Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We walked and waltzed, "Australia ... Mind Your Own Business"

Not for Anwar, Not for Saiful. This morning a group of so-po bloggers walked with other NGOs and political parties peeved with the 50 so-called nosy Australian lawmakers who wanted Malaysia to stop an on-going trial in the name of justice.

The bulk of the hundreds of protesters came from Umno Youth led by KJ and Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa.

Bloggers who walked this morning included the anti-KJ champion Parpukari, Umno-diehard Big Dog, author Syed Akbar Ali, journos Shamsul Yunus of Marahku and an angry Bujai, Anonymous bloggers including the widely-followed A Voice, and columnist Rusdi Mustapha.

A couple of Chinese blogger friends and a group of Indian bloggers led by MIC's Kamalanathan were also present. The FRU and the cops were there but it was a peaceful protest, as promised.

A stray dog also came to bark at the OZs.

In an interview after KJ had submitted the memorandums on behalf of the BN, Perkasa and the bloggers, I was asked what we bloggers were trying to achieve.

Basically, I said:
"The bloggers are not here to support BN, Perkasa or other political entities, we are here because we want to convey a message to the Australian people that what their lawmakers are asking us to do is to compromise the integrity of our courts and rule of law.

"We are a sovereign nation just like Australia is. We are not barbarians. We don't kill the native people of this country and we don't murder foreigners and get away with it."
I was not there to support Anwar Ibrahim or Saiful Bukhary. I was there to express my disgust at the Australian MPs who have asked us to stop our process of justice and democracy in the name of their justice and democracy.

Imagine if we bow to those MPs and stop the trial, we'll be a real pariah nation.

The reporter asked me if the bloggers were expecting an apology from Australia. I said:
"No we're not interested in that. We just want to let the Australian people know that we don't appreciate what their lawmakers are asking us to do".
Some of our lawmakers suck but they don't come nowhere near the 50 Australian YBs.

Read also AP's Malaysian protesters rally FOR Anwar's sodomy charge

and 42 pics of rally at Minaq Jinggo's


  1. Disgusted5:07 pm

    Way to go guys!

  2. Anonymous5:23 pm

    What do Oz's and sperm have in common?

    They sail by the millions and only a couple work.

  3. Seriously. "asked us to stop our process of justice and democracy in the name of their justice and democracy"?

    Who are you kidding? OUR justice and democracy? Where does that reside?

    We pissed on our own constitution, and here we are worried that others are not respecting our laws?

    Pfft. I say, the Australians are just saying what many Malaysians feel, think, but dare not speak.

  4. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Tian Chua, Steven Gan - Malaysia kini were educated in is Rahim Ghousse who ran away and since then is based there.

    so...I am not surprised lol

  5. Anonymous6:12 pm

    heh heh

    anwar should have migrated to australia long ago

    he won't be charged for sodomy among friends

  6. Anonymous6:12 pm

    "We don't kill the native people of this country and we don't murder foreigners and get away with it."

    I'm pretty sure a lot of malaysians will think about the Penans and Mongolian lady when we read above statements...

    Poor Rocky, you are such a smart mate but you are so "brainwashed"

    Keep denying bro and sis!

  7. Rocky dear Rocky,
    A march by a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites.
    The very fact that there was a small bunch of UMNO Youth and Perkasa leading it shows it for the political posturing it is.
    I wonder how many of the Pemuda leaders there have second homes in Australia or spend their vacation there on a regular basis or even send their kids to school there?
    The Aussie lawmakers are only pointing out what the majority of Malaysians think - the whole Sodomy Part2 trial is a political one with the sole aim of putiing Anwar away from politics.
    If you did a poll of the Malaysian public then you wopuld know how many people think this trial is a sham.
    Some of the facts behind it are clear:
    Saiful went and met Najib to discuss it - fact. How many strangers get to see Najib within 24 hours of requesting to see him?
    How come Anwar is not allowed the review the evidence against him. Every other free and fair systems allows complete evidenciary transparency.
    A sham is a sham....

  8. Anonymous6:14 pm

    As a malaysia citizen, i feel so disgusted with our Malaysian Goverment puppeting the Judiaciary, and its not a surprise australian is having the same feeling.

    When yr neighbor start complaining, take heed...cos it mean something bad is happening on our side...

    And for those who protest...that stray dog is the people are of the same category with the dog....disgusting.

  9. Anonymous6:15 pm

    While I generally support what you and the SoPo gang are trying to do, did it not occur to you that the Aussie MPs themselves are victims of ignorance (of M'sian law) and dis-information (by the AI supporters hiding in Aussieland) ?

    If I were you, I would demo at OUR Foreign Ministry for their lackaidaisal attitude in not ensuring our high commission in Canberra enter into an awareness and educational exercise to educate their MPs.

    Constructive engagement is the way to go! But then, considering the (lack of) quality of the Umno Youth leader, its not surprising it went the way it went..


  10. Anonymous6:18 pm

    I have a feeling, Saiful, the so called "coffee boy" telah bancuh banyak kopi untuk dijamukan kepada Australian2 ini semasa meeting2 dgn Anwar dulu kut?

    Biasa la, meeting2 sulit sebegini, sambil selam minum air, takkan sekadar kasi minum kopi saja kut!!

    No wonder even back home, mati matian Karpal dalih sana sini supaya Saiful tak dapat buka mulut...Kat sini pun ramai Katak2 wannabe dapat rasa kelazatan kopi Saiful kut..

    Can someone PLEASE check the Apartment videos, hotel2 yang DSAI tinggal semasa bawa Saiful keluar Negara, ramai tak young 17year old girls masuk keluar dari the same floor?

    Kalau ia, the pattern may have repeated ITSELF.


  11. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Bagus KJ and Pemuda...jadikan demonstrasi budaya kita. Harap2 akan ada lagi demo-demo yg dianjurkan BN/Umno.

  12. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Then : AMNO & Perkosa... playing good cop, bad cop huh!

    Now : Both holding hands walking down the street.

    AMNO is Perkosa, Perkosa is AMNO. No wonder Penang Ah Lim kena kaw-kaw from them.

  13. Anonymous6:33 pm

    just do what that mamak kutty do best...

    boikot everything from australia.

  14. how much money you all spend for the banner, better bagi anak yatim atau pi makan tengahari

  15. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Dato Rocky
    Looks like next few weeks you will be busy protesting :)
    The US senators are also "butting" in now. The next time you protest you should probably also do a pre-emptive one and cover the EU missions as well. :) :):)

    btw did you get a permit for this one?


  16. Anonymous6:57 pm

    it just shows the standard of english used on the banners,should have got the barking bird to correct the english.

  17. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Malaysia is fast becoming the next Zimbabwe, we can't see it but others can.

    The whole world is laughing at Malaysia for the two missing jet engines disappearing all the way to Uruguay; a multi-billion ringgit submarine that cannot dive; the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal still awaiting the prosecution of “big fishes” etc etc....

    Even Allah cannot save Malaysia.

  18. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Shout some more at the embassy flers, wait your f-i-l house in Aussie kena kangaroo shit then u know.

    But if want to do it, better still if he get all the malaysian students and buat heboh at the Aussie parliament la!

    Malaysia bolih! Rite! No?

  19. Anonymous7:15 pm


    ni nak tanya, Mahkamah Malaysia boleh percayai lagi ke ??

    Ketua hakim negara pon orang UMNO...peguam negara pon UMNO punya orang, hakim yg ada sekarang pon kebanyakkan kaki UMNO !!!

    Orang-orang UMNO seperti Rocky saje yg selesa dengan kehakiman sekarang ni, tapi bagi kebanyakkan rakyat jelata semua dah tahu mahkamah kini dimiliki oleh UMNO !!

    Goh Wei Liang

  20. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Er guys, that long-chin-moron Kerry also poke his nose around...

    So guys, anyone taking a walk to the US embassy tomolo?

    BTW, this time bring better & bigger placards, this morning slogans sound like pussy cat... hello its tiger year la! garang la sikit!

  21. I wonder how many of the 250 protestors are crooks and cronies who you wouldn't trust to look after your kids. Ironic that KJ leading it....

  22. Anonymous7:34 pm

    And also better get good pair of walking shoe... one that can tahan lasak.

    Cos we also think there are many many more embassies to walk to cos since he is free until march10, this BABI will be calling his bros around the world for support.

    I think all his bros will be calling Najeeb, best if he & Losmah go take another vacation... just do like Pak Lah did - problem come, take a hike.

  23. Contemplative7:35 pm

    So, are we going to stop sounding off on U.S. and Israel policies too?

    Mind our own business, I guess.

  24. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Out with WALTZING.



  25. nstman7:49 pm

    The real Malaysia will not be cowed by illegal protests. The real Malaysia will stand firm in the face of provocation by Umno led bloggers. The real Malaysia will continue the struggle against lies, subterfuge, idiocy, stupidity, bigotry. Long live Anwar. Long live PKR. Long live Pas. Long live the Real People of Malaysia. Long live Satu Bangsa. Long live Haris Ibrahim, our Prime Minister in Waiting. Long live Zorro.

