Friday, August 03, 2012

Be Man Enough, Kim

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln 

One man's Political Power vs Press Freedom.  Tunku Aziz must have thought there was freedom of expression in this country, so he wrote this article about his former boss in DAP. This Tunku Aziz, mind you. The man is old school, very careful with his words. He also contiues to be politically naive, and I don't mean that in a bad way.

Many see him in this context now
With Guan Eng, you have to be ready for extreme mood swings against you, a journalist covering him has said. Most dictators have their mood swings. Not that I'm calling him one. Come on, he's no Kim of North Korea, he's the product of our good education system! 

But the son of Lim Kit Siang is indeed known for his post-2008 tantrums, especially his "I'll sue you" antics at members of the Press. The latest, I hear, he's throwing his weight to pin down the New Straits Times (again). For publishing Tunku Aziz's article telling him to be "man enough" [you can also read it here]. 

Just the other day, he was reported to have said that he would forgive NST if the newspaper says sorry. I was sorry to see the NST keeping quiet about that. Jalil Hamid, the wire-trained group managing editor of the NSTP, should have told Guan Eng off for trying to make the Press work according to his whims and fancies.

I've said it and I'll say it again, Kim Guan Eng before March 2008 and Kim Guan Eng after March 2008 - after he became a Chief Minister - are two different personalities. 


  1. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Speak for yourself...

    You are a Fake Muslim as Much as Najib is espousing fake Democracy!!

    Sapa yang Mengumpat pada Bulan Puasa kalau tidak Rocky Rockhead Bru!!

  2. Anonymous5:20 pm

    like all the bn leaders are angels... kak! kah! kah!

  3. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Lim Gong Eng thinks he's Lee KON YOU who will always want to sue news media or opposition to the extend of being poor.

  4. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Yup..You are so right.
    Before 2008 he is an ex jailbird.
    After 2008 he is chief minister.
    Still ex jailbird la.
    But sorry la rocky..
    I think Penang lang all going to elect him again no matter what you guys write.
    Eat your heart out.
    Dont blame them.
    They got no better alternative.


  5. Anonymous5:53 pm

    You too should be man enough to say Lim Guan Eng, instead of Kim Guan Eng.

    Takut kena sue ke?

    Take more special brew coffee to get the guts to do so!


  6. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hmmm, wonder who said that.


  7. Now we understand why CHINA was ruled under COMMUNISM for such a long time. Ironic & amazing is that the CHINESE simply LOVE "dictatorship" & we can even see this in Malaysia whereby the Malaysian Chinese CAN'T stop supporting DAP.

    Whether it's KIM GUAN ENG or LIM GUAN ENG....I don't give a damn. All I know is that those Malaysian Chinese whom support DAP are people who are still trapped in the COMMUNISM hey days.

  8. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Dear Dato,
    I think in the Malaysian context Kim Guan Eng may not be proper. May I suggest MAHA Guan Eng which I am sure our beloved Tun M will be thrilled. As they say imitation is the best form of flattery.
    Selamat Berbuka.

  9. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Rocky, you dare to write this article and at the same time you support blindly Dr M in power more than 20 years and BN in power more than 50 years...looks like a black kettle story again...

    Open up Rocky and face the reality man

  10. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Who are the many that see him in this context? UMNO warriors or the general population?

    What are your thought on false news making especially when it is proven in court? Does that still fall under the press freedom?

  11. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Nice photo of Heil Kim! But you forgot the moustache.

    Anti Kim

  12. Datuk Rocky you are also naive man! Kim Guan Eng is and has alwasy been a member of the Bintang Tiga China, orang Melayu bodoh maseh tak nampak nampak lagi dengan China saperti beliau ni! Tak usha lah men intelektual kan kes China Putimak macam Kim Guang Eng dan bapak Putimak dia! Salam Satu Kanada!

  13. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Really ? Is this the standard UMNO position ? Or are you spinning just to please your boss ?

