Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ulterior Motives behind July 9, according to Chandra Muzaffar

Once Malaysians understand the context--- especially the ulterior motives--- they will be wary about July 9. They will be able to distinguish the self-serving agenda of a deeply flawed politician from the genuine quest for electoral reform and political transformation. They should not allow such a politician to undermine their future. - Chandra Muzaffar.

If you really must walk, you may as well be an enlightened walker. Read this enlightening piece by the former Parti Keadilan Nasional deputy president H E R E. 


  1. Anonymous5:42 pm

    chandra muzafar- another cari-makan type pseudo mamak.

  2. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Anonymous said...

    May I suggest that the SPR chairman and BERSIH chairperson appear on TV to clarify the issues. A special TV program for the public to hear the real issues from both parties. Taking it to the streets is not a solution, and we can expect worst things to happen as what we have seen in most demos in our country,.we want a peaceful place to live not like what is happening now with lots of bad mouths and rumors.

    very good suggestion i obtained from original post comments. Govt willing? Maybe Najib and Anwar can also sit to answer the politics behind the demands. Many are fed-up to hear from irrelevant parties like rocky and chandra. Lets get the truth from the "horses mouth". Govt willing to organize this to avert the problems on the 9th. Being a responsible Govt, for the people, this will be the best solution. Rocky and chandra should encourage the Govt


  3. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Why the panic rocky? Why the OD on spinning against the walk? Why are you afraid of free and fair elections? Why why why...

  4. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Tell the pundek pooraaah! Lu ingat lu sorang pandai ke rupa nya bangang.

  5. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Boring... fart from his stinking mouth.

  6. Enlightening indeed, but surely we didn't need someone like Chandra Muzaffar to tell us that. He shouldn't be bogged down by things like this

  7. Anonymous12:42 am

    Thank you I'll be an enlightened walker! We, the rakyat, just want free and fair election. Let us walk please!!! Or is it too much asking in a 'democratic' country like Malaysia?

  8. Anonymous8:11 am

    Auar ibrahim cita2 nak d tahan d bwah ISA n cuba mngelakan diri dari kes liwat Saiful Bukhari.Dari dahulu lagi nuar ni suka huru hara n mnyusahkan polis n rakyat Malaysia.


  9. Bedul8:27 am

    We knew that without Chandra having to tell us.
    It's clear as day Ambiga, Anwar, LKS etc all have their selfish agendas.
    I really pity those who think the Bersih is a demo to correct election irregularities.
    My friends beware.

  10. Anonymous9:11 am

    Time to engage GOOD lawyers (not ambiga brand) to SUE the bersih organisers for disruption to public order and peace

    and to COMPENSATE the small business people for loss of EARNINGS

    SUE the organisers for billions of ringgit and turn ambiga, mat sabu, anwar et al into instant BANKRUPTS

  11. Anonymous9:27 am

    Chandra Keling is joining forces with Ibrahim Alipendek A/L Sakitjantung.

  12. Anonymous10:56 am

    Nothing the crippled frog says has any credibility anymore. Only pro-BN goons like Rocky Bru try their best to scrape the bottom of the barrel.


  13. Anonymous10:57 am

    BTW, I thought initially that he was just a crippled frog, and that he deserved some sympathy. Then I saw the venom, and Chandra Muzaffar is nothing more than a crippled poisonous frog.


  14. Anonymous11:31 am

    ulterior motive for rocky supporting you know who?

    we want alimunium cans...cash cash cash cash!

  15. Wong Chun Toy11:40 am

    This man is confined to a wheelchair for a good reason known only to ALLAH!

  16. Anonymous11:51 am

    All the "Anonymous" Bersih supporters above, are Chinese who will hide under their mother's sarongs come July 9. Cowards all of them.


  17. Anonymous11:54 am

    ...and all the PKR and PAS Malays who supports the Bersih are none other than biaDAPigs 'lembus'.


  18. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Wong Chun Toy,

    Is Karpal confined to a wheelchair for any good reason???

    AkuMelayu :)

  19. Bro

    Chandra Muzzafar? That's really scraping the barrel.