  26. a bit of contradiction when the banner clearly says 'WE SUPPORT SAIFUL...'

  27. Anonymous8:06 pm

    hi Uncle Rocky.

    just saw Jinggo's pix collection. unsurprisingly the rally was almost entirely male, if not entirely male. is this the way forward for Malaysia?

  28. Anonymous8:25 pm

    i doubt those 50 odd australian MPs really bother about just 200+ ppl barking !

  29. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Why allow the Monkey spoil the program. Should allow Ibrahim Ali to hand the memorandum.
    Just plainly tell the 50 MPs that they are free to their Homosexsual activities until their partner lodge a re port with the police. That's the problem with Down Under, 50 MPs gave the impression that they think from their Dickhead and not their head.
    Let the court decide and we should acceptwhatever the verdict. The first sodomy case was thrown out due to technical reason but all the Judges believe that the Sodomy did happened.
    To all Malaysians please stand up to uphold our sovereignity rather then let them whack our backside. Later 7 days cannot berak you know.

    A Malaysian with NO Buntot play play

  30. Anonymous8:57 pm

    So ALL the PARIAH are there to to show the dissatisfaction towards THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERMENT,,,!!!!

    Mu ta'nak DEMO lagi ke,,,Since US Senator,,JOHN KERRY tegor Malaysia di Washigton SEMALAM,,!!!!

    ARE you BUGGERS satisfied with the DEMO,,,!!!


  31. Anonymous9:06 pm

    I can imagine one day should UMNO- ruled coalition government collapse, the same group will gather and show their protest on daily basis till sun rise on the west horizon.


  32. Nzain9:28 pm

    Woooah handsome la bro masuk TV3..Wish I could have been there to give my 100% support, unfortunately I have an Ozie boss. Actually he gives no s**t about Anwar, calling him a faggot instead but skipping work is asking too much.
    All the same it looked like a success. That's how a demonstration should be. Bukan merusuh macam Pakatan.

    So, no wucking furries mate, up yours to the Aussie MPs!

  33. Anonymous9:39 pm

    me spik no inglis la kawan lu cocky brudu

    kah kah kah

  34. glassman9:58 pm

    I am sorry I could'nt make it this morning. I would have cycle there. Its not that far from Air Panas anyways. My apologies to fellow bloggers and a pity it was HIJACKED!

  35. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Was the english used in the banned grammatically correct? If not go bugger urself first la!

    It's australian practise to interfere with australian court?

    How can u end it with a question mark? Isn't that a statemnet? If it was a question, shoudlnt it have read as.. " Is it Australianblahblah blah.....?"

    Itulah suruh belajar England tak mau. mau main kroni kroni dan anjing anjing.

    And some joker said we dont murder foreigners? Hahahaha. So the Mongol chick played fire crackers and blew herself up? BIG JOKE!


  36. Rahmat10:28 pm

    You had KJ deliver the note????
    Wow - so someone who was found guilty of corruption by an UMNO panel delivered a note about justice and fairness of Malaysian law.
    And Bung Mokhtar delivered one on behalf of the Barisan Backbenchers - the same man who married another younger woman whilst still married to his first wife.
    God knows who else was amongst the Pemuda and Perkasa lot. Sounds more like a rogues gallery.

    Tell me - which system would these morons prefer to face in a legal situation - Malaysian or Australian judiciary. Which justice system of the two is recognized globally as fair and just.
    Why is that every multinational that invests in this country has a clause in their contracts that any legal arbitration is done anywhere but in Malaysian itself.
    Look at global rankings and note where Malaysia's judiciary and legal system ranks compared to Australia.

  37. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Aiyoo.....grammer by the bloggers was pretty shoddy? Looks like someone from the NST wrote it.
    If you want to make a banner make sure the statement makes sense. Or you end up looking like a bunch of ignoramus.....
    Funny how that lot got a police permit so quickly and easily?
    And you say this was not politics???? Pull another one - its got bells on it!

    M R

  38. Bunnies11:58 pm

    Ya, the Australians should mind their own business. Like you,I too feel that it is not about being pro UMNO or pro Anwar or pro backward culture practise or unpro whatever. It is about respecting another country's rules and regulation. No matter how shitty it is to our eyes.

    As for demonstration, well, KJ and Bung fella are really not the ideal people to be doing such thing... these buggers are so tainted you might just get poisoned by standing next to either of them! Please la.. Is there a need to have demonstration and look like a bunch of hooligans? If the Australians are considered obnoxious in meddling our affairs, dont you think these bunch of moronic demonstrators look like crazy dogs?! Sigh...

    Anyway, this whole sodomy trial is a circus and from the way things are going, it is a stupid move to charge Anwar Ibrahim with it... if he loses, he will be the HERO in this very badly written play.

    A lot of people with a little bit of brain will sympathize with Anwar for being made a victim.. Some might even worship him like some freedom fighter. Whoever that came up with such bad move ought to die for being so stupid!

  39. 'The FRU and the cops were there but it was a peaceful protest as promised.'

    are you implying that if PAS, PKR or DAP or any other NGOs wanted to hold a peaceful demo in future need not get a police permit?

    i am confuse! a protest is a protest and when held at public places should be deemed illegal & the very person(s) who organised or led the protest should be charged or apprehended. so, can i join any demo if it is a peaceful one? cos' the organiser said so lah . . . and this protest set the precedence

  40. Anonymous12:45 am

    Rahmat, lu pergi pindah duduk Australia la beb.

    Kalau mahkamah bebaskan Anwar nanti, kau nak kata apa pulak?

    - Kawan Rahmat

  41. Anonymous12:52 am

    KJ says no protest at US Embassy despite what John Kerry and Foreign Relations Committee says...
    Whats the matter KJ and Gang - afraid you wont get a visa for US again or is it because we need them more than they need us?
    Have you also decided to ask your father in law and family to exit their property and holidays in Australia?
    All talk no action..


  42. Anonymous1:04 am

    Yes, all the jaguh kampung shouting and screaming! By the way,what happened to the kris as the protest is quite incomplete without this symbol of honor.
    Also what happened to Aziz Putra UMNO or has he fallen out with KJ?
    Wait till you fall out of favor one day, just like Anwar Ibrahim (sometime I say serve him right!) and you will then scream for the Aussie 'Kangaroo' courts rather than our so called Malaysia Truly Asia system.

  43. If KJ was protesting along side, i can only say u chose the wrong battle.

  44. KJ (show off king) and Perkasa, if you have the guts, go to Australia and protest. The judiciary in Malaysia are controlled by PM, all the High Court & Appeal Court judges are Malays & UMNO members, how strange?? You have a PM and his wife who are murderers. How come PM's brother can own the 2nd biggest bank in Malaysia?? Where did the money came from?? His late father died from leukamia, sign of retribution. Mahathir Kutty's son is a billionaire as reported, bailed out by his father during the Asian Economic crisis to the tune of 3Billion. What happended to all the money earned by Petronas??? Siphoned by UMNO members. Go and protest till the cows come home, all these are paid by UMNO from money stolen from Rakyat. What so great about that? Graduate from Oxford, that's an insult to your alma mater. You cannot lie straight in bed because you are a crook in sheep clothing. Usually Head of UMNO Youth has a Cabinet Post, how come Najib cannot trust you??? Ask yourself who you are? Outside Malaysia, you are a motherfugger, who sell his mother for 2 ringgit. Try & talk big outside Malaysia, yes go back to Oxford and open your big fat mouth and see what they do to you!!! What fucking laws do you have in Malaysia. Come to Ireland and we will teach you some manners. Bring Saiful along if he needs a bigger prick.

  45. i don't get it. why the commotion? This is so typical of syok-sendiri-syndrome.

    Come on guys, this is sad peace of cheap publicity. As usual, no substance talk only.

    If you really are as mature as you claim you are, just walk the pissing talk.

    You so called Malaysians, what a waste of time!

  46. nstman2:11 am

    Rocky, tell your self-righteous fellow Umno bloggers to protest against the US. After that tell them to protest against the whole world. By the way, I will be going to Australia next week for my annual vacation. Of course, I will be briefing my friends there about the situation here. Waltzing matilda, here I come.

  47. Anonymous2:47 am

    Yang kelakar nya, orang-rang yang sibuk komen pasal grammar...

    People like M R kutuk orang grammar salah, yo bro, your typo GRAMMER tu pun salah.

    These dickheads need to look at this issue beyond politics la mangkuk!

    I wish PRU13 is tomorrow so the people can show these PRMangkuks that we did not vote for you dulu. We just hate Pak Lah la you PRMorons and voted against him and not for PRMangkuks!


  48. Dear Srikanth,

    There are politicians and there are politicians. Some of them hijack your agenda from right under your nose without you realising it.

    When the bloggers walked the Bersih march back in 2006, we were told that no politicians would be involved.

    At the end of the long walk, however, Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang, Mat Sabu Hadi appeared out of nowhere at the gates of the Istana Negara.

    Anwar was kapcai-ridden there! There were speeches whacking the government. They were condeming the Pak Lah government that I was critical of but I didn't appreciate the way they sneaked up on us, made us walk and battle the FRU so that they can claim all the credit at the end of the day.

