Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why we should take the Merdeka Centre polls seriously ..

Of words like "too" and "still". Abang Din is right: We shouldn't take it TOO seriously.

DPM: Not too seriously
Not too long ago, a newspaper that was run by someone close to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, then the Prime Minister, made that silly mistake and took the Merdeka Centre survey findings way too seriously. After the Merdeka Centre found that Abdullah's popularity  had dipped to an all-time low of 61 per cent, the guy ordered the newspaper to conduct a similar survey using more or less the same number of respondents (1000+) and published findings in Nov 2007 to say that Abdullah was still popular and everything was hunky-dory. Four months later, the BN returned the worst performance in a general election, losing the two-thirds majority in Parliament and five states.

Neither should we take the Merdeka Centrre poll lightly. Or rubbish it totally, like this clever guy did. Remember, the same Merdeka Centre poll had charted Najib's pop ratings from 44 per cent before he took over as PM to 72 per cent in June last year. With 1000-plus respondents, you don't get anything exact but there's something scientific in the methods of the survey. At the very least, we get the picture.

The general picture is, 59 per cent pop ratings means Najib is STILL popular. Now, why would anyone want to dismiss that? The right thing (for BN) to do is to take this perception in the right perspective seriously enough to turn into into something positive. There is STILL time ..

Anwar thinks this means his ratings
are up and maybe he can still become PM

p.s .Journalists who worked under A Kadir Jasin at the NSTP would think twice before using the word "still".  It is a defensive, negative word, he'd say: When someone asks you if you can still get it up, that's not really good. And if your answer is, "Of course I can still get it up ..." that's even worse because you are confirming that you could barely get it up and that there are times that you actually can't get it up!


  1. Anonymous6:08 pm

    I think rosmah factor contributed to the downgrade. Anyone knows anybody who like rosmah? None.

  2. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Maybe masa poll, 41 pct respondents cina. That's why Najib dapat 59 pct. Cina won't vote bn no matter what. So, Najib, takde guna bg peruntukan sekolah cina, kerusi menteri pd cina. They won't vote bn. Just channel all monies to rural areas, ppl are STILL voting bn. Right?

  3. Ah, Anon 608pm, interesting that you mentioned Rosmah. Merdeka Centre had something on the First Lady about two weeks or so ago, saying that she isn't necessarily or shouldn't be Najib's weakness, that she could be his strength!

  4. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Do you prefer to be a power broker?

  5. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Well said, Bru.

    For God sake, Abang Din and Abg Jib, you better take things seriously and dont take anything for granted.

    For example, MAS is in deep shit even after the Share swap and the Tony F the Parachuter.

    Abang Jib and Abg Din must take serious affirmative action or BN is going to lose big time.


  6. Anonymous6:59 pm

    I like Najib until the day I meet him. That's when I lost my linking for Najib. For now I will still give him my vote coz I think he is working very hard. Not very smart but very hard. For that I will pay him with my vote for him. The reasons for the other is he does not seem to be the friendly type. Some how Mahathir was friendlier.

  7. Anonymous7:45 pm

    kalau air ada pasang dan ada surutnya inikan pula manusia. sama juga dengan populariti Obama, ada pasang dan ada surutnya. kalau opinion polls dibuat di negeri yang rata-rata tidak menyokong Obama maka rendahlah rating Obama tetapi kalau besok lusa polls di buat dinegeri kelahiran Obama maka lain pula ratingnya.

  8. Mazlan7:47 pm

    All polls should be taken with a pinch of salt. And anyone can interpret a poll based on their own political angle.
    The key is to look not at personal popularity but at trends such as what the public is concerned about and what the general feeling is about the socio-economic direction this country is heading.
    So Najib should be less concerned about personal popularity but focus on the issues the people are concerned about.

    As for Rosmah....yikes...saw her doing her own Raya speech on TV and it really scared the hell out of me. Seriously, how much botox can one woman inject before she explodes....

  9. Anonymous7:53 pm


    Kalau poll 2007 terhadap BN boleh dijadikan anggaran tidak langsung tentang sokongan rakyat terhadap pembangkang tetapi apakah pada kali ini polls yang sama terhadap BN boleh dijadikan anggaran sokongan rakyat terhadap pakatan rakyat? Tidakkah faktor Perkasa, KITA, atas pagar dan lain-lain parti harus diambil kira? Akhir sekali ada tak opinion polls ke atas pembangkang? kalau ada apa hasilnya?

