Friday, July 27, 2012

Why don't they want us to watch this movie?

Watched the trailer? It's a film by Shuhaimi Baba, award-winning director, local movie industry's legend-in-the-making, credible, patriotic. After Tanda Putra, add brave and balls to her list of accolades.

Some say the movie's about events surrounding May 13, 1969, the bloody racial riots that have marked Malaysia's nationhood. Others say it is about the life and times of Tun Abdul Razak, the man who shaped Malaysia into a progressive developing nation, a great Prime Minister. Either way, I don't see why any one should want to stop it from being screened. 

People are talking about it on Facebook h e r e.  

I missed the preview for the media the other day. Some reviews and discussions:

Show Tanda Putra by Seademon
Why Delay The Release ..? by A Voice
If It's Good, It Sells, by Big Dog
Official trailer by Dimensi
Sinopsis Tanda Putra by Anizyn


  1. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Sebab kita kan SATU Malaysia mah! Tak kan BN mahu main isiu perkauman sampai bila?

  2. Anonymous5:18 pm

    my late father frm socialist party in old day but he keep remind us to sedekah al fatihah to Tun Razak after our solat.My brother sister all grad from ITM. Al fatihah Tun Razak semoga roh di cucuri rahmat & bersama dgn org2 yg beriman.

  3. Anonymous5:35 pm

    "Why don't they want us to watch this movie?"

    Another way of looking at it is, "Why do you want us to watch this movie?"

    Or, better still, "Why bother?"

    Is it that good?

    I seriously doubt it... all Malaysian movie directors SUCK because they are so naive.

    Everything is so fake, plastic and contrived... from the dialogue to the set and to everything else connected to the movie.

    And, the acting... oh, give me a break!

    Suhaimi Baba would be more suited operating a burger stall in front of Ambiga's house... along with other naive Malaysians like Marina Mahathir, Betty Choo, Ng Yen Yen and Hannah Yeoh.

  4. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Cerita ni bukan cerita BENAR,,,tokok tambah je!

    Jahanam samadia Orang lah!

    Cerita yang benar ialah CUSTOM Birector General oppose to PKR suggestion to SCRAP excise DUTY on CBU Cars KALU PKR dapat memerintah Malaysia!!

    Mamat-mamat kastam ni DA TAKUT,,,Sure to MISSSORRU!!!! Duit tak masuk kocek mereka!!!

    Imagine,,,Berapa juta,, PAK=PAK Kastam can do wonders on the document AP,,MAGIC..MAGIc.. Tarikh BOLE back date,,figure bole inflate,,!! Semuanya duit MASOOK.!!!

    Last RAYA untuk PAK-PAK KASTAM taun ni..!! KOCOT TOLO..!!!


  5. Anonymous6:14 pm


    Ini Macam di Russia....Filem di pergunakan untuk membasuh otak rakyat supaya sokong kerajaan yang corrupT!!!


    Tak patut tuduh semua pak kastam camtu. Macam kat mana2 organisasi pun, ada yang baik dan ada yang tak berapa baik. Dalam DAP pun ada yang baik, tapi ramai dah keluar lah, macam Tunku Aziz ...

    Btw, back to the topci:

    Anon 535pm,
    I hear from those who have watched the movie that it's not bad at all. Shuhaimi depicted Tun Razak's persona quite well. Ada lah prop yang tak kena, here and there, but overall ... Boleh tahan ..

  7. alifbatasaja10:05 pm

    typical orang melayu tak cerdik.. semua nak bodek najib.. dulu masa pak lah jadi PM, bodek pak lah gila-gila.. sampai benda xda diada adakan. sampai buleh reka cerita yang abdullah fahim tetapkan tarikh kemerdekaan. UMNO nih dah desperate sangat nampaknya. tukar je kerajaan, lagi bagus.. ada perubahan, ada transisi demokrasi. baru ada kemajuan.

  8. Anonymous10:11 pm


    Lagi Lagi Tunku Aziz...
    Sapa Cakap Ramai Dah Keluar DAP?
    Yang "Ramai" tu Tunku Aziz Ke?

    Nampaknya Tunku Aziz Yang "Naive" Ni your Hero...!!

    Ini Buatkan Kamu Rocky Juga Lebih Naive dari dia!!

  9. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Hey, Mr Bru,

    Who are the 'they' who doesn't want us to watch the movie? Can 'they' stop us from watching the movie? No?
    So, what are you talking about?

    We know propaganda when we see it !
    Come on, shove it down our throats. But we will, for sure not swallow it.