  14. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    You guys are wasting your time trying to create something out of nothing. The Penang voters will decide, and even your chief will tell you that BN won't retake Pulau Pinang.

    I'm curious - why do you guys bother with the BS when there is no hope for you guys ?


  15. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Fight the battles you can win, not a hopeless case.

  16. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Aiyah, this is nothing compared to some of the BN Mentri Besar.

    Lupa ke?

  17. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Power gets to his head. He becomes swollen-headed.
    Tonight on TV, Kita has exposed how a lowly officer of his can stay in a three-storey house costing at least $1.5 million.
    And look at LGE and wife Betty. No more chekai. No more Ah Beng.
    There's a story in the Star today Betty have a made-over look. So Tai-tai.
    Gotta gaya lor to rival husband's lover.
    I also read a piece about how syiok LGE and Betty first time travel in VIP class to Italy.
    Wah, the Mrs shopping worth thousands.
    Hahaha, kutuk Rosmah. At least dia dah lama merasa sejak Najib Timbalan Menteri lagi.
    Ini baru dapat kuasa sikit, dah ek. Macam kaduk naik junjung.
    Ek pulak tu dengan wartawan. Muka cengih dan cakap macam mengejek ala diktator.
    Yalah orang tak pernah merasa kuasa.

  18. Anonymous12:14 am

    Manusia yang tidak ada testicles dan penis mana boleh di klasifikasi sebagai 'Man'

    Apalah lu Rocky, you tak masuk masa kelas Biologi kat sekolahkah? hahahahahahahahaha

    Salam Ramadan al-Mubarak and Ramadan Blessings

    Warrior 231

  19. Ellese3:48 am

    I don't understand these blind supporters of PR. There's so much evidence pointing to Kim guan eng being dictatorial if he gets so much power. The fact that he muzzles freedom of speech and ban media and then wants everyone to write good stuff on him n pr Is the biggest symptom of a dictator. He's more intolerant than Najib. Then the way Kim guan eng and pr con the public from budget water lynas economy hudud etc etc issues shows his desparateness to deceive public for power. For example he lied that were going bankcrupt with bn deficit budget when he tony and pr gang also presented a deficit budget. This is truly Kim Guan Eng.

  20. Anonymous4:37 am

    "With Guan Eng, you have to be ready for extreme mood swings"

    a sign of bipolar?


  21. Anonymous8:28 am

    Rocky you are sick woman.


  22. Anonymous8:33 am

    Wah!!!! by chance I came to this blog. Anglophile DAP cyber troopers at their best.

  23. to all man-less pakataiks who bad-words datuk rocky here.. datuk has already demonstrates his man-hood by allowing your comment despite contrary to his views.. try posting contrary views to pro-pakataiks web portals and see whether it got through or not..

  24. Anonymous10:23 am

    Ah Cheat Gor aka Najis is the one without any testicles. Tak berani tetapkan PRU13, tapi berani cakap "Janji ditepati".

  25. Anonymous10:38 am

    Dah La Tu Rocky...

    Bulan Puasa Ni Jangan Mengumpat unless you Tak Puasa!!

    Knowing the Dark Forces that you take your commanda from that is no surprise!!

  26. Anonymous11:29 am

    Correct correct correct ... just 4 years oleady yaya papaya

    Tun Dr M and Najib never sued anyone for speaking their mind

    dis cinapek want to act tough - must be in their dna - centuries of communism dificult to erase

    sue sana sue sini - sikit sikit "got family lah, UMNO punya kerja lah"

    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. ~Bertrand Russell

  27. Anonymous11:38 am

    Aiyah, u kl people can go fuck urself... we pg Lang damn fucking happy we got balls to kick them idiots bn out... Locky, be a man.... with balls not keeps jilating najis balls... LOL

  28. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Alamak my comments were purged.

