Monday, June 20, 2011

Bersih, Kotor or Rock & Blues?

Things to do and places to go on July 9 if you are in KL. I've just been informed by @faidzsanusi that Ramli Sarip, the grand old man of rock for this part of the world, will be performing at Stadium Merdeka with the legendary Blues Gang. W.o.W. 

Wow because on the same day, Bersih, which touts itself as a group concerned with free and fair elections in Malaysia, will be organizing a mammoth rally in Kuala Lumpur, basically for the benefit of the Pakatan Rakyat's agenda (PAS alone has promised to bring 100,000 people to the so-called Yellow Walk). 

And Wow because another group led by Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali (an MP who stood on PAS-Pakatan ticket in 2008 but has since become one of the biggest thorns on their side) is planning a counter-march on the same day. (Perkasa boasts of 20 associate NGOs and the subtle support of some Umno members not so much because of Ibrahim Ali but because Tun Dr Mahathir attends Perkasa's functions). 

Triple wow for Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, who is the son-in-law of former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has also pledged to lead another walk and come to loggerheads with Anwar-Ambiga's Bersih and Ibrahim's Bersih.

So the rock concert will be the only legit gathering on that day, @faidzsanusi observes on Twitter and that's the one I hope to join although the other walks will surely discourage concert-goers from going out. The last time Bersih held a walk, most Malaysians were peeved with the police for using water canons on the protesters. Now, however, a lot of people are hoping that the police and the Home Ministry would act tough on the protesters. Some are openly supporting the use of the Internal Security Act on the organizers of Bersih, Ibrahim, and KJ walks.

Personally, I don't find anything wrong with people wanting to walk to express their sentiments about matters that affect them. That is their democratic right. Trade unions organize pickets for the same purpose, and pickets are better than strikes. Just as peaceful walks are better than riots and street clashes. I have participated in walks here and while I was overseas. 

Back in November 2007, when Bersih organised their first massive Yellow march that was televised on Aljazeera and made famous by Zainuddin Maidin's (the Information Minister then) moronic comments, I walked with them in the intermittent rain. I managed to avoid the water canons and certainly did my part to  make it a peaceful walk. Many of us enjoyed the walk although it was disappointing to learn that the Opposition leaders had hijacked the walk by showing up "unexpectedly" at the gates of the Istana when the memorandum to the Agong was handed over. We had been assured that the walk would not be hijacked by Anwar Ibrahim and Gang. The night before the walk, Raja Petra Kamaruddin dropped by the National Press Club at Jalan Tangsi, KL to distribute yellow tee-shirts for the walk and some posters. He told us that Anwar, Kit Siang or any of the Opposition leaders would not be present throughout the Bersih walk. Some of us were NOT going to walk if these politicians were going to join the walk.

There's no pretense about who owns Bersih now, we all know that this is a Pakatan Rakyat show, we all know that Anwar Ibrahim is boss and Ambiga is not the boss. PAS has promsied 100,000 bodies for the walk. DAP and PKR, too. It is not a Rakyat's walk. It is a Pakatan Rakyat's walk.

And no more Pak Lah to help bring down, so I shall count myself out.

I also took part in the anti-Tony Blair protest on April 25 last year, the one Ibrahim Ali promised that thousands of slippers would be thrown at the former British PM. The slippers were missing and only a hundred or so protesters turned up. If Ibrahim wants to make an impact on July 9, he will have to do better than that.

I took part in a walk in February 2010 that bloggers organised (and which KJ got involved in) against the Australian MPs who ran down our judiciary. That was peaceful, too, and more sizeable than the Tony Blair's demo.

If the organisers can assure the three parties can walk peacefully, fine. But going by the political nature of the people involved, I think that will be a challenge. The police will have to work overtime to ensure no untoward 

Some people say the police should take pre-emptive measures, ie arrest the organisers (namely Ambiga, Ibrahim, and KJ) to foil their protests.

I'd rather, though, if all the protesters make their way to Stadium Merdeka and together we'll sway to great music. Music heals the soul, man.


  1. ah pong6:35 pm

    i'm joining bersih 2. i don't give a fuck if you do or don't.

  2. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Didn't Ambiga invite the BN parties to join in the Bersih rally? Surely that weakens your argument that the rally is purely for the benefit of the Pakatan politicians.

  3. Ah, Anon, so I was wrong .. there was (still is) a lot of pretense, then!

  4. Anonymous7:27 pm

    i say .. let the 3 group walk side by side at the same street, same time .. march all the way to the Ramli sarip concert ..if possible, ibrahim hold ambiga hand, and ambiga hold KJ hand .. (no holding anwar hands please .. u may give a wrong impression to anwar, and aziza may not be very happi) ...

    what say u ? NICE !

