Monday, June 20, 2011

Oops, sorry .. we didn't mean to kill your kids ...

Accidents happen, says NATOAt least 15 people were killed in a NATO airstrike early today on a residential compound near Sorman, to the west of Tripoli, today June 20. Read h e r e. Yesterday, nine civilians were accidentally murdered in similar raids. It was good of NATO to admit that its warplanes didn’t all hit intended targets during the night raid and it may have caused “a number of civilian casualties.”

NATO's apology comes from an old script. In Afghanistan end of last month, it said sorry when its raids unintentionally murdered women and children.

I don't hear protests from the people around me who had hailed the US-backed invasion of Egypt and Libya ...


  1. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Uncle Bru,

    I do not know what responses you are trying to elicit but briefly, we are in a long war. The last frontier (not bastion) is Islam and Muslim lands ...

    Western intervention in Libya is never about compassion and democracy. Hypocrisy.

    Eisenhower already warned long time back that we need war in order to buy the bombs ... I think everybody gets the picture by now ... war is a racket ....

  2. Salam bro. The script does sounds like, we have to attack Iraq because they have weapons of mass destruction.

    So where is the weapons of mass destruction now?

  3. Brader,

    So 13 people died and 3 of them kids. No big deal la brader compared to those yang mati kat Zawiyah, Misrata and Ajdabiya.

    So if NATO caused their death is not OK? But Ok if Ghadaffi did it?

    Sikit sikit war against Islam la. Kalau Muslim killed other Muslims OK ke?

    Wake up! There are more Muslims killed by their Muslim rulers la, tak caya gi Syria hari ni. Unless you want to say Maher Al Assad is an Alawiyite and therefore non muslim. For those of you yang tak tahu, Alawiyah is a sub sect of Shi'ah.

  4. Anonymous7:35 am

    War does have causalities, can't stop that from happening but i wonder what would be your posting here if NATO didn't act earlier when Gaddafi troops wanted to burn those in civilians in Misrata down. I remember him saying "there won't be any mercy shown".

    Maybe thousands of innocent people would be killed by their own govt now.

    thank god we won't be facing such thing here.

  5. Salam Brother Rocky,

    Too long we are quite. Our "Wait and See" stand whean UN supported raid on muslim countries is dangerous !!!

    Is that what we want ??
    Or we are scarred of 'US and the Gang' ??

    Come on Voice up our oppinion !!

  6. Anonymous10:09 am

    Nothing great! people die so what.....
    Collateral damage lah!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous10:14 am

    Stop being a hippcrit ! In Malaysia young malay boys gets whacked by malay policemen and they are shot mercelessly , and you dont voice it ,but small things in faraway land which is not our business you put a flavour to it....

  8. Anonymous10:29 am

    your question
    "I don't hear protests from the people around me who had hailed the US-backed invasion of Egypt and Libya ..."

    "you don't hear protest from those people cause those people need to be BACKED-UP by US." and when talked about "BACKED-UP" you would probably know who that person(s) are.

  9. amatMok,

    Did I say "war against Islam"? I did not, did I? But you had to jump in and say it. Why? Because, Mat, it is quite clear that it is war against Islam, isn't it? Or in the very least, the lives of Muslims in these countries have very little value to those governments and people behind Nato. And to their apologists like you.

  10. Anonymous11:12 am

    Through the various attacks on Palestinians, invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq - I've often wondered how do we express our outrage collectively and of course peacefully.
    Meanwhile I hear Bersih and KJ (can't keep up with what platform he's using these days - Pemuda, Wataniah, whatever) taking (/ threatening) to the streets.
    Is that the Home Ministry game - place so many hoops and hurdles to jump thro and over - wearing down human determination.
    Naively, I used to think 'Ahaa... rationally express outrage through the likes of govt agency such as Wisma Putra - tapi the websites are down, inactive or totally unresponsive (BTW I was stunned apps costing over RM1m on a govt website. Really ?! There's actually an operational website?). To be fair,from my experience, some website 'work' such as Imigresen, IRB and Suria. Fomema is quite bogus sometimes. For the money paid thro them, their websites hv no business being 'down'.

    Apologies, I digress.

    Would appreciate if u can point out how concerned Malaysians can effectively express their indignation.

    Tq Dato.

  11. Biasalah orang kita semua sibuk pasal Palestin.

  12. Anon 10:14 AM. I had never been beaten up by the police.

    Have you? If you are not a crook, gangster or thief, will you be beaten up by a policeman or the public?

  13. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Dear amatMok,

    From a certain I can reservedly agree on your opinion. I do not want to sound like Mister-know-it-all but I have followed closely what Obama (and his allies) are up to. The intermediate terrain is Muslim lands. Obama is a better actor Reagan. No doubt about it; it's still the war machine at work here.

    As a Muslim and world citizen in general, I am afraid to say Muslims (esp. in ME) are not ready to face this onslaught.

    I have to agree with Uncle Bru. You are a pathetic apologist.

  14. Bru,

    You don't have to come and say it out loud. I can read "apa yang tersirat dari apa yang tersurat".

    So, to point out that the bigger monster to our fellow muslims are the muslims make me an apologists? In this case, about the atrocities in Zawiya and Misrata.

    For far too long we have condoned atrocities carried out by muslim rulers on their fellow muslim citizens. Did I hear any comments on what happened recently in Bahrain? Or is Bahrain too far from Malaysia and RTM and TV3 forgot to carry the news? Kalau tak nak tengok BBC or CNN, tolong la tengok AlJazeera or AlArabia sikit. Depa dah ada English channels.

  15. killing in war for these american 'advocated proxy' is just like playing a video real casualties!!! time's up bro! restart!!

    u r right wake up,

    the same like ISA. if you've never done anything to stir up our peace, why would you be worried of being detained?

  16. Anonymous2:21 pm

    if you've never done anything to stir up our peace, why would you be worried of being detained?,,,,what about hudud