Tuesday, November 01, 2011

David Jones and Najib's daughter who was not here

WISMA MUST CLARIFY AUSTRALIAN PAPER'S REPORT. I am convinced it is a publicity stunt, that news The West Australian published alleging a daughter of Najib Razak's had spent 60 thousand Aussie dollars at David Jones. I went there this morning, curious, but in the end did not buy a single thing. I am regretting it; should have gotten that AUD125 Fahrenheit gift package for a friend (cologne for him, I could keep the shampoo and the deodorant). Truth is, there was not much that interested me - David Jones is so much like our Metro or Jusco, perhaps just a little bit upmarekt ...

In any case, and as I have said in my tweets last night, and as this blogger has also confirmed a couple of hours ago, none of Najib's daughters were here in Perth during the CHOGM, which ended in Sunday, so the newspaper got it wrong. Totally.

But Wisma Putra needs to set the record straight, not us. Our Consul General in Perth or High Commissioner in Canberra must inform the newspaper, officially. Wrong is wrong, mate...

And then we can get our local cyber boys and girls back home, from Malaysiakini to Keadilan Daily, to help set the record straight. I am sure they would not mind. But if Wisma does not set the record straight, a lie told repeatedly will be perceived s truth and they only have themselves to blame.


  1. Bedul4:44 pm

    Kalau nak kantioi, biarlah betul.
    Ini buat dosa kering saja.
    Cilaka punya orang.

  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Waaaa lauuuu latuk.... So great you are doing damage control PR exercise nowadays. I bet your current package nothing less than what APCO guys took home last time.


  3. Dato, I would like to add PKR National VP and MP for Batu Tian Chua to the list of people who need to apologize for defaming Najib's daughter in his tweets.

    What did Lim Guan Eng say about leaving children out of gutter politics again?

    Or is it one set of rules for them and another for the "others?"

  4. Anonymous5:09 pm

    if no official complaint is made, so I guess it is true then.

  5. On 2nd thought, Dato, is it possible that Najib's daughter could have teleported to Perth, shopped and then quickly teleported back to Malaysia with her goodies?

    As you are aware, certain Malaysians have recently mastered the art of teleporting.

  6. Anonymous5:19 pm

    It wasn't the daughter lah. It was the irrestible urge of the shopping queen. What do you expect Wisma Putra to say ? That they had to reserve several cars for Rosie's shopping habits ?

    BTW, I didn't say that shopping in Perth is wrong if you have the money. Just like going to the casino.


  7. Anonymous5:20 pm

    But I must say, Latuk, that your shoe-polishing was first-class.


  8. Anonymous5:27 pm

    sue the paper until it close.

  9. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Rocky, can you make a police report on behalf of our beloved first lady, since you are sort of a reliable witness in Perth.

    by denying is not enough... mesti ada polis report baru betoi !!

    Abang Din.

  10. Anonymous5:41 pm

    PM pergi Mekah,,,,Alamdullilah!!!

    Tapi ramai betul Orang-Orang UMNO pegi Haji gunakan duit rakyat macamana!!

    Dengan tiba-tiba ada pulak peruntukan untuk dia orang pergi HAJI..kalu tak silap lehih 500 orang UMNO pergi.

    Cuba-cuba tanya dia orang?!!!!


  11. Anonymous6:40 pm


    Try as you may your efforts at justifying your Datukship will be to no avail. You see no body will ever listen to you...

  12. arizmaya8:34 pm

    ahhh dato..
    what a disappointment to the PR suckers.

    agree with you dato.. if none of najib's daughter were there in perth during the CHOGM.. Wisma Putra must clarify and.... Najib must institute legal action against the newspaper.

  13. Anonymous9:22 pm

    God father...

    Hehehe is there someone in delegation go to casino hehhehe
    yes she might not spend 60k AUD in David Jones but i bet u with my life PM family spend more than this elsewhere....

  14. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Knowing Australia, they should call it Davey Jones ... Locker....where you can dump all the Aussie and Malaysian sickos. As if there's no other valid news to report.


  15. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Mana ko dapat cerita ada peruntukan dari kerajaan untuk orang UMNO pegi Haji ni?? Aii mcm2 laa. Aku tahu sbb sedara mara aku (yg org UMNO) tu pun pegi jgk tp pakai duit simpanan sendirilaa, takde pulak peruntukan dari mana2. Hmm sesama melayu seislam pun boleh buat tuduhan camtu. Serah pada Allah saja la ko ni 'LAGIBODO' oii.

