Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Is 0.01 percent the source of your doubts?"

99.99 percent him. At the GLC Open Day's forum yesterday, everybody was talking about this. Amazingly, some people still have reservations. Luckily, the "experts" are leading American authorities, otherwise there have been more than some doubters. Malaysians usually take foreign experts, even the likes of Pornthip, more seriously. 
Quotes for the title of this blogpost is taken from SatD's 80:20 Vs 99.99% Certainty: A Look at Malaysians' Perception. If you are one of the 0.01 per cent, a very rear species indeed, read the posting.This guy is so scientific, I tell you. He's hardly done a posting without using graphs, tables, pie-charts, etc. SatD also discusses the credentials of the two experts who said that the Anwar Ibrahim sex video was genuine, ie not doctored, and facial recognition on the man in the video is 99.99 per cent certain to be Anwar Ibrahim. 
In America, you don't need 99.99 per cent to get a man to own up.


  1. segan gua lu kasi betul geramer post topic...gua kalu bab apostrophe s memang kelam kabuts

    need to pergi engerish class again..

  2. loyar ulu5:54 pm

    Rock, it must be beyond reasonable doubt. Dartmouth college must declare its finding...not that mamak shfie.

    Shafie is like you Rock...always on the buttered side of the bread.

  3. Skilgannon10666:49 pm

    Why Dartmouth College? It is not listed among the top US university forensic science departments?

    Prof Hany Farid is listed in the college website as a Professor of Computer Science with an interest in digital forensics. Asst Prof Lorenzo Torresani is an Asst Professor of Computer Science, Visual Learning Group at the college.

    Has the report by these 2 academics been made officially under the auspices of Dartmouth College or were they employed as private contractors/consultants?

    Who in Malaysia paid for their professional services or was payment made directly to Dartmouth College? The police, the A-G's office, the lawyers for Datuk T or other interested parties? The services can't have come cheap!

    So, who chose Dartmouth College, and why?

    Why not send the video for verification to the forensic units of, say, the FBI, the UK Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard), the Australian Federal Police or the German Federal Police, all of whom have world-renowned forensic units, and all of whom can give expert unbiased opinions on the authenticity or otherwise of the video?

    I am sure that Interpol would have been able to make the necessary recommendations to the Malaysian Police and do the introductions, if needed.

    There is reason to be sceptical.

  4. But you will never get the same so called American experts coming down here and saying the same will you? Bro, I asked my 17 year old daughter who has been doing media and video production what it would take to have anyone's face transposed into that video and make it real, and she said...a matter of hours and no problems. Of course she was exaggerating.

    In any case, even if it was indeed Anwar, within the context of the moral compass of Malaysia, shouldn't it be a celebration

  5. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Go get the China Doll la and let her testify the man is indeed Anwar.
    She is definitely the expert among experts (100% one) besides of course Azizah.

  6. 99.9% plus Eskay equals 100%. Without a shadow of a doubt!

  7. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Proffesor Jai Kumar,,,di didik oleh Bapanya saorang kerani di POLIS DEPOH JB,,,,,!

    Funny, Funny,,,!!!

    Esok,,dia akan kena charge "TREASON against AGONG"

    Mid Year JOKE,,!!!


  8. nstman9:55 pm

    The man in the picture is 1 million per cent an actor from the Umno Actors' Studio. But Rocky, you are not the one in the picture. Dont worry.

  9. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Many of his followers are not bothered if it 100% accurate or what not because these China Doll thing is their way of life.

    They even embraced and weep, when Eli Kangkang video was out, even TGNA granted her space to go up the stage in his presence, to address the PAS followers. She walks around unashamed because itu cara hidup mereka, acceptable.

    The ketok ketampi Teresa Kok also not bothered to find justice to the China Doll girl, say go after the pimps for human trafficking what not. Itu cara hidup mereka, its normal.

    Even bastards born out of wedlock, they fight openly (and sure what is written in the birthcert)bla bla. Itu cara hidup depa.

