Monday, June 27, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim's 8 Demands to the Agong

Boss Bersih or Bersih Boss?
OK, let's stop pretending Bersih is not one of Anwar's many apps. Anwar took credit for the 2007 Bersih and he'll be taking full credit for this one if nothing goes too awry. Oh, so you know that? My apologies. But I bet you do not know about the EIGHT DEMANDS he is making? Read what they are H E R E

I have left the following response in Apanama's comment box.  
Dear Apanama,
The last three demands have nothing to do whatsoever with "clean and fair elections", which is what Bersih was supposed to be about. 6. Strengthen public institutions 7. Stop corruption and 8. Stop dirty politics are not within SPR's job scope. A 6-yr old can tell you that. 
So I will comment on the first FIVE DEMANDS:  
1. Clean the electoral roll Yes, the SPR needs to clean the electoral roll. We can make its job easier if those voters who have moved out from their kampungs register their new addresses in the cities/towns with the local SPR. Eg Anwar Ibrahim. He is still registered as a voter in Permatang Pauh when his home is no longer there. Another example is Rocky's Bru. He is registered as a phantom voter in Sungai Rapat, Perak but he lives in Puchong. (In my case, I will help the SPR clean the electoral roll by updating my address ahead of the PRU13) 
2. Reform postal ballot No need to reform postal ballot lah, waste time only. Make voting compulsory. 
3. Use of indelible ink Aiya, so ancient. Use biometric lah .. The Causeway/Immigration issue with biometric is an exception, don't be deterred. 
4. Minimum 21 days campaign Period Sure, our first election in 1955 provided for 42 days' campaign. But there was no internet, mobile phone and Proton back then. Okay, eight days may be too short lah. Two weeks should be about right. 
5. Free and fair access to media Pakatan goverments barred mainstream media from official functions in Penang and Kedah. They don't have any business asking for free and fair access to media when the media do not have free and fair access to how they conduct their affairs.


  1. anwar ibrahim, BERSIH yourself!

  2. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Eight for Eight

    Ok beta bagi kesemua lapan selepas kamu, rakyat beta, pun buat lapan perkara ni:-

    (i) Produce Omega Watch
    (ii) Give DNA sample
    (iii) Do Sumpah Laknat
    (iv) Show actual girth and circumference of belly
    (v) Give satisfactory answers to all 5 of Dato’ Eskay’s questions
    (vi) Stand in middle of Lorong Haji Taib and pronoun loudly: “Islam does not allow homosexuality and if I become PM, I will jail those who practise it”.
    (vii) Taubat. After all, Karpal Singh pun suruh
    (viii) Go and see Qardawi again, together with Zulkifli Nordin


    Sultan di mata
    Raja di hati

  3. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Dear Bro,

    Utusan claimed the overseas christian NGOs are the main sponsors for Bersih. As usual Ambiga's kutus denied that through MI. Since Utusan made a wild allegation and Bersih the non-registered association denied it, force Ambiga and the bar council kutus to sue Utusan with immediate effect. We want to know the real story who is the liar???

    Fed Up Citizen

  4. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Why are all the indian muslims in this country defending "malay rights"? The malays will never lift a finger to help you.Malay government policy will discriminate against your children and your interests. To the malays, you are nothing but another form of "keling".

  5. Anonymous11:51 pm

    i have only 3 demands to anwar

    1. swear on saiful case

    2. swear on china doll video

    3. show me the omega

  6. Anonymous11:52 pm

    im glad the planned rally is sending shivers down so many spines.... hahahaha.

  7. Anonymous12:30 am

    reply to 11.52:
    wrong my friend, no shivers..we were waiting for an opportunity such as this to bersih too. This has raised our spirit and need not wait any longer. You gave us the reason, the opportunity, the time and the place. This is jihad and I am willing to die for my children and grandchildren to keep Islam the official religion, the malay rights and the sultanate institution. Ambiga thank you to you and the stupid americans.

  8. As with everything associated with Anwar, it will either be a lie or just another lie.

  9. Anonymous12:58 am


    the only shivers i'm getting is ..if the rally gets out of hand, we will see so many bodies on the roads. Guess whose bodies will they be.


