Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Dog takes on AK47 over Felda

Big Dog with his master
Sakmongkol (R) and his ...

Umno vs Ex-Umno. For years, Zakhir Mohamad aka blogger Big Dog and Datuk Ariff Sabri aka Sakmongkol AK47 were strong Umno members. Ariff even became an Assemblyman on Umno's ticket. But since the party leaders dropped him during the 2008 GE, he started to turned against them. A few months back, he left for DAP. He has been trying to fill the big vacuum left by Tunku Aziz, the ex Transparency International dude who quit DAP under stressful circumstances. Of course he can't do that by just being a Malay in a party that's predominantly Chinese, partly because there are other Malays and other ex-Umno members like him, such as Aspan Alias. To be the fighter he portrays himself on his blog, Ariff has made Felda his "punching bag".

Big Dog, in turn, has turned "Sang Mangkok" into his punching bag. Read Losing Sense over Politics of Hatred.

p.s. I view Ariff as one of Najib's "failures" to deal with "orang2 kecewa" in his party. Those times when the ex-Adun was seeing him in Putrajaya, the PM should have offered him a post. CEO of the listed FGV, for example, is still vacant ...


  1. Anonymous4:20 pm

    elok gak dia masuk DAP.
    selain dari memperjuang kan islam.
    DAP sangat mengambil berat org melayu dan bumiputera.
    malah lim kit siang ialah org pertama yg berjaya menyatukan melayu melalui 13hb mei 1969.
    kerana tanpanya, melayu layu.

    DAP juga berjaya meningkatkan ekonomi PENANG dan KEDAH tanpa satu sen pun bantuan dari BN dan UMNO.
    berjaya membangunkan PENANG dari pulau tidak di kenali sehingga di kenali dan banyak kondo mewah di situ.
    syabas DAP!

  2. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Woi Rocky ..FGV dah kelentong dah..lagi nak tipu rakyat ke ??

    Mamat Mukhriz and Mohd Mustapha dapat 100,000,000 share, orang felda baru dapat 800 share, so,siapa yg dapat durian runtuh ??

    Najib bagi Rocky dan bigdog berapa share?? pasti lebih dari orang2 felda kut..

  3. Anonymous5:03 pm

    2X5, 5X2


  4. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Sang Mangkok was running a series of KJ apple-polishing articles but that got him no where in UMNO

    so might as well join the enemy

  5. Anonymous5:37 pm


    sejak bila mahatdeyyyyy dan budak GEMOK dia neh sayang dan bela Najib?????

    mereka lah yang bergolak nak Najib turun sebelom PRU 13.....siap belasah dalam mesyuarat MT semalam khabaunyer!!!...


    Poster muhideeeen sudah bersepah.....johor hingga ke Kedah!...

    gheng lama

  6. Anonymous5:58 pm

    This mangkok guy picks and choose comments. If your comment is not to his liking or can counter argue his points you can be sure your comment will not be published. This mangkok cannot take criticism.

    1. Anonymous11:09 am

      OK lah tu dasar MANGKOK !

  7. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Must have been a useless one term YB.

    1. Anonymous11:09 am

      Very very........

  8. Anonymous6:27 pm


    Big Dog and MADEY,,!!!

    AK47 and KIT SIANG,,!!!

    Rocky and NAJIB,,!!!!

    Memang PADAN mereka,,,,its time THE 3 STOOGES,,,,BERAMBUS,,,too long in Malaysia Politic Scenario,,!!

    Bagilah mereka yang berumor 55 years and BELOW to memerintah Malaysia,,!!!

    Let THE OLD COCK Lancap sendiri,,!!!

    -AH JU BOH-

  9. Mintak balak dengan kontrak melombong kat Pahang, Tuanku tak mo bagi. Itu yang melalak tu, lagi nak maintain girlfriend pramugari Air Asia. Hai.... letihlaa.

  10. Ariff Sabri is a actually an example of Najib's success in getting rid of pariah dog leaders from Umno. I remember very well how hard Najib had to work to repair the damage done by Ariff in Pekan prior to the 2008 general elections. Ariff was so bad as the assemblyman of Pulau Manis that Najib had to campaign till the last hours in that constituency to appease the people there who were so pissed off and wanted to vote out the BN at that time. It's no loss what so ever that he left Umno. Ariff is a classic example of a Malay leader who only care about his own personal vested interests and only using Umno as a tool to get what he wants. Once, he can't get what he wants, he would be ever ready to betray anything, including his own race.