  10. drMpower9:21 pm

    Thats the art of deceiving journalism. It is produced long before by the School of Journalism; major in Spin.

    It has the classic 'half full vs half glass' all over although can't really sure how 'getting it up' would fit in any glass full or empty.

    Long list expert includes Prof. Malaysiakini, thousands of RocketMen, hundreds of Naristas, but amazingly very few Sheikh Skulcap. I guess either they are the ones being spun or, they major of Spin in other school

    School of Religious (deceiving n spinning)

  11. Anonymous10:20 pm

    apa jua survey hendaklah di telti dulu sebelum mempelak keputusannya. Mujur ada survey,dari tiada survey. walau apa apa pun biarlah mereka yang pakar statistik komen mengenainya.Tak perlu pak menteri yg cakap berbudaya komen pasal stats. Pak menteri tak tahu apa pun.

    Dalam pada itu,buatlah action plan tentang keputusan survey. jgn complacent. Jagn juga penuh curiga.

    Ada maksud tersirat.

    belajar dan terus belajar.


  12. Fact of the matter is Malaysians have to accept the fact that Rosmah, unlike previous PMs wives, is a brainy and a thinking person! So she is smart just accept it! She is an emancipated person, about time for all Malaysian women!

  13. Rocky, the PM's wife - may be - his strength. Its worked wonders for Tun M. Tun Siti H smoothen whatever firm and hard perception on Tun M. What i fear is, the effect caused by Rosmah is the other way around. Ask peoples surround us, who is deemed more firmed, resolute and hard-willed; DSNR or Rosmah?

  14. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I like Rosmah. In fact she should make a better PM than her hubby. At least she is consistent and strong. Najib is perceived to be weak. Like Dolah, Najib has his own 4th floor boys who are making all the wrong policies that look good on paper but does not work when inplemented. That is why there there are so many flip=flop decisions that make the government look even weaker. Things get worse when the head of these boys, Idris Jala is seen as the defacto PM. Bersih? who cares about Bersih.

  15. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Behind every successful person is a woman... in Najib's case just make sure Rosmah is behind Najib rather than making headline news about herself... keep her in the closet if possible... however, i believe its not so much Rosmah but Najib's potrayal of being a firm and powerful leader of this great nation... his ministers around him is not helping as well... other blogs citing weak Hisham and others have its merits... Najib must improve himself before the next PRU... in any case it is very doubtful that the rakyat is running in droves to Pakatan as claimed by Anwar... what do u think, Dato?

  16. Anonymous1:02 am


    Yap, had been since school years.

    The 3of them, the other Nik XYZ Ibrahim and I cannot remember the other, they named themselves THE 3Bs..

    Guess what THE 3B's stand for?


  17. Seriously Pasquale - for you to imply previous PM's wives are not as smart as Rosmah is a sheer insult.
    Siti Hasmah for example is a qualified Doctor!!!
    The difference between Rosmah and the other wives is she 'gila glamour!' and the only one who has proclaimed herself first lady of Malaysia. The other wives were modest and virtuous and did not try to be more important than the PM....

  18. Anonymous1:38 am

    BN has to work very hard in the next is very clear that level of Chinese support is going to be an uphill battle....currently it is hovering around 15 - 20% for BN....BN has to try to increase support from chinese community to around 40% before the next election.

  19. Anonymous1:44 am

    69 percent Malay support najib, 69 percent Indian support najib, 38 percent Chinese support najib. The way forward, elevate Malay and Indian support to 75 percent and Chinese support to 50 percent. Examine where issues can be better managed. Would not be a difficult task. But, not having minister of disinformation could be a low hanging fruit for najib. The global scientific research community will laugh when you say that kementerian penerangan survey 50'000 people to get the right picture. Pls note USA presidential election polls use less than 1'000 samples. Analogy- taste of one spoon of curry in big kuali equals the taste of whole curry in the same big kuali. That is what scientific sampling is all about.

