Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Malaysia's Felda: The "bright spot" in a gloomy global market

World's second largest IPO to go through - New York Times
The other "F"
Bet you didn't think that those Felda settlers would one day do the world a big, big favour. But that's the fact. The world is not just watching and waiting for the Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (they should just call it "Felda" lah) IPO on 28 June 2012, it is hoping that this "bright spot" would show the way.  It is the second largest IPO the world has seen after Facebook, and after what happened to Facebook's IPO the expectations on Felda to do well are indeed very high. I have relatives who were Felda pioneers who were never held in high esteem because, well, they were just settlers. But the "Y" gen of Felda can hold their chins up.

At home, a handful of people will still try and dampen the mood. That's expected, too. The Felda IPO and the benefits it will bring are big political points for Najib Razak. Politically, therefore, his enemies would want to scuttle the affair. Economically, some settlers are still not convinced and/or are suspicious. The Felda management and the MPs and Aduns in the Felda zones should work extra hard to convince these settlers and put their wayward masters at bay.

For example, the 800 units of shares allotted for each settler. We know that is not true, that the 800 units are just the chocolate covering the mountain of vanilla (think McD's Choco-Top). The settlers together own 20 per cent of the Felda shares after 28 June that will be placed and managed by an ASB-like fund. An analyst says that amounts to 7-8 lots per settler. All FOC.

Read more about it in Big Dog's Bumi agenda steadfast post Felda IPO. 


  1. Sayang ... Tony F pulak dok sibuk nak IPO di Indonesia. :)

  2. Anonymous3:12 pm

    The Felda Settler Shares were FOC?!!

    Weren't they supposed to sign up for loans to take up those shares?

    Roscky if so, you're lying again!!

  3. Jasper Bloodstone4:27 pm

    Ah, yes - the "Bumi Agenda"! The big kahuna, the top gorilla in the room - it didn't take long for it to surface, did it?

    Why bother looking for "cornerstone investors" in FGVH and IHH when the "Bumi Agenda" reigns unchallenged?

    And to put the FGVH IPO in perspective, read the analysis "Strong govt hand helps KL rise above big IPO slowdown" in today's Singapore Business Times (www.businesstimes.com.sg).

    No "cutting and pasting", but I think that many investment bankers and fund managers may agree with the analysis in the Biz Times report.

  4. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Not mighty impressed with Najib Razak when he fumbled with the AA-MAS foul-up back in August last year and especially with his fruitless cozying up to them Chingkies which really demeaned him in the eyes of many a Melayu Bermaruah. U know hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong2.....

    Anyway, he seems to have got back his bearings lately and I am not the type who is loath to dish out the plaudits when praise is well-earned. So kudos PM for a job well done not only on Felda but also the less conspicuously cited but equally impressive:



    Now, if he can get Firefly up and flying as a jet outfit, call in AA's debts, restructure the economy, reward the bumi by strengthening the NEP, steer clear of maggots like Tony n Danny and cull some chingkies that will make his 2/3 a 3/4 for sure.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:21 pm

      In your dreams, mate....and that's putting it kindly.

      The thing about these cool maruah types is that they seem to have a bottomless talent for self-delusion and wishful thinking.

      As seen by their roseate assumptions about the Malaysian economy and their fond belief that it can perform well in isolation, regardless of how other mightier economies fare.

      But, then, lack of chutzpah was never their failing, as too an overweening belief in the "rightness" of their cause.

      Let's see which way the economic winds are blowing 12 and 24 months from now.

  5. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Still bright spot when CPO prices are dropping just like oil prices? If we are having bright spot, why DUMNO Government is circumising the benefits and raise barang just like BN?

  6. Anonymous7:34 pm

    This will have nothing to do with the court order putting the brakes on a certain position held by Tan Sri Isa in the Felda related organisation?


  7. Anonymous10:20 pm

    What's left in the country for the tax paying middle class Malaysians, bumi and non-bumi alike? Expensive roti canai, mineral water,ikan kembung etc and still paying tax.. Who are we going to vote? Rocky Bru, please give us some clues.