  16. Bedul9:54 pm

    Why didn't LGE made a police report? So it must be true.
    And you expect Najib to make a police report too based on untruth.
    Actually what is wrong if his daughter wants to shop in Perth or anywhere.
    That's her god-damned money. And the amount mentioned is simply unbelieveable.
    Even a girl from Jinjang too wants to shop when she's overseas.
    What logic are we talking here?

  17. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Are you on a retainer?

  18. Datuk,
    So many people are not listening to you

    So many people are commenting without listening to you

    So many people seem to know that you are apple polishing without listening to you..

    Are you the devil?

    for it seems you have convinced millions that they are not listening to you....

    a nifty trick that...

  19. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Hello opposition lovers,

    Yang u all sakit hati sangat pada rocky ni apa pasal! This is a free country isnt't it? Who he supports in his blogs is up to him la. If u all tak tahan nak baca blog dia jangan la baca. Pi la baca blog zorro unmasked, niamah, sakmongkol etc. Itu semua blog jilat pungkok DAP, PKR dan PAS.

    Ada paham ka? Hello godfarter, anybody home??

  20. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Latuk, why don't you go to Makkah now and confirm there were no 500 UMNO fellas there.
    While there you could also confirm that FLOM was dressed in proper Haj attire. TV must have shown a doctored picture of her. Rakyat would apologise if what we saw on TV was false.

  21. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for keeping us aBREAST, with the news in perth.
    We in the KAMPUNGs, sometimes get taken for a ride until our kePALA pusing.
    We hope no one spent 200,000 RINGGIT on the non existent shopping spree
    Hope you make sure no DADAh is squeezed into your bag as you return home.

  22. BigDogDotCom11:36 pm


    Yes, we hv the Star Trek technology. Thats why back in June 2008, hundreds of thousands Malaysians believed that Rosmah Mansor was at the scene of the Altantuyaa Shaaribuu murder in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.

    She could be teleported elsewhere in just a fraction of a second.

    What could you expect from an MP who used to bite a Policeman on duty, whose car knocked down a serviceman near Kota Tinggi and recently, led a charge towards a Police line during BERSIH 2.0?

    He did what his best of traits are besides all those; he perpetuated a lie!

    The party is fundamentally formed becoz of one man's sordid lie against his sodomising activities, which got him expelled from his Deputy Premiership jobs nd the party on 2 & 3 Sept 1998.

  23. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Gee whiz...what the hell is this blog turning to?! With scum like warrior 231 and Anti-whatever outta the way, i thought this would give space for more thoughtful comments...you know the kind of civil society and informed stuff the opposition prides itself on.

    But what do we have here? PR trolls trawling the gutter and serving us garbage and you, Dato call these people commenters. Give me a breaklah man. Seems to me Warrior and Anti have more brains in them than this bunch. At least they had facts to share amidst all the smut.

    The PR lot...no wonder they were afraid of 231 and company and with those scums gone, this lot are having a whale of a time with their childish antics and gutter rants.

    PR better gets their strategists to rein in these idiots lest their vote banks empties even further. Looks like they are trolling every non-PR blog with their manure. Was at JMD and the same slimeballs were there too and so were a few at SatD and even at AK47!!

    Many of the silent majority can see W231 and Anti etc were speaking the truth after all despite all their foul talk. Word on the street is that PR will lose 20 seats at the next elections and that should be food for thought for PR numbskulls everywhere unless they have totally gone bonkers! Civil society, informed electorate, enlightened voters....my ass! Seems to be more democrazies here than you can find in an asylum

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  27. Anonymous12:38 am

    Kalau Zaman Pak Lah, PM tido.

    Zaman Najib, Najib kerja, pak menteri semua tido, penakut, lembap, cakap ikut suka and nk tunjuk tere.

  28. Anonymous9:06 am


    Wasn't that the advise given by Muhyideen... Make a police report against the paper if untrue...

    No denial by Wisma Putra so must be true.

  29. Anonymous9:08 am

    Semalam wa tengok cucu LKS beli Bantley Sport Car kat Naza Federal Highway.
    Salleh Telegu

  30. Anonymous9:15 am


    speaks for himself.. well done, son...

  31. Anonymous9:32 am

    I live in Australia for 5 years. david jones is nothing! there's no way one can spend that much money in david jones. there's nothing worth buying in there except for the normal clothers and stuff. it's way below our own Suria KLCC. I would believe someone can spend 60 k in suria klcc but david jones?