  10. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Macam dokumentari propaganda, je.

  11. Anonymous11:48 pm

    It is just a movie. Only sick people associate it w propaganda.

    Also because they never like tun razak as tun razak improved malay welfare.

    Tun razak never got credits from them as much as tunku abd rahman.

  12. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Saudara LAGIBODOH!

    Jangan sebab sorang kastam buat tak baik, u libatkan semua. Gaji pegawai dan pegawai lain2 pangkat cukup untuk sara hidup mereka. Setiap tempat ada perumahan kastam, so mereka tak perlu menyewa rumah yg mahal2 seperti di bintulu( sewa rumah teres 1 tingkat 2 bilik rm 1000 - 1200). Oleh sebab itu, duit mereka cukup untuk menampung perbelanjaan bulanan keluarga. Jangan buat fitnah merata2 dalam bulan puasa ni, sebab anda dapat dosa kering je.

  13. Anonymous12:04 am

    american has done it time after time eventhough all they have are ficstitiuos. And we here, all factual and base on true story still skeptical to swallow the bitter medicine.

  14. Mustapha Ong5:04 am

    I think the authority should allow us to watch this movie about 13th May, 1969. It is not about what had happened in May 13th, but more importantly, the unfortunate racial clash had made us stronger and more responsible in our future race relations.

    We should be grateful to our late PM Tun Razak as he had successfully created a new Malaysian community after the difficult period of 2 years under non parliamentary rule.

    Today with Najib at the helm of the administration under BN governance, he has created 1Malaysia platform in order to truly unite the nation and create a harmonious Malaysian society, hopefully based on merits and equal opportunity for all Malaysians. A new Malaysia will emerge if all the GTPs, ETPs and the political transformation will be implemented successfully.

  15. Anonymous6:04 am

    Don't watch this fake movie if you have any respect for Tunku Abdul Rahman. What with the trying to hide his illness and all those nonsense. That sounds more like karma to me for what he have done. His hand is tainted with blood for all the people died in 513.
    Don't take my word for it, hear for yourself what Tunku have to say about 513:
    "To this day I find it very hard to believe that Razak, whom I had known for so many years, would agree to work against me in this way. Actually he was in my house, as I was preparing to return to Kedah, and I overhead him speaking to Harun over the phone saying that he would be willing to approve the permit when I left. I really could not believe what I was hearing and preferred to think it was about some other permit. In any case, as the Deputy Prime Minister, in my absence from KL, he would be the Acting PM and would override my objection."

    1. Anonymous4:10 pm

      If they don't get the permit they will say the gomen dont practice democracy. So when they get it what happened? Pls stick to the facts and use your brain. It is nothing to do with Tunku or Tun Razak.

  16. Rocky,
    I think UMNO worry that this movie might have negetive impact on GE and might anger the Chinese.

    This reply from my Friend Who is one of Najib Media adviser.Dato Johan !

  17. Anonymous6:48 am

    Yes. We should not see this movie. We Malaysians must see movie only of one particular race saying "Oy Melayu, Suck my Banana" and THAT is OK.

    But I doubt however much Suhaimi Baba wanted to portray Reality as it was, Reality is so much far away, so much worse, and ... from what I gather so far from birds within Rais Yatim's ministry, so much ... censorable (rumor has it that the film could only pass to be shown if the reality-based shouts of "Mati Melayu!!!" and "Melayu Masuk Kampung!!" be struck off from being shown).

    Of course it would be a cold day in hell if we could ever get to SEE the following things:-

    1. P. Patto unzipping his pants and showing his pecker to the malays while on top of a lorry while doing their victory parade.

    2. The infamous giant broom: "Penyapu untuk Menyapu orang-orang melayu" being paraded.

    3. Shouts of "Melayu semua pigi mampus! Ini negeli sekalang Cina kontrol semua"

    4. The infamous Movie-theatre slaughter of pregnant kakak.

    5. The heroic deed of Malay policeman who was ready to shoot the malay mob in bid to protect one DAP thug from being lynched. (Yes, the same thug who believes in his heart that the place befitting this policeman and his people is in the jungle or thrown to sea).

    I still would love to see the ACTUAL involvement of Kit Siang in all these. Rumors that say that he was the one who bukak-seluar-to-show-butt during the parade remain just that: rumors, though I will not be surprised if the magnitude of the deed could be far worse than that.

