Monday, July 23, 2012

Is Nurul Izzah working for Amcop now?

Serving the people. The other day, I went into the Malaysiakini CEO's twitter to give my unsolicited two sen's worth about why the disputing MPs of Pakatan Rakyat should just focus on serving the people instead of worrying about winning the (general) election. I am a believer that if an elected rep works hard for the Rakyat, he or she will most likely be re-elected ...

But it is so easy to get carried away once politics has consumed you ,,,

... which brings me to the title of this posting: Is Nurul Izzah working for Amcorp now?

After reading Big Dog's posting Someone should tell Nurul Izzah Ramadan is the month of repentance, I went onto Twitter and asked of the Lembah Pantai MP's real interest in the air traffic system deal. "Is Amcop using her or is she using Amcop?" 

From a layman's point of view, I don't see how or why the contest (or dispute?) between two corporations (Amcop vs AAT?) should concern YB Nurul, especially since "the Malaysian ATC system has shown no ‘air misses’ the past 17 years". Is she kicking a fuss because the son of her daddy's rival works and holds shares in AAT (the company that won the deal) or does she have an interest - direct or indirect - in Amcop? Either way, it is interesting to note that AAT's bid for the project is considerably lower than Amcop's!

As a journalist, it amuses me that while its report Winner of KLIA air traffic system bid not up to standards heavily quotes Nurul Izzah on Amcop and AAT, Premesh's Malaysiakini carries a Editor's note at the end of the article to say that "Malaysiakini has contacted AAT for comment on the latest allegation and is waiting for a response".

Who are the people behind Amcop? Shouldn't Malaysiakini be equally interested in Amcop's response, too?

I am.

p.s. Big Dog seems to think that there is a connection between a consultant of the deal from Aecom with Amcop, the Department of Civil Aviation. Read his posting again h e r e.


  1. Anonymous8:43 am

    Looks like UMNO Buggers (as opposed to Bloggers) are now tasked with targeting opposition Individuals...

    Rock Head is in Charge of Disinformation on NurulIzzah!!

    Fat Chance RockHead! She's the Best! You aint got no hope!!

    1. Anonymous9:18 pm

      She aint the best!!!

    2. Anonymous6:56 pm

      Without her daddy, she is just like any other Zah in kampong, as Nik Aziz stated.....

  2. Anonymous10:21 am

    She is wearing a tudung, but her mouth is worst that sungai klang

  3. Anonymous10:36 am

    a bit below the belt with the "son of daddy rival....." freedom of speech bro!

  4. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Spinning stories against political enerny is HALAL and good according to UMNO’s Utusan, so what’s the problem? Unless UMNO feels the heat

  5. ajimsan12:53 pm

    People in Amcop are ordinary Malaysian people who also cari makan in the air traffic industry. No relation to Izzah.

    Nurul Izzah is just trying to make waves. If choose Amcop also she will make noise... why?... because the price is higher. There is no way to satisfy this woman. There is also no law that says you have to take what ever recommendations from consultants.

    Don't paint the AMCOP guys in a bad light. They are a hard working bumiputra company who are trying to compete in the air traffic industry just as any other company. They as a company is capable in the air traffic business and will cover all aspects when bidding for contracts.

    P/S: Insider info... AMCOP is pro government company la...

  6. Dear Ajimsan,

    Amcop is pro-govt or not is irrelevant to me. I think the people behind the company - the ones you call ordinary Malaysians - should do what ordinary people do: clear their name, respond accordingly to YB Nurul Izzah. I am sure Malaysiakini will be more than happy to run Amcop's statement.

    The little I know about the industry, it has not too many players. AAT and Amcop and perhaps another one or two other main players. This is a highly specialized field with no room for unskilled cronies, Alibabas and nepotism.

    Our ATS has been up to par because the players are up to the tasks.

  7. Anonymous said...
    a bit below the belt with the "son of daddy rival....." freedom of speech bro!

    10:36 AM


    Ah, Anon, but I do find it funny that Nurul Izzah the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim is accusing rival Jamaluddin Jarjis because his son is in one of the companies involved in the ATS sector.

    If she's accusing JJ of nepotism, hehe, she lives in the most fragile of glass houses, don't you think?

  8. ajimsan2:20 pm

    Dear Datuk Rock,

    I've read Big Dog's post after I've made a comment on your blog. The way he writes does not implicate Amcop as the guilty party.

    He questions why Malaysiakini and Malaysia Insider one sided report as if to support Nurul Izzah claims. No effort of contacting the other party in this case Amcop... who has done nothing wrong except for losing the tender hence being used as ammo by Nurul Izzah to implicate that the government is up to no good.

    And you unconsciously got 'roped in' by Izzah as well. The way Bigdog writes shows he has the insiders knowledge in this issue. Suggest you hello Biggy for more info before you write.

  9. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Of course, 26/6/12 raised about NCO which to me she was also working for the rival of the successful bidder. Now on ATT system.

  10. Anonymous2:39 pm

    you are the dumbest datuk (undeserving off course)

  11. This is similar to the case of Rafizi making an issue of George Kent bidding for Ampang LRT.

    It turns out he wants to help fellow Anwar supporter, Dr Rameli Musa and owner of Ingress.

    I think this Nurul Izzah is an idiot or illiterate. She has no issue to raise lah.

    JJ's son's company got only ciput amount of the techincal support work for AAT.

    Nurul is fabricating the issue of coverage by old and new system. Go check with MAB people or they don't trust her?

    There is no complain on the new system by users, so what is she scratching her cunni... for?

    I've written eight reasons why she is talking crap. Read here

  12. Dear Ajimsan again,

    Thanks, I will check with Biggie. I agree he is quite the expert on this issue.

    As for Amcop, the easiest thing is to respond to Nurul Izzah and the Malaysiakini/Malaysian Insider reports. It is not only defending its integrity but that of the industry.

    Selamat berpuasa

  13. Anonymous4:38 pm

    She's a typical blondie. Cute, full stop.

  14. Datuk,

    This is never about AMCOP is pro-Govt or pro-Opposition.

    I think this Mustapha fella played dirty. First, he had his Mole inside AECOM. That fella was probably tasked to secure the job for AMCOP, from within.

    Then AECOM recommended to give AMCOP the job even tho AMCOP price is higher and did not specific how integrate into the ATCC system in Subang.

    When they lost, Mustapha or his agents conveniently 'leaked' the info to Nuerul Izzah. I am not surprised she is offered money, to put AAT and the KLIA2 new tower ATC deal in a very bad light.

    When MI & MK did not get any comment from AMCOP, isn't it clear that Nurul Izzah, MI & MK playing the role of spokesperson for AMCOP?

  15. Anonymous6:22 pm

    tiap kali si nooroot ni buka mulut... dia certify dia anak bapak dia. kenapa la anak beranak tak gi mumpoos je ;)

  16. Anonymous6:01 am

    Nurul izzah patut di China Dollkan sebagaimana Anwar Ibrahim suka China Doll and Jambu Boy.

    Mulut izzah macam cibai, sama macam papa hebat anugerah tuhan. Membuat kita rasa dia simpan Toy Boy.

    Tapi dia MILF. Kalau kasi, wa balun jugak . . .

  17. Anonymous6:54 am

    nurul- MILF???? watdehel... ramai juga mamat with low sex-drive rupanya. Mende camni pon dia boleh teruja.. bwerggghhhh. kasi free pon tak mau.