Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Doc!

Mahathirism? Only in Kit Siang's head, says the man
On the eve his 87th birthday, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wrote in his blog [The fears of Kit Siang] that Mahathirism is dead and gone, that the concept lives only in the mid of Lim Kit Siang. 
"I wonder why Kit Siang is so afraid of me, what he calls Mahathirism. 
"I don't know what is Mahathirism but obviously it conjures in the mind of Kit Siang something fearful. 
"So, he has declared his intention to fight Mahathirism." 
"I don't care whether he destroys Mahathirism or not. It is an exercise in futility as Mahathirism is a figment of his imagination. 
"He should not be afraid of this toothless tiger, figuratively speaking,"
We know why Kit Siang was very afraid of Dr Mahathir. He had good reasons to be. But now Dr M is no longer PM. In fact, next year will be a full decade since he stepped down. 

Happy Birthday Dr M. 


  1. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Why is Mamakthir so afraid of Anwar ?

  2. Burung Merbok4:35 pm

    Who says Dr M is afraid of someone like Anwar ? In fact no one is except for those boot-lickers who are afraid that they may not enrich themselves if they disassociate themselves from him. In fact he who has skeletons upon skeletons in his closet would be the one living in fear of discovery and more exposure !

  3. jasmine4:48 pm

    Happy Birthday Dear Tun! WE owe our 2 decades of growth and development to you!

  4. Anonymous5:03 pm

    anon 3:46
    people afraid of anuwar bcoz he liwat everything in front of him

  5. Lim Kit Siang is an honest and just man.

    His son truly deserves to be the Chief Minister of Penang.

    No one else from Penang could come close to the leadership skills of Lim Guan Eng.

    Guan Eng's intelligence is second only to Kit Siang. No local from Penang can ever be the Chief Minister of Penang State.

    DAP is a fair party based on meritocracy.

    There is no such thing as a Lim Dynasty in DAP.

    Why do we hate UMNO so much? Why do we hate BN so much?

    BN led to segregation of society in Malaysia.

    Even though it is the Chinese Educationists and Indian Educationists who demanded Chinese and Indian Schools (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina / Tamil), DAP of course blames BN for it.

    Then the Chinese and Indians blame BN for the segregation even though they are the ones who demanded for Chinese and Tamil Schools.

    Cannot pay Astro Bill? Blame UMNO la!

    Cannot pay monthly Car Instalment? Blame UMNO la!

    Son caught on CCTV for robbery? Blame UMNO la!

    Caught for cheating on wife? Blame UMNO la!

    Can't speak Bahasa Malaysia properly even though you were born and raised in Malaysia? Blame UMNO la!

    Couldn't see a full moon last night? Blame UMNO la!

  6. Lim Kit Siang. Lim Guan Eng.

    Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Hsien Loong.

  7. Anonymous5:30 pm

    And why do you think the Doc is so afraid of Anuar ?. I think your Anuar is afraid of his own shadow!!

  8. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Mamakthir is afraid of Anwar, but Anwar is so afraid of Mahathir. you ass

  9. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Also why Mahatail afraid of Kapal Singh and he use the word "hang" the lawyer showing a deep hatred which is supposed not in his religion?

  10. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Heh heh it is anwar who is afraid of Tun Dr M. May Allah bless Tun and keep him safe and happy always.

  11. Sure, I always intrigued to know also? Why must Anwar?

  12. Happy birthday Tun.

  13. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Afraid of Anwar? Ask any kids if they are afraid of clowns... hehehe

    Happy birthday TDM,

    Forget Kit Siang, not worth your mentioning him anyway, buat rugi air lioq saja..


  14. Assalamualaikum D.Rocky Bru,
    Just want to comment on anon 3.46. IS Dr.M afraid of Anuar or Annuar afraid of Dr.M ?....ure too childish anon to give comment....

  15. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Good health to you Dr. Mahathir.

    May you be around for many more years and witness the political revolution that will take place and depose the perceived corrupt BN.

