Friday, June 15, 2012

Rising tally in Mynamar's communal violence

Malaysia is home to some 80,000 refugees from Myanmar

Original article:

"Without the rule of law, such communal strife will only continue." - Suu Kyi 

Won't happen here. Sad to read about the latest religious violence in Myanmar, between Buddhists and Muslims, which have so far claimed 28 lives, read Communal Unrest Threatens Myanmar's Future. What it also threatens are the reforms that the ex-junta Government is undertaking, reforms the West have touted as nothing short of remarkable. Goes on to prove that our neighour needs to take care of the basics first. For communally diverse countries like Myanmar (and Malaysia), a prerequisite for progress is peace and stability between the races and religions.

Sad, too, when you think that some of our so-called leaders want to mould Malaysia's democracy after Myanmar's! For once, I would like to hear what Anwar and Ambiga have to say about the situation there.

p.s And for their info, Switzerland says it is lifting sanctions against Myamar except for arms that it believes the Myanmar Government may use against its own people! Read h e r e. 


  1. We are beyond that already and much thanks to our forefathers who has the rakyat's interest always in their hearts and mind. But can you rwally say the same thing about our current leaders. My answer is a big no looking at how they keep on playing the race and religion card just to be in power which is crucial for them to keep on amassing illicit wealth.

  2. Anonymous1:07 pm

    And those countries that supply Bolehland with teargas and chemicals to lace our water cannons should also stop sending these materials as they have been proven to be used against our own people. Our people use salt and water and the gomen says we use these materials in attempts to topple them.

    Don't worry about Myanmar, worry about our own country first. The violence comes from UMNO-inspired goons.

    UMNO reminds me of the bully in class who if pushed back gently falls dramatically to the floor. Should have kicked him really hard.


  3. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Could not agree more with you Dato on the situation in Myanmar and it is very sad to see it happen. And that is why it is so important that we put a halt to BN and esp. UMNO and their minions such as PERKASA/Utusan and the likes from destroying our beloved country. They are becoming desperate and are resorting to racial and religious bigotry in their hope of retaining power and not ending up behind bars. So for the future of our beloved country there can only be one rational decision, Anything But Umno -A.B.U.

  4. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Aha...Anwar idealistic South East asia new heaven of democracy says the country's value is Buddhist first

    ....just like the mother of democracy had implemented, her value is Anglo-Saxon Judeo-Christianity first...

    Sahabat BN

  5. Myanmar Watcher3:20 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    The riots were not due to democracy. They were coming due to the tensions between Buddhists and Muslims dating back to the British divide-and-rule policy. Same as what we are enduring in Malaysia. British governance in Peninsula Malaysia was race-based from the 1920s onwards. The race-based democracy practised in Malaysia will still divide but with lesser impact since 1969 because we have advanced economically and the people are more mature. However, because of the divide, the threat of riots still hangs over our heads like a sword, especially if the economy collapse into depression.

  6. Jasper Bloodstone3:59 pm


    Why aren't you pointing fingers at the Bangladesh government?

    After all, the Rohingyas are originally from Bangladesh, are they not?

    How did they land up, stateless and refugees, in Myanmar?

    According to reports, Bangladesh closed it's borders to Rohingya Muslims fleeing ethnic violence and riots in Myanmar's Rakhine province.

    Shouldn't the Malaysian government be pressing the Bangladesh authorities to do the right thing with regard to the Rohingyas?

  7. Anonymous5:27 pm

    you say the strangest things.

  8. IT.Sheiss9:10 pm

    "Without the rule of law, such communal strife will only continue." - Suu Kyi

    I wonder what a Syu Kyi government would do with the rule of law to stop and prevent such violence. Introduce a kind of ISA?

    Here the military government relaxes rule a bit and violence happens, what more with rule of law under Syu Kyi?

    When Tito's communists were in charge of Yugoslavia, there was peace but after they fell, ethnic cleansing, fighting between former Yugoslav federation members, Bosnia vs Serbia, Serbia vs Croatia, Serbia vs Bosnia, ethnic, religious & communal violence, husbands divorcing wives for political reasons, etc.

    The world does not always work according to western ideals. Different countries and societies have their own unique circumstances, history, culture, political maturity, political tradition, etc, which have to be addressed differently.