    Yesterday, the politicians appeared before the start of the walk. They were giving speeches even before I got to the place. So everybody knew that they were there. They walked so no one was kapcai-ridden or parachuted there.

    Bro, the bloggers had planned the walk almost immediately after the 50 plus Australian lawmakers decided to put pressure on our government to stop the trial. So we inspired KJ and the political parties and the NGOs to walk with us. So why should we abandon the walk? After all, they brought the numbers. If bloggers had walked by ourselves, perhaps there would be two or three dozens of us.

    Senang kena cekup masuk FRU dan lokap beb.

    Actually you can say that we, the bloggers, inspired KJ, the political parties and NGOs to come out yesterday to walk.

    Some of the bloggers felt that the walk was "hijacked" but I don't feel that way. Y'see, I was there during the Bersih walk and I was there yesterday. So I know what "hijack" really means.

    Thank you.

  49. Hi D’Rocky,
    I kind of feel pissed with aussies for lecturing 2, its not abt anwar or saiful.

    Signs of bugger off to insult anwar n doesn’t out justice system need improvement. The stray dog picture was cool! Lol

    The embarrassing sodomy trial revealed siaful 2 days after sodomy was tested. Never shat for two days? Didn’t take a bath for 2 days or wash his ass after being sodomized. Still found dna with unturned ass?

    Maybe the brains behind this think its good politics…but I want Malaysia not to be laughed at.

  50. Datuk,

    I wanted to scribe what I initially had in mind but changed course after reading comments by some so called 'silent majority'.

    To these nitwits and shit for brains, get a life or get a wife (the female kind).

    Thats why when we say if you don't like it here, please get lost and migrate. What's stopping you?

    Not qualified? Enjoying the good life? Hey, f--k off (sorry Tok) man!

    Could it be that these MPs are trying to divert attention from the spate of Indian bashings?

    These f--ks who are complaining and moaning are most probably living in the lap of luxury and can't get enough.

    Just wait, its now the Indians. When the time comes, the Chinese, after seeing that you have accumualted a large chunk of their wealth, you will be targeted.

    Don't shit yourselves, self righteous bastards.

    Whatever we Malaysians have done right by us means nothing to you arseholes.

    We send our troops to Congo, Bosnia and Somalia.

    F--k you all. Where were your voices when women and children were being raped and murdered there?

    When there's tragedy and catastrophies, we Malaysians have always stepped forward, offered and given our assistance.

    We don't need others to recognise our values and contributions but at least being Malaysians just sit back and think before you start f--king and selling yourselves short.

    My apologies to all who take offence by my invectives. It is also very much against my principles.

    As a Malaysian, I do feel harshly done by, by these self righteous bum licking turds.

    Well done Tok!

  51. Datuk,

    As for John Kerry, he can Uncle Tom himself to the white house for all I care.

    Al Gore got screwed by a Papa Bush Supreme Court.

    And they have a right to pass judgement?

    Bush Jr did not have to rely on anyone to screw him up. So what to talk? Maybe a good guy, the Zionists and Neo-cons did not support him.

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, so what? Hope he doesn't flip flop like Joe Biden.

    God I miss Tun MM.


  52. Datuk,

    We better hide our Uranium.

    Is it Safe?

  53. Anonymous5:25 am


    Mu ta'nak DEMO lagi ke,,,Since US Senator,,JOHN KERRY tegor Malaysia di Washigton SEMALAM,,!!!!

    US tak perlu demo.. Just send Hillary few boxes of Curut, kata omputih, CIGARS


  54. Anonymous7:35 am

    tsk tsk tsk.. just proofs that a group of aussie gays supporting one of their own 'kind'..

    loved to join the demo but am far down south. great job for those who were at the demo. we don't need foreigners to tell us what to do. sadly the PKR head LOVES and is PROUD of getting their support.

    One thing's for sure. I wouldn't want my country to have a leader who looks for puji-pujian from the Mat Salleh or Pak Arab. Takdak jati diri.

    King crab

  55. Anonymous8:06 am

    USS Nimitz was around the corner recently. Currently, USS Nimitz is in Hong Kong.
    Heard Iranian civilian plane kenna shot down by US warships in the Gulf sea. Mistakenly.
    What if this time, that US ship misfire again. Must jaga US ok. After all, they are the Big Brother, ok

    Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y,

    Why piss off? You did the same to Isrealis & Egyptians? Not to mention Down South. Remember the protest over the

    1) Tudung issue
    2) Malay royalty house
    3) Water issue with "Cut! Cut!Cut!"

    LKY recipocrate by saying that no government stupid enough to so stupid thing & declaring denying people water tantamount to violating sovereignty right.

    The fact that KJ didn't protest when USS Nimitz is around the corner is the testimony of Khairy's cowardice.
    Ok, to give Khairy a credit, he protested against Condeleeza Rice. That's when the seventh fleet not around the corner.
    Don't pressure Khairy lah. What if Ooops missle misfire, then how.
    In a country where engine boleh hilang & Submarine can't sink, US might blame it on Malaysia triangle.
    What next! Frigate that sink slowly. Hahahaha!

    Since you ask Australians to bugger off, perhaps you should bugger off yourself from protesting against Egyptian & Isreal. It's also their internal affair too mah. While you are pissing off with Australians, perhaps you should do so with PRC. Their alleged mistreatment of Xinjiang people.
    Come on lah, Australians do have rights to do so in their own soil, you know.
    By the way, the Australians would recipocrate by sending home government sponsored Malaysian students. And ex-communicate all Malaysians graduated in Australia. Tun Dr Ismail would then give you an arse whooping

    Nothing wrong with question. Something wrong with the word "practise". Sudah confirm mereka ni "Mi no spik inglish"

    To all the melayus,

    While you guys are protesting sini sana, take care of your Kampung Baru being rembat by UMNO. Don't cry father cry mother when the time comes

  56. Anonymous8:25 am

    nstman said...

    The real Malaysia will not be cowed by illegal protests. The real Malaysia will stand firm in the face of provocation by Umno led bloggers. The real Malaysia will continue the struggle against lies, subterfuge, idiocy, stupidity, bigotry. Long live Anwar. Long live PKR. Long live Pas. Long live the Real People of Malaysia. Long live Satu Bangsa. Long live Haris Ibrahim, our Prime Minister in Waiting. Long live Zorro.

    7:49 PM
    Nstman apek!

    Lu tak malu ke pakai lagi nick NST tu. NST kan UMNO punya kompani?

    Pakai ler DAPigman ke, PKRcowman ke, AL-JUBURIgayman ke? Atau PISmunafikman?

    Atau Rocketman, Keldaianman atau Haprakman?

    He He tunggu apa la kat sini kalau kamu nak cabut ke Oztolia. Pi la holiauday ke Oz tu dan jangan balik-balik ye. Pi la mengadu kat geng gay kamu di Oztoliau tu macam si BABI (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim) Al-Juburi buat tu. Perangai macam tu ke dikatakan real Malaysia? Sendiri main bontot, sendiri buat kotor tak pasal-pasal tarik negara luar masuk campur. Real Malaysia ke tu? Memang tongong dan bebal le kamu ni.

    Rakyat Malaysia yang dulu ditipu dengan slogan Reformasi tu pun dah sedar dan dah tak bagi sokongan macam dulu. Sekarang ni nak tarik libatkan US dan Turki pulak masuk campur.

    Perangai taik kucing!

    He He tak malu lagi ke kamu merimpat di sini? Kamu pun dah perasan kan Rocky dah berubah. So, apa tunggu? Belah la. Pi la ke Oz ke Uz ke ZZZzz.... ke. Lari jangan tak lari sebab makin banyak blogger pro UMNO BN baru akan keluar nanti.

    BTW kamu ni gay jugak ke?

    Kalau macam tu si BABI(Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim) Al-Juburi nak sampaikan pesan:


    Cibai la lu

    -tukang perati

  57. Anonymous8:30 am

    What been told this protest supposedly to be "non-partisan". However with strong present of UMNO and Perkasa with Makkal Sakti & MIC tagging along could help to wonder where are MCA and Gerakan members? Have not heard about their support or participation in this protest in any MSM unless someone say KJ represent their sentiment i.e. being Ketua Pemuda BN.


  58. the reader8:34 am

    Since almost the whole world is saying the case is fabricated i dont think this should be your last, you got loadz of embassies to protest

  59. najib manaukau8:44 am

    What has the Police got to say about the protest ?
    Or they have got the permit to do so, ? Why is the double standard when it comes to protest by Umno ?

  60. Manusia8:53 am

    Anjing paria gi protes? Tak heran pun. Memang Ameno parti anjing paria dan lain-lain natang. Bukan je anjing besar (big dog), tapi burung magpie bodoh yg pikir dia anjing pun ade. Sape lagik? Ah! Kera jantan! - dia jadi organiser plak. Sungguh hebat kera jantan ni! Eh! Katak kelate pun taknak kalah... datang gak... dia kate org ostorlia main p____t! Kelakar tul katak kelate ni! Ayoyo! Ular MIC kluar plak! Iiiiiii! Takuuuut! Nape datang? Nak makan katak kelate ke? Lum saye abes sumbagan due sen ni, nak tumpang tanye: satu lagi haiwan, Rocky Bruang, ade tak?