  32. Anonymous11:03 am

    Latok Locky:

    Lu ade pegi David Jones, kenapa lu tak masuk tanya itu First Lady ada masuk beli barang tak ? Tunjukkan gambar First Lady kepada salespersons kat David Jones. That's what investigative journalism is all about. Don't rely on Big Dog or Small Dog for their comments.

    That's how you resuscitate a rag like Malay Mail.


  33. Anonymous11:17 am

    It would do you a lot of credibility if you had enquired from the store by flashing the picture of the First Lady, and then you can proudly proclaim "I investigated the allegations by going directly to the source, and found them to be untrue."

    Of course if you found the allegations to be true, you can take down this whole thread and maintain stony silence.


  34. Anonymous11:57 am

    Anon 11.45pm

    Spot on, mate. The best comment on this thread. You summed it up pretty well.

    By the way, Godfathers can give but they cannot take. Remember, some time ago when he was pathetically pleading for Warrior to be banned. That pretty much sums up the small boy, big talk but no guts.

    As for the rest, dont expect much from the ass worshipping Chinese. To quote Warrior 231, they being the inheritors of Confucian wisdom are living up to the tenets of Confucious' "Anal-Acts". Great observation by 231 and pretty much sums up that race.

    No point in wasting time by arguing with them on that anyway. The Chinese will flatly deny their arse reality. They are born to do that and nothing's gonna change till kingdom come!

  35. Skilgannon10662:01 pm

    David Jones is like Metro or Jusco???

    Please, Rocky - what have you been smoking (or imbibing) to come out with such a statement?

    Anyone who has been to David Jones (especially their flagship store in Sydney) will know there is a world of difference between the range of goods and food items carried in the Aussie version of Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus and the rough and ready department stores in Malaysia (Metro, Jusco, Parkson, Isetan).

    Add in the level of customer service one gets at any David Jones store in Australia (regardless of whether you are white, black, brown or any colour in between) and compare it to what passes for customer service at any department store in Malaysia (including those in the hallowed halls of Suria KLCC and Pavilion).

    And I am sure that Malaysian VVIPs, who are connoisseurs of upmarket shopping worldwide, know the difference.

    Which is why you see so many of them in Singapore's ION Orchard and the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

    But, as they say, that's a tale for another day.....

  36. Glad to know that you also believe that a lie told repeatedly will be perceived as truth ! Hope that you will not put into practice what you
    purportedly believe!

  37. Bekah PAH4:21 pm

    Orang Melayu-Islam anti BN sebenarnya dah sampai tahap sampah. Pasal soal pergi haji pun nak di politikkan. Sebenarnya beribu-ibu orang UMNO pergi haji. Begitu juga dengan orang PAS. Apa masalah ni????


  38. It's Rocky Bru the pro Najib henchman vs West Australia newspaper.
    Who do we believe? Hmmm....

  39. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Salam rocky,

    Kalau kene pada pembangkang, mesti mereka minta macam2 bukti untuk setiap tuduhan yang diberi. Tapi bila kena pada PM ke, TPM ke, asalkan orang BN, mereka terus hentam kata fakta tu betul.

    Manusia macam tu la, bila dah benci semuanya salah. Walhal, ALLAH dah kata tak semestinya yang dibenci kamu itu sesuai untuk kamu.

  40. Dah samdol tu memang samdol juga. Mana la ada orang umno ambil duit rakyat pergi haji, samdol. Ko nak haji free, meh sini kerja dengan kerajaan negeri Johor, lepas pencen kerajaan negeri akan hantar kau pergi haji, samdol. Bukan umno. Ni tanda terima kasih kerajaan BN negeri Johor kat SEMUA staff dia, walau diaorang pangkah pakatan haram masa pilihanraya. Ada kerajaan kelantan buat gitu? Pas memerintah kelantan dah berapa lama? Semua salahkan orang lain, dah tak reti buat kerja berambuslah, bagi orang lain. Biasa la munafik2 pakatan haram. Fitnah kena anak guan eng itu hari bising, anak najib boleh pulak? Kalau dah samdol tu memang samdol la.

  41. Anonymous6:49 pm

    aNON 5:05 @ DIGHEAD


  42. Anonymous6:55 pm





  43. Anonymous7:22 pm

    There is nothing wrong for people who have the money to shop! Why are you so concern whether the daughter of Najib was shopping or not in David Jones? Sorry lah Dato ...sorry to say that you have learned how to shine shoes!!! No need to protect those who have money! Protect those who are Poor!!! By the way who paid for your fare and accommodation to PERTH? Did you travel on the PM's jet to PERTH with her daughter? That's everybody wanted to know! Thank you.

