Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yellow Day!

Pictures by Rocky, Wee Choo Keong and Stephen
More pics at Kickdefella's

The Yellow March, in pictures. I managed to park at the National Press Club, walked to an empty Dataran Merdeka with Shanghai Fish, and found ourselves behind the police, firemen, and FRU lines.

The "teargas" truck moved out from there. We could hear commotion coming from Masjid Jamek way. Later, we heard of water canons and teargas being used on the peaceful marchers.

We joined thousands in the walk towards the Istana. Tens of thousands. People were walking from several directions as they could not assemble earlier at the Dataran Merdeka. The McDonalds at Central Market refused to open its doors.

There were as many women as men. Children, too. The rain did not dampen the spirit of the people who wanted a message sent to the Agong, and to the increasingly detached and arrogant leaders of this nation.

How big was the crowd?
Easily 30 times more than the Bar Council's "Walk for Justice", I'd say.


  1. Anonymous6:15 pm

    aiyoh rocky I was the masjid jamek side of the thing. Not really an opposition fan but was there to check it out.

    Conveniently Putra LRT decided to close Masjid Jamek and Pasar Seni station. So people had to do down at dang wangi and walk to masjid jamek. There was that scene in Al-Jazeera but the whole event was quite calm around 3.40pm. One thing our police has mastered over the years of experience during the reformasi era was how to do disperse rally pretty quickly.

    I didn't know what happened over the other side of Dataran Merdeka but by 4.40 things were normal at Masjid Jamek, though tons yellow shirt people were hanging out at the mamak and stalls.

    Do keep posting I want to know what happened on the other side of town.

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Oh I noticed another thing, majority of those rallied on the masjid jamek side were members from PAS which was quite sad. Where are the non malays/muslim members of the opposition. Perhaps one of the reason for this was because PAS HQ is at Jalan Raja Laut.

  3. I dont see what benefits you guys got except for some will be famous overnight appearing on Jazeera world TV net, while some will make thier own history for being arrested for the first time of thier life and other can break their own record for being shot by colorfull liquid for the very first time in their life or so. The rest they cam mimic Anwar Ibrahim days. Blogger should educated their readers. If they is a flaw in the elections registry process like what happen to Bro Rocky, why not organised 100,000 or 1 miilion voters to counter check or validate that their names are registered correctly in the correct constitution or through blogs and newspaper urged the public to validate their registration. For Bro Rocky who claimed that he had never registered as a voter all his life and was suprised when he check he was registered by some one at some place using his lost identity card. The first question I would like to ask Bro Rocky, a respected person who's blog I never missed to read, who is a Malaysian, who are aware of the importance to be involved in the election process,who knows how important voting is, why didn't you registered yourself as a voter in the first place, i,e before you lost your ID unless you loss your ID when you are underaged not eligible to vote. Blogs are getting powerfull these days. Blogs dissiminate news faster than the traditional newspapers. Blogs has a change to share knowledges. Blogs has the chance to tell the truths. Manys Malaysian now are IT literate but dont make them a fool.

  4. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Well Abang Rocky,
    I think it just a waste of time and energy what they are doing now. Do you honestly think the goverment will bother or even care about the rally?No it just a waste of TIME!!!!!!
    Bob from Kuching

  5. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Shit! I was coming back from Singapore via KLIA and was thoroughly searched including registration of my passport details just because I was wearing a beige shirt. What a shitty gomen which panics for nothing.

    By behaving like this towards its citizens, ever wonder why they are losing our trust by the day.

  6. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Don't agree it is a waste of time. AB says he wants all feedback, good and bad. With this in-your-face feedback, what are you going to do about it, sir? More elegant silence?

  7. Anonymous7:04 pm


    I can't get your reasoning. It seems you are suffering from schizophrenic crisis. You argument is childish and ludicrous, more so when you hit the men and women who went to represent the nation at this critical moment. All what you listed is utter rubbish that either can't work or has failed to work. So now it is a different story. Signing 1 million petitions is of no consequence to UMNO/BN, the only way open now is to push them, and in doing so today, you have to be physical but peaceful. I was Chinua Achebe who said "For every noble cause, few heads must roll." I'm saddened by your reasoning. I feel you are living in cozy comfort and all that you can afford is to taunt people and fail to give realistic approach that can work with BN. Those who were arrested were noble men and women. Those who were interviews believed in a noble cause unlike some tired elements who have blogs and only know how to insult and rubbish others. They represent the spirit of the nation. Their courage and fatigue represents the spirit of the nation. Finally, the opposition members are part of the civil society, and everyone who has gone to the rally is an opposition member, otherwise, if you are happy with how UMNO is running the nation, why would you go to Dataran? The 60,000 people were not happy, in other words, they oppose UMNO antics. In other words, they belong to passive or active opposition. They are sons and daughters of the nation who have a stake in the nation. We salute them. Thanks Rocky for the sacrifice.

  8. Anonymous7:08 pm

    This is only the beginning ... the birth of the idea of conciousness among mature Malaysians, of the need to respect and protect all citizen's rights. Let us pray that this positive mission will gather strength for a better Malaysian society henceforth. We must make our politicians realise that they cannot fool all the people of Malaysia, all the time. GuyFawkes.

  9. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Antubiul & gangs!,

    Why can't you allow these people (including me) to have fun their way? We're getting closer of being another Myammar! I saw stupid roadblocks at Gombak Toll Plaza and Plaza Pheonix Cheras.

    Anyway, syabas to all who participated!


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  11. Dear Anoymous,
    you are talking about 60,000 people so therfore you claimed the 60,000 people represent the Rakyat. How do you know what the remaining (23 Million-60,000) ppl thinks? Dear Anoymous I talk for myself becasue I do not now what the remaining (23million-60,000) thinks.I do my part when the elction come. Do your part by validating your registration, just hope that you dont end up at some ulu.

  12. Anonymous7:28 pm

    my perception is that antibiul does not love the democracy of our beloved Malaysia.I raise my hat for all those people who sacrifice their time and come from outside of KL to send a message to the government that the election that has been going on since merdeka is corrupted as a virus attacked desktop computer.BN is closing their eye to this corrupted electoral rolls because it is an advantage to them.

    Hope this 10 November be a date to be remembered as the turning point towards a truly democratic Malaysia and not an authoritarian democratic Malaysia anymore.

  13. Anonymous7:34 pm

    the march today was beyond just validating your voting consituencies.

    The march submitted a memorandum to put an end to phantom voting and also postal voting.

    Pray then tell me, even with the numbers that you suggested going through the records, what makes you think even when we find a discrepancy, it will be fixed?

    3024 extra postal voters in Ipoh Timur the coming election! And transferring voters suka hati. And EC says it is within its legal rights to do so.

    So tell me, what then can we do? Just register and validate that you're voting in the right place? That's shamefully not enough.

  14. The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.
    Just STFU!!!

    Today i felt so proud of my fellow country man for standing up for their rights.

  15. Anonymous7:40 pm

    i salute you all the civil socities!

  16. Anonymous7:47 pm


    Just because one does not register as a voter doesnt give the right to anyone else to use it for cheating purposes.

    That is a far worse crime than not registering !!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous8:13 pm

    We reached Masjid Jamek LRT at about 2.30pm. My first impression when I saw a sea of yellow shirts was this was no ordinary gathering. There were so many people. I also noticed that a significant number of them were senior people.