    Yes we should all NOT see this movie. The only movie that should be seen are ones that portray Tun Razak and the malays in negative light --- as was the factless and based-on-remote-reporting-of-FEER of Kua Kia Sioong.

    For those not in the know, This Kia Sioong is the one who braved nullifying facts, police testimonials and factual and pictorial evidences to come up with the following preposterous thesis:-

    -a- The Communists and Oppositions (errrmmm.. read that in the same breath, wink, wink) had NOTHING to do with the riots

    -b- Datuk Harun Idris attacked the chinese mob UNPROVOKED

    and the final laughable shocker---

    -c- Tun Razak started the May 13 because he wanted to rampas kuasa from Tunku Abdul Rahman

    My friend Jebat has detailed the fallacies and deceptions of Kia Soong here and for those who were too young or whose mothers were not even born yet in May 13, 1969, do yourself some good and load that document.

    At least you could all now see the photograph of the giant "Penyapu-Untuk-Menyapu-Orang-Orang-Melayu" before Rais Yatim decided to ban Jebat's book as well, and decided to give an Oscar or Datukship to Namewee instead.

    Marking Bagpie

    (I am Barking Magpie's Cousin)

  18. Anonymous11:55 am


    The timing of the Release of this Film appears too convenient as a measure to get people to hate the opposition!!!!

  19. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Trrillion times better than that DAP idol NAMAWEE lancau movies. NO bloody substances at all and yet still get the light of day to show to the public. Each time when marketing his movie he will try to get public sympathy to watch his movie, like please forgive me for the Negarakuku thingy and such and come and support my movie. After that he goes back to his slimy ways of bashing race and religion and the govt. Now this man is truly the incarnation of the May 13 subversive spirit.

    Fuck DAP! You dont want to watch the movie Tanda Putera, you can go to hell. We don't need your fuck ass Communist type anyway!


  20. booyah1:30 pm

    DAP scared shit

  21. Anonymous said...

    The timing of the Release of this Film appears too convenient as a measure to get people to hate the opposition!!!!

    11:55 AM


    Dear Anon,

    We are not THAT gullible lah, please. You fancy people would pay to watch the movie and then get swayed to love the BN and hate the Opp? Not everyone is a moron.

  22. Amin said...
    I think UMNO worry that this movie might have negetive impact on GE and might anger the Chinese.

    This reply from my Friend Who is one of Najib Media adviser.Dato Johan !

    6:20 AM


    The extremists of all races will be angry with this movie, Amin. Which rule out the majority of Malaysians, Johan included.

    I think this is more a case of "self-censorship". We all detest self-censorship and call it a malaise of the Iron Curtain era, the stumbling block to freedom of the press and expression. See, this is an example of self-censorship. This is Mother of all Self-Censorships.

    If we agree to the authorities' (or is it authority's) whim to ban this movie or butcher its content because they - not we - think that it's going to be harmful to our hearts, then don't squeak or squeal when they continue to do that to everything else, OK?

  23. Anonymous3:27 pm

    I am now a senior citizen. On May 1969 I was staying in 4th Mile Gombak still attending secondary school - Form 2 then (afternoon class). On that fateful day our school won the inter-school football championship (hei...we beat the likes of St John; VI as well as BBBS and Maxwell..bravo to all my soccer school champs..) and our HM was so good in allowing us a half day off. Because of the half day off my life was saved. As the problem started once I reached home. People staying near the main road of Gombak started running into our area (I stayed abour 3/4 km from the main road) shouting of the impending attack by group of weapon carrying people coming from further up of Gombak. Until today I still can recall how an elderly lady was so shocked while running away. However, and luckily, Gombak was saved by the twist of fate (the Kampung Head was vehemently against any untoward incident taking place in his area). I learnt that the problem only started when these people reached Setapak area. The rest is history lah. Whatever, I wish to stress that I have friends of all races during school days and now. (I never forget my football kakis - how we will miss the next lesson after a hot afternoon game). Let us be happy always and that we are all Malaysians. Of course we have different hats but isn't that a beauty ! Varieties mah. Love you all out there.

  24. Anonymous3:32 pm

    lakonan kaku, fakta tak benar, berat sebelah, dll.

    lebih baik tengok batman

  25. Anonymous4:19 pm

    They (The Dapigs, PKRosak and PAShit) doesn't want Malaysians to watch this movies because they are too damn scared that this movie will eventually show the true colour of the main perpetrators (Lim Kit Sial and Co.) behind the incident.. Since Lim Kit Sial is now their big taiko in the so-called Pakatan 3 Jahanam, their biggots are all'kecut telur' that Malaysians will at last know how racist the godfather of the Dapig really is!