  20. Anonymous1:55 am

    69 percent Malay support najib, 69 percent Indian support najib, 38 percent Chinese support najib. The way forward, elevate Malay and Indian support to 75 percent and Chinese support to 50 percent. Examine where issues can be better managed. Would not be a difficult task. But, not having minister of disinformation could be a low hanging fruit for najib. The global scientific research community will laugh when you say that kementerian penerangan survey 50'000 people to get the right picture. Pls note USA presidential election polls use less than 1'000 samples. Analogy- taste of one spoon of curry in big kuali equals the taste of whole curry in the same big kuali. That is what scientific sampling is all about.

  21. Anonymous2:04 am

    Merdeka poll, please do another analysis ie economic issue versus non economic issues. Perhaps najib spent too much money addressing economic issues neglecting non economic ie quality of life issues. Remember Sarawak? Voters didn't care about your Nkra, etp, eep. Eep etp,Nkra is good for job creation and economic growth, but too much money given to small number of players, let's try quality of life it means slot to ordinary Joe

  22. Anonymous4:54 am

    Who cares about the survey? Who cares about what the people on the street think about that familiar 4th-floor-boys renamed PEMANDU aka Idris Jala style of governing? Who cares about being lembik to Chinese, Ambiga, Anwar, Mat Sabu, Christians... All small matters lah! Its easy for you people to criticize Najib. You are not married to Rosmah.

    We have a PM who can't even govern one woman but luckily he has an opposition leader who can't even differentiate his wife from somebody else's wife or even another man.

  23. Charles F Moreira5:26 am

    Well Najib's popularity overall has been dropping but with 59%, he's STILL popular now but six months from now he may not be if this trend continues.

    Anyway, the 59% is the average of his approval rating among the Chinese, Indians and Malays.

    The Chinese have many reasons to be unhappy with Najib, I guess the Teoh Beng Hock case and the related Royal Commission of enquiry being one of them and rising racial tensions another, even though economic issues was the top concern among all three races in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Go download the report from the Merdeka Centre website and see for yourself.

    Besides the economy, rising crime and racial tensions were significant concerns among the Chinese, while Malaysia and Indians were much less concerned by these.

    I wouldn't take results of the Malaysia Centre poll as very accurate but it's an indication and is worth considering seriously.

    BTW. Someone I spoke to feels that if Muhyiddin becomes PM, he'll be another Pak Lah.

    He also feels from his discussions with people he knows that Malay sentiment in Selangor and Penang is turning against the Pakatan.

    I dunno if he's right but it will be interesting to seethe out come of the naxt GE.

    Meanwhile, what do you feel?

  24. Anonymous7:37 am

    About rosmah, from 10 ppl i meet, 10 hate her. I think she is a liability to Najib and bn. Maybe she should just stay at home and hide her appearance from public.

  25. Anonymous8:37 am


    I'm a voter in Selangor and I will vote for BN in PRU13.. not becoz BN or Najib are excellent.. just becoz PR is so pathetic.

    Furthermore, I don't think Anwar will make a very good PM. His brain is so full of conspiracy theories. Neither do I think Hadi Awang will make a good DPM. Can he even speak English?

    As for DAP, it gives me shivers to think of Karpal & LKS as full fledge Ministers. They were trained to be Opposition for decades. How to switch to be policy makers? Can old dogs learn new tricks? As for the younger DAP leaders I find them pretty unsavoury.

    So I predict BN is going to win big in PRU13. Same as PRU12 where the hate of Tun Dol made people vote for PR, PRU13 will see the vote of people who are disillusioned by PR go to BN.

  26. Anonymous10:42 am

    I couldn't agree more. Why should we take any poll seriously? Even elections! When everybody, from EC to the army to all the political parties, cheat!

  27. Anonymous10:50 am

    I speak for myself, I have choose not to vote for najib because he is unable to put his foot down on -ppsmi as an option for those who wants it. If there are many concern parents who are like myself then I suppose najib could lose quite a bit of support.

