Sunday, February 26, 2012

From KLCC to Lynas

Corny Chua rindu kat rakyat ...
Tapi rakyat tak semestinya rindu ..

Lynas is good news for the people that has turned bad, a simple PR (public relations) failure on the part of BN that has allowed PR (Pakatan Rakyat) to score some much-needed points. The proposed rare earth project in Gebeng near Pekan, the hometown of the Prime Minister, is fast establishing itself as one of the hottest election issues come the 13th General Election. What was conceived as a billion-dollar site to spur development in the state of Pahang has now become a potentially very bloody political battleground. It has given Anwar Ibrahim's PR, which has been facing serious credibility issues including his own faux on the security of Israel, a chance to regain lost ground. 

As in the case with the National Feedlot Corporation, Lynas has become a problem to Najib Razak because the relevant irrelevant ministers had underestimated the issue and waited too long to act. The Information Minister, for example, was too busy lodging police reports and dragging bloggers in court. The statements made by the Menteri Besar of Pahang have not helped, either. Ads after boring paid ads in the papers that I doubt even the bored aides of these ministers enjoyed reading.

The real anti-Lynas crowd - the environmentalists - has long been elbowed to a corner in yet another event that has been totally hijacked by Anwar Ibrahim. Still, the crowd he could bring in was relatively small because not everyone in Pakatan buys the honesty of the party's cause. Despite the presence of political superstars - to quote activist Juana Jaafar - like Anwar Ibrahim himself and Lim Kit Siang, co-starring Khalid Ibrahim and former Health Minister Chua Jui Meng (winner of the corniest political tweet of the event), many from PR are shying away. I mean, even PR's own nuclear expert, the MP of Hulu Langat Dr Che Rosli Che Mat, has said that the Lynas plant is safe! 

Despite his own nuclear expert's conclusion, Anwar said today he will close Lynas if he conquers Putrajaya. Well, we all know what happened to his 16/9 2008 promise, among many other promises he's made. 

Najib, on the other hand, can't afford to make empty promises or try to be a populist. He has to assure the voters in Gebeng, and Malaysians in general, that the Lynas project is perfectly safe, just as the PAS nuclear expert says. The Prime Minister has to start pounding the Gebeng pavements to do that. He can no longer leave it to the nincompoops to do a decent job. 

In the meantime, I leave you with my earlier question on Twitter today: Have our Opposition changed, really?


Anonymous said...

Ya Rocky,

Since you think it is safe, please do go and move and live near the site of the Lynas Waste Area.

Otherwise shut up and F*#k off.

Anonymous said...

Upah Buat Assignment... CONFIRM TERBAEEKKK!!!

Anonymous said...

Sudahlah tin kosong Rocky...hang berani kata dan jamin 'Lynas' itu safe tak ?? Jangan asyik jadi anjing suruhan UMNO barking here barking there !!


Anonymous said...

A foreign friend once asked why in Malaysia, the rival party is called the opposition.

Is there any need for any further explanation?

Anonymous said...

Lebih drp 10,000 orang berkumpul di Kuantan hari ini bagi membantah kilang Lynas. Apa kata Najib dan MB Kedah?

Sepatutnya dari mula, kerajaan Pahang tak membenarkan Lynas beroperasi dan membuang sisa lombong radioaktif. Sekarang sudah terlewat bagi kerajaan.

drMpower said...

u cant help with when it comes to environmental projects. these lot are like Greenpeace. but with the starkest difference.

greenpeace is a holy initiative. but these lot are politicals. let just not hide behind the bushes. they are.

but the same case with environmentalists when u want to do earth related projects, naturally they will contest whatever the decisions are.

Anonymous said...


ask your MCA pornstar lor. he said experts are unsure of rare earth.

didnt they say Asia Rare Earth was safe 30 years ago?

can build one near your house?

Jasper Bloodstone said...

How many skilled jobs will the Lynas plant bring to Pahang?

Will there be a significant transfer of related technology to Malaysians?

I haven't noticed other countries in the region to get Lynas to set up the plant in their deprived regions. Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam spring to mind. Even India gave it a miss. Why is that?

