Tuesday, August 07, 2012

DAP's Manomoron says sorry to Lee Chong Wei and family ..

The DAP, not just Mano, owes the people, and not just LCW and family, an apology. Lim Guan Eng and daddy seemed to think it's enough for them to distance themselves and the party from M. Manoharan's "grossly insensitive remarks" (Guan Eng's words) about Lee Chong Wei and how "Malaysia will win an Olympic gold medal after Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya". 

Guan Eng said that Mano, the Hindraf man from DAP, "does not represent DAP" (funny, Mano is DAP state assemblyman for Kota Alam Shah). Guan Eng also pledged RM100,000 (not his) to Lee Chong Wei for his silver medal at the London Olympics.

Lim Kit Siang is also on damage control overdrive mode. He wants the Federal government to make LCW Malaysian Sportsman of the Decade and said Manoharan will apologize for his stupid remarks (in what The Malaysian Insider describes as an attempt "designed to control the fallout from Manoharan's remarks". Read h e r e.

Kit Siang's wish is a command to Mano, so the mo had to say sorry. (Either that, or Kit Siang must have told Mano he won't be dropped from PRU13 if he quickly and deeeeply apologize! Mano, many know, was already on the way out for his performance since getting elected in March 2008).

Hence, the "deeply regret" and "heartfelt apologies" to Lee Chong Wei and his family, about an hour ago.

Kit Siang and Guan Eng can make Mano apologize because they are his boss.

But this is not just about Lee Chong Wei and his family.

Mano's grossly insensitive remarks hurt millions of Malaysians that night, not just LCW. Mano, flanked by Guan Eng and Kit Siang, must apologize to those people. 

The Sun pic: Supporters give LCW a hero's reception at KLIA this morning

One hundred thousand ringgit doesn't suddenly make it right. Some may even view it as an attempt to bribe!


  1. Buah Ciku2:16 pm

    What about tan keng liang?

  2. KY Ong2:46 pm

    Let us all get "REEAAALLL"!!!

    MANO PANDI isn't saying "SOLI" becos he felt "SOLI". He's doing so becos' under the rule of COMMUNISM, when your DICTATOR commands you to apologize...you have to (no choice at all). This is what DAP practices since day #1. The TOP GUYS calls the shot, while the rest are mere FOOT SOLDIERS & ROBOTS.

    What's even amazing is that LIM GUAN ENG (Ooopps sorry...KIM GUAN ENG, i mean) pledge to award LEE CHONG WEI with RM100K. "What a lame move I would see this as!!!". This is certainly a desperate move towards DAMAGE CONTROL.

    It's TRUE that NOT only MANO owes CHONG WEI an apology but the entire DAP owes CHONG WEI one. Moreover, it's NOT only CHONG WEI whom deserve an apology but 'the rakyat' deserve one too from both MANO PANDI & his Communist party.

    Now I understand why DAP hasn't have the BALLS to cooperate with PAS to implement "HUDUD". If Hudud would had been implemented, then, by now MANO PANDI's mouth should had been burnt by fire.

  3. Anonymous2:54 pm


    Like that also want to spin ah? No need to spin lah, makes you look real pathetic and a slimeball.

  4. Feed&LOOT Corp2:55 pm

    BN should award LCW a RM250,000,000 Badminton Academy Projek to produce future Olympic Gold medalists, Syabas!!!

  5. PapaGoblokmo2:57 pm

    PRU13 is definitely on September 2012!!!

  6. Anonymous3:01 pm

    UMNO should also apologise to non Malay for PERKASA rudeness.

  7. Tunkuman Aziz3:08 pm

    Hatred and any act of inciting Hatred is really sinful in the holy month of Ramadhan!

  8. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Manomoron is still the moron. What diffentiate us from him is never vote a moron as ADUN.

  9. Anonymous4:49 pm

    manomaran did wrong but just like Rocky


  10. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Wondering if Perkasa and Ketuanan Melayu UMNO sympathisers would ask this "pendatang" who won an Olympics silver medal for Malaysia to go back to China.

  11. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Najib is no different from Kim Jong IL or Kim Jong Un. Tanda Putera is a propaganda piece of shit movie.

    Orang Melayu memang mudah lupa. Jangan lupa...orang umno semua minum arak, tidor dengan budak budak sekolah....yeah...kisah benar.

  12. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Rocky, enough spin lah. Manoharan has apologised. That's more than the idiotic MP who wanted Ambiga hanged and never apologised.