  29. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Rocky kedua-dua telor lu sudah hilang ke ?? ataupon di simpang oleh Helen ??


  30. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Let Penang decide fool! Watch and see.

  31. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Nice spin...

  32. Anonymous2:22 pm

    At least he is a good dictator not like the crook Dr M who is also a dictator who contacts rob the country wealth for his cronies! We are proud to have His 'Kim'

  33. Guan Eng's performance as a CM is over-rated. Too much hype. You only need to compare him to Ali Rustam and what that man has done for Melaka.

    Perhaps I will do a man-to-man comparison between the two soon, if the LGE cybertroopers promise not to get too mad at me!


    As for Anon who wrote: Anonymous said...
    At least he is a good dictator not like the crook Dr M who is also a dictator who contacts rob the country wealth for his cronies! We are proud to have His 'Kim'


    There is no such thing as a good dictator. If Dr M was a dictator, he would still be PM today. He could still be if he wanted to.


    1. Anonymous6:18 pm

      Apple to apple comparison la bro. Basic lesson in valuation says perbandingan mesti serupa. How can you compare one senior CM who has the backing of the federal government against another junior one who is from the opposition side.

  34. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Rocky Bru has a Malay brain

  35. Anonymous3:06 pm

    lge has every rights 2 sue those new media who r always spinning n telling lies n am sure rocky will do the same if some organisations slander or telling lies about u!!why u didnt make noises when some of the BN ministers did the same thing so dont be a hypocrite!!

  36. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Been too long yet I am still anxiously waiting for Kim to answer SatD's numerous questions/queries posed to him on facts and figures..

    Why is he so silent, facts and figures cannot fly in rockets owh?

    SatD should have his articles translated into Mandarin or Cantonese for a wider coverage of situation as is as many of the Apeks-Aso-Akow-Amoy still cannot read or write in our National language or English..


  37. sickening3:12 pm

    whether he is a good or arrogant leader plis let penangnites decide!!

  38. WAH A LOT OF CINABENG DAP CYBERTROOPERS! GO tell your Fuhrer you kiss Rainbow's Ass...baru kasi 4 tahun mau jadi Mafia ha....

  39. Whatever it is Bro, this guan eng fella is CM because his Daddy is Paramount Leader of the Dick and Pussy Party. Some of leaders got dicks but act like pussies when it comes to Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng.

    Pity some Penang folks think that Penang is a Chinese DAP territory, its not. DAP may win Penang after the next election but the election after that it will be something else together as the demographic comes in play.

    Anyway Guan Eng's dictatorial antics is only damaging DAP in the longer run, kudos to the Melaka DAP who are smart enough to kick him out of Melaka. No prices for why he was thrown out of Melaka for, arrogance and untrustworthy is written all over his face.

  40. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Compare LGE to Ali Rustam ??? Rocky you must be mad !!

    Ali Rustam...the guy with the vision to build a bridge from Melaka to Sumatera so that more Indons can come to M'sia !!

    makin lama makin bodohlah Rocky !!

    1. Anonymous5:09 am

      How much King KIm pay you?? U b****trd cybertropper

  41. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Guan Eng is learning fast from his idol down south.Suing is a trade-mark of one who does not believed in democracy.

    With all the false allegations against him Dr Mahathir never starts suing people. Unlike LKY who is behaving like a true dictator.

    If the non-malay of Malaysia were to live under LKY then they might appreciate what democracy they had in Malaysia.


  42. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Ah Cheat Gor's performance as PM is under-rated ? You've been taking too much BR1M, Latuk.

  43. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Anon 2:22

    You must be a confirmed lunatic. Very negative thinking. Very myopic. But enjoying all the development done by Dr.Mahathir. The whole world acknowledges what he has done. Except lunatics like you.

    And stop accusing people of robbery unless you have ANY proof. So dont talk like a stupid child. But being a lunatic nothing much can be expected from you.