Heck, even the West Australian government is refusing to take back the waste products from the proposed Malaysian plant for safe storage.

NIMBY. Not in my backyard!

The West wants to break China's dominance in the rare earths industry.

Looks like they found the perfect patsy in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Go live next to lynas. If you don't then shut your gap.....

Anonymous said...

Woi Rocky, kalau Lynas tu 'safe' kenapa kerajaan Australia tak benarkan mereka bina kilang di sana ??

Pasal dapat upah sikit, Rocky nak kelentong sama rakyat ke ??

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.49,
I'm kuantan resident and will ever be kuantan resident. My house just 20 km for Lynas.
So, you and your PR people try to spin this Lynas issue and make it look so bad but it soo otherwise.
Soo many explanation given by the authorities infact one of PAS fella also issued his statement.
Majority of kuantan folk dont give a damn on hijau gathering today. Only moron like you and alike make us kuantan folks looks bad...

And fuck you too!!!!

Air putih kuantan.

Sorry rocky, pagi tadi wa nak keluar town breakfast pun susah.. Itu yg angin satu badan ni...

Anonymous said...

Watak orang2 jahat....seperti berikut :

Rocky : Lynas tu selamat, pembangkang sengaja nak serang kerajaan !!

MP Kota Belud : correct, correct, correct !!

Jibby : Lynas is safe.. i dare declare !!

Abang din : the COW is safe...opps !!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter, as long as this issue can bring down BN, it is good to support it. BN especially the corrupted UMNO must be brought down in next election. If they think by enriching some UMNOputra through he NFC style is helping the Malay then I say those Malay who supported the UMNO are real STUPID and deserve to be remain poor after 50 plus years of independence. Anwar may have credibility issue but still a much BETTER choice than anyone in the corrupted UMNO.MCA and MIC are insignificant, they are just low ranking dogs to the UMNO.

Anonymous said...

You are helping pakatan.


Anonymous said...

Apa apa je dema nak bangkang, nak cari issue.
Bagi duit rm500 dan rm100 pun salah.
Majukan Malaysia (felda listing dan. Lynas) pun salah

Tapi yang salah sendiri kata orang lain yang buat, orang lain yang fitnah.

Kalau macm ni jadi opposition, dapat free ticket every time, tak payah kerja untuk rakyat.

Pasal kerja untuk rakyat, adalah selepas menang negeri tertentu, ada kerja Lebih bagus tak? Selalu tukar company sampah, mudaratkan kesenimbungan air masa depan, developer friendly. Janji dulu Ada tepati?

Bahayalah kalau macam ni. Masa depan kita semua beb

Anonymous said...

"What's changed?", you ask?
If you were to hold up a mirror, you'll see the not so newly conferred Dato'ship, the tack that your views have taken, the corny spin for all indefensible BN/UMNO action, among many others.

So, "What's changed?", you ask?

It's you. I hope you're comfortable with it. Both in your conscience and with the rewards, Rocky.

Anonymous said...

Apa gado-gado ni......

Dr Rosli, MP PAS Hulu Langat yang berkelulusan PHD dan dianggap salah seorang saintis Nuklear negara mengatakan LYNAS tu lebih dari selamat. Apatah lagi dengan segala usaha keselamatan yang lebih extra dilakukan untuk LYNAS tu.

Dia juga mengatakan menonton TV serta asap rokok tu lebih dari 100 kali ganda bahayanya dari nadir bumi tu.

MP PAS yang pakar nuklear tu pun boleh sokong projek Lynas dan tak nak sokong kerja bodoh Fuziah PKR tongong tu.

Anonymous said...

The problem can be solved easily if there is the political will andd sincerity.

Just shift the site to Pekan or Kubang Pasu.

Habis cerita.

% Radioactive Man.

Nik said...

My question to anyone out there - even after hearing all these assurances from Ministers and Prime Ministers - would you want to live near the plant?
Do any of the advocates of the plant even live nearby?
Thus any rhetoric is meaningless unless you have to live near the plant and take the risk.
The other question that needs answering is why the Australian Authorities have explicitly said that they won't take the waste material back? Why won't they if it is so safe?

