Monday, August 06, 2012

A gold medal for Mano

For more moronic verses, go to
Manoharan was one of the morons fielded in the March 2008 general elections and, amazingly, won. Most of us didn't know he was a moron then. So consumed we were with our hate for the government back then, we weren't too choosy about who we elected to represent us in Parliament. Now, I think, the voters are wiser. After reading the DAP State Assemblyman's tweets, they will know what to do ...

While millions were consoling Lee Chong Wei and one another for missing out on that elusive Olympic gold, our hero from Hindraf (who proudly states he's an "ex-ISA detainee" like a medal for bravery) was pouring scorn on our kids' idol and making fun of our collective sadness. Apparently, he thought that he was going to get some political gain. We'll see about that soon enough.

Tomorrow he will probably say that it was not his Twitter account or that it was hacked. Just so that he knows, there is already a campaign to "SAY NO TO MANO IN GE13" and I have already awarded him, in absentia, a gold medal for sheer stupidity.

To LCW, thank you for the silver lining.


  1. Anonymous3:37 am

    Wasn't he the one who said he wants to change the jalur gemilang not too long ago?????

  2. Anonymous4:31 am

    Hindraf mindset.


  3. I watched Lim played live on TV from London, Ontario, Canada, he is the personafication of a real herothat Malaysia should always be proud of! Well done Datuk Lim you will always have my respect! Silver is as good, and in Canada the whole country when an athlete won a bronze! We are good and will always be, Malaysia and Malaysians that is!

  4. Mano Hindraf ni bila estate semua sudah kena beli di tak tau buat apa cuma mengelabah, jadi dia dan suku sakat dia terpaksa keluar estate lepas tu tak tau macam mana nak survive kerna kota raya terlalu terang bukan macam estate mana mak bapak dia kerja, mentaliti babe mentaliti! Kalau moron tu moron lah sampai bila bila!

  5. Anonymous5:41 am

    this fellow is very bodoh sombong.


  6. Anonymous6:29 am

    Manoharam - No gold medal from me, if I see him, he will the kick from me.... Let start the campaign to oust him. Very Stupid guy. Why did survive this long!!!????

  7. Anonymous7:02 am

    Ini mindset pembangkang. Si mamat bernama Mano ni bodoh pasal dia menzahirkan secara nyata. Mulut dan tangan dia dia lebih laju dari otak ... haha


  8. Anonymous7:27 am

    Fat mama is probably the bigger jinx against LCW

  9. Anonymous7:54 am

    Stupid dumb dumb Mano. You are really moron.

  10. Anonymous8:00 am

    Even this also you criticize, you are a bankrupt blogger lah Rocky.

    You are worried about your own stream of income hence you want UMNO to stay in power. We will make sure you are audited after Pakatan's win. Best if you can check if Singapore stll willing to take you back.

    1. Ifster5:31 pm

      Amazing how political obsession can lead some to completely miss the point. But then again this may just be how our friend Mano started to develop his twisted logic.

    2. This is not a political issue. What Mano did was wrong so please don't try to relate this to UMNO or whatever party you don't like. Be sensible!

    3. This is not a political issue. What Mano did was wrong so please don't try to relate this to UMNO or any party you don't like. Be sensible!! If you can la..

  11. DLCW, as many other fellow Malaysians, you made me proud. A silver medal is still a medal, nonetheless.

    Let's fight for Squash's place in the olympics!

  12. Anonymous10:01 am

    This moron even suggested that Jalur Gemilang be replaced because he said it resembles BN flag.
    He hate to see non Malays wearing songkok and asked for all non-Malays born after merdeka to be recognised as Bumiputra.
    When he was a legal assistant at Karpal Singh's firm, his duty was to postpone cases on behalf of Karpal wasting court time.


  13. Anonymous10:24 am

    What can you say, he's an opportunist.
    A very stupid one tho.

  14. Anonymous10:33 am

    low class mentality!


  15. Anonymous10:35 am

    dumbass mindset better...

  16. Anonymous10:41 am

    Kalau otak udang, what come out from from his mouth is always tahi.

    The nation is thankful to LCW. He went down fighting. That's the spirit we want. Despite not clincing the Olympic gold, he is now ranked as Number One in the world. We could not ask for more.

    Mano has now the destinction of being number one in tahi spewing. Moron first class.

    Him in Karpal Singh "Over my dead body".

  17. Anonymous11:11 am

    Luckily no gold medal for Malaysia in London Olympic. Million of taxpayer monies can now be channelled to poors and orphans.

    Robin Hood

  18. Anonymous11:23 am

    Channeling million of taxpayers monies to poors and orphans not the only way to eradicate poverty.

  19. Anonymous11:25 am

    Another janji takkan ditepati ala PR..

  20. Anonymous11:25 am

    Another janji takkan ditepati ala PR..

  21. Anonymous11:33 am

    I think if we undi pakatan there will no longer be hujan batu di negeri sendiri, only hujan emas. On top of that, we'll also go to heaven after we die.


  22. Anonymous11:45 am

    kalau org macam ni diorg undi gak nnt tak tau le nk cakap apa

  23. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Eh, what happened to all the usual mata sepet comments ?

  24. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Nasib baik ada mata sepet seperti LCW. Nasi baik dia tak balik tongsan as demanded by so many people. But I know Latuk Locky isn't one of them, because Latuk Locky is a fair man.


  25. Shamsul Yunos12:53 pm

    something for Mano fans, from the archives...

  26. Ong Kian Ye1:10 pm


    Firstly, don't mix SPORTS with POLITICS. "Keling' like you had been mixing too much TODI with BEER till you have lost ya BRAINS. You are merely trying to politicize CHONG WEI's lost for your own political gain...What a MOTHA FARKER PUNDEK you are!!!

