Tuesday, April 30, 2024

LFL should defend the victims, too

TTDI, 30/april: Malaysia’s Lawyers For Liberty’s concern about a police report lodged by the MCMC on a disgraced Australian blogger based in Thailand is perplexing. 

I understand LFL is trying to live up to its code - “defending human rights and its defenders - but surely it should be concerned as well about 1.the truth 2. the sanctity of our institutions me 3. increasing attempts to undermine our institutions (and the Malaysian economy) using anything but the truth!

Murray Hunter attacked our Royal institution in a recent posting, did the LFL know that? Or the LFL did and didn’t think it needed to come to the defence of the Royalty?

As much as we want to defend the freedom of speech, we need to ask everybody to respect one another’s sensitivity. 

Murray Hunter once earned his living in Malaysia and we know it didn’t end well (he was dismissed by his former employer, the UM of Perlis). We understand he may have a grudge. An axe to grind, I understand that perfectly. 

LFL can kiss Murray Hunter’s ass for all I care. But if you guys feel the need to defend that disgraced former lecturer, who has been attacking us from the comfort
and safety of his residence in Hatyai or Songkla, at least have the decency to also defend the Malaysian victims of his attacks, too. 

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