Anonymous said...


Since you think it is so safe, please ask all your UMNO friends including yourself to shift and stay near the Lynas plant!

Donplaypuks® said...

In the light of M'sia's experience with Rare Earth Project in Perak under Mahathir, which is still being cleaned uup after 20 years, Lynas is good news for which people?

They have still not revealed where they are going to store the waste which has a radioactive half-life of thousands of years.

If it's too dangerous to be refined and stored in Australia, how come M'sia got suckered into it?

The Govt has also not revealed how much ($ millions) they were paid in advance by Lynas and to whom?

Money is NOT everything; there are some projects, like the Neutron Bomb, which are better left to be done in the proposer's home!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Ellese said...

Another stupid moron. If you ban lynas you must also ban commercial flights, x ray etc coz they also emits radioactive. Also don't forget to ban smoking. Object for the sake of objecting is pure stupidity.

Ellese said...

Had many extensive debate with this stupid anti lynas. None of them could even argue whether this is worse than flying commercial planes, taking x rays and damn even eating bananas. All these are emitting radioactive. Even argued with their supposed supporter in academic line.

They are just pure stupid not knowing what to argue. We went into detailed emission level. Then when all are unable to argue they came up with this argument: why not move there? Stupidest argument ever. I told them ok but must ensure better quality of life for me there than I have here. Otherwise I won't move. Then they shut their stupid mouth up. They think we are all stupid.

Ellese said...

Always changing goal post argument. In the first place please tell us why operation of the plant is dangerous? What sort of emission level you're arguing? Then we go to waste. Let's establish parameters first. Otherwise all these lynas supporter keeps changing goalposts and finally leads to why not move there.

Altantuyajib said...

RM500,000,000 + RM250,000,000 can certainly Buy Off many lives, people and political favors!

Anonymous said...

Latuk Locky:

Tell your boss to prove that he has got balls. Tell him to move the Lynas plant to Pekan.

It's a win-win situation.


Anonymous said...

Ellese - why did they set up shop in kuantan? Why did they leave australia? Why you umno dickhead...why?

Rockybru said...

Anonymous said...
Ellese - why did they set up shop in kuantan? Why did they leave australia? Why you umno dickhead...why?

12:53 PM


Ellese, allow me please.

Anon, why did the electronic firms invest in Penang? Why does Apple outsource all its manufacturing ops? Are you a moron?

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Kesian orang Pahang!!!value property sure drop lps ni....hopefully value tanah di Terengganu akan naik...insyaalllah

fakhrifb said...

chernobyl was declared safe too :-)

Anonymous said...


Anda tersangat la betul!!!
Lihat sahaja anon 12.53. Sentiasa membangkang tanpa fakta dan kewarasan!!!

Mereka mereka ini hanya tahu memekik " Tuhan Maha Besar " atau "reformasi" setiap kali pemimpin mereka berucap. Paling teruk pun mereka akan mengigit telinga sesiapa yg cuba menentang mereka....
kesian sungguh pada mereka mereka ini...

Air Putih Kuantan

Anonymous said...

Latuk Locky:

Don't support that moron Ellese lah. People don't object to electronics firms in Penang, or iPad facilities in China. People object to rare earth waste, so if you believe in people power, you should simply agree with the voters.

What is it that prevents your boss from terminating the deal with Lynas at the expense of votes ? Some jerk at MITI agreed a termination formula that is too one-sided so much so that if the plant is scrapped, the government is made out to be stupid ?

After all, the plant has a tax free period of 12 years, 2 years longer than most pioneer industries, so we are not expected to make much tax revenues out of this.

Ada udang di sebalik batu, Latuk.


Anonymous said...

Sokong Zack Air Putih..

Orang Kuantan tak join pun Himpun Hijau 2.0 tu..Menyampah lagi ada la..

Saya duduk sungai isap Kuantan dan sokong Lynas.. Yang duk kecoh Fauziah and orang luar kuantan

Shahrul, Sungai Isap Jaya

manfrommachap said...

