Monday, July 23, 2012

Hisham's League of Ordinary People against Crime

I've got quite a few mails and smses complaining about Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's intent on roping in expat Shamelin, the father of kidnapped Dutch boy Nayati, to help KDN to fight crime. I don't think the dude can do much but, hey, every help counts. If he's volunteering his service, who are we to question him or Hisham's good intent? The Minsiter has made it clear [read here] that it's not an exclusive invitation to Shamelin. “Anyone who feels they can contribute is welcomed.” 

So what are you waiting for, an invitation card?

AMBER Alert in progress
Deja Vu. In 2007, several ordinary people got together to set up Citizens for Nurin Alert [Nurin stands for Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network) after the abduction of Nurin Jazlin from near her home in 2007. One of them was Nurin's uncle. The uncle was not an expert in crime (he worked in a bank) but his insights were damn useful. We roped in other bloggers, parents, NGOs and our proposal was finally adopted by the Government in 2009 as Nur (Nationwide Urgent Response) Alert. None of the ordinary people who worked on the Nurin Alert was ever invited to sit on Nur Alert or work with the authorities concerned. But that's okay. What's not okay is this: Nur Alert isn't working as well as it should.

Two or three weeks ago, I was told by a journalist that several NGOs were reviewing the Nur Alert. One of their suggestions was to place the child abduction alert system under the Home Ministry. As fate would have it, I bumped into one of the NGO reps [who wishes not to be identified] at Bangsar Shopping Centre and she told me about the idea. Then last week, Jalan Sudin and I (we were both on the Nurin Alert effort) were invited to meet up with reps from these NGOs, along with several individuals who have started Facebook campaigns to fight crime, to talk about what we could do to help.

Deja vu. But back then we were on our own. This time around, there's a Minister who's willing to take the initiative to get the concerned ordinary people and fight this together. That's hope ...


  1. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Heh Heh Rocker

    You may be the only human being in Malaysia that is putting hope on Hishamuddin!!!

    Goes to show how UMNOnsense you are!!!

  2. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Who said Samelin Moodliar is not getting paid? Just because he is a foreigner, he has got the attention of Najib, the PM and Hishamudin the home minister. If this is the attitude of the government of the day, placing foreigners ahead of Malaysians, I am going to vote for PKR. So Najib and Hishamudin if Moodliar is still in the task force, kiss my vote goodbye .

  3. Anon 530pm,

    I'm not pinning my hope on Hisham. My hope rests on the ordinary citizens who are doing their best to help the police and the other authorities fight crime. There are many such ordinary citizens, although people like you and your relative (Anon 1156) make the bigger noise... Credit to Hisham for getting these good people together to do their magic.

  4. Anonymous5:56 am

    Mr Bru, I believe you would the best person to be roped into the task force, Spinner Extraordinaire that you are, you would be able to weave your magic there.

  5. From Bangladesh to Holland, its the foreigners who are being pampered here. The locals get the broomsticks, boots, water cannons and deafening silence from the authorities, always.

    Tried a few times to be the eye, mouth and ear for a body, but unfortunately the receiving body was a corpse. Dead, muted and unmoved.

    1. Anonymous7:21 pm

      Absolutely. Why is this fascination with foreigners? What good is nayati's father to this project and why in the blue hell he'd wanna get involved for free, and he is currently jobless by the way.

      YB Hisham could have mentioned any Ali, muthu or ah Chong name buyhe had to sell this name to gain publicity.

      Sad sad sad.

  6. Anonymous6:36 am

    Rocky Bru, you said:
    The uncle was not an expert in crime (he worked in a bank) but his insights were damn useful.

    I say:
    Hah ! if you have to use the word 'damn', you must be really floundering to fulfil the brief you were given which is to justify Hishamuddin's choices for the task force. Your friend and fellow blogger Syed has got it right. you are wrong.

  7. Bru, Agreed with Yb above. There're so many deaf ears. They only listen when serious damaged done and implement short term fix n long term pain.

  8. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Ya Lah Tu Rocky...

    Now that there are More Johorians behind Najib you and the other UMNO Johorian Bloggers (They are the only ones supporting UMNO) need to work harder to make them look good even if they are Idiots!!!

  9. Hey people

    If its your kid that's kidnapped, you will be turning to the police and the government.
    So stop condemning what Hishamuddin and other concerned people are doing.
    Just be a good Malaysian. If you don't like it, just shut up.
    You think Anwar or LKS or Nik Aziz will help find your kids if they are missing.

  10. Anonymous12:59 am

    haha Bru,

    should we listen to some of these anon shits....I repeat some of them are really shits..

  11. Anonymous11:01 am

    Nayati's father is currently jobless, and his work permit is tied to his previous employment. Hence he volunteers so that Hisham can give Samelin and his family the necessary visas to stay on here. You scratch my back, I scratch your back lah.

  12. Anonymous11:05 am

    Hisham and the IGP should explain to us why there is literally no plainclothes policemen in this country ? Why do the police have to blare their sirens to tell the crooks to leave quickly ? You want to catch these people, you hang around the hotspots like ordinary people, but you have a hidden gun to take them down. In the old days, the police used to have plainclothes patrols especially in the high risk areas for gangsters. Explain to me why this hasn't been beefed up in today's hotspots.

  13. Anonymous2:06 pm

    What the heck...that is his blooming job in the first instance, if he doesn't take interest the he might as well resign from his post of Home Minister...shhhh !! What a load of publicity crap, Hishammuddin should spend less time trumping up charges against Opposition Parties and more time doing REAL work for once !!

  14. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Ya, better stick close to Sham-muddin and all your VVIPs, that is where all the police resources go anyway to jaga them when they do a tour of parking basement levels. Haven't you notice all that the Traffic Police guiding traffic at rushhour only havel small rusty kiap chai, while those who escort all the big shots have big super bikes? Where is the fairness and justice in that? No wonder our police cannot solve crime, too busy jaga the VVIPs!