  61. Anonymous9:14 am

    "The bloggers are not here to support BN, Perkasa or other political entities".......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah...that's a good one !!!!

  62. Anonymous9:44 am

    May I ask is there any arrest done? I remember last time a lot of protest, even those peaceful super non-voilence protest, a lot were arrested.

    Mr. Thank you.

  63. Anonymous9:50 am

    Bunnies I thought someone told you off before for being rude in here? Doing the same thing i see. Everytime you write it's always about others being stupid, ugly, idiotic, moronic and so on and so forth.
    Can you please stop calling people names?
    Sheeesh for a girl *wink wink I know* you are so rude.

  64. Anonymous9:51 am


    As it is the sodomy trial is something already putting the image of the country in very different light.
    Now this protests serve to enhance further negative image.
    It all just looks quite negative and dosent put us all in positive light.


  65. Nigel 1.43AM
    I was minding my own business and am quite busy right now. So consider this an honour that I'm spending time to patiently reply to your comment (write this in your diary).

    Oh, I'm Mat `Defender of Janda-Janda' Cendana, who's also a certified Knight of the Demi Negara Order(Go and ask KijangMas or satD if you don't believe this). In times of peace like now, I'm a caretaker-cum-janitor in Mukim Kangkong, Pasir Mas; and right now I have to sweep the leaves and clear the clogged drains.

    However, your comment has forced me to set aside my rake and broom to clarify and rectify some glaring errors and misconceptions on your part, nice and helpful guy that I am (janda-janda..take note of my `sifat', ye). And when you mention "Perkasa", you've inadvertently dragged me in. No, I'm not a member (no one had asked me to join). However, the president, Dato' Ibrahim Ali is my Pasir Mas MP (I had voted for him in March 2008.. and the PAS candidate for Chetok State). So I suppose I have locus standi in answering this.

    Firstly, I'm wondering about this: "Come to Ireland and we will teach you some manners". This "we" here - Who and what army are you representing? Or is it the WHOLE of Ireland?! WOW! You must be a very important guy. Anyway, while you speak about manners, here's your preceding sentence: "What fucking laws..." Do you have a dictionary?..Try checking what "hypocrite" means.

    And your last sentence: "Bring Saiful along if he needs a bigger prick." Well, I guess it's a declaration of your sexual preference; that you're a homosexual. This explains quite a few things, and one of them is that people like you shouldn't be charged for this in Malaysia. So you're against Section 377 of the Penal Code and want it to be repealed, right? After all, it was never enacted in the United Kingdom and Australia; which means Malaysians should be butt-kissers of the white man and do likewise, right? Okay, maybe you voluntarily let others ram you; which seems to be the reason why you're so hostile to Saiful. Well, it's your ars*hole, I guess, and since you consider it `syiok' , what can I say. But have you considered that it's not the same thing when someone is FORCED into it?

    I'm amazed by your very first sentence:"if you have the guts, go to Australia and protest". HUH?! This is crazy - what's the necessity of doing so? Nowadays we have the technology - pictures of the demonstration are transmitted to Australia by the Internet or good old-fashioned TV and the newspapers. Going to Australia.. HAHA! You seem to be a hanger-on and are not aware of the financial aspects of travelling. It seems your (homosexual) partner is the one who handles all the travelling details (Waa, lucky you!) return for `your services' (Ouch!...ADVERTISEMENT: "Gunakan Minyak Angin Mastika Untuk Hilang Kesakitan!"

    Here's your second sentence: "The judiciary in Malaysia are controlled by PM, all the High Court & Appeal Court judges are Malays & UMNO members, how strange??"

    Thanks for this stunning bit of information. So, that High Court Judge with her ruling that "Allah can be used by pseudo Arab Christians in Kuantan, Petaling Jaya, Penang..." is a Malay and UMNO member then? That's very sneaky of her; using the name "Lau Bee Lan" to hide this!

    And all the judges of the Court of Appeal are Malays and UMNO members too?...Datuk Wira Low Hop Bing, Dato' Nihrumala Segara a/l M.K. Pillay, Dato' Kang Hwee Gee and Dato' Jeffrey Tan. I'm stunned, flabbergasted by your revelation! It's lucky that we have a homosexual (`receiver' Ouch! Heheh!) Irish-wannabe to enlighten this ignorant Kelantan hillbilly.

    So, to Master Nigel: Get an education first before shooting off your mouth at a high-traffic blog, PLEASE. If not, you'll get a `Kemaluan Besar' Heheh!

  66. Bolehan10:42 am

    Yay, another paid protest for umno youth guys to get more side income in this bad economy!

    Yes, Mr PM, keep sodomising M'sians & hammering more nails into umno's coffin to speed up its demise, TQ.

  67. Anonymous11:06 am

    next time you idiots stop poking into the affairs of Palestianians. Its none of your business, though everyone knows of the atrocities committed by the Israelis

    I see how consistent you will be, Turncoat.

  68. Anonymous11:08 am

    oh, what great cops to protect UMNO.

    see what happens when NGOs just have a candlelight vigil, and not even a protest. The cops will just shout 1, 2, 3 and arrest.

    Thats UMNO cops for you, turncoat. You didnt notice that, aint it turncoat?

  69. Anonymous11:12 am

    Aspiring Chief Editor of Nasty Pee,

    Your kind has alredi found Anwar guilty just like 1998 scandalous trial.
    Let me tell you how Saiful was sodomised. Well, Anwar jerk in front of him and after that took some semen and insert into his arse with some chopsticks. Thats why there is no conclusive evidence of penetration. its only in UMNOland that there is a case for sodomy to judge by UMNOjudges when medically there is no conclusive evidence of penetration.

    Pls go check your dictionary on the emaning of conclusive evidence.

  70. Anonymous11:30 am


    -Mr K

    Well, there might be a bit of an error here, if my understanding of "PRACTISE" is correct. This is the verb, whereas the noun PRACTICE (as in `amalan') should be used.

    However, I disagree that the sentence is grammatically wrong (except for `practise'). "IT's" is contraction for "It is", of course; and although I agree it would have sounded a lot better had it begun as "IS IT...", at the most the sentence is awkward (had `practice' been used). But not wrong, in my humble opinion.

    Read it silently and the speaker (or bearer) seems spoiling for a fight with this "accusatory" tone. Had it been "IS IT..." (which is better), there's sarcasm while being seemingly polite.

    Anyway, had anyone asked me, I'd have come up with this banner:
    To the Honourable MPs:
    Your Excellencies, Please take your demand and stuff it up your pompous ars*

    The use of "Honourable" and "Please" makes it polite, don't you think?:-P

  72. Anonymous11:53 am

    hei latuk,

    u says during the bersih thing:

    "anwar, lks, pas flers was kapcai-ridden or parachuted there."

    if they were to take the 1st step from the start bet u the musang people will cekup & send them to kamunting before you can say c-i-f-u-t.

    but yesterday was diff, the poolick flers was there to make sure no traffic blocking that monkey, perkosa or you flers route... no wonder you flers walk damn smooth huh?

    walk on, beb

  73. Anonymous12:02 pm

    nstman 2:11 AM

    ... Rocky, tell your self-righteous fellow Umno bloggers to protest against the US....

    I dah cakap, not necessary to protest against US.. When you are In Australia, get a box of cigars and just send it to Hillary. Her's was stolen by Lewinsky..

    Going to Aussie? Can you drop by and get more details (firsthand) on this report, very curious;

    “Racism and Injustice Drives Australian Aborigine Family Out Of ...
    Letty Scott Nupanunga, wife of Australian Aboriginal Douglas Scott who was tortured and killed in. Australia while in unlawful detention for 60 days for the ...

    You going there to pick fruits eh? Wow, NOW peak season meh.. work hard on the farm OK.. If you clever clever can do 2jobs in a day, can get more money..



  74. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Blooming Perkasa lovers. How can you be so low?

  75. Anonymous12:49 pm

    The more you read all that come from the pariahs and ultra chingkies writing..the more WE are convince that these SRJK product are just a bunch of rejects coming from pigsty, thinking they are so superior than anyone else here in Malaysia..such a low standard pigbrain perasan bagus.

    See how they despretely words themselves out with bullshits trying hard to make it look true.. see e.g that fucking Nigel up there..


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  76. very disappointing indeed to u and those ppl went down to the street. perhaps u should've questioned BN's motives in asking for Suu Kyi's release?

    Maybe, you should ask yourself and BN why this permit was immediately approved?

    Why are we appreciating so many compliments from outside, but when it comes to criticisms, we tell them not to interfere.

    Malaysians feel the system in unfair.

    and BN calls those demonstrators 'not Malaysian culture'. So it's changed now, is it?

  77. Dear Rocky Bru,

    I don’t know if you have read RPK latest article (excerption below).