    You were the master in creating fear of what the Jews, Chinese and your protege Anwar would do to Malaysia. Now that Kit Siang had turned the table on you, there you go and squeal like a Pig. Grow up Dr. M. Its all part of the rough and tumble of politics.

    Malaysains had enough of corruption, cronyism, patronage and illicit behaviour of BN politicians which in my opinion thrived under your leadership.

    So go and grow a backbone and accept criticisms. Don't WHINE

  16. Anonymous8:47 pm

    anon 3.56pm
    because anwar likes to backstab. if u know wt i mean.

  17. Anonymous8:53 pm

    we must believe whatever mamakutty says...he is such an angel..!

  18. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Anon 3.46PM

    Why so disrespectful. Something not right somewhere with you. Are you sure you ok? Had you missed your psychotic medicine. Be a good boy, don't ever miss one again. Now remember that.

  19. Anonymous9:15 pm

    kakakaka....padan muka lu kit siang....and anwar..

  20. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Since when Mahathir is afraid of Sang Anu? Baru keluar tempurung ke bro? Ke Abang Anu tu dah sontot minda kau jugak.
    Ni mesti Melayu bangang ni.

  21. JohorMali10:18 pm

    Anon 3.46,
    Not only Mahathir should be afraid of this goon , me too (knowing him since the 70's) and the rest of us , for upon his entry into UMNO , all of us cried, OMG!

  22. Anonymous10:20 pm


    -- from a grateful member of the M generation

  23. Anon 3:46 y u guys keep on call him mamak but never call anwar mamak? Guess u didnt know that both of them r mamak actually =.=!

  24. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Rocky would I be correct in defining Mahathirism as the process of overcoming a capitalist based merit reward system in favour of supporting special racial, personal or political interests ? i.e. rather than know how, know who. ?

  25. Anonymous10:48 pm


    the only doctor in the house.

    happy birthday!!!

  26. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Anon 3:46,

    Cos Anwar likes to play both sides and i certainly do not want a bisexual becoming our PM.

    Do you?

  27. Anonymous4:55 am

    petron son of petronas..

    muhriz become pm,petron eat petronas..

  28. Anonymous5:23 am

    Kit Siang is a well respected rightous minded politician. He would have joined MCA and in favoured of Mahatirism - be powerful, corrupted, evil, abusive and rich.


  29. Anonymous7:57 am

    You know what, some people have been around for along time. People get tired o them. Some people sense that and get into retirement but there's always someone who just don't understand. Arab Spring is a good lesson to be learned.

  30. Anonymous8:09 am

    Happy Birthday Doc, May Allah gives you good health and a clear mind.
    Screw Lim Kit Siang,mhahahaha

  31. Anonymous8:13 am

    Mahathirism is the art of conning voters that the theft of hundreds of billions in gomen funds is in the public interest.

  32. Anonymous8:16 am

    Mahathirism is the art of divide and rule so that the riches of the nation are reserved for the few.

  33. Anonymous8:19 am

    Mahathirism is the art of backseat driving. Najibism is the dumb-art of following instructions of the backseat driver.

  34. Anonymous8:23 am

    Mamak is million times better than " cina apek" tak cebok.

    Happy Birthday Tun. May Allah bless you.

  35. Anonymous8:49 am

    Mahathirism: The art of slapping someone and then point fingers, scream, shout, cry, that someone else did it.

  36. Anonymous9:20 am

    Hey Chris

    Looks like UMNO is sure powerful and actively achieving so much eh?

    If they are "blamed" constantly for doing the RIGHT things including allowing Plaster Lim and daddy to be voted into power,then the right conclusion is GET RID OF LIM DYNASTY!

  37. Anonymous9:24 am

    aiya anon@7:59 PM

    do everyone a favour especially yourself

    go crawl back under the coconut shell and stay there for the next century

    hopefully your rotting remains will help fertilise coconut trees for your next generation to crawl under

  38. Anonymous9:34 am


    why so retarded one, you failed history ka?