    To these people what matters to them most $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


  10. Anonymous10:39 pm

    "a very REAR species"

    good one lol


  11. Anonymous11:34 pm

    I had no doubt that the man was Anwar but does it matter? The BN especially UMNO is definitely 100x more sinful than Anwar by raping the rakyat's wealth for past 50 years thorugh corruption and cronyism. The most important mission currently is to bring down the BN gov, Anwar can choose to sleep with any women he like but as long as he can bring down the BN gov, that would be good for us.

  12. Anonymous11:47 pm

    even if it is 150% he will still deny lah... point of no return!

  13. Anonymous12:52 am

    Don't bullshit la mamat as though Malaysians are stupid. You want to be idiot go ahead but don't drag others.
    Wake up la kaki bodek!
    Expert opinion pundek! Implicating others without his present.
    Biasa la kaki botol dan whiskey just change the head then it became 99.999999999 percent the Thamby. or may be a goon named rocky special bru.
    Go ahead and go to hell!

  14. American experts said; Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction. The whole world was made to accept that.
    APCO, Mac Kensy design our Economic Transformation programmes. The EPU has lost its relevance. Now American consultants run our government for PEMANDU , Khazanah..... so how to take that word !Ask the same Americans to identify how Altantuya was killed by Najib's body guards and how her records were deleted in our Jabatan Immigeresan ?

  15. Bro,

    najib need 10 man just like SatD whack all PR blogger. Maybe even their stupid MPs

  16. Anonymous9:25 am

    A good reporter will always give two sides of a story.....u however only give ur side. So I wanted ur readers to have the other side

    watch the video on said analysis in,


  17. Anonymous9:40 am

    so smart....pornthip tak percaya suddenly US experts percaya.....fark u

  18. Utusan Mak Siat10:52 am

    Seks, Lies and VCDs didnt work, so now Communist Cina etc etc etc yah???

    Memang Celaka umNO ni!!!

  19. Mak Nyah10:53 am

    Looks like Najip...
    Smells like Najip...
    But... its not Najip, the comedian!!!

  20. Anonymous11:27 am

    If the cow or pig can stand for election, I think these people will still vote for these animals. About time we leave them be.

    And this MrY, have no worry, nature will take care of him. If he escape with all his wrigglings, bala tetap akan menimpa keatas anak-anak serta cucu-cucu dia nanti, Insyaallah.


  21. Anonymous11:45 am

    There is why 0.01% in PR close both of their eyes as long as vote matter.

  22. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Firstly, I would like to know how they quantified the probability to 99.9%. The numerical figure was given so I assume a calculation was carried out. Please provide the workings of the calculation.

    Then I would like to know if they carried out the same experiment with the same type of calculations on various test subjects. Their test subjects should consist of

    1. Anwar
    2. Someone who is made up to look like Anwar
    3. Someone who doesn't even look remotely like Anwar.
    4. Someone who resembles Anwar.

    They should also carry out the same calculations on others, not just Anwar. There should a large sample pool.

    That should be more or less the right way to conduct this kind of scientific and mathematical experiment.

    Surely, two PhD holders would welcome attempts by others to verify and replicate their research.

    joe_mamak, no PhD but just pretty sure that it isn't Anwar. :D

  23. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Most research put 5-10% as margin of error. If 0.01% margin of error.... Lu pikir la sendiri.


  24. Anonymous1:13 pm

    you get 100% if round it up.

  25. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Here in Malaysia. Looks like me, talks like me but I swear to God its not me and my followers will all believe that it is not me.

  26. Opinion can be bought especially in US where everyuthing is commercialise and truth always go to the highest bidder.In the past even the US goverment copied thesis paper of a middle-east graduate student to make policy paper and claimed as original.So is the opinion of a big time professor of ivy league university cannot be bought ?

  27. Anonymous4:55 pm

    It's not the statistics that is the cause of our doubts. It's the "the boy who cry wolf" aka "once bitten, twice shy" syndrom.

    i do not wish to mentioned any because there were so so many.

  28. Firstly, this is 99.99% trial by media and if you or SAT D is in Anwar's shoe it would be an endless posting of articles in your defence.

    Be fair, give Anwar his right to defend himself in a proper forum unless you admit that you are also part of the conspiracy, then it justify the point that you are trying to raise.

