Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ismail's witch-hunt

Updated: "It's routine," Ismail Sabri tells a blogger. The Mole has the story here.

Original posting:
Ismail: Unhappy with poor turnout
"This is vendetta ..." The Hari Koperasi Negara 2012's fiasco - if you can even call it that - is nearly two weeks old but the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister's fury rages on this holy month of Ramadhan. I was told that Ismail Sabri Yaacob is so enraged by the flop of the  13-15 July event at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil officiated by the Prime Minister that he has recommended the sacking of both the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia Executive Chairman and Deputy Executive Chairman.

"It's crazy. This is vendetta. This kind of injustice will not go down well with the civil servants," a senior cooperative individual told me.

At the Cabinet last week, Ismail was said to have apologized to PM Najib Razak on behalf of the "bungling civil servants" and promised to take action. I'm not sure if the PM would agree with his Minister's tactics if he knew, though.

24-hour transfer for four state directors. I've been told that: "Thus far, 5 Directors of the  have been transferred within 24 hours on 16 July 2012 and several more will be following suit as a result of the current investigation set up by the Controlling Officer (the Ministry's secretary-general). The The Cooperative Commission's State Directors affected in the 24-hour transfer orders are from Kedah, Pahang, Terengganu and Negeri Sembilan while one Director of a Division from the HQ has also been moved out. Altogether, 5 Directors have been transferred within 24 hours without the opportunity to make a presentation of their innocence. It is also believed that the Executive Chairman and the Deputy Executive Chairman were also recommended to be terminated of their appointment with immediate effect or reduction of salary (potong gaji) upon the finalisation of the current investigation by the Ministry's Special task Force."


  1. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Wow, the buck stops at Ismail Sabri himself, he should take responsibilty of the failure of the event...did he asked himself WHY did it failed ???? Ismail Sabri should resign instead of witch hunting. As usual UMNOputras never can do wrong.

  2. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Absolutely Agree with Ismail and The PM has also fully agreed to his actions of improving his sector's civil services personnel!

    They should be taught to follow PM's plans of transforming the civil services into better performing their roles...

    The PM truly appreciates his actions in inculcating values of discipline and hard work! Especially now when they are beginning to be influenced by Anwar's rebel rousing mob!

    Loyal Civil Servant

    1. Anonymous3:58 pm

      HAHAHA....wait fr ur turn n will se how loyal u r....hahaha....sakai..

  3. Anonymous3:44 pm

    agree with ismail, all figurehead in the goverment sector should be taught to follow PM plans of transforming the civil services into better performing their roles, we out of time, tranformation is a must since 2020 is around the conner,we has not enough time with those 'songek-songek' officer, time is running out bro, or maybe its a sabortage, politic is all about perception bro
    -swak gall-

  4. Mazlan4:07 pm

    As I understood it - the staff were the ones to walk out as they were not keen on listening to speeches on a long and hot night. A lot were bussed in and it was late and many wanted to go home.
    Thus why fault the Management team - as they can't force ordinary folk from deciding to leave.
    Obviously this event was overtly politcal and I thought Civil Servants should e neutral.
    If Ismail Sabri wants to conduct a witch hunt - then he's just going to piss off everyone and they will blame the governement and Najib.
    The only person who should be fired is Ismail Sabri himself....

  5. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Changing directors to everywhere you might wanna think of, is purely a decision which is not based on empathy and deep thinking. Ismail Sabry should have handled this constructively .This not a Musical Chair game. There would alwiz be Hari Koperasi every year, why the fuss? is it because this year's hari Koperasi is Important for his KPI due to the looming election. No?


  6. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I have been working overseas the last 4 years and returned recently to Malaysia to renew my travel documents as well as to make a EPF withdrawal. I must say that I was completely amazed by the efficiency of the officials I was dealing with on both occasions. Definitely the hallmarks of a disciplined and professional workforce.
    The actions of Minister Sabri will only further emphasis the governments commitment to creating an efficient civil service.

  7. Anonymous4:15 pm

    In Mantin, N.Sembilan those who supposed to arrange transportation for the COOP members didn't turn up to bring them to Bukit Jalil and no explanation what so ever was given. Pitty those pakcik and makciks who waited for the bus for hours. I was told many other COOP members around N.Sembilan were stranded without any clues. So, serve them right! I fully support Ismail Sabri, those who cannot perform should be sacked!