  10. Anonymous1:01 am

    I think there will be death involve. Just like in the middle east. And things will go wild. Real wild & out of control with the net, Facebook, twitter etc. Trust me. It had worked in the middle east. But here, it will be racial riot I think.

  11. Anonymous1:02 am

    I think there will be death involve. Just like in the middle east. And things will go wild. Real wild & out of control with the net, Facebook, twitter etc. Trust me. It had worked in the middle east. But here, it will be racial riot I think.

  12. Burung Merbok3:06 am

    I too am glad that Bersih is sending shivers down the spines of those directly involved in the illegal street demonstration. I am going to shout out to the top of my voice in congratulating the Home Minister that at last he has the guts to TAKE ACTIONS , very stern actions that is. I pray and implore upon him to use the ISA ! Go to hell with trying to please the international community. Our neighbour doesn't care two hoots about how other countries react to their actions. So, why should we. They too have their ISA ; and they very well enforce it when situations demand. So, why shouldn't we do the same. The same with the 'Patriot Act' in the country that sees itself as the model for complete democracy. Are they really democratic ??? Democratic to whom ? So Mr Minister, lest the people start to lose confidence in the KDN (but I think they had lost it quite sometime ago)TAKE ACTION fast. Round up those involved in the planning of BERSIH, regardless of who they are. If indeed they are funded by foreign "agents" out to destroy the very fabric of political stability here or even worse, out to illegally oust the democratically-elected government of the day, then you Mr Minister, will get the deserving accolade when you do indeed take the necessary action; especially against traitors and the unpatriotic ! By now the majority of the populace has spoken out against Bersih save of course by those intent on demonising the government for their own benefit and for the benefit of some foreign powers or agents! Let's not fool ourselves ; we know explicitly that the SPR is a mere scapegoat . They indeed have other ulterior motives. May God save Malaysia !

  13. ah..bro takkan no 6 tak le...

    6.Make them clean and happy. Allow them to count the votes in all ballot boxes. Keep away all medias coverage. Never on Utusan. Let their credible medias announce the results.


  14. Anonymous5:42 am

    saya pun dah FED-UP dengan Anwar dan Ambiga ... daftar BERSIH atau pergi holiday lah!

  15. Sulaiman Akhlakan7:08 am

    2008 election was for two weeks. it was bloody long, costly and not necessary.

    10 days is enough.

  16. Anonymous8:13 am

    Ehe Election Commission (EC) has admitted a major error by allowing six individuals to be wrongfully registered with the address of the house belonging to Gombak MP Azmin Ali's mother, but appears to have little power to rectify the problem.

    Ur comments on this Locky....


  17. obviously spr is a scape goat for other hidden agendas..

  18. Anonymous8:54 am

    hahaha Anwar....

    go and listen what Ambiga said about your statement.

    Who are you Anwar ?

  19. Anonymous9:10 am

    First of all, practice what you preach, before preaching others.

    PKR party elections are flawed, dictated,manipulated,phanthomised,undemocratic,corrupted,gangster related and full of irregularities. It is akin to "You shaddup. I decide for you".

    And he has the cheek to demand otherwise?

    Perhaps he should go campaign at Tanjong Rambutan or bark at the nearest hill.

    But, being an expert bullshitter, his lesser brained followers are just too naive to see it all.


  20. Even if they do get all those, they'll still have Bersih 3.0.. Then, Bersih will be just another K3P or Jom Heboh, being held monthly.

    Thus, can't we just give it all to them?

    U want permanent ink - take it all you may. U want SPR to add extra crew to setup extra voting centres in the middle of the world oldest rainforest - do it all you wish.

    But yah.. all those are theirs, except those ugly old buttocks of his - which are ours to lock-up. Can?

  21. Anonymous9:44 am

    so anwar is main culprit behind bersih? go figure...

  22. Anonymous10:50 am


    That would probably require on polling day, data links back to the national database where all the IC information is stored to verify that someone has or has not already voted on that day.

    This would require money to implement. And lets not forget that some outback places in Sabah and Sarawak hardly have any data links, if any at all.

    Indelible ink is good enough, for something that takes places once every 5 years.


  23. Anonymous11:20 am


    For the first time, the masses get to see WHAT THE OMEGA WATCH, the real McCoy, looks like!!!

    Watch THIS.

    This video also shows what Johari Abdul ACTUALLY think about the video!!!