    Mahathirism is the process of pacifying the BUMIPUTERAS in order to let the tongkang mari stateless peoples to exploit the richness and the peaceful TANAH MELAYU to hastily amass vast wealth

    so that these tongkang mari people can attach angmoh names like mcdonald burger lim, tersesak kock, elikangkang wong, ruining liu, henna-white yeoh etc

    and then pretend to be super-elite breed just to turn around to bite the hands that feed

    fake angmohs who celebrate xmas instead of vesak day, eat steak instead of dog food, wear power suits instead of samfu and fan ....

    all fakes caught in a severe identity crisis coz they still shout for mainland china

    wahhh serious loss of identity

  39. Anonymous9:35 am

    Allah selamatkan kamu
    Allah selamatkan kamu
    Allah selamatkan kamu semua
    Allah selamatkan kamu ...

  40. Anonymous10:01 am

    Anon 7.59PM
    Look into the mirror and don't WHINE yourself!. You self dreaming stupid no brainer. Your Anwarism dont morally care who your lineage for as long as you get Putrajaya. Please ask yourself, who really is the horse or the whining creature you described!

  41. Anonymous10:18 am

    There are only two (2) politician that i respect and can be called a stateman; first is the Honorable Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad' 2. Honorable Mr Karpal Singh..

    Our current PM still need time..

    Others hmmmmmmmmmm

    and dont ask me about Anwar because he deserve to be put back to Sg buloh..

  42. Anonymous10:26 am

    Anon 11.55 pm:

    Anwar likes to play both sides. Mahathir likes to play ALL sides.

  43. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Who are we saying happy Birthday to here ?

    Oh i know. Its Mahathir son of Iskandar Kutty.

    Oh that Indian guy pretending to b Malay !!!

    Eh next time clearly lah rocky. Not everybody knows Mahathir.

    But we all know whos Iskandar Kutty.


  44. arizmaya2:23 pm

    whether one likes it or not... Dr. M is the most happening PM of Malaysia since independence. Rightly or wrongly (depending on which side of the fence on is) he has put the once obscure Malaysia on the world map...

  45. Anonymous3:07 pm

    If Dr.M is afraid of Anuwar, he would not have sacked him then. I think it is the other way around, since I seldom heard Anuwar condemning Dr.M.


  46. Also why Mahatail afraid of Kapal Singh and he use the word "hang" the lawyer showing a deep hatred which is supposed not in his religion?
    Say that again? In ISLAM, we remove anything or anybody that destroy the whole community. Period. Don't pretend you know ISLAM when you know nothing.

  47. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Wan Sui, Wan Wan Sui Emperor Metallic. May you live over 100 years to witness the real transformation of Malaysia under Pakatan.
    Wan Sui, Wan Wan Sui!

  48. Anonymous4:12 pm

    m ..we are disgusted with you m , not afraid of you m..!

  49. Anonymous7:30 pm


    In my humble opinion, Mahathir is the biggest criminal mind in this country. He is a master con-artist. He could con the Malays into thinking they are smart, and then stupid. He went out to prove that Malays could be as smart as any race, but now he says the Malays were stupid to give in to the minorities.

    Under Mahathir, corruption became a way of life. He tolerated corruption if the corrupt did his bidding. The end justified the means. Projects were awarded to the highest cost bidders, not lowest cost. We have burdensome tolls, and electricity rates, because of Mahathir.

    Under Mahathir, the abuse of power was paramount. You either do it his way, or you take the hiway. Those he didn't like, he allowed the fabrication of evidence e.g. against Anwar or he hounded the detractors out of the country e.g. Prof Chee Peng Lim.

    Mahathir singlehandedly dismantled the independence of the judiciary. His performance at the RCI into judge-fixing was comical, stating "I can't remember" several times. He can't remember ? The old fox has the memory of an elephant !

    Mahathir allowed people like Daim and his buddies to rob the country blind. MAS, Renong, Perwaja are classic case studies.

