Friday, August 12, 2011

After MAS, the mother of all ...

Battle for Malaysia Airports? Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, the non independent director of MAHB, and Syed Faisal Albar, the Pos Malaysia MD have emerged as front runners to succeed Tan Sri Bashir as managing director of MAHB, sources say.
Bashir is poised to be named as chairman. 
Syed F

Ironically, the two leading candidates for Bashir's job used to serve the New Straits Times Press during different eras. Jo was a former senior group GM for production/circulation and Faisal was CEO under Kalimullah Masheerul's reign. 
So has the great game begun? 
Not really. 
The Airasia -Mas deal, and now MAHB, are mere tremors, just wait for the mother of all telco deals to hit the shores.

p.s Big Dog suspects that MAHB is in for more than just a new MD. Read his posting here


  1. Anonymous5:15 pm

    apa ni, NST punya org mao manage Malaysia Airports .... rocky u buat kelakar ke??

  2. Anonymous5:54 pm

    when are we getting a PM from NST.... it could be you, Datuk Bruuuu

  3. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Not bad candidates la. Something needs to be done with main airport though. Immigration side not efficient at all with long queues. Baggage handling system also a problem. Isn't AJH from Malakoff? If so, he has done well. Syed Feisal is a known personality. i see that pos has imrpoved and trying to do more. we'll see how they manage airport if this is true.

  4. Anonymous6:04 pm

    i vote for the younger guy. Faisal is younger with proven capability to handle big company. at nst, i suspect his hands were tied where kalimoolah rules. btw, give hints about the telco deal la. Siapa beli siapa? I think Maxis is desparate now. drop calls everywhere. maybe ananda needs to make it bigger by buying into digi? betul?

  5. Anonymous6:05 pm

    I nominate Ibrahim Badawi

  6. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Either TM or Axiata goin to be sold. Same shit different people.

  7. Anonymous7:03 pm

    When the mother of all telco deals are announced, you will know what an earthquake feels like.

    Dj Bujai

  8. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Ape daa jade dgn Msia. Moga moga Allah membuka mata mereka yg berdosa kpd Agama, rumpun dan negara. Allahuwakbar .

    Naseb Melayu

  9. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Rocky it's better if u just let government find an 'offsite solution' to all that is plaguing MAS and Msia Airports. If u don't understand what is an 'off site solution' pls go ask Datuk Najib Razak. No need law, no need due process, we just find the'off site solution'. Sounds to me that is what dictators do.. Tan Sri Muhyiddin , rise PLS, Malaysia needs you.

    Kuching Besau

  10. Anonymous7:46 pm

    According to Tajudin Ramli: “At all material times, I was acting as a nominee and agent of the Government and in the performance of a public duty and I was bound to act under the instructions and directions from the government.”
    Yes, that was what he signed in his Affidavit of 18 April 2006.
    So can you see why the government has to drop its case against Tajudin Ramlii? If they proceed with the case and this matter is argued in court, then the whole world will know that Tajudin Ramli is just the ‘Ali Baba’ front for some hidden hands who have thus far managed to remain hidden. However, once the hearing starts, then the ‘hidden hands’ would no longer remain hidden.
    Yes, justice may be delayed, but it can never be denied.

  11. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Malaysian Insider, Ngapa u nak lagakan Najib dan Muhyiddin . Ngapa u tulis gini pasai dato seri ......“As prime minister and Umno president, Datuk Seri Najib has many weaknesses due to his leadership, problems caused by his wife... This is what people on the ground are saying.”

    Shahbudin who wrote the book Najib : the last Prime Minister, rejected claims that he was asked to write the book by certain factions within Umno and stressed that he wrote the book as a tax-paying Malaysian still hoping the country will transform for the better.

  12. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Ada org dipaksa undur dari POS Malaysia disebabkan isu memperkayakan diri sendiri. Jadi bangsat Ini merebahkan badan minyak tolong NMY dan Amokh, tolong jadikan saya CEO MAS @ Msia Airports, dan segala kehendak kamu saya akan tunaikan. Tunaikan guna duit MAS @ Msia Airports, cuma tuu sje blom ditentukan.

    Dj Remy

  13. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Anon 6.04 pm, u said Syed Faisal's hands were tide in NST by Kalimulah . Ade gaurantee ke if he goes to Msia Airports or MAS his hands wont be tied by Tony or Azman Mokthar or by Danny? Clearly, Syed Faisal is weak willed if his hands can be tied, and will be tuned to do the wrong thing for Malaysia if his arms were twisted. By virtue of that, this man should not be considered. Mind you, Ahmad Jauhari walked away from Malakoff when he did not agree with Syed Mokthar's plans. Syed Faisal is not fit to even touch the shoes of Jauhari.

