Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some politicians and Felda settlers' naughty detractors

Public Investment Bank started Felda Global Ventures Holdings, the world’s third-largest palm oil company by acreage, with an "outperform" call on the back of a stronger sales growth outlook. 
“We like the stock for its impending aggressive expansion plans, turnaround in the downstream segment, and stronger sales growth, banking on its new business structure,” the research house said in a note on Tuesday. 
Pegging a fair value of RM5.44 at Felda Global, Public Investment said its upcoming listing will also help re-rate market valuations and inject renewed catalysts into Malaysia’s plantation sector. 
Felda Global has said in news report it is actively looking for more plantation asset acquisitions in the Southeast Asian and African regions, as well as expansion of its downstream business with the aim of becoming amongst the world’s top five commodities giants by 2020. \ -- Reuters

IPO: Chance for settlers to start looking up

The investment bankers at Public Investment Bank aren't the only ones bullish about Felda's IPO. What's there not to like? The Felda IPO is the second largest in the world after Facebook and it has the solid support of the Government of Malaysia. Of course there will always be those who'd caution or belittle the believers (Irrational exuberance over Felda - The Edge, 26 June) but for every piece of diffidence there will always be another to reaffirm the belief (Felda's IPO and its naughty detractors, Jebat Must Die, 26 June). Two sides of a coin, always.

What we should not accept is playing politics at the expense of the Felda IPO. Politicians like Malik Mazlan Aliman (PAS) and Isa Samad (UMNO) can have their differences in political views as much as they like, but on matters like the IPO, leave it to the professionals Malik, especially, should know where to draw the line. If he wants to prove his political prowess, go and challenge Isa Samad at the next general election. But do not file for injunction after court injunction to scuttle a plan that will benefit not just the 112,000 settlers (Malik and family included) but a lot of other people out there. 


  1. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Kalu setakat BERANGAN bukan nya salah anyway its FREE. Bole LIMIT UP ke???

    Kita lihat SIAPA yang kena esok!!!

    For sure ramai SELLERS than BUYERS esok,,,,apalagi WORLD market is DOWN,,,,silap-silap FELDA nya chart macam AIR TERJUN,,,jangan ramai MAT-MAT Felda terjun LOMBONG esok cukup!

    TV3 buat LIVE coverage esok,,,jangan jangan ada yang MUNTAH DARAH,!!!

    VINCENT TAN yang ada FACEBOOK nya SHARE masih terkial - kial,,,apa lagi MAT MAT FELDA,,!!!!


  2. Anonymous8:14 am

    I'll hardly call the piece by Shanmugam in The Edge as a naughty detractor.

    i think it is definitely responsible Business Journalism as opposed to the patronizing crap that the research arms of IB's seem to be dishing out.

    Just look at the call on XOX BHD and how it is fairing now.

    All those analysts who had a buy call on XOX pre listing should be shot dead.

    Also the guy from MIDF who suggested it is cheap to privatise MAS now? Guess the word 'debt' is alien to him

  3. Anonymous8:47 am

    Ngapa lah MAMAT Sri Gading (MP) suggest AMBIGA to be HANG for TREASON,,!!

    MEMANG BANGSAT nya mamat ni,,FIKIRAN CETEK,,,why talk COCK,!!! EMPAT PENGGAL MP cakap ini macam ka?!!!


    All the MUKA SIAL akan di TUKAR

    -XJB UMNO-

  4. Anonymous10:34 am

    I guess all of us have to wait and see who is right and who is wrong. Now every one have their own opinion about this listing. Anyway,if FELDA at the end of the day will go bonkers and their Malay land is all gobbled up by foreigners the Malays can only blame their own Malay leaders that sold them out.I hope by that time these leaders dont put the blame on others and try to use them as bogeyman which they so often do.


  5. Anonymous11:21 am

    anon 8:47 AM setakat tukar "MUKA SIAL" dengan geng MULUT SIAL mcm kau baik tak payah .... BODOSSSSS !!!

  6. Meleis11:59 am

    Anony 8.14

    Why only referring to failed IPO?

    When there are tonnes more on successful IPO's ? MSM, Gas Malaysia, Bumi Armada .. to name a few.