    He's as relevant today as a dodo!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  20. Chandra Muzaffar's article is a very objective and honest look. I have attempted to summarize the main points:-

    1. Right to assemble peaceably and without arms” is a freedom whose observance will not in most circumstances threaten well-being of society.
    2. The actual expression and articulation of the Freedom of Assembly has to take into account its context
    3. In a mature democracy, any and every opportunity to dialogue in order to resolve issues should be taken up.
    4. If Bersih cannot persuade BN to introduce new electoral laws, has it succeeded in getting PR MPs to table a bill on any of the electoral reforms it is now demanding?
    5. The actual conduct of elections in Malaysia since 1959, from the maintenance of electoral rolls to safeguarding integrity of the ballot paper has been largely fair and just
    6. If Bersih sincere about rectifying abuse of state resources and media, then the PR coalition should set the example - yet allegedly in by-elections in Selangor, Penang and Kedah, state governments deployed state resources for their campaigns, and Opposition oriented online newspapers have not been fair and balanced in their coverage and analysis of political issues.
    7. While some of Bersih’s demands are reasonable, it fails to locate these demands within a larger framework - Malaysia one of few countries that has held regular elections participated by parties with totally divergent ideologies, free of violence, with four out of the 13 states in opposition hands and never a moment when the opposition commanded less than 35 per cent of the popular vote.
    8. No denying that with three organizations asserting their determination to hold rallies and marches without police permit, the political temperature has increased by a few degrees.
    9. In almost all the reformasi demonstrations from September 1998 to the middle of 2000, individuals and some police personnel were hurt.
    10. If the stadium option had materialised, certain elements in Bersih, it is alleged, would have turned the stadium to a Tahrir Square, with demonstrators camping there day and night for weeks on end.
    11. There is a high probability that the rallies will cause a degree of dislocation especially since three different groups with their own agendas are involved
    12. There are also ulterior motives behind the Bersih plan - the self-serving politics of the prime mover behind July 9. Anwar’s ulterior motive is even more brazen today. He desperately wants to become Prime Minister, and will resort to any means to achieve his ambition.
    13. He is hoping that July 9 will help him overcome some of the obstacles he now faces and give him the boost that he needs. A massive mobilization of his supporters and fence sitters on July 9, he thinks, will divert attention from his sodomy trial which begins later in the month and from his sex-video scandal.
    14. At the same time, he is expecting the demonstration to create the sort of momentum that will erode support for the BN and shore up his own position. If this impresses his allies and endorsers in some Western capitals they may even give him stronger backing to achieve “a regime change”.
    15. His PR partners, the Islamic Party of Malaysia(PAS) and the Democratic Action Party (DAP), are also driven by the desire to gain power through the quickest route
    16. Once Malaysians understand the context-, especially the ulterior motives- they will be able to distinguish the self-serving agenda of a deeply flawed politician from the genuine quest for electoral reform and political transformation.
    17. They should not allow such a politician to undermine their future.

  21. Charlie Oscar12:56 pm

    This has got Nothing to with NGOs'!!!
    It is the Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) Political Agenda!!!
    PR Will Do Anything to Create Chaos and Disorder to The RAKYAT to Achieve their Goal!!!

    Al-Juburi said IT in M'kini.
    "Anwar Ibrahim says ‘corrupt and wicked leaders’ will use any excuse to keep hold of power."

    This Not About Bersih sending memo to the Istana.
    This Is All About CREATING TROUBLE For The RAKYAT Again & Again!!!

  22. Anonymous1:33 pm

    This guy is another Ibrahim Ali. Shooting off his mouth with sh&t.

  23. Anonymous1:35 pm

    The big hoo-hah about bersih is because the government knows that Malaysians are not on the government's side anymore.

    If nothing is done....you'll probably see 5 million people on the streets of KL. Najib will have to run to Makassar!

  24. Anonymous1:51 pm

    god knows how muzaffar earns a living.....useless lalang chap

  25. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Anon 5:42 PM

    When Prof.Dr.Chandra Muzaffar was with PKR, you praised him. But now when he is against PKR ( after he saw the Truth), you damned him, What a hypocrite.

  26. "This man is confined to a wheelchair for a good reason known only to ALLAH!" Wong Chun Toy

    You dare mention Allah and Wong Chun Toy in the same line?

    Have you no sense of decency or respect for Muslims?