  44. Anonymous7:32 pm

    I think that you are going to be the next Senator .....

  45. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Are you people aware that this news is reported in the media in Australia first before the opposition start commenting about it? This is not a story concocted like UMNO did on LGE's son. So how can you say it's the same thing? As for whether indeed najib's daughter was really in Perth or it was inaccurate reporting by the australian newspaper remains to be seen. I'm in Perth, but I didn't see najib in person so does it mean najib wasn't here?

  46. melamela4:13 am

    these days, this blog is not worth a rat's ass...


    1) we know that rocky has gone mad...his postings these days are NOT objective and basically trying to please and defend najib and OMG...ROSMAH!!! not that this is a sin...but the spin! OMG ...terribly embarrasing and downright sinful!!

    2) the umno commentators are a bunch of retards... they will defend anything UMNO whatever fact you bring across...

    3) PR commentators behave the same way(when it comes to defending anwar especially)...the only difference is PR supporters are more idealistic and seems like a better breed of human beings compared to BN garbage here...

    Nobody seem to sit back and discuss things objectively without being colored by their respective party stands..

  47. Anonymous7:21 am


    Who paid for your trip to Perth?

  48. Anonymous12:53 pm

    anuwar berahim takmau pi tunai haji ker

    -nik ajih boleh temankan

  49. Anonymous3:40 pm

    This Dato needs to protect Big Mama, sold his soul and dignity for money and Datukship. Typical.

  50. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Tahun hadapan dapat jadi Senator la Datuk....Tahniah....

  51. Skill,

    I am talking about David Jones in Perth, mate. The one near Murray Street. Not too far away from the train station. I'm not talking about Sydney. And I like Metro and Jusco.

    And please don't bring Orchard Road into the picture. It's nowhere as pretty. Our Bintang Walk has more character, any night.

  52. edwin8:20 pm

    what a bunch of Pakatan asslikers....or asslickers of your enemy-lah Datuk.

    Hey stupid -- dicko no dick and godfuckingfarter -- no shame you sound stupid, but you no shame because youa re basically anonymous.

    you cannot understand that that is misreporting because najib's daughter wasn't there.

    stupid or what.

    just because you can't stand the fact that najib is doing a good job.

    you don't like rosmah?

    too bad..

    you sound more pitiful that you make her out to be.

  53. ricardo8:21 pm

    tulang besi,

    what an idiot you are.

    believe in facts-lah.


  54. pundek all these fucking fakatan bastards,

    story lim guan eng punya anak...defend gila..

    story pasal anak najib, cheer on.

    pundek sial.

  55. Anonymous8:43 pm

    The West Australian newspaper should apologise to PM Najib and his family...otherwise people will call it a thrash paper.


  56. Anonymous9:14 pm

    sentuh sikit anak beranak depa satu dunia depa melalut! tang depa kutuk2 anak & isteri PM tanpa bukti tak salah plak no? memang haram pakatan haram nih!


    aku ingat hang naik jadi kerajaan nnt habih satu kampung beribu2 orang hang belanja depa pi berjalan2 makan angin seluruh dunia, maklumla nak tarik undi! jalan daaa!!!!

    hang tengok nwar sendiri, belum apa2 anak jd naib presiden parti, tu ambik sorang lagi nak jadikan naib kpd naib presiden lak! apa cer???

    memang lagi lagi bodo!!

  57. Anonymous9:17 pm

    anon 4:13 AM,

    are you true colour?

    or colour less?

    typical kettle calling the pot

    ptuh! rasis to the core!!

  58. Anonymous10:48 pm

    hoho. what a joke.

    delegates from all of the commonwealth join the meeting, same place same time. yet, of all the people the paper chose to write about our PM? I dont know bout u, but what good does it bring to the paper if they supposedly "made" it up? :/ im sure if they were to make stories up, they would have came up with way more interesting headlines and storylines. There's no advantage to them in making this "story" up. Wake up already.

  59. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Shh Rocky...dont be a wet blanket.
    IT (Skill) wants to have ITs moment in the sun to air them stale brains, so dont deny IT that mercy, will you? Note how IT is dropping names like Bloomingdale, harrods etc to show us IT has washed the toilets there!!

