Thursday, July 21, 2011

Royal Commisison of Inquiry in the death of TBH: It's Suicide

"...  the fact of suicide was supported by the testimonies three experts of forensic psychiatry, namely Professor of Forensic Psychiatry Paul Edward Mullen of Monash University, Australia, who was engaged by the Bar Council of Malaysia, as well as Dr Badi'ah Yahya and Dr Nor Hayati Ali. ...  these experts concluded that the aggressive and relentless interrogation resulted in Teoh experiencing a change in his state of mind, transforming him from being in the low-risk group for suicide into the high-risk group." - Nazri Aziz
The DAP had demanded a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the death of its employee Teoh Beng Hock, a potential witness into a case the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was investigating.  
Today, the RCI ruled that TBH had committed suicide. 
That's not how the RCI should rule, according to the DAP. This political party wanted the RCI to say that someone in MACC had murdered TBH.  
But based on the testimonies of 70 witnesses and after 50 days, the RCI have found that the MACC officers "had no intention nor reason to kill Teoh, and had only questioned him to obtain a confession so that Teoh could become a witness in the case of alleged irregularities involving (a DAP politician)".
Read the Sin Chew report h e r e. 
And the report on the Law of Kit Siang: Forced Suicide is Homicide 
And SatD's question: Will they value the "Royal" output?


  1. Anonymous8:51 pm

    The experts in creating lies and the art of deceit is the trademark or hallmark of the opposition.

    So, no matter what the outcome, being opposition, it is their duty to oppose. If the Government says half full, they will say half empty. So half fool will be half smart. 12.45 pm is fifteen to one and so on.

    It is a natural obligatory duty to view things from opposite angles. So, what's the surprise here?


  2. Seolferwulf9:22 pm

    Should put this issue to rest, right?

    Unless the DAP calls for a judicial review of the Commission's findings?

    The constitutional lawyers can argue if a RCI is equal or superior to the highest court in the land, which is, bar Parliament, the Federal Court.

    Whatever, I hope that the late TBH's family finds closure. They have been through enough hell already.

  3. Anonymous9:33 pm


    Only dickhead could believe in that,, just like Altantuya blown herself up.?

    But many bought that, guess we got lots of dickheads in here. LOL

  4. Big Big9:38 pm

    I think ada jampi kat pintu masuk ke office sprm kot.Sesiapa yang melalui pintu jampi tu secara tiba-tiba terpesong fikiran lupa pintu keluar dan akhirnya mengambil jalan yang tersingkat-bungee jumping dengat syarat:bawa tali pinggan sendiri and at your own peril.Wa lau eh and sheEET bro.

  5. Anonymous10:48 pm

    9 hours of aggressive interrogations for RM2,400 but RM500 millions kickbacks in najis submarines ithat can't dives s SOP ?

    Kah ! Kah ! Kah !

  6. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Everything that goes around comes around. Hopefully, it bits you bastards on it's way back

  7. Anonymous11:47 pm

    The key word is 'suicide'

    But it won't stop DAPig from spinning...


  8. 1. The RCI says that TBH committed suicide. If some people cannot accept that fact then tough, the truth is sometimes too bitter to swallow.

    2. The other RCI findings on the SPRM interrogators and the interrogation and investigative techniques should now be dealt with by the MACC.Were they trying too hard or just want to shortcut on investigations?

    3. DAP and PR politicians like Lim Guan Eng etc. who said that TBH was murdered should have their mouth cleansed with doses of Antiseptic Mouth Wash its very dirty indeed, the smell is overwhelming.

  9. Anonymous8:55 am

    It's not suicide. It's induced or forced suicide. Know the difference. Stupid is as stupid does.


  10. Anonymous9:18 am

    Dear Rocky,

    You have completely glossed over the main point of the findings of the inquiry. According to the experts, we have an MACC whose interrogation techniques could cause an man who was of sound mind to be become suicidal. If you can't realise how f'ed up that is then you might as well just change your blog to Kali's Bru 2.

    Any journalist worth his salt would be focused on investigating MACC 'interrogation' protocols. Otherwise it make you no different than the other UMNO-paid cybertroopers.

  11. Anonymous10:44 am

    Ok so now that we know it wasn't the MACC who did it..(yawn we knew that all along duh)..who else can we point the finger to?
    Can we blame his own party? His own boss? His own people? Heck can we blame the entire Pakatan Rakyat?!!
    Hmmmm the plot sickens....

  12. Anonymous11:21 am

    I really wonder how many Malaysians believe that aggressive or harsh interrogation methods alone can push a man to suicide when he's not guilty of any crime. Would a responsible adult such as Teoh, who knew his young wife-to-be was bearing his child and in need of his care and protection, commit suicide?