    I don't agree with antubiul reasoning. To me, 60,000 malaysians, who rarely show defiant in public, is a lot.

  18. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Antubiul is an AMNO mole pretending to have good advices here. Friend, we don't need cheap stories here. It is amazing that you say I don't know what the remaining 23 million (those who didn't attend the rally) want, therefore I can't support today's rally. Your intelligence tells you that unless 23 million come to the open (which is not possible under the sun), then either things are good or the ones who came out are inconsequential. No wonder you use the same reasoning of UMNO buffoons like Nazri whose case is beyond salvation point. I guess they are minority! My ribs…I can’t laugh anymore. Give me a glass of water darling. Ha hahhhhh. What makes me happy is that AMNO paratroopers are people who are bereft of any sustainable idea and this battle us about ideas. Those who are realistic, honest, open and democratic will win. A change starts with one and two. The grand march to a new dawn is unstoppable. The fact that people came out is a testimony that they love this nation, are loyal to the flag and the soil, and they case for this nation and its people. Naysayers and cheap elements have nothing to contribute and every cause has its betrayers. Happy Malaysia.

  19. Oops...the last line is"standing up for our rights"

  20. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Antubiul -besides being schizoid,you are neurotic and paranoid as well.Time you see a psychiatrist to fix your thought blocked brains.What god damned validation are you talking about in a country that is reeking with corruption of the highest order in every aspect of governance.It is not your call to enquire if Bro Rocky had registered or not.
    The point here is to cleanse the EC of their waywardness and excesses.
    So what if only 60K turned up ?
    The objective has been met albeit threats and propaganda.The gathering had attracted the headlines of Aljazeera and Channel News Asia.And for your knowledge,the hot news has been pushed to the 5th agenda by your ever loving TV3.What does that say about our leadership's call for transparency ?
    6O thousand of the rakyaats voice has been pushed out to be insignificant by the mainstream govt controlled news network and you talk about memos !!!
    Man (if you are one) please come out of your darkness and show that you read blogs to initiate change.
    Otherwise we don't want to hear you.
    We will do it again....and the next time it may happen nationwide.Yes the march will be nationwide, synchronised with clockwork precision to send out the signals.Please do keep watch for the correct statistics of the nationwide attendance.I would be more than happy to provide such numbers for you to crunch in your slumber.

    Rastaman (JB)

  21. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Video from NTV7 news is now here:

  22. Antubiul,
    I presume you are a young punk or an UMNO stooge. All I can tell you is, please grow up, open your eyes and understand democracy.
    BN has been winning elections through deceit and works in collusion with the EC. Now whom do you go to for redress, stupid.

  23. Anonymous8:56 pm

    haha.. all these were not just simply validating your voting constituencies... it is way beyond that...

    what we want a clean election from any discrepancies...

    remember pengkalan pasir's election.. the number postal votes counted exceeding the number of voters in the electoral roll... why is that? where came all those extra votes?

  24. The marooned trucks rolling
    Shields and batons rise
    Marching into a uniform formation
    Charging into the sea of yellow

    There shouldn’t be this way
    The Mr Clean now isn’t
    Saying Malayisa is for all
    As I say before I say it again
    He doesn’t know what he is talking about

    The water cannon spraying
    Chemicals to hurt the eyes
    What are the police doing?
    This is a peaceful afternoon walking
    They charge without provocation
    Don’t they know?
    They may have their own relatives on the streets

    The condoned off areas
    Sea of yellow waves along
    The afternoon marching
    It turns into water splashing ceremony
    Spraying the streets
    The yellow waves

    Mr Clean is afraid
    Leaving in his tower seeing nothing
    The people voices ring out true
    You are talking crap Sir!

    The sea of yellow
    It will be in history
    As people marching
    To save their rights and democracy

  25. Anonymous9:01 pm

    I'm not associated with any NGO or Political parties involved in today's rally. However, I've felt a need to be there at the rally as a concern citizen and to show my displeasure to the current ruling govt. I’m so proud that I've finally break-out from my years of "comfortable" cocoon….THANKS! to those arrogant BN goons who continue to remind me that it’s time to get rid of those elected morons. Thank you! BERSIH for organizing this rally and provide me an opportunity to voice out my right as a citizen of this country.

    (Antubiul) I’ll definitely make my vote count this time! Please do not insult those who make an effort to make this country a better place for you and your children.

  26. Anonymous9:04 pm

    SYABAS to all who participated!

    A BIG THANKS to you guys and take care.

  27. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Laws must be fairly implemented and must have moral values. To say that one must follow the laws blindly even if they are morally unjust is not one that civil societies will accept.

  28. Very uplifting to see thousands took to the streets to be counted despite threats and intimidations.

    They put their lives and limbs in danger cos that was the only way to make the authorities sit up and listen. If this fails, a nationwide rally in every town and district be held simultaneously to debunk people like 'antubuil'.

    Syabas to Rastaman JB's idea of going nationwide.

  29. Anonymous9:19 pm

    It sound totally different when you watch RTM or TV3. like the demonstrators are really terrible citizen..sigh

    look for yourself

  30. Anonymous9:20 pm

    I'm not associated with any NGO or Political parties involved in today's rally. However, I've felt a need to be there at the rally as a concern citizen and to show my displeasure to the current ruling govt. I’m so proud that I've finally break-out from my years of "comfortable" cocoon….THANKS! to those arrogant BN goons who continue to remind me that it’s time to get rid of those elected morons. Thank you! BERSIH for organizing this rally and provide me an opportunity to voice out my right as a citizen of this country.

    ((antubiul)) I’ll definitely make my vote count this time! Please do not insult those who make an effort to make this country a better place for you and your children.

  31. Anwah Ibrahim gave a very good interview on Al Jazeera just a few minutes ago.

  32. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    Thanks for highlighting all the news, we in Sabah are as eager to know what is the outcome of the peaceful assembly


  33. Anon 9.05 pm

    Laws that are unjust, we are not obliged to obey.

  34. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Speaking of which the truth is I actually agree with Antubiul. I was not there to chant crap or whatever nor am I interested in the yellow shirt. I just thought that our government should calm down a little and just let the people to get together and shout slogans and stuff. If they want to hand something to the agong and the agong wants to accept it why not. THe whole thing seems quite calm I guess. Oh and guess what I actually apllied for UMNO membership (ZOMG sinatra_z is a racist!WOHOOOOO!!!).

    Putting things aside no this is not another revolution or reform thing. It's just people showing their feelings and why not anyway.

    On the other hand I have never been into a demonstration and I have to admit that seeing the cops in their gear with those shield and baton was kinda cool. It was a Saturday and I had nothing to do, might as well join in.

    Was this a revolution? No it's not I was there and I know it was not. Is it a reform or people's movement? Not really. Heck it was just a big demonstration, in fact I was quite disappointed as nothing much happened except for that one moment which Al-Jazeera aired. I think I saw Hamish McDonald there.

    Do these people have the right to get together and express their anger.

    Why Not?

    Those PAS pakcik-pakcik I met at the LRT seemed quite nice. They didn't mess with the police. Just let them walk, that's all they're asking.

    Just a WALK. Why the panic AAB?