  8. Anonymous5:04 pm

    This is nothing lah, compared to the GREATEST INJUSTICE to Latifah Koya Kutty who had to resign from a very important position (more important than the Chief Executive of the USA?)

    One cannot easily forget the many write ups in the blogs, mainstream media, utterances by pro-BN supporters etc.


  9. Anonymous5:32 pm

    In the first place why 100,000 people must gather in the stadium? Is it for his political milage right? much money they spend for this event? The civil servant always follow the order as "saya yang menurut perintah". Can they refuse the minister's order? Doesn't it greedy to have 100 k people just to show off his ability to PM and spend "duit rakyat". ANYWAY THIS EVENT FAILED BCOS IT IS NOT BLESSSED BY GOD. NAWAITU TAK BETUL.

  10. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Usually I agreed with your opinion but not this time rocky. It is good that the minister took stern action on the uncooperative civil servants. Serves them wright!

    Mazlan II

  11. aiya, tak payah susah susah nak xfer pegawai2

    GE13 nanti kita kasi xfer Ismail Sabri jadi pembangkan

    Garanti kebanyakan masaalah selesai

  12. Anonymous6:17 pm

    now a days,if there is anything to do with najib or umno,many will turn away. last week persatuan melayu penang(pemenang) agm attended only by 20 people (it's including the committee member) the chairman and the committee members mostly the umno chief and officer.

  13. Anonymous6:42 pm

    kerja yang hanya mengharapkan orang bawahan melakukan sepenuhnya tidak ada pantauan dibuat . Itulah jawapannya . Kerja di buat hendaklah bersungguh . banyak lagi yang masih nganggur dan mahu bikin kerja . kalau tak ikhlas bekerja berhenti saja.

  14. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Civil servants are fed up of being rent a crowd forced to attend najibs functions to make up the numbers so he looks like he has a lot of support for the media

  15. Rocky,
    Correct me if I am wrong - but isn't it a civil service principle of neutrality that only the KSN and Civil Service heads are only allowed to handle civil service discipline and that proper labour law procedures have to be followed. Politicians and Ministers can only give advice but can't just arbitarily transfer and fire civil servants.
    As the Minister responsible for the event surely he should take responsibility himself?
    By acting withou due process he will just anger the staff as a whole...and right now the goverment cannot be seen as vindictive...

  16. Nampak gayanya Papa Dafi tak lama outlah ya. So high-handed.
    I am sure Najib do not like this wrong kind of bodek ala ampu.

  17. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Ada Orang suda kena!

    Lain kali kalu PM mau mari,,jangan surro orang-orang GOMEN pegi,,,ATTENDANCE Compulsory!

    Suro PM datang mengejut,,!!! Baru BETUL,,,!!

    PM yang paling banyak DAPAT BAJU FREE,,,kasi tengok lah HARI-HARI ada function...Hari-hari pakai baju BARU,,!!!

    Betul-betul BENGONG,,,kasi habis DUIT rakyat,,!!!

    Ini PM hari-hari kasi WANG sama rakyat,,,,DULU dia BAPAK ada simpan wang untuk MALAYSIA,,SIKALANG dia kasi HABIS lah itu WANG,,!!!


  18. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Ismail Sabri is acting like true idiotic politiciaan who see events and lauches as a big thing but usually fail to follow-up

    Someone shd start a blog to monitor all government launchings and events to see whether there are follow throughs to what was said and launched.

  19. Anonymous11:57 pm

    the minister should be transferred as well !

    you can change two, three or even hundreds, but once Rakyat has spoken, tunggu la Mr Prime Minister !

    to loyal servant 2:45 PM,

    jgn tunjuk bangang nak tunjuk loyal tak tentu arah lah !

  20. Anonymous12:13 am

    immediate transfer of officers kalau berlaku something wrong with an event , to facilitate investigation on what went wrong. Not necessarily witch hunt.....and if the failure of the event is bcoz of unefficiency of some civil servant, then serve them right...and i guess most of u just listen from SKM side...try ask people who's working/dealing with them, and i guess u'll agree with Ismail Sabri's anger...huhu

  21. Anonymous12:31 am

    As a SKM Officer i'd like to say sume nafsu pak menteri nak jadi hero depan pm. Nafsu besar sangat nak himpun ribuan orang...Buat program lak malam...bebudak sekolah pun nak balik...kena suruh masuk stadium sblm walktu asar...alahai

  22. CooperativestheWay2:12 am

    Koperasi tu penting. Tapi banyak yang tak faham buat-buat faham. Sebab tu ala kadar saja.

