR (terutama yang kaffir) mengutuk beliau walhal beliau hanya mengamalkan free speech yang dilaungkan Amerika

    2. Pemuka bapok PKR pula memutar dongeng yang insiden penghinaan Nabi akan diguna kerajaan-kerajaan negara Islam bagi kononya menahan aktivis demokrasi. Pada masa yang serupa PKR yang di ketuai "Syeikhul Islam" al-liwati al juburi berdiam diri dari mengutuk Amerika kerana enggan menahan bajingan keparat yang membuat filem berkenaan.

    Apakah begitu hilangnya batang dan teloq PKR sehingga berani menempelak negara Islam yang mempertahankan maruah Rasul tetapi menikus dan membisu seribu bahasa berdepan dengan syaitan yang membenarkan penghinaan melalui dongeng 'free speechnya"?

    Ini kah pemuka beruk dan dajjal yang meminta umat Melayu Islam mengundi mereka atas alasan akan mempertahankan agama bila berkuasa?

    Ingat Allah berkuasa dan Maha Kaya. Sekiranya, perjuangan anda yang hak, mengapa Allah tidak memberi kuasa pada kalian pada Pemilu 12, 2008? Bukankah ini petanda kerana Allah hendak tunjukkan kepada umat MelayuIslam siapa sebenar diri kamu wahai PR! Dan sungguh banyak tanda-tanda yang Allah azza wa jalla tunjukkan: dari orang mempermainkan ayat Quran ke wanita bernajis mughallazah menginjak ruang sujud sehingga pembuangan orang yang memperjuangkan syariat sehingga penggadaian kalimah Allah azza wa jala.

    Jelas kamu PR adalah gerombolan munafik, murtadis dan kaffiris yang bertopengkan Islam bagi menjahanamkan Umat Melayu Islam di bumi tercinta ini. Kalau orang MelayuIslam ada secebis iman didada hatta sekelumit pun mereka akan menolak bujuk rayu syaitaniah kamu, PR, insyallah.

  28. Watch the world first hypocrisy was what Mahathir kept saying US Govt is.
    And now...Rocky is saying that too.
    How right the both are....but these two hypocrites have no right to judge others when their hypocrisies to Malaysians are no better.

  29. At Permatang Puah Rocky was working with a group of journalists from S'pore.
    We met and I asked him..."What do you think of Anwar?" He replied "I love that man very much."
    He participated and walked Bersih 1....running here...running there vigorously...for news.
    For personal smart ideas..formed so call "All Blog" with Elizabeth Wong as Secretary...Jeff Ooi ...Patrick Teoh...kicky
    Syed"...and few more as "committee" members...ignoring Susan Loone who was at that time...the most powerful female blogger in Malaysia...always frighting for the truths.
    Perhaps she was living in Bangkok and too busy in Penang...she was left out.
    One by one...starting from Elizabeth Wong and Jeff Ooi "disappeared" long before being elected as PR parliamentarians.
    They did smell a rat is up to something no good.
    Yet...Rocky kept projecting himself as "All Blog" President..went to TVs interviews as President.
    Rocky was a smart ass to advertised himself...and so he succeeded in getting cozy jobs and contracts for his printing business.
    Again...there is nothing but admiration for him to succeed life in that way.
    But to keep succeeding at the expense to lie for keep insulting PR twist like a snake....Rocky is behaving like an umno B politician more than anything else.
    He should stand for 13th GE and you can bet your last Ringgit..he will lose his deposits with no one supporting him.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Street rule ends in street brawls.

    Anwar is importing the same culture sponsored by some imperialists to destroy this country.

    All thinking citizens should see the Arab Spring as an example of mass stupidity to the delight of their puppet masters.

    Similar issues of corruption, dictatorship, freedom of speech, democracy blablabla were the tools used to create instability by promoting street culture.

    The results speak for themselves.

    PAS and DAP have been used by PKR to the maximum without a clue of being screwed from the back.

    Bless them fools.


  32. Malaysiakini: Kit Siang says 'Looks like Taib (Sarawak) is here to stay'

    Kah kah kah.... same old rotten!

  33. The Malay Mail spring1:39 pm

    Dear All,

    Heading: Concurring English!

    It should be conquering English, right. Read on.



  34. Anonymous2:37 pm


    Tidak salah minta pertolonan dari Allah tetapi jangan minta pertolongan dari 'SYAITON direjam'. Sudah tentu syaiton akan membantu tetapi ia tidaklah percuma.

    Dalam konteks isu ini, meminta pertolongan dari Amerikana bagi menjatuhkan kerajaan sendiri adalah sama seperti meminta pertolongan dari SYAITON iaitu pihak yang tidak pernah berbuat baik terhadap mukmin.