  35. Anonymous9:48 pm

    bro rockybru,

    I was at the palace march. everyone was very civilized and once the memo was send their disperse. The cops use the helis to drown our Anwar's speech.

    and there were many malaysian from all walks of life there, not only PAS members.

    maybe we should start wearing yellow every friday to freak this guys out.

  36. Hey you UMNO-suckeruppers! YOU know who you are!

    You really do NOT know what LOVING your country is all about - do you??

    All the people who walked today were not there to show they were "displeased"..

    they were there to show THEY LOVE MALAYSIA!!

    It was not the hate people felt today... it was the LOVE they felt!!

    And not just PAS people.

    Wear a tudung means PAS??
    Wear a cap means PAS????

    And BTW - There were many many Chinese and Indians and simply nice NORMAL people ALL there!!

    And you UMNO MFkers- do you NOT see that people were unarmed??

    You mean their umbrellas were a weapon next to your FRU robots???

    Actually to be fair - some of the police actually tried to hold off on the old, the females and the young. THEY too have families of their own!!


  37. Anonymous10:30 pm

    view youtube : type "Gathering in Kuala Lumpur 10 Nov 2007".

  38. Anonymous10:37 pm

    View youtube. Type "Gathering in Kuala Lumpur 10 Nov 2007-al jazeera"

  39. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Saya bukan penyokong pembangkan dan bukan juga ahli umno tapi saya memang penyokong BN, bukan apa, pembangkang memang tak guna.
    Thats my opinion lah, you all can sokong them for what they are worth because this is a free country.
    Saya setuju dengan antubiul, gunakan proses dan lambakkan pertanyaan kepada suruhanjaya sekuriti, berakkan berjuta juta rakyat untuk memeriksa daftar pengundi...

    Dari sudut Nov 10 saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada Pas dan Keadilan kerana berjaya mengajak beribu rakyat Melayu untuk turun ke padang dan menyokong isu ketelusan pilihanraya. Tahniah kerana menjadi kuda DAP.
    Berduyun duyun rakyat Melayu turun menyokong parti hijau dan biru tapi mana dia penyokong parti roket? Tak berapa kerat orang mereka turun mengharung hujan, berbasah kuyup dan berdepan dengan pancutan meriam air Pasukan Simpanan Persekutuan.
    Mana dia kumpulan peguam yang kononnya mewakili masyarakat madani (civil society), tak berapa batang tubuh dari kumpulan hitam putih ini yang turun.
    Orang Cina dan India semuanya duduk di rumah, mengelak hujan dan bahaya sambil menyorakkan orang Melayu yang berarak.
    Jangan tuduh saya kata tak ada, ada yang bukan melayu tapi tak ramai, yang ramai orang melayu, tak kiralah PAS ke Keadilan ke Umno ke. (Jangan terkejut, bukan awak aje yang nakkan pilihanraya yang lebih telus)
    Tahniah kepada Pas dan Keadilan sekali lagi tetapi tahniah yang lebih besar untuk pimpinan DAP yang berjaya mendapat publisiti tanpa membahayakan penyokong mereka.

  40. Yah, Anwar was so cooled during the Jazeera interview. Anynomous can label me anything they want cause it's a free country. Whether I'm Umno,Keadilan,Pass, Dap or one of the silent majority you'll never know. Bersih is not a Bersih rally anymore whene people like Anwar become the spokesman for Bersih in the Jazeera Interview. Have you ever thought if he was not sack as a TPM and hold the PM of this county now or Lim Kit Siang or Hadi Awang is the Prime Minister of this country and Bersih organised the same rally today. Dont you think that they too will sent cops and Fru all round to stop Bersih rally? Dont you think that they will make the same remarks as today leader and Anwar previous statement when he was the TPM i.e the standard remark whenever being ask about the injustices of the election process.The remarks that will be 'We lost some seat,even one of the state fall to oppositions, election process is fair'. Let say UMNO is the opposition and AAB join the rally and was being interviewed by Jazeera, would you think he will give the same statement as Anwar today. I will be please if Raja Petra was the one being interviewed. If either Lim, Anwar,Hadi was anyway to be come the PM of Malaysia, they will still give the same answer as today is you ask them on Election process,Petrol Subsidies, higher cost of living etc. Bersih was supposed to be a clean rally just like a white cloth, but it was tarnished due to politician, politics is dirty and it will remained as dirty as ever. Be wise and carefull of what going to be done. BN must not be giving a lot of seats or even 2/3 but probrably let them rules. Denying a majority is better and achieving a goals that AAB,Nazri,Samy Vellu,Rafidah,Zainudin,Dr Koh,Khir Toyo, Shahidan and those leaders that has been tarnished with corruption,power abuse or even KJ if he being nominated to contest lost thier seats is a bounus for me. It's difficult to get rid of these people from inside their parties, therefore It better to think how to ensure they lost their seat rather than being used as horse back by those with interest. Bersih meant for rakyat but bersih rally today does not achieved that goal.There are many PAS,Keadilan,DAP and some claimed UMNO chaps join the rally too, how many of them are silent majority that decide on the fate of this country? By the way , not all wearing yellows. have you heard of 'Yellow Submarines' from beatles. Today rally is just a nostalgia for Anwar Ibrahim, that how I see it. Sorry for this comment that might hurt some of your feelings.

  41. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Just want to comment on the PM's response that the demo is not against the leaders but against the people and the laws of the country....

    Blimey!Its not the leaders, its just the PM. His reasonings sound like its been concocted by the Fourth Floor Fools to be spoonfed to him. Even so, they fall flat.

    Can't the PM realise that this demo is a milestone in the history of this country?

    The last time in 1998, the DPM got sacked! Is history going to repeat itself?

  42. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Today Malaysians have sent a clear message to Mr I Do Not Know PM and the son-in-law that we have enough of both of you. Please get lost soon otherwise we will throw you out.

    Malaysia couled no longer tolerate these two characters anymore. We must be together to knock them out this coming General Elections. But I fear the 4th floor boyus may advise the Mr I Do Not Know to declare mashall law in order to stay on in power to protect the son-in-law, son adn Kalimulah.

  43. Anonymous11:13 pm

    i had better things to do, rocky
    such a waste of time. The ballot box is the best democratic way to voice our dissatisfaction or otherwise.

  44. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Mr. Smith,
    Al-Jazeera interview with Anwar Ibrahim is on the web. God bless it here

  45. Malaysians, for the first time felt what its like voting with their feet!

    the power of expressing your will and letting the government know that we are not happy and either a change is in order or get out.

    and this is our first few steps, once our feel for democarcy grows Malaysian can hold up our heads up high again.

    I am proud to to Malaysian again!

  46. may be.. they just afraid if this rally turn into a coup-de-tat...

    sure scare the shit out of those people..

    hahah... can see it from that lembah pantai mp.. macam baru lepas tengok antu.. hahahah...

  47. KL Menjerit.


    Will REAL change happen soon enough?

    With the change of guard, yang dulu kat sebelah sana dah kat sebelah sini.

    It is almost impossible for the opposition to rule the country, what we need is to increase their seat. Kasik strong opposition, baru ada cek and balance.

    Selagi segala rakyat marhain yang tak baca blog, yang duduk atas pagar, yang boleh dibeli dengan 20 ketul, kain pelikat dengan yang mudah kena kench masih nak pangkak dacing, selagi tu lah walau sejuta pon dok berarak kat KL, Malaysia tak akan berubah.