  11. Anonymous9:28 pm

    The master for politics of hatred is your master rocky,the great Mahathir.Nobody does it better then him.Dont go blaming others.As for Felda's fate,we will see in the near future.Now you see outsiders are given a chance to own Malay land and crops through shares of Felda.We just have to see what happens in years to come.
    And not all who vote opposition are .We just support good governance.


  12. Anonymous10:23 pm

    I was suprise the pro UMNO Blogger still try to defence Felda Listing.This is the biggest scandal by Najib who follow blindly what. ETOS Consultant peoposes without asking a second opinion.Luckly Tun Daim have a quick look at the original proposal and wrote a memo to Najib to amended some of the terms.

    Felda listing is the biggest robbery of century of th poor Felda settler.

  13. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Let me fill the blank for you Mr Rocky..

    The picture on the right showing Sang Mangkok Tandas with the Godfather of all Tokongs!

  14. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Sang Mangkok will never able to fill the void left by Tunku Aziz in biaDAP..Tunku Aziz is a true malay gentleman, while Sang Mangkok is a sore loser!

    Sang Mangkok doesn't get chosen as wakil rakyat, so this wimp turn against UMNO and start blaming, whining and bitching the party where once was the place where he 'cari makan'

    Pakatan Rasuah are full with sore losers kicked out from UMNO!

  15. Anonymous1:01 am

    “That is effectively 64.5% holding in the name of ‘Bumiputra Agenda’.” This is misleading. You are asking the bumiputra settler to sacrifice their interest with very small % of ownership of this listed company for the benefit of UMNOputra. The settlers are the one who work their butt out but the UMNOputra are reaping the hugh portion of the profit by doing nothing except giving some ‘sedekah’ to the settler.

  16. BigCat,

    I will have to agree with your logic, there. So Sakmongkol also represents Najib Razak's success in ridding his party of the orang2 kecewa. But there have been too many of such leaders in Umno. One of the most recent is Kadir Sheikh Fadzir. I must admit, I never thought that Pakatan would accept such a reject from Umno into its fold. Desperate times, they say, call for desperate measures ...

  17. Anonymous8:09 am

    haiya doomsayers

    better let UMNO manage land resources than allow cinapek to grab plots of Tanah Melayu for them to chase away bumis in future

    cinapek sepet sengkelet and their paid coolies are UNHAPPY that the rural bumis are well protected against land robbers

  18. Anonymous8:40 am

    Offer him a post to shut him up? Is that bribery?

  19. But I must say, D'Ariff writes well when he says.....

    UMNO itself has no agenda about hudud laws. PAS isn’t making hudud as the overriding political agenda. Why should Muslims bother about how DAP thinks about how the Malays want to practise Islam. Since when is Islam dependent on the thinking of non-Muslims? Muslims should be clear about this- the fate of Islam depends on them. Not on non Muslims. So why should we place the responsibility of talking about hudud on DAP?

  20. Anonymous10:15 am


    The only Person who is Kecewa is YOU...

    Yes YOU Kecewa for being cast out of the mainstream media and made to beg for pennies through blogging!

    Kecewa for being left out of the lurch by all your former colleagues in the mainstream media!

    Most of all kecewa for being played out by Najib's Honcos on promises of wealth for being THE UMNO Blogger!!!

  21. Anonymous11:27 am

    ...Desperate times, they say, call for desperate measures...

    ... will only attract desperate men like Suck47, Ass-pen & Cud-dir.

  22. Anonymous11:33 am

    Kampong man's cat died and he blamed big dog.

  23. tebing tinggi12:05 pm

    Big Cat !,

    I did not simply had to agreed with you but I totally agreed with you and on this coming GE there will more like Semangkol knowing them that they wont be the choice of candidate.
    Then there will be more bloke like Semangkol and Aspan Alias with their blog who limit their comment's to their ways of thinking refuse to accept differ ,so much freedom of thought .

  24. Anonymous12:44 pm


    bolah tak buat comparison:

    pendapatan peneroka dari hasil tanah sebelum disenaraikan dengan projection hasil dari saham setahun?

  25. Anonymous1:15 pm

    I love it when Rocky classifies all of big dog's blog posts as well researched , thought provoking, indepth analysis and bla bla bla.

    ps : wouldn't it be better for the dawg to spend a bit more time to lose his weight. A colleague of mine , similarly sized to big dog , passed away recently due to heart complications caused by obesity.