  13. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Rocky, enough spin lah. Manoharan has apologised. That's more than the idiotic MP who wanted Ambiga hanged and never apologised.

  14. Anonymous8:23 pm

    anon 5.38 pm

    the perkasa goons have been told to lie low for now. no more of pendatang comments but give them a few months and see what happens.

    silver chinese

  15. Anonymous9:16 pm

    NO. We only want the ungrateful ones to go. You are one of them.

  16. Anonymous9:17 pm

    WE gave you citizenship and now you want us to apologise? Are you raving mad?

  17. Bedul9:41 pm

    Like the P.Ramlee movie said berapa kali mau minta maaf daa... Last time this motor-mouth moron also ran his mouth and said sorry.
    Sorry seems to be the easiest word for him. Sorry and do it again.
    Yes he must say sorry to Malaysians.
    LCW said sorry to us. We do not want the apology. There's nothing really to be sorry for.
    But this fella sure needs to apologize. Though his sorry wont cure.
    When is the other malang Nizar gonna apologize for running down Jalur Gemilang.
    It's him that's malang or suey for an aborted bid to be MB.
    But we should be thankful for these two for denying the Pakatan votes which they are so confident will bring them to Putra Jaya.
    Wonder whether some dumbos here will still be voting these two if they contest.

  18. Anonymous12:46 am

    Bull shit, you gave citizenship. You are aslo a pendatang you dickhead. The only non pendatangs are the Orang Asli.

  19. Ellese5:29 am

    Anon 12:46. Please check constitutional history. It's a fact. Malaysian citizenship was given in recognition of loyalty to king country and the Malaysian constitution. At that time Malays were defacto and de jure of the citizenship of what is known n called as Tanah Melayu. However you hate it it's a fact even recognized worldwide.

  20. Anonymous9:00 am

    anon@2:54PM: Oi...rocky won't say it but I will say it to you--

    F*CK you, you filthy coward!

  21. Anonymous11:18 am

    According to Mamakthir, if you speak Malay, practise Malay customs, then you are regarded as "Indigenous". The poor orang asli, the Kadazans, the Kadazan-dusuns, the Muruts, all these people have become 2nd class citizens. This is how Ridhuan Tee Abdullah can claim to be a bumiputra.

    Lesson for the day.

  22. Anonymous11:45 am

    Oh my Bru, what twisted logic is this. This is akin to asking Najib to apologise for the UMNO goons that did the cow head fiasco.

    You're sounding more like Lim Kit Siang with demands for public apologies for everything under the sun.

  23. Anonymous1:30 pm

    the orang asli never gave you citizenship. read up some history before showing your stupidity.

  24. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Errr.... you gave me citizenship?

    Really? I was born here, you didn't physcially give me anything but you are still my brother.

    Is this some kind of collective historical conciousness?

    If you want to be pedantic, go and get some historical proof that an ancestor of yours was first

    1. For or against the Malayan Union

    2. For or against the Consituition as it was proposed.

    Don' surf on the acts of others in the distant past.

    This is the here and now, stand on your 2 feet and use the present to justify actions, not something 55 yrs and 2 generations ago.

    This mentality of being grateful, hmmm, does that mean an employer can treat an employee like shit and say derogatory things because the employee and all his descendants must be perpetually grateful for him being employed?

    Very poor rational and logic. Stupid really.

    All those claiming some kind of perpetual gratefulness when they have not done anything themselves.

    It's called feudalism and this is the 21st Century.

  25. Anonymous8:04 am

    Anonymous 3:01 PM said...
    UMNO should also apologise to non Malay for PERKASA rudeness.

    and sepet race must apologise for being PRC chinese FIRST in demanding more chinese vernacular schools

  26. Anonymous8:06 am

    this monomoron uses pakatan stage to claim that pakatan can produce gold medals

    so he REPRESENT the biaDAP goons therefore biaDAP must apologise and not BRIBE as damage control weapon

  27. Anonymous4:27 pm

    This article really smack the shiit on those DAPigs face,

    They don't even have a point to rebut, so it come down giving low blow punches.. Its so lame la.. The IQ of this DAPigs cybertrooper is so low that every time rocky post a very stingy article, this buggers can only come with the same insult and comment..

    So typical maaah...:)


  28. Anonymous7:07 am

    Yeah Malique, retarded morons will always remain retarded morons

    typical one-liner - paid by UMNO lah, spinmaster lah, Rocky sold his soul to the devil lah, it's always UMNO's fault, till today they are still blaming Dear Tun Dr Mahathir

    low class lah these intellectual wannabes