    If TBH really committed suicide, the whole MACC need a major revamp, because we can expect more 'suicides'. For a start, we need a RCI comprising not just government appointees but also civil society/NGO representatives to look into MACC's modus operandi.
    From day one, i never trusted the RCI set up.
    Complete waste of rakyat money and time.

  13. I have to agree with you on this. From day one itself, it puzzles me as to why, the MACC officers would want to murder TBH without any rhyme or reason for doping so. More puzzling is that, even if they do have the intention , upon "instructions" I deduced, why foolishly did it within MACC's office only to get implicated later. Any sane person would just hire some thugs and do it elsewhere thus avoiding being implicated. Why make it so obvious?. Some negated suicide based on the fact that he was to be wed the next day but my two cents, says that TBH is already "married" otherwise how would you explain the unborn baby in the girlfriend's womb. The wedding is no big affair but just a matter of satisfying formalities which are now a norm for the chinese community.

    Then came the theory of him being strangled to death and the body dumped out of the building. Again, no rhyme or reason?

    The only theory that I can't rebutt is an unexoected death occuring during interoggation and to avoid the officers from prosecution on a murder charge, let call it a commit suicide then, something not planned by MACC but devised by the officer or officers themselves but being covered up by MACC to protect its integrity

  14. Anonymous1:55 pm

    MACC had no integrity left. It has committed suicide by covering up the death of that young man. The RCI did not have the cojones to do its job properly. If you force someone up a window ledge, that at the very least is attempted murder.

    Now the family should sue MACC (also the officials involved personally)for causing the death.

  15. Anonymous5:30 pm

    "It's not suicide. It's induced or forced suicide. Know the difference. Stupid is as stupid does." oinks a useless unwashed arsed buttfucked stupid Chingkpig!

    ROFL.......Of all the comments from the multitudes of Chingkie buttfuckers, filthy Chingkiecock sucklers, their dumbarsed malay twatlickers etc in this blog over the years....this must take the cake....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhaa...adoi........hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha......

    (with tears rolling) now we have induced suicide ala induced rival euthanasia something that would have Jack Kevorkian screaming "blue murder!" in his own private hell....

    Beng Hock commited suicide and that was crystal clear from day one, a cheapskate Thai slut's preposterous theory of murder notwithstanding. The fact she could find no marks around that goddamn chingkie neck despite all her hapless searching nailed 'SUICIDE' clear to the masthead. TBH jumped after he met a DAPig in the pantry. What transpired is pretty obvious...blaming the MACC is the cowards way of evading the truth but sane people everywhere know that a certain DAPpig will carry his sitsplattered burden of guilt for the rest of his life.....while a trannie chingkie sliteyed deity's father munches shit garbed in his pinky thongs, his tutu and lacy bra cupping his gynecomastia ( enough to give a silver wolf the hots....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... even fuckedup Chingkie gods have stupid fathers........hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha amazing how stupid a midget's human brain can be!!!

    Warrior 231

  16. Mustapha Ong5:32 pm

    The experts had unanimously agreed that TBK took his own life as he couldn't tolerate the MACC's tortuous ways of continued questioning.However, RCI did not clarify why TBH took his own life in the final analysis of the RCI Report.

    RCI had opened up a can of worms on the tactical corrupt practices of DAP Selangor which TBH was part of the bigger picture. I believed that TBH knew too much of the corruptions that had crept into his bosses's camp in terms of political kickbacks from all the projects approved under their constituencies. The DAP strong men in Selangor were afraid of being exposed in their corrupt practices that may implicate the higher ups of DAP central committee officials.

    As far as we know, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and other top DAP central committee leaders did not openly commend in the matters pertaining to DAP Selangor's corruption cases. What does this tell us in terms DAP's internal problems, particularly on the corruptions being discovered by TBH in the course of his duty? Thus, TBH's death is nothing more than a political cover up by DAP but unfortunately a young man's life had to be sacrificed in the political interest of the party.

  17. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Aku bukannya loyer buruk mcm geng gelap 2.
    Kalu ikut hukum jenayah ala western, sprt kes bunuh, nak buktikan org tu membunuh dgn niat mesti (criminal homicide) must b proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt. Satu lagi homicide category is non criminal homicide. Lin Pig Sian sebut homocide je
    Yg herannya, dari awal2 lagi tuduhan MACC officer yg lakukannya tak dapat prove beyond reasonable doubt. Mana ada saksi even nak buat deductions.Tapi peliknya penasihat2 Tok Jib biarkan kes ini berlarutan. Tok Jib ni terlalu accomodating sbb nak tunjuk dia ni fair.