  26. Anonymous2:09 pm

    as bn accept reject politician such as zahrain hujan, zul, wee and nalakurapan

    fact that matter

  27. Anonymous3:10 pm


    While I applaud the strenous efforts (so strenous, it shows!) shown by a circle of bloggers related to you to defend government policies, I am afraid that the calibre that they portray fall flat from wants. The arguments they give remain mediocre, lack punching facts and appeal only to die-hard UMNO supporters who would have supported the government anyway even if it’s a monkey that has been nominated in the polls.

    Look at Big Dog for example. He is trying to take on Sakmongkol 47. It clearly shows here that he is not in the latter’s league. Thus by you broadcasting his attempt to challenge Sak, it brings in neutrals and on-the-fencers eager to witness this clash of civilizations, only to find themselves more and more drawn towards SAK’s arguments than Big Dog’s. Nowhere in his writings did Big Dog answer satisfactorily when SAK put up the allegation that the settlers get“only 200.6 million out of the 2.188 billion shares offered” while the rest of the 3.6482 billion of the enlarged share capital, the rest of the 5.5 per cent of the interest in FELDA are now subdivided amongst the you-know-who. Why can’t Big Dog give a factual rebuttal? We the people wanna know. And we do not have any problem in voting the BN if a good explanation of things like these are given.

    But what happened instead? Ad hominem attacks and character assassinations. “Sak’s a case of orang-orang kecewa”, they say. Sak fucks around with his Air Asia girlfriend and leaves his wife and 6 kids, they say. Till when do you want intelligent voters in Malaysia to remain attracted to Forms rather than Substance?

    And look at Big Cat, another case of BigBlogger wannabe. His incessant ranting about how poor he is, how he can’t afford some of the most common luxuries in life and how he sounds as if his main blog theme is empathy towards his meagreness rather than pressing issues of National politics make us suspect as to what kinds of calibre of writers do we have out there in trying to protect the government.

    And what can I say about Papagomo. He even concocts up untrue news to support his case, even though this would mean a backfire for the government case.

    But all of these Pale in Comparison to that of the poisonous writings of Syed Akbar Ali in his OutsyedTheBox blog.This B-grade writer of B-grade books being popularized and supported by B-grade readers has, from time immemorial, forwarded a message that has always been, “there is something wrong about Islam, you see, and darn would I tell you what it is for fear that JAKIM come and get me”. His blog is interspersed with provocative snippets of strange beliefs that he had bit by bit revealed, as if to test the water. And now in his latest “Delusion and Faith” he tries to put a whole foot in to see if it is ok with his next future installments of blasphemy. “Delusion” because, you see, that’s what he thinks we all practising muslims are in at a moment, an indirect reference perhaps to Richard Dawkins’ magnum opus “The God Delusion” that attempt to convince human beings that God is, after all, a result of consuming too much mushrooms.

    But Syed Akbar Ali goes braver now. His continous incessant ridiculing of “Flying Horses” in his latest blog is actually a build up to his final conclusion: namely that Prophet Muhammad’s ascension to heaven riding a Buraq (flying steed) is actually rubbish, nonsensical and not true, even though it is stated in the Hadith. He means that, but he does not dare say it out loud. His attempt is two fold: he would also like to establish that the Hadiths, ALL OF THEM, should not be taken as a source of guidance for the Muslims. Only the Quran should be read, thereby relieving muslims of prayers, zakat hajj etc because, you see, in the Quran it doesn’t say HOW to do prayers and how MUCH to pay zakat. For THAT we need the Hadiths, ergo his vehement efforts to get muslims NOT to read Hadiths.

    Seriously, Rock, with characters like these, do you think it would help the cause of the ruling goverment to have them act as their spokesmen?

    Daniel Adam

    1. Anonymous4:16 am

      Salam, well said especially on the Syed "malam Jumaat" type. Delusion of the grandest order, in trying to provoke the muslim ummah to think he is really walking along a path that is littered with dangerous precipice.

  28. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Only thing sakmongkol could recall his experiance as adun was driving his 4 wheel during banjir and helping flood victim.

    It is so telling. 4 years as adun and that is all he can gloat about.

    Then he instruct his wife to stop his constituents coming to see him at home.

    Kah kah kah ... No wonder this clown calls himself sakmongkol, not the thai fighter but actually sang mangkuk.