    Mahathir created a bunch of rich bumiputras, mostly through rent-seeking and through protectionism. Witness the AP Kings, Naza, Syed Mokhtar, while the poor continued to languish.

    Mahathir was the main proponent of project IC in Sabah where millions of immigrants from Indonesia and Mindanao became voters. Will there be an RCI on Project IC ? Najib has promised, but dared not implement because the main actor is still alive. In any case, he will say "I can't remember".

    This guy spent billions playing the market viz Maminco on tin, and Bank Negara on foreign exchange.

    I'm sorry folks, this guy has a lot to answer for. Money lost we can make back, but integrity of institutions lost like judiciary, PDRM and MACC will take generations to heal. I say we start an RCI on his excesses for the past 30 years.


  50. Anonymous10:24 pm

    I thought his birthday in December, wo.

    Just because the Indians celebrate for him in July doesn't mean all of us must follow, right?

    His Indian birthday is July, his Christian birthday in December and his Malay birthday cannot compute cos his DNA is different.

    This blogger a real ball carrier, ler.

  51. Anonymous12:24 am

    Selamat Hari Jadi, Tun. Semoga Allah memberkati Tun senantiasa hendakNYa, Insyaallah.

    I took a long time to think and pen this Tun but it was not due to want of anything uncomplimentary as spewed like the ungrateful dogs and pigs here who after benefiting immensely from the deeds of one and ONLY Melayu Bermaruah Statesman diss him as is typical of Chingk bastards and Keling twisted tonguers.

    It should not come as any surprise to us, this uncouth and fuckeup behaviour of these pendatang pelarians whose ancestors left their homeland as cowardly pondans unable to face the challenges of life for want of moral fibre. What more burdened by an inferior, bestial intellect- the end outcome of inferior culture and religion. Today the piggish and cowish descendants of those tongkangloads and steamshipfuls of pendatang pimps, whores and assorted criminals are showing yet again their true pariah DNA that is forever embedded in their ancestry. May they burn collectively in Hell with their twistedminded evil leaders and May the curse of Allah be forever on themselves and their bastard progeny, Insyaallah.

    More importantly why I took time to pen this is to 'mohon derhaka' Tun. Despite all the exaggerated reports of its demise,MAHATHIRISM is NOT DEAD. In fact it is kicking hale and hearty in the chests of each and every Melayu Bermaruah and we are biding our time. Rest assured we will reclaim our beloved Tanah Melayu, Tun. Soon the time will come to pass when we will resurrect Mahathirism, institutionalise it and embed it forever in the minds and hearts of every Malaysian who claims himself a patriot. It is a legacy that will transcend time, a bequest that will be celebrated by each and every Melayu Bermaruah. We will cleanse this beloved earth of vermin and scumbags who will stand in our way and when that moment of triumph comes to pass, we will be humble yet proud in implanting Mahathirsm (the ONLY sane approach for a multiracial cursed polity like ours) fresh seed of Mahathirism on this blessed soil of MALAYsia.

    Ini sumpah Tun, our forces are gathering apace and we will dump weaklings and imposters like the fuckedup Dollah and the rest of the spineless bunch like Najib (who today humiliated himself and the Malays with his seditious deed!)and in their stead, plant the seeds of Mahathirsm that will flower and bloom for eons to come, INSYAALLAH!!!.

    Perjuangan Ini Belum Lagi Selesai, wahai Melayu Bermaruah!! Ayoh, kita kotakan amanat Tun!!!

    Warrior 231

  52. Anonymous2:19 am

    Happy birthday Tun

  53. Anonymous6:08 am

    allo anon@7:59 PM


    new breed of tongkang mari stateless peoples ka?

    me thinks you are the WHINING dog here since you have zero achievement compared to the great statesman, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed

    Where he is indispensable, you are sheer garbage not deserving the Mykad you own

    sheeesh ... the misplaced arrogance of some inconsequential pest is truly amazing

  54. Anonymous10:09 am

    Saudara Lim Kit Siang,

    Apakah sumbangan hang selama puluhan tahun ini kepada Tanah Air, Bangsa, Agama dan Negara?..

