Thursday, July 21, 2011

Malaysian's Yellow Yacht is most expensive in the world, say British tabloids

The Sun and The Daily Mail reported that a Malaysian businessman's yacht made in gold, costing 3 billion pound, is the most expensive in the world.
After their phone hacking, some of you still believe the British newspapers, ah?


  1. Anonymous7:50 pm

    This Malaysian has got to be the most savvy of all businessmen. In the 3 years it took to build the yacht, gold and platinum prices have doubled, so his investment has probably doubled. He can still use the yacht knowing that his 3 billion pound investment is now worth 6 million pounds. He can melt the yacht down and cash out - and it's better than owning US Dollars or Euros (which might be worthless later).


  2. Contemplative8:02 pm

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. =)

  3. Anonymous8:14 pm

    The Sun and the Daily Mail...bastions of journalism :)

    3 billion pounds is a lot of money, even for the likes of Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, let alone other billionaires. I call BS on the sory, especially considering the papers reporting this purchase.

  4. Just to let you know the yellow yacht with a price tag of 3 billion pound is owned and bought by Rosmah Mansor for Najib for his birthday using people's money, this is not reported by the British Tabloid, but please do not tell Chegubard or he will leak this information to the public and PKR!

  5. Their journalist have never heard the phrase.. all that glitters is not gold. duhh......

  6. Anonymous11:46 pm

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  7. Anonymous12:49 am

    this is an impossible bullshit story... if the tabloid can't provide proof then it should be ashamed of itself!

  8. drMpower2:43 am

    the hacking thing, it has never got anything to do with truth
    it just NoTW gone too far in their 'quest' getting some expose
    been following them for quite sometime nearly a decade before they impose a payment for the online version sometime ago

    definite morally wrong and laws and regulations POSSIBLY wrong as well
    but as we all know now mr murdoch had to appear before parlimentary proceeding etc

    enough of that hacking-truth thing

    this yatch or golden yatch or whatever
    i got no problem at all in any case it proved that malaysians in general are record breakers after all
    we have done that before and theres no suprise someone buying a world record 3 billion GBP super yatch
    and money isnt all about the size of the thing, but it more to the MATERIAL that used to built it
    no wonder it cost billions

    u got money, u can do whatever u want with it

    this super gold yatch, only fits to belong to a certain gold member! (austin powers)

  9. Cannot be naive, definitely sloppy jounalism, what a shame. Period.

  10. Anonymous9:09 am


  11. Anonymous9:26 am

    I believe them more than you Rocky, that's for sure.

  12. Salam Datuk,


    "This page was created to serve as fraud warning to future customers of two of our competitors: Goldstriker and Stuart Hughes."

    Thank you

  13. Anonymous10:24 am

    Ya ya ya. And it belongs to Rosmah. For sure... Dun Believe, ask any opposition spinner!

    Malaysia Boleh!

  14. Do you believe that Taib Mahmood is
    very rich? That he wallop the people's money to enrich himself and family n friends?

    World has change.Soon even Melananus will read the internet.


  15. Anonymous11:57 am

    Just passing the bucks to someone else ... what's new in the news


  17. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Nice one Rocky.....

    Try to spin this....

    Here's something a little closer to home - A French lawyer, William Bourdon has been detained at KLIA after flying from Penang. He had attended a dinner last night in Penang and briefed the audience on the progress of judicial investigations in France into the controversial RM7 billion Scorpene submarines that Malaysia bought.

    I wonder what his crime was? Making some people nervous?

    Ah, Malaysia........we censor the Economist magazine with black pens, we ban satirical cartoon books and we detain and (soon to deport?) French lawyers who dare to speak on certain oh-so-sensitive topic.

    You gotta love this country!


  18. Malaysia Boleh...everything is possible in the Bolehland.

  19. Anonymous8:08 pm

    It's Patrick Teoh!

    Finally all his bullshit Niamah is paying dividends and now he can afford to be lavish and buy a 3Billion pound yacht.

    I heard he's planning on buying Malaysians to vote for DAP next.

  20. Anonymous7:52 am

    Sama macam utusan Malaysia what a liar.
    Too many liars in the world including Malaysian PM and wife.

  21. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Lo and Behold it's Robert Kuok! Wow!

    In a country where the govt is soooooooooooooooooooooooo Evil@Zalim to other races and some Chingky got to make that much money?? Damn! What an Evil dictatorial Ruled country would allow this?? It's absurd!!

    And imagine if the Malays weren't so kind hearted to share their land's wealth eons ago with other race. Hmm i wonder what will they become now? I guess Singapore will sink with all the Chingkys rushing to live there. Afterall they are the epitome of good governance right?

    Nope still won't vote for DAP. No matter what you communist dish out.

  22. Anonymous3:49 pm

    "After their phone hacking, some of you still believe the British newspapers, ah?"

    The British tabloids invaded the privacy of many through illegal means. Phone hacking is blatantly wrong, but that doesn't mean that they concocted the story out of nowhere.

  23. Anonymous1:50 pm

    the ultimate liars in this country are anwar, mat sabu and ambiga and opposition tabloids with no journalism ethics...

  24. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Someone's death wish; THAT

    .....When he dies his wishes tht his body be sent by this yacht back to Oliginal Mainland China?

    ....Or pelobably, wish to be bulied together at sea in this yatch?

    he hehe hehehe