  29. Anonymous7:48 pm

    TDM bela Anjing Besar. wakakakaka

    LKS dapat senapang AK. wakakakaka

    Anjing besar selalunya gigit orang dan tak Islamik orang yang bela anjing. wakakakaka

    Anjing boleh lawan ke senjata AK? wakakaka

    Ngapa orang Melayu panggil sendiri Big Dog? Macam rupa anjing ke atau perangai anjing ke atau tak erti ajaran agama?

  30. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Rocky dulu pon orang kecewa...siang malam bantai sama Pak lah...tapi Rocky ni jenis orang kecewa yg jijik, depan sokong Najib belakang nak sabotaj Najib buat peluang bagi si Mukhriz Madey !!

    Misi Anjing besar dan Rocky sama je, tuannya pon sama..dulu, kini dan selamanya ...Madey !!

    1. Anonymous4:26 am

      Enjoyed reading the comments in Mr Bru blog, the articles are so and so only. But the comments are something else especially when they have a go at Mr Bru himself. Not sure if Mr Bru is extremely cool or he himself knows that his articles sucks or got paid and melepas batuk d tangga sahaja. As the name implies, probably so stone Mr Bru does not gives two hoots, money in the bank and a Datukship to go with it. And hopefully the articles are too damaging if the need to jumpship comes along.

  31. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Woi Anonymous 4:59 PM

    Apa kekamu kelentong dah..lagi nak tipu rakyat ke ??

    Mamat Mukhriz and Mohd Mustapha dapat 1 billion share lah. Orang felda dapat 0 share aje!

    Najib bagi Rocky dan bigdog 100 juta share. Kamu dapat apa?


  32. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Sak Mongkols blog's is more popular than yours Rocky.

  33. Anonymous8:30 am

    So what freedom do these rejects have in DAP apart from issuing gag orders?

    Oh, but DAP is smart enough to recruit these rejects because they will be used as pawns to convince Karpal Singh to accept hudud laws.

    Only a Malay in DAP can speak with authority on Islamic matters and these rejects fill that vacuum perfectly.

    PAS too want these rejects to convince Karpal that Hudud is good for DAP.

    So, it is a perfectly disguised strategy.


  34. Master of politics.
    Master of flip flopping and telling lies.
    Master of all cunning bloggers.
    All of them are patriots.
    All going against umno B Govt. are traitors...millions of them.
    Rocky is the best of the best Patriot...Najib and Mahathir are so lucky to find from the Tong Sampah.

  35. Big Dog cannot be compared to Rocky.
    Big Dog tells lies with a thick skin face.
    Rocky's face skin is thicker and smarter that Big Dog by half.

  36. Grand Marquis5:28 pm

    Dear Daniel Adam,

    Excellent comment especially about this ular Syed Outside the Box. The worse about this guy is whenever we post a respond against his "ajaran sesat", he will not release it when he find it hard to answer. But for some lame response, he will quickly release it and start lambasting them as dungu.

  37. Anonymous11:35 pm

    So Daniel Adam @ 3:10 PM views pro-BN bloggers as sun-standard eh?

    One wonders why he visits these blogs then?

    To show off his super IQ as compared to the seasoned writers?

    Some self-righteous bozo! If daniel starts a blog, I bet you the hits might be lowest

    "bet you" is just a manner of saying coz I don't bet

  38. Mustapha Ong8:59 am

    Dear Bro,
    You started the controversial that had both our bloggers jumping in the air like monkeys, (kera kena belacan). I am wondering why there is a need to go after each other's neck and at the same time implicated others into their argument.

    Big Dog, Big Cat and Samangkol AK47 are all in the same league and some times they need to lick their political master's asses in order to get some favour. I am glad that I don't have that privilege to stick around as I do not owe anyone a favour for a living.

    After having been in the political circle and walk along the corridor of power, I know who are my friends and my enemies who would not stab me from the back. But do I care whether they want to continue our friendship or ignore me as I am now of little use to them?

    There are lots of them in UMNO/BN and thinking of them certainly made me fizzle out and ignore them totally. These are the ones when they are not in power, they will be good to us, once they are in power, they will walk straight without seeing you in their eyes. Hypocrites in politics are plentiful and they are not worthy of our friendship.

  39. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Daniel Adam, Grand Marquis

    I do not agree on your analysis of Big Dog. Sometimes he DOES make sense, though I think in terms of the versatile command of Language it DOES show that Sak has a bit more erudition. Big Dog has a spattering of wrong grammars strewn all over but he makes his point across well enough.

    As far as Syed Akbar Ali is concerned, I agree. I myself wrote in some critiques (which, mind you, do not include vanities , cursings or profanities) but he rejected them as if they do. From that I can conclude one thing: he is very much afraid of sensible, factual and genteel writings that do not agree with him or tend to prove him wrong.