    Secondly, we do not know the details of the analysis made. The video images is compared against what. Was it just a picture of Anwar or is it compared with real life Anwar or what is a doctored picture on Anwar or it could be a picture of the person in the video. If it it the picture of the person who actually acted in the video, then it is 99.99% matched but it may not be Anwar himself. So without this , its all a hearsay and Rocky, you and Sat D are not that dumd to know what is and what isn't.

  29. Anonymous6:21 pm

    anyone wants to see video of najib and altantuya having sex? someone can produce it and can also secure american "expert" to confirm it's genuine. any takers?

  30. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Everyone knows that the man in the video is Anwar Ibrahim. It is so obvious that its him. We don't even need to send it to the experts to verify the authenticity of the video. It is Anwar Ibrahim, alright!

    You see the opposition is using peoples sentiments to justify people to support them. BN on the other hand is using facts and figures to lure voters to their side.

    Which is stronger - emotions or facts/figures to compel people to want to join them? Emotions, right?

    Malaysians political maturity is at its lowest level! What is depressing is that majority of the opposition are acting mainly on feelings/emotions - You got to give PR the credit for their excellent Psychological Warfare!!! Understand that Anwar is the student of USA - USA employs the best PSY war tactics in the world.

    With Malaysian's political maturity at its lowest, you cannot use facts and figures all the time, you will need to compel people to vote for your via triggering their emotions.

    BN on the other hand, its propaganda machinery is not centralized at all. It is helter skelter! For example, when any PR party is in trouble, do you realize that all other parties DAP, PAS Or Keadilan will fight and protect each other in the face of the media (propaganda)? There will be a Malay, Chinese and Indian in the papers united under one banner! Isn't this attractive to the youth and masses?

    How about BN? Whenever a party is in trouble, say MCA, do the other parties go and aid them? No, its not united! Parties under BN usually will defend only themselves but not as a entity! This is not attractive in the eyes of the youth!

    Look at the papers, UMNO will protect UMNO - MCA will protect MCA - MIC will protect MIC only! By right MCA should go to the aid of UMNO and vice versa! They are not aligned and don't see the bigger picture as compared to the opposition!

    As for the upcoming rally, the BEST WAY TO COUNTER BERSIH IS USE REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY! Instead of Umno Youth and Perkasa (Get all of BN to take part including MCA and MIC), marching in KL to counter the opposition - They should instead do a massive rally in opposition held states. This will make PR on the defensive. Who would even think of that???

    If you want to counter PR Propaganda - understand how CIA propaganda machinery works and counter them from there!

    If UMNO youth and Perkasa were to march in KL to counter Bersih, we all know that UMNO and Perkasa will get defamed instead of Bersih! Its counter-intuitive!

    By the way, Ambiga Sreenevasan is the man who defended Lina Joy's case! Malays who support him is totally dumb!

    One more interesting FACT - 99% of the people who will be partaking in the rally are Malays, haha! Dumb Malays fighting for the Chinese and Indians who wont even send their supporters to take part in the rally.

    Anyways, BN should learn or sent their personnel to learn more about Propaganda in the US. Propaganda is a lost art of PSY Warfare. Only CIA has the most updated logs on Propaganda.


    A Student Of Propaganda & Psy Warfare

  31. Slyguy7:32 pm

    Never doubted it Bro. Dont need no international expert to convince me.

  32. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Puisi : A. Samad Said

    Unggun Bersih

    Semakin lara kita didera bara—
    kita laungkan juga pesan merdeka:
    Demokrasi sebenderang mentari
    sehasrat hajat semurni harga diri.

    Lama resah kita—demokrasi luka;
    lama duka kita—demokrasi lara.
    Demokrasi yang angkuh, kita cemuhi;
    suara bebas yang utuh, kita idami!

    Dua abad lalu Sam Adams berseru:
    (di Boston dijirus teh ke laut biru):
    Tak diperlu gempita sorak yang gebu,
    diperlu hanya unggun api yang syahdu.

    Kini menyalalah unggun sakti itu;
    kini merebaklah nyala unggun itu.

  33. Bedul9:34 pm

    Even if it's 1,000 percent, that guy won't own up. And his supporters too won't believe it.
    That's the kind of shameless person some want to be PM.
    Even without foreign experts, we always know it's him.