    Joe Bedul

  24. "Utusan claimed the overseas christian NGOs are the main sponsors for Bersih."

    Much of FDI's into M'sia - hundreds of billions of ringgot since Inependence - came from Christians and countries where Christianity is the main religion - USA, Europe, UK, Australia etc.

    Don't forget the Lynas Rare Earth plant being defended tooth and nail by UMNO/BN is an Australian (Christian) investment.

    Shall we return all the FDI's and close down all the factories?

    I was also reliably informed at a Immigration Dept seminar that the majority of those who have settled here under Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) programme (UMNO/BN policy) are from UK and Australia. Shall we cancel this policy and charge UMNO/BN with promoting Christianity?

    Don't forget Sabah and Sarawak have no official religion by Constitution. The majority there are Christians, Animists, BUddhists and Taoists. Shall we ask Najib and Perkasa to proceed with a Parliamentary Bill to ask Sabah & Sarawak to leave the Malaysian Federation?

    See where religious bigotry will take you to? You will be hung by your own noose and goolies!

    we are all of 1 Race, the hUman Race

  25. The title of your posting is wrong!
    Anwar did not demand anything from anybody.Maybe he should demand an apology from you for spinning !
    You are not bright to understand or you refuse to understand that it is BERSIH who is trying to hand a memorandum to the King regarding Election reforms, and this is legitimate considering that The Election Commission has been dilly dallying and not serious about carrying out its function.

  26. Hey Anwar Porn Star. Don't pull wool over our eyes. We know who you are.
    It's just a platform to prop you up. You know your party is losing. You know you are going to jail.
    So you are tying to deflect our attention.
    We are no fools. Eh, how cpme you are MP for so many terms if the EC is unclean?
    Dey, clean yourself first.
    The only people who will attend are your cohorts, the jobless and paid kutus.
    We have got better things to do with our time.

  27. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Datuk, You said: "Pakatan goverments barred mainstream media from official functions in Penang and Kedah. They don't have any business asking for free and fair access to media when the media do not have free and fair access to how they conduct their affairs."

    Pakatan's refusal was BECAUSE of the MSM's unprofessional reporting ways. Had the MSM NOT acted unprofessionally, the opposition would've welcomed them. I thot you are old and seasoned enough to understand that. I have lost ALL respects for you. No wonder why I stopped buying Malay Mail.


  29. Salam. Surely a traitor have no right to demand anything. He should instead be shot by the firing squad.

  30. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Selalunya dengan Sultan atau Tuanku Agong, rakyat tidak boleh buat "demand" sebegitu, hanya boleh jika di perkenankan dengan "memohon ampun" sahaja. Anuar Ibrahim telah meletakkan taraf Tuanku Agong sama dengan taraf dengan Rakyat jelata biasa. Kalau lah, dah Melayu... sengaja tak nak faham, apa lagi orang bukan Melayu yang tidak tahu bahasa, dan hendak suruhi hormati Sultan-Sultan Melayu. Maklumlah, dia pun mamakkk..... jugak, mana dia nak reti.... Kalau ikut cerita-cerita dahulu, Anuar Ibrahim nie dan keturunan-keturunannya boleh di campakkan ke laut saja, rumahnya di bakar dan hingga abu-abu rumahnya yang terbakar itu juga di kikis habis-habis dan campakkan kesemuanya ke laut juga.... begitu lah besarnya dosa dan kesalahannya Anuar Ibrahim ini kalau melihat kelakuannya....

  31. Demand #9 - The political situation in Malaysia must return to that of August 2008; that of the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    That was the apex of Pakatan Rakyat's support among Malaysians. Since then - and despite winning other by-elections - the people had come to see what the coalition's components are... the deceitful lies of "Bangsa Malaysia", of PAS being used by the DAP and PKR as their not-too-smart kuli batak and of what Dear Leader really is. Plus the fact that this is an unreliable and definitely risky alternative to the BN, regardless of the latter's faults and weaknesses.

    Pakatan leaders know they will lose MANY seats in the next GE. And states too, including the previously "opposition-solid" Kelantan. They are desperately in need of something - anything - to raise the political temperature. The Bersih aka Bingai 2.0 could help provide that: hopefully, there will be people arrested. Better yet, tear gas is used, and that the FRU baton-charged the group. This will be gratefully used by Pakatan to try forment anger and hatred towards the Federal government.