    Islam 101 (UPDATED with BM Translation)

    Malays are probably the only Muslims who celebrate the Prophet’s birthday by demonstrating. Even in Mekah and Medina, the seat of Islam, you do not find this. This custom is unique to Malaysia, just like the Quran reading competition, which is not done in Mekah, Medina, Istanbul, Teheran or whatever.
    In the Quran reading competition, contestants are judged on their melody and accuracy of reading. More than 90% of those who attend these Quran reading competitions do not speak Arabic. So they do not really know what is being recited. It is like attending a rock concert in Germany

    From my findings and knowledge RPK article is not factual and have no substance:-

    1. Go to
    Int’l Quran Contest Opens in Casablanca
    -- The 5th edition of Morocco’s International Holy Quran Competition kicked off Tuesday, February 16, in Casablanca, Al-Maghrabia daily reported.
    Significant Rise in Quranic Activities Next Year
    -- There will be a significant increase in Quranic activities in the country next year, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said yesterday.
    3. Awqaf Quran Contest, Shiraz 2010/2/6

    4Qur'an Activities

    Quran Memorization Contest Held in Serbia
    IRGC Quran Contest Underway in Tehran
    5. Go to
    KSA: King Abdul Aziz International Quran Competition kicked off in Makkah

    I do differ from RKK who said Quran Competition is non beneficial to the muslim community since most Malays don’t speak Arabic unfortunetaly for RPK who may not watch the live on TV’S or never attended any of it may not realises that there are translation in Bahasa and Malays on the big screen infact the presenter will summarize the meaning at end of each surah. Whit this revelations, RPK creditability of writing is questionable. As what he always mentioned 90% of rumours in malaysia are true now in fact 90% of rumours about RPK may indeed be true.

    I do hope you will be able to read and review RPK latest article and correct what is wrong by taking some action probraly dissiminate to others the truth.

  78. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Agree with Ding Ding @615pm.

    I find that UMNO is always too slow on the take as time and time again their internet, methods and leadership regularly fail to reach out to atas pagarians. (no need lar to mention the already disillusioned of BN or PR camps)

    I thought yesterday was supposed to be a bloggers protest. Suddenly we read in newspapers that UMNO, Perkasa and people like Bung of Kinabatangan ARE THE LEADERS of this peace protest. Apa dah jadi, macam sudah kena hijack lar the initiative?

    Never mind lah. As long as bloggers know they are the ones who took the bold lead.

    Time for SoPo bloggers to take more lead.

    Anybody dare?


  79. Lawyer2:03 pm

    I think Linghamgate showed how much integrity and trust we can have in our judiciary.
    The Royal Commission clearly stated that there was a case of subversion of the judicial process and by implication the impartiality of the judges and courts.
    Til this day not one person has been charged despite the clear evidence on tape.
    Secondly just look at the performance of the Judge and Prosecution during this trial - which shows a high degree of bias and collusion.
    Where is our judicial system in world rankings?
    So for you to make a crap statement about the integrity of our legal process when there is clear evidence to the contrary is mind blowing.
    Just repeat these words in future: "correct...correct...correct..."

  80. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Since BN and UMNO goons can get permit eaisly (or without it to stage demo), I urge the PR fellas also parade at their side at every of these demos. If police react differently then we can show the world how bias our police farce is!



  81. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Ibrahim Ali! KJ! Bung fucking Mokhtar! You gotta be kidding me! These guys would not know the meaning of integrity if it slapped them in the face. These guys have been buggering the rakyat for years!
    If these freaks are meant to be defending Malaysian justice - then we really are screwed....


  82. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Oh.. now UMNO protest is allowed in Malaysia, but Pakatan Protest is banned thoroughly all the times...this is Najis and Curry 's ruling.....!!! 1 Malaysia!!!

    Steven Seagal!

  83. Anonymous3:51 pm

    It is surprisingly odd that the justice shouters such as the Bar Council were not there to defend the judicial system. This is a clear case of intererence but the Bar Council sees it fit to keep quiet??? And call for the rule of law??

    How about our Malaysian Parliamentarians asking the Aussies to drop charges on the credit card fraudsters charged in their kangaroo courts? Surely that's fair dinkum, yeah right.

    Let the facts speak for itself err, res ipsa loquitur.


  84. Anonymous3:52 pm


    sil & that perkasa guy no bring along kompang & rebana ubi troupe ke?

    like dat where got kick?

  85. Anonymous3:58 pm


    This one ROCKYBRU site la!

    U got issue with RPK, then go to MALAYSIA TODAY and fuck him good & proper.

    No balls, don't get others to do your dirty works... stop being a pussy.

  86. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Quick!! before youtube turned it off and take it away!

    Viva United States of America!!

    US 0f A, Champion of Democracy, Human Rights Protector, Justice of the world!!!

    Viva USA, the true open society, corruption free nation!!the saviour and protector of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!!

    Viva US of A, Mother of Fairness and Civilisation!!Down with zimbabwe & the third world countries!!! hahahaha

    -phack u matha phakerz-

  87. Sometimes, the Aussie lawmakers and John Kerry must be clear with what they meant when they said "fair trial" for Anwar Ibrahim.

    Is an acquittal regarded as fair and other judgement regarded as conspiracy of the highest level ?

    Then we must again ask them where is the fairness when they have already cemented their individual opinion that only an acquittal will be deemed acceptable and fair.

    Just a personal opinion, AllBlogs should not have allowed the politicians or wannabes hijack the plans.

    Nevertheless, BDDC has produced the memorandum which failed to be handed to the ambassador. Rockybru should also produce a copy for the followers and readers.

    Keep up the writing.

  88. Madmen6:05 pm

    Thank you for the clarification RB. Noone hijacked anything, it was Malaysians pushing the envelope. Congrats, united we stand.

  89. ANON3.58

    Why you mad, are you his licking partner?

  90. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Good cause. KJ is doing the right thing. Support.

  91. Langau7:50 pm

    Ni nak komplen pasal grammer org apahal, lantak la kalau salah sikit,Kita org nak cakap bahasa penjajah tu pun dah nasib baik. apa blog ni kelas bahasa Inggeris ke, it's about the issue, not about the grammer. Nampaknya Anon. yg tegur pasal grammer itu ada agenda tersembunyi, maklumlah org melayu kalau tegur pasal grammer dah mula malu nak beri komen, pandai...pandai...
    memang kalau dari segi psykologinya komen dalam bahasa Inggeris nampak klass walaupun isinya hampas.
    Woii... malu la sikit duduk kat M'sia tapi malu nak cakap bahasa M'sia. For those out there yg malu nak berbahasa M'sia kat sini jgn malu cakap aje, sekurang2nya Brother Rocky tahu apa yg bermain dikepala otak bangsa dia sendiri.I repeat it, Bangsa dia sendiri..
    harapan saya agar jgn terus kita ditipu dgn org2 yg look like smart tapi main jubo,..true what..
    Mat Salleh kalau depan dah longgar
    belakang ditarahnya..faham tak ditarahnya, maksud tarah ialah balas,bahan,hantam,balun....faham?
    jadi pengajaranya disini, pada mereka2 yg kahwin ngat mat saleh tu jaga2 la belakang anda kalau anak dah masuk 2-3.
    can I pass away.......isk...ahaks..

  92. lalat8:01 pm

    ha...ha.. tape linggam, keling mabok tu, boleh dijadikan bukti ke?porahh..
    cakap org mabokpun nak percaya citt..
    perbualan Annuar ngan tukan jahit Azizah pun tak boleh pakai inikan pula cakap org mabok.

  93. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Now now now, tsk tsk tsk

    you would expect the pro-pakatan to support freedom of speech ala anwar's street protests

    remember TBH banners and noisy loudmouths protesting eh??

    alamak ... suddenly they believe in peace and inaction


    they get to taste their own medicine

  94. Anonymous8:15 pm

    nstman @ 7:49 PM said...
    "The real Malaysia will not be cowed by illegal protests. The real Malaysia will stand firm in the face of provocation by Umno led bloggers. The real Malaysia will continue the struggle against lies, subterfuge, idiocy, stupidity, bigotry. Long live Anwar. Long live PKR. Long live Pas. Long live the Real People of Malaysia. Long live Satu Bangsa. Long live Haris Ibrahim, our Prime Minister in Waiting. Long live Zorro."

    Yeah nst ...

    long live anwar - the only problem is the venue, IN or out of jail - hahahahahahaha

    Haris Ibrahim is PM in waiting, huh????

    So you gave up on one ibrahim, now you root for another ibrahim, I for one love Ibrahim Pendek - heh heh

    Long live zorro? - or was it ZERO - hahahahahaha

    this nstman is a real joker

  95. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Nigel @ 1:43 AM is really one frustrated psycho, someone should present him with a punching bag before he burst to pieces

  96. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Dear Mat Cendana

    THANK you for your Nigel rebuttal. I truly enjoyed it, you gave him what he deserved but you were TOO polite dear.

    Yeeaahhhh ...

  97. Anonymous8:41 pm

    niaseng says, "I urge the PR fellas also parade at their side at every of these demos. If police react differently then we can show the world how bias our police farce is!"