    Positif la sikit. Sigh~

  7. Meleis12:01 pm

    -XJB UMNO-


    Baru lepas kena liwat dengan Anwar Ibrahim ka?

    Gila semacam je aku tengok.


    Thanks for being concerned and caring about Malay land ownership. These days most people frown at any kind of support shown for Malays owning land, homes, ports, etc.

    In the case of the Felda IPO, however, I was told that the Felda settlers' land will NOT be touched at all. What is theirs will remain theirs forever and ever. Lucky buggers.

    On top of that, the settlers' shares which are being parked in the trust fund that will be set up for the IPO will also remain there forever and ever. Meaning, the Felda settles cannot sell their share of the shares in the fund/TAK BOLEH JUAL LANGSUNG. They will collect the dividends/profits at the end of the day. This is to make sure that setlters' share ini the public listed Felda stay at 20 per cent or more.

    The 800 shares they can buy for the IPO can be sold for pocket money, if they so wish.

  9. Anonymous4:14 pm

    The Edge vs Jebat Must Die... Whom should I trust more...hmm. are you suggesting the latter has more credibility?

  10. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Balloting felda shares tu hari saya dapat. Saya investor kecik je lah, 3 jek. Esok listing saya pun tunggu.

    Ramai nya org yg wish ill of the felda IPO. Saya tetap doa yg terbaik utk warga felda dan negara kita. Moga di restu Allah. Amin.
    Saya fikir takkan lah Dato Najib nak khianiti rakyat.

  11. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Yah watsup Pukimak XJB. Kena rasuk Ambiga ke atau memang bodoh bangsat bahalol?

    Dan saya bagi amaran keras kepada Palanivel dan mana2 pemimpin MIC. This is NOT a race issue, this is a LAW & ORDER THINGY. Don't protect criminals and traitors like Ambiga if there is sufficient evidence that shows she is one. Don't try to stir the Indians when most of them are unsupportive of this shameless koothi mayiru Ambiga.Only the hoighty toighty Ceylonese, Malayali pundek kalathais and other supposedly superior Indian bastard elites residing in Bangsar, Damansara etc are backing this naar koothi of a bitch. The majority know who this high caste pae punde pisasu bitch is batting for. Evidence is being gathered and if there is sufficient proof adduced in a court of law according to the procedures, Dia kena di gantung macam pelesit Al-Maunah dulu itu. No two ways about there being one law for a Malay brigand and another for an Indian lawyer.

    She knew full well of the court order yet deliberately provoked the situation by purposely staging a march to ground zero, a contention which only court of law will equitably decide . Her provocations are all the more appalling considering she is a lawyer, which I doubt now. Of course, she has the right to argue or equivocate that the order dint apply to the areas she walked in but my counterpoint is why the temerity and necessity to stage a walk to that zone knowing full well all hell is bound to break loose in that tinderbox atmosphere. There are many other ways to prove a point.

    The notion peddled by MI and its fellow garbage rags is that her announcement was not heard by all is laughable considering she could have transmitted the message via the cellphone or other means to her crowd handlers in other location

    If the evidence holds, I wanna see her hanged as do the overwhelming of my fellow Malays. After all there is not much a difference between a hangman's noose and jailtime which she is willing to endure. berani Buat berani tanggung. Let no one misconstrue that the Melayu bermaruah's forbearance is limitless and waging war against the Agong (if the court rules as such) is the pits.

    Warrior 231

    1. Anonymous10:43 am

      Hahaha.. you are funny dude. I can imagine you getting a stroke if you keep getting so stressed up.

      Thanks for lighting up my morning.

  12. Anonymous1:18 am

    Meleis - honestly i am very sure on debut FGVH is going to soar - but that is not the issue - are the evaluations that Rocky bru is leaning towards objective?

    to me the answer is no - but if you feel they are - no worries mate.

    all risks should be fully disclosed.

    anyways the sister company of the IB that underwrote XOX made a settlement(without admission of liability) against a SEC charge for charging fees for 'work' not really done.

    google reuters.


  13. Anonymous11:16 am

    Ya lah, achi amburger + milk'butt'shake will DEFINITELY gain more support if she starts a campaign to abolish the human rights ABUSE of the Indian CASTE system.

    She will get TRIPLE women of courage awards presented by world leaders