  28. Anonymous12:44 pm

    SDR ROCKY izin kan saya:
    Betul ,jangan ambil berat dan JUGA tidak blh ambil rengan,sahabat kita rapatkan,musuh kita, kita dakap.
    Kalu popularaan Najib jatuh,ia bukanlah Kerna DSAI,Ambiga,atau Dap ke atau doa Wali atau KPI KRA Pemandu, liberalisasi atau konspirasi dalaman parti, tetapi
    kerna flom.
    Kalu betul, maka tiada apa blh damage control dan PRU 13 ,PR tak payah kerja kuat sbb MUFC tendang bola masuk goal sendiri.Mungkin 2008 berulang dengan kekeurangan majoriti.
    3 juta ahli UMNO pekak buta tuli.
    Blogger pro BN buat letih penat.
    Kenapa semua tak nampak the emperors new clothes.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  29. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Bro..good to hear you are now switching to
    abang Din's camp. Just wonder wadda going rate for the move. Must be on par with APCO & mcKinsey schedule of fees..rite.

    Din pudu sentral

  30. nstman2:52 pm

    Just imagine. If Kadir, who STILL hasnt got it, can become group editor in chief of NST, then every peon can also become one. That STILL episode turned Kadir into the biggest joke in journalism, and finally signalled his total descent into abomination. Despite his mental frailties I still extend a selamat raya to him.

  31. This is our first eloquent..

  32. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Actually Najib is still likable..inspite of all or whatever..see this 1Malaysia Najib idea right..actually the Indians also like this 1Malaysia becos they already felt marginalised so far all these makes sense actually,,so Najib is smart also like his father,,but i must say the Interlok thing is really a spanner thrown in by some least some more Indians will still support Najib but cant help thinking what if Najib does the right thing..just a small step for man but BIG STEP FOR BN..AS FAR AS THE MINORITY INDIANS IS CONCERNED..SMALL BUT LARGE..RESULT POLLS BETTER STILL.


  33. Razak I like, but not Najib11:53 am

    Whats this talk of Rosmah getting a special taxi permit? If it is true, Najib have time to reverse it before it spread like fire.

    Then there is 1MDB which is a potential problem. That has Rosmah hands.

    Najib better buck up. He has to learn to listen the right words. Just like he cut anyone that used to tell him about Rosmah.

    Listen la ... orang dah menyampah dengan bini kau tu, Najib. Kalau tak boleh kawal isteri, anda tak layak jadi PM!!!!!

    If he is not, he will be remembered as the last BN PM.

    He claim to listen to the heart beat but why is he keeping Nor MOhamad Yakcop around?

    Why is he still stubborn about retaining Ong Rasputin and his ridiculous reform and chinky agenda at the expense of the Malay support?

    Chinese will not give votes. Malay will!!! Yet Najib's policy is marginalising Malays. That is in contrary to effort of his father.

    IMalaysia Government should empower all races and not marginalise any races to please another.

    They must be aware and wise on the good and bad side of meritocrasy.

    Why is Najib retaining a lot opf deadwood Ministers like Rais?

    Why is he pandering to the chinese voters at the expense of the malay voters?

    Why is he so infatiated with reform at the expense of eonomic growth? His reform program like subsidy cut is killing him politically.

    Where is his UMNO reform program? So far it is only expanding number of voting delegates. THe warlord is still much at large. Why is he so scarerd of empowering the right people.

    The troops are not at ease with Najib slow decision making. He cant lead with 11th war decision making!!!

    Where is his corruption eradication results? MACC investigate but court throw it out!

    Why did Najib praise the Hishamuddin in an UMNO JOhor meeting as doing well. The man is a eunuch with no penis and no guts nobility?

    Buck up Najib!!!

  34. Anonymous11:56 am

    pasquale to bodoh bingai

    tak tahu politik jangan tulis lah pasal politik

    too late at 60 to learn new tricks

    stick to learning how to talk like a burung tiung

  35. Anonymous12:10 pm

    You know Rocky, there is actually a perception see, this Rosmah..have Malaysians been used to any PMs wife being in the front..i dont think so..even the great DrM wife was always behind him and not to much in the tv to the extent that people pusu puse to see her during raya's.
    So now, with Rosmah always everywhere even internationally..and even on tv wishing Malaysians a thousand times happy raya..!!
    She is probably just different but the Malaysians havent change in perceptions so they dont see the need of a PMs wife to do all she is doing.
    Dont get me wrong, Rosmah is possibly ok and right in what she does BUT IT DOSENT REALLY HELP know. So i donno maybe sshe can switch to earlier pm's wife mode or just be like Muhiddin's wife,behind the husband.