    1. Anonymous5:10 am

      Another cybertropper on payroll

  44. Anonymous6:19 pm


    They are blind alright. How much can you expect from the blind?

  45. Anonymous8:49 pm

    The thing is most of you guys or gala who wrote here are not from penang. So shut it and go back and nurse your kids with bru if u want. We penangites likes guan eng and trust him. He has done a.remarkable job. The rest of you can fly a kite.

  46. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Nice ya Kim's Kaki jilats having a field day condemning Rocky.
    Try doing this to Din Merican, Sakmongkol, Aspan or other Pakatan bloggers. You will not get to see your foul words being aired.
    The fans there will also calling for you to be banned totally from the blog.
    Ask Ellese if you don't believe me.
    She was really bamboozled by ole fogey Din, his wife and friends there. From what I read, the wife is doing the censoring.
    Once she even used a pseudonym declaring she hates this and that person (nicks of pro-BN commentators) who are praising BN in hubby's blog.
    Ellese was speaking the truth but they hate to see it.

    Former commentator of Din's blog who was banished from his blog together with many others..

  47. Ultimately it doesnt matter what Rocky or any of us who spins here writes.
    The decision lies in the hands of the people of Penang. It's what they think that counts.
    Rocky is pro UMNO, so his point of view is to be expected, as would anyone who is pro Pakatan.
    As a former resident of Penang I remember what it was like per 2008 and although Koh Tsu Koon was actually a nice guy his leadership was not very dynamic. I can't judge LGE's leadership as I left Penang before 2008. My only conjecture is from ex colleagues who are still there and so far they are pretty impressed with the Pakatan government. Maybe a small sample, but I expect Pakatan will increase their majority in Penang.

  48. Anonymous3:42 am

    Jeez, de world still got stupidmalay Luke u around...

  49. Anonymous3:50 am

    Stay away from pg... Don't nid pukimak BN around !

  50. Anonymous10:36 am

    Its a sad day when any opposition cannot do a proper job. Unlike the Federal Opposition, it looks like the Pakatan controlled States controlled opposition are hopelessly mired in name calling and dubious accusations.
    For the Federal MSM and sycophants to go down to the same level of their colleagues in Pakatan Controlled States, that can only be interpreted as an omen.
    This Hari Raya is going to be great! Hallelujah!!

  51. Anonymous12:19 pm

    why don't you write about Alantuya's murder, NFC,Ampang MRT -George Kent Scandal ,Muyuddin , mohd isa selling off all the state land when MB. Substandard equipment and weapons purchased for the Armed Forces , Biaise elections , Foreigners becoming instant citzens and malaysian born stateless people cannot become citzens and on and on. Maybe if you write about the ills that happen in the last 55 years under Umno misrule then I will have some respect for you. I see you as a shamless soul who does anything for money

  52. Anonymous1:10 pm

    give them power and you will see their TRUE face

  53. atuk ko1:26 pm

    Just the other day, he was reported to have said that he would forgive NST if the newspaper says sorry.

    dont write hearsay la, beb.. u r degrading yourself even further. just say what is true, be reliable..

  54. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Mahdey didn't sue newspaper editors for printing lies about him. He just put them in ISA if they printed the truth about him.

    : )

  55. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Hahahaha, seems like many DAP troopers are monitoring your blog, bro Rocky and they are quite agitated by the revelations...typical of them LOL!!! Anyway,dulu complaint orang memang sangat pandai, sekarang sendiri pun sama juga ini orang dari MELAKA, macam tidak ada telur je orang DAP penang ni...
    AH CHAI Pulau Tikus.

  56. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Rocky has a Malay brain but a non muslim quench for thirst! lol!!

  57. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Ask Ellese ? The expert on national matters ? Ask the rakyat lah, no need to be chicken to call for elections.

  58. Ellese12:38 am

    Anon 6:19 Blind is one thing but sheer stupidity is another.

