Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wake up Miss Clare, the days of the White Rajahs are long gone!


While we are on the subject, do read a Malaysian's take on the state and on Taib Mahmud -- Bushmen in Sarawak by Apanama. The journo-blogger Firdaus Abdullah, who spent 5 years as a correspondent in the state, explains why some quarters are aiming their guns at the CM and why they need to take him down by hook or by Clare.

"Taib ... is Pakatan Rakyat's greatest stumbling block," he writes."... the rural folks spitting on their old transistor radios that, they say, have been telling lies lately."   

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Original article, Thursday: 

My latest column in The Paper That Cares looks at the uprising against Taib Mahmud on Bolsover Street in London amid the uprising in the Middle East. In a nutshell, I'm saying that the Sarawak state election is just around the corner and if the people (of Sarawak) want their Chief Minister of 30 years to go, he will go --- all they have to do is tick in the right box on the ballot paper. We should not allow some foreigners treat us like Third World fools, man.

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  1. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    I don't think they are looking down on us as third-world people or such; they're highlighting an issue which has long plagued us Sarawakians.

    Regarding the votes; you've seen how the people have voted in Sibu and Kuching. We Sarawakians could not care less from which party a candidate comes from. All we ask for is good and transparent governance.

    and here's the common mistake the people of the peninsula apt to do; assuming that we are fools for keeping Taib in, election after election. It has been raised in various blogs that the election process here is not as easy as you think; the people of Sarawak, particularly in the interior, were physically-intimidated to vote for BN. Come down here to Sarawak, visit these people in the longhouse, and just spare some time listening to them. They simply have no other choice..

    The townfolks of Sarawak have awaken. I did not say this because they voted the Opposition mainly, i said this because they voted for the one who really cares. And unfortunately, some of these good candidates are under the umbrella party BN, and like it or not, Taib is the BN leader here.

    Datuk, what these protestors do in the Western countries are to highlight this issue, which for some BAFFLING reasons, seems to escape MACC's attention. MACC has investigated politicians before with much less evidence (heck, some are just hearsays). The allegations against Taib is numerous, but where is MACC when we really need them?

    You should wake up Datuk, and come and listen to the indigenous people. Nobody likes Taib here, not even his own people the Melanaus..


  2. Yes... the days of the White Rajahs are long gone!
    Long live local Rajahs!
    The whites like to mess around other peoples backyards.
    Taib Mahmud is bloody rich... live with it Clare! People of Sarawak does not have a problem with it... well the majority of it anyway as proven through the ballot box. Democrazy lives!

  3. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Taib should get rid of his useless PR guys and hired you instead.

  4. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Miss Clare was in Sarawak?

    While daddy did the Jessica Elba Sleeping Dictionary projects in the jungles of Sarawak,

    Mummy must have spent half her days daydreaming by the swimming pool, having nothing else to do after her daily golf sessions, waited head to foot by the natives there.

    Best years of their life indeed!!


  5. these people are just jealous because taib managed to fleece so much money from the native and from the land of the east my...
    also he managed to make his taib clan millionairs around the world.

    ya i agree .. leave the power of change to the people of the land
    no matter how unfair it is.. and how money being used/ gangsters / police being mobilised to silence dissent

    Luckly i am not born in the east malaysia. And luckly i have no friend who were born in the east my... luckly i have no love to the nature rain forest ...

  6. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Your point is:

    a. Never mind if he has looted for 30 years.

    b. Just vote him out.

    c. And don't worry/bother about what has been looted?


  7. Anonymous9:37 pm

    yeah right..let Taib treat u like a fool..


  8. "Ms Clare should take heed and not treat Malaysians, Sarawakians especially, as Third World fools."

    How then should we view M'sians who took to the streets in support of the tsunamis in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen? Or supported Iraq and Afghanistan (not without considerable justification) over the invasion by USA?

    Should we entertain notions by some from the North Africa, Middle East and USA and calls for "M'sians, please don't treat us as Third World fools"?