  36. Pasquale,

    Every where we go & when the topic of "Rosmah Mansor" is up, 9 out of 10 Melayus will utter the word, "MELUAT"!

    Its a fact.

    Many find the "RM 24 million ring" story highly believable. Becoz, of her over exposure!

    Probably not true in Negeri Sembilan but elsewhere, average household ppl literally "MENYAMPAH" of the sight of her in media, due to overkill by constant feature in TV.

    I just saw in Facebook this morning there is a long thread talking about Rosmah and how ppl feel about her. These are THINKING PPL who are expressing all these phrases not favourable to her. (Imagine, a thread opened about how Rosmah is featured in Hari Raya message to the rakyat).

    Wake up & smell the roses!

    Rosmah is grossly over exposed & lesser ppl see of her in media esp TV, better it is for Bang Jib.

    Better still, if you know anyone close enough to Kak Mah, get her to blog. Seriously! Then one can measure whether ppl really want her to know what she does daily, what's in her mind and how she sees things, she as a news item OR not at all! and site counter is an exact science.

    Thinking Man

  37. The fact the Rocky took the low racking and said that...Najib is STILL popular and there is STILL time shows clearly at the back of his mind...he knows Najib and his government is on the way out.
    But he is an excellent make bad news for Najib into good news.
    In every warfare....when a Commander have 72% advantage and even 59% advantage..all will attack and call for 13th GE..except Najib.
    That 59% are from Muslims and simultanously he knows vast majority minorities are hates him.
    That's a fact.

  38. Anonymous8:59 am

    Take serious or not serious .... popularity of PM and His cabinet dropped...only slogan and slogan and propanganda from TVs make rakyat BOSAN and BENCI BN ..... but rakyat do not feel anything except BENCI!!!! .. ETP? billion ringgit but people do not feel any impact except people with ton of money..

  39. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Now, Rocky, we don't care what Najib's rating is. Each Malaysian has his or her vote, and how they vote will determine how they rate Najib. ROCKY, WHAT I CARE ABOUT IS WHO P A I D for ROSMAH's individual HARI RAYA slot on TV? Kami RAKYAT yg bayar KAH? Ape ROSMAH kakitangan awam @ angota KJAAN? Rosmah cuma teman bilek NAJIB.

  40. Anonymous12:23 pm

    My only concern is one, that is if gomen scrap PPSMI, sure my group of friends will conteng pakatan, senang cerita. I cannot gadai my children's future.

  41. NajibmustGo3:46 pm

    Time to get rid of Najib Razak and his cronies economist advisers like Azman Mokhtar.

    Najib Razak thought that he can still fool the Malays by using UMNO to gain powers purportedly to fight for Malay culture, language and race.

    Its only a front for plunderers like Nazir Razak, Azman Mohkatar, Bakkee Nur Jazlan, Tengku Zafrol to enrich their cronies through GLCs.

    The Transport Minister is not involve in MAS merger with Air Asia. All is done by his brother Nazir. Why was Nazir Razak at the merger ceremony when the TM was not?

    Time to vote UMNO out. Perkasa is a better bet to look after Malay interest as it consists of Malay intelellectual NGOS.

    The Malays need to choose their leaders based on merits. And Najib fail badly.

  42. Rosmahnotafactor3:48 pm

    Anonymous you are small minded. Rosmah is an intelligent Malay woman. A lot of modern Malays like Rosmah.

    Only PAS minded Malays dislike Rosmah. But now Lolok is dead.

  43. hairan6:46 pm

    kenapa merdeka centre tak buat survey kit siang, anwar, hadi awang?

  44. Betul kita tak perlu ambil perhatian serious kepada keputusan survey merdeka centre kerana ia dibuat mengikut selera kutu-kutu yang buat kerja itu. tak siapa yang boleh mengesahkan apa yang mereka buat itu betul-betul bebas. sama juga dengan berita surat kabar utusan malaysia, new starits times, malay mail, the star etc etc.. tv, radio,internet -- semuanya banyak tak betul dari yang betul ikut selera siapa yang buat. betul tak..

  45. Anonymous11:28 pm

    The RAHMAN THEORY will become a reality and coincide with the 55th year of UMNO/BN ruling to retirement. Enough is enough.