    It's a desperate ploy by politicians in dire straits worried about their imminent exit... and the good life. Hopefully, it might be enough to retain just Penang and Selangor.

  32. Anon 3.04PM,

    Did you say you have stopped buying the Malay Mail because you've lost respect for me?
    If you must bullshit, at least do your homework.
    You can't be buying the Malay Mail still because it is now a free paper-lah. It has been for nearly two years, after I came back to head the paper in 2009.


  33. Anonymous5:07 pm

    anyway, who is he ' demands ' to the Agong?

    black shirt!

  34. Anonymous5:08 pm

    dear rocky

    1) why can't the spr uses the address on the ic as it's roll?why do we need a double registration?

    2)abolish postal votes.if you are in the army for example,you just vote where you are based.all students should vote where they are studying and nobody should be driving cross country just to vote.

    3)make voting mandatory (like singapore)

  35. Anonymous5:38 pm

    dpp the bodoh akauntan

    dont spin into your religous bigitry mode you keling pariah.

    other leking okay just dpp yang pariah.

    Nak haram read properluy what utusan is saying.

    They meant konrad adreneur foundation.

    This is a covert operation funding oppositions.

  36. Ayah Man5:44 pm

    Takan bolih demand dgn Agong begitu sahaja. Dgn isteri kita bolihlah. Itu pun belum pasti.
    Kebiadapan beliau dah melampaui batas. Sayang, hilang peraturan dan nilai diri. Dah tak tahu dgn siapa bolih demand dgn siapa tak bolih.
    Kewibawaan diri dah taada. Kita tak tahu anggapan Agong terhadapnya macam mana. Dan permintaanya pula merangkumi yg bukan2. Dah tak tahu batas serta sempadanya.
    Ambiga sebagai pemimpin BERSIH mungkin bolih mneyerahkan apa2 memorandum mengenai isu ini ke pejabat Agong melalui setia usaha sulitnya.
    Takan Agong nak terima Ambiga pulak?. Eh! kau oarang ini siapa?
    Baca dan amalkan RUKUN NEGARA baik2
    Kelakuan serta cakap2 tak sopan kpd Agong buat banyak orang, meluat,menyampah dan bolih mencetuskan ketegangan. Orang bolih baca perjuangan tuan2 ini KOTOR dan TAK BERSIH.

  37. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Anon 3:04
    Malay Mail is FREE no?

  38. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Anon 12.30am - slap yourself and call yourself stupid...

  39. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Yeah like the Agong is going to side with the people.

  40. Anonymous5:32 am

    Come on lah, bukak mata. orang yang tak buta boleh tau bukan DSAI dlm video tuh. tgok betul2. paling ketara bahagian belakang rambut n hidung pelaku. bandingkan dgn rambut n hidung DSAI.

    -neither govt nor opposition supporter, but do hate govt stupid decisions-

  41. Anonymous8:30 am


    These people like dpp don't even buy or read the Utusan. They only read what is being translated to them by people like Teresa Kok or LKS & son..

    Faham2 ajer la tahap kecekapan Bahasa Malaysia mereka, kalau beRbunga sikit, tambah sikit peribahasa, dah kut lain terjemahan mereka.

    Perkataan Boleh jadi terbalik
    "perigi tepi sana" they will say "pergi sana tepi!" then tersungkok terjun masuk dalam perigi and they will scream at us! hahahaha

    Even "served boiled eggs" pun dia sebut "served boys eggs!".

    And these are creatures living on this land, cannot even communicate well (not perigi OK) yet desperately trying to lead the majorities?

    Memang lucu, thats why I laugh at them all the time.

    he hehe hehehe

  42. Anonymous11:56 am

    Will someone please tell this immoral person to stop talking on our behalf.

    I for one do not wish for him to represent me.

  43. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Rocky you really hentam that guy who said he stopped buying MM coz of you. While you're factually correct on the fact that MM is now a free paper, his bigger point remains unaddressed by YOU. Have you exhausted your bullets?

    no to MM & no to NST

  44. Anonymous2:28 pm

    someone said voting in spore is mandatory. as far as i know only registration is compulsory. i stand corrected.

    old man

  45. Mustapha Ong11:33 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim menderhaka terhadap Agong dengan tuntutan-tuntutan beliau yang tidak masuk akal sebagai seorang politikus yang tidak ada maruah diri atau prinsip perjuangan.

