Friday, August 12, 2011

The Star apologizes

The Star was hauled up and The Star has said sorry.
"The ministry views this very seriously, more so as it is a supplement that is aimed at helping Muslims choose food outlets for breaking of fast." - KDN

Next, will Bishop Ng Moon Hing apologize when JAIS comes out with its report and the evidence that there was proselytizing at DUMC? The report is ready but Khalid "Gag" Ibrahim the MB is sitting on it. And while it sits there, the pastor maintains that JAIS's raid was haram.

And, er, if you're a Muslim thinking of leaving Islam for Christianity, blogger SatD has a question for you ...


  1. Anonymous3:59 pm

    No I want more that that. Atar cannot get away with just a general apology.

    It was a deliberate act of disrespect. It was not an accident or oversight, especially at the current time.

  2. Contemplative4:17 pm

    Better ask Selangor BN to apologize as well, once the evidence for the raid comes out.

  3. BIGCAT6:26 pm

    Babi punya Star....such a blunder (maybe intentionally, maybe not) and the bastards only deemed it fit to put a two paragraphs apology for the Muslims. Kalau salah eja nama Lim Guan Eng pun aku rasa dia orang letak apology yang besar dari tu. Engkau orang Melayu Islam kalau masih nak beli juga suratkhabar Star ni aku memang tak tahu lah nak kata apa. Memang bodoh piang la jawabnya.

  4. Adait Aman6:51 pm

    I am posting on behalf of another "The paper shld b suspended at least for a short while. They need to b taught that RESPECT is a serious issue. I was even more insulted wth the excuse of an apology that they came up wth. The Home Minister needs to man up n put his foot down. I hope all the Malay Muslims supporting the Bersih movement realize tht these r the very same people behind it."

  5. Adait Aman6:52 pm

    I am posting on behalf of another "The paper shld b suspended at least for a short while. They need to b taught that RESPECT is a serious issue. I was even more insulted wth the excuse of an apology that they came up wth. The Home Minister needs to man up n put his foot down. I hope all the Malay Muslims supporting the Bersih movement realize tht these r the very same people behind it."

  6. Bedul7:18 pm

    It's so easy to say sorry when you don't mean it.
    Apology which amounts to no apology.
    Just a two paragraph story.
    I was expecting a full ad apology or at least as big as the pork-ribs ad.
    Macam melepas batuk di tangga sahaja.
    No problem for the Star really.
    If KDN hauls them up, they say sorry.
    Then repeat the same mistake.
    It has happened several times before.
    What is so laughable is in today's paper, CSL was preaching on the insentivity of the people towards the other races.
    Can't even see what the Star is doing to the Muslims and Malays.

  7. Bedul9:59 pm

    Hishamuddin has called the Star EIC and issued a show cause letter to explain the pork rib ad.
    He's given The Star a week to come out with an explanation.
    Perkasa also marched to The Star HQ to send a protest letter.
    I agree with Adait Aman. Suspend Star at least for a day. They are belittling the Malays and Muslims by issuing a small apology.
    Why can't they spare a page with bold black letters of apology to the Muslims.
    I am a fan of The Star. I buy it daily for the features, the sports and foreign pages.
    From tomorrow, I will not be buying it.
    Friends always tell me why do I buy the Chinese towkay racist paper.
    They pointed out how Star subtly undermine the Malays by making big stories of Malays like 109-year old Nenek Wook who married a young man.
    They ridicule us by showing our people to be sumbang muhrim, sodomizer, murderer, running amok etc.
    And when SPM or STPM results are out, its only the Chinese who are portrayed as A students.
    It is so glaring when NST, TV3, Media Prima, Astro, Bernama TV and RTM do portray all the races high achievers.
    And they will be featuring Chinese who excel abroad like the UN woman, the MP from Australia etc.
    There are many successful Malays who are doing very well overseas and not a word about them.
    Enough is enough. Their editorial big men are all Chinese. Indians and Malays are just insignificant.
    They are just decoration to meet the quota of the 3 major races.

  8. Bumi Boy10:36 pm

    Kawan-kawan sebangsa dan seagama

    Korang cam tak yang akhbar Cina Kwee tu sekarang ni sedang championkan Chinese Heritage Di Petaling Street.
    Dah dua hari dah ada siri tentang perlunya Petaling Street jangan dirobohkan.
    Dia orang marah kerana LRT nak dibina di situ.
    Bnyak cantik. Tanah tu kepunyaan UDA dan UDA berhak merobohkannya.
    Marahlahkan sebab daging babi bergantung di merata-rata tempat di situ. Ada ke kita marah?
    Kita marah kerana daging babi menjadi halaman utama dalam promosi bufet Ramadhan.
    Masa heboh Kampung Baru nak dibangunkan, diam sahaja, buat tak kisah.
    Kampung Melayu boleh usik, kawasan Cina tak boleh. Where got road.
    Dulu sibuk perjuangkan Yap Ah Loy yang kononnya membuka Kuala Lumpur.
    Siap tulis nak membela keturunan dia yang masih hidup lagi.
    Balik tongsan sajalah.
    Republik Cinapun tak nak terima depa!