  9. Anonymous10:37 pm

    hopefully it won't be like the football thing; when a team plays good, the trend is being followed by other teams as well - crossing continents.......:)

  10. Suddenly Din Merican is mum on this.
    When Aung San Syu Ki was contesting, he and his suckers are full of praise for Myanmar.
    They were gleefully saying Myanmar was more advanced and more liberal than us.
    To Din and fans, there's no place worse than Malaysia. Nothing is good about Malaysia.
    And of course they wax lyrical about that Chinese small island beneath Johore.

  11. Anonymous11:28 am

    Those oppressed and forced to migrate are Muslims.
    So who cares.
    Quote Haris Salleh recently "Federal govt. would accept and take Muslim refugees from Myanmar..."


  12. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Jasper bloodstone

    I presume you are one of the escaped members of mynmar military junta who thinks Muslims in the country are not its citizen.

    Rohingyas are native of Arakan as the Chins, Chakma, Khami, Dhaniet and Maramagri. When the British gave Burma Independence in 1948 it also included Arakan or Rakhine and all the people who lived in the this state at that time including the Rohingyas who make up the majority of the people of Rakhine. The Rohingyas can chose to move to Chittagong (annexed by the Mugal in the 17 century from Burma) to be with their Muslims brethrens but decided to remain in their motherland where they had been living for hundred of years. 

    The is similar to the people of Patani in South Thailand who decided to remain under the Siamese rule when the British gave the four Muslim provinces to the Siam in 1902 although they can join their Muslim brothers in Kelantan, Kedah or Perak because they insist that this is their homeland. 

    How come you say Rohingyas are refugees from Bangladesh when the Rohingyas themselve are the one who escaped to Bangladesh to avoid continuous persecution from the Mynmar junta who didnt recognise them as the people of Mynmar.

  13. Anonymous6:48 pm

    To Anon 11.28

    You heartless bast@rd.

  14. Anonymous6:52 pm


    Don waste time talking about Myanmar bullshit.

    Msian Civil Liberty Movement MCLM now is revive again. Haris Ibrahim have new 'bantal' (28 year old only) - "cheap cheap drama" actress. Donno if actress also cheap cheap.

    Haris also revive ABU (aku bantai u). So wife no. 1, 2, 3 lari. Cannot stand ABU. Now new bantal no.4

    Two weeks ago Tunku Aaaamaaah died. So now import of marijuana to M'sia dropped 50%. He died in the Smoking Marijuana Area. Now less one marijuana candidate.

  15. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Pelarian itu tidak diiktiraf oleh DUNIA,,,,they are PENDATANG, tak kiralah dia MUSLIM or BUDDHIST,,,lagi pon krisis ni da berpuloh tahun berlaku,,!!!

    Yang kita nak KEPO apahal,,,MASALAH dalam NEGARA lagi Banyak,,, ni yang nak BELA PANDA with RM20 juta APA KE JADAH!!!

    Kan elok duit tu SPONSER Pelajar Malaysia yang sedang MENUNTUT di LUAR NEGARA dimana ramai yang IBUBAPA taja SENDIRI,,especially the FIRST year Student yang menunggu nak dapat SCHOLORSHIP dari JPA or MARA,,!!!!

    Anyway,,,what happen to the JEREBU,,,kan semakin TEROK,,,,apa GOMEN sedang lakukan???? Takaan GOMEN tak minta pertolongan dari NEGARA Jiran,,suroh padamkan,,,or waiting for RAKYAT to MATI dulu!!!

    Duit RM20juta tu bole di gunakan untuk OPERASI PADAMKAN KEBAKARAN yang sedang BERLAKU!!!! daripada BELA PANDA Bengong tu,,!!


  16. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Hmmm Rocky,

    How Now Brown Cow is all you know!!

    Myanmar nak compare dengan Malaysia?!!

    Bodoh Ke?!!!

  17. Anonymous11:20 am


    I see, a muslim-hating Chinese crackpot here claims it is a Bangladeshi problem:

    a. Sadly there was no Bangladesh to begin with in the 1950s.There was a place called East Pakistan but that just disappeared a long time ago.