  18. Anonymous6:49 pm

    If you accept what the RCI found i.e. (a) aggressive interrogation even on a witness, and not a suspect (b) hell-bent on going after a DAP representative and (c) out-of-control MACC officers, then it is quite likely that TBH was pushed over the edge.

    Why isn't Abu Kassim, Rocky Bru's hero, resigning for this fiasco ?


  19. Skilgannon10668:29 pm

    Heh, heh - satD's got a fixation on the word "Royal".

    Like it's a magic mantra-cum-nostrum for all the maladies that ail us - an elixir of unrivalled potency.

    Oh, wait - this is 1Malaysia. Ain't got any maladies, man. Anyone who says otherwise is a freaking Zionist tool of the imperialist running anjings (aka big dogs) and the Kuomintang Elders.


  20. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Ok you all stupid DAPig and Husam, Salahuddin Ayub (Mat Pudu Raya) from PASial, let me give some reasonable suggestion here to embark MACC procedure before, during and after the interrogation, so that it will surely satisfied Lim, Gobind, Kusam (Husam) and Pak Nik (Pls another fatwa perhaps):

    1. When any person is required to be present at Macc office for interrogation whatsoever, Macc should call the witness mum first and politely asked for her permission! Then politely send an invitation card to the witness. don't ever you damm MACC officer make a phone call to him/her. you must respect whatever right he/she has.
    2. Then if permitted, pls talk nicely to the person (witness) at via telephone call and nicely ask his/her pemission if you damm macc wanted to visit him.
    3. Oh pls accept my apology, before that please make a background study on the behavior of the person. Tengoklah dia nie have a mental problem ke, getting married? Have a boyfriend/girlfriend, oh oh get some expert opinion pls!!! You all Macc should have a psychatric degree before become an investigator. There's no need to have a lawyer, accountant etc in MACC bro
    4. Video recording every step you make right from the beginning at his premise, during the journey to MACC's office until sampai opis MACC la bro. Bentang carpet merah, sambut bunga manggar, give welcome drinks
    5. Ok now I teach you Macc people how to interrogate:
    a) Look at your watch first. Timing is very very important.
    What time is it. Oh it's 5.30 pm lah, ok no interrog
    at ion please. Bro you can go back now. It's dinner
    time. Your mum is waiting for you. You come back
    tomorrow. Please bring some document and the lap
    top as well.
    b) Oh now is 8.00 am (the next day). Wait until
    witness turn up. Now what is your line of
    questioning? What is your approach? Soft,
    aggressive? Oh well you Macc ha, just behave
    like an ustaz. You see, don't push yourself so hard
    What benefit you will get bro. If anything happen
    to the witness, nobody will defense you bro. So
    just ask nicely, politely and if the witness refuse to
    cooperate, don't give a damm care. Just let it be,
    and release the witness. Ask him to go back and
    think carefully whether he/she wants to 'keparat'
    atau tidal.
    You see what a brilliant sop i suggested here. Abu Kasim and his surbodinates sure don't have this kind of brain. They always think of for the public interest. Tak paayahlah, Lim Kit Siang cares? Nik Aziz cares? Husam? Din Merican? What they want is TBH was murdered murdered murdered.
    Tubuhlah 10 RCI pun, until they say TBH was murdered even, they will say, Najib yang suruh bunuhhhh. Is that true Lim Kit Tiang? Bodohnyeee orang PASiaq pecaya ke depa ni.
    I think government also very stupid for not appointing Lim and his geng as a member of the RCI

    You bladipool DAP and PAS

  21. Anonymous12:26 am

    Dia mak cannot accept TBH dead meh!. Sudah tahu suicide govt sudah tak mahu lagi bayar compensation lo!. If not the family can collect some more thousand ringgit lo....

    Cau Cin Cau

  22. Anonymous7:55 am

    Only GOD knows. Those had their hand in this murder cum suicide and sendiri mati will pay for it sooner or later.
    Akai ada ke mahu suicide? pooraaaaaaa!

  23. Why isn't Abu Kassim, Rocky Bru's hero, resigning for this fiasco ?


    6:49 PM


    Godfather, you are getting sloppy.

    Was Abu Kassim the MACC boss at the time?

