Thursday, June 21, 2012

MP Kamalanathan slams PAS veep over religious slur, demands apology

"To add insult to injury you have also said that the Hindus who carry the kavadi during this spiritual ceremony are semi conscious and yet they don’t need tear gas to keep the situation calm. Sir, this statement reeks of political expediency ..". - P. Kamalanathan 

Street demo and Thaipusam: One and the same to Salahuddin? 
To the honorable YB Salahuddin Ayub, as an MP and also vice president of a senior opposition party I think your statements during the recently organized debate by Sinar Harian were both out of order and veritably rude to all Hindu religion believers in our country. YB, this debate was to explore if street demonstrations strengthen or weaken a democratic system. Yet you likened a pious spiritual activity such as the holy Thaipusam festival to street demonstrations. This similarity you have advocated has slighted and desecrated the holy event and injured the feelings of the over 1 million Hindu practitioners in the nation ...

Read YB P. Kamalanathan's entire letter to the PAS man h e r e. 


  1. drMpower3:31 pm

    so hindu religion people in pakatan strangely has NOTHING to say about this? jesus christ how low can one go for political?

    this is a classic example. children take a good look on this.

  2. Anonymous4:12 pm

    big words from puny little indian...

    this thamby should first fucked them mp buggers from bn for all the religious slurs, that if he got balls to do it.


  3. Jasper Bloodstone5:59 pm

    I recall that vile slurs and racist epithets were aimed at Ambiga and Tony Fernandes over the past few months.

    Yet I don't think that YB Kamalanathan has been quick to spring to their defence.

    I hope that he is not picking and choosing his fights based on unknown criteria....

    That would be a tad hypocritical, I think.

    1. Anonymous4:15 pm

      Religion.. Pls stick to the issue la cendol

  4. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Anon big words,

    I don't care if this Salahuddin fella is Pakatan or BN, if he has no respect for my religion I will have no respect for him.

    If you don't have the balls to say so to this Salahuddin bugger, let someone else like YB Kamalanathan do it. You just keep your balls in your mouth, ok dei?

    And pordah yourself la thamby cunni yilek.

  5. Anonymous8:31 pm


    You're and Idiot. Just because People's comments showed how stupid you were on the FELDA Issue, you ran and set up the Kamala Vs Pas Matter!!

    Typical UMNO Putra Coward!!

  6. Anonymous8:38 pm

    The thing is, its about he said, they said, bla bla bla.

    Its like the police report against Md Sabu saying something about communists and a retired fellow got worked up to lodge a police report. In the court, the bugger says, the report based on what the media reported. Then he wants the court NOT to take action, because Md Sabu is now his brother.

    This story never come out in the honest mainstream media.

    I hope Kamalanathan got his facts correct and his source accurate too.

    Otherwise he may end up as a one term MP.

    Funny, how Rocky does not guide the MP well on this.

    Even the letter by the YB has grammatical mistakes.

    Whats wrong lah?


  7. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Wah terernya YB Kam Lan a than.

    Hoping for Hindu votes again in coming elections, kut.

    So quiet since last elected, suddenly active again, woh.

    Poodah, tamby. Using religion issues to gain symphathy votes kah?

  8. Anonymous2:24 am

    What about Achi Amma Ambiga pundek kalathai thaioli? Not a pipsqueak from the old filthy cunt? Still a Hindu or a convenient Hindu to stir your fellow kind when those demos outside your bungalow were raising your blood pressure? Remember, thangachi that old adage reconfigured to fit your mentality: what is good for the pig is good for the sow too.

    PR scumbags are the pits. Immoral, worthless, useless, unethical, hypocritical, asinine douchebags and slimepoops.Sewage slime and toilet-bowl sludge whose only raison d etre in life is stirring shit to give meaning to a failed self.

    To the Chingkie cocksuckers amongst them, religion is a plaything. Saw how Hardy KepalaButoh Awek and Nikki Azeez NikMAT Puki sold kalimah "Allah" for a trifle. Saw how the Buddhist Dapsters lick DAP christo arses even as they are deemed worthless pagans by the Christian DAP Chingkie bastards and whores.

    Any surprises then, the Hindu bastards in PR, the so-called pious ash-powdered bastards and bitches are very quiet about Sallehuddin's jibe.

    They are all in it together, men and women who will bed their own sons and daughters, mothers and fathers just to satisfy their cocks and cunts itchy taste for a fuck. These immoral pimps, prostitutes, pondans would have been kicked out elsewhere a long time ago...but in Malaysia there is an equally filthy-minded ethnic like these immoral, lascivious scumbags. Yeah, the ethnic who will sell their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters for a fistful of dollars and for the levers of power....i am speaking of the Chingkies. As they say : birds of a feather flock together

    Warrior 231

  9. Anonymous8:27 am

    suspended from school because of miniskirt??? oh come on!!!