    Pihak Pakatan Rakyat tidak ada kuasa untuk mengemukakan sebarang tuntutan kepada pihak Suruhanjaya Pilih Raya melalui penyampaian memorandum kepada YDP Agong.Perkara mengenai SOP pilihan raya seharus nya dibentang di sesi Parlimen bukan melalui revolusi atau perhimpunan jalanan.

    Sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia dibawah payung Perlembagaan dan demokrasi berparlimen, saya bantah dengan sekeras-keras nya sebarang revolusi perjalanan atas tujuan menggulingkan Kerajaan BN yang masih berkuasa lagi di negara ini.

    Jika tujuan perhimpunan Bersih yang berunsur politik puak pembangkang, iaitu Pakatan Rakyat, PKR, DAP dan PAS harus bertanggungjawab kepada rakyat yang berbilang bangsa di negara ini.

    Parlimen harus tegas dan mengambil tindakan terhadap Anwar yang dilantik sebagai Ketua Pembangkang. Anwar patut letak jawatan sebagai sebagai seorang Ahli Parlimen oleh beliau adalah penghianat bangsa dan negara. Anwar dan Lim Kit Siang syiok sendiri untuk menawan Putrajaya selepas PRU13 nanti.

    Anwar telah dibuktikan sebagai seorang politikus yang suka membohong (Great liar) semata-mata untuk membela diri nya atas masalah beliau yang atas tuduhan kes sodomi dan video sex yang melibatkan beliau dengan seorang pelacur jalanan.Jika Anwar enggan membuat akuan, maka saya mencabar beliau untuk mengemukakan saman fitnah terhadap Datuk T dan juga kepada PDRM, Prof Hany Farid dan Prof Lorenzo Torresani dari Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.

    Sebagai seorang rakyat, tidak kira sama ada kita memihak kepada BN atau Pakatan Rakyat, kita harus memberi peluang seratus peratus kepada Kerajaan dibawah pimpinan Najib Tun Razak menjelang PRU13 untuk terus mentadbirkan negara ini melalui transformasi politik dan ekonomi.

    Malaysia tidak boleh dibandingkan apa yang berlaku di Thailand, Indonesia atas Philippine di sistem politik dan demokrasi negara-negara yang berkenaan adalah berlainan. Kata bahasa Inggeris, "MALAYSIA IS NOT A BANANA REPUBLIC."

  46. "...dpp the bodoh akauntan....keling pariah." Anon 5.38

    Well, we can clearly see what kind of pariah you are.

    But address and counter the spin and double standard pariahs like you are applying.

    FDI's and investments from Christian countries are acceptible by UMNO/BN for M'sia but others cannot receive support/donations from them?

    Btw, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation has an office in M'sia approved by the UMNO/BN Govt? You object to that, anonymous pariah?

    What kind of pariah logic is that?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  47. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Ambiga (and by extension, Anwar) will not even dare to open her mouth big big in her lovely Singapore. Before she finish spewing rubbish, dah kena cekup beb! Want to have a protest march? Lu masok Whitley Centre and who knows you might have Mas Selamat as your neighbour.

    All these trouble makers in M'sia who are always glorifying Singapore are cowards. They praise S'pore sky high but they don't dare to do anything in the tiny island.

    Who is not "scared" of the big bad Emperor in that island and ISA? Don't talk big lah you M'sian trouble makers. Only in M'sia you can do it 'cos the Malay government is more democratic than that tiny island ruled with an iron fist. And the Malays in M'sia are not united.

    Btw, Mas Selamat was captured by the M'sian police not the super sophisticated SIN police. They forgot to check the relative's house. So dumb and I thought they have so many chinkies government scholars in their Police, Army etc.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  48. Anonymous7:24 pm

    The S'pore's lawyers' association which is equivalent to the M'sian Bar Council had been tamed like a lame duck. No squeals, no squeaks, no nothing. They are lawyers not politicians. M'sian govt should emulate S'pore on this. Must BERSIHKAN the whole rubbish before it is too late.