    See typical coward - he urges others to demo while he and other chinese stay home and watch it on tv

    their time is too precious - only for making money

  98. Anonymous9:11 pm

    you guys are a joke.the lot of you...

    not funny

  99. Anonymous9:33 pm

    This case will hurt our tourist industry. I do not have the figures but I understand that a substantial percentage of the international tourist are gay. That is where Australia's interest is hidden.Please read in-between the lines. For them if this can happen to the Leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament how will ordinary Australian tourist be treated.

    Please do not wait for these countries to issue travel advisory to their citizens before you take action. We are living in a world that is flat. When something happens in Malaysia that news only takes six seconds before it is flashed around the globe.And, therefore, we must be careful with our actions. As the saying goes once you have fired the gun you cannot recall the bullet.Ramalx

  100. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Is that stray dog Parpukari? Can't be Big Dog that's for sure. Could well be Warrior 231. Looks like him, sounds like him.

    Funny you monkeys and dogs fighting about a babi. Add in a magpie and a frog, what you have is a zoo.


  101. Anonymous10:55 pm

    aiyoh rocky,

    No one has trust in the Malaysian Judicial System.

    If you don't believe me, just ask your lawyer friends. All the agreements they draft for investors and MNCs have dispute resolution clauses. The choice country? Not Malaysia. I will give you a hint. It is down south and does not supply migrant citizens to Malaysia.

  102. antubiul 12:57PM
    Your `comment' about RPK and his post is totally unrelated to this post by Rocky. Its importance is immaterial because there is a time and place for everything.. and it definitely isn't here right now. The fact that Rocky has even allowed it through and not deleted it shows what kind of a nice guy he is, seriously.

    As someone else had mentioned, why not go to RPK's post and argue it over there? Or, start your own post at your own blog - yeah, I know it's demoralising when there's only two hits per day... There's nothing criminal in promoting your blog/post at a high-profile site like here if it's properly done. After all, what is the Internet but just billions of links and crosslinks that go here, there and everywhere. But you'll only irritate others if you persist with the above.

    Here's a tip, and you can take it from me for I had turned my blog from PageRank0 to PR4 in 5 weeks after I started [Psst! I'm selling it - Anyone want to buy? Boleh bayar ansuran...]. I had taken advantage of the massive following at Tun Mahathir's blog by making comments that are related PLUS create curiosity. ADD VALUE... Presentation is crucial, friend - with blogs, posts, your self, the car you're trying to sell etc etc.

    Wait until Rocky writes something that might have `some relation' to what you want to pursue - maybe he'll lament how some children are neglecting their Kelas Fardhu Ain; or about Sunni and Syiah suicide bombers killing fellow Muslims in Iraq. It's not directly related to your issue here, but at least there's `some semblance'.

    But don't just jump in with something that's clearly an attempt to promote your link. It doesn't matter if the topic is extremely important or trivial - that's an insult to the readers. I guarantee that you won't get many hits - a lot less than the number of people who will scorn and resent your attempt. CARDINAL RULE: Never, ever underestimate the intelligence - and sensitive feelings - of blog readers!..even if you have a PhD in Philosophy and also a MBA from Cambridge.

    Your links - don't just paste it like that for it's unattractive. It will be seen "like you don't care why should I click on it?" Learn and invest in the time to use the `a href=http://...etc etc' thing which makes your links neat.

    Compare your link to mine here, which warns about a dangerous kind of noodles where the server suffers pain. Or, Malaysian politicians who are unchallenged experts in sex education.

    Hmm, I've provided some useful advice for free here - you're lucky to have caught me in a pleasant mood.

  103. bro
    "In an interview after KJ had submitted the memorandums on behalf of the BN, Perkasa and the bloggers"

    I tot bloggers memo tak sempat to pass tu mamat tu?

    which one is it?

  104. Anonymous8:20 am

    tahniah bro untuk penganugerahan Datuk dan demo yang berjaya semalam..terima kasih..

  105. Mat Cendana,

    '[Psst! I'm selling it - Anyone want to buy? Boleh bayar ansuran...]. '

    This not the right place for advertising either.

    Dear Mat, Clearly I not in blogging and not interested to be a blogger but I am an active commentor unfortunately for Malaysian Today and Malaysia Insider there are very selective. Comments made against them are block (will no be published) and what I did here is merely informing RB on that article that is clearly michevious and lies. The link are not my link and it not a link, it the web address to the news whereby you can cut and paste then add the whatever http etc. Thanks for your offer unfortunaelty not insterested. TO roky bru sorry if I have done wrong at your blog and sorry to other readers who read my comment with insult however the message have been dissiminate.

  106. Anonymous10:04 am


    Johor, Pahang dan Perlis tidak akan mengadakan perarakan sempena sambutan Maulidur Rasul tahun ini, umumnya kerana ia tidak dituntut oleh Islam.

    Di Pahang, negeri itu hanya akan mengadakan satu ceramah di auditorium RTM Kuantan, tanpa perarakan besar seperti yang diadakan beberapa tahun lalu, kata pengarah Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang, Abdul Manan Abdul Rahman.

    "Kita tidak buat perarakan, tapi sambutan dalam bentuk ceramah sahaja. Seingat saya kita cuma pernah adakan perarakan sekali saja pada tahun 2008, yang lain lebih banyak kita adakan ceramah," kata Abdul Manan ketika dihubungi.

    KAH KAH KAH...

    woit... MANA DIA EEEE DARI PENANG... kah kah kah..

    woit... MANA DIA MALAON DARI REMBAU... kah kah kah..

    woit... KENAPA TAK MELONCAT TAK MENGAMBUR...kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah... BILA LAGI NAK MEMPERJUANGKAN HAK BERARAK...kah kah kah..



    apabila kerajaan pakatan Pulau Pinang
    membincangkan sama ada hendak berarak
    atau tidak di hari kelahiran nabi muhamad
    bukan main lagi malaon-malon ini – hebat islam mereka.

    bila ditanya kenapa tidak melawan rasuah
    semua pekak buat tak dengar
    inilah kumpulan yang diberi nama islam berarak kah kah kah

    hidup saifool

  107. Anonymous10:05 am

    Lagi satu benda yg saya kurang faham, kenapa Datok Jamil Khair Baharum yg menghalang qazaf, kenapa tidak saiful atau peguam saiful. Minta datok terangkan sket, bab ni saya tak berapa faham. Bimbang org lain juga kurang faham, maka ditafsirkan bahawa kes mahkamah ni adalah angkara atau perancangan UMNO plak. Sekarang ni persepsi senjata yg paling berkesan. Harap datok boleh terangkan sket, kenapa ianya sangat dipertahankan oleh wakil kerajaan UMNO/BN. Sangat2 nak tau ni.

    saifool nak tahu

  108. Anonymous10:07 am


    ROMPIN: Amerika Syarikat (AS) tidak pernah campur tangan dalam perbicaraan kes liwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, kata Duta Besar Malaysia ke AS, Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis.

    Katanya, pentadbiran Presiden Barrack Obama setakat ini tidak pernah mengeluarkan kenyataan supaya kes yang dihadapi oleh Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) itu digugurkan.

    "Belum ada apa-apa yang dikeluarkan oleh Amerika Syarikat berhubung perkara itu," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan projek Baiti Jannati Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) di Kampung Sepayang di sini, hari ini.

    Jamaluddin, yang juga Ahli Parlimen Rompin, berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas kenyataan Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perhubungan Luar Senat Amerika Syarikat, John Kerry, Selasa lalu, yang meminta kerajaan Malaysia supaya perbicaraan kes liwat Anwar dijalankan secara adil.

    KAH KAH KAH...

    woit.... MALOAN RABA RABA BONTOT INI ADA LAGI.... kah kah kah...

    kah kah kah... BETUL BETUL MAALAOAN INI SEDAG MERABA-RABA... kah kah kah..

    woit... ATAU MI SPIK NO INGLIS....kah kah kah


  109. Anonymous10:10 am


    I am voting for PAS in PRU13. At least PAS in the coalition to LEGALISE ANAL SEX in Malaysia.

    Pian Arbog

  110. Anonymous10:11 am

    rock cock

    Dulu pada episod LIWAT I, istilah liwat menjadi cakap mulut, kini LIWAT II, istilah JUBUR akan jadi hidangan dan cakap mulut semasa. Tiada siapa dari kalangan 'penjaga etika , moral, agama, pendidik, ustaz, imam, pendakwah, guru yang ada membantah kekerapan istilah ini diguna sedangkan pengaruh ke atas minda anak-anak muda yang berjumlah jutaan tidak diambil peduli, satu pendidikan seks kepada mereka terbuka dari UMNO..

    jubur saifool

  111. Anonymous10:54 am

    they looked like idiots. pergh..rocky, ramai sungguh yg datang. sampai tak cukup kamera nak rakam.ha..ha..ha..

    paling ramai.. polisman, cameraman, autaman, perasanman, rempitman.LOL

  112. Anonymous11:43 am


    I use to really respect you b'cau you are neither PRO BNend or Pakatan. What is happening to you?. Somebody just uttered the word "our court integrity". What a joke. Brother Rocki, the Rakyat is still waiting to see how are we going to convince the rakyatttt and the world after "It looks like me, sound like me but it is not me". By the way, Brother Rocki, maybe you can help to enlighten me and the rakyatttt about this "It looks like me, sound like me but it is not me". You got problem explaining?:Don't get upset, you are not alone. That is way, in malaysia some people believe the rakyattt will believed in "non-penetration" F****** asssss. The world must really learn from our PDDRMMMMMMM or maybe the AAGGGGGG too on how to F********** assssss without penetration.

