Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scorpene's Friday the Thirteenth

Updated, Fri 13:

Debunking Scorpene Scandal Part VI: Truth on Terasasi
 "... is the "commission" paid to Terasasi by Thales for  €35 million in contravention with the OECD Convention on Bribes? ... The fee percentage works out to less than 3%, below the cap in the OECD Convention. Dig up on your own time to verify..."

Original posting
Did some1 say USD1 billion? Tomorrow, in the final installment of his detailed narration on the Scorpene deal, which I once said will be Suaram's death knell, the blogger Another Brick in the Wall will let us know exactly how much was paid by the French in terms of commission for the deal. The late Altantuya had no role in it whatsoever and the anti-Najib faction will be utterly disappointed. They deserve to be for their obscene gullibility.

Don't miss the conclusion to the story tomorrow, Friday the 13th, h e r e.

The Debunking Scorpene Scandal Series over the last two weeks:

Part V (July 12): Distorting Leaked Documents 
Part IV (July 11): Dramatizing the Courts
Part III (July 5): Questioning Defense Spending
Part II (June 30): Perimekar, a bona fide operation
Part I (June 28): Sensationalizing Altantuya

p.s. I understand that others are waiting to tell their side of the stories, too. We have not heard from the French. And Razak Baginda has not spoken out since his acquittal. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, meanwhile, has done some serious probing ...


  1. Anonymous4:09 am

    Jeng jeng jeng . . . Empire strikes back.

    Seraklah suara Suaram Sendirian Berhad. Poket dah tak masyukkk . . .

  2. Ronald Lim7:05 am


    Whatever it is you cannot deny the fact that Razak make 240m ringgit from Perimekar,The innocent mongolian was murder by Najib bodygourd .
    You want to hear the latest news.this come from Freedy Lee,He is Lee Kuan Yew brother.

    Singapore intelligent had the cctv picture of Najib and Antatuya when they visit the jewelary excibition in Singopore.Najib is so scare ?

    This is serious.

  3. Altantuyajib12:22 pm

    Hmmm... wonder why RB "cabut" so far far away...???

  4. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Cannot understand why you and your honchos are defending Razak Baginda?!

    Is it because you have an interest in collecting some of his ill gotten gains?!! Or you and the Brick head are just plains Idiotics!!

  5. Jasper Bloodstone1:02 pm

    Why is no one waiting for the French authorities to release the results of their investigations and their conclusions?

    It seems to me to be the logical thing to do instead of making half-baked accusations and half-a***d conspiracy claims.

    At the very least, it should be comforting that a new French administration under President Hollande has no axes to grind on defence-related matters.

    In any case, ABITW is not exactly a neutral, impartial, objective or unbiased blogger.

    In fact, he seems to be like many of the people he questions and criticises and claims to "debunk".

    The French know what happened. They will get to the bottom (no puns intended) of it.

    Or they won't.

  6. Datuk,

    So many people who believed in 'ghost stories' are getting frustrated when the truth is coming out in the open and their beliefs have been debunked, systematically.

    First it was Raja Petra.

    Then Zulkifli Nordin, admitting that he was part of the legal team who were tasked to implicate innocent persons with murder and fabricate information, for the purpose of perpetuating lies.

    And now the Scorpene Tales.

    They cannot live with reality that what they believed all along were lies, fabrication and manipulation based on partial truth. That was their basis to hold on that the Opposition under the BIGGEST LIAR of all time, Anwar "Mat King Leather" Ibrahim, was about to topple their hatred government which majority gave their mandate.

    They now have to deal with being a minority without a cause and go back to their little corner.

    Former Deputy Chief Minister of Penang Dr Fairus Khairuddin said recently, "It is uncomprehendable that the kind of onslaught with lies-upon-lies these people have against us (majority) . It is by the grace of God that we are still here. By logic, we should have caved in and lost to them".

    1. Anonymous6:45 pm

      Did the mongolian not die? did rb not run away? answer these two qustions with honesty. if you can.

    2. Anonymous10:09 pm

      I know raja petra n pi bala ran after giving false sd. Bala also lied in court. Rb didnt run.

  7. Anonymous4:27 pm


    Your hero Mahathir would not have made the same mistakes Najib made. Bagi kontrek kepada RB who is a close confidante, and RB tak tahu nak sembunyi wang haram tu. Put father on board of Terasasi and wife on board of Perimekar. Sigh....entah siape yang lebih bodoh, Najib atau RB.


  8. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Razak diam sebab dah kenyang. harap main bini kat rumah jer sekarang. what an asshole!

  9. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Jasper kepala batu hati hitam

    why are you killing the messenger.

    It does not matter to us fense sitters. Show the fact n give a strong argumrnt

    we are not stupid to judge ourselves.

    Why are so insecure yo discredit the blogger? Believe you are vindictive coz you were banned from commenting in his blog for being rude. Now you wanna get even hahaha . . .

  10. Anonymous10:27 pm

    After they cant accuse of corruption behind the scorpene deal, what well they conjure up?

    Before this, they were accusing the whole perimekar proceed was bribe.

    Then upon realising there is nothing to pin on, they created much furore over terasasi.