  34. Anonymous9:47 pm


    You mentioned just about every country in this world, what is your opinion if the video was sent to Mainland China for analysis? They surely have experts there right?

    Anon 11:34

    Just about sums up exactly who these people are. Thank you for confirming my cows and pigs theory. No wonder they even went all the way to Taiwan to catch FROGS. Waa, senang ye nanti bole goreng2;

    ..Fried beef with ginger and spring onion.
    ..Kung poa pork with rice
    ..Crunchy deep fried frogs leg..

    he hehe hehehe

  35. Slimy Skilly

    Mana lu lari macha itu hari kecoh datang blog gua mau present your "credentials" mau bicara pasal economy

    Kena jawap dengan orang economy terkedu garu telur...senyap sudah satu bulan lebih..

    lagi pergi night classes on economy ke?...

    oh i forgot ur old macha got nothing to do during the day..what took u so long..

    Hany Farid is the Inventor of Digital Forensic la macha....

    "At the close of the last decade, Hany’s pioneering research established that it was possible to detect in images traces of tampering that were imperceptible to the human eye, leading the NOVA science program to refer to him as the “father” of digital image forensics. Since then, Hany has continued to advance the state of the art in digital forensics while lending his expertise to law enforcement, the courts, and the media. He received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the University of Rochester in 1989, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT for two years. Since 1999, Hany has served on the faculty at Dartmouth College as a Professor of Computer Science. Hany has published over 100 technical papers in the fields of digital forensics, image processing, computer vision, and human perception, and is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award, a Sloan Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship. refer here

    Governments use his services for a fee...

    Even FaceBook uses his technology which was developed to tangkap Child Pornography via Face Recognition (a project commissioned by US Justice Dept) here

    FBI oso uses his services ma refer here

    So from your sekolah tadika logic....if FBI wants credibility they need to Consult with Scotland Yard, Australian Police etc..?

    Itu macam ke macha?

  36. Anonymous9:53 pm

    College Dons Object of Worldwide Criticisms

    Dartmouth, New Hampshire June 27 2011

    More and more complaints have poured in with regards to the credentials of Professors Farid and Torressani ever since we first reported about their dismissals here (Loiter News Agency, 9:53 AM) .

    World renowned armchair cyber expert and half-baked social analyst Skill Mak Enon even questions the worth of the college in which the two professor are in. “Why Dartmouth College?” he asks non-chalantly as he whizzes through ever-changing wikipedia for ammunition to discredit said Professors. He was, of course, thinking more along the lines or Harvard or Yale, the only two universities that he had heard of that are in the US.

    Another Malaysian pundit’s qualm displayed in a very popular blog, Rocky Bru, was more numerical in nature. “How did Professors Farid and Toressan come up with 99.99% number? We want to know. We want to see the Algorithm and Formula,” he said. By splitting hairs on this figure, questioning why 99.99% and not, say, 99.98%,or 99.999% he had of course hoped that grave doubts can be cast onto the authenticity of the results of the investigations, and henceforth onto the credibility of the two Professors in question.

    But perhaps no other compunction does more damage to the already damaged credibilities (or what’s left of it) of the two professors in question, than a bomb dropped by another Malaysian pundit who goes by the name Old Fart. According to this stinking-gaseous-emanations-from-the-asshole (that’s what his name stands for), his 17 year daughter could do the job either as good as, or better than the two professors in terms of computer imageries and forensics.

    This revelation had the entire Dartmouth College campus reeling in anger, and the entire Board of Directors fuming with rage. “We have so far been duped by our own Professors,” said Dr McGobbledegook angrily. (He’s the chairman of the board, if you still remember). “Drs Farid and Torresani had told us that their expertises had come from long years of research, numerous PhD materials and Scientific papers and various attendances to International conferences and seminars, whence, in actuality, such knowledge and expertise could easily be obtained by a mere China girl from Jinjang, Selangor, Malaysia who had just begun menstruating” He said, shaking his head.

    Meanwhile, in a strange twist of events, Dr Joe Bedul whom we had mentioned before, refused to answer phone calls from us to confirm of his appointment in Dartmouth College. Some naughty observers had mentioned that they saw the Future Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim giving a slap on Joe Bedul’s head and admonishing him over something about making over the features of IBRAHIM ALI and not P. RAMLEE. But as of now, this all remain rumours.