  46. Anonymous11:28 pm


  47. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Najib was the brains behind 1 Malaysia, and was brainless when he shamelessly refuse to admit that he is Malaysian first. He has already dug his own grave.

  48. BIGCAT11:36 pm

    Aku semata2 tak nak tengok DAP menang. Aku tak anti-China atau anti-India tapi aku cuma tak sanggup tengok bangsa aku dibodoh2kan macam saudara2 aku diSingapura. Bersatu lah Melayu dan pertahankanlah maruah kamu demi masa depan generasi yg akan datang. Jangan biarkan anak cucu kamu jadi melukut ditepi gantang. May Allah bless n protect u all..

  49. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Najib dibesarkan dalam keadaan yang senang dan keluarganya yang elit membuatkan kehidupan masa kecilnya terbatas didalam lingkungan dunia mereka sahaja.

  50. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Adake perpaduan melayu ni mesti melalui UMNO sahaja dan tida pilihan lain? UMNO adalah platform yg terlalu reput dan buruk utk digunakan sebagai landasan menyatu padukan org melayu..Pd saya UMNO perlu di lontarkan shj kedalam tong sampah sejarah.Tiadany UMNO adalah rahmah pd umat melayu

  51. Anonymous12:07 am

    "Najib ni bila pencen nanti hanya layak digelar sebagai "bapa pengumuman" saja.

  52. Anonymous12:13 am

    Tak makan ayam di pagi raya, tidak bermakna tidak menyambut Aidil Fitri. Namun soal akidah bukan soal kecil-kecilan. Jangan nanti kita diberitahu, soal agama dan sosial tiada dalam KPI.

    Sekali lagi, jumlah kakitangan JPM yang mencecah 40,000 orang itu adalah membazir dan tidak memberi apa-apa makna.

  53. Anonymous1:53 am

    Abg Din,

    I was a true BN voter until 2008 election. I hate a lot looking at BN public figures (at that time) on TV i.e. Azalina, Shahrizat, Khir Toyo and Rosmah to name a few. I voted any parties (in DUN & Parliament) except BN in 2008 election simply because I was sympathetic with Anwar's struggle. If there is an upcoming election soon, I will switch back to BN for the simple reason...Anwar is irrelevant anymore. His appearance with Karpal, Guan Eng, Kit Siang during any media coverage really makes me sick. How could he protect the Malay interests when he becomes a PM if these DAP prominent leaders who always against Malay and Islam stand by his side? If you happen to see Najib, please convey my regards and let him know that his wife is part of a liability if he falls. None of my friends whom I knew appreciate her appearance.

  54. Anonymous12:16 pm

    How can Najib afford a Private Jet to take him to Perth for Physio Therapy?

  55. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Since BN "lost" in Sarawak, I don't think the party need another poll to get them to sit and listen up. Unless, they are too busy communicating instead of listening.

    Fortunate or unfortunately, many bloggers have lost steam to "rubbish" the govt or current PM ways or running the country, politically and administratively since the "victory" after Pak Lah step down. Many blogs even died a natural death.
    It is a disservice to the PM when wrongs are not highlighted, thus creating "illusions" that things are better than Pak Lah's time. Yet, BN won by a smaller margin in Sarawak.
    Is the ETP/EPP working? Have the program been executed properly and effectively? If it does create job, to whom?

    Maybe it is a high tech manufacturing setup in Penang creating 1,000 job opportunity. But, have we ensured that workers are local? Is there any policy guidelines and rules to ensure that Malaysian are hired? If 80 % of the workers are Indonesian, then we still have a problem.
    The problem could be in the type of factories they are setting up. If it is assembly line operation, than the employers will want cheapest possible labour. The answer is Indonesian.

    Some of the initial investment cost were probably footed by MOF, up to 10 percent. Incentives are required to compete and convince investors to come to Malaysia. The spin off is good, but it must reach the marhaen and not just the business community and the middle class.

    What we are seeing now are announcement in billions of RM of investment coming into Malaysia. Instead of using some "complicated" multiplier effects, maybe PEMANDU should go down and study the impact on this group. Who knows, maybe Najib popularity is indeed on the way up. Jangan Berangan Dalam Awan Billion seperti di laungan.