  9. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Salam to all.
    I have been following star for some time and seni sms messages many times. But sadly none come out. This is the last straw and I am stopping buying this arogance paper. Nak harap KDN auwww nak amik tindakan...mmmmm.

  10. Anonymous1:22 am

    Oh, oh i see May 13 brewing everyday. Thanks DAP, thanks Wong Chun Wai, Thanks Racist Pigs, Thanks HishamPONDANmuddin.


  11. As usual the apology is in a back page buried with a small font!

  12. Anonymous5:16 am

    Kalau susah sangat nak berintegrasi dengan Melayu, balik tanah besar. Berambus!

  13. It's not they're forgetting about professional ethics or being absence-minded. They purposely did it to insult coz they know they can be easily forgiven by the forgiving Malay Muslims. Journalism/media looks bad coz of this attitude. Sorry, I'm off track a bit. Just to share, you can read this, Adrian Chiles, a TV presenter earning £1.5million a year, criticized for not doing some homework before interviewing his guests. He offered a Muslim actor, Dhafer L'Abidine a pork sausage on a live TV show while he fasts for Ramadhan. Later in the show he apologized while Dhafer looked uncomfortable with the other guests chomping pork sausage. Org bukan Islam lain turut meluat/terkilan melihat org bukan Islam lain tidak menghormati kepercayaan org lain.

  14. Anonymous10:01 am

    Jom ramai-ramai kita boycott The Star, wahai orang Melayu dan orang Islam.
    Biar saham dia menurun. Biar bonus staff dia kureng tahun ini.
    Baru padan muka kerana menghina kesucian agama kita.
    Dia bangga dia best newspaper.Bonus dia tinggi. Tak macam paper UMNO.
    Yalah, NST tidak mainkan isu perkauman. Tak pernah melagakan orang Melayu dengan bangsa dan agama lain.
    Cadangkan Ketua Pengarang dipecat.
    Janganlah ambik tindakan kepada reporter saja.
    Dia ikan bilis yang tulis berita. Yang mennentukan dipakai dan di letak di page mana, tugas pengarang atasan.
    Dengar khabar, KP Wong Choon Wai tu dapat Datuk dan Datuk Seri daripada tak kurang 3 negeri.
    Tarik balik pangkat Datuk tu.
    Dengar khabar dia baik teramat dengan DYMM Sultan Selangor.
    Katanya keretanya ada badge yang membolehkan dia parking di mana-mana sahaja di Selangor.
    Amboi specialnya si China babi ni.

  15. Anonymous10:24 am

    gua tak beli star tapi gua baca online hahahaha lagi bagussss


  16. Anonymous11:42 am

    Honestly, get that big stick out of your arse you guys! Look around there are greater problem brewing......hey rocky enough of your putrid bru, how about commenting on the Tajuddin bail out...try put a spin on that...still thing you guys jump....curi dari rakyat tak dosa ke? Inciting hatred among kaum tak dosa ke? The significance on Ramadhan in lost on you people...Pox on all you bastards! You included Rocky!...

  17. For Christian issues
    debates please follow the liknk below,

  18. Dah cakap dah3:18 pm

    Now let's go to the Star supplement page by page on the pork promotions, okay.
    Page 2 Half page ad: Best Pork Ribs in town.
    Page 7: Morganfield's Sticky Bones. Big photo of authentic prime pork ribs.
    The only Muslim food is Bumbu Desa and it's an Indon restaurat. Okay consider Chef & Brew also a Malay place since people like KJ are often there.
    There are so many 5-star Malay restarants that can be featured like Intai-Intai, Istana Bambu, Puteri or Bora Ombak for example.
    The Star reporter is too lazy or the Boss said enough, the rest we feature hotel restaurants
    So they featured Dinwei Chinese cuisine, Dim Sum from Ming Palace and two other places. There are other unsure halal restaurants like Tanzini and Library restaurants.
    In short the 16-page supplement is for Chinese to melantak babi and dim sun which is not halal and the hotel restaurants.
    It's just a cover-up to kononnya please the Malays.
    Deliberate? yes indeed.
    You judge for yourself..