    Cuba ingat balek. The purpose of cooperative is to break the Chinese middle men who got all the profits!

    Remember that.

    If the people dont have coperative they will be at the mercy of the middle men and we will start hearing them lamenting being perah by the middle men.

    The function of cooperatives is to share the capital cost and to share the profits without middle men.

    This is very important if we want everyone to share the wealth of this nation. If not only those with banking connection will get the Petronas contract, the building contract the manufacturing, the supplying of goods to the government.

    This is unfortunately, people dont understand. So they just join for fun or to become leader to steal the cooperative money

  23. bapak demam2:46 am

    Anak aku dah dipunggah masuk stadium sejak pukul 4pm lagi..tau je lah budak sekolah sampai pukul 10mlm. Demam panas jawabnya esok hari..lain kali cukup dgn pelancaran sederhana pun tak apa, gunakan media telecast. Sekarang zaman teknologi, juta orang boleh tengok. Buat macam pelancaran Proton pun tak apa. rakyat faham PM kerja keras. Tak payah punggah sampai ratus ribu, nampak pembaziran duit dan masa..macam bagi bullet pada opposition pulak.

  24. Ampusana8:54 am

    I think Ismail shoud openly disclose how much SKM or KPDNKK have spent for the one-day-event with PM (just for him to please his boss). I strongly belive the cost must be more than RM10mlion bcoz my auntie from Tumpat has been paid RM50 to take the sponsored bus ride to Bukit jalil..and some of school student get RM30 (after 20 ringit 'tax' by organiser)

    Sadly, after 8 hours journey from tumpat to bkt jalil, all pasengers (mostly senior ciizen) have been forced to fill up the stadium without any space for them to take rest after the very long hours bus ride.

    After the event, around 10pm, they have to chase their bus and inhumanly transported back another 8 hours to tumpat on the same day...what a heartless ismail sabri.

  25. Anonymous9:56 am

    Thats the trouble ......people will do things from the heart..they are sick of the same old things especisially BN affairs...
    Forcing civil servants is not going to work ....
    They are feeling a regime change and hence why waste time lah!!!!!!Thats the ugly truth....

  26. Anonymous10:18 am

    Epic fail, nak blame orang lain pulak. Malu betol buat si Nah Jib. kah kah kah

  27. Altantuyajib11:29 am

    Next time, bring on Wonder Girls and Girls Generation... 500,000,000 attendees guaranteed!

  28. Leftenan (B) Adnan11:37 am

    Cam biasa lah... tokoh-tokoh UMNO memang pandai main jari-sodomi; take no prisoners take no blames!

  29. Anonymous12:33 pm

    If in Japan for such a fiasco the Minister takes the responsibility and do the honorable thing by resigning from his post. It is not right to make scape goat of the civil servants!

    Indeed, if proper planning had been undertaken and that all factors taken into account therefore there would not be any mishap. It baffles me as to why the school children were involved in this program as it was held at night? Certainly they had to be ushered into the hall early and thus certainly would feel restless after a long wait. Even adults would feel restless if they have to wait for a long time.

    Granted that having an audience of 100,000 people would be great but than there is also the need to be pro-active and anticipate the outcome. The timing of the event is definitely crucial!

    If at all the school children were to be part of the event by virtue of the fact that they are Coop members of their respective schools, then ensure that the vent is held in the morning or any sane time of the day. I am aware that the Ministry is pushing for the setting up of more Coop in schools in order to expose the students to the Coop movement, so please "think through" whenever the Ministry wish to undertake such a mega event....that it needs to be pro-active and anticipate the outcome, as surely the Ministry had handled many events previously and would certainly be much more wiser by now.

    Thus, before any unnecessary action is taken against the civil servants, a proper "post-mortem" of the said event needs to be undertaken and everyone must be sincere and truthful in their feedback and comments.....well....the truth they say....but then we must look at the long term.....

  30. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I agree with Ismail's decision! whoever "government servants" fails to do their task should be transfer!.. Its a firm decision tho! All the best Ismail Sabri!!

  31. Anonymous2:41 pm

    What a lame issue!!

  32. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Tahniah!! Tindakan berani!Banyak org kerajaan x perform, kerja lembap! malas! tapi kerajaan tak ambik tindakkan pun...Public marah kerajaan kononya kerajaan yg lembap! so ini tindakan yang wajar!! Buang jer siapa yg tak perform datuk!saya sokong!