    Begelen-gelen air FRU pancut zaman reformasi, beratus mass demonstration, gamba rakyat kena sepak terajang appears on all major news media - but it only creates a ripple.

  48. Anonymous12:26 am

    Another version of the Anwar interview (preceeded by the Gathering footage):

  49. Anonymous12:27 am

    congratulations to all the organisers who made it happen...and all the paricipants who were there today..

    AAB,,you ask us to tell you the truth..and this is the truth..the PEOPLE are fed up with your clueless style..

  50. Who gives a shit about the who is riding on who's coat tails la!!! What's important is that everyone wants a free and clean election and the message was sent across to Bodohwi, KoJol, the King and millions worldwide...satu dunia nampak "democracy Malaysian style"...YAHOO!!!!! GOOD FOR ALL THE WOMEN, CHILDREN AND MEN WHO WENT OUT THERE!!!

    Sinatra...whatz so sad about PAS people being the majority on whichever side? At least they turned out to support the march...!!!!

  51. Anonymous1:15 am

    I am neutral in as far as political party is concerned. But I do support the march without a single shred of doubt. The BN, especially UMNO, govt has recently increasingly shown their blatant disregard of the rakyat's grievances & has displayed a tendency towards authoritarianism. They were drunk in their power because of the massive victory in the last election that they thought they were invincible. They can make threats against ordinary civilians without a single thought of where they derive their powers from. We, the rakyat, give you the mandate and the powers within a confined limit so as to serve us and promote our interests. All these trusts were blatantly abused without any compunction at all. Corruptions & abuses were conveniently ignored. And the law enforcement agencies are there to serve & protect the citizens. They are NOT supposed to be abused or misused by the govt. Learn the rules & principles of government, will you?

    Anyway, who gave the son-in-law the right to speak on govt’s behalf and make menacing threats? (Take harsh actions against unarmed civilians?). Is he a govt minister to give directives? I don’t recall I gave him that right in the last election?

    If PM Abdullah does not mend his way(s) and keep the son-in-law out of the govt’s business and keep other tear-away ministers in check. He can rest assured that he may well go down in Malaysian history as the UMNO president who loses the right & power to govern. It may not be the next general election but it will happen. Now, I am NOT making a threat here as this is an advice. Looking at past human history, I can see the same fate PM is taking, down that road to infamy. He was our hope, to be a just and wise leader, but he squandered all that away. What a waste! Just for once, be a wise and decisive leader, will you? Be upright, and we will back you all the way!

  52. Nama pun antubiul...memangla suggestion pun macam biul...macamla handing over a memo meekly will make any difference...we need DRAMA!!!!! And the peaceful marchers didn't need to do anything...all the drama was provided by of charge...

  53. Anonymous1:30 am

    The people have spoken and this is the beginning of the down fall of Mat Keris & UMNO.

  54. Anonymous2:24 am

    anon 11.13pm
    cant agree with you more if the box is not rigged. the gathering is to send a petition to the King for a fair election so that you can voice your dissatisfaction and the candidate, whether from Bn or opposition, wins fair and square.
    if the box continues to be rigged as before, can you voice your unhappiness unfetterd?

  55. Anonymous2:55 am

    You didn't see me but I was there in spirit. Well done you lot!

    Been reading, watching and listening to various media and blogs.
    However 'yellow day' was reported, surely they got the message?!

    Bersih. As simple as that.

  56. Cant wait to hear from your Yellow experience during MRT!

  57. Anonymous3:04 am

    If the IDIOT PM still not realise that he is the root of all problems in the country then God bless Malaysia.

    To day we witnessed democracy Ala Badawi. I was at Masjid Jamek and I felt that we are living in a police/fascist state!

    WHEN FREEDOM IS OUTLAWED, THE OUTLAWS ARE FREE. So don't worry let keep on knocking the Father In Law and SOn In Law until they are forced out from the country like Marcos.

  58. Anonymous5:12 am

    Dear Rocky and all,

    As much as the present government attempt to frustrate the desire for free and fair election, and stifle democratic principles, which at heart is an ingrained desire of every human being for freedom, justice, righteousness, and peace, the more creative and with greater urgency for these voices to speak out.
    It is also with a certain ironic twist is that the more the government, through the heavy police security check and various propaganda broadcast over the media to demonise this peaceful assembly and blackout their case, the more clear for this news and the case for electoral reform to be brought in the open. It is like trying to blot out the sun with your sunshade.

    Those who didn't know now know there was a large assembly of yellow people. Questions and more questions of the What, Why, Where, When, and How will come out.

    Of course there will be many who will brush this aside as opposition parties protest, the work of crazy people with nothing better to do, and so on. Yes this brushoff is valid when it is defined and set within the framework of BN's mind but in the bigger scheme of thing they do not stand the test of time nor universal and eternal truth, to borrow a phrase of a former Lord President. In fact the case for electoral and other structural reforms become urgent and demand even greater eloquence for a proper and harmonious functioning of civil society. For a mirage will only disappear when we thought we have reached our desired goal.

    We can only but continue to march on for a just and peaceful Malaysia.


  59. my father disallowed me to go, so all I could do was keep up-to-date on the events via online, and help spread awareness by informing all my friends about what was happening.

    However, I still feel bitter about it, and slightly envious that I could not take part in such a historical moment in Malaysian democracy.

    "Voicing our concerns by voting" does nothing if it has been rigged. 2 and a half more years before I am eligible to vote. I hope by then, BERSIH would have reached it's goal. I want mine to count.

  60. Anonymous7:13 am

    There was also a roadblock being held about 500 meters before the Petronas with McD after the Sg Besi toll(highway seremban).

    It caused a massive traffic jam, and by far the longest I've seen, yet. It stretched all the way to near Kajang Exit.

    The entrance to Mahameru was also closed. Caused another jam...

    I wasn't there because of the jam and I had exam earlier in Limkokwing...

    I reeealllyy wish I was there.

  61. Too bad I’m out of the country now.. wish I could’ve been with you brave and noble souls...

    I am grateful to God that the March was relatively peaceful. Seems there’s some sort of a news black-out on the event in mainstream papers… Why arr?

  62. only in Malaysia can a son-in-law of a PM so boldly declare that by virtue of his marriage to the PM"S daughter, he can do whatever he wants:

    ""Khairy Jamaluddin says that being the Prime Minister’s son-in-law has provided him “protection” which he wants to use to change things for the better.

    The Umno Youth deputy chief said he was able to “push the envelope now” partly because of that relationship with the prime minister.""

    Eh, KHAIRY, Who da fak gave you any mandate/who elected you to make decisions on our behalf, and how dare you make threats against the rakyat???

    Pak Lah betul2 tak dak balls la, allowing his Son-in-law to interfere so openly and boldly!!!

    Pak Lah, the way you are acting, I wouldn't be have ALL the symptoms of a man who dah kena Nasi this case could be son-in-law's. Clueless, aimless, docile... while son-in-law takes the reins. Baik pi berubat sebelum parah...Ini kan Malaysia...a little black magic goes a long way....hahahaha

    Khairy..go back to Oxford or whatever hole you came out from...don't you dare make threats against the people you little Nazi.