  14. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Smua org pandai di Malaya duduk kat NST. Patutlah, supplement ramadhan pun, STAR tak tao buat.

  15. Anonymous9:01 pm

    If syed Faisal is so good, wonder why DRB wants to remove him? No smoke without fire!!!!

  16. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Denii: Bos ade chan ke sya jadi CEO?, bedebah POS, Omar dan Rohana smua duk lobi.

    Amokh : mungkin awak slamat (MAS)

    Khali : Kasee sama dia lah mok. Tony tell him bruder.

    Tony : Mokh always super (MAS)

    Faisal : Khali, u jangan lupa kesetiaan saya lah, tolonglah, I tak mao kerja dgn quek leng chan. Sana x bole main main.

    Khali : yuuu want farkiiing kah dei?

    Tony : Malaysia airports sealed? (MAS)

    Amokh : mestilah aku super (MAS)

    Denii : bos bos itu pun datang KJ, dull dia nak kerja kau tau, bos!

    Khali: Diaaamlah Denii, Hello KJ how is vaapak?

    KJ : he ok bro, kasi laa peluang saya atau Omar nail beb.

    Amokh ; mata awak serong (MAS)

    KJ : Tony bro, help me out lah

    Tony : mumtaz ada sokong ? (MAS)

    Khali : KJ tak bole, faizal atau Omar apaaah mahcam?

    Amokh : mighty arse said (MAS) ....

    Denii : what did datin seri say

    Amokh : mesti aku sokong (MAS)

    Tony : mighty arse siapa (MAS)?

    Khali: dei u dunoo mighty as S? Bling bling Ada behli itu purmahta lah

    Amokh : mesti aku senyom (MAS) hehhehekekewekhsgshaaa!

  17. Anonymous10:31 pm

    "Come gather 'round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You'll be drenched to the bone.
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin'
    Then you better start swimmin'
    Or you'll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin'."

  18. Anonymous10:35 pm

    saya difahamkan esekutif kanan melayu syarikat milik kerajaan sebelum dilantik mesti ada sijil umnoputera, betul ke Dato?

  19. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Tak kurang 3 juta pendatang haram/tak haram ambil peluang kerja org tempatan/Melayu.
    Hutang PTPTN graduan Melayu berbillion rgt tak dpt dibayar gara2 ratusan ribu graduan Melayu menggangur atau ditindas dgn gaji rendah.

  20. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Whoever comes, the end result is the same. Will enc KN tears, rakyat will have to pay

  21. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Better to keep bashir coz he doing a decent job, and he us highly respected abroad

  22. Quiet Despair10:48 pm

    We are very behind in recycling wastes. We could be a rich nation.
    But we are very advanced in recycling corporate suits. We are enriching this already rich men.
    For every shake-up, we see the same tired old faces. The same names.
    I am sure we have many young talents, unsullied and able to take the reins of this used people.
    Only in Malaysia do we "promote" people who failed. Tengku Azmil with his RM11 million MAS share options have been given a plum job in Khazanah.
    Why is it failed people are given second chance, third, ad infintum chances.
    Just fire them if they didn't perform.
    I wish we have The Donald in Malaysia to them to tell them "you are fired."
    In business and in looking after our national assets, there is no such thing as jaga maruah.
    We are not running a welfare state.

  23. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Dear Datuk Rocky, pls don't make this appointment a political issue. Let KN and government find an 'off site solution' for MAHB and MAS. Datuk, please trust Khazanah Nasional and members of the cabinet. Our cabinet is big and wise. For your information , dato a Kadir Jasin said : Memang kabinet kita besar. UK dengan 62 juta penduduk ada 23 menteri, Perancis 66 juta ada 23 menteri, Amerika 312 juta ada 12 ahli kabinet dan Switzerland lapan juta ada tujuh menteri. Kita ada 28 juta penduduk dan 30 menteri. Tidak hairanlah susah nak jumpa menteri sebab tak tahu yang mana satu.
    So, Datuk Rocky, trust in the system, the RIGHT people will be appointed.

  24. BIGCAT12:25 am

    Letih aku. Orang NST kalau pandai takde la paper dia orang tak berapa laku. Tengok orang Star. Pandai sangat. Jual babi bagi orang Islam buka puasa pun paper dia orang masih no 1. Patut bagi je kerja CEO tu kat Wong Chun Wai, baru lah berjaya. Najib, oooo Najib, kasi betul benda ni boleh tak? Penasihat2 engko yang tak berapa cerdik tu boleh kasi buang tak? Aku nak terus sokong engkau, tapi yang serabut-serabut ni kasi settle kan boleh tak?