    So let the Chink animal have ITs day in the sun..would ya! That sort of validates ITs puny existence. Pity the poor thing for what is life without recognition. So anything, even some acknowldegement, from a flock of trolls in a so-po blog would do (snigger).

    And Orchard Road? That is ITs trademark, standard modus operandi, stock of trade whatever so nothing creative or innovative
    there and to be expected as perfectly normal, you know 'biz as usual'

    As for the humbug prick (4.13am) who calls Umnoites retards, well that aint surprising either as it takes a retard to know a retard just as a moron to know a moron, a racist to know another racist .....elastically stretching that well worn 'it takes a tief to catch a thief' cliche to its logical imputation.

    And by the way, before the PR folks here strut around like peacocks for being tagged 'decent idealists" take note that compliment is coming from a retard.

  60. Skilgannon10667:06 pm

    Rocky 7:44 PM

    Methinks you have overshot a bit, haven't you? In your rush to prove a point, eh?

    I was writing about the David Jones stores in general; in any case, the range of goods carried in their Perth store is a subset of what is carried in their flagship store in Sydney. Having patronised both stores, I am aware of their similarities and differences.

    And if you want to compare Singapore's Orchard Road against KL's Bintang Walk, let's do so in terms of shopper numbers, tourism receipts and number of international brands represented. Care to do the honours?

    As for Anon 11:16 PM, he has yet to make a point. Must be the retard in him surfacing! Pity he hasn't been to ION Orchard and the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands to tell the difference. But, then, with the Malaysian Ringgit worth only 40-something Singapore cents, he can be forgiven for his inferiority complex.


  61. Anonymous8:25 pm

    ION Orchard and the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

    very sterile leh, no character only posh but boring lah

  62. Skilgannon10669:14 am

    Anon 8:25 PM

    Boring is good! Safety and security is good! No pickpockets, bag snatchers, car jackers, branded imitations, pan handlers, Mat Rempits....you get my drift?

    Some more got plenty plenty Malaysians and Indonesians flashing their gold Rolexes and Birkin handbags!

    Oh, wait - that includes the India Indians and the China Chinese, plus assorted Japanese, Koreans and Filipinos.

    Safety and security is a big plus point with these tourists - with apologies to the the Johor authorities!

  63. Anonymous12:52 am

    "with apologies to the the Johor authorities!"

    heh heh

    skilly is afraid to apologise to the Sultan eh??

  64. Skilgannon10666:43 pm

    Anon 12:52 AM

    Apologise?? What's there to apologise for?

    If anything, it's the Iskandar people who should apologise for making such a big thing about safety and security in the zone everytime they do a promo mission in Singapore!

    That zone is still part of Johor, the last time I checked.

    Back to topic, lah - David Jones in Australia and the misreporting thereof.

  65. Anonymous11:06 pm

    salam sume...
    bila aku bce komen2 kat sini lama-lama aku pun jadi lupa...ape cerita yg tengah aku baca...cerita tentang anak najib shoping 60k di autralia kan? bagi aku lah x salah kalau dia belanja dengan duit dia. kita x tau klu itu duit die. kalau duit rakyat pun die tau hukum halal haram ambil duit org kan..agaknya lah..tapi bagi aku kalau betol anak najib ni x ada kat australia sng2 je njb blh saman akhbar the west australian...sbb bnd ni dah malukan die kn..menyebabkan fitnah lagi..tp die x saman pun...bkn sbb die baik hati jd x saman...tp korg phm2 lah sndr...citer skg ni isu anak njb..bkn isu umno pergi haji...jgn kata aku penyokong umno k..ni cume pndpt aku bedasarkan artikel..sekian

  66. Anon 11.06,

    Lambat lu beb, ni dah Dec 3 baru lu tulis komen kat posting Nov 1. Time zone mana? Hehe.

    Apapun, memang betul kadang2 yang komen tu lari tajuk tapi tak pe lah.

    Bab saman suratkhabar Australia tu, PM memang tak buat. Najib memang tak gemar saman media nampaknya, macam Dr Mahathir jugak. Bagi aku, tak perlu seorang pemimpin negara main saman2 media. Bukan selebriti pun. Lainlah kalau nama kau Lee Kuan Yew.

    Di Barat, presiden dan perdana menteri tak saman akhbar atau tv. Jarang2 betul berlaku. Sebabnya ialah politicians ni "fair game".


    p.s. Jangan tunggu Januari untuk komen lagi beb.