    And why hasn't that man ranked 4th most influential in the world of bosses investigated the $billion wealth and assets of Taib all these years? Too busy with swooping down with eagle precision on cows and cars? Waiting yet again (selectively) for someone to make a police report first?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  9. attila11:14 pm

    Balls-over Street?! How very apt for supporters of Anwar. Sigh, all these Mat Sallehs who think they know better than the little brown men, trying to act as our saviours...

  10. You are saying that if one is not as corrupted as Gaddafi or Mubarak one does not need to be overthrown? Ms. Clare Gordon is just trying to help Malaysians to look into the situation of Sarawak and possible corruptions in the Taib Family. What is wrong with that? And most importantly, why can't an informed foreigner comment on the state of affairs in Malaysia? Why would it always be, "You are a foreigner, mind your own backyard before meddling with mine?". Did you actually try to look into the "allegations" unearthed by the foreigners? Telling them "mind your own business" and shrug off the "allegations" without any internal reflection is bordering on self-denial.

  11. Anonymous8:51 am

    Democracy works when people are well informed about who they choose. If what she said is wrong, then answer her and let the people know the truth. After all it's about how the PEOPLE's money are being used/abused.

    You only gunned for the messenger when you cannot answer the allegations, which could mean the allegations are true (which is what it sounds like here). So cannot answer, go for her background, race etc. rather than focusing on the issue. In short, continue to stupidify the readers. Common, the White Rajah issue has long gone. Don't divert to protect the wrong-doer.

    - mib -

  12. Anonymous9:56 am

    How to bring down Taib without bringing down BN? Sarawakian wanted BN to lead them. But they don't want Taib to be their leader. Ppl in Taib's constituent will certainly vote for him. This is a similar case to Pak Lah.

    BN leaders shud advise him not to go CM post after the state election. They shud do a 'Pak Lah' to Taib. That is the easiest way. No way you can bring down Taib without bring down BN. Unless there are election for CM post.

    No people don't have the power to tell Taib to go away but BN does. And they shud do a 'Pak Lah' to Taib now..

    And btw, yes.. White man (or lady) pls stay away from our politics. You're no longer our White Rajahs..

  13. [QUOTE]: "I am sure some who believe that the Malaysian government cannot be changed via the ballot but by way of the New Democracy, ie street protest, are watching the upheavals in the Middle East closely."

    One of them must be doing so in bitter disappointment. He sees how the Tunisians were successful after just a week or so. The Egyptians also, although it took them a bit longer. And the Libyans are moving towards this by the day too, while those in Yemen and Bahrain look to have a fighting chance.

    But not him: he's been at it since more than a dozen years ago and it's still Habuk pun tarak.

    While the people in those Arab countries are ecstatic about their success with "People Power", he has to worry about some semen stain on some coffeeboy's underwear. Plus a certain piece of pubic hair related but not belonging to this coffeeboy. Wah, "Male Y POWER" betul ye, sampai boleh TERCABUT Haha!

  14. Anonymous11:25 am

    Rewrite your column in the main stream papers

    Mention about the massive corruption by the current government (Taib's administration)
    and highlight repeatedly .. There is a lot of proof .. no need to really to search and it is mainly there to see..

    I and many other dare you to do so or you are just a plain hopeless coward... and tak boleh pakai....

  15. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Wake up la Miss Clare, don't you know that the people of Sarawak need Taib just like the Indians need Samy Vellu!

  16. Wilson12:57 pm

    I suppose we do not need elections to bring down Taib. In fact it should not be the people after all. It should be the law! It is pretty obvious that he is corrupt to the core and yet nobody dares to take actions against him. Don't tell me he is the other Minister who managed to 'cheat' the PMs? Therefore, if the laws were to be enforced, he would have spent his time in jail a long long time ago.

  17. nstman1:03 pm

    The white rajahs have disappeared, but in their place are the brown rajahs.

  18. Tabung Uji1:31 pm

    Terdapat penyelewengan yang sedah berleluasa di Tabung Tupperware aka Tabung Hantu (TH). Sila layar

  19. Agree we have the means to renew ourselves adequately through the parliamentary democracy we practice.

    But we seem to be on the defenisve, although our democracy is a first rate one.

    The moral character of our nation has been maligned and the tone set by Mr Anwar's rhetoric in his pursuit for power by whatever means - democracy or demogoguery.