  10. Anonymous11:20 am

    All religion are sacred to its true believers and thus in no uncertain terms should religion be made part and parcel of any political agenda or for that matter politics.

    For many years the Hindus had observed and participated in this religious event that has even attracted many foreign tourists to Malaysia and this can be translated to an increase in the tourism revenue.

    On the same note I am certain the Muslims too would not like the Maulidur Rasul processions to be equated with street demonstrations!

    Since we live in a multi racial country / society let us all be more sensible and sensitive to the religious beliefs of our countrymen primarily because the constitution does allow everyone to freely practise their religious beliefs.

    So why do we need to unnecessarily offend anyone's religion??

    Concerned Malaysian

  11. Anonymous11:34 am

    it's GODLY thing to slander other religion in PAS.
    it'e evilllll thing to talk even about other religion in BN.

  12. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Wow being a muslim i must say that this PAS people will do and say anything w/o thinking (reemember that fella tweet the www0 - hurts people feeling for their whatever political gains. How stupid there are many more thing s to say but pick this sensitive issue - u dont know what to say just keep quiet.

  13. Anonymous1:47 pm

    YB Kamalanathan apa pasal tak marah Si Mamak buat burger daging lembu di depan rumah Yang Berbahagia Dato Seri S. Ambiga walhal beliau seorang wanita Hindu yang vegetarian. Dimanakah YB ketika veteran membuat "Senaman Bontot" didepan rumah beliau. Dimanakah anda ketika buku sastera yang memperlekehkan kaum India diwajibkan disekolah kita.
    Wahai Thambi, tak payahlah nak jadi Hero Tamil sekarang. MIC memang sudah jelas menjadi budak suruhan UMNO. Sebab itu sekarang MIC dikenali sebagai Make Indians Cry party!

  14. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Salahudin is a dickhead for saying that. He should learn from rafizi.

    Kamalanathan is a smart aleck for taking advantage of this, in a good way of course.


    I wait for the day when MP are also quick to condemn their own party members when such remarks are made.

  15. Anonymous12:34 am

    Dei..Tambi..Burger tak boleh jual ke..So let us buat demo 2 juta orang kat McDonald...Kita kasi Bersih betul-betuk itu MacDonald

  16. Anonymous9:59 am

    Pooorah Rocky Brute!!

    Just because You DKK!!

  17. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Rocky, pls censor those who use vulgar n obscene words.

  18. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Setuju dengan YB Kamal dan tindakan tegas terhadap yang terlibat mencemarkan agama suci mesti dilakukan dan mungkin taraf kerakyatan beliau seharusnya dikaji samaada harus ditarikbalik.

    Juga harus YB Kamalanathan dan rakan-rakan beliau dalam MIC harus berhati-hati sekiranya Pemimpin Bersih,YB Dato Seri S.Ambiga yang memperjuangkan pilihanraya yang bersih dan adil tidak akan dibenarkan untuk menggantikan tempat YAB Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu bila beliau bersara kelak.

  19. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Do you know that our prime minister in 1986 was Tun Hussein Onn...I was lucky to catch it on TV3 last night.


  20. Anonymous5:42 pm


    Stop Fanning Religious Sentiments...

    Your desperate attempts at garnering votes for your UMNO political masters will cause discord and antagonism between different religions and races in Malaysia..

    Perhaps you should take a long holiday in Khazakstan at the NFC Condo there so Malaysia can carry on in peace without you!

    Joe Black

  21. Anonymous12:18 am

    Pakatan Hindus got no balls to comment even when their religion is being insulted or go against Pakatan warlords, otherwise they will be silenced by Gag order and banned from party post. Only know how to carry their leaders' balls.

  22. Anonymous12:32 am

    This is typical of opposition mentality and gameplan

    Please do not let them lead Malaysia

    Koyak nanti..

  23. Anonymous1:20 am

    up yours Kamalnathan! and Rocky!!

    The one million statements issues by your god damn stupid UMNO is ignored!!!!

    What about the ass hole jamaluddin JArjis or Ibrahim Ali????

  24. Anonymous12:20 pm


  25. Hindus are saying..Yes..Thaipusam is a demo for the soul..and being semi-conscious is needed. :)

    I am concerned and delighted we are taking about it. The context was that a peaceful demo is possible.

    PAS at least is trying to explain my religion; albeit not very well.

  26. It was Kambingnathan that did the equation on thaipusam's procession to street demonstration. Salladdin 's point was to state a matter of fact that whether it be a street demonstration or a procession, thaipusam, maulidur rasul or merdeka etc, as long as the police does not exercise unecesary physical force or sabotage, all would be well and peaceful.

    I understood well what Salahuddin was saying but it puzzles me why Kambingnathan did not as its not really that dificult to understand the statement.