    Tolong habaq mai sikit, huraikan satu per satu che nak dengaq sikit..


  55. Anonymous10:57 am

    You guys really want to know why Mahathir is fighting so hard to make himself heard ? He's totally paranoid that after he is gone, people start coming out of the woodwork to testify what they did for Mahathir.

    Mahathir is afraid Nor Mohd Yakcop might start writing memoirs about his adventures on the Bank Negara FX fiasco. Nor might just say "I was instructed by Mahathir to fight George Soros. Lawan tetap lawan."

    Ali Abul Hasan might start writing memoirs about his bashing of Ani Arope when the latter refused to go along with Mahathir's grand IPP plans. Ali might want to repent about the force he exerted on deals like Syabas, Indah Water on behalf of his master.

    Maybe Tajuddin would like to recall the conversations he had with Mahathir and Daim on MAS. Or maybe Abu Sahid would like to recount the deal where he took money from Perwaja and used it for Maju Junction ?

    Or maybe Badariah is struck by a pang of guilt and decided to go public about the phone calls she had to make on behalf of her boss ?

    Sad isn't it, when so many things out there could spiral out of control and tarnish the reputation of someone who considers himself infallible. So Mahathir is fighting very hard to outlive all these people. He can't reply to those people when he's in the grave, and this is what is truly worrying him.


  56. Anonymous4:48 pm

    goatfarter, you can try as much as you like, write as long as your fingers are still flexible

    but you should know that majority Malaysians LOVE Tun Dr M and detest goatfarter for the pollution (air and mental) created here and elsewhere

  57. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Poor Mamakthir, must be tough on him when he was a student. King of the hill at school in Alor Setar, but a nobody at the University of Malaya in Singapork. Could not beat the chingkies in class, so he decided to give Melayus the advantage in Tanah Melayu. Scrap the English syllabus, change everything to BM so that the chingkies will suffer. Oops, the chingkies even outdo the melayus in BM ? OK, let's start parallel exams tracks so that Melayus can easily get GPA 4.0 and justify their scholarships. Oops, they can't find jobs upon graduation ? The civil service can take care of that.

  58. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Senarai 2O Top richest men 2012 in Malaysia,kalau ikut % racial composition in this country gimana?

    Tak balance kan? Pasai ape you tak pun include nama2 mereka semua ni, tak aci le macam tu!

    Anyway, tolong habaq sikit macam mana depa depa tu bole jadi kaya raya sampai lagu tu, kutip harta zaman bila? You tak marah pun kat depa ni semua?


  59. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Mahathir is smart, Najib is stupid. Scorpene would not have happened if Mahathir is still in charge. He would have put everybody under ISA.

  60. Anonymous6:09 pm

    anon@4:53 PM

    the scholars in singpork are great at memory work, they excel at regurgitating someone else's theories

    if exams were not hall-based exploiting purely memory work, these singpork scholars will be bottom of class

    multinationals in singpork have complained that scholars with straight As failed to carry out analytical tasks


  61. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Dog and Pig Selective,Denial Syndrome amnesia easily forget Dr. M fully responsible creating thousand of pendatang a multi-million air.

    Just accept the fact you came to this tanah melayu to barren and flat this country land-from a jungle rich in flora and fauna to just like an arab country desert.

    ptuih!!!! ungrateful pendatang.

  62. Anonymous12:21 am

    CFernando,are you from Portuguese Settlement?

  63. Anonymous12:31 am

    Adoi PERWIRA:

    Kekayaan kena ikut racial composition ? Kekayaan bukan ikut keupayaan ? Kenapa dasar UMNO gagal menimbulkan billionaire Melayu, hingga dapat saje satu - Syed Mokhtar. Kenapa ramai UMNOputra dpt projek berbillion, tapi hanya satu saje yang disenaraikan ?