    We have to go on the offensive, so that the parliamentary system is not abused or threatened by people whose motive is greed.

  20. Anonymous2:22 pm

    batu bru,
    if clare is not needed ,you are just like her too....foreigner to us sarawakian....its been 47 years the neo colonialist of malaya telling us what we can and cannot do and worst still they think they are the tuan and we are the coolies!

  21. Anonymous3:18 pm

    PETALING JAYA: Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, whose term as Securities Commission chairman comes to an end this month, is expected to serve another year in that capacity till April 2012.


  22. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Gaddafi said the same thing to the rest of the world. After being NOT a human by commenting idiotic comment on TBH, now this
    Talk to the Libyans man....Hahaha

  23. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Thought we have gotten rid of the British through Merdeka. And now we want them to colonise us once again?

    It was the British who started the now fashionable divide and rule trend and raped this country of its tin and rubber, imported Hindraf slaves to tar roads while they scoffed cigars with the pint at some lush clubs.

    Do the Sarawakians want to go back to the Raja Brooke era? The white Rajahs were once the Tuans of our land. We kicked them out and now we lick their sputum again?

    Well, it is up to the wisdom of the Sarawakians at the ballot box. They need no outside provocation.


  24. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Zarinah Anwar's term at SC to be extended?
    PM, dont push your luck.


  25. Anonymous10:25 pm

    nstman @1:03 PM said "The white rajahs have disappeared, but in their place are the brown rajahs.

    yeah nstman, the yellow rajahs now want to take over the brown rajahs' homeland, TANAH MELAYU

    muka tak malu, hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong, mata pun tersepet

  26. @Anonymous 11:25 AM
    [QUOTE] "I and many other dare you to do so or you are just a plain hopeless coward... and tak boleh pakai...."

    "plain", "hopeless", "coward" AND "tak boleh pakai" -- all three words and the phrase are a great description of yourself. Aku meluat betul orang macamni: a plain, hopeless coward with a dozen kilograms of `perasan nak mampus' body fat who goes around `challenging' others... and not daring to even attach a pseudonym. Kalau pakai nama betul, barangkali terkencing masa dia click "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT". And this "I and many other" (`others' la!): How many...50? 1,000? 565,287? Or... engko sorang saja? (plus phantoms to add `credibility'; and a dose of Dutch courage Cheh!).

    While I certainly am not defending Taib Mahmud, I feel it's not right to simply hurl accusations and insinuations of corruption while not providing any specifics, much less evidence. And having the temerity to challenge others to do his dirty work for him! "a lot of proof"? Okay, let's see it then. Wait!... let's see the specific ACCUSATIONS first. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for him to furnish this... memang jenis tak boleh pakai. POODAH!

  27. The Watcher2:46 am

    Frankly, that's because the Malay leadership ARE third-world fools. You guys are only being treated according to the way you behave.

  28. Anonymous9:26 am

    nstman @1:03 PM,

    Siapa kata the white Rajahs have disappeared?

    They have taken over your souls la..

    See, all their coolies and labourers, nust bear their names names,. Monsterbal chong chiang, Jeffry chong chiang, Teresa chong chiang, Elizabeth chong chiang, itu Pakiam entah apanama gerek gerek...

    Tengok rambut2 sudah ler, long tocang plaits all chopped off, turbans also terbang, dye hairs brown brunnette hoping to look like them sum more,

    Alamak! Mata sanggup pi buat plastic surgery nak kasi luas dan besar...use green and blue contact lenses sum more,

    All your woman desperately want to look like Miss Clare...

    Sori ya... kulit susah nak dye..



  29. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Lynch the thief. Confiscate the loot and distribute among the penans , ibans , melanau etc.
    I thought the ibans were good in head hunting.

  30. Anonymous11:17 pm

    The white girl just giving good advice. Your ketuanan doesn't work across borders, Rocky Fool!

    Malay supremacy now in conflict with White Supremacy, is it? The looting don't matter as long as the thief is malay.