  19. BIGCAT5:38 pm

    Anon 11.42
    Wah, u so banyak lancau ya. Want to provoke us some more. Who r inciting who u fuckass motherfucker? We are just minding our business when some pricks in Star put articles of babi dishes and put it under Ramadhan delights. Just because we are Muslims u think u all can just piss on our head anytime ka? Want people to burn your house ka> Want another May 13 ka? Stupid asshole.

  20. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Check the middle IC # of the journalist, editor etc;

    Kalau takder '71' in his IC
    check his parents IC, kalau takder
    check his grandparents IC

    Ni semua pasti yang baru2 saja mendatang, still blur and confused about this country's Agama, Bangsa dan Budaya.

    Yang penting sekali, check if the Mykads are genuine or false. Ramai sangat PATI2 menyamar sekarang ini.

    he hehe hehehe

  21. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Rocky, what is your intention here? Do you realise that you are stirring unnecessary shit? It was a mistake and people - including journalists and newspapers - make mistakes. You've your own share of mistakes don't you. As for the others, relax lah brader. They made a stupid mistake. Learn to forgive especially in this holy month.

  22. Bishop Moon should issue a premptive apology or regret so as not to get embarrassed big time when the JAIS report do get out by official or stealth means. Muslims have long memory about these things you know.

  23. BIGCAT8:46 am

    Ya lah ya lah...ppl piss on our head also must forgive. Malay muslims r good ppl. Its been like that throughout history. Tu yg tergadai harta benda dan juga harga diri. Sekarang agama kita pun dia org buat main.

  24. Anonymous9:27 am

    Anonymous 9:04 PM

    It is NOT a mistake. Not for seasoned editor and intelligent writer. Especially so in the current climate. This is further evidenced by the feeble attempt of an apology. It IS a deliberate act.

    We cant just forgive which is what they are expecting us to do.

    It is the same as roasting a whole beef to Hindus.

    Adait Aman

  25. Anonymous7:00 pm

    the star is not short of articles that belittle islam. this is certainly not their usual i expect them to be left off the hook with just an apology...

    on another issue... i think jais is just wasting time raiding the church.this strengthens my suspicion that they did it to embarrass the selangor govt.this is coz the offence as claimed by jais could not be brought to syariah court and jais has no authority to prosecute in civil court.that authority is with the attorney general. jais should have made a police report and let the ag handles it.but jais has other motives...

    from ahmad jais

  26. Anonymous9:12 pm

    OK OK,

    Ini hari semua tamau malah2, Skilly, Monsterball, OldFart semua mayak2 kasi sembayang hantu OK.. Tadi saya punyia jilan2 pun mayak bakar wang, kasi semua hapi2, tamau malah2.

    Lain kali STAR, mau bikin buffet special untuk ini hali, kasi lain Tajuk OK.. tamau tumpang2.

    Nanti semua hantu pun kecik hati, lu juga nanti mayak susah!


  27. Kurang2kanlah "Oh tak apa, tak apa, it's alrite, you're forgiven" dlm vocab seharian kita. Agama kita menyuruh kita bertegas dlm mempertahankan hak kita baik harta-benda, tanahair, agama dari diperlekeh, dipijak2 & diperkotak-katikkan oleh org lain. Jika kita lemah, org lain takkan beri peluang langsung kpd kita. Memberi kemaafan biarlah bertempat.

    Bukan semua tipu-muslihat itu berhasil. Lambat-laun boleh memakan diri sendiri.

    Ada udang di balik batu
    Batu hancur udangnya mati

    Jadi org jgn begitu
    Kelak nanti mahal rezeki


  28. Anonymous2:18 pm


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  29. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Ha ha..Only now people realise what The Star has been up to?

    I wonder if they know that in its hierachy, there are not that many Malays holding senior positions.

    Never mind the lifestyle editor..The Star has the likes of multiple award-winning journos like Shahanaaz Habib and Saodah Elias, and yet these people are not even anywhere remotely close to being desk managers...

    Yep, it's that bad. They are so arrogant, especially to the Malays and Malay staff. Never mind that many of its readers are Malays...

    Don't believe me? Just ask around...

  30. Charles F Moreira6:36 am

    Putting an advertisement for pork in a Ramadan supplement was either gross negligence, crass commercialism ("it's just an ad") or a deliberate insult.

    While I'm a non-Muslim, I would not want to offend the sensitivities of Malaysians of different religions and that includes putting an ad for beef steak in a Deepavali supplement.

    There are other parts of the paper where they could have put that ad.