    Impaknya boleh dilihat dalam dua aspek:

    1. Pemimpin boneka Amerikana hendak tak hendak terpaksa melindungi kepentingan Amerika meskipun ianya bertentangan dengan kepentingan sendiri.

    2. Amerikana tidak akan memohon maaf kalau ada kekhilafan di pihak mereka kerana pertolongan yang telah mereka hulurkan seolah-olah menjadikan mereka LALI dan kebal.


  35. Anonymous2:59 pm

    i noticed some of your visitors had transformed themselves into a devil advocate character when making their comments.

    some of them seemed to be doing it for the purpose of saving Obamacana dropping water face and for others it is about saving they own skin.

  36. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Going by the great dr... american women are Mother of All Bitches...

    I love this dr diagnosis... kah kah kah

  37. Anonymous4:33 pm


    Niat di sebalik pembikinan sesebuah filem adalah penting untuk dinilai terlebih dahulu sebelum mengambil apa-apa tindakan balas supaya pembikinan yang terkandung niat yang baik tidak menjadi mangsa dan produksi yang terkandung niat yang serong tidak terlepas begitu saja yakni kalau dibiarkan akan jadi pendorong kepada lain-lain pihak untuk turut berbuat jahat.

    Kalaulah niat pembikinan Inocence of Muslim adalah kerana ikhlas mahu memperbetulkan sejarah yang tersasar dan palsu, sepatutnya niat sedemikian diterima dengan fikiran terbuka. namun perlu ada ada syaratnya.

    contohnya, layakkah filem yang mana skripnya tidak di tulis oleh seorang orientalis tersohor, dibiayai oleh pihak yang anti-Islam, dibikin oleh krew produksi pornografi, tetapi paparannya ialah keburukan terhadap Islam, harus dilihat dengan hati dan minda terbuka agar ianya dapat diangkat sebagai sebuah filem yang jujur dan tanpa adanya niat tersirat terhadap Islam?

    Filem ini banyak yang tak kena, kalau tidak masakan Google akur dengan permintaan demi permintaan supaya ianya di sekat.

    Bagi saya, filem ini bukan dicipta untuk jadi filem 'box-office' di panggung2 wayang sebaliknya box-office di laman-laman media di serata dunia.

    Filem ini tidak dicipta untuk hiburan 18XXX, tetapi untuk membangkitkan sentimen amarah di kalangan pihak yang sensitif terhadap provokasi agama.

    Filem ini tidak mensasarkan keuntungan material sebaliknya kemenangan moral. Dalam konteks pertembungan antara Barat dan Timur, keuntungan moral lebih utama berbanding dapatan material.

    Akhirulkalam, setakat ini, filem Innocence of Muslim boleh dicatatkan dalam buku rekod Guiness sebagai filem paling berjaya dalam konteks box-office di laman maya dan keuntungan moral tertinggi di pihak Barat.


  38. Anonymous4:33 pm

    "Khairy wants Muslim protest against Sam Bacile. For Islam or for his political gains?
    "Are Muslims wasting too much time and energy on this?"

    Inilah jenis kenyataan bacul yang terpancar dari mulut seorang Kaffir dan pemuka DAP Ngeh Koo Ham. Inilah satu lagi petanda dari Allah azza wa jalla akan bahaya gerombolan kaffiris yang kini bersekongkol dengan PAS dan PKR dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

    Bangsat yang mengeluarkan kenyataan ini jelas menzahirkan apa yang tersirat di dada, terkubur dalam sanubarinya. Nada sinis yang digunakan mempersoalkan niat seorang Islam lain, Khairy Jamaludin, adalah senada dan seirama dengan kesemua kenyataan melampau anti-Islam yang terbit dari pemuka-pemuka kaffir DAP yang lain, baik yang berjawatan maupun ahli biasa.

    Persoalannya wajarkan tindakan Khairy mengadakan perarakan raksasa membantah penghinaan terhadap Islam oleh kaffir laknatullah Sam Bacile di tempelak sebegitu rupa. KJ adalah seorang Islam dan umum mengetahui disini bahawa saya bukan peminat maupun penyokong KJ walaupun saya bakal mengundi BN dalam PRU 13 nanti.