  25. Kalau Syed Feisal tu nampak Kalimullah punya tangan!

  26. Anonymous1:50 am

    Kalu pilih syed Faisal, undo saya utk P A S. sah!!!!?

  27. Anonymous3:13 am

    The irony is only in corporate Malaysia losers are rewarded.

  28. Anonymous3:19 am

    Ini bulan, rumah si faizal, ari hari adaa Limbu kahree mahsyak

  29. Anonymous3:22 am

    Malaysia has truly gone to the dogs. If the Rakyat are still unwilling or unable to remove these UMNO/BN crooks, the Rakyat truly deserve to be screwed again and again and again.

    Malaysian shouldn't be an opportunists' utopia, the Rakyat must give them HELL!

  30. Anonymous3:24 am

    Thanks to all the voters who had been voting Barisan during this long haul. We deserve what we get. Any regret? Do we need a change in GE13? Go ask and look ourselves in the mirror. The answer lies on the reflected images.

  31. Tuan,
    It seems like since Bersih 2.0, Mister PM has been backpaddling and abit lost.
    IMHO, he is fast becoming Pak Lah 2.0 with all these (in)decisions.
    How many votes from MAS staffs will BN lose?
    How many votes from observers such as myself who - although thinks Airasia has help alot of people to travel, but still thinks MAS is a national pride that should be guarded- has he lost?
    If I am not mistaken, he did mention once that politic is a game of perception.
    The perception that all of our treasures are up for sale, and that the PM is either helpless to do anything or worse - in cohorts, are terrifying.
    There are only so much duit raya he can give out as PM, but this deal really hurts.
    The AIRAsia - MAS swap deal could possibly be the final nail on the coffin

  32. For me MAS is more personal, it has a sentimental value.

    My late father went on hajj with this airline safely go and safely returns, he is also a core supporter of umno and BN. My constituency area which is a `black area’ during emergency were controlled by the communist DAPig, only once where MCA were able to win this area. During election time, arwah will cycle miles and miles away to the town to vote for BN.

    Just like any other poor large malay family, my late father were in the army, quit the job and later works as a clerk, when he had enough saving which he put in at tabung haji (me too were dragged to post office then to open an account with tabung haji) there he goes flying with Malaysian Airline and my heart were so proud looking at the airplane taking off and the same when we (waited patiently) saw the aircraft landed at subang airport tarmac –safely-

    So when i read in Malaysianewsnetwork (thanks GAP) my heartbeat goes faster, i don’t want to say any further it`s all there. Go here :

    So what next najib?

    You have failed in protecting my religious, DMUC (some of the many example and don’t point your finger to the useless PKR and PAS.)

    You have failed protecting my race, when bumiputra should be you priority.(and do not blaming the NEP like what your brother did, you still remember?)

    And you have failed in protecting my country when you give a free hand to people like azman mokhtar and his goon.

    So what next najib? Maybe you should mess around with tabung haji? Mind you tabung haji is one of the richest institutions in this country (is it true a top management of TH renovate their office luxuriously as though it’s belong to their grandfather and ancestor?)

    Maybe you should take a long, long holiday and let other people take over your job.

  33. Anonymous9:58 am

    MAS was once of the best in the world with multiple world awards and today still one of only seven airlines awarded 5-star rating by Skytrax. It's pity that MAS is falling from grace because of our greedy Government politicians. Only time will tell if MAS can awake and becomes top world airline again

  34. Anonymous10:36 am

    MAS was once of the best in the world with multiple world awards and today still one of only seven airlines awarded 5-star rating by Skytrax. It's pity that MAS is falling from grace because of our greedy Government politicians. Only time will tell if MAS can awake and becomes top world airline again

  35. Anonymous10:44 am

    In the star today Mohd Rashdan yusoff said : At our very first exco meeting, we identified savings in procurement. I can't tell you where as we have not told our suppliers yet. They are capital expenditures and are large. WTF, when you did the restructuring exercise in the first place, Lu tak tao ke ???? And this IDIOT is now ED of MAS. Actually he is not an IDIOT. We Malaysians are, for electing people who keep sending the same people to fuck up over and over again....

  36. Anonymous11:29 am

    I nominates Pasquale

  37. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Looks like the water line for MAHB is rising, and all we can do is stand and watch. It's a shame, for once upon a time, we were a great nation, run by the first amongst equals .

  38. Anonymous1:13 pm

    I think SC should look at other transaction such Ranhill like link below :

    Is either SC is too scared to take action or they are looking at different screen

  39. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Who cares, if there are changes in MAHB. I am more concerned about raising of AIRPORT tax by MAHB. If my memory is right, we are still subsidising the ERL with the airport tax/duty. NOW, they are asking us to pay even more. When has Govt ever cared for rakyat? NEVER!