    Marking Bagpie
    Loiter News Agency

  37. Why Dartmouth College ? Why don't they come to Malaysia and testify in the trialcase ? But then the case was about those 3 people showing porn video in public and not about who is in the video. Why did the DPP & Defense was so adamant that it was Anwar in the video while the charges of pornography was secondary issue. All these while UMNO are trying to get through to those who have access to the net and don't believe a thing what the msm says. Now by mentioning this college, they hope that 99.9% (ha ha ha) of them may buy their story. So what if you pay the college millions of $$$$. UMNO goons have stealing billions of $$$ so millions of $$$ are nothing to them. UMNO have much to lose.

  38. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Bro Bru,

    Any effort to convince these “Bebal and Bingai" from PAS will only end in futility. As long as PAS and PKR are led through their nostrils by the biaDAPigs, they will never accept the words from anyone else except from the Braggart LGE and his father, Apek LKS. Kesian mereka ni Bru. Hamba si-Cina laknat semuanya.


  39. Well i already expected this~ NO matter whatever things showed up, Anwar's supporter will never accept it.IF u got the doll to testified also theay will say, "braper umno dah bayar?" Actully for Anwar to make clean of himself and make who ever accused him in real deep shit is simply show up with his OMEGA watch.Simple and Easy. Anwar would even win his way to Putrajaya via this method.Just show the watch, Najib and gang will go into the drain...

  40. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Not quite sex sigma. A six sigma process is one in which 99.99966% of the products manufactured are statistically expected to be free of defects (3.4 defects per million).

    The write-ups now depend on which side of the bread is buttered. Not as interesting as the things he wrote before. Blu, looks like a lot of commenters are reading you well. Anyway, each must earn their bread i suppose. Cheers!

  41. Anonymous11:30 pm

    99.99% means that there should be 10000 people look the same except 1. Nak cari 7 org sama pun susah. Btw,those yg mahir tentang statistic (black belter even better) and math sure tau the validity of this figure and how they can make such claim...cuma masih lagi x nak accept the fact honest to yrself la.
    God bless all of us.
    Ex permatang pauh voter

  42. Anonymous10:25 am

    Bro SatD,

    You nailed the pigmoron dumbwit pigbrain down eating his own pigshit..tak pernah serik2..muka babi tebal mcm tembok China..cakap macam bagus, akal teruk dari budak tadika..

    That is Cinapork thinking faculty speaking..

    If follow his perpetuated state of denial logic.. a pig is a ruminants becoz it have hoofs..

    But who this babi try to fool with..? everybody know babi do not eat grass & leaves..except for the Malai Lembus who believe it do..they think pigs are also their kind..New 'peribahasa': "Bodoh mcm Malai Lembus".

    bro perwira,

    The male chingkie pigs should muhasabah diri why china doll and girl like Eli Kangkang prefer to have Malays , Indians, Gwailoh or African muscles to feast between their legs.. pathetic puny pecker..LOL!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  43. Anonymous11:26 am

    anwar was 99.99% sure that rahim thambi chik (rtc) was involved in a sex scandal with a minor and he made noise and rtc's political career took a tumble. anwar was also 99.99% sure that a vvip was caught committing khalwat with an artist at pd but he didn't make noise and that vvip survivrd and prospered. only when pakatan tokes over the federal govt will we know the identity of the vvip who seems to be having soft spots for women not only local but also foreign. he even divorced his first wife for a more glamorous one!!!

  44. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Old Fart,

    Ask your daughter to do one video on you and `superimpose' with another man (assuming you have penis). Why don't you read Kickdeffela and some blogs by MMU multimedia lecturers on this issue. 17 year daughter who's being doing it??? waddefcuk man???

  45. Skilgannon10664:50 pm


    Thank u for your diatribe which said precisely nothing!

    Prof Hany may be an expert in all kinds of things, but he (and his fellow academic Assoc Prof Lorenzo) have not come out publicly and said, hand on heart, "yes, we examined the video provided to us by xxxx (insert names here), and, in our professional opinion, we are 99.99% sure blah-blah".

    Neither has Dartmouth College acknowledged whether they had been asked to provide such assistance to parties in Malaysia and whether Prof Hany and Assoc Prof Lorenzo were given the job.

    Nope, all we have is some lawyer in Malaysia making the claim and quoting the names of the 2 academics and Dartmouth College.

    And, strangely enough, no one has, up to now, stood up and said that they had taken the initiative to send the video for digital forensic analysis in the US. Not the police, not Datuk T, not the A-G's office, not Umno. Then, who?

    And it is pretty damn easy for AI (not that I am enamoured of his politics; I think that he, like most politicians in Malaysia are a bunch of wankers, or maybe weiners (but that would be so politically incorrect)) to instruct his lawyers to go after these 2 US academics. How? Easy-peasy...

    1. Hire a top-flight PI firm in the US to dig deep into the backgrounds of these 2 academics and find out all the "dirt" in their backgrounds
    2. Trace the money trails from the accounts of these 2 academics to origins outside the US (maybe in Malaysia, who knows?)
    3. Find out how/why they were approached
    4. Use a top US law firm to go after them with the threat of defamation and damages if they don't come clean with their contacts, analysis methods, findings and payments.

    You think that an institution like Dartmouth College wants to get caught up in politics Malaysian-style?

    For all you know, the "spooks" in the US government may already be on the case of Prof Hany and Assoc Prof Lorenzo.

    Because AI has many friends in the US (or so people claim).

  46. Skilgannon10665:15 pm


    I thot I had already made my points on the economy. Not satisfied, ah?

    Tale of the tape, bro! You can't fudge the stats with your half-baked analysis.

    Pity that the good Dr M must be sulking now that Khazanah and Temasek are bhai-bhai in Iskandar Malaysia projects and in property developments in Singapore! The Old Man wanted to "marginalise" Singapore by playing the water card, procastinating on the KTM POA, setting up PTP to undercut Singapore's port - guess who is laughing now!

    Why, even the noticeably low-key Nor Mohamed Yakcop had the gumption to claim: "It's a very happy day. It's a new beginning for us in cooperation, in attracting investment. It's excellent for both countries...Certainly, not only Iskandar will do well because of a confidence factor in attracting foreign investment."

    Wah, lau - "confidence factor in attracting foreign investment"? The so-called Temasek "imprimatur" that puts an added sheen of respectability on Iskandar Malaysia?

    Or, maybe, realpolitik trumps ideology and cold, hard cash beats dogmatic economic and social policies.

    Like who has the most bucks carries the biggest gun. Make of that what you will, bro!

    And ask yourself why 501,210 square metres of land in Singapore (in the 4 parcels in Marina South and the 2 parcels in the Ophir-Rochor area) has a gross development value of S$11 billion, while 1.36 MILLION square metres of land in Iskandar's Medini precinct has a GDV of RM3 billion (S$1.2 billion), according to figures provided by Khazanah and Temasek?

    Heck, even 500,000 sq m of prime land in KL's Golden Triangle doesn't have a GDV of RM27.5 billion (S$11 billion)!

  47. ayoyo skilly macha

    "tale of tape" .....ur quite funny ol man ..boleh apply jadi badut sarkas kat Batang Berjuntai

    y dont u pull out that tape of yours n go measure Anwar punya perut, sama dia punya kote (erect n limp) and come back to us with expert report got 99.99% ke 85% match ke...

    Apa bodoh punya question lu mau tanya pasai itu University?

    U think our law enforcement agencies do not consult with their international counterparts for a reference expert ka?

    U think got some stupid UMNO Cibai 2 Dollar company punya recommendations ka mau pakai itu expert?

    And you serious think that this expert is willing to sell his credibility for some measly money from Malaysia?

    Lu ni bahlul tahap gaban siut..

    lets do a poll shall we..

    How many of you think Skilly is bingai nak mampus pastu perasan lebih macam la dia reti.. quote sana sini main petik dari langit ...pastu kerek kasi comment tak pernah berani nak jawap...belakang cornar baring pergi cerita benda lain tak tentu pasal?

    But skilly I do agree with you on one thing here...