    Don't use the name of God in vain, please, or mix it up with filthy, vulgar words and language!

    You should wash your orifices out with carbolic acid!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  27. His comments are not important to Malaysians now.
    This cripple have sold his soul to the Devil long ago.
    Instead of proving what is the ulterior motive of others...he should tell us what is his ulterior motive to keep supporting UMNO B.

  28. lolz. all this while i've notice a few traits that belongs to pr supporter: 1) Most of them will use Anonymous.Y? No identity? 2)everytime ,sum1 said anything bad about ur PR everything become: dia cari mkn, dh kne bayar n such.do got anythng to prove it?Any bill cash statement? and lastly i notice tht most of PR ppl here really luv use dirty word in here. Guess ur parent must be feeding u guys wif dirty stuff which is y all those dirty thingie came out sprouting from ur mouth~ opps finger. When a sum1 present his fact to u, refute by fact 2. But i guess that is pretty 2 much 2 ask from PR supporter~ tho some r n exception which is kudos to u guys . Cheers

  29. Anonymous5:36 pm

    he's worse than a cripple, he's a keling on wheels

  30. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Oh Please people, don't condemn the disability of others.Does it make you all any superior just because you are not disable?
    Scold him, insult him if you wish, but not one's physical disability.

  31. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Latuk Locky and all the UMNO apologists:

    Watch ROBIN HOOD on Astro, and listen carefully to the part where Loxley lectures the King of England on human rights and fairness and tyranny.

    Then figure out the Latin words inscribed on the back of a stone slab:


    That's what's worrying your political masters.


  32. Call a spade a spade.
    What is so wrong to call him a cripple...which he is.
    Disabled guy like him should seek God's reasons for being a cripple....and when a disabled person is Godly..he will not take sides in politics.
    He wants to do that...then we must remind him to check it out...why is he a cripple.
    There is always reasons for everything.
    For example..ex Judge Ian said..Mahathir is Devil reincarnated.
    Is that not worst than calling a man what he is?
    By the way... vast majority Malaysians agree with ex Judge Ian.
    And Najib is known to be the biggest liar.
    Do you agree?
    You see...labels are given to so many.
    The funny part of it....all are true.

  33. Anonymous11:19 am

    I don't know how many people actually care to even read monsterball's comments or rather silly rants.

    I know I don't.

    Pity him as I and I believe many other people here only look at his name and scroll down without rading his silly rants and move to the next commentator.

    We agree to disagree, but when it comes to monsterball, this is like taking disagreement to another level.

    He says things just to make people angry and just to satisfy his urge for the sake of oppossing and his personal attack on someone he dislikes is legendary.

    I make this conclusions after going through his few comments so I'm going to ignore him this moment onwards. I've been ignoring his anyway.

    So monsterball, pleae don't reply to me as I will not read your comments or whatever it is that comes out from your mouth.

    Pity your family and friends, if you have any that is.


  34. Anonymous2:09 pm

    We better check why Chandra Muzaffar @ Chandrasekaran Pillay resigned from USM long time ago. It's due to a very serious offence as far as academia is concerned. He was given an option either to resign or be sacked. Such was his track record.


  35. Anonymous3:44 pm

    CM is an idi@t.

  36. Anonymous4:23 pm

    macam syatan takutkan ayat kursi

  37. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Chandra Muzafar is another spin doctor like Jala of Pemandu

  38. Anonymous6:38 pm


  39. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Actually Manoq@11:19 AM

    teenyweenyball is a negelcted old man who is so lonely, he comes to Rocky's blog to gain some self-perceived respect for his "grand" opinions

    he also uses this blog to release a lot of pent-up emotions and unachieved fantasies

    after a while I too ignore and let him have his dreams fulfilled in cyberspace

    P.S. nw you know why he MUST use monsterball as his nic

  40. Anonymous8:30 pm

    haiya godfather

    isn't karpal singh on wheelchair too

    any words on him??

  41. Usually truth hurts.
    So don't read my comments Manoq and talk cock to me.

  42. hi pariah Monoq...you comment about me and ask me don't bother to reply?
    You pity my family and my friends?
    Well all UMNO B supporters and hypocrites talk that to me too.
    It is a sort of hit and run like a coward...a hypocrite with no BALLS.