  63. Anonymous7:51 am

    Tengoklah siapa yg ramai berdemo tadi. Ramainya org Melayu. Siapa yg menjadi penganjur, ramai yg bukan Melayu. Brp kerat shj bukan Melayu yg ikut berdemo tadi!

    Tengoklah, sedarlah, fikirlah bangsaku. Sedang bangsa lain berkejaran dimuka bumi untuk memajukan diri dan keluarga, bangsa Melayu berduyun-duyun ada dgn anak-anak kecil dari tengahari, membuang separuh hari beharga, hanya kerana terpengaruh dgn retorik bbrp pihak tdk bertanngungjawab.

    Anwar Berahim cuba menonjolkan dirinya masih hebat. Tapi sedarlah, walaupun perhimpunan itu dihadiri oleh 100,000 org sekalipun, ianya tdk sampai 0.5% dari rakyat Msia berjumlah 26juta. Ini hanyalah suara mereka yg desperado.

    Sedarlah bangsaku. Jangan hanya diulit retorik. Fikirlah dgn waras. Krisis ekonomi dan politik pada akhir 1990an sepatutnya diambil iktibar. Apa yg mereka dpt dari berdemo! Buang masa. Menyusahkan org lain. Memberi peluang kpd org luar utk memanipulasi kelemahan negara. Apa hasilnya demo 1998-99 kpd org Melayu?

    Fikir-fikirkkan. Kepada penyokong Anwar Ibrahim, pak cik nak tanya. Kenapa semasa Anwar dlm kerajaan tdk pernah dibangkitkan kelemahan SPR!!!!! Sistem pilihanraya yg adalah yg membawa Anwar ke jawatan TPM. Berbelas Anwar tahun dlm kerajaan. Tiada sebarang perubahan. Bila sistem yg ada tersebut tdk berpihak kpd beliau, maka bisinglah malaun ini. Poraaaaaahhhh

  64. Anonymous7:59 am

    I'm proud of all those who took part in the peaceful rally today. If the current administration does not understand the messages delivered by a wide spectrum of the population, this admin. does not deserve to be in government. They can either pro-actively effect changes to the institutions of the nation and make elections free and fair and the government accountable to the people, or they can reactively try to shut out people's rights to freedom.

    To say that demonstrations will harm foreign investments (AAB comments earlier) and economic growth is a myopic assessment. In 80s and 90s, both South Korea and Taiwan were under military-styled governments. The people drove reforms in the political systems and these two countries are miles ahead of Malaysia in national economic output. Philipines had people power rallies to successfully drive corrupt president and government out of office. Indonesia was the same, Thailand was not too bad either. Name me one dictatorship country that prosper by crushing oppositions to the governing party?

    With some degree of economic prosperity in ASEAN countries over the last few decades, personal freedom becomes the next basic right as is found in many developed societies. Not one successful country in the world crushes against its own people when it comes to voicing basic dissent of how the country is run. Not one, with the exception of city states like S'pore. If Malaysia aspires to be an advanced country, it had better open up both economically and politically and start behaving maturely with checks and balances in the political system. Otherwise, let's not pretend we're a democracy. Demolish the election process and Parliment system and just let BN chief become the PM pertually. The opposition is not effective. This means that the democracy does not work. Being able to vote but pertually being out voted by the corrupt regime does not equate to a functional democracy. Either the system is not designed right or it has been rigged. You're supposed to have two camps equally capable of governing the nation. This way, the ruling camp has to do what's best for the nation and be prepared to be replaced if it screws up.

    Perhaps with the higest regards that the people has for the Agong, the monachy is the last hope of correcting the projectile that this country has launched itself into. Send the present ruling camp home, arrest and charge all legistrative, executive and judicially branch government officers for corruption and crime against the country, appoint a multi party caretaker government, strictly interpret the Federal Constitution as our founding fathers intended, revamp the election process for proportional represention in Parliment with the aim of creating two or more powerful parties, provide equal state funding to political parties, and set a date for new GE and hopefully the new elected adminstration is on path of excellence and accountibility.

    The thing about proportional representation can be argued this way. If the EC thought that it's OK to have 200k people in district one to elect MP#1 and 50k people in district two to elect MP#2. MP#2 is only allowed to have 1/4 of the votes in Parliment. Or if MP#1 and MP#2 have equal weights in Parlimentary voting, the 200k people should only pay 1/4 of the taxes they own this country. You want to have more say in how legislations are voted, you foot the bill according to your representation. Less representation, less tax. That way, both the government and the people will feel direct impact of the lopsided electoral system. Let's not argue about wealthy people being taxed more than their poorer cousins. The wealthy can already influence legistative outcome by lobbying and political donations. One person, one share of Parlimentary representation, or reduced share, reduced tax burden.

  65. Anonymous9:41 am

    i hope Digi had their advertising agency filming the entire episode yesterday. It sure would beat any CGI in the next "yellow Man" ad where u hv 60k ppl walking in unison.

    I Will Follow You!

  66. Anonymous9:51 am

    I usually take a neutral stand when it comes to supporting any political parties. But I feel oblige to support any party that lead a cause that concerns me (be it Pas, DAP, PPP or UMNO). As thing stands now, UMNO is of less and lesser relevance especially under the leadership of Pak Lah and his band of mediocre officer (namely Hishamuddin Onn, Khalid Nordin, Shafie Afdal, the Police force).
    I wish I can be there but I can’t. I have to salute the 60,000 brave men, women and children who acted on what they think is the right way. (They at least acted on it instead of just commenting in the net, like me). Will it change the government? I don’t think so. But as Din (12:11 am) said, we need the check-and-balance. This is what people like Antibiul needs to understand.

  67. Anonymous11:13 am

    I will show my support thru vote.

  68. Huh, my parents also don't allow me to go but you know what? I'm already 23 years old and they can't stop me from showing my love for the country. Sorry mom and dad, my county is also important to me and I apologized for disobeying you, but I do not apologize for going.

  69. Anonymous1:58 pm

    SYABAS!Bro and all brave malaysians. I have been observing this historic event from overseas.

    I feel that it could have been a peaceful walk if the police had not fired the water and teargas on the poor souls. It was really unnecessary. I feel the pm is now bolder and harsher - no longer the tolerant and compassionate person that we use to know (and voted).

    The walk and the submission of petition to the King was the last resort, I understand. Because all complaints had fallen on deaf (govt) ears.

    But some people still don't get it: keep asking you to bring all grouses to the ballot boxes - THEY ARE RIGGED, FOR CRYING OUT ALOUD YOU FOOLS!!!

    I hope you have follow up strategies ready to be put into action before the general election - strike while the iron is hot.

    And I hope the petition does reach the King and he will do something about it. And god forbid, it should never never find its way to the govt to handle - that would be the end of the matter, as the fence will most certainly eat the rice.

  70. Saya baca komen2 di sini. Menarik sebab ada kepelbagaian. Memorandum Gelombang Kuning hanya berkait dengan pilihanraya sahaja, tapi saya yakin berpuluh ribu yang basah kuyup, hadir dengan dengan macam-macam tujuan.

    Polis yang juga beribu, hadir sebab tugas dan tanggungjawab. Begitu juga dengan wartawan.

    Pemimpin yang kuat tentu mampu menyatukan tujuan yang pelbagai tadi. Siapakah pemimpin itu? Siapa?