    There was no need to disclose the Findings on the Authenticity or the Identity of Mr Y in this particular court case as the accused is charged in court for distribution of porn...

    What any sane man would be asking is that why did the Gov do it?

    Is there already a Case for False Police Report against Anwar?

    Other than that I just enjoy tengok lu kena tibai kat comment section kadang2 gua jengok la nak menghiburkan hati..

    Peace macha...

  48. Skilgannon10668:50 pm

    anti whatever

    Sorry to rain on your parade, duum, but satD didn't "nail" me. Far from it, I riposted with a skill that left him dumbfounded ass over heels backwards and left him mouthing inanities.

    NMH, Azman Mokh, the Johor MB & the folks running EPF and Tenaga are perfectly happy making nice with the tongkangland citystate with the big bucks! A fat wallet covers a multitude of sins, eh!

    And that sticks in your craw big time!


  49. Anonymous10:44 pm

    untuk kes ni, buat ujian poligraf secara paksaan. tapi untuk kes tertentu ,si penipu berjaya menipu dalam ujian poligraf dengan teknik yang tertentu.

    Atau Ulamak pas yang was-was dengan perangai 'kawannya'. jemput mamat ni sumpah laknat cara yang diakui betul oleh PAS. Sekurang-kurangnya jika betul dakwaan ni,orang PAS tidak dilihat bersekongkol dengan dot dot dot.

  50. If one round it to nearest integer, 99.99% is 100 percent.

  51. Anonymous2:21 pm

    This Shafie Abdullah aka Mamak is a man of many colours. His recent adventure was that he represented the SPRM in Beng Teoh case. In the past he had also represented his clients against SPRM. Ethical?

    He also represented the State of Pahang in the timber concession claim against Pahang Govt. During the robbery of Perak govt case, the then PR govt was asked to utilise the servises of the federal- appointed SLA. How come Shafie can represent Pang govt without any noise? To top it all, Shafie farmed out the job to another law firm to appear in court on his behalf. Imagine the surely inflated bill and the people of Pahang are paying for it. He didn't want to appear in court probably due to the fact that KarpaL Singh represented the other side.

    non mamak

  52. Anonymous5:40 pm




  53. Skilgannon10667:32 pm


    No, bro - you don't get off that easy.

    Please address the points that I raised vis-a-vis the tongkangland city state that you and your ilk are fond of vilifying.

    As your mentor, Dr M, tried to do, and failed dismally.

    I will debate with you separately about Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and how wholesale destruction of shareholder value has taken place there.

  54. Anonymous7:38 pm


    Spoken like a true woman eh..*wink* Don't give in even if you lost the argument. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. By the way, you lost it at the "hand on heart" part ..always so corny Skil.


    Never scorn a woman. Wat was it about lelaki 9 akal, wanita 1?

  55. "get off"

    kiraen loe siapa sih?

    As usual you are cluttering the thread with topics that is beyond the scope of the post.

    Who gives a shit about MAS? pergi mampus for all I care.

    Let us get back to the topic if you wanna "debate"

    You started with dumbing down a college and tried to raise doubts about credibility of the expert, I provided facts and you as usual cornar baring pergi planet mana entah gua pun tak tahu.

    So do you think that Hany Farid with all the knowledge, experiences of working with the FBI coupled with IP rights in the technologies that he has successfully developed and used by High End Technology companies such as Microsoft, Facebook is NOT capable of identifying Anwar Ibrahim with 99.99% probability as the person in the said Authentic Video?

    Straight forward answer please this time macha

    kalau lu cornar baring lagi...baik lu pergi mandi bunga buang sial macha

  56. one more thing skilly

    your "tale of tape" about tongkangland sudah kena rebut hancur lebur dekat satu bulan lebih dah kat blog gua by blogger Hishamh of Economics Malaysia

    Feel free to drop by if you got the balls ya

  57. Anonymous2:57 am

    Haiya Skilly+13

    Problem is you live in pigeon-hole homes, from dawn to dusk, turn north, south, east or west you can see the whole of Singapore,

    No wonder cannot breathe, your otak all clustered!

    Cheer up Ahso. Singapore to us is just like a factory and you, one of their Minah Kilang!

    he hehe hehehe

  58. Anonymous7:46 am

    skilgannon1066 is a female??