    This movie must be released for Malaysians and only then the Malaysians will understand "betapa bertuahnya kita hidup dalam keadaan harmoni dan aman damai"!

  26. Always found her movies laboured and freaking boring. Highly overrated. And she puts in the same crap actors who are her close friends. I mean - Kavitah Kaur cant act to save her life. Cliche filled script with same old crap from her other movies!
    Anyhow I dont think anyone is out to stop showing the movie. The only issue is timing of release due to the rules governing the release of local movies. Other movies may have been ready for release earlier than hers to hit the peak Raya period? So why should she get priority over other directors.

  27. Why so much ado about the movie?
    Why do the Chinese fear it so much?
    And why must we bow down to them?
    When it comes from Namewee, they are all supportive.
    The double standard is glaring.

  28. Rocky.
    Johan Jaafar said Rais brain.

  29. Anonymous10:10 am


    Zaman sudah berubah. Orang melayu sekalang sudah pandai meniaga. Cina sama melayu suda pandai makan satu talam. Ini filem kasik nampak itu otak filem director masih hidup itu zaman 1969. Itu masa mana ada Twitter maaa...Facebook tak ader lorrrrrr. Sikalang mana boleh pakai itu perang saraf Jepun punya stylo. Ini filem sama itu macam Janji Ditepati mehhhh. Bikin suma orang melayu sama cina manyak muak sama itu BN.

    Ada mau bikin Bukit Kepong 2 mehhh?

  30. Anonymous10:56 am

    Alamak! kalau cerita kungfu tikam lompat terbang sana sini, cerita gerek sorang lawan sekampung amboi penuh panggung wayang! CD citak rompak penuh kat pasar malam...

    Tabik hormat kpd pemimpin2 lama kita atas kesedaran mereka betapa tertindas, tertindih dan tertinggal jauh kaum Bumiputra Negara ini -

    Siapa yang geram dan tak suka tengok Melayu maju angkat tangan!


  31. Anonymous11:56 am

    its about a bastard who betrayed Tunku?

  32. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Rocky, cinemagoers look at things in more practical terms. For moviegoers, they dont expect movies to be what documentary should be.The cinema lingo is a different cup kopi tiam. Filmmakers use creative licence , interpretation and creative expression. Most of all they avoid making the film look like another documentary thats why its celebrated as fiction ler.

    Where in the entertainment world do people make film like what is in history document exactly. Look at John F Kennedy film, Black hawk down, Gladiator, Iraq war, Gandhi ,Vietnam war. The vanquish were even portrayed as the triumphant, losers become winners as in Gladiator, as history and designs are not just inacurate but completely altered. Balck Hawk Down? Guantanamom, the many holocaust films, Evita.... banyak lah... so why be picky . I have seen many inaccuracies, but because they are feature films ( fiction) one just sit back, relax and enjoy the movie. Why is it we r not picky about Hollywood films? Some infact deliberately do not use exact interpretation because they want to run away from being labelled documentary base film .

    Look at'The Lady' (Suk Kyi) inspite of it being International film, its also inaccurate with designs and backdrop. Even the props and not to mention some of the scenes.It didnt stop the film from being enjoyable and appreciated.


  33. It is "Law of Attraction". Putting a lot fear and focusing on the negatives so much will finally get all of us there. It doesn't make sense. There are 100s of good things we could talk about.
    You want to gain the support of Malaysians,go ahead and do it the right way. Bringing alive the episode of how my father killed your father and your father killed my family will not make you and me better friends. What will it certainly do is to ignite the thought of vengence in our mind.
    It baffles me when even people like you encourage attempts like this.

  34. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Who is They? And who the fuck are you to differentiate between us and them?

  35. Anonymous1:14 pm

    The book "13Mei: Declassified Document on the Malaysian riot 1969" by kua kia soong, published by suaram will soon be our history text book in schools.
    The gov. is like making it to be sooner...

  36. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Anon 11:48 PM, you are absolutely right!

  37. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Anon 11:48 PM, you are absolutely right!

  38. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Soryy lah tak minat langsung si Awie deba tu. Nampak muka dia terus tukar channerl.

  39. Anonymous1:05 pm

    kavita kaur - yikesss!!!Just stick to what she can do best jer lah.

  40. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Chinese actor in Tanda Putera has been harassed because of his role in the film. Please help this young lad:

    Tanda Putera Facebook page: