Monday, October 31, 2011

BBQ at Burswood Park

PERTH, Mon: The other day, I wrote about the Bersih protest at Forrest Place in downtown Perth and stated my observation of there being no Malays involved. Some of you weren't happy about that but I will continue to make that kind of observations, if you don't mind. I am of the opinion that things Malaysian should be representative of Malaysia. If the "1Malaysia BBQ" at Burswood, a popular lakeside park just outside the city of Perth, was attended by just Melayus or mostly Malays and a handful of Cainis and Indians, I would be disappointed. And I will blame the organizers for failing to make a so-called Malaysian event really Malaysian. And I would feel sorry for the Prime Minister because it would mean that Malaysians of all races were not receptive to his 1Malaysia concept.

But Burswood was a high point for both visiting Malaysians and their countrymen in Perth. unlike the Bersih stage work in Friday, the barbecue yesterday was a colorful event. There were some Mat Sallehs around, including one in songkok! Even the Bersih protesters who came for the event were taking pictures of and with the PM and wife, even though they seemed to preferr to "camp" a little away from the rest of us. We did not mind as long as they were happy they had their own "corner", and that they respected the fact that the majority - easily 350-450 people, according to a Mat Sallehs who was there - wanted to have a good and easy afternoon with their PM and his wife.

The kids played soccer and cricket, the adults chatted and ate and watched the children play soccer and cricket. There are aout 20,000 Malaysians in West Australia, mostly in Perth, according to our Consulate. Aout half are Malays. I had the pleasure of meeting a Melayu taxi driver, Melayu IT specialist and a young, pretty Melayu medical doctor at the park yesterday. And their spouses.

I also met Chen, who used to like my blog because I was anti-government but who read me less now because I am pro-government. I tried to explain to him the difference between the government(s) under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak but stopped myself. If you don't know me by now ... the song played in my mind and I reminded myself that Chen was there for the PM, too. Junior was interested in my skull ring and Mrs Chen was taking our picture. I think we may have agreed to disagree ..

We also met Mimi from Penang, who has been here 26 years and still "i am a proud Malaysian, OK". Natasha from Ipoh, who looked like a Mat Salleh model, and her dashing husband who was in yellow and declaring "I am not pro Bersih, I am pro Giordano".

And then there was Mr Glenn D'Silva with wife and two children who had a brief exchange with Najib just before the PM went into his car to the airport. They were about 10 meters apart so they were not actually whispering.

Mr d'Silva: Keep up the good work, PM.

Najib: (turns around to locate the voice) Huh?

Mr d'Silva: (louder) Keep up the good work, Mr Prime Minister!

Najib: I will, thank you.

I have to say I am proud of Malaysians in Perth, whether or not the Malaysians at Burswood are microcosm of 1Malaysia, as the PM put it in his address. If I am forced to leave my country, I think I will migrate to Perth. Can't afford to be Pak Lah's neighbor, though, and not that I wish to be.

P.s. I will post pics from my Panasonic GF2 later but I took some with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and they are on my Facebook


  1. Charles F Moreira1:15 pm

    "I also met Chen, who used to like my blog because I was anti-government but who read me less now because I am pro-government. I tried to explain to him the difference between the government(s) under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak but stopped myself."

    You should have explained.

    I too thought you were anti-BN merely by your association with Jeff Ooi in the law suit by NST but lucky I bumped into you in that cafe in Bangsar Shopping Centre, when you explained, then I understood that you were basically pro UMNO but were anti-Pak Lah at the time and somehow ended up on the same side of the barricades as Anti-BN bloggers.

    So, you have not "sold out" as many allege.

    Such situations of finding oneself on the same sid of the barricades with your opponents is quite common.

    For example, both right wing Libertarians and far leftists find themselves on the same side of the barricades against the Iraq & Afghan wars, even though they are bitter opponents on domestic political and socio-economic issues.

  2. q0l0p1:37 pm

    Yes Rocky. I've been in Perth before, nice place, suitable for a peacefull retirement. But,
    No Mr Rocky. I will die FOR and IN this Malay Land, InsyaAllah. No one can ever force me out.. not by the pendatangs!! they can try to check me out.. but i will never leave.

  3. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Sudahlah, Latuk. Even in a foreign place you still harp on racial issues. Racial composition that important to you ? Go join Moo Hee Din's bandwagon lah. Stop masquerading like you give a damn about 1Malaysia.


  4. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Typical UMNO Malay. Failed at NSTP, failed at Malay Mail, got datukship, and now can travel all around the world.


  5. Hi ROCKY (Ooopps sorry, I mean Dato),

    It's so OBVIOUS that the so-called "PRO-BERSIH" bunch of donkeys are more-or-less 100% 'bukan melayu'. What does this statistic tells you???

    1) Is MALAYSIA indeed MALAYSIA or is MALAYSIA actually CHINA/INDIA??? How can that bunch of DONKEYS led by a CINAPEK name CHIN HUAT be leading a group of DONKEYS claiming they are representing MALAYSIA when you hardly see even HALF a MELAYU there??? Self claimed 'Malaysians' I guess but I waould rather call them either "CINA SESAT or INDIA SESAT".

    2) Are all those CINA-BENGS, CINA-AH-LIANS, TAMBEES & MINACHEES representing the so-called 'PRO_BERSIH' group in Perth a bunch of paid puppets??? For all you know these DONKEYS all come from either China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Sri Lanka, etc.

    3) Could WONG CHIN HUAT have recruited all these FOREIGN PUPPETS from various Universities in Perth just to attend the gathering potraying they are MALAYSIANS??? Betul-betul TAKDA kelas lah.

    4) Could DAP be the MAIN SPONSOR for WONG CHIN HUAT to execute POLITICAL SABOTAGE on Najib's visit to Perth???

    5) Based on all the PICTURES taken, I hardly could see 1 DONKEY who looked TRULY MALAYSIANS. Can't these YELLOW MONKEY SUIT DONKEYS at least wear a YELLOW SARONG or YELLOW SONGKOK instead??? This would at least make them look 1% Malaysia, right??? Mana bikin OTAK??? Dekat BUNTUT ke???

  6. Kadir5:25 pm

    It is so sickening nowadays where we malay can't even mention the word 'malay'.
    Like you Rocky, need to ask permission to mention the word 'Melayu'. Mention that will be labeled 'racist'.
    A group of people who started this is no other than DAP- ultra kiasu chinese. The other party who allow this to happen is Barisan Nasional/UMNO bosses who are so weak and comfortable. That's why Melayu needs PERKASA since UMNo is so pondan.

  7. Anonymous6:21 pm


    Lu mau cari Melayu kat Perth, pegi itu Burswood Casino lah....semua Melayu kaya main roulette.

  8. Yes, Charles, but tired of explaining. And I wanted to enjoy the park, the weather, the barbecue.

    I remember explaining to you. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, or something like that. Jeff and I were bound also by our admiration of Dr Mahathir who, if you remember, was galvanizing the blogs against Pak Lah. A lot of people forget that Jeff was a member of Gerakan before he joined DAP. When Kalimullah and the NST sued us, he was not anti-BN, just anti-Pak Lah.

    I was not a member of any political party then, or now. But I am still hopeful that Umno will rediscover itself under Najib.

  9. Dear Kadir,

    Spot on. There are extremists among us and they were responsible for the birth of Perkasa. I am not talking about the extremists among the Malays only but also those among the non-Malays who are anti-Malays. They are here among my commenters.

  10. Anonymous9:43 pm

    "p.s. I mentioned to a protester the obvious, that none of them were Malays! It's the same in London when the PM was there some months back but at least the Bersih protests in then had one or two Melayus. Perth is said to be home or second home to thousands of Malaysians, and one of the most favourite destinations for Melayu Malaysia to migrate."

    Who wrote the above, Latok Kadir ? Who continued to harp on the racial angle ? There were more Melayus in support of Bersih than there were non-Malays, but this fact isn't important.

    All UMNO wants to do is to drive a wedge between Malaysians. This is Latok Locky's mission. And UMNO bukan pondan. UMNO wants to continue to feed off the rakyat.


  11. Anonymous9:45 pm

    You clowns still want to dig your heads in the sand. The patriots are anti-UMNO, not anti-Malay.


  12. Good write-up, Rocky. I felt like I was there.
    I have relatives and friends who are staying there. Yes it is a scenic city and near to Malaysia.
    Malays got style, grace and etiquette. They know how to respect dignitaries especially if the guest is the PM.
    That is why they are there. They don't go wasting time demonstrating in the streets to show their displeasure.
    I LMAOF when I read the Bersih protestors too were there and staying clear of reporters.
    They are ashamed of their shameless act. But yet not shy enough to come to the BBQ.
    Typical kiasu Chingkies, where there's free food, youcan find them.
    See who gouge the most during Hari Raya open house!

  13. La Vida10:32 pm

    We have skewered rationale. Only Malays are extremists and racists.
    The Nons are liberatarians and tolerant.
    Says who??? LKS's law 101.

  14. Charles F Moreira12:26 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Yup! Jeff was in Gerakan at the time before he decided to join DAP shortly before the 2008 elections.

    Did not know that Jeff admired Mahathir.While I'm not pro-BN I did support Mahathir's moves to outfox Soros and the fund speculators.

    The yo-yo ringgit exchange rate badly affected my cousin who was in business at the time and two of my businessman friends. One of my friends lost RM140,000 in a deal when he charged his client when the ringgit was four to the pound and had to pay his principal when it was six to the pound.

    Besides that, these currency speculators had no compassion for the ordinary people who would be hurt by their actions.

    Samir Amin likens thin to absentee landlords who rape the land and leave it barren for the people who have to till the soil.

    Many of those comfortable, middle-class, yuppie types who cheered Soros had no concern for the plight of the small people who were adversely affected.

    If you ever wondered why I have such a contempt for Internet Libertarians, well that's why.

    Do a Google search on The Californian Ideology by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron, and also Cyberselfish by Paulina Boorsook to understand what I mean.

    In 1996, I came across a copy of the San Francisco Bay Guardian which carried an article on how the cyberlibertarian culture wanted to revert to unfettered capitalism in the 19th century when there were no social protections for workers and poor people and how the culture in the Silicon Valley was so callous towards such people.

    The Californian Ideology hammers the Libertarian ethos of Wired Magazine, hence I'm no fan of Wired.

  15. Paint1:07 am

    You talked about the pretty ladies. Where are the pictures?

    On another note, did PM badmouth his fellow Malaysians just like Lim Guan Eng did?

  16. Anonymous3:35 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Anti-Pak Lah
    Pro-Najib and Rosmah

    In short Mahathir henchman.

    I like Pak Lah, he is the PM that initiate the change of political landscape of Malaysia.

    Because of Pak Lah, the
    "korek, korek, korek"
    was mentioned.

    I know, it is an embarrassment to your boss. :-)

  17. Anonymous7:11 am

    is the purchase of the pearl necklace true?


  18. derek8:19 am


    you're something got such a sense of humour, layan your commener yg sangat moronic- si Godfarter...
    he is such a drongo (Aussie slang for mamat bodoh sangat).

    he probably knows he's talking crap but saying all that anyway becos 1. it's his job to malign dan belasah you 2. he is JEALOUS and 3. he is so bodoh macam prick sial, and 4: ALL OF THESE..

    dah lah tu -- PENGECUT!

    I swear, if he sees you, either he'll be falling all over you or he will terkencing kencing.

  19. Gomez8:28 am

    dear datuk,

    i saw you at burswood. i was with my family. we took pictures of you.

    you know, i think the so-called "Bersih" guys were ready to do some mischief but guess what? the government Security people (those tall hunky guys with dark coats and shades) approached them (they were all under a tree) and spoke to them I heard the security guy asking them something and one of them, presumably their spokesman said : "oh we're not going to do anything...we're not going to make trouble..we're just here blah blah" or something to that effect.

    a little later, two uniformed policemen stood and hovered around the group.

    You think they DARE buat kacau in the park? Tahu takut!
    Kalau in Malaysia they will defy and defy and when the police act they SCREAM BLOODY MURDER.

    You know what happened to the Occupy Melbourne protesters?

    Baru tahu....police anywhere and everywhere will act the same if you make trouble.

    You are right, after that macam fact, they were eaving to the PM but he couldn't see because he was closely guarded by the Oz security people.

    and yes...some of them joined the others to take pix of PM and Rosmah..


  20. Anonymous9:14 am

    When we protest against ridiculous non transparent expenditure, we are anti-Malay.

    When we protest against selective persecution, we are anti-Malay.

    When we protest against fitnah by supposedly pious Muslims, what do we know ? We must be anti-Malay.

    When we protest against daylight robbery, we must be anti-Malay.

    No, Malays don't commit daylight robbery, fitnah, selective persecution. Only UMNOputras do these. By screaming that we are anti-Malays, it only proves us right. No, Latok Kadir ?

  21. Anonymous9:20 am

    What should we do, Latuk Locky ?

    Tourism minister deny that her ministry overpaid by RM 270 million for direct awards of advertising contracts. Bukan curi-curi Malaysia, she says.

    Lembu minister now says the RM 250 million grant for the lembu project in Negeri is not a failure but a success. He says we should all be grateful a minister's children are willing to be cattle-herders.

    Now, all these shenanigans were pointed out by none other than the Auditor General. Will it surprise you that the next round of protests will be led by mostly Melayu students ?


  22. Typo gorge not gouge, sorry.

    Haiku for Bro Rocky

    Benci Pak Lah
    Kuasa lesap dah
    Cuma jaga Jin Abdullah

    I always agree on what you write. But bab Pak Lah ni, please be big enough.
    Forget him if you cannot forgive him.
    Can my dear BIG bro?

  23. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Bro...I think you better start contacting your real estate agent in Perth now. I am afraid after the next general election you might find yourself in the very same environment during Abdullah Badawi's day. Life was tough those days rite???


  24. haidar12:31 pm

    Rocky, i got this from malaysia-today:

    since you were in Perth with PM, i think something is very fishy with the headlines....i don't think najib's daughter is with him in Perth (from my source), and i can't find any in the news, not even in The West Australian source ( from their website), can't find any on google news, yahoo news or msn news...

    hope you clarified this, and if it's found to be a slander, please counter back...

  25. Anonymous1:55 pm

    No matter how we present, pictures from Zorro and YouTube tell a million words. Sometimes, the more we tell, the more we review the negativity.

  26. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Oi Godfather,

    Cibai la lu.

    Why allergic to the word 'Melayu'?
    Lu otak kotor la. Lu ingat lu besar kepala ka? Orang melayu tk boleh sebut 'Melayu'ka? Orang melayu sebut 'Melayu' saja lu kata rasis! Orang cina sebut 'Cina' bukan rasis pulak ya? Orang india sebut 'India' bukan rasis pulak ya?

    Apa pasal orang melayu tak boleh sebut UMNO? Orang cina sebut DAP boleh pulak ya?

    Lu memang cibai! Bolo punya otak! Lu ingat lu saja bontot! Olang lain suma salak!

  27. melayu bukan numno...3:09 pm

    hey rocky...can you write a bit about rosmah and daughter allegedly shopping diamonds and things to the tune of several hundred thousands of dollars there? that true?... did any crumbs fall on your feet too?

    and anyway i hope that daughter of pm went to perth using her own money and not on taxpayers bill...

  28. Paint,

    Najib talked bad about Malaysia like Guan Eng? Not at all! And the girls' pics are coming...

    Anon who loves Pak Lah,
    The " korek, korek, korek" episode was not Abdullah's attempt at transparency, it was just another effort by his machos to make Mahathir look bad so that their boss can look good. In the end, I am sure many will agree, the VK Lingam issue was just an embarrassment to lawyers. Before that, did we think the profession was so, er, funny?

    Gomez and those who were at Burswood,
    Yep, the cops did not look like they would tolerate nonsense. I heard the Consul General had asked the police to be friendly to all, including the yellow tees, as it was a relaxed, family outing with the PM. Glad all went well.

    As for cerita pearls, no The West Australian did not name anyone. What they did mention specifically was "Najib's daughter" and her allegedly AUD60k shopping spree. And the said daughter was not even in Perth. But we will have to wait for official statement on that.

  29. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Firstly, I have to say you are not a great observer of what is actually going on with the Bersih protestors. You could not for instance count the number of protestors on CHOGM day, you made no mention of what the protest was all about and you said that Dr Wong only spoke for 5 mintues...was that the 5 mintues you were paying attention. Dr Wong actually spoke for 15 mintues. he is a good orator and very passionate about the cause.
    The Bersih supporters at Sundays BBQ were very well behaved and wanted to make their presence felt. I admire their bravado in getting as near to the PM as possible. They had no weapons so the PM need not have been scared of them. I heard one Berish member say that Rosmah said she didnt want to shake the hands of anyone wearing yellow. How rude and ignorant. There may be more than 20,000 Malaysians in Perth but the majority of picnicers there were Malay with a handful of Chinese and Indians. And the number was not 350 - 450...again you can't was under 300.
    I know a lot of Bersih supporters and they are all good people from all the races in Malaysia. I watched the protestors all day on Sunday, as a Perthite it is my duty to make sure they were not accosted by those that dont agree with their cause. Twice, people came to disturb them and were chased away. These yellow shirts are not afraid of intimidation by undercover BN supporters.
    lastly, I just want to write like a child. Do you have any intelligent articles I can read?

  30. Anonymous10:14 pm


    why dont u stick to what u do best that is FARTING and stop commenting nonsense!!!

  31. Anonymous10:21 am

    Anon 10.14 Comment:

    Typical daylight robber comment. "Bukan Gua Bikin." Ingat orang Melayu tak tahu we have highest cost of screwdriver, highest cost of binoculars, highest cost of racks, and now highest cost per head of lembu ? Itu duit semua jatuh dari langit masuk kocek siapa ?


  32. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Why am I not surprised? These descendents of Min yuen and PKM will not rest until they wrest control of this country and run it the way they want to.

    It will be all about making money, enriching oneself by hook or by crook and with total disregard to to the sensitivity and heritage of the majority.

  33. Anonymous9:31 am

    Funny! we see today the Monteriors and the Gomez talking like they owe Malaysia something...were'nt this buggers malaysians once.?
    Funny ! they were once branded as traitors and unpatriotic when they left for white man's land ....
    Funny ! do you feel a tinge of regrets from these old souls !
    Do you know why? Its the whites who is giving them a hard times....They should stop kidding themselves to remind themselves malaysians once....They want to carry Aussie passport and P R ..But still the same these guys biting their new foundland. Beats me...when they sing praises of their most corrupted country they lived once.

  34. Serena5:38 pm

    Oh God! Anywhere but Perth! You will die a slow death there! people of western australia still living in a dinasour era! U want to migrate go somewhere else! And let me tell U la, Perth is not a place to shop, Najib daughter wont be so dumb want to go shopping in kampung Perth!