  59. Anonymous9:58 am

    Well pigmoron,

    To early to rain in the parade, eh..? it was actually you pissing in your own skirt lah.. SatD indeed nailed your ass down to the ground..

    Your riposted skill of going around the globe to divert from engaging with actual intellectual discourse of the topic had self-dumbfounded your own ass over heels backwards..

    You are indeed stupid & funny.. Pathetic chingkiepig joker..LOL!

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  60. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Bros Satd, Perwira and Anti whatever:

    Pigs will always be pigs. Run here, run there, corner here, corner there, eat shit, engulfed with full of shit because they're surrounded with shit everyday and inhabited by dangerous and un-killable parasites. That is why their DNA and IQ are stunted. Only know how to sondol here, sondol there, then they run for cover. Then they spew and spin more shit stuff.

    No need to wonder why that Sillymoron and company behave like one. The pig's DNA got transfered to them 'cos they devour pig's meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Otak babi, padanlah tak boleh fikir betul betul.


    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  61. Anonymous11:19 pm

    99.99% rakyat malaysia tak percaya dua orang polis bunuh itu altantuya. Betul tak? TAPI itu satD percaya.Rocky lagi percaya.Bukan bekas makwe dia.Bukan mak tiri dia Juga bukan nenek tiri dia. Tapi org bangan macam satD percaya mereka suka suka bunuh org. Apa nak cakap lagi.... 99.99 % persen teory tak bolih pakai.

  62. Anonymous10:19 am

    Malai Lembus 11:19 PM,

    Org cerita Anwar ko cerita Altantuya.. nenek kau ke tu yang ko tahu sangat sampai 99.99999%?

    Huk alah tahap IQ Malai Lembus..Bodoh betul otak, "yang membunuh" & "merancang bunuh" pun tak reti nak beza..patutlah sanggup sampai jadi balaci guling2 atas jalan..

    'yang membunuh' dah pun kantoi, cuma yg 'merancang bunuh' masih jadi isu..bingai ke? Memang lah polis tu yg bunuh..Abis nenek ko pandai guna C4 ke??

    Dah kena virus penyakit pariah & babi..asyik pusing keliling dan main sondol jer keje..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies, plus Malai Lembus -

  63. Skilgannon10665:31 pm


    Obviously Hisham didn't take the time to read through the reports of the World Competitiveness Yearbook and UNCTAD, just to name a couple of analyses.

    Tale of the tape says there are plenty of Malaysians (including, horror, Malaysian Malays) trekking to Singapore to work as, let's see now, cleaners, bus drivers, gardeners, security guards, technicians etc.

    Simple fact of life. Go to any kampung in Johor and you will find families where their sons and daughters are working in the tongkangland city state down south.

    Why, ah? No jobs in Malaysia, izzit?

    Interesting that you seem to be throwing in the towel wrt MAS! Why, bro? I thought you were hot shot on defending Tajuddin Ramli and his stewardship of the national carrier? Or maybe you realised that MAS is a basket case and that you'd better cut your losses and move on.

    Just for the heck of it, Maybank IB has calculated that it will cost Khazanah less than RM1.5 billion to take MAS private. The national carrier, no less. Isn't that wholesale destruction of shareholder value in MAS?

    Whereas Singapore Airlines (SIA) market cap as at 30 June 2011 is S$16.98 billion. Heck, those scrawny-necked bespectacled pencil pushers down south who are running SIA must be doing something right, eh?

  64. Skilgannon106610:10 am

    Hey, hey, mctidor - the biggest pig eaters of them all are throwing their weight in and around the South China Sea and all the little wannabes out there are studious in their silence...

    Discretion the better part of valour?

    Or looking to big bro Uncle Sam to save their backsides when push comes to shove?


  65. Seolferwulf2:52 pm

    See - mention the biggest pig eaters out there and everybody goes back to contemplating their navels.

    They all berani berani dumping on the tongkangland city state down south, but when the mother of all tongkanglands shows up on the horizon, all swallow their pride and call for the biggest Israel backer out there to please come and cover our a***s.

    Which, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with the 99.99% thingy. But it's enjoyable to take a walk on the wild side, yes?