    Tengok senarai billionaire yg bukan Melayu . Kebanyakan kroni2 Mahathir - Ananda, Francis Yeoh, Vincent Tan yang lebih bumiputra drp kebanyakan Melayu.

    Kroni UMNO bila dpt projek berbillion selalu jual projek, kahwin bini yang kedua, ketiga. Dapat untung terus beli rumah di London, Perth, Sydney, Ottawa. Beli kereta Lamborghini.

    Jangan salahkan orang bukan Melayu. Salahkan Mahathir dan Najib.

  64. Anonymous12:32 am

    Aiya, nobody can hang karpal la. He can hang himself by the legs.
    Happy birthday to Tun.

  65. Anonymous12:47 am

    Arab Springs?
    How much you know about Arabs history?

  66. Anonymous10:20 am

    Kalau PERWIRA nak tahu depa dapat duit kat Malaysia la. Salah orang Melayu juga. Tun Suruh ambil 30% tapi punya bodoh kutip 5% Alibaba pun sudah cukup untuk anak beranak. Lupa yang lain-lain. Samada tak reti nak buat kerja atau malas nak buat kerja. Peluang keemasan bagi depa la buat juta-juta. Itu pun bukan semua 5% dapat serentak. 3% masuk KWSP hanya 2% masuk poket. Dapat 2% beli Merce kokak. Bukankah itu bodoh namanya. Majoriti, tapi bukan semua. Yang betoi jalannya sikit ja. Itu la seketoi yang kekal "top richest"

    Agaknya kita semua terlampau sangat bersikap "tak pa". Depa huloq sikit pun "tak pa". Depa pijak kepala pun "tak pa". Depa tumpang tanah buat rumah pun "tak pa". Segala-gala "tak pa". Lama-lama siapa yang hampa? Tun Mahathirlah yang menyedarkan kita semua. Kalau tidak kita ikut sahaja prinsip Tengku Ab Rahman...tak pa..tak pa...tak pa.

  67. Anonymous11:58 am

    Yay, put Mamakthir, Moo Hee Din and Ibrahim Katak in a room with Warrior 231 and start a jihad against all the pork eaters. Forget Najib, he got no balls when compared to the aforementioned illustrious foursome.

  68. Jasper Bloodstone2:18 pm

    Heh, heh - the warrior waxes eloquent, heartfelt even, in his post time-stamped 12:24 AM. The dude must be really burning the midnight oil, when he should have been slumbering after a hard day at the office.

    I am sure that Dr M is deeply appreciative of such loyal and unquestioning support.

    Adulation, even.

    But as a recent commentary in a Singapore newspaper put it, one of the things that he may be associated with the cry of "potong, potong, potong" with reference to the two water supply agreements with Singapore. That it didn't happen is a testament to common sense and restraint on both sides of the Causeway. And that's something to be thankful for.

    This kind of segues into two front page reports in the Singapore Straits Times on July 12, 2012.

    The first, titled "KL-S'pore venture set to launch Marina project" referred to the proposed S$7 billion Marina One development on a prime site in Singapore's new downtown financial district.

    The report quoted Azman Yahya, chairman of M+S (the joint venture developer of the site and a director of Khazanah Nasional, as saying at the project's groundbreaking ceremony, that the development will include a "green gem" at the heart of Singapore's new CBD.

    He said, as per the report: "Marina One will be an integrated development that marries commerce, premier residential living and exciting retail lifestyles in the Marina Bay district. It will define new standards of luxury urban living in Singapore. We are very happy with the progress of the project. The design is absolutely amazing and has already won awards before being fully unveiled....We've made it very clear that this is a commercial organisation with commercial objectives to bring value from the land that we have. It's a pretty simple objective."

    The report said that M+S has secured a S$5 billion construction loan from eight banks ( Malaysia's CIMB and Maybank, Singapore banks DBS, OCBC and UOB. ANZ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi will also be providing loans).

    Marina One will be launched in October. M+S is also developing two sites in Singapore's Ophir-Rochor area with an estimated GDV exceeding S$4 billion, which will be launched in September.