    Tetapi KJ adalah saudara seIslam saya, yang mengucap kalimah dua syahadah dan apa jua serangan peribadi yang dilontarkan keatasnya perlu disanggah sekeras-keras oleh mereka yang mendakwa Islam. Saya ada beberapa soalan untukmu wahai babi Ngeh pendokong Kristian:

    a. adakah kamu diberikan karamah mentakwil apa yang ada dalam benak KJ?

    b. apakah hak kamu sebagai seorang kaffir laknatullah mempersoalkan tindakan KJ yang berniat menzahirkan kebenciannya terhadap penghina Rasul, binatang laknatullah bernama Sam Bacile

    c. Apa dan di mana locus standi anda wahai keparat Ngeh memberi sebarang komen akan tindakan KJ. Apakah kefahaman Islam mu begitu mendalam sehingga mampu mengeluarkan kenyataan celupar terhadap orang Islam secara umum hingga sanggup mencela mereka sebagai : "Are Muslims wasting too much time and energy on this?"
    Soal retorika kamu wahai bajingan sial laknatullah adalah cukup bagi mendedahkan apa yang terpendam dalam kalbumu yang gelap gelita dan berendam dosa, wahai babi.

    Tahukah anda kedudukan Rasulullah (saw) dalam hati setiap yang bergelar Muslim. Kenapa anda perlu masuk campur dalam urusan yang jelas anda jahil tentang intipatinya. Bukankah ini merupakan amaran tersirat kepada PAS agar jangan mengikut serta dalam sebarang tunjuk perasaan mempertahankan kesucian Islam. Bukankah itu niat sebenar kamu, sial laknatulah?.

    Cukup dengan sandiwara kamu kalian wahai pemuka kaffiris DAP, setiap gerak geri kamu dilondehkan satu persatu Allah azza wa jalla buat peringatan dan amaran kepada golongan Melayu Islam. Sanggupkah kita, Melayu islam berbaiah dengan pemimpin munafikun PAS dan PKR yang sesat lagi dayus semata-mata bagi memenangkan dajjal berwajah babi, DAP yang bakal merobek dan menjamah akidah kita sekalian.

    Adakah kamu wahai saudara seIslam saya yang masih terpesona dengan bujukan rayu syaitaniah PAS dan PKR, masih mempunyai sekelumit iman di dada bagi menolak segala tipu helah pemuka laknatullah kamu kalian. Jelaskah kamu mengapa saya memilih BN yang walaupun dilanda musibah tidak pernah menggadai akidah demi kuasa duniawi. Renungkanlah peringatan saya kerana saya hanya maknusia yang ditugaskan memberi peringatan dan segala kesudahan yang terbaik itu di tangan Allah azza wa jalla jua.

    Warrior 231

    p/s; terbahak2 saya ketawa bila membaca tweet ini sebagai balasan kepada keceluparan babi Ngeh:

    Others also commented, such as Mohd Farhan Ahmad, who asked Ngeh on how he could even ask if the demonstration was for political gain.

    "You should look at your Pakatan Rakyat leader (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim. Separated from religion? Look at PAS."

    "Protest for Anwar isn’t wasting time, and not for an individual. Protest for Sam Bacile is wasting time and for an individual," he wrote.

  39. Anonymous4:49 pm

    wah latuk, like dat oso wan to take a cheap shot at suaram...

    we kno every agencies out to get their balls but for u to kicked at their groins... ???

  40. Jasper Bloodstone4:59 pm

    This latest nugget of wisdom from Dr M: US Mums 'sleep around'

    "In the outcry over the anti-Islam film, Malaysia's former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed has criticised the US defence of free speech.

    ""It would seem that the liberal West believes that free speech is licence to curse and insult other people without limit," he wrote in his blog. "How would one feel if someone calls you 'a bastard'?...The Americans would feel nothing...Their mothers sleep around with just about anybody."

    Oh, dear. It looks as if dear old Anifah Aman and Wisma Putra have some apologising to do.

    Or is Dr M merely exercising his right to "free speech"?

    In which case, he shouldn't take umbrage if others criticise him in the name of "free speech".

    But he won't be too popular with the likes of Obama and Romney anyway!

  41. Imagine..a tiny unimportant country umno B racists talking about USA.....when they should be talking about...the changes in the Arab world...or why are all the South East Asian countries surpassing Malaysia in everything.
    Our umno B die hard supporters are a bunch of clowns...talking cock all the time...with their band leader...Rocky conducting....nothing else...same old tune...same old style.

  42. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Uncle Balls,

    Happy hours must be very early for you at 5am.
    You, dear Sir, talk about nothing else but umno this umno that its getting to be so boring la uncle. Seriously. We're bored as hell here...same old tune over and over again.
    Say something nice for a change. Or just shut up and drink some more.

    Ps. I apologize though, because my mum always tell me to be nice to old people...even if them oldies are not nice to us back. har har

  43. D' Rocky - I humbly disagree that millions alone caused the spring. The people mostly wanted it.

    btw, over 90% of Americans did not not see the video nor want to; Yes its politics and religion are hypocritical - just ask ron paul.

    For all the Bush haters; he was the first US president to recognize Palestinian statehood. I am mostly a liberal Obama pragmatic; who refuses to merge race and religion.