    2. If we are to follow Mr Crackpot's logic, then we, the natives/pribumis of this land should inflict the worst possible atrocities on the local pendatangs and ask the Chingkna and Inchunia government's to take them back just like Mr Crackpot is imposing on Bangladesh here. After all, those pigs and cows were economic/political refugees plus wanted gangsters and whore hawking and opium peddling scumbags on the run who were let in by the British and forced upon us, the natives by the very same British who did the same with Rohingyas on the Myanmarese:

    "The waves of immigration were primary due to the requirement of cheap labor from British India to work in the paddy fields."

    So how come, going by crackpot's logic, it would be alright for Myanmar to shout at Bangladesh
    (remember a ludicrous proposition as 1 explains) while Malaysia is denied the same with Chingkna and Inchunia. Oh I see, benevolent pecksniffian Christo mercy at work here! "Do unto Muslim peoples and Nations, what you will not do unto urselves" (Jesu Kristu the Pagan in the New Parchment Section 27 verse 231)

    Problem is Mr Crackpot from Delusia due to madness and imbecility cannot understand the trajectory of his own logic distorted and divorced as it is from reality. What is good for the pig, aint good for the sow is his underlying principle. That dovetails with other things as well, like you MUST compare an orange with a durian, and all men are born equal only some ethnic is more equal than others, plus a whole load of hogwash pouring out from an overflowing septic cranium in Delusia.

    Just goes to show what a little bit of Internet googled knowledge can do to an illiterate scumbag of a troll masquerading as an intellectual wannabe.

    2. Ambiga to express concern or anything on the situation???!!! You are on something psychedelially kinky which you care to share with me, Brother.
    You can sooner get a monkey jump for a bag of peanuts then get that ugly potbellied, saggy arsed myopic woeman with droopy gynecomastia to raise a whimper let alone a voice for them Rohingyas. After all, (s)he is on he(r) 15 minute whoreholian fame walkabout now, you know lapping up the kudos and the cyber backslaps even as (s)he claims to be a willing jailed martyr for the cause when the selfsame (s)he has no scruples nor shame when hanging on to her Sarkozy-bestowwed French threads even as Sarkozy himself mocked multiculturalism and fucked his minorities...who happen to be....ehem..French Muslims er...just like them Rohingyas. - France

    As for the other Sheila, that one is busy screwing arses to ever care or ever dare upbraiding Noble Peace prize winner Aung Kunt Su Chi for her hypocrisy.Such is the Adoration from petty scumbags for a douchebag who had to call for a vomitbag in front of a posse from them rags.

    You know them kaffirs are all the same when it comes to Moooselems (moose and lemmings in their eyes). Yup, all Kaffirs from Nobel Prizers to Arse screwing faggots with she-mans sandwiched in between.

    P/s: Care to share with me that little psychedelia, Bru? But am pretty sure, ah wont need it to soup up mah brains as a certain ethnic badly needs to:

    See aint my pal Warrior 231 speaking the truth all this while about 'em Chingks. Even the Chingk professor admitted as much regarding his filthy kind.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone12:33 pm

      Let's see now - the sum total of your rants can be summed up as "Buddhists and Muslims cannot coexist peacefully"?

      Go ahead & spell it out in simple language so that none of us can be deceived or misinformed and that there is no misunderstanding about where you are coming from.

      Let's get the basics on the table first.

  18. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Amendment to my comment on Mr Crackpot's rant

    1. Problem is Bangladesh was not in existence in the 1900s and East Pakistan only came about close to the 1950s before morphing into Bangladesh at the dawn of the 1970s. So to say Rohingyas originally from Bangladesh is stretching it to insanity's limits.

  19. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Filthy Chingki Jasper says why not point finger at Bangladesh... Good question...

    Rohingyas settled in Arakan time immemorial ago and now being driven out from their own land and this, somehow become Bangladesh's problem instead of racist Burma...

    This Chingki's father or grandfather came as a beggar or whore 100 years ago from Chingki and now, let's all get this scumbag out of the country...After all, by Chingki Jasper's own logic, it is Chingki's problem and not Malaysia. Ok Chingki Jasper, Fair deal?

    1. Anonymous3:49 am

      Which part of you isnt retarded?

  20. wow Rocky, congrats, this article really brings out the worst in the Pakatan fools, listen to their anti-Islam rants and you know that most of the opposition really hates Islam and God. Those devil worshippers beter realise, PRU 13 will still not allow them to overthrown Islamic leaders and the belief in God, dream on Illuminati lovers, Islam will prevail! Allahuakbar!