    Anon 10:52...yep. Ive had enough of PR hypocrite bloggers. None ever believe in free media. Utter rubbish. To them free media are those which publish their views but censor contrarian views. Ive just set up a new blog at They think they can silence me and deprive me of my right of reply. They're rubbish.

  59. Anonymous said...
    Mahdey didn't sue newspaper editors for printing lies about him. He just put them in ISA if they printed the truth about him.

    : )

    1:55 PM

    xxxx --------xxx

    Dr M put journalists/editors under ISA? Like who?

    The Tun didn't even put Anwar Ibrahim under ISA-lah, what are you talking about? In 87, the government used the ISA in OPerasi Lalang to stop a dangerously spiraling ethnic situation but none of the detainees spend too much time inside. It would have been a waste of taxpayers' money if they had!

    On the contrary, when he became PM in 1981, Dr M released scores of ISA detainees - including the late Samad Ismail, who had been inside for 5 years because of the late King Ghaz's insecurities!

    Dr M was also instrumental in bringing back to Malaysia journalist Said Zahari, an ISA detainee for 17 years from 1963 during the reign of Lee Kuan Yew, your mentors' mentor...

  60. atuk ko said...
    Just the other day, he was reported to have said that he would forgive NST if the newspaper says sorry.

    dont write hearsay la, beb.. u r degrading yourself even further. just say what is true, be reliable..

    1:26 PM


    Atok Ko,
    Knock yourself out:-

  61. Anonymous10:56 am

    You can see our great leader Najib's pictures everywhere, just as popular as Kim in North Korea.We should show our loyalty and be grateful to our great leader.


  62. Anonymous11:44 am

    whether these dapsters like it or not, the lame pakatan leaders have shown their true colours

    they are loud, arrogant, repulsive, attention-seeking, liars, lazy, incompetent, irresponsible, never transparent, greedy, commit nepotism, cronyism, corruption

    we have seen it all - if not for paklah, these clowns will never get a chance to rule

  63. Anonymous4:58 pm

    At least Tun Mahathir didnt threaten to sue or blackmail Press Freedom.

    Only DAP will threathen and blackmail the media.

    DAP HYPOCRITES worst than BN!

    You are speaking the truth however pro PKR supporters refuse to see the truth - That is what we call self denial but I prefer to call them STUPID!

    Support PKR, Support Dictatorship!

    -True Sense

  64. Anonymous9:59 am

    Dont go for the man ....go for his deeds ! THATS THE TROUBLE NO MAN IS PERFECT ...
    wE KNOW YOU HAVE A JOB TO DEMONISE THE CM OF Penang it working ? No i dont think so...Remember you ar'nt perfect too ! If we need to dig your faults its easy...but we are a class above you.
    Next time before you kill one's name off [ chinese do take their names seriously ]be careful of your action...YOU ARE NOT SUFFERING FROM DYSLEXIA ARE YOU ????

  65. Anonymous6:38 pm

    YOU can say what YOU want, the truth is, Lim Guan Eng went to jail protecting a young underaged Malay girl. And Thamby Chik, who is a rapist, got away scott free.
    about a minute ago

  66. Anonymous12:57 am

    Does Jeff Ooi still acknowledge you?

  67. Anonymous12:50 pm

    anon@6:38 PM says, "Lim Guan Eng went to jail protecting a young underaged Malay girl"

    See here folks, this is a product of the chinese vernacular schools who have no alternative source of the truth. He has been totally and completely brainwashed to lick the soles of Kim Guan Eng.

    The truth is that LGE was charged under Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act 1948 for causing 'disaffection with the administration of justice in Malaysia'. Lim was also charged under Section 8A (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 for 'maliciously printing' a pamphlet containing 'false information'.

    But dapster lembus still ALLOW themselves to be USED by KIM GE.

  68. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Before and after, I agree that he isn't the same but he's BETTER for Penangites. I hope to see him in federal level to serve all RAKYAT after GE13.