Sunday, October 30, 2011

Working overtime for a common ground in Perth

CHOGM CHOC-A-BLOC. Foreign Ministers of the Commonwealth are meeting past midnight now in a frantic effort to save the Perth CHOGM from a major breakdown. The CHOGM leaders end their three-day meeting this afternoon but have failed to reach consensus on an array of crucial issues.

The Commonwealth, like it or not, has become more divisive than ever. And it's not just about huuman rights. Some journalists believe, or want people to believe, that Commonwealth leaders meeting here are divided because of human rights issues. They say the developed countries in CHOGM, such as the UK, Canada and Australia, want to push for action on human rights but, alas, their economically-lagging partners resent this. Anyone who re

ally believes that the divide is just due to this is naive.

The problem is more grave. The truth is that within the Commonwealth there now exists a new form of extremism. Among the 53 member countries attending this CHOGM, there are a handful that are starting to behave as if that ththe had the moral stature to preach to the others and impose their own high standards on them. Some governments are demanding that others look up to them as benchmarks.

Some member countries, for example, want the Perth Communique to describe the uprising in the Middle East as a "momentous" occassion. The majority of members despise this attempt, saying that the Commonwealth cannot be condoning bloody uprisings and violence. The enthusiasm of some countries to get CHOGM to condemn Turkey with regard to Cyprus is also viewed suspiciously by others.

The Eminent Persons Group's 106-point proposed reforms are also proving to be a pain in the neck and the major cause for the Foreign Ministers' urgent meeting. Observers are increasingly skeptical of the EPG and are bracing for the possibility that the bulk of these proposed reforms will not be adopted by the heads of governments.

Malaysia's ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi chairs the EPG. ironically, Malaysia is said to be one of the strongest opponents of some of the proposed reforms.


  1. hope mamat tu tak tido la...kalu jadi chair pastu air liur meleleh..evil beb

  2. Anonymous3:34 am

    Malaysia should keep on opposing any move that stinks of the New World Order agenda and tell the so-called economically well-off countries to go fook off for they are all bankrupt living on fiat money!

    - A Malaysian -

  3. Anonymous9:34 am

    What do you expect from a bunch of losers?

    Their ancestors ran away from from China
    They are running away from Malaysia

    So where are your children running to?
    Back to China?I doubt that they would accept you losers!

    I am glad the winners are still Malaysians

  4. Anonymous10:16 am

    Oz is the hinterland of Greater China, like Peninsular Malaysia it is the hinterland of Singapore.. that's why Ozzies are paying in kinds to those migrants Nanyangs..without China thirst for Oz resources, Oz is just a desert country, viz Bukina Faso of South Sea. .

    Tiu Na Beng

  5. Charles F Moreira11:43 am

    "They say the developed countries in CHOGM, such as the UK, Canada and Australia, want to push for action on human rights but, alas, their economically-lagging partners resent this."

    I disagree with the term "economically lagging"

    How do you define lagging and leading.

    Some of the developed members of the Commonwealth mentioned are economically deep in debt, with trade deficits, sinking economies, falling standards of living, rising unemployment, etc.

    Some have actively partaken, including militarily, in the imeprialist aggressions against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

    While I am for human rights, democracy, etc, I don't do so under the terms dictated by these western countries and other Commonwealth countries which are uncomfortable with such condescending demands are right to feel so.

    Anyway, what is the continued purpose of this British colonial legacy. Do we have any economic benefits from it or special rights for citizens of fellow Commonwealth countries when in another Commonwealth member country.

  6. I seriously hope our exPM do not fall asleep during the meeting he chairs. Amin.

  7. Anonymous2:52 pm

    screw u, screw fake democracy

  8. Anonymous5:39 pm

    In it's curent state of corruption, low income, rising crime, Mongolian bombs et all, Msia should not be telling anyone anything...

  9. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Yeah commonwealth have not done anything to the problem of apartheid practiced in malaysia.


  10. Saudagar Minyak Atar11:32 pm

    What common ground are they working on?

    Yes, there was wealth in the ground of the near and far east until Britannia, that Woman that wore a helmet and carrying a shield, decided to subjugate those countries and wring their wealth dry.

    But that was then.

    This time around, from the land of one of her cohorts, Miss Britannia thinks she can force the natives to buy snake oil.

  11. Anonymous4:57 pm

    anon 11:01 PM

    ..apartheid practiced in malaysia..

    What apartheid are you talking about here? I don't see any of us Bumiputras being treated like slaves eh?

    As for the pendatangs or decendants of Pendatangs, who ask you all to come here in the first place andand be subjected to the Brits as their coolies and labourers?

    They already gone back to their countries long time ago, why you wait here sum more?

    Go back to your own countries laaa..

    he hehe hehehe

  12. Skilgannon10669:49 pm

    Ah, more gobs of wisdom from Perwira.....

    Pity that his compatriots in the government are holding out the begging bowl, imploring foreign investors to please come to Malaysia!

    Including those from the homelands of the pendatangs' ancestors....

    And those from the old colonial masters and the country who shall remain nameless whose fleet patrols the Pacific Ocean and protects us from the unwelcome attentions of the new big gorilla out there.

    Wassamatter, dude - you wanna taroh these people, but not shy to take their money, eh?


  13. Skilgannon106612:12 pm

    Heh, heh - I suspect that the PM's "reluctance" to embrace the reforms proposed by the EPG is due to a recommendation that member countries of the Commonwealth repeal all "homophobic" laws, regulations and policies currently on their books!

    Wah, lau - like that, how? Opening the floodgates to carnal thoughts, immorality, impure thoughts and doubly impure actions in Malaysia? Giving the green light to gay and lesbian relationships, including civil unions and marriages?

    Oh, wait - we got plenty of immorality in Malaysia already! Like "rent-seeking", for instance.

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