  40. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Syed Faisal which is on the verge of being removed from
    POS, for reasons best known to Syed Mokthar, and best not known to the income tax men. Unbelievable that Syed Faisal is being considered for the MAS or MAHB job. He should be considered for a move to Sg Buloh instead. My only consolation is that this can only happen in Malaysia. We should instead look at Omar Ong. He is decent, doesn't eat chia siew in Malaysia. Overseas different matter ah. And his dad also know many cab drivers in New York and has already predicted (maybe insite info) that MAS shares will be up by 100 pct. Old Ong, is the new market maker for MAS.

    Jho Low

  41. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Kali's hand is everywhere . It's Pak Lah all over , with Najib's face. But Kali has a hand to play. ..... All those long hours with Guan Eng and friends might bear fruit and save those in power, though the cost will bf borne by ordinary Malays mostly.

    Orang Dalam

  42. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Without meritocrasy, a private company cannot survived, unless it is a GLC or Petronas with free supply of tax payers money.

  43. MAS? AirAsia? Firefly? zzzz..

  44. Anonymous12:13 am

    Bigcat, jgn kritik pemimpin besau kite. Elok kite sokong spadu dgn si Najib, kecuali kalu koa pun sebati dgn rasa hati ku : hidop Tan Sri Muhyiddin , wira Melayu, PM Malaysia yg baru......

    Ros MAA @ Rustam. Melakaaa

  45. BIGCAT9:21 am

    Muhyiddin tu tak ada la bagus dari Najib. Aku org Johor, aku tau la. Engkau org nak jatuhkan Najib tunggu lepas election. Tak dapat dua per tiga engkau org topple lah dia. Kalau tak, engkau org memang sah pengkhianat memecahbelah bangsa. Tak pun Pakatan cybertrooper yg celaka.

  46. Anonymous1:21 pm

    well manage ads around the world and in the country, with nice words....:)

  47. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Look at this comment by Rashdan the new ED of MAS in the Edge's Cover Story~ Q: When you say MAS will gain, I'm sure you have some calculation. Can you please elaborate? A: If you make some calculations, we still have juat under 50% equity interest in MAS. The price went up [after the announcement of the partnership] so the amrket cap went up a lot. If you just calculate from that, we have gained a lot on our first day. Of course, we swapped with AirAsia, which fell a little bit. But net net, we have gained a lot in these few days.

    Mangkok! Is this how he measures gain? This 6-month here, 6-month there guy have nothing on his resume to warrant him becoming an ED of MAS. MAS is doommed..

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  48. Skilgannon10669:52 pm

    anon 6:25 AM

    You still don't get it, do you?

    Like the simple fact that no one in the whole wide world owes Malaysia a living.

    Malaysia has to earn it's way and not depend on the tender mercies of other countries or on the whims of affirmative action, preferences and subsidies, no matter how appetising they may seem now.

    What's happened to MAS and Malaysia Airports is merely the tip of the iceberg, where leaner and more efficient competitors are doing well while their Malaysian counterparts are struggling from crisis to crisis.

    It's a pity that GAP, Perkasa, the Malay Chamber of Commerce and assorted bigdogs don't seem to appreciate the basic fact that competition is here to stay and cannot be wished away.

  49. Anonymous6:59 am

    Isn't this answering the calls for CHANGE?

    And don't forget that money is not yours until you spend it.

    So, which counter on the KLSE should we hedge on now? There's great opportunity to capitalise on the right counters instead of sulking.

    I'd place my bet on Maxis. It is a good buy at RM 5.00 or less. And always expect the unexpected!


  50. Anonymous11:07 am

    Thats the trouble in bolehland!
    Any fcuking idiots can run anything....When is this gonna stop?Everything is so race centered.Roc! baby without gomen this cronies would be blown to dust.
    Those towering melayus is a laugh...if you find an honest one.

  51. Seolferwulf5:19 pm

    Any truth in the following rumours:

    - that Khazanah will acquire a 10% stake in Singapore Airlines and Temasek will acquire a 10% stake in MAS?

    - that Khazanah will make an offer to Temasek to acquire the latter's stake in SATS Ltd, one of the 3 ground handlers at Changi Airport, with a view to merging SATS with Malaysia Airports' ground handling facilities?

    - that MAS's domestic network will be divested into a separate unit under the AirAsia umbrella and that MAS will focus on being a premium full-service medium- and long-haul airline?

    - that the board and top management of Malaysia Airports will be replaced with new local and foreign talent?