    Realised the idiot rafizi is linking the ampang lrt contract to scorpene. Thales is not in the running labodong. Thats bodoh in terengganu.

  11. limpeng10:32 pm

    Ronald lim

    how did you come up to assume the undeniable assumption that razak made rm240 mil from perimekar. Dont agak2. and assume coz you will make an ass of u and u. Prove it asshole!

    Typical of pakatan, i bet they cant prove it. Lie and slander they can.

  12. Anonymous10:36 pm

    we see it in lge-csl second debate.

    Pakatan can talk on facts andlogic. They only know slander, lies, manipulaing facts, character attack,etc.

    No point allowing these cowatds to speak like a man.

  13. Datuk,

    SUARAM is a fourth political party in the Pakatan Rakyat. Nothing more. They are not even pseudo-political party!

    Anything SUARAM says, its nothing but political and with a specific political agenda.

    And their politics is about fabrication, manipulation of half truths and perpetuating a lie, over and over again. It is part of Pakatan Rakyat 'Politics of Hate', sowing hatred against the Federal Govt under BN.

  14. Anonymous7:01 am

    Maybe it's true that pakatan are spinning lies but who do the people believe?the brick wall exposé nobody reads or believe it because they know he s umno blogger just like rocky is Sorry but more people read pakatan blogs and FBs than umno
    What is interesting is the Asia sentinel exposes

  15. Anonymous9:08 am

    After all the talk about Thales and Terasasi and Perimekar, your boss still allow Thales to be involved in LRT extension bid ? Stoopid lah, your boss.

  16. not rosmah9:19 am

    anjing and umno are NOT the majority la Bodoh!.... check the figures who voted in the last GE... BN and UMNO got less than PR parties in term of the popular votes in Semenanjung....

  17. Anonymous9:45 am

    Do we really have to believe this Bricko on the wall?
    When it involves "MONEY" NO MATER HOW YOU GUYS TWIST OR TURN , nobody believes you all! Oh! i could write stories to debunk [your favourite]this Briko ....Hey a LADY GOT KILLED by police bodyguards...BLOWN TO BITS with military C4[not easy to obtain] trail from HONG kONG TO Malta ,Paris, denials and Thales.
    Now it gets interesting with Thales again in that Ampang MRT ,George Kent and good old Najib...
    Tell us Rocky we people still idiots to be suckered again?tHE PEOPLE wants the TRUTH not spins and unspins by you all bloggers.

  18. Anonymous5:06 pm

    not rosmah said...

    anjing and umno are NOT the majority la Bodoh!.... check the figures who voted in the last GE... BN and UMNO got less than PR parties in term of the popular votes in Semenanjung....

    9:19 AM

    Dont get mentally way out of topic..either you a block headed or thick headed. Hutan mana you datang??

  19. Anonymous5:10 pm


    Brick for Brains and you who has shit for Brains can spin as much as you like!!!

    Nobody believes either of You....

  20. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Not Rosmah

    tell me any parties w more seats than umno? Who cares abt popular vote?

    Minority interm of popular votes was ruling uk tu la bahlol tongong lembab!

  21. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Anon 9.45

    At least abitw showed proof.

    No spin at all.

    Dont talk of what you want to hear and believe, show proof n strong argument. You cant discuss n dispute his views n proof. Thats why u behave like a baby denied mothers tits.

    Shame on you. Still livin breast milk

  22. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Anon 9.08

    Senang2 di kelentong rafizi. Thales dont stand a chance n it is not partner to george kent. Bodoh nak mampus. Why did u die as a baby? Now grown up to be an idiotic nuisance.

  23. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Anon 7:01

    If that is the case, good luck to malaysia. All of you will be living under false pretense.

    It will be too late by the time you realised you've been duped!

  24. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Its five years. When is anwar releasing his submarine documents? He never had it.. And all these pakatan idiot still believe him. Real bodoh.

  25. Anonymous11:52 pm

    aiya people, anwar knew all along that DS Najib makes a better PM than him anytime

    DS Najib also has the finesse and abilities severely lacking in that old sodomite

    only his stashed billions can get him cronies and followers

    otherwise zilch

  26. Anonymous11:56 pm

    anon@9:45 AM, you can't recognise the truth even if it is staring at you in the face lah bahlol

    coz you are full of toxic hatred and frustration at your own failures

    just looking for a convenient scapegoat - that's what you're doing

    grow up and be man enough to take responsibility for your own failures

  27. Anonymous3:11 am

    these oppos are good at spinning lies after lies, to capture the rakyat's attention, in the absence of concrete and valid brick and mortar positive actions for the best of rakyat's interest.

    spin after spin, image after image painting, one after another with the consultant busy working round the clock, ranging from the ludicrous malaysianisation of immmigrants(for vote purpose), phantom voters(national one , and not their own party internal vote) and the latest one being the crime rate thing.

    They are just like people flocking to an open house eager to eat and have a good time for free, but instead of being grateful and courteous they are busy nitpicking for faults and complaints - food not good lah, not enough lah.
    Typical isn't it?

  28. Anonymous9:29 am

    Rock Head and BrickHead,

    Guess What?!

