Monday, February 27, 2012

Rais, Mat Maslan .. Care to Explain?

Updated, lunchtime 27 Feb
... You wish!
Much ado, indeed. I asked around and it seems that B L O G and bloggers - anti or pro-Opposition - were not mentioned at all during the Cabinet briefing. The focus was on social media and how ministries can improve their handling of the social media. Rais Yatim did sack his press secretary the very next day but none of the other ministers did so the sacking was not likely to have been due to the Cabinet briefing. But then again, you'll never know with that dude ...

So anti-Opposition bloggers, carry on your good work. And anti-Government bloggers, hit them harder! It's back to status quo. We are all still relevant here. Hehe.

Original posting 

Much ado about new media. Journo-blogger Bujai has heard something disturbing said to have taken place on Feb 22 at the last Cabinet meeting. It seems that between Rais Yatim and Ahmad Maslan - one Najib Razak's Information Minister and the other his party's Imformation chief - an idea crystallized based on an internal study that the new/alternative/social media, especially the pro-BN ones, aren't going to have any significant impact for Najib Razak's Barisan Nasional in next General Election. 

That was what the then PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had been told before PRU12, before the so-called tsunami, before BN lost five states and the two-thirds in Parliament.

Read Bujai's My friendly message to the PM Office.I hope he has heard wrong. Otherwise, I'd like to know what Rais, Ahmad Maslan and the others named in his latest posting have to say ...


  1. Wow, if they still think they can win their battle on the pages of newspapers, then they are worse off than I ever imagined....

    I am not sure Najib would want all bloggers and twitteratis and facebookers to go against him, not even for a day....

  2. Anonymous6:10 am


    dalam politik semua pasal survival walaupun pijak kepala kawan.

    Rais want to stay in the cabinet. Maslan want to replace him. Then budak pemuda Umno yang jaga budget media baru tu pun nak tumpang sekaki nak jadi calon.


    Be Weary of the News Media

    28 Oct 2011

    by Haji Mokhtar Stork (Ust.)in View

    Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda. It was he who developed the theory that if you fed society with sufficient propaganda they would believe you. Today, this approach has taken on supreme dimensions. Take the war in Libya. First they let ordinary civilians die at the hands of Gadhafi troops. The world is fed with these pictures day in and day out. This is then followed by pleas for help and accusations that America and the West is doing nothing to save humanity from such brutality....

  4. Jasper Bloodstone8:41 am

    Heh, heh - more prominence for Utusan Malaysia, Perkasa and the like-minded?

    Folks, we saw this coming!

    Like the Rudd-Gillard conflict in Australia, the power that comes with the highest political office in Malaysia is awfully tempting....

    Which man (or woman) in their right mind would be willing to give that up without a fight? And collateral damage be damned!

  5. Anonymous9:10 am

    Some people getting worrid they may be out of a job spinning...Nothing much can do for Jibbly's image...
    Lynas safe for him so better he build his home there ! Then i would'nt mind holding his hand for a walk in lynas!Nobody believe Jibbly try as they may .

  6. It is Rais Yatim - a man that probably has his emails printed for him to read.......
    Besides I think he is pissed off with the UMNO Bloggers...

  7. Dreamy11:11 am

    Sir, there are good qualities ones, and there are also bad qualities ones. Some may appeal to different sets of audience, for example the kedai kopi ones and the starbuck types.

    Seriously, they all play their roles. Truth be told, you can never gauge the level of support each one of the blogs may get. They fluctuates all the time.

    But, I think, line must also be drawn, for example, against those who just loves to put up sexy ladies picture to draw in traffic.

  8. Anonymous11:28 am

    Dato rock,
    Mat maslan is a dumb stupid fool person. At one of the close door meets with the pro BN bloggers.. He did mention that the function of bloggers like " melukut di tepi gantang". I just wondering what is so special about this clown...
    An insult to Najib's circle! Kerja tak buat sebab tu lah ada berjuta juta pengundi Melayu yang tak daftar.. Empty vessels make most noise... Itulah Ahmad Maslan.

  9. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Rocky and the JR blogger, get real la. There r soem of us who have written to PM , (non responde)that the media & info arm of Govt & UMNO r not sharp & no zing. Dont know how create mileage and seize opportunities to hit at opposition. when they do hit opposition , gempar and panas yea babeh, words only, - but no facts. Just anger, curses and more swearing. Tun M says, facts , fight with facts.. We here say put the facts to visual and it will eb most effective! To b able to do that we say to PM"s people - bloggers and govt info people and chieftains and tribal heads must work together. U need each other. Time & again so many things , good things that PM and Govt done , have not seen the light of day on TV & radio.
    If there is, it will sound so jaded, bla bla bla, same old style , people dont want to listen dont want to see.
    TV only highlight najib or the minister. This is not good. Should show there are other strong leaders and personalities working for the people and govt.

    We say use the artistes to draw in crowd, esp getting voters to register but govt officers not happy , cuz it may show artistes do better work then officers. But thats what the artistes and producers are for and they are quite happy to do it for govt that have done a lot for them. Sekarang baru nak guna artistes. Isnt it a bit late.

    It is true there r favourites of PM trying to undermine minster of info. But that woudl be with PM's blessings? But really , the problem is not the misniter, more the very senior govt leaders around him who are lettign him down. Its the same story with other ministers. Thats why we say important that they work with key bloggers and share info.

    And bloggers in your position, please advise PM and the cabinet , there is not enough info interpreted visually & effectively on good things being done. There's a lot! No govt have done as much as the malaysian PM current in a short while . But where is the news ? Lost in bullshit and stale info poorly told over TV . Why is BN not using them as much as possible? Too many good things done , not well planned for effective PR and psywar mileage. if true that Info minister sacked his secretary - he should have done it a long time ago. But we dont think he will throw away this scourge who's done a lot of damage to the minister.
    Just like InfoComm minister seems to have a hold on PM, so does this press sec over minister .They cant let go of each other!


  10. NAGAMAN,

    Agree with you thoroughly.
    There is need to return to the news. With someone like Najib doing what he's doing, no need to spin. Just report.

  11. Instead of sacking your press secretary and dismissing pro-BN bloggers, why don't you dismiss yourself, Rais.
    You will be doing us a great favour if you do that.
    You have overstayed your welcome. Overly long crossing the bridge which you have burnt a long,long time ago.
    Pack your bags and take Maslan with you. You are both a perfect match. Stupid. Goblok.
    I don't watch RTM news because I can't stand seeing you and your wife's faces day in and day out.

  12. Jasper Bloodstone5:08 pm

    "Man shot at while driving along Jalan Gasing" - from The Star website today.

    Jalan Gasing? A supposedly upmarket suburb in PJ!

    Let's see how Rais and his apprentices spin this one!

  13. Anonymous9:58 am

    Ha, ha, sekarang baru ko orang tahu yang ko orang terutama pro gomen bloggers tidak relevant lagi dan dipandang sebagai anjing kurap oleh pentadbiran Najib.