  113. Anonymous11:43 am


    I use to really respect you b'cau you are neither PRO BNend or Pakatan. What is happening to you?. Somebody just uttered the word "our court integrity". What a joke. Brother Rocki, the Rakyat is still waiting to see how are we going to convince the rakyatttt and the world after "It looks like me, sound like me but it is not me". By the way, Brother Rocki, maybe you can help to enlighten me and the rakyatttt about this "It looks like me, sound like me but it is not me". You got problem explaining?:Don't get upset, you are not alone. That is way, in malaysia some people believe the rakyattt will believed in "non-penetration" F****** asssss. The world must really learn from our PDDRMMMMMMM or maybe the AAGGGGGG too on how to F********** assssss without penetration.

    Orang Kampong

  114. Now that I know who the "Buggers" are...???? Oh my or not the next time?

  115. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Nigel's a fucking chingkie man-whore Irish wannabe. There. I've said it. Sorry Ah Fok. I can't stand your dirty habits anymore.

    Your Mom.
    Jinjang New Village.

  116. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Annon 11:43 AM

    If you are being accused of something you dont commit, any SANE person will want it to be out in the open.. and prove the accuser wrong.

    Yet here, by all means, DSAI and team tried so hard to ensure that everything is left to imagination, LIKE YOURS for instance.

    Were you there to witness what actually happened, or DSAI personally told you he did not penetrate?

    If DSAI told you that his uh uh is no longer available, shrunk lime an infants.. you will also believe without asking him to zip his pants and show him?

    The same goes to this stupid Australians. World war 11 they went in just because UK was in. Araq wars, they were in just because Bush and Tony jumped in..

    These Aussies themselves have no balls, kena cucuk hidung macam lembu.. decendants of criminals themselves, and they have the cheek to open their mouth about LAWS of other nations!

    Why you takut nanti tak boleh jadi coolie mereka in their animals and fruit farms ker?


  117. Anonymous12:19 pm

    anon 11.43am,

    there were no signs of penetration because there was no AGGRESSION, it was well LUBED, plus BABI's dick was small, probably slightly bigger than your brain.

    I'm sure your turd is most of the time, larger than your dick (IF you can call it that). Do you think your anus has been scarred after your gazillionth dump? Or what about the time when you begged your whore to stick a finger (or two) up your bunghole..? Were you scarred then too?

    Please la deyy. Respect your brain first before you want to respect / disrespect Rocky.. Nobody gives a fuck anyway.

    Thiruchelvan Wong.

  118. Anonymous1:09 pm

    hi...hi...pihak Ausie pantang ada ruang terbuka dah mula nak campur tangan,itu sikit kalau ada kes yg berat lagi dalam M'sia ni tak tau la aku..mungkin hantar askar kot.. pengaman...pengaman abah dia, langsung tak tau malu, kitapun ada adab,tak nak campur urusan negara diaorang.Apa,dari Yg dipertuan Agong
    hingga ke Hakim2 kat M'sia ni dah kena beli ngan kerajaan ke? waa..banyak hebat,semua org boleh cucuk idung. pikir laa...retorik mengalahkan fakta.

  119. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Ausie memang bangang, dia ingat dia kat europe ke, asyik buat musuh dengan negara sekeliling. Kes Timor Timor keluar Indonesia pun diaorang punya dajjal la.


  120. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Hidup Perkasa hidup UMNO....
    Hidup DAP, hidup PKR, hidup MCA, hidup MIC...

    ha ha ha

    LOL... rilex la komenter-komenter, jgn marah, x payah emosi, permainan dunia je ni.


    "benci org emo, sebelah sini atau sana"

  121. Anonymous4:24 pm


    You say you don't support Saiful. You are just full of sai.


  122. Anonymous5:16 pm

  123. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Rocky said... "We are a sovereign nation just like Australia is. We are not barbarians. We don't kill the native people of this country and we don't murder foreigners and get away with it."

    Hahaha... you are too funny...


  124. Pa do la ti do6:24 pm

    no penetration,lol.. memang lawak la,
    budak tak sekolahpun boleh pikir logik, hari2 taik keluar maa...think about the diemeter of your turd, sometimes you must cut it 2 or 3 pieces coz of too long...En. depan sama belakang tak sama, depan keluar liquid saja, belakang macam2 keluar maa,sometimes water spinach goreng belacan pun boleh keluar kalau tarak betul digest,
    eerr...pasal otak u belachan la I terpaksa cerita benda2 macam ni, cehh..u make me lost my appetite.

  125. lipas6:31 pm

    Altantuya' that bitch, forget about it la.perempuan macam tu hanya merosakan kita sebagai kaum lelaki.
    bukan nak membela tapi perempuan tamak macam tu well deserved la, cukup2 la kita membela penjenayah.

  126. Anonymous10:40 pm

    gerombolan yg bising bila pulau pinang tak buat berarak tu, sebenarnya takut:
    1.kalau berarak maulud nabi pun tak boleh, apatah lagi berarak (demo) kandar kepala lembu atau jinjing kepala khinzir, lagi lah tak boleh - maklumlah, kan gerombolan dah mula naik syahwat dengan berdemo kebelakangan ni...
    2.gerombolan tu ingat tak boleh 'berarak' tu mencakupi tak boleh berminum2 arak dsbnya - mereka kan suka ikut cukong pergi kelab2 malam /karaoke....
    3.gerombolan tu silap paham, ingat tak boleh 'berak', macam setpol...

  127. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Mane ayahanda pukida DAN katak PERKOSA? wat demo pggl 10,000 pendekar melayu turun di kangar, kuantan, JB.

    Banner tulis:













    ade berani ke Dollah Bodowi ngan Malikul Sembab nak bg komen? kalo kat Pulau Pinang pon heboh masuk TV & paper, takkan kes kt pahang, perlis dan johor nak senyap je?

    nak tipu melayu pon jgn la nampak ketara sangat. org melayu jadi makin menyampah ade la.

    nampak sgt kes demo kat PP ari tu, yg datang buat demo pon sbb dapat upah. xde upah tak dtg la.

    kalo betul2 ikhlas pejuang melayu, jom demo di kangar, kuantan dan JB.

  128. Jenggg X312:52 am


    PULAU PINANG 6 Feb. - Berikutan keengganan Ketua Menteri, Lim Guan Eng bertemu para peserta Perhimpunan Sedaq bagi menerima memorandum tuntutan semalam, satu demonstrasi yang lebih besar akan diadakan pada 16 Februari ini di sini.



    ka ka kah... PATUTLAH KATAQ TAK MARI GEORGETOWN... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... SEMUA PEGI KL BUAT BISING KAT RUMAH KANGGARU... ka ka kah...

    woit... PENANG SKARANG MUSIM PANAS... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... KATAQ MANAQ SUKAK PANAS... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... KATAQ PERKASAM PUN TAK SUKAK PANAS... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... KATAQ HANYA SUKAK TEMPAT GELAP DAN BASAH... ka ka kah...


    National Malay chamber sec-gen lodges report against Penang President
    - The Edge Daily

    The Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia secretary-general Datuk Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar has lodged a police report against Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce (DPMPP) president Rizal Faris Mohideen for allegedly threatening him and attempting to assault him at the Penang International Airport last Wednesday.

    Abdul Rahim lodged the report at the Selayang police station on Feb 12.

    According to the report, Abdul Rahim said that at about 10am on Feb 10, he was with Melaka Malay chamber chairman Datuk Md Ramli Mohamad and Terengganu Malay chamber deputy president Abdul Razak Yaacob at the airport when they bumped into Rizal.

    Abdul Rahim said Rizal shouted at them and also used harsh words including "babi, sial, binatang, barua, kurang ajar".


    ka ka kah... SEDAQ-LAH.. GEROMBOLAN EEE SUDAH MARAH... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... NAK TUNJUK PERKASAM DENGAN TUAN KETUA... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... INI PALING BEST...


    ka ka kah... NI MEMANG ALANG-ALANG MENYELUK PERKASAm... ka ka kah...

  129. Breaking News!!!

    Anwar Ibrahim just made a sensational announcement from the High Court:-

    Pak Lah to quit as PM on 16 Sept. as I have the numbers...and the numbers keep increasing by the hour....

    ....the 50 Australian MPs are set to jump out from their parties in Australia and join Pakatan Rakyat on 16 Sept...

    helloo brader Anwar, Pak Lah dah retire lah...

    ...dah berapa kali 16 Sept daa! but we guess Saiful has the numbers, not you...