    It's a matter for conjecture if such bilateral projects would have been considered or even seen the light of day during Dr M's premiership.

    The other report in the Straits Times was titled "Singdollar hits 14-year high against ringgit".

    It said that the Singdollar rose to RM2.51 on July 11, 2012, it's highest level since July 1998 at the height of the Asian financial crisis. Economists are expecting the Singdollar to continue appreciating against currencies in the region "as Singapore is one of the few countries in the world with the top triple-A rating."

    DBS Bank senior currency economist Philip Wee said: "It's not unusual for flows to move towards strong currencies. Investors are clearly looking for safe havens to turn to in times of crisis...I think Singapore is distinguished from other countries by having a stable political environment. This helps support inflows."

    (who would have thought that a "jurisdiction of primary concern" could be considered a "safe haven" with a "stable political environment", with one of the strongest currencies in the world? It's ironic how things play out, isn't it?)

    What's Dr M's connection with all this? He gave the final imprimatur for the imposition of capital controls during the Asian financial crisis, when the ringgit and Singdollar were on par. The arbitrary peg against the US Dollar followed. A consequence was the drastic strengthening of the Singdollar.

    Malaysia has been living with the economic consequences ever since.

  69. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Lim Kit Sial is the ultrakiasu racist chauvinist...

  70. Anonymous1:38 am

    Want to know Pendatang secret success in business?

    through cheating, manipulation and concoction of half truth (not even half) mixed with communist propaganda style of fact.

    hali-hali bangun pagi celik mata belum bangun, tak mandi pagi masih terlantar kat katil dah pasang niat :

    `apa mau tipu hali ini.'

  71. Anonymous9:59 am

    You are damm right! screw that mahakutty ...our money today is chicken shit against their dollar...

  72. Anonymous1:36 pm

    red dot's future is to crawl back to Malaysia on bended knees

    1) Kyoto Protocol, carbonfoot print – Singapore ranked last of 150 in overall health

    2) Aging population – A new research report from Swiss banking giant UBS found that the Republic is set to be the world’s third- fastest ageing nation, as the proportion of those aged 65 and above will double to 20 per cent in 2020. The Singapore Government may be saddled with an additional expense equivalent to 7.6 per cent of GDP. http://www.asiaone.com/Business/News/My+Money/Story/A1Story20080627-73309.html

    3) Low fertility – 2011 fertility = 1.1, Malaysia = 2.67 http://www.indexmundi.com/g/g.aspx?v=31&c=my&l=en

    4) Annual sinking – The Zetas have predicted that ultimately Jakarta will lose 80 feet in sea level elevation, Singapore closer to 60 feet, Bangkok and Manila 40 feet, and Hong Kong http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/7-of-10-status-as-of-june-16

    5) Loss in investments – Singapore’s Temasek lost S$55 billion ($43.4 billion) in portfolio value in the year to March 2009

    6) Singapore’s prominence as money laundering hub grows
    Filipino gambling lords launder money in Singapore

    7) Rival Port – The Indonesian government plans to develop Batam island, now a free trade zone, into an integrated sea and air cargo hub offering the same international standards as neighbouring Singapore.

    8) Singapore ranked 135 (Malaysia 122) in 2012 Freedom of the Press World Ranking

  73. godfather the liar,

    I'm surprised at your stupidity. How old are you actually? Do you have any edication?

    please try to think before you write...it can help.

  74. godfather the liar,

    I'm surprised at your stupidity. How old are you actually? Do you have any edication?

    please try to think before you write...it can help.

  75. godfather the liar,

    I'm surprised at your stupidity. How old are you actually? Do you have any edication?

    please try to think before you write...it can help.

  76. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Mahathirism caused me 35~40% of my salary monthly for car installment.


  77. Anonymous11:28 pm

    LKS is afraid because he cannot fight an idea :)

    ...and it's so funny to me how DAPsters calling themselves Malaysian first, race second are always calling out on Mahathir's 'mamak' ancestry.