Sunday, July 29, 2012

A no go logo

A logo paints a thousand words, too. In the case of the 55th Merdeka logo, words like "ghastly", "hedious", "amateurish", and "low class" [read Age of Extinction]. All over the social media, supporters from both sides of the political fence have given a double thumbs down to the proposed 55th Merdeka logo. One pro-Pakatan activist called it "the worst ever". 

A good sign, if you really want something positive out of it. It means Malaysians care and they want the best to be associated with their Independence Day celebrations. 

Some of the bloggers are going after Rais Yatim as if the Information Minister had created the unwanted logo himself, though. Did he? 

He did say that as in last year, there will be no official Hari Merdeka logo for this year, h e r e.


  1. As Salam ... It's a BIG NO NO for me. Thank you.

  2. As Salam ... It's a Big NO for me.
    Enough of the silliness please.

    Thank You.

  3. As Salam ... It's a BIG NO NO for me. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous6:28 pm


    I think Rais has overstayed his welcome! As the nation's Info Minister, he has not shown a good PR in so many ways - his intonation, choice of words (he doesnt know what words to choose for scholars and what for laymen/the ordinary rakyat), what message to disseminate to effectively show the government's good performance and most importantly he has no aura of a leader for the rakyat like Dato' Najib or Tun Mahathir.

    Must he be retained in the next PRU... If we think he is not good lets make our voice heard for the survival of BN

  5. Anonymous7:42 pm

    He must be the someone ABITW meant as pea-btained, out-of-date, and control freak museum piece of a different era.

    Started with ibtervening to censor Tanda Putera to succumb to his former Semangat 46 partner, DAP and now the stupid Merdeka Day slogan, theme song and logo.

    He has failed in his role as Minister of Information. His penerangan is like propaganda days Adib Adam.

    Heard he and Adim had common hobby at home. In return for services rendered, they are bought land.

  6. Anonymous11:46 pm

    55 Tahun kan UMOR Bersara!!!

    Da tak ingat macam MADDEY!!!

    Tahun terakhir BEE END to celebrate MERDEKA,,!!!

    SALAM terakhir MERDEKA,!!!


  7. Cukup-cukup lah bodek ter-over tu anak Yatim.
    Misplaced ampu, which may hurt your boss, you dumbo.
    Just vamoose lah. How many more bridges you want to build?

  8. Anonymous12:41 am


    Sebelum PRU negeri Sarawak 2011, najib menjanjikan KM Sarawak yg baru.


  9. Anonymous3:18 am

    It is original and outdated. The design truly reflects Umno & BN.


  10. Anonymous8:37 am

    Yes Malaysia is Ruled by The THREE STOOGES..Najib. Hishamuddin and Rais!

    More to Come when these Three Stooges Stumbles towards the most Corrupt Money for Votes Election Ever in SouthEast Asia!

  11. Anonymous8:52 am

    "JANJI DITEPATI" Bagus juga logo macam ni.

    Lepas Merdeka ni, kalau berurusan dengan jentera/jabatan kerajaan, sblum beredar mereka MESTI adakan borang akujanji rasmi - chop tarikh akan siap, masa dan ttgn siPolan tu termasuk no. telepon dsbgainya.

    Masaalah skrg bila follow-up "dalam proses - mohon tunggu - pegawai cuti beranak tak tau tang mana dia sorok file kamu - yg berkenaan pi kursus pendek/luar negara - pegawai dah transfer dan bermacam2 helah akan diberi.

    Pegawai yg rasa dirinya agak cerdik sikit, buat muka serious pura2 konon dokumen kita tak lengkap, suruh kita buat permohonan baru - tarikh permohonan pertama terpaksa melalui time-travel,fast-forward lompat 12bulan pun terjadi.

    Berani cakap kerana dah rasa.


  12. Anonymous9:07 am

    The Malaysia Nation Brand and all initiatives related to it, both internal and external initiatives, should be left to professionals.

    Here is what should have been done

  13. Anonymous11:25 am

    Mana ade janji yang di tepati ?

    1. Mana open tender ?
    2. Mana transparent evaluation ?
    3. Mana RCI utk Sabah ?
    4. apa sudah jadi kpd Teoh Beng Hock dan Ahmad Sarbani ?
    5. mengapa bagi kontrak dgn harga tertinggi kpd George Kent ?
    6. hanya Ling Liong Sik dan Chan Kong Choy yg kena dlm perkara PKFZ ?
    7. hanya seorang pengarah Syarikat Lembu yang kena charge ?
    8. mana siasatan atas akaun Musa Aman di Hong Kong ?
    9. mana siasatan duit kopi kpd Terasasi Ltd di Hong Kong ?
    10. ada siasatan ttg kes wang SFR 25 juta di akaun Hamid Pawanteh ?

    Rakyat di dahulukan ? Janji di utamakan ?

    Ingat kita rakyat bodoh ke ?

  14. Anonymous11:29 am

    It all boils down to the Leader. If he/she could not control the antics of the people beneath/working with him/her, then the Leader is a poor one. Despite Tun Mahathir's vice-like grip during his PM years, he is a good BN leader since he is in control.. Najib on the other hand, is a good person but a VERY weak leader. his popularity rating may have gone up, but that is due to his personality, NOT his leadership..

    the root of the matter is, Najib is too weak.. and we have clowns like Rais , Muhiyyidin and Hishamuddin running ministries in which they are weak in.. can you blame the ministers? yes.. but the bigger blame is to Najib.


  15. Scorpion11:44 am

    "Janji RM500,000,000 komisen Ditepati!"

  16. Lembu Inc.11:46 am

    Janji Beli RM250,000,000 Bangsar
    Kondo Ditepati!

  17. Anonymous11:53 am

    The way I look at it, I'm neither pro or against it. I just accept the way they were. It's their prerogative. If the opposition were in power, there's no guarantee they wouldn't do the same. I just don't understand why all of a sudden, everyone becomes patriotic and nationalist; with the way they reacted.
    I mean, come on. Not too long ago,There's someone who butchered our national anthem beyond recognition, posted in youtube and chest thumping proud of it. Nobody reacted with the same fire and zeal.Why the double standard?
    They were just angry with the word 'Janji Ditepati'which is understandable. They were good with the word 'Janji' but not 'Ditepati'.
    Now the came out with the promise to cut taxes for imported cars. Posing danger to our automotive industry with tens of thousands jobs hanging in the balance. Without gave away details, I don't know how they gonna do it. Don't they realize once they form a government, it becomes one of their responsibility to protect the national industry?
    By then again, it's just promise..

  18. Merdeka merdeka.. errr.. waittt.. there's no even a single word of MERDEKA in JANJI DITEPATI song tooo...


  19. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Anon 11.53, are you saying that our local automative industry can't compete? You are okay with sub standard quality car for the locals but high quality standard offering for the foreign market,is it? Our local automative industry is can be compare to this" kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan".

  20. Anonymous11:25 am

    Bukan kera dihutan disusukan, DRB Hicom dan NAZA disusukan...rakyat mati kelaparan.

  21. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Do you really mean 'hedious' or 'hideous ?

  22. I could draw that logo using Microsoft Word in 10 minutes top.