  21. Salam Dato,

    1.Perlukah kita berada semula 40 tahun ke belakang?Perebutan kuasa Myanmar menyatakan segala-gala nya.

    2.Masih ramaikah pengundi Malaysia teruja dan terus buta hati terhadap penipuan pemimpin-pemimpin yang bakal menghancurkan masa depan Malaysia?

    Fikirlah sebaik-baik nya terutama kepada Melayu Islam dan rakyat Malaysia lain nya yang bongkak riak tidak mensyukuri nikmat yang sudah tersedia....

  22. Anonymous11:44 am

    Anon 6.48pm,

    Sorry to confuse you.
    I was just pointing out that Malaysian Federal Govt. cares for these people,Myanmar and Filipino Muslims,and been taking them in.
    But then of course it makes many locals unhappy.
    Maybe you should redirect what you called me to them.

    Anon 11.38 AM

  23. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Perhaps Myanmar should learn from Najib and import more C4 to protect his country

  24. Anonymous7:37 pm


    See how the pig twists when exposed with its own logic. After all,it started the game didn't it?

    It couldn't be bothered that Buddhists are slaughtering Muslims, that is after all perfectly acceptable in its delusional humane worldview. What is important is that poor old Bangladesh who weren't even on the map hundreds of years ago must bear the cross-wearing, Christo garbage worshipping Englishman's burden, all questions be damned. Hey even if solid evidence emerges that the Rohingyas are natives to Myanmar, Bangladesh must still carry the can for them Rohingyas are Muslims!

    Try using that same twisted logic of the pig on the Chingkies here and China and watch it go ballistic and twist its knickers into a Gordian knot to hang itself with. As I said give an intellectual pygmy a bit of Internet access and it will show us all the shallow hollowness of its cranium.

    Laying cards on the table? Some cockless macho talk!

    How stupid can it be not to see that itself had already done so, which by the way is not surprising knowing from which mental racist sty it comes from. Poor pathetic Muslim and Malay hating Christian Chingkie bastard!

  25. Anonymous9:00 am


    Kasi tengok itu KAYVEAS,,,the PUNDEK of the highest degree!!

    Ada ke dia kata that 99% of BERSIH participant,,,,tak tau apa tujuan dia and most of them are paid to be there!

    MAK dia punya PUKI ada ULAT,,,cakap melalui BONTOT,,macam mana NAJIB bole amek this IDIOT and itu PPP (PARIAH PUKIMAK PARTY) kasi dissolve lah,,

    -AH JU BOR-

  26. Anonymous2:42 pm

    I think this hate against Muslim Rohinyas become worst since the time, Taliban destroy that Buddha Statue in a Bumiyan cave.

    Christian & Muslim, getting worst, since 911, 2001.


  27. Jasper Bloodstone4:57 pm

    "800,000 fled their countries last year" (AP)

    "Crises in Libya, Sudan, Somalia and elsewhere prompted 800,000 people to flee their countries last year, the highest number in 11 years, the United Nations Refugee Agency said in a report issued yesterday. Including people who fled their homes but not their countries, the total number of newly-displaced people worldwide last year was 4.3 million, with some 2.7 million from Afghanistan."

    Let's see - 2.7 million Afghanis "displaced" last year. Where were the expressions of outrage from the likes of warrior and others, and demands for retribution on the perpetrators of the displacement in Afghanistan?

    Yet they surface with expressions of outrage and worse when conflicts happen in Myanmar?

    Why the angst over what's happening in Myanmar when there's a discreetly studied silence over what's happening in Afghanistan?

  28. Anonymous6:03 pm

    No problem to keep them here - just add more Bumi status and soon Zaid, Ali etc are all demanding special previleges when the cakes are shrinking. Bumis who are living here hundred years ago may lost our to new pendatng bumis

  29. Jasper Bloodstone3:18 pm

    It's interesting that Malaysia is placed in the Tier 2 Watch List category in the US State Department's Trafficking in Persons report 2012, when Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei are ranked higher in Tier 2 without the "Watch List" qualification.

    Can we expect Anifah Amin to do his duty and cry foul over this US Government ranking?