    Razak Baginda is laughing his head off at you two idiots whilst sipping his beer in London!!!

  29. Anonymous4:35 pm

    aku hanya nak tau siapa yang mengarahkan pembunuhan perempuan monggolia tu. Yang lain akan terjawab selepas tu....

  30. Anonymous11:26 pm

    anon 7:01 AM apa punya BODOH lah kau ni, punya ramai orang baca blog si rocky ni lebih2 lagi bahlul pencacai pakatan haram otak kena liwat mcm kau yang dok asyik mengomen kat sini.... bukan ke? bodoh buat observation pun guna kepala lutut mak kau.... tongong !!!! :)

  31. Anonymous12:28 am


    Itu akhbar TAIK,,,,The Star ada cakap "RATION WATER NOW" ada betul ke!!! KL and SELANGOR,,every week ada HUJAN,,oh!!

    Apasal itu Syabas and itu taik paper MAU UGUT Selangor GOMEN to agree to the term yang di beri oleh FEDERAL GOVERMENT,,!!!

    Ingat loh! Kita rakyat kucing kurap ni bole wat POLIS report,,,SATU UGUTAN terhadap SELANGOR!!!


  32. Anonymous6:25 pm

    My concern is that two employees of the Government murdered a Mongolian and it was said so in the courts and the Government has not got to the bottom of this matter.

  33. Anonymous12:32 am

    Well, at least Rocky allowed comments even those insulting him, and opinions different from his. There is one prominent Blogger closed his comment section, only registered participants are allowed to comment. But I guess those registered commentators almost 90% agree with his views. Its a case of either you are with me or against me.

    1. Anonymous8:15 pm

      Hohohoooo... Good one there

  34. Anonymous2:19 am

    ABITW has always been spot on. His Air Asia takes were sometimes very prescient. Kudos, Brother and kudos Bru, for the links.

    Anyway, for truth seekers out there on how magic can be concocted with a sleight of the books, look no further than here:

    Happy reading and thinking.

    Good Night, my beloved MALAYSia wherever you are...

    Warrior 231

  35. Jasper Bloodstone8:52 am

    Thus far, the French investigators, authorities and judiciary haven't said anything.

    It appears, therefore, that investigations and the judicial enquiries are continuing.

    The French system of justice, their laws and rules of investigation aren't the same as those prevailing in Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions.

    The French authorities will also have to bear in mind the relevant EU laws and regulations against bribery, corruption and money laundering.

    They will also have to keep an eye on the US, where the authorities are determined to pounce on any evidence that EU companies have sought unfair advantages in government and defence procurement contracts.

    So, unless ABITW is privy to all these goings-on, his posts could be viewed as opportunistic attempts to sway a domestic audience.

    It's a pity that he didn't make this clear upfront.

  36. Anonymous8:20 pm

    These pakatan fakkerrss are so deep in a tight asshole that really squeezes their ability to think logically.
    At least there is this man who is rockybru who still can bear their shitty writing.
    Spin la whatever u want dear pakatan fakkerss. throw la everything u have and btw.. Do feel the freedom of apeech that rockybru has being providing to u all fakkerrs all these while.

  37. So the PR supporters are spinning and Rockybru is not.
    Simple..force Najib to settle all issues by declaring the 13thb GE NOW!!
    Don't tell me...the PR spinning are so powerful that BN will loose the 13th GE due to spinning?
    Come on you guys....Rockybru is spinning and we who desires a change of government numbers far far greater than racists and balls carriers.
    Mind you...more than 3 years passed and your appointed PM dare not be elected.
    How strange.
    Make all the fucking excuses you want.
    UMNO b is corrupted to the core and we will vote to get rid of corruptions.
    Go digest this...Rais Yatim said BERSIH is DIRTY.
    That fucking low class shithead is the first frog that hop over to be offered an ministerial post.
    BERSIH is CLEAN and only dirty bastards the 250,000 participants dirty.

  38. Jasper Bloodstone4:25 pm

    It looks as if the spinmeisters advising the PM are launching a preemptive counterstrike, using, what else, but the well-known shibboleths of "LGBTs, pluralism and liberalism"!

    Unless The Malaysian Insider was grossly misreporting what the PM said to Islamic leaders and mosque committee members.

    "LGBTs, pluralism, liberalism - all these 'isms' are against Islam and it is compulsory for us to fight these."

    So much for 1Malaysia - seemingly a convenient fig leaf to be discarded when the going gets shitty!

    According to TMI, " Mr Najib said the government supports human rights but within the boundaries of Islam, and told Muslims to avoid discord, which could threaten those who safeguard Islamic principles".

    And Jamil Khir Baharom weighed in by saying "that imams must defend the government against these threats".

    He said, as per TMI: "We must stand strong and defend the government".

    So, is a "moderate Islamic state", much beloved by the West, regarding "LGBTs, pluralism and liberalism" as enemies of Islam, and human rights as being circumscribed by the boundaries of Islam?

    And let's see if there's a wholesale migration of Muslims from the decadent fleshpots of the West to the morally clean and pristine shores of Malaysia.

    Starting with refugees from Iraq, Iran, Burma and Afghanistan!