  71. Anonymous4:10 pm

    The event brought all races together. I saw Chinese, Malay,Indian and others walking side by side braving the water cannons and matching with one single objective - right to fair elections and away with unjust laws. Different races and different religious beliefs did not matter because we are one -Bangsa Malaysia. This event has sparked the people's power. History has been created.

  72. Salute to all those who braved the tear gas and the water canons!

  73. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Pak Rocky

    The Bersih march got good coverage on Spore's ChannelNewsAsia and BBC World TV channels last night. Both CNA and BBC had their reporters on the scene. But I don't think CNN had any coverage of it - they were focusing on Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.

    In any case, nothing will change in Malaysia until external pressure comes into play. This could happen if the US and the EU decide to "blacklist" Malaysia as far as investments, FTAs etc are concerned. And if fundamentalist religious movements in the US and India pressure their govts to review ties with Malaysia.

    You can see what's happening in Iran. Iranian banks are gradually being frozen out of the international banking system because of pressure from the US and the EU. Pretty soon, Iran will be economically isolated and left to trade with the likes of Russia and the OIC countries, many of which are susceptible to US pressure.

    So, while the Msian govt may not be too bothered about 20,000 or so demonstrators marching in KL (remember the demographics in the country and the power of the rural vote), it will keep a sharp eye on the reactions from foreign governments.

    And with Malaysia due to sign the Asean Charter at the upcoming Asean Summit in Singapore later this month, there is scope for other Asean countries to call Malaysia to account if needed.

  74. syabas kpd semua yg terlibat!
    perhimpunan mini di hadapan msia hall london selama 2 jam juga berjalan lancar.

  75. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Dear All,

    How I wish KJ was at the BERSIH get-together street party on Saturday. It would have been a differrent scenario of event.

    We shall all participate in "Foam Bath Party" courtesy of FRU... or perhaps he (KJ) has got to learn swimming quickly at Klang River next to Masjid Jamek - compliment by party goers in yellow clad T.

    This rally is not about handing the memo to the King...
    its beyond that. Read in between the lines. A strong voice message by Malaysians.

    Frustration of fuel hike, toll hike, illegal immigrants, high rate of crime, high numbers of employment, waste of mega project, rebranding exercise of corridoors,freedom of press, corruptions, etc etc etc.

    Its all bottled-up. waiting to explode. 10E ~ is the begining of the end. Rain or shine they will be there.

    Wonder what will happen if the rally was organized on 9th November in front of PWTC ~ what will the kris & arse licking guy do to us? It would be great impact and juicy stories on foreign news.

    Selamat Hari raya...Happy Deepavali, Selamat Hari Natal & Seasons Greetings...


  76. zam interview with aljazeera

  77. Anonymous5:40 pm

    i should say this is the most ugly scene ever in Malaysia.. idiot people doing some stupid thing, wasting their time, energy and even money.

    i prefer to do it in better way, by sending the memorandum straight away to Istana Negara.. which far much more clean (BERSIH) way.. no need to show to world who we are, nothing to proud off by screaming in the midle of city, on the rainy day. just send it to istana and make press conference. and i also want a better election system of course, but please use a better and proper way to change it.

    by the way, i saw you'all didn't respect azan asar prayer, while some of us are performing prayer. you all still wasting your time in the whole city.

  78. 10-Eleven, 10-Eleven, 10-Eleven.

    Wear the '10-Eleven' yellow logo every Saturday till the next GE, folks.

  79. HELLOOO all you who think we can voice our displeasure by "voting"

    and HELLOOO to all of you who think we have a "process"

    1st question: WHERE have you been living ?? Mars ke??

    2nd question: Just because everyday you are comfortable and nobody kachau you, life is cool issit??

    WHY WHY WHY do you think tens of thousands went to the demo?

    (psstt...actually many many many more thousands were blocked from joining or the crowd will be much MUCH larger - for sure!!!)

    Now...all those "stupid" demostrators went because

    Malaysia do NOT have fair elections!!!

    Not only are votes RIGGED the opposition are DENIED any coverage by ALL the media (tv, radio, nst etc) and they are given 8 days notice to contest!!

    HELLOOOO?? if you think that is "Fair", then maybe you think that THAT is democracy??


    Malaysia have NO process & hardly any oppostion.

    In case you don't know, the oppositions acts as a CHECK and balance in the event of any ABUSE of power by the ruling party!!

    Here - we F**k the opposition by calling them all sorts of names, abuse and spit on them and yeah...when we can we also like to make 'em out to be worst than pigs & monyets.

    So please - to all of you who are True Malaysians - by this I mean those who LOVE Malaysia - ignore these (too) obvious Khairy / Umno cybertroopers posting here and we get on with the job of letting the zzzzzzz one HEAR US!!

    SYABAS to all MALAYSIANS who made a difference by being at the Demo!!!

  80. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Before anyone thinks that I am an UMNOputra or a Pak Lah-**a-licker, let me just say that I am not one and I am just one the many supporters of Rocky's blog. However, I dont really see the point in this rally, especially in something that was led by Anwar Ibrahim and had PAS ppl pledging their support too . You might say the elections in this country were rigged etc, but please dont forget that there are millions amongst us that would vote for BN anytime, regardless of its shortcomings, over PKR, PAS or DAP. Not exactly good options that we have, no? As far as I can see, this rally was only used by PKR, PAS and DAP for their own political mileage. Again, no, I am not an UMNOputra, whatever that is.

    -An Observer-

  81. While majority of the commentors felt that antubiul's comment is "unpatriotic", "schizophrenic crisis"....but in my humble opinion, saudara antubiul hits the right note too.

    We all are responsible, in parts, for the state of our nation. Let us all make our voices heard and votes count in this coming election. mobilize yourself again for the coming battle. fair and clean election can only present with strong monitoring from its people.

    furthermore, it's utterly important for us to exercise our right and DUTY to vote. Rocky recently claimed that he had never voted before in his life. I guess 2008 is a good year to start, especially he has "found" his constituency in Perak. :)


  82. Anonymous11:00 pm

    9 years ago, it was REFORMASI , today its is BERSIH.
    9 years ago,there was DSAI's black eye.. today its the whole rakyat's bank accounts in the red.
    9 years ago.. TDM and his cronies..calculated and anticipated,
    yet,UMNO took a beating from the mood swing.
    Today..Paklah and his goonies are still dreaming in their corridors and feeling good.
    40,000 people may not be a majority for 23m, but they surely are heard and seen all over the world.
    Syabas guys!! Keep on marching.
    To 'antubiul' and the likes...if you can catch the drift..go get some fresh air..or better go for a swing..

  83. Anonymous7:49 am

    arghh..iam down with a fever since sunday morning while standing in the rain on saturday..but its worth it..
    I hope to see mush more chinese and indians participate in this type of event.. we r malaysian after all...
    walk the talk man...not you talk and let others walk..

  84. Anonymous9:35 am

    Hidup hidup...
    Hidup Rakyat..!!!

    I was there man.. Damn!! I saw the police helicopter flew very close to the HSBC building.. I could have been another heli crash... lucky it wasn't..