  33. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Witch hunt dikata balas dendam. tak pecat dikata lembik. Apa korang nak ni? MAke up your mind. We want a firm government or a weak one who is afraid to take people to task just because its election time. I thought democracy is supposed to better our lives, not used to hold us ransom and let mistakes (that should not be a mistake) go unpunished. Grow up Malaysia kalau tak korang semua loser.

    Penanak Nasik

  34. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Yang korang marah sgt ngan Ismail Sabri tu nape....yg buat huru hara, makcik korg x dpt rehat la, anak kena paksa masuk stadium awal la, tu semua organizer @pegawai SKM...memang patut pun pegawai2 ni kena tindakan, abih tu kalau janji bas sampai kol 6.30pg, tp kol 3 ptg x sampai2...pejadahnya...takkan la bas pun nak menteri uruskan....aku mmg setuju dorg kena tindakan, sejuk skit ati aku...patut buang terus jer, nyusahkan org, keja senang pun x tau buat...

  35. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Alaa..kena transfer pun kecoh.....kalau swasta lama dah kena buang.....come on laa, dah buat salah, xkan la nak salam2, peluk2 cium kot...yg kena tindakan tu pun satu..mengaku jela korg mmg lemau, terima jela hukuman sbb ketidakupayaan korg..xyah la nak gebang sana sini dlm blog bagai mintak simpati...x puas ati berenti jela wei dr kerajaan, ramai lg anak melayu xde kerja...korg pun bknnya muda lagi....dan bkn bijak sgt pun...

  36. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Kadang2 kita dah malas pergi dengar ucapan. Mengeluh kakitangan sebab rasa buang masa pergi dan tepuk tangan saja. Diberi duit pun kami rasa tak mahu dah
    Pergi kadang kena ikut giliran sebab dah tak larat `volunteer'
    Lebih baik kita buat kerja di pejabat atau di tempat kerja.
    Ada Pak Menteri ambil tahu? Bukan nak lawan kerajaan tapi dah terlalu banyak sangat perasmian....tak larat la.

    Lepas tu asyik2 ugut....asyik2 ugut. Tak ikut perintah kena tukar pulak.

    Hello " Saya Menurut Perintah" bukan perintah Pak Menteri tau...tolong semak sikit Peraturan Am Perhidmatan Awam.

    Ingat Menteri ni besar ke...kalah pilihanraya nanti apa macam?

  37. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Rocky, a reminder for the Pak Menteri by your friend the Barking Magpie on his blog:

    "...At the time both Najib and Rosmah were "implicated" in the death of a foreign national who was murdered by explosive in a series of horrible rumours being spread of their involvement.

    "We know now that both Najib and Rosmah were no where near the crime scene and that Najib never knew this foreign national who was murdered, and they were never involved.

    "Now, back to the Hari Belia Malaysia opening ceremony Najib, instead of letting off doves or pigeons from a cage or even striking the gong, as a Malay tradition always warranted, Najib was asked by Ismail Sabri to push an explosive plunger to officially open the youth extravaganza. Now serioisly Ismail!

    "Najib and Rosmah were clearly not amused but as a leader Najib had no choice but to officiate the occasion with an explosive plunger.

    "I can still hear glee and laughter of people who even said of Najib "Ha padan muka!"

    "I clearly saw Ismail Sabri smiled, I believe he smiled because he had done his job as I suspect upon instruction."

    Read the rest at

    How lah, this Minister is still around?

  38. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Tragic such things took place. Of course, plans of such scale time and money….never mind give ½ bonus…so that they can under perform again
    Janji didapati..….see you at PRU13

  39. Anonymous11:31 pm

    U know how to run an organisation? Dont talk about how run a country la wei.. If u were the leader sure u want to have ur team who can buat kerja.. All the "lembabs" can get out. Bravo Pak Mail.. It is not about to please your boss. I believe this is not the 1st time SKM screw the pak menteri. Kalau tak tau crita sebenar just shut the f#*k up..

  40. Pada saya, sebarang event lg2 bertaraf kebangsaan perlulah perfect dr segala segi. Dlm kes ni, organizer ialah SKM. Isu bas x dtg walaupun dijanjikan adalah kesilapan pegawai yg diTERANGGUNGJAWABKAN. Xkan laaa menteri nak jaga bas? Mmg mengarut laaaa. Cari laaa dlm kerajaan paling telus pun (kalau PR tu telus laaa), waimah Lim Guan Eng pun x sibuk nak tau isu kecik2 mcm tu. Itu working level punya responsibility. Jadi, andai kata dipecat pun, adalah sbb mereka yg diamanahkan tu x menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka terhadap event tersebut.