  31. Datuk Rock,

    True enough the white Rajah has long gone but the main issue is Srwk is CMS.. and who is behind the company? The whole Sarawakian knew every single projrct in Srwk related to that company. Cahaya Mata Sarawak or Chief Monister's Son. If Taib is not a burden to BN now, then why election had been delayed? I think it just an open secret that, it is not Chinese Sarawak denied for BN but , if taib is still there, there will be no vhance for SUPP to survive and BN becomes irrelevant,

  32. Anonymous7:30 am

    Are you a sarawakian? Come and live with us and experience what Taib has done to the state. What development? I haven't seen any? What leadership and wisdom are you talking about?
    What a joke.

  33. currypuffseller8:38 am

    The fundamental problem with most of the malays is their 'TANAH MELAYU' mentality. YES, this is my land SO l want everything comes MY WAY. URGH!! Chinese can be seen every corner of the world;they may or may not be liked, but one thing one cannot deny,ie, they earn their respect through diligence. Call them mata sepet as you like.

  34. Just wondering......why has the mainstream media kept their silence about CM Sarawak's plunder and massive corruption, as revealed in Sarawak Report. Are the reports a bag of lies? Or is the government too scared to expose all that is revealed? Can you answer this for me.

  35. Should have a max term for CM. As a Johorean I hope to see new face in the next term for Johor

  36. Anonymous11:18 am

    Honestly Rocky, don't your get the message. Dah berapa ribu kali orang dah lambast you for supporting a known corrupt like Taib. Masih tak sedar-sedar ke? Dont give us the "White Rajah" talk - we are not daft.
    There is only one thing left to say - "The money must be damn good."

  37. Anonymous2:22 pm

    currypuffseller 8:38 AM

    ...they earn their respect through diligence...

    Ler... tolong cerita sikit, deligence kut celah mana pulak ni?

    Kacau ler macam ni kalau tak sudah2 asyik duk meghoyan. They brainwashed you while in the Tongkangs ker?

    Kecian kecian..


  38. CM Taib knows what to do. I think this will be his last election with or without Ms. Clare's opposition funded radio.

  39. Yeh...and they have been replaced by brown Rajahs who for whatever reasons seem only to be able to cohort with white looking women....and tell you, the brown rajahs have certainly learnt well. what you white rajahs couldn't do in over a hundred years the brown rajahs are doing in just one life time. Tearing down the very fabric of Sarawak!!

  40. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Anonymous 7:30 AM

    Kawan, you sure a Sarawakian?

    Nak ke Kampung Kut dulu-dulu macam mana? Sekarang macam mana?

    Kalau you Sarawakian, itu dah kira Development ler..

    Waa.. always visiting your mummy in Hongkong ker? So thts the development you are craving for?

    To bring Hongkong to Sarawak? Cannot like tht wan..

    Twomorelow you go to Normah Sp. Centre, there got one very good brain surgeon, ask him to examine your brain, can or not?



  41. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Hidup Warga BORNEO,,,lihat betapa ramai nya MENTERI CABINET from BORNEO..!!!

    Imagine,,kalu tiada kemenangan from BORNEO,,dah KOJOL UMNO,,,,silap-silap PM pon ORANG Opposition,,!!

    Me - Layu

  42. Anonymous10:15 pm

    The White Rajahs have been replaced by a White Haired Rajah who needed a 28 year old Syrian wife...

    Carry on stealing....


  43. Anonymous11:22 pm

    If given a chance for me to be CM Sarawak,I will make myself rich..hahhahaha.

    Thats what in their mind...ALL THE OPPOSITION LEADER.

    All I know,SARAWAK has moved ahead so far.There are few states in Peninsular is still far behind Sarawak.
    Look at Kelantan...

  44. Anonymous1:03 am

    Wny hasn't the MM done an expose on Taib ? There seems to be plenty of information around but MACC is keeping a deafening silence.

    Do it for the rakyat, Datuk !

  45. Anonymous7:36 am

    Thank you Miss Clare for having balls which many local bloggers and journalists dont!
    Actually why bite the hand that feeds you.

  46. currypuffseller4:10 pm

    you can only talk big at home. Try leaving the comfort of yOur so- called TANAH MELAYU to the world outside and see how many people have ever heard of BOLEHLAND. Be humble, work hard and put the country'name on the world stage, if you are that patriotic. Yes,IF.