    Hidup Rakyat
    Daulat Tuaku
    Hapuskan Rasuah
    Bersihkan Pilihanraya

    Deny 2/3... (new campaign)

  85. When I read about Bersih's yellow campaign, the first thing that struck my mind was; if I was the PM, I'd send my BN teams there to rally. PM said in recent GA that he looks forward Election day, where the Rakyat can choose and vote them, again. If he had sent BN members there, it would show to the Rakyat and the entire world;

    that they are NOT AFRAID OF THE ELECTION

    if the Rakyat wants BN, they will get BN, no matter what through clean elections

    that this is truly a democratic country, with its Rakyat exercising their constitutional right to assemble peacefully

    that they have nothing to hide because they believed in clean elections (even if they hadnt)

    and most importantly, it will restore public's opinions on election issues, restoring confidence in our voting system, and giving BN the desperately needed boost of their already poor image

    Unfortunately, NO, it went otherwise, and this made the Rakyat believed that there was something WRONG with the voting system, confirming all the reasons why the Oppositions and NGO has been rallying all these while. So, it was not a very smart move from them.

    As a Malaysian, regarless of my race or my religion, I have a right to:

    Freedom of thoughts

    Freedom of speech or blog (well, that too is under threat by the dumb Noraini using ISA)

    Freedom of peaceful gathering ??

    and most importantly, my right to VOTE (and it MUST be via a CLEAN election system), but with the protest claiming it was an illegal gathering, tear gas & water gun sprayed and people beaten up, it only proves that my Government ALLOWS me to vote, allows an election but wont promise it will be clean.

    So, what's left of my rights? At the end of the day, it only allows me to THINK (the only thing they could not control) and VOTE (it would not make any difference as it will be manipulated).

    Crime is high and prices of many things are high, and will continue to be high.

    As for those who went and supported last Saturday, I have only admiration and I salute them. It doesnt matter if the Oppositions were there, we are asking, calling, requesting & begging for FAIR ELECTION, so how can this be wrong? They were acting on behalf of millions of people who cannot be there, so how can this be wrong? AND, 40,000 people there gathering peacefully standing up against the Police and abuse, all for the fight on behalf of millions of people, for their rights, for yours and mine.

    I never voted before, but I will now for the next election.

  86. Anonymous10:31 am

    I am so proud to be a malaysian, altough i did not go there, i have never felt more close to my malay , chinese brothers , this is true unity , I am proud to be a “bangsa Malaysia” Daulat Tuanku, 10-11 the most important day in our generations history,
    I have always stayed away from politics, but now i feel a strong urge to register to vote and cast my vote for the future of all malay , chinese , indian , and all other BANGSA MALAYSIA children. Daulat Tuanku as i am truly proud to be a malaysian today……..

  87. Bro
    It was indeed my pleasure to have walked with you and all 'thinking' Malaysians !
    Cheers to all who walked and also to all who supported the walk in spirit !
    God bless Malaysians !

  88. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Since the Bodohwi, his Son-In-Law and 4th Floors boys still do not understand the significance of the march on Nov 10, lets have another one soon to show them that Malaysians in general have had enough of them.

    I can't to get them our as soon as possible as they are bleeeding the country's economy. I am a Chinese and I will sure vote against MCA and Gerakan. But I will not vote for Lim Kit Siang's party (DAP). Lim Kit Siang and son didn't walk, just appear at the Istana just to get the limelight. Furhter, as Opposition Leader (Kit Siang) supporting Bodohwi by not critisicing Bodohwi, son-in-law, kamarudin, Scomi and ECM Libra.

    What type of Opposition Leader is this? Tun Mahathir did a better job then Kit Siang. Just because Kalimullah gave him and son interviews in the NST, they had to kow tow to Kalimulah and Khairy.

    We do not need opposition like that. Much as I do not agree with PAS on Islamic State, I think PAS is genuine and more attractive than DAP because PAS does not hide their objectives in making Malaysia an Islamic State. Whereas the DAP has no policies at all. The only policy that the DAP has is nepotism of the worse kind i.e. promoting their next of kins to hold office. Thank you. Anything but DAP.

  89. to antubuil don't need to wear a yellow are YELLOW!!!
    and another'll never get AIDS..know why?? never get off your you !
    If you cannot say anything intellegent...just shut the fcuk up ! Kapish ? this is not about taking to the streets against the country,you moron, but this is about ordinary citizens (regardless of the numbers ) being pissed off with dirty politics and politicians with idiotic personal agendas...this is about the tax-paying citizens RIGHT to meet their King !
    we have enough morons running the country you wanna be one of them ? idiot...where're you from ?

  90. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Dear antubiul, please respect all those who have participated in the gathering, be them political teams or not. Who is the real fool you're talking about??? Are you still leaving in a box??? We MALAYSIANS are no "fool" when it comes to our rights to voice our concerns. We are not blind, even if some of us are blind! And, I'm sure to kick those BN asses when it comes to election. No more "pangkah" on the paper for "dacing" sign as long as I live. Sorry to dissapoint you antubiul (u sounds like a BN ass too).

  91. Anonymous1:02 pm

    It was true that the majority who participated at the BERSIH March were Malays. What can we deduced from this:
    (1) That the NEP has not really help the majority of the poor malays, but has been hijacked by the UMNOputras.
    (2) The non-malays have been intimidated to such an extent that the majority dare not demonstrate their displeasure fearing being accuse as anti-malays or anti-nationals. Can you imagine if the majority at the march were non-malays. The UMNOputras will twist that into a racial issue.

    A Malaysian Chinese

  92. Anonymous1:09 pm

    "Yellow Day" is certainly an important milestone in Malaysia's journey to restore democracy - a peaceful display of disagreement by responsible citizens with a so-called democratically elected government on how democracy is actually being practised in undemocratic ways. The message has been conveyed to DYMM, the BN/UMNO govt and the people at large. We have to thank many for this milestone. In addition to the thousands of Malaysians who turned up and the Berish organizers, we should also thank the POLICE and PAK LAH (as PM and Home Affairs Minister) for exercising restrain even though they had issued various warnings. The multi-racial peaceful "Yellow Day" rally would not have been possible under Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Terima Kasih kepada YAB Perdana Menteri dan PDRM.

    Just Gan

  93. Anonymous1:10 pm

    "Yellow Day" is certainly an important milestone in Malaysia's journey to restore democracy - a peaceful display of disagreement by responsible citizens with a so-called democratically elected government on how democracy is actually being practised in undemocratic ways. The message has been conveyed to DYMM, the BN/UMNO govt and the people at large. We have to thank many for this milestone. In addition to the thousands of Malaysians who turned up and the Berish organizers, we should also thank the POLICE and PAK LAH (as PM and Home Affairs Minister) for exercising restrain even though they had issued various warnings. The multi-racial peaceful "Yellow Day" rally would not have been possible under Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Terima Kasih kepada YAB Perdana Menteri dan PDRM.

    Just Gan

  94. Anonymous2:45 pm

    40,000 only mah. they are not the majority. 40,000 is only a minority. so shut up, you guys else i get the gestapo to lock you up. i represent the majority and the number is more than 40,000.
    look at my man from klang. 60,000 turn up to eat and shit there. no organisation needed, just throw in some freebies and the people will come by the busloads like bees to honey.
    so, you yellowmen and yellowwomen, dont pretend you represent the majority. we are kind to you coz only 245 are arrested in this illegal assembly. we have the police with us and the blockcade was successful in that we have restricted 40,000 to turn up only. le me remind you again, 40,000 is only a minority. get it in your brains, stupid, stupid, stupid.

    yours truly

    for and on behalf of nazri

    ps. this is meant as a satire. read at your own peril.

