Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Felda PLC, no politics please

The train has left without Mazlan Aliman, the politically-ambitious son of a Felda settler and he is now even more desperate. Most of the 112,000 settlers did not support Mazlan and have reason to be happy with their decision to go with the Felda IPO, which turned out to be a success. Just read the article by the WSJ, which is not known to be supportive of the Malaysian IPO. Yes, even the Wall Street Journal had to admit that Felda's looking good.

Mazlan Aliman and his political sponsors will continue to spew their blatant lies right up to PRU13. Mazlan Aliman will no doubt be fielded by Pakatan Rakyat in one of the Felda constituencies and he will undoubtedly lose. The Felda settlers aren't stupid. They need not read the Wall Street Journal to know Felda shares are doing well, the prospects are good, and a lot of it has got to do with - as the WSJ article underscores - government support. Why would they throw all that away for the sake of some politicians?

Personally, I hope the PM does not have to defend Felda from Malik Aliman ever again. That task should be left to the reps elected by the people in the Felda constituencies. So far, they have not done much at all.  Now that Felda is a public listed company, these MPs and Aduns should be more involved. They should be the ones to put politicians like Mazlan Aliman in their place. Leave the management of Sabri Ahmad, the group's president, to focus on taking the Felda train places [read Felda Global venturing into Africa next year.]


  1. Osman anak Felda5:17 pm

    Offcourse WSJ vary happy with Felda Global listing.WSJ owned by Jew and they are celebrating for the firsr time the Jew family company LDyefus become partner Felda Global.felda settlers were iven only 800 shares each(less than 1000) had to work day and night in their estate to make sure the jew in America ,The Chinese in Hk and Singapore and the Mat Salleh in UK who were shareholder get their dividen every year.
    Najib and Etos consultant have sold the Malay Maruah .

    Syed please wake up .If you want to suppoert Najib or BN fine with me but if they make big mistake please correct it.

  2. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Time and again the anti-everything empty vessels will try to spew negative nonsense to con simple minded folks. They keep repeating their antics because many for that matter fall for their tricks.

    It is just like trying to shake off some pestering multi-level marketing con artist away. The PR leaders and their cronies are no different. In fact even better. They could talk a bird down from a tree to their hand.


  3. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Facebook was all hype. How can a business that earns about 3 Billion a year be valued at 100 Billion USD? The whole exercise was to allow insiders to cash out and the retail buyers have not done so well as you have reported.

    I really hope Felda is different. Palm oil is a bit more 'real' than exponential social networking. It was floated at around 14 times earnings. The government will own about 70% of Felda and after the lock up period I doubt they will rush to sell the way FB insiders did.

  4. Anonymous8:29 pm

    WSJ is lying. UMNO bought the paper aledi ma...

  5. Anonymous9:00 pm

    tak apa laa..umuq panjang kalu kita tengok. pokoknya melayu ni kalau bagi apa pun nanti lingkup..

  6. Anonymous10:32 pm


    Out of curiosity, how many shares allocated to each settler?


    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  7. jeebong10:04 am

    ahahaha...who's laughing to the back lock-eye? poor felda settlers with 810 shares is it?....LOL... kalau umno pasti kena tipu kini dan selama nya...

    see sakmongkol's take on this

  8. Anonymous2:00 pm

    where is the link to WSJ article.....loooks like some kid wrote that article

  9. Anonymous6:42 pm


    dari melabur di afrika lebih baik mulakan dahulu di sekitar asia tenggara dulu - kemboja/vietnam / kalimantan.

    kalau menguntungkan barulah cari lokasi baru.

    batang kali, ulu selangor.

  10. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Hi Rocky.

    Am an avid follower of your blog. Always keep my mind open on almost anything I read here. Except for this. A strategic partnership with Louis Dreyfus? I remain cagey on this. Sorry bro.


  11. Anonymous9:06 pm


    You are so amusing-Felda Global focusing on Africa? They have just CLOSED down their Felda IFFCO factory in South Africa and all the staff are now jobless. If what you say about Felda is true, the factory need not close down. The fact is Felda cannot compete with the more efficient producers from Malaysia and Indonesia and you a have a non palm oil person cum tainted politician to run the company-so how can you expect Felda to be profitable? For how long?