  5. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Walk if you must. Shout anti government slogan if you must. Do whatever you want if you must. But, please dont complain if others do what they want.

  6. Hey Ah Pong ? why you say like that . You want to join the walk , no one can stop you . It is your democratic right . You walk and walk lah but do not use that 'word ' in this blog . I shame lah your mother shame too .

  7. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Cmon u can do better... Got to earn your keep...

  8. Pakatan Rakyat is adopting the 2008 general election build-up strategy once more to win voters' support for the next coming General Election. Clever! The last GE saw them winning over 80 parliamentary seats and formed four State Governments and retaining Kelantan.
    This time around they want to occupy Putrajaya. By their own calculation, Pakatan Rakyat sees itself winning the 14th GE with a simple majority. They see them capturing most of the urban seats,including Chinese majority areas, PAS and PKR retaining most of them, if not all it's current seats.
    And to "seal the victory", every attempt must be done to discredit the present Government and its leaders in all aspects. It does not matter if their accusations were wrong, they quickly move on. To them, the public is equally fed-up with the current Government and not bothered with the facts. The public blind support, as seen in most comments on blogs and forums, drive PR leaders to continue raining allegations on the Government. Please read at for the rest of the article

  9. peminatrocky9:25 pm

    somehow sooner or later, i know ramli sirap will feature in your life, bru!

    kau berdua tetap sama!

  10. Anonymous10:32 pm

    "And no more Pak Lah to help bring down, so I shall count myself out."

    Bersih 1.0 was to ensure Free and Fair elections. Not to 'bring down' any particular politician.

    Pretense? Hahahahahaha.


  11. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Sucks politician especially Ambiga. Shit if they to walk go to somewhere else outside from KL but what they want is attention. I hope police can take necessary actions as the same thing they did for hindraf.


  12. I also don't give a fuck if Rocky do or don't walk.
    If blog owner can use four letter words...why can't we?
    And if take it in another way of expressing....that work
    "fuck" can mean
    "don't give two hoots".."don't give a danm"
    "ah pong"...continue your way of expressing.
    Just look at Najib and Mahathir.....not one four word uittered.....what are they?

  13. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Malaysia Insider is a really running like a wild dog. They instigated to have the riots among Malaysian, what I mean between Bersih lead by Anwar+Ambiga, Perkasa, and KJ team. I tot as a professional journo supposed they should promote harmony, opss sorry since they are paid by PAP singapore most prob they want to see riot in Malaysia.

    Ambiga ##S

  14. Rocky, kaji betul2 tentang perhimpunan bersih ni, macam ada tak kena dengan perkara tersebut. Seperti kumpulan ergenekon Turki yang jumlahnya sedikit saja, tapi mereka dalang 'false flag' atau operasi yang sengaja dibuat untuk membuat huru hara dan kekecohan di sebuah negara. Ergenekon Malaysia atau Illuminati Malaysia cuba buat demikian melalui Hindraf, kematian Teoh Beng Hock (ada anggota Ergenokan Malaysia dalam MACC atau bunuh diri) dan sekarang ini, perhimpunan Bersih. Antara anggota kumpulan tersebut, orang kuat UMNO seperti KJ, ketua PKR Anwar Ibrahim, juga musuh dalam selimut dalam tentera dan polis, mereka selalunya mempunyai pangkat yang tinggi, jumlah mereka kecil tapi berupaya kerana mempunyai contact dalaman. Hati-hati lah saudara Muslimku, Illuminati atau Ergenekon Malaysia selalu berniat jahat, banyak berdoa dan baca quran, kita mungkin terjerat oleh penipuan Dajjal dan kuncu-kuncunya di Malaysia! Agenda mereka adalah kejatuhan kerajaan Islam di Malaysia, sehingga kan ramai 'ulama' juga tertipu

  15. Anonymous12:13 am

    i doubt ah pong or other ah cheng ping tong will join in..they are as cowardly as ever.

    They can;t even bring in numbers to support the national team during the Suzuki cup.

  16. Anonymous1:07 am

    Great piece.

    - A Malaysian -

  17. Anonymous1:32 am

    rocky , u know that until he become the PM ( peliwat masyur ) , dont expect the election to be free and fair lah .

  18. Anon 12.13am brain is like Ibrahim Ali...full of shit.

  19. I wonder BERSIH 2 starts at Sogo like BERSIH 1.
    Anon 12.13 AM...are you walking?
    If so...we can plan a place to walk together.What say tyou?
    If you are a pro UMNO B supporter..non of your fucking busniess whether ah pong walk or don't walk.
    He said he is walkng is good enough.