    And 1 MDB ..... what is the govt up to? We have so many seasoned and experienced businessmen who can developed the many huge parcel of land. And somebody will cry cronysm .... I SAY GIVE THEM TO PEOPLE WHO CAN DELIVER. And Li Ka Shing doesn't get any preferential treatment..? Oooh Plleaaase.

    PM must remember he almost lost Pekan. Yet, prior to the election, his people told him that he got good support from the Pekan folks ...

    Wonder whether his current advisors are telling the truth or telling him what he want to hear.


  56. Anon 7.37pm,

    10 people asked about RM. 11.5 people hate her.

  57. Anon 7.37pm,

    10 people i asked about RM, 11.5 hates RM.

  58. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Pergi Jahanam dengan survey tu,,!!! Betul or salah!!!!!

    Al Fatiha untuk Juru Kamera Bernama,,yang terbunoh tapikan ,,WHY no bullet proof vest given to him in a war thorn country?????

    Datuk T yang Bangsat tu di Bagikan VEST didalam Masjid,,,,apakah ini CHEAP Publisiti for UMNO???


  59. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Rosmah must take the poll very seriously. Then, she should lock herself up in her house and never come out until GE-13 is over. I'm serious! Ppl are fine with Najib, but not rosmah.

  60. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Najib popularity goes down because the rakyat knows for themselves that Mr najib like to beat around the bush and talk cock.I feel amused having gone through all the comments about najib is that there are similarities amongst them.They all have one syndrome.The denial syndrome that najib is a bullshit PM.

  61. Every Malaysian PM must do well to remember that he alone and not his spouse or cronies, that has the confidence of the majority MPs in Parliament to be appointed as Prime Minister of this country.

  62. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Dia tak pakai tudung! aku x suka! macam nie ka nak represent Perempuan Melayu and also the PM wife melayu muslim. tuh ka culture kita nak tunjuk kat dunia?

    dah byk dah pompuan kangkang terkoyak dlm dunia ni.. u can see on tv.

    Baik bini Din! a true malay woman. nampak sopan. nampak kuat. mmg hati jati.

  63. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Petronas paid rm30 bil dividend every year to g'ment. If the pendatangs were sent back to their places of origin 54 yrs ago, that rm30 bil could be shared with 15 mil ppl of bumiputras only. Can we send them back now?

  64. Anonymous3:39 pm

    your paragraph on "still" was utter rubbish... what a joke.

  65. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Dear 9.52pm (latest)
    You have to be a katak dibawah coconut since u live in our "own kind" world.......oh!! sori u donno england..katak dibawah tempurung.


  66. Anonymous7:45 am


    I've already warned Najib. Jangan jadi yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung berciciran! He never listen!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  67. Anonymous8:41 am

    Ultrakiasu always make noises claiming they are the only one who pay taxes and others don't (when most of the time ultrakiasu evade tax and cheat). Now i know much of this country's wealth comes from its natural resources, which the malays have willingly accept to share when they agreed to grant citizenships to pendatangs. i think its time to re-send all pendatangs back to their place of origin, because they fail miserably to integrate with ppl of tanah melayu. agreed?

  68. Anonymous11:41 am

    Will Zarinah allow SC to investigate her husband? And can the SC, really slam the boss husband? Doubt it. Either one of them should quit

  69. Anonymous12:26 pm

    anon 7.03pm

    Better to have katak bawah tempurung rather than having to cramped space together with extraterrestrial pigs & pariah bawah tempurung yg tak sedar diri..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  70. NotoTudung!1:18 pm

    Aku suka perempuan tak pakai tudung.
    Perempuan pakai tudung nampak macam pencuci tandas dari Indon je.

    Aku malu kalau bawa mak we pakai
    tudung. No class...

    I love hair...hehehe

  71. Anonymous3:10 pm

    wah 12.26pm your "england" (extraterrestrial..ultra etc) not bad lah...even when under tempurung..not need ppsmi then lah..just mertabat only.

  72. Anonymous10:16 pm

    You know during the 70s we brand a girl ration meaning she can be eaten by anyone. So this rose is really a ration. Bad past and bad character yet greedy.
    So pm have no control over anything now. Unless he c4 her.