  95. Anonymous4:00 pm

    I have been trying to make my comments the last few days but was unable. Today, I am successful. Thanks RPK.

    The event on the 10th. November is OVER and we need not gloat over it anymore. We were successful and that's it.

    Now, let's move forward. HOLD ANOTHER RALLY - with the theme - ERADICATE CORRUPTION, as soon as possible.

    During the Deepavali day, I visited my friends in Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. It is a shame that professionals like Doctors, lawyers, teachers etc.. DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE GATHERING on 10th. November. It is so sad that so many people are ignorant about the struggle. There MUST be a way to let more people know!! Ideas please...

  96. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Why do you Bersih ralliers/supporters aasume you are representing all "True Malaysians"? I feel insulted to think that my so-called democratic saviours are undisciplined, law breaking, rowdy and, once again i stress - law breaking people. Represent the nation konon.
    What message to the Government? The Ministers were all out for Raya/Deepavalli open houses and the King was happily horse-riding back home. Only the police will remember your faces for future references.
    The rest of us watched the rest of you got arrested, tear-gassed and water cannoned ( oooo...that must have been cold! brrrr), then we yawned and changed the channel to ESPN. Us non disgruntled people have better things to do.
    No need to try save the majority of us Malaysians lah. Helping to save the environment is better. ( don't be angry ok. remember..freedom of speech. That's what you walked for, right?)
    Ps Serious ah are not a registered voter?!!! What's all the noise about then, man? cheh

  97. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Oh how I wished i was in Malaysia to be part of 10-eleven! nevertheless I was there in mind and spirit :)


  98. Anonymous11:53 pm

    whatever it is, we MUST stand for what is RIGHT and JUST. we must uphold righteousness and justice. unfortunately, m'sia has been stripped of true justice due to its currupt practices at all walks. the motive of BERSIH was noble regardless of the personalities driving it. that's why whoever who know how to differentiate between right and wrong should support this just course - go YELLOW all the way... this is a right thing to do because you are standing for righteousness (and i stress - in a PEACEFUL manner).

  99. Anonymous6:51 am

    Dear All,

    Ive been living in Melbourne City for more than a year now, during which ive seen numerous event of peace protest in the city. Its just pathetic to hear our Malaysian PM says that theres NO such thing as peace protest. What a crap! People here in Melbourne hv protest for the simplest thing. Macam Macam ada, so what? Plenty of shops along the main street operating for business, people just look at the protesters. Ive not seen any water cannon guns nor FRU type of police. Theres probably one or two police cars following the protesters. Peaceful and calm. Just want to tell PM..chill!! and to others who keep calling him Bodowi, think again. Hes the PM, the Finance Minister and the Internal Security Minister. How bodoh can he be?

  100. Anonymous12:20 pm

    I had the impression that it is a People’s Gathering but it is not so. WIth the presence of Anwar, it has some resemblence to a Reformasi. The NGOs in Bersih I doubt are apolitical. After all, the front runners in BERSIH are PKR activist with few DAP, PAS, and PKR personalities. Demand for a bersih pilihanraya is very much opposition thing.

    If it is also an expression by the people for the royals to hear, why was there no posters and other form of expressions on matters that concerns the people or NGO – environment, judiciary, soveriegnty, economy, rising prices, crime, poor leadership, interfaith issues (both sides), corruption, education, etc.?

    Hey .. I am for right to assemble and it does not require 27 million population for a protest to be legitimate representation. It is every individual's right to express and done peacefully.

    But in this country, but like it or not, the right to assembly comes with the procedure for police permit. That requirement is not without a purpose but for interest of others. With police permit, police could cordone off the area, ensure public safety, busineses not affected, and safety of the demonstrators. Not only that, there could be insiduous elements using people's sentiment to create chaos.

    Nevertheless, the police could have been more liberal about public gathering, after all we are no more in communist insurgency times. Last Saturday fortunately did not turn ugly but mind you, with 100,000, it could easily turn uncontrollable, whoever's fault it is.

    In this country, for better or for worse, we have a system of Government, law and order, and practise of democrasy. The last thing I would want is to have a democratically elected Government removed by street protest or indiscrimintely changed at the whim and fancy of some Raja and Sultan.

    I am not for anarchy or monarchy.

    The demand for royal intervention must not be to return to total monarchy system. Never ever! If there is provision for royal intervention, it must be done within the confine of the law. God forbid, we do not want a military government to rule. IF the country is chaotic and out of order, millitary has to step in to keep things together.

    Talk of the royals. Remember our royal history. Today, too few of our royals have capability in governing. Horse riding, polo match, bird hunting, and wind surfing, yes they are excellent. Those few that used to work for a living are out of touch. Even the now popular Raja Nazrin included. How many of them can articulte their thoughts with clarity. They are not without their indiscretions and historically rank as one of the worst ever offender of human rights.

    Most important, the civilian government can be removed and changed but royal position are inherited. There are even few improper royal appointments.

    This Gelombang Kuning (or any other colour) must be clear with its direction and demand. Perhaps it is worth some support, if it is genuine and clear, given the rotten state of Malaysia.

    The Gelombang has to be about the people for the people. Not some interested party jumping in on the opportunity.

    If it is about some opposition politics, ak ak … its not for me. None of the opposition party appeal to my.

    Screw all this talk of judiciary, police, and election. It is questionable and rhetorical. The real Gelombang Kuning shd be about presuring the withdrawal of FIL, sonofabitch SIL and their gluttonic family.

  101. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Well I am not a Malaysian,
    but have been closely connected to the country over the number of years I have been staying here.

    I just wanted to to throw an honest comment here on the bersih protests,
    I am on no one's side here.
    But I am just wondering what is it that Malaysians want. In my view the divisions are very clear between races and religion of course. I have mainly chinese friends and few malays, and what I gauge is clear anti-muslim/anti-malay sentiments of these non-muslims, who dont want Islam at all in malaysia rather prefer to see Malaysia as Singapore with no Islam. Where as the Malays want is more Islamic oriented.
    Personally I also would like to see Malaysia rise with Islam and be a model state to the world.
    Here in the opposition,
    DAP and PAS are two extremes of the spectrum, how on earth can they ever be united in a view.
    Any coalition govt by them is obsious to be shattered within few months.

    UMNO and BN components no matter, whatevr going on and wrong with them, seem to be a very level headed government. If I were a malaysian I would rather see them in power than the extremists of DAP and PAS, who will only take Malaysia down the drain in no time, once they seek power.

    But Opposition and protests, should speak up, this plays postitively in moulding and reforming the BN government.
    Opposition voice is vital in any country, not necessarily, having them in power.

  102. Anonymous9:00 pm

    PM Badawi is only doing his job.
    Opposition has absolutely no responsibility or burden whatsoever, than taking to the streets and yelling.
    There is no gaurantee that opposition is going to improve Malaysia, on the contrary it seems more like they will destroy it, make it more unstable.

    Badawi is being too soft.
    he should take on what his predecessor Mahathir did, a hardline Iron fist approach.
    In the end, Malaysian peace and boosting economy is all that matters, he caanot afford to sacrifice these in favor of the hooligans of the opposition.