Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For a more cultured bilateral ties

* With Updates

Positive response from Jakarta

Anifah Aman, our Foreign Minister, has summoned envoys from Singapore and Indonesia in the past week or so over smirches in bilateral ties. Jakarta's positive response to KL's concerns is very welcomed. The ball is now in our court, as a cultured nation, to respond, er, nicely to that friendly gesture. There is need, in future, to be more thinking about how we go about doing things that we know will affect our neighbours. That goes to both Malaysia and Indonesia. And, oh, yes, Singapura ...

*Latest Updates on Singapore's Bersih diplomats:

Correction by Bernama, after 5pm.


  1. Anonymous11:15 am


    Serve your Best Friend Rais Yatim Right!!

    Whose Cultural Dance is he going to Hijack Next??

    The Mongol or Khazakstan Dance becomes Melayu???


  2. Singa purapura11:20 am

    Where are those Maha Perkasa thugs when Indons spits pijak bakar Jalur Gemilang???

    Ali dare not bully mighty Indonesia yah!!!

  3. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Hidup Anifah!!

    Padan lah itu Shafie Afdal banyak takut ..

    Now nampaknya Kerismuddin pun rasa goyang. The issue should be handled by the Foreign Ministry, not Home Ministry. The diplomats don't come under KDN ...

    Anifah Fan

  4. Ibrahim Ali dare not taken on the Indons lest all of them who are going to vote in GE 13 decide to give it to PR.

  5. Anonymous4:15 pm

    why shld maha perkasa go after the indons?the indons are right this perkasa shld go after rais yatim..

  6. Anonymous4:33 pm

    1. Indonesia - a piddling pissy pipsqueak whose inferiority complex is so huge that you can park 100s of the latest Airbus in it. They just threw their toys outta their prams as usual. Just ignore the fucktarts and carry on as usual would be the appropriate mantra.

    2. Time to review and downgrade diplomatic ties with Spork. Maybe a Charge d'Affairs would be adequate to handle the affairs of that money-laundering meddling nosy insecure pipsqueak.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone3:28 pm

      Alamak...Indonesia is a "piddling pissy pipsqueak" (at least the warrior feller has a talent for alliteration, if nothing else) with "an inferiority complex".

      Strong words there. Easy to say when one is not in the frontlines and trenches!

      Just pray that Aburizal Bakrie or Prabowo Subianto doesn't become the next President of Indonesia. These guys don't mess around and an uppity Malaysia will be given short shrift by their administrations.

      As for Singapore, I suggest that Bru reproduce the letter from Nik Ady Arman, Counsellor (Political), High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore, to the Singapore Straits Times , that was published in that paper's Forum pages today. You might be able to access it on

      You will note that he didn't bring up the more idiotic suggestions voiced by the cool maruah intellects north of the Causeway.

  7. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Cowok throw stones and damage Ketuanan Melayu property and yet Ali keep very quiet about it. Is Ali a thief or a mouse?

  8. Dear Anifah Fan,

    Looks like Bernama made a mistake. Please go to

    The issue is to be handled by the foreign ministries, as you said should be the case.

  9. Put these porks in their rightful dens,as for the Indons,they are just like the Bershit participants,they get paid for doing what they were asked to do,so we understand.

  10. Malaysia jgn terlalu baik hati,terima maaf Dari Singapore....jadi ah seperti Damak dlm cerita Sri merging...dlm lembut ianya berkeras ...

  11. Anonymous5:09 am

    Nothing is hijacked here. I'm sure you guys don't care about whatever your ancestors roots and traditions are, but Malaysia is a country where the people originated from all over the place. Some of them still remember and practice their old traditions and arts. It's perfectly within the minster's authority to preserve them as part of our culture.
    The Indonesians just love to play up issues. I have no doubt they would add up this to the list of their grouches. They still are sore about Sipadan island.

  12. Mustapha Ong6:45 am

    Dear Bru,

    In the spirit of ASEAN solidarity, it's very sad and disappointed to see Singapore and Indonesia allowing such dirty incidents to affect the bilateral relations between our country.

    In the case of Singapore, it was clear and proven incident by some photo images that the three diplomats were seen during the4/28 demonstration. Under the Vienna Convention, diplomats are free to do almost anything in the name of diplomatic representation protected by immunity as they are the privileged foreign serving officers accredited to a state as part of the diplomatic relations.

    However, the Singapore High Commissioner should know the sensitivity of the issue and that all HC staff should be advised not to expose themselves in such a controversial situation that it's link to our current political involving a powerful opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, whose agenda is to overthrow the BN government through revolution.

    Being a former senior Malaysian diplomat who had served 7 countries around the world, and the worst in some missions, I regret to say that the Singapore High Commissioner should not be on the defensive. What a shame for an envoy as his immediate reaction should have been to send the three diplomats back to Singapore without complicating the issue.I don't blame the Singapore government as they do not believe in the true sense of freedom in human right..They don't have a Human Right Commission such as SUHAKAM.