Lets take a lesson from Islam. When God decreed Muslims and Christians from consuming pork or even touching it, the reason behind it is because pigs are dirty and no amount of cleaning will ever make it clean.

So, if something is not clean and etremely dangerous, it better just not to have it rather than biddibg around the bush to make it look clean and safe.

Anonymous said...

Good point dontplaypuks. lynas and the goverment doesn't have a solution of how they will dispose thorium waste that is byproduct of rare earth processing.

lynas has proposed storing the radioactive Thorium waste at Gebeng. But given that there are residential areas & kampongs next door, that will be another Bukit Merah tragedy in the making.

the pro-lynas folk have claimed the ore is not monazite. But google 'monazite mount weld' and you see. mount weld is the mine site of lynas

then they claim monazite is not radio active. But monazite is usually about 6-12% radio active thorium

now who is changing the goal posts?

Skilgannon1066 said...


Your reply on behalf of Ellese leaves much to be desired.

We all know about global supply chains, outsourcing and the situating of manufacturing plants in places with the lowest costs (and with favourable investment incentives, tax policies, blah blah).

So, spare us the academic moralising, eh?

Here are some questions for you to ponder:

- is Lynas moving it's HQ, marketing, R&D and tech support functions to Malaysia or keeping them in Australia? If it isn't, why?

- since you have singled out Penang, why not ask why the big hard disk manufacturers have all set up plants in Thailand, while keeping their regional HQs, marketing and logistics operations in Singapore?

- what about Iskandar Malaysia? Where is the value-add in trying to get SMEs from Singapore to move their manufacturing operations to Johor, whilst retaining the high-end stuff in Singapore?

Really, Bru - you gotta think these things through, instead of shooting from the hip (like many of our ministers, alas!)

FC said...

isn't it selfish to say we don't want this Lynas plant over here but we want the byproduct from Lynas type plant which is embedded in gadgets like phone, LED TV and tablets that we so crazily crave. let others take the risk (however small they are) because we just want the good stuff.

people who blindly oppose it despite being given assurance of it's safety should gave up or throw away their fancy gadgets that is made possible because of material like rare earth. otherwise they are just selfish and hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Salam to all,
So many people rejecting lynas just for the sake of rejecting. Pity..pity...I would like to dare the same people to do something on kilang and workshop haram which has no regard about environment at all...sure tak sanggup punyer coz of the obvious reason...this lynas issue is pure racial politics....not base on facts. Kesian saintis nuklear tu..
Anak air putih

Anonymous said...

This is just another Political ploy deployed by the desperados from the Pakatan Rebels.

They try to champion the issue with the hope of garnering a few brownie points.

Of course the ultimate aim is to throw a spanner in the works just like opposing previous projects such as the Penang Bridge, KLIA, KLCC, Proton, NS Highway etc, but look who's using these facilities today? And strangely, look at who's racing to Putrajaya, which they opposed profusely from the begining? Conveniently forgotten???


Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter what najib, bn, umno says or does not say abut the safety of the lynas does not matter what anwar, pkr or the opposition says or if they hijack the lynas issue for their own ends...its what the very smart rakyat is saying, from the experience at Bukit Merah, and the lynas project's potential risks to future generations - a good number of the rakyat (with the exception of a small number umno and perkasa goons) just don't want lynas and their toxics here in malaysia, no matter how many gomen officials they bought over. Either get rid of lynas or we get rid of the gomen that allowed lynas to kill our future generations, in the coming elections...umno's rocky's bru datuk spokesman is becoming a laughing stock each day as he writes...but i guess he will go on and on cos he is some datuk something and chairman of some bloggers something in who gives a sh....

gemukk said...

Please look up the word "Radioactive" and what does it means....

Radiation and Radioactive is two different thing. Radioactive material emits Radiation.

The main concern on the Lynas issue is the Radioactive waste. How will it be disposed off???? Even Australia have make a statement that no Radioactive waste of Lynas Gebeng shall be imported back to Australia.....

I'm not certain of Dr. Che Rosli stands on the Radioactive waste. Perhaps someone like you should ask him and post it....

Anonymous said...

They should take the old trunk road everytime they balik kampung. Free summore.