    Analoginya: contoh la kita pegi kenduri rumah A. Tuan rumah tu panggil org utk masak food n ditakdirkan food tu basi. Adakah tuan rumah yg salah atau tukang masak yg diamanahkan masak SECARA PROFESSIONAL tu yg salah?

  41. BendeGiniPunNakDijadikanIsuKe?1:22 am

    Moral of the story, every event must not be taken lightly. Wat more if the event involves the Government head, eg PM or Agong. When things like the incident during the hari koperasi negara happened, this shows that the team is not functioning.

    I read some comments about Ismail Sabri wants to please PM with this event. Whats wrong with that? PM is his boss. I'm sure each one of you want to show your boss the best in terms of your performance.

    And furthermore, since the event costs millions of ringgit in terms of organizing it, it would be a real waste when the target group didn't turn up. The plan to ferry rakyat by bus is okay because the organizer wants them not only to listen to PM's announcement, but to expand their contacts since cooperatives are doing business. But why the officers tasked of ferrying them didn't get the bus? I dont think the instruction came a day before.

    If you have assigned your subordinate with an assignment, and he didn't perform, would u resign????????

  42. Gentle laa blogger. jgn delete comment ni.1:27 am

    Blogger ni rasanya lepas tadarus x bleh tido ni, tu yg keluar citer bangang bangang macam ni. Bulan2 puasa dikala syaitan diikat, ada plak syaitan yg MENGHASUT org. Tahniah. Semoga apa juga yg ditulis walau satu ayat tu lari dari fakta sebenar, akan dibalas dgn setimpal oleh Allah.

  43. Anonymous9:45 am

    Belajar lah dari kesilapan ...

    Nie la akibat kalau suka amik mudah bila melakukan keja .....Dah kena baru nk bising ke .... terima je la ...pegawai yang terlibat itu masih bernasib baik kerana kena tukar je bukan kena berhenti kerja kalau kt swasta dh kena buang keja kot 24 jam notis..pikir la

  44. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Truth is kalau nk buat event besar camni...nk himpunkan 100,000 org mestilah dah ade planning at least setahun sebelum event tu diadakan. Ini tak... lan awalnya nk buat event tahunan yg biasa...seperti mana tahun2 sudah. Sekali tibe2 Pak Menteri bukak mulut kate dia nk buat himpunan 100,000 org. And dia bagi "idea" yang mengejut tu lebih kurang 2 bulan sebelum tarikh Hari Koperasi Negara. Bukan ker kerja giler nama nya tu? Mane nya x tunggang langgang... And now bila impian dia dah gagal, just sack pegawai kerajaan sesuka hati. That is real matured of him.

  45. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Wake up la ..

    Tiap2 tahun program ini dijalankan. Takkan la nk kena ajar jugak benda yang sama biar la 100, 000 ke sejuta ke . Tiap2 dah tau program ini akan dijalankan . So jangan nk bising la kalau dah tak boleh buat persiapan. Kalau tiap 2 tahun benda yang sama je bosan la. Di ketuk baru nk buat keja mcm nie la hasil ye. Bila dh kena tukar sibuk marah kt menteri . So kita kena amik ikhtibar la . Jangan lps nie buat benda yg sama je .

  46. Anonymous6:25 am

    Bro Rocky, get the scoop on Companies Commission of Malaysia's tales of corruption, abuse of power and lies brokered by Sabri.

  47. Anonymous9:44 am

    sekali buat xbgs terus d tukar, dipecat . ko ingat ada ka org saja2 nk buat prog hancur? dah bertahun2 buat kebanyakkan nya ok.mungkin ini kali pasal tak de keberkatan. yer la byk sgt politiknya.....yg selama ni org buat prog ko dapat nama ada ko kisah?. kesan lu punya tindakan yg ikut nafsu, sampai org2 berpengalaman SKM ramai ambil hati dan mau pencen awal.mrk2 ini selalu jd rujukan dlm kawal selia kop dan hal2 perundangan. kamu hanya menjahanamkan siap la menteri oiii..sampaikan salam pada menteri yg paling best ni ok