    It seems to me that those emoting over the plight of the Rohingyas in Myanmar should also spare a thought for the victims of human trafficking in Malaysia.

    I have yet to see an official statement from the Malaysian government that categorically rejects the Myanmar government's assertion that the Rohingyas are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

    Is this part of Asean's sacrosanct policy of non-interference in a member state's internal affairs and domestic politics?

    Because if it is, vilifying certain Myanmar personalities isn't going to make an iota of difference.

  30. It is unfortunate to suggest that it is a Muslim vs Buddhist confrontation. If that were so then there is a theocratic basis to the fight. Like as if each really knows his or her own religious doctrines and tenets and finds conflict with the others' and motivated by their believes pushes on the confrontation. That is bullshit and we all know it. Its economics, jobs, one group seen to be culturally, linguistically and racially different from the different from the other. There could also be territorial disputes as well. But since the antagonists belong to different religious groups it may be easier to refer to this as a religious conflict rather than any other. I guess its more catchy. If only the Middle East impasse can also be similarly classified as a Muslim/Judaism conflict, you may have a lot more Muslims coming into the fray. Fortunately it is still very much an Arab/Palestinian Jewish conflict so that some from amongst them don't necessarily find it their business to actually commit lives and $$ into the conflict.

  31. Anonymous8:28 am

    Nobel price recipient and honorary Harvard doctorate holder Aung San Suu Kyi tak amik pot pun !!!! dia bz nowdays buat lawatan ke luar negara ! hehehehhehehe human right champion konon minah ni, f%cK*ng idiot betul ....

  32. Anonymous8:31 am

    perhaps ds najib boleh hantar anughairah tuhan malaysia pi sodom orang2 jahat kat myamar ni.... hehehehe, c4 cost lots of money, ky jelly cheaper, ..... heheheheee

  33. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Tier 2ke atau Tier 2 Watchlist ke same aje. Cuma yang WL itu di bawah lebih banyak survelillance,wahai babi. Aku dok peghati dua mende:

    1. kalau Spork itu first world amacam boleh duk dengan 'pariah2' dalam kelas 2 (tier 2)

    2. Mestilah negara aku dok dalam Tier 2 WL kerana semua gangster dan pimp Chino yang dok buat kerja seludup dari Spork untuk hantar China doll kat Penang dan Selangor. Cuba tanya Babi Lim Guan Eng dan babi Ronnie Liu Lanchiau, negeri manakah paling banyak rumah urut haram dan prost den China Doll? jawapannya......Tiada hadiah ye, Babi Jasper. Suruh mereka guna Local Government Act atau Municipal bylaws untuk katup semua rumah jual chibai tu dulu...ada berani, Babi Jasper?? Tarak teloq punya oghe gilo mana ado berani, kan gitu Jasper

    Amacam, dulu Warrior 231 ada guna website State Department tu pasai Money laundering, hang kecut perut tal leh terima, sekarang yang ni nak terima. Money Laundering tak betoi, Human Trafficking betoi pulak, babi sewel? jelas, hang Cino penipu troll DAP tarak guna satu sen. haram kejadah!

    Hang merapu bodoh dulu babi bila cakap pasal trade dan diplomatic relation bila Hilary Clintong sendiri lancarkan Report ini:

    "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unveiled the 2012 Trafficking In Persons Report Tuesday, which sheds light on international human trafficking worldwide from the United States to North Korea.........

    amacam..nak bising lagi pasai trade, diplomatik relations blahblahblah, lanchiau tiuniamah punya babi sial laknatullah.

    Babi Jasper kena londeh lagi...kahkahkahkahkahkah

    2. RD

    Buddha tu sial laknatullah duk sembelih Islam di Sri Lanka, Thailand Selatan dan Myanmar. Bila Taliban bom Bamiyan diAfghanistan di mana penganut Buddha hampir 0, satu dunia kecoh. Kononnya karutmarut Buddha itu "peaceful". Peaceful my cock!

    Nirvana itu posisi seks dari KamaSutra kot, dan Ahimsa tu mungkin cara lancap sambil baring bawah pokok Bodhi....kaniniamah chou chibai Gautama!

    Penembak Babi

  34. Jasper Bloodstone7:38 pm

    Penembak porcines

    Ah, yes - the warrior wanker and his rants about money laundering (alleged) in Singapore.