  20. Attan walk...I will shave my head bald and donate another antique pocket watch for him to auction.
    What say you .....Attan?

  21. PERWIRA...You got no balls...go hide under your mother's sarong.
    Day in day out Najib provoking and keep quite.
    Here you tell not to comment and find trouble?
    Who the fuck you think you are?

  22. Anwar said....Lawan tetap Lawan.
    And now....Lawan mana gelankang pun boleh.
    Apa Najib boleh buat?
    Tamkap sumua hantus?
    Siapa hantu besar?

  23. Leithaisor9:15 am

    Pretense (as you put it) that Ambiga had invited BN parties to join in or otherwise, I think you have not given the BERSIH 2.0 Walk a fair shake in your posting.

    Be that as it may, you have your right to form and voice your opinion, and it remains your free choice whether you want to join the Walk, or Ibrahim Ali's counter-walk, or Khairy's altrenative-walk, or just go "heal your soul" with the Blues Gang.

    But that same right is not what Ibrahim Ali thinks is the democratic right of Malaysians, never mind that Article 10 of the Federal Consitution specifically provides for it. Not only have many opinions been voiced about whether he possesses a spine given his propensity to switch allegiance so often - he has resorted to racist scare mongering and threats of bloodshed with the Home Minister and the police apparently struck dumb and paralysed to boot.

    And while I share the same feelings that you have expressed about some protests like that aganist Tony Blair (you did not mention kurang-ajar Al Gore!), there is the gross disparity of police action against certain groups viewed as anti-establishment, and those viewed as pro-establishment. The police should be apolitical and fair-handed, and abide by the law. Specifically they should honour Article 10.

    Music does heal the soul, and the Blues Gang are gems, but there is a much greater need for fair elections, proper administration of the nation and justice.

    If music was all important, why was Nero hammered for fiddling while Rome burnt to the ground?

  24. Hari 9hb Julai nanti saya bawa family saya ke Sg Rengit Johor guna Desaru Senai Highway.

    Makan seafood lagi baik dari jam gila kat KL, on the way dalam kereta buka CD lagu Ramli Sarip.

  25. Let us give our full support to Rocky Bru's half brother, Ramli Sarip come 9 July 2011!

    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  26. Utusan Mak Siat10:14 am

    Tak Bersih, Tak Cekap dan Tiada Amanah... Gejala Rasuah Era umNO Maha Thir!

  27. Konsert 2 Raksasa 2011. Sweet Charity dan Blues Gang akan kembali ke Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur bagi menyalakan kembali fenomena muzik yang pernah mereka cetuskan 27 tahun yang lalu. Bagi yang berminat untuk menyaksikan konsert ini, tiket-tiket boleh didapati di atau semua cawangan Redtix di Rock Corner dan Victoria Music pada harga RM73 (tempat duduk bebas). Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, anda boleh menghubungi talian 03-8775 4666.

  28. Lim chie ming12:28 pm

    I will prepare a bowl of popcorn in front of the TV to watch the dungus being sprayed by water canon...

    best ooo... tengok orang kena tembak dgn air FRU.... lepas tu cabut lari....

    undang-undang pun tak boleh nak ikut, lagi nak buat demonstrasi bersih...

    hey, kasi bersih you punya diri dulu laa...

    takpelah, nanti saya tengok dalam TV macam mana the dungus lari lintang pukang bila kena tembak water canon....

    he hehe

  29. Anonymous12:54 pm

    As I see it, there is nothing wrong for people to walk for a cause.

    At the end of the day, I will be able to differentiate who walks for the real cause - to have fair and free elections and whatnots - and those who try to politicise it.

    For sure, there's got to be effort to "shake" the authorities to do right. That said, it doesn't mean that people like me want the present government to be changed.

    My argument is simple: the ruling government has helped more than it takes from me. It shows in my everyday life. I am not on the streets. My kids get to go to school. I have food, shelter, utilities, an income, and a lot of good things. I even have Putrajaya to brag about to my foreigner friends.

    I do not want corruption but really, is there such a thing as corruption-free? Don't be stupid la...It's not that that some people are fighting for. Admit that this is about changing the status quo, about wanting equal rights, about not being happy with the Bumi rights (including having a Malay as a PM).

    I see the validity of the points. I also see the validity of the Bumi's points. Catch 22. Can we fix it? We can soften the blows, but to fix it?
    Who really can?

    While it is good that people fight for fair elections and such, it is laughable that people like Anwar is leading the charge. Saudara Anwar bukan ke a master at playing underhand politics?

    People around him know that too. This is an uneasy alliance, but there are many who already see the real intentions behind it all.

    One group wants to shake the government, and sees Anwar as the catalyst coz they are not strong enough.

    Once in power, the mission is then to force Anwar's hand so that he will be subservient to them.

    Let's laugh out loud too, coz Anwar, as he is indeed demonstrating now, will surely strengthen his position and play the Malay card again once in power.

    You wanna bet that there'll be chaos?

    I will walk. It doesn't mean I hate the government. I want the government to change for the better. For sure, they have a better record than the present opposition governments (save maybe for Guan Eng).


  30. A noble and honest planned walk turned into a circus act by these UMNO B balless racists.
    You think all Malaysianbs are fools?

  31. Anonymous1:27 pm

    V for Vendetta..

    B for Bersih?

    Nope.. not for this time..


    B for BABI

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  32. Anonymous3:31 pm

    now u r talking monsterball! u shud have declared ur support for Anwar much earlier. Then we can understand where ur balls went. Its not monsterballs but ur balls belong to Anwar. That we can understand la. may he kept it warm enough for u......hahahahah

  33. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Latuk lokky boo manyak pandai cakap cakap macam burung pit pit la

  34. Skilgannon10666:17 pm

    anti whatever.




    Ibrahim Ali.

    Great minds think alike. Pity they don't run the country.


  35. No wonder there are so many idiots supporting UMNO.
    Simple sentence they cannot understand and make idiotic conclusions.
    My balls are sold or rent to no one.
    It is many tiny balls such as Anon 3.31pm sold to do as he pleases.
    Their minds are so twisted..they cannot think straight at all.
    Who make them to be this kind of Malaysians?

  36. Anon 3.31pm and many sold their balls to Najib and Mamak...said free Malaysians also sell their balls to Anwar.
    They cannot differentiate 100% support for Anwar as PM...than balls selling.
    They learn well from Mahathir to talk like that....and so hypocrites and future cunning rougues and thieves are born be Shiatan children.

  37. nzain6:53 pm

    Me thinks a ride on the FRU truck that day would be most exciting.
    Which would be the most fun to break up?
    Where to go? Where indeed.
    A reminder to all you walkers out there. If your skin starts to hiss the moment the FRU water hits your skin that's not a good thing. And your clothes melting before your very eyes, yes..not afraid. Be very very afraid.

    I shall enjoy watching your antics on TV. Marchons marchons mes amis.

  38. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Aha monsterball, good for nothing comments except being Opposition stooge. Well done monster with no balls!

  39. Anonymous1:49 am

    Bersih will proceed as planned. The rakyat want their voices to be heard. Things have changed over the years especially the younger generation view on politics. These younger and tech savy generation want to shape their own destiny, unlike the older folks who preferred to be lead.
    The political situation in Malaysia have reach to a point that even those who0 preferred to be lead are having second thoughts. Day in day out, all they see is the current govt. busy playing politics instead of running the country. They are sitting on the fence hoping things will improve. And if the authority resort to violence against it's own rakyat during the bersih rally, which will definitely be broadcasted life through utube, twitter etc., it will push these fence-sitters to vote against the corridors of power. This will spell the end of the old order and the beginning of the new order.

    Free and Fair Election..forever rules

  40. Anonymous9:10 am

    Relaks la monster no balls! Apa yang marah2 sangat ni? Hamg nak pi berarak dengan depa pi lah! Jngan nak hasut orang buat kacau sudah la cam tokey hang si Anwar tu!dia kan dah pegang teloq hang! Jngan marahhhhh

  41. Anonymous7:04 pm

    For the benefit of our future and our children future, please do something meaningful. Bersih our future. So so live music can wait. Use our good human instinct.

  42. Anonymous10:17 am




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    p/s: shitmoron pig.. still remember how SatD kicked your piggy ass with stilletto boots in an economic lesson here.. your hot gas snorted out from your posterior orifice carry no intellectual substance at all, pigbrain.. laughing stock indeed.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  43. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Classic ranting from an English-speaking Perkasa loyalist like Rocky Bru... gimme a break. Your contempt for Anwar is no different than Ibrahim Ali's.... duhh

  44. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Yeah don't support Badawi since he is a looser but please support Najib the suspected C4 murderer of a pregnant mongolian woman. That fits the profile of Al Qaeda type Muslim better. Insya Allah there is going to be more worshippers like him.

  45. Anonymous4:43 am

    Fuck all politicians.. Fuck the opposition.. Fuck the government.. Fuck the people... Bring on end of malaysia...

    I am fed up with this politics...