  8. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Facebook was obscenely priced. No matter how much you love FB you can't value a business that makes 3 Billion a year at 100 Billion market cap! Only reason FB released an IPO is the owners wanted to cash out. Most retail investors got burnt by Facebook only the insiders have cleaned up so far.
    It will be interesting to see how Felda goes.

  9. Anonymous7:51 am

    just fyi. needn't publish as comment
    DAP's 'yellow soldiers'
    Meanwhile, DAP has called on its members and supporters to gather at Jalan Sultan at noon on Saturday, before proceeding to Dataran Merdeka for the Bersih rally which is slated to begin at 2pm.
    In a Facebook posting, DAP calls on its "yellow soldiers" to gather at the designated area before marching together to the iconic public square in the city centre.
    "Let us open a new chapter to illuminate our dreams," it says.
    reported in malaysiakini april 25 http://my.news.yahoo.com/auntie-bersih-rallies-senior-citizens-bersih-3-0-031906172.html

  10. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Of course this kind of news will not make it to MI and the likes. These ‘newsportal’ bent on perpetuating PR (mostly DAP) view with obvious political inclination. Iam fine with it, but at least dont bash other media outlet as bias when you are one of, if not the worst culprit.

    Another example of ‘choose and pick i.e selective cut, paste and interprate the part you like, the way you like' to potray Malaysia economy is so desperate and dependant on China. The title alone is enough.

    This is MI version:


    And this is the original news as it appears in WSJ.



  11. Dr Junid7:31 pm

    Felda listing.The biggest cheting case in the history of Malay Muslim in Malaysia,

    They use golden share held by Felda to lease the plantation land from Peneroka and their cooperative without their knowledge and participaion.250 m per year for 800 thousands plus plantation per year.That mean they paid the settlers 70 ringgit per hectre per year.The market price around 2500 rgt per hecter per year.

    They peg the selling price of Felda Global at 4.60 per shares at PE 13.The fair valuation should be 7 rgt per shares.

    When the shares was over subscribe by 30 x,they proudlr tell Paliment the demand for Felda Share was overwhelm.If your shares price vary cheap every body want to buy.

    They sell down Felda holding shares from 100 percent to 37 percent.Now the Felda settlers have to work like a slave for 90 year of his land lease and they they get only 37" percent of their earning,the balance will goes to the jews in America,The CHinese in Singapore or The Mat Salleh in UK and Europe who are the shareholder of Felda Global.

  12. Anonymous8:24 am

    bro we are not denying benda-benda baik yang FELDA buat, people are fed-up dengan benda2 yang tak bagus, e.g. cuba yu check sikit berapa saham mr. chairman of Felda aka isa dapat? berapa board of directors dapat? isa ni mcm mark zuckerberg ke? founder fo felda? felda ni hak RAKYAT bro, boring lah, enough lah wahai orang melayu, banyak lagi cara lain nak jadi kaya wahai isa felda! hehehehehe

  13. Bro.
    Listing Felda signal the end of Felda 'dream' for the children settlers while the vultures i.e Abu Dhabi,book runners,investment bankers,UMNO agents,associates,move in to plunder the riches that Felda has on it book.

    Good Luck BN

  14. Anonymous12:43 am

    "This program is an addendum to the ‘Bumiputra Agenda’, as part of Prime Minister Najib’s Transformation Program to bring Malaysians to a higher income and economic level, on top of realizing the New Economic Policy (NEP) his late father engineered forty years ago.

    It is a very sound and smooth single stroke. to move the nation forward and narrowing the economic gap for the majority, especially the rural Malays."

    $1 for you, $100,000 for me
    #10,000 for you, $1,000,000 for me
    #50,000 for you, $5,000,000 for me
    Terima Kasih semua. Kita semua win-win.

  15. Anonymous3:03 am

    felda hak rakyat..hmmm peneroka tu smua guna duit sendiri ke beli tanah kelapa sawit? dieorg dpt free dgn syarat kena bangunkan tanah tu..nak komen pun buat research skit la..malu dah kan? hmm lepas ni sbb x dpt bangkang dgn fakta terus bukak cite pasal altantuya la lembu la takde modal cam anwar..