  47. Anonymous12:03 am


    We do not have any obligation to go outside because this is our land. Unlike you and your ancestors. We have a house country to live to and die for. Unlike your ancestors running away from their own home country and now you have an obligation to go jump to another country and ask other people praise you.

  48. Anonymous12:37 am

    Aku tak percaya kalau ada orang Cina nak membela Sarawak atau Sabah, itu semua hipokrit sebab masa aku kat matrikulasi, member aku yang Sarawak/Sabah pun "bumiputera-ism" jugak. Mereka lebih takut dengan Cina dari pada orang Melayu Semenanjung atas sebab ekonomi terutamanya. Lagipun orang Melayu dengan bumiputera Sabah/Sarawak tak banyak beza, isu yang mereka ada lebih kurang sama.

    Sebenarnya orang Melayu dan India lebih senang ngam dari orang Cina. Entah kenapa orang Cina ni susah sangat. Mungkin sebab mereka pegang ekonomi yang membuatkah mereka rasa hebat dari orang lain.

    Isu-isu Taib, bagi aku hanya "smokescreen" saja. Tujuan utama adalah untuk melemahkan kuasa politik bumiputera. Bayangkan jika kuasa bumiputera berpecah dua, mereka akan menjadi kuasa penentu dan itu yang mereka mahu. Kalau pun Taib betul-betul rasuah, pergilah report kat MACC dengan bawa bukti. Aku pun tak suka orang yang lama pegang kuasa ni, Nik Aziz contohnya, berapa lama dah jadi menteri di Kelantan? Tiada pulak komplain?

    Nasihat pada orang Sarawak, kau nak undi siapa pun lantaklah tapi jangan bagi "full power" pada mana-mana pihak, bagi berasap sikit DUN. Kedua, jangan jadi macam di semenanjung, menyesal kemudian hari tiada guna. Pada Mac-2008, orang Melayu Semenanjung banyak undi pembangkang sebab tak puas hati dengan UMNO, tapi "side effect" dia, orang Cina pulak naik tocang. Apa tidaknya, tempat DAP pun orang Melayu undi. Aku tak kisah sangat pasal undi pada Cina asal dapat pembalasan setimpal. Pada Mac-2008 aku pun sokong jugak orang Cina dalam beberapa isu, ingatkan mereka akan sokong satu sekolah untuk semua ke, guna bahasa kebangsaan ke (no race base lah katakan). Tapi lepas je undi isu pertama timbul pasal songkok, lepas tu papan tanda jalan tulisan cina, satu sekolah jauh panggang lah...


  49. Anonymous9:44 am

    Dedicated to Currypuff:

    Tanah tumpahnya darahku
    Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju
    Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan
    Raja kita selamat bertakhta

    Sing this loud and clear and you don't need to go hear go ebeliwear to belong..


  50. Anonymous3:51 pm

    This special ofne dedicated to Skilly anon,

    Lai ba, Xinjiapo renmin,

    Rang women gongtong xiang xingfu maijin;

    Women chonggao de lixiang,

    Yao shi Xinjiapo chenggong.

    Lai ba, rang women yi xin de jingshen,

    Tuanjie zai yiqi;

    Women qisheng huanhu:

    Qianjin ba, Xinjiapo!


    Ahso tatak payah risau pasai Malaysia, we have almost all the things we need in LIFE, here..Even the animals can get fresh water FOC need for them to pay wan..

    KARPAL SINGH pun ader, he is a tiger.. after he ANGRY with you he go bite you sum more..



  51. kutukuru6:51 am

    Anak mahathir billionaire.
    brother najib billionaire.
    lin liong sik family billionaire.
    anak pak dollah billionaire (almost).

    tapi ini bukan corruption. ini rezeki. kerje kuat. jgn dengki!

    doesnt take a genius to figure out your odds of being a billionaire are MUCH higher if you are directly related to a high rank politician.

    lets close one eye. not our money rite?

  52. currypuffseller6:22 am

    Perwira and Anonymous 12.03,

    There you go again- My Land, My Tanah...- Isn't what you said justified my earlier statement?
    Ha Ha Ha...
    Bye !