    As for Indonesian ugly incident, Malaysia feels threatened as a result of the open hostility by the action of the pressure group. We understand that the Indonesian intelligence network is among the best in the region but yet they didn't fore warn the Malaysian Embassy ahead of the incident.

    Indonesia has failed to provide an effective protection to our Jakarta mission, and this had been proven over time in many of the past violent incidents. Shame on Indonesia too!

  13. Kong Kek Kuat10:07 am

    Anon 11.15 am,

    This stupid Anon must be one of the Pendatang who never knew the history of the Malay Archipelago. Historically, it was normal for people within the Malay Archipelago to migrate within the archipelago which is now has been divided politically by the colonial Dutch and British into Malaysia and Indonesia. Thus,the migrants to Tanah Melayu (as Malaysia was known before)includes peoples from Minangkabau, Acheh,Sulawesi,Jawa etc. These people also brought their cultures here. The nation of Indonesia came about only in 1945 but these people have arrived here much earlier since the 14th century. How can only Indonesia claim the cultural rights to these shared culture? Its like 2 brothers claiming the rights to their father's name when their parent divorced and one follow the father and the other followed the mother. Of course,both have the right of their father's name.

    Luckily for Pendatang, their motherland never claim that Pendatang curi their culture eventhough Pendatang also practise the same culture as their motherland.

  14. josephine ngan2:16 pm

    Why isn't PERKASA chairman Datuk Haji Ibrahim Ali speaking out when Malaysian embassy in Jakarta was attack by indonesian mob(preman). Why isn't the great malaysian in him come out and demostrate outside the indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur?

    Malaysia must make it concern clearly that it is not ok for malaysia embassy to be attack by mob in jakarta!

    Josephine ngan ee huah
    seri kembangan

  15. Anonymous8:39 am

    josephine wants to see abang adek fight ka?

    you remember that Indons rape and burn the chinese ha?

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:41 pm

      Yah, but they got their comeuppance, didn't they?

      And the Indonesia of now knows which side it's bread is buttered on.

      Like how they roll out the red carpet every time the Chinese bigwigs come calling.

      That must be galling for proponents of the "abang-adek" special relationship which isn't that special any more.

  16. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Nik Ardy Arman can write the all the fuck he wants. It aint gonna make an iota of difference that Singapork meddled in Malayisan affairs. What Nik fuckhead writes amounts to nothing as my sister's friend's granmammy would yap : "what a whole load of hogwash from the pig sty". For all I care he is just shitting in the dark hoping that some of the turd smell will drown out his cheapskate government's busybody antics.

    Any way I dont expect people from the nosy, noisy, nincompoop pipsqueak to have any cool intellect or even a sense of intellect at all given the fact that 75% do not not even know how to sarong their filthy pigcocks with a condom:

    And this coming from a pig pen that claims itself a smart aleck in everything it does and with sex education that teaches contraception to boot (how stuuuuuupid the Chingkie pigs can be hahahahahaha). Must be some delusional Huge Godammned (HG=Hou Gang)mental infirmary.hahahahahaha

    2. the only trenches any Indonesian leader will find their faces buried in would be your filthy mother's cunt. Yeah that is what they gonna do to all Singaporkies for stealing and laundering Indonesia's hard earned cash, Realpolitik shit be damned. And that includes your momma as you and papa sit back and enjoy her fuckfest by real pros (not the amateur small limped cocked father and son tag team). Just desserts for the money-laundering jurisdiction assigned status of primary concern by the US State Department here:

    Warrior 231

  17. Anonymous5:08 pm

    bloodystone should have been in Indonesia when the riots against the chinese were ongoing

    the cyberworld would have been less irritating minus this pest

  18. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Agreed 5.08pm. But his adoration of one Aburizal is telling. That fucker is a Chingk pendatang masquearding as an Indon.

    Singaporkians are praying hard he wins for he will forever coverup those valid money laundering claims by the Indons but the fucker is gonna lose big for he is shitstained areshole himself from his bedding days with Suharto (whose wife Ibu Tien was another Chingk bitch acting Indon).

    The Indons have by and large woken to these Chingk tricks and awaiting to massacre them come the next economic recession.Medan, Jakarta 1998 will be child's play as my Indon contacts tell me.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:15 pm

      All the pathetic attempts to wreck bilateral relations...resulting in a big, fat zero.

      Unfortunately, our politicians and leaders are, when push comes to shove, more pragmatists than raving ideologues.

      Except for a select few, that is, who have never stopped railing against the perceived inequities and injustices of the real world and an ungrateful polity.

      Witness thereof the latest ups and downs in the cacophony of bilateral relationships, where erstwhile abangs and adeks refuse to accept their historical roles and the accompanying baggage.

      Anifah Aman certainly has his hands full steering the ship of Malaysia's foreign policy, especially when external imperatives tend to sideline domestic parochial concerns into insignificance, if not irrelevance.

      It will be interesting to see how things pan out in post-2015 Asean and in a post-TPP world.

  19. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Perkasa & the ethno-fascists only know how to bash minorities or small countries. Against the indon & their Konfrontasi-era mindset, they shrink & disappear.