    When challenged to name specifically which Singapore-based financial institutions have been accused of money laundering by authorities in the US, UK and Europe, he retreated into sullen silence.

    I am still waiting for him to put up a list of names.

    Maybe he can tap his sources at various central banks to come up with the said list.

    Or maybe the Penembak feller can exercise his maruah intellect on his compatriot's behalf, eh? Sort of like helping him to wear his diapers.

  35. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Woit Babi kaniniamah chouchibai tiuniamah Jasper Pig

    1.Is this part of Asean's sacrosanct policy of non-interference in a member state's internal affairs and domestic politics?

    Jawab sekarang:

    1. bukan Spork masuk campur dalam hal Malaysia?Amacam sekarang, pundek punya babi..ada malu sikalang. Aku to bangsa palat ko kat Spork sokonmg Cino Malaysia untuk hancurkan melayu. Aku tahu segalanya..akan ku dedahkan bagaimana Lee kaniniamah sedang hasut Cino babi sini. Aku tahu agen lowclass macae hang masuk blog ini untuk tujuan apa. Aku tau semua pasai ko dan konco-konco ko babi!

    2. that categorically rejects the Myanmar government's assertion that the Rohingyas are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

    Taik Palat kau, Anu.. pembuyuk betoi! Pukimak babi...ilegal apamende:

    The British census of 1891 reported 58,255 Muslims in Arakan. By 1911, the Muslim population had increased to 178,647.[8] The waves of immigration were primary due to the requirement of cheap labor from British India to work in the paddy fields.

    1. Ada kecek pasai bangladesh, stupid pig?

    2. ada bangladesh dalam peta dunia 1892 atau 1911?

    3.ada kata illegal immigrant bila British bawak masuk sebagai indentured labour sama macae keling pariah dan Cino babi pelacur, bapak ayam dan penagih dadah macam moyang hang!!

    Woi Babi Jasper..dengar sini baik2 ko tak leh tipu lagilah babi sebab semua boleh di londeh dengan mudah aje. Zaman ini infomasi di hujung jari.Jangan nak kelentong babi anti Muslim. Lagi baik ko balik rumah dan hisap batang bapak mung sebelum kongke puki busuk mak hang.Baruah Singapura makan tahi babi punya bangsat. Kaniniamah, Tiunimah, langchiau ptui!

    Penembak Babi

  36. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Hey dont lie-lah pig. Countries dont get put on some watchlist for nothing.Yu yurself proudly proclaimed the Human Trafficking Report as an example. Warrior provided additional evidence including the statement by Indian Corruption and data from the US State Dept website. Andy Xie collaborates those evidence, enough said.

    Simply put, the whole Spork jurisdiction is under scrutiny for money laundering and the worms will be out soon. The Swiss found that out a bit too late.

    You still in diapers? Might be pretty small for her to have left you to wank yourself or u have anything left. By the way, answer Penenmbak, coward. Doubt you can.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone3:52 pm

      "The worms will be out soon..."


      How "soon" is "soon"? Next month, next year or akan datang (as per Malaysian standards)?

      I thot I had rebutted the penembak porcine. Maybe he doesn't have the intellectual nous to appreciate the points I made. Which ain't surprising, considering.

      As for the tragedy of the Rohingyas in Myanmar, I don't see the powers that be in the Islamic world riding cavalry-like to their rescue. Not the OIC, not the GCC, not Iran, not Indonesia, not Pakistan, not Bangladesh and not Malaysia.

      Nope, as far as they are concerned, it seems to be a NIMBY problem.

      Or, maybe, it's the overriding diktats of realpolitik!

  37. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Why are we to trust you, Jaspy Pig? After all you lied about Rohingyas, bangladesh's responsibility, Spork's interference as Penembak just showed above. and you have lied many times before on other things as well. Low quality, low IQ troll.

  38. Anonymous9:42 pm


    bloodystone kena bloodied sampai stone ....

  39. Anonymous1:24 am

    Woit Babi

    Gapo senyap aje? Batang pak hang tersumbat dalae mulut hang kah babi?? atau tahi puki mak hang dah kasi gam mulut hang, kah Babi?

    Woi Babi, malu sebut babikah sampai pakai 'porcine'. Tapi ko memang bongok betoi babi, bahlol, tolol punya babi. Porcine tu adjective.