    No wonder PAKATAN RAKYAT are filled with idiots like you!!!

  27. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Berita Terkini: Malaysia telah memenangi pingat emas pertama di Olimpik iaitu acara balapan lontar paria oleh Manoharan Pariamalayalam

  28. Anonymous3:59 pm

    The ignorant and stupid Mano is a loyer. Not a good one thought too. Those days, he was with Karpal "Over Me Dead Body" Singh. He was the go-to-man for Karpal to postpone his cases. Not only that, Mano proved to be quiet good in bag carrying. Everyone in Court know him and what he does. Whenever there's a case and he appears and not Karpal, well...everyone knows that the case will be postponed. A lot of people question how he can become a loyer. A lot more asking themselves how he became an ADUN and with his latest antics, this guy will never see anything good unless he thinks he's solely responsible for it. This is not a one-off thing. The first was his call to change the jalur gemilang. This is coming from a so-called party that so-call themselves Malaysian first. My foot and my ass too. Get the F out of this country, you stupid sad, no-good Mano

    Anti Stupidity.

  29. nawwar4:27 pm

    anon 8AM:
    you said :
    "Even this also you criticize, you are a bankrupt blogger lah Rocky.

    You are worried about your own stream of income hence you want UMNO to stay in power. We will make sure you are audited after Pakatan's win. Best if you can check if Singapore stll willing to take you back."

    you are a fucking son of a bitch. typical of all you fuckatan supporters and members. threaten threaten threaten, sue sue sue..
    that's right. dreaming of getting that power and then IF dapat kuasa, kerja nak balas dendam..

    what kind of people are you all, man. seen enough of you all punya perangai.

  30. Anonymous4:51 pm

    I like this tweet:
    What's the diference between D LCW & Manohairan? One cries for failing the nation while the other makes the nation cry bcoz of his stupidity.

    Gawd, I had to google to find out who this mano moron is? Opposition politician. It figures.

  31. Mullah TTDI6:02 pm

    Dear Rocky Bru

    Please organize campaign to oust Manoharan from DUN Selangor. May ALLAH bless you and your family always during this Ramadhan 1433 H.

  32. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Is Mano one of the fools who demanded to see the Queen of England and promised to help the Indians with the billion dollar claims? What happened? Go solve the estate plight before talking more nonsense.

    These sort of dumb politicians are what the PR leaders love to have. It will be easy for the PR leaders to use him for some useless issues.

    If he wins a seat in the next election, they should make him the Minister of Nonsense.


  33. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Already expected such comments or play from the Pakatan jerks.

    When there is no water for Selangor, they'll play their SOP script pointing fingers.

    Just show them the door out.

  34. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Mano karan thinks, he can bribe Lin Dan to lose by 2 mill. Then for sure Malaysia will win for the gold medal in 2012.That's why they can bought frogman for 25mill to jump party.
    2mill. is small amount of money for any government...

  35. Anonymous10:51 pm

  36. Anonymous12:06 am


    Mernyesal saya mengundi beliau.
    Taubat saya tak kan undi moron ini.
    Betul-betul mangkuk hayun moron ini.


  37. Anonymous6:30 am

    Kpd : Ma-No , kalau setakat pandai komen & sokong Lin Dan sangat ..pi lah duduk kat China ...

  38. Anonymous12:13 pm

    PKR has capable leaders. Capable of not telling the truth, capable of breaking promises, capable of cheating wives, capable of screwing employees, capable of behaving like monkeys in state assembly and most of all capable of destroying the country. GOD FORBID.

  39. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Look at pakatan. Only a term but already many scandals. But still saying others are dirty.

  40. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Hey PKR. Keep you promise. Abolish all tolls in Selangor.

  41. Anonymous12:53 pm

    WOW! now pakatan promising gold and heaven. what next? may be a plot of land on the moon. and a constant supply of china dolls.

  42. yo rocky bru...

    susan loone thinks you are an idiot.

    here is an excerpt from her blog.
    "..I detest more of those who speaks of this fake unity and misplaced heroism when it comes to sports. Who are they lying to if not themselves? Wake up! Some of us just like a good sporting game..."

    she's probably some snobbish elitist fella try to discourage malaysian to unite. her skepticism or so called fact/truth (it is not well known knowledge either) is really irritating that makes me feel she's been so rude but in subtle way.

    here's the link :

  43. Anonymous5:33 pm


    did u blog about a medal for the idiot from BN who asked for Ambiga to be hanged ?

    Manoharan is an idiot who has apologised. the idiot MP from BN never apologised and all your boss said was that we should be more sensitive to other people.

  44. Anonymous said...

    did u blog about a medal for the idiot from BN who asked for Ambiga to be hanged ?

    Manoharan is an idiot who has apologised. the idiot MP from BN never apologised and all your boss said was that we should be more sensitive to other people.



    I did write about the Sri Gading MP's remarks regarding Ambiga on Twitter, but I guess you may not know what that is. He was an idiot, without doubt, and one who has overstayed his welcome, but Ambiga has got her own political platform, if you hasn't noticed, so she's got plenty of help.

    Which is not the case with Lee Chong Wei. He's a sportsman, a hero, and has no political affiliation. When someone like Mano, who has Hindraf behind him plus the might of DAP and Pakatan, tries to bully someone like LCW, you can't expect me to keep quiet like you ...

    Chin up, mo, everyone behaves like a moron sometimes. Don't be too hard on yourself.

  45. bourne identity2:37 pm

    I guess its OK to call this little tarak otak DAP indian gangster as Mano Haram?
    It makes me wonder why theyre call FUCKATAN RAKYATs...
    If anyone of you meets ManoHaram and a King Cobra...who do you think its advisable to whack first and foremost?