  24. That RCI finding is designed to be easy on the Police and MACC.

  25. Ayah Man4:12 pm

    Teoh's death renders no benefit to MACC. DAP (Sri Kembangan) is also deprived of full and complete investigation following Teoh's death. (Lucky/unlucky)
    Teoh's family must direct thier dissappointment or anger if any to Pakatan and in particular DAP.
    The family had asked for RCI. Two inqueries were held to satisfy Teoh's family. If one more is held more dirty things will be uncovered with little implications on MACC. Macc's intense investigation and interogation techniques were not abnormal.They were dealing with ciminal matters. Teoh was not a guest to MACC's special dinner. Pressure had perhaps driven Teoh to commit suicide but not made to forcing him to commit suicide. Many2suspects or witnesses placed under similar conditions have not easily resorted to committing suicide.
    Teoh took his own life, as he knew full well the seriousness of the matter under probe. Teoh had very little and no experience handling the situation he was trapped into.
    Instead of asking for another RCI for a reverse verdict, it would be better of for Pakatan to workout collectively what sort of financial cmpensation that can be awarded to Teoh's family.

  26. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Godfather or goodfather, you are damn stupid. Your memory is at my foot, hahahaha


    Sir,THE STAR is "spinning' out RCI report to sell out their papers to their racist readers .Now,the 'bad boy'is 'beautifully" being shifted from those from their similar skin type to ours...The STAR is fishing the stupid minister answer...and look at how they presented their story!!!
    We need a tougher KDN Menteri and smarter one like during Tun Mahathir...before it is too late...THEY MIGHT BE NICE INFRONT OF YOU BUT YOU COULD READ THEIR 'NAWAITU' CLEARLY IN THOSE SENSITIVE ISSUES....These people in the STAR will be musuh dalam selimut...and obviously not fit to run this newspaper in this young multireligious/cultural country...

  28. Anonymous12:54 am

    Musthapa or whatever you call yourself, disown your surname because you insult my surname and its a disgrace to my ancestors, you do not even know the distinction between right and wrong. hiding behind the cloak of might may allow you to get away but your god will judge you sooner than you think!

  29. Anonymous12:51 pm

    He is not sloppy, Bru but naturally stupid, the end result of crossbreeding with dogs and pigs, unbridled buttfucking and cocksuckling plus sundry shenanigans as a frilly panty trannie....hahahahahahahaha. This midget's idiot brain is too shortcircuited by all that stagnant cum and shit floating in that cranial cavity ....yeah the same cavity that conjured up induced suicide (ROFL)

    The other pig persistently testing our sanity here under different nicks is that bastard pigsty farmhand from Singaporikee. This fucked up son of a bitch's favourite chingk tool is putting down others as he did to SatD but never mentioning how he skulked away like a pondan when SatD humiliated his (the pigsty' farmhand) lack of knowledge in economics......hahahhahhahahahaha. Pondan numero Uno = SG ten times double halfpast six. Not to worry folks, this whoretwatlicking nut case will be slit-throated together with that marching Hindulen spayed bitch and all the other Chingkie and pseudo-Malay flotsam after we, the Melayu Bermaruah, massacre them filthy chingkies and their cocksucklers at the next polls.

    Mat 12 noon and Anon 623pm have said it best along with several others here. Kudos to them using god given logic instead of satan inspired shit.

    That dead goddamn son of a bitch, TBH, had motive to jump for after all he figured he was probably headed for the slammer after his "wedding" and the goddamn fornicating pig (as all Chingkie whoreboys and slutgirls are) probably thought its best to end the farce especially after the dawn "counselling" session he had with a certain DAPpig in the pantry.

    Time to move on with the welcome knowledge that there is one less troublesome Chingkie pig in Malaysia irrespective as to whether his fellow gangstas, buttfuckers and twatpimpers agree to cause of death. They can all seek solace in their dram of dickjuice, whorepiss and twatpuss for all I care!!

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous6:14 pm

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  31. Anonymous6:17 pm

    The MACC compound is now a preferred location for those wishing to commit suicide. Apart from TBH there's also the former customs man who had chosen the MACC compound. Soon hordes of Japanese will flock to Malaysia for harakiri.


  32. Anonymous10:01 am

    That incestous cross-breed Warrior 231 should be put in Tj Rambutan. Being the offspring of a father who married his sister and produced a pea-brained Warrior 231 is not a medical excuse. The country will be a lot more peaceful without this sort of idiot in our midst.


  33. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Oi suicide is suicide lah. If you cannot accept the RCI's findings, dont ask for one next time. Im sick of people rejecting every verdict except the one that they want. Yes everyone would like to have a verdict of their choice given half the chance. Create your own court mah. Enough already with this one.

  34. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Dah mampus pun kecoh macam babi terlepas kandang..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  35. Anonymous6:20 pm

    anonymous 6:41

    why the govt reject vk lingam's rci?

    otak taruk depan