    Cunningly, he would publish some less-than-savvy, even profanous complainants' writings in his comments section just to "prove a point", namely that those antagonistic to his viewpoints are made up of less-cultured, less-intellectual readers.

    And Yes, I agree that by portraying he is always there shaking hands with Najib, lunching with Mahathir or be a general BN afficionado, tends to give the wrong impression that the Malaysian Political Scenario is so desperate that its patrons include those yang salah akidah as well.


  40. Anonymous12:15 am

    What does bigdog work as? Truly a blogger cant survive in Malaysia purely on blogging. Who puts nasi on his table?

  41. Anonymous8:59 am

    I once stood next to bigdog. Sweaty and smelly chap. Must be all the oily food he eats.

  42. Anonymous11:41 am

    Dear Bro Rocks,

    I realized that every time that you being critical of DAP, lots of their idiot cyber trooper try to ridicule u and try to change the subject by throwing ridiculous allegation. Its seems that this DAPigs can't be question and criticized. Just like any other communist establishment.


  43. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Daniel Adam, you wrote well on the character and calibre of pro UMNO bloggers like Big Cat and Big Dog. Very immature thinking of theirs, esp Big Cat. Ranting away about being poor an asking for lap tops....come on, as a journalist, Big Cat should write better stuff.

  44. Anonymous8:03 am

    Bro Mus,

    You dont owe anyone favour for a living?

    Wek wek wek, tiba2 nak termuntah dan terberak ni..

  45. When subordinates carry the balls of their bosses....they can never work for any reputable commercial firms.
    Once PR takes over...balls carrying so call executives days are numbered.
    Big Dog is famous for carrying Mahathir's balls for years.
    He is a born liar too.

  46. Anonymous11:34 am

    Big Cat: Are your arms weary from carrying Rocky's balls ? Anybody who disagrees with UMNO is a traitor. If he is melayu, he is a traitor to his race. If he is a Muslim, he is a traitor to his religion. If he is kafir, he must be a traitor to the constitution.

    The real traitors are those who steal and steal and still get rewarded. Look at Isa Samad. Look at Thambychik.

  47. Anonymous11:35 am

    Mamakthir is the new spokesman for UMNO. Big Dog just licks Mamakthir's b@lls.

  48. Anonymous7:28 am

    And you believe what Big Cat wrote about her wretched life, about her "mattress on the floor" austerity or her Chinaman boyfriend who is a DAP supporter ? We'd all be better off believing about life on Mars....

  49. Anonymous7:40 am

    G.A.W. 12.23 PM:

    Syed Akbar Ali is nothing more than a uncouth C-grade writer who worships Mamakthir and calls him "ayahanda". Syed boasts that UMNO leaders including Najib reads his blog every day, which explains why he has to censor all comments that run counter to his pro-BN threads.

    He is a failed banker (talk to people in the know at Maybank) and small time businessman who relies on UMNO largesse, despite his protestations that he does not need a crutch.

  50. Hahahaha..

    What ever you people said lah.. at the end of the day the peoples vote count..

  51. Ellese12:04 am

    First anyone who calls mahathir mamakthir is racist. So he has no write to condemn.

    Two sakmongkol has been censoring contrarian comments. My comments have been censored including one on Felda. I told him he cannot complain now that Felda has little shares when they initially objected for KPF to have any shares in the deal. It was because of this the shares couldn't be given to the settlers via KPF. It's a deceitful argument by sak. And as usual these pr bloggers censor and ban contrarian facts. They think we are stupid but they're the ignorant fools.

  52. I personally think you all are a bunch of idiots going for each others thoughts .

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  54. Assalamualaikum.. selamat bersegmen.. :)

    singgah sini... salam blogwalking je

  55. Anonymous9:53 am

    For all the comments and replies,, they are still tainted with Racist remark.
    It is the responsibility of all the ethics group to run their own kind if they turn racist in remarks.
    I do that when it is my kind who make racist remarks.

    Arif produce articles with the suave and accuracy in remarkable Queen's English, which I love to read. His written material always give us another angle of view.

  56. I was suprise the pro UMNO Blogger still try to defence Felda Listing.This is the biggest scandal by Najib who follow blindly what. ETOS Consultant peoposes without asking a second opinion.Luckly Tun Daim have a quick look at the original proposal and wrote a memo to Najib to amended some of the terms.

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