Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rantings against an Insider

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Angry Reader
Letter to the Bru-Editor
Dear Rocky, I need some of your space in your blog to get my message to Martin Jelleh who is bullshit as an expert of all! Please allow me this space.

Having read Of political desperados, dingoes and demons (by Martin Jalleh March 25, 2011 The Malaysian Insider) I feel so duty bound to nail this Jalleh fellow for all his ranting and bullshitting. I simply do not know how to gain access to his blog. MI would not allow me in for they prefer to entertain Jelleh and his kind. This is addressed to Martin Jalleh (or whatever your real name is).

You have been a frustrated old agitator for years. Malaysia gave you a place to live in and a place to work, and shit in, and have turned into an old bungling fool. You are the most ungrateful person I have ever seen. You have been trying to get the non-Malays to rise against the Government for some personal selfish reasons. You have metamorphosised into a fraught, canine devil as seen through your howling, cat-calls and vents. This piece of writing, (if one cal call it writing) is another crowning effort by this pendatang. One just cannot fathom why you are so myopic as to Anwar’s agenda. Anwar is leading the opposition for his own selfish reason, not for the people and country. You accuse of UMNO being a spin-doctor when we are dealing with one of the biggest one of all, you.

Admittedly, we are ‘Bolehland’ AND PROUD OF IT, of what your original homeland could not provide you, so you had to seek greener pastures. You have to get out of your syndrome of self-deception, delusion and denial. You are one who cannot accept the truth, especially of Anwar affairs. The laugh of the day, you top Tunku Abdul Aziz as a respected public figure when he is in your class. He is another old frustrated rant! Everything is a circus for you, when the fact remains that you are the Circus Ringmaster. You have been ranting, and raving all your life. If life is so bad in Bolehland, ever thought of moving on to your kind of heaven. Wake up man! It is not very strange that you are always right while everything around you is wrong? Everything and everybody around you in Malaysia is wrong except you! You are a disgrace to society and “your” kind of people you support, the posterior minded people. Your tantrums of temper, play up of your theatrics, your low-down threats and taunts and you meandering the truth, always comes to nought. 

You accuse others of being politically bankrupt when it is you reflecting a mirror image of yourself - Ever thought about it? You being the expert in all affairs give you zero credibility and 
credence - Ever thought about it? Learn to reflect!

25 March 2011

Bru-Editor says: Thank you, MalaysianPotpourri for your "letter". I hope The Malaysian Insider will give you some space in future to comment on the articles by their contributors. I'm sure Martin Jalleh would love the feedback.
p.s. Readers who can't access the Insider's article directly, go to Martin we-have-a-dead-Constitution Jalleh


  1. Anonymous3:44 am

    There are a number of Malaysians who are like this Martin Jalleh. Harping on all the negative things about Malaysia, the government and the UMNO/BN as though they are the expert and know all.

    Their hearts are filled with hatred and they all shut out their minds from the other point of views. They will try and keep on trying to poison our minds so that we will gang up and end up throwing the "much hatred" UMNO/BN government.

    Martin Jalleh, I know you will never repent for all the bad things you have said about this country. I just want to live in peace with everybody in this beautiful county we call Malaysia. Don't spoil all the achievements that we as Malaysians have built so far!

  2. Wow. That sure is an angry 'letter'. Unfortunately, I can see the source of that anger.

    Oh well.

  3. Depa selalu komen, ini mesti UMNO bayar..!!

    Martin Jalleh ni pulak mesti ..."Anwar pakai...!!!"

  4. this martin reminds me of Shahnon's famous title of the book... you know the one which some ulamak said it's ok....

  5. Anonymous7:00 am

    i am guessing that MI will tell their readers that UMNO goons are behind this letter. in fact the toilet bowl might have some conspiracy story as to how , when and why you are shitting in.

  6. Dear Potpourri

    You have your right and enjoy it. Mind you, look around you and step back and think.

    Let just look at ONE thing..

    China Bullet Train project RM70+ Million/KM. Malaysia MRT 300+ Million/KM. Just think and use our brain if it hasn't been brainwashed

    There are more... It about time we look into all this. In a society where we are complacent and accpet what disk out, we are making a fool of ourselves.

    Stop calling people name, we are all pendatang, unless you are Orang Asli, Iban, Kayan and other orang ULU of Sabah and Sarawak.

  7. Anonymous8:49 am

    Malaysian Potpurri
    Is that you have got MP ?
    Complaining about Jalleh ? Show us point by point where or why he is wrong and we will support you.

    All you did was idle ranting , spinning , quite typical of most of those Ketuanan Melayu lost souls.

    Be more intelligent please, if you have what it takes, not hide behind the equally bad spinner Rocky

  8. Salam Datuk and MalaysianPotpourri,

    There is little point in commenting to The Malaysian Insider as I have on occassions questioned their credibility as they do practise fair and balanced reporting.

    They often do not publish comments rebutting their columns.

    As for Mr Jalleh and TMI, here's proof of their questionable crediblity.


  9. Salam Datuk,

    What is worse is sometimes upon closer scrutiny you find some dubious intention of the TMI.

    Thank you

  10. Anonymous9:43 am

    Go to Malaysian Insider? No way... Firstly, there is nothing good ever written on Malaysia, Islam or Malay. Secondly, you can never get your reply or feedback posted as long as your replies does not favour their outlook. I have stop visiting undemocratic, self-centered, sombong bodoh websites, i also think these lawyers doesnt know how to say thank you, maybe not well brought up by their parents. They cant fool all the people, except those that is so buta hati.


  11. Anonymous9:59 am

    Cheers mate! well said. The government must act tougher against these people.

  12. Anonymous10:11 am

    MalaysianPotpourri, well said

  13. Anonymous10:45 am

    To malaysianporkpuki...

    U r also a fcuking arsehole pendatang !

  14. Anonymous10:48 am

    I read Potpourri's article without reading Jalleh's to find out what Potpourri was trying to rebut. Guess what? A big fat zero!! Looks like Potpourri just so angry that he just blew, blew and blew without one iota of countering whatever points Jalleh was trying to make. Guess you can take the Mat Rempit out of the kampung but you cannot take the kampung out of Mat!

  15. Anonymous11:16 am

    This writer is none other than an UMNO paid writer, perhaps from APCO itself. You sucks.

  16. Anonymous11:34 am