    Dalam BI pun oghe tak sebut 'porcine shooter' tapi "pig-shooter". Bodoh punya babi, Ingelis pun tunggang langgang macam keno gilo babi.

    Kerje tembak babi macam hang perkara lama, nengok sendiri:

    Silap haribulan, hang mungkin kena gitu, baru padan muka. Untuk sementara waktu baca aje lawak ini, kelakar betoi, babi!:

    One afternoon a man says to his wife-"you,me and the dogs are going pig shooting". They pack the truck and head off. They get there late at night and the man says, we will head off at sunrise. The wife is tired and replies, I don't want to go in the morning. The husband is furious and replies, I will give you 3 options, you, me and the dog shoot, or you give me a blow job,or we have anal sex. The wife isn't to pleased but realises its one or the other.

    They rise early in the morning and the husband says,well,whats it to be. She isn't pleased but decides to give him a blow job. As soon as she starts she stops and says,your dick tastes like shit. He replies: "Yer,the dog didn't want to go either".

    Penembak Babi

    1. Jasper Bloodstone3:56 pm

      Gee, and here I am thinking that Aesop's fables are the bee's knees and then some!

      Or, maybe, it's more of the Grimm fairytales!

      Whatever, in the real world, shrill denunciations and antic rantings don't amount to much.

      As the mullahs in Iran are learning to their cost!

  40. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Woit Babi

    Hang akan kena nasib yang serupa macam youtube ini, wahai babi. Aku janji, babi:

    OIC, u rebutted your mama's pantat again, babi. Apa sebab you mau butt fuck dan rebutt oghe tua itu selalu. Syokke babi main pantat mak sendiri atau memang perangai kaum Cino babi to butt dan rebutt pantat pelacur tuo mereka. Filial piety atau filial pigfuck, eh babi? Bangang, tohlol, bangsat, keparat punya babi bongok tak tahu macam mana nak guna adjective nak kecek pasai otak oghe lain.Oghe kecek lain dia bawak lari ke GCC Iran,cuma belum bawak masuk lagi lubang tahi ayah dio atau lubang piki mak dio. Cakap macam keling putar alam. Hang ada darah keling kot babi, mana tau masa tengah mengandung toilet cleaner keling tarok sama pelacur tua itu.

    Tiuniamah, chouchibai, kaniniamah, linkun, lanchiau punya babi.

    Cao Ni Ma Ge Bi, da bien. Ni ma de chou bi. Tou nee ma, hun dan!

    Penipu, hipokrit, pembuyuk sial laknatullah punya chingkie christian BABI.

    agaknya farmer dalam lawak ni, engkolah BABI:

    A farmer was worried that none of his pigs were getting pregnant. He called a vet and asked what he should do if he wanted more pigs. The vet told him he should try artificial insemination. The farmer, not wanting to appear stupid, answered okay and hung up the phone. Unclear on what the vet meant by artificial insemination, the farmer decided it must mean he had to impregnate the pigs himself, so he loaded all the pigs in his pickup and drove down to the woods and shagged them all.

    The next day he called the vet again, and asked how would he know if the pigs were pregnant. The vet told him they would be lying down rolling in the mud, but when he looked out the window not even one was lying down. So, he loaded them up in his pickup again and drove them to the woods and shagged them all again. To his dismay they were all standing the next morning. So, again he loads the pigs in his truck drives them to the woods and shags them for the third time.

    By the next morning the farmer is beat, so he asks his wife to hop out of bed and look out the window to see what the pigs are doing. She says "hmmm - that's weird, they are all in the truck and one of them is blowing the horn".

    Penembak Babi

  41. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Enough of round trippinglah Jasper Pig. Answer your bangladesh bullshit first, ok or is it too taxing for your brains to answer your own idiocy, moron.


  42. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Apa ini Rocky. Mana komen aku pada babi? Ganas sangatkah, eh rocky? kalau gitu aku tulih komen lain tapi tunggu hang jawab dulu

    Ko jange nak ikat tangae ako Rocky. Ako nak belasah babi penipu sial ni teghok-teghok sampai dia tak leh lagi rebutt-fuck mak dio, babi cina palat penghisap puki!

    Penembak Babi