  130. Anonymous 9:33 PM
    The tourism angle is interesting, for it is an important source of revenue for any country, including Malaysia, of course. This is also an industry which I think is under-achieving as compared to neighbours like Thailand. This is a specific topic that should warrant a serious and thoughtful discussion at a high-traffic blog like this.

    However, there are a few things that I'm not clear about with regards to this particular post. Firstly, no doubt that there are many potential tourists from Australia - and elsewhere too - who are gay... And no doubt too that the Bani Nabi Lut Alumni's money is also of legal tender. Thailand welcomes them with wide arms and smiles - they probably rake in 50 times more than Malaysia from gays due to their extremely obliging stance.

    However, we aren't them - we must maintain enough pride and dignity to not bend over (no pun intended) backwards when it comes to certain basic issues. One of them is the matter of national sovereignty - if we withdraw a court case because some Aussies demand this, let's also install them at Putrajaya and Parliament to oversee and approve of or reject important matters relating to administration and the Constitution.

    QUOTE:"For them if this can happen to the Leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament how will ordinary Australian tourist be treated."

    I'd say "According to how they treat Malaysia". And the continuum ranges from `Very well' to `Satisfactory' to `Poor'.

    An extreme example of the last might be for the likes of Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers; who came in November 1983 and, unfortunately, left in July 1986 in a coffin.

    But could they have said they "were treated badly"? It was the workings of the principles of "For every action there is a reaction" and especially "You reap what you sow". If an Aussie tourist, gay or whatever, expects to be treated well, then it's imperative that he treats the country with the due respect. That means adhering to local laws and regulations ... something that the Leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament must do too.

    Now this one I don't understand - QUOTE: "Please do not wait for these countries to issue travel advisory to their citizens before you take action." Take WHAT action??

  131. Anonymous12:10 pm


    We should all support Saiful aaaannd Anwar to have their rights to defence.

    Only problem is anwar does not want to go through the process of AIRING each person's rights.

    He likes to keep it in the dark.

    Berani kerana Benar. Lawan tetap Lawan.

  132. I better mind my own business ABOUT Saiful,Anuar and kangaroo.

    rajraman666.ADA PERMIT?

    We can be racial but don't be RACIST.

  133. skilgannon10662:45 pm

    Now, then - who was the Malaysian VIP caught by Aussie Customs handcarrying a large sum of duit into Aussieland? Ring any bells, Pak Rocky?

    Or please tell us how many Malaysian VIPs and VVIPs have property assets in Aussieland? In Perth, for starters.

    Or why Malaysia Airports is still bitter about Qantas stopping it's services to KLIA, while maintaining Changi as it's regional hub?

    The reality of the situation is that Aussieland is playing by different rules and in a bigger league - that where the US, China and India hold sway.

    Perkasa, Umno Y and the rightwingers can scream until they are blue in the face. It won't make one iota of difference to regional realities.

    I am waiting for KJ to petition President SBY not to make an official visit to Aussieland, which is supposed to take place within the next few months.

    Let's see if SBY shares a "brotherly solidarity" with Umno Y and Perkasa by protesting against Aussie interference in sovereignly domestic matters.

    Perhaps Pak Rocky can theorise why the Msian govt did not rebuke the US govt for the latter's comments on the DSAI case? What's the matter - scared to take on Uncle Sam?

  134. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Sometime when we come across somebody that is as smart as thiruchelvan wong, we need to admit that is how the "malaysiaboleh" culture come about. Hey Wong, why don't you "lubed" your ass and ask someone to stick something in your "assssssss": remember to get a doctor to check to confirm your first even theory of "if you lubed the assssss and stick something in without aggression than there shouldn't be any sign of penetration". Bodoh benar, perkara macam ini pun nak diputar belitkan: Oommp!sorry, bukan wong yang bodoh, sebenarnya rakyatttt senang ditipu.

    Orang kampong

  135. wandererAUS10:54 pm

    Good on you Aussie..fuck these rotten UMNO cunts!!
    It is not a question of minding somebody's business, it is a question of exposing immoral politicians in UMNO...murderers, thieves, corrupts and liars!

  136. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Anonymous wandererAUS said...

    Good on you Aussie..fuck these rotten UMNO cunts!!
    It is not a question of minding somebody's business, it is a question of exposing immoral politicians in UMNO...murderers, thieves, corrupts and liars!

    10:54 PM


    Good Die mate.

    -Anwar Al-Juburi

  137. Anonymous11:57 pm

    haha skewedmoron is back

    look at his logic, if you have houses, investment and students in australia, you cannot defend your courts against aussie interference meh??

    to this truly skewedmoron, MONEY can buy you silence

    cheap skate!

  138. Anonymous12:17 am

    Should we also stay out of other countries internal problems/issue say Swiss mosque minaret, french headscarf issue, Palestine and Israel land issues?

    Ahmad bin Putih

  139. Anonymous11:44 am

    orang kampong 6.38pm,

    It appears to me that you are the type that will not discount any possible idea that BABI could have done it. I'm saying that it COULD happen. What's your scientific evidence and theory to disprove my assertion (it's not a spin la bongok)...? Please tell. Or you could stay stupid if you want to. It's your right.

    Thiruchelvan Wong.

  140. skilgannon10665:02 pm

    Anon 11:57 PM

    Brave words!

    So, why the diffidence, or the reluctance, to take on Uncle Sam in this matter?

    Wassamatter - the US Seventh Fleet carry a bigger stick than the RAAF's semi-obsolete F111s?

    And, hey, using your logic - why not criticise the ICJ for "interfering" in Malaysia's domestic affairs (aka Pulau Batu Putih)?

    Bladdy bull****!

  141. Anonymous11:06 am

    ICJ is the international court.. not a country or govt.. you bloody stupid pigbrain chinks..

    Cannot distinguish the difference between a pig and a chingkie pig like yourself, can you?

    Btw, Mas Selamat send a regard to the people in the govt of Singapore.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  142. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Dear thiruchvan wong,

    I guess I am stupid and the three doctors that check on saifoool assss are also stupid for giving the conclusion no sign of penetrationnnnnn. Hurray! wong is brilliant.

    orang kampong

  143. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Dear thiruchvan wong,

    I guess I am stupid and the three doctors that check on saifoool assss are also stupid for giving the conclusion no sign of penetrationnnnnn. Hurray! wong is brilliant.

    orang kampong

  144. Anonymous6:31 pm

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    @ 11:06 AM

    We luv ya for giving it GOOD to skewedmoron

    hehehe hohoho huhuhu hahaha

    dia marah betul nampaknya

  145. Hi D'Rocky,

    Perhaps DSAI was playing politics for and u got to agree people there liked him.

    liked u answer to srikanth...fair

    but freddie kevin lost me...with blame the west and we are all ok..bro. I love/like my country-Malaysia and thats why i criticize. so shut the front door.

  146. Anonymous10:53 am

    Orang kampong,

    Thanks. Now since we've got that part (your stupidity) clear and out of the way, I suggest you slowly crawl out from the hole you've been hiding in and look for a job.

    Hopefully, you'll be able to save some money to buy yourself some common-sense.

    Thiruchelvan Wong.
    p/s: I don't need to double post to get my point across to you, now do I..? ;)

  147. as a malaysian, i'd love 2 c all the citizens united to support this campaign against the kangaroos.. come on lah, this is the right time 4 our country.. peace!!

    -jonjo bonji-

  148. Anonymous11:10 am

    hahah this just shows how afraid UMNO is of Anwar. Perkasa, What has Anwar case got to do with Malay rights. Just say that you are UMNO's mistress.

    A 20+ year old guy can be raped by a 60+ year old man. Only in Malaysia does this BS fly. As a Malaysian I welcome the Australian MP's letter. This is case is total BS.

  149. Datuk,

    To Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y

    I beleieve you missed my point. We do not need any other country to tell us what and what not to do.

    Criticism by Malaysians for Malaysians in every aspect of Malaysian matters is respected, no matter who and what, one supports or subscribe.

    It is those who support the actions of the 50 MPs who I am disgusted with.

    I made a point about Bush Jr becoming Prez by virtue of the US Supreme (heavily Republican leaning) Court to illustrate an example of partial,non-independent judiciary of the worlds foremost democracy.

    Would these 50 MPs,if they were MPs at that time, demand the Supreme Court to stop the Jim baker action?

    The Aussies were rewarded by being appointed Depity Sherriff of the Asia Pacific.


  150. Anonymous12:48 am

    Australian Crime Statistics 2008 :

    * 1.2 victims per 100,000 persons, (1.2 in 2007)

    Attempted murder,
    * 1.1 victims per 100,000 persons, (1.2 in 2007)

    Kidnapping and abduction,
    * 3.7 victims per 100,000 persons, (3.5 in 2007)

    * 77.2 victims per 100,000 persons,(85.6 in 2007)

    Blackmail and extortion,
    * 2.0 victims per 100,000 persons, (2.0 in 2007)

    Motor vehicle theft
    * 319 victims per 100,000 persons, (336 in 2007)

    Unlawful entry with intent
    * 1,131 victims per 100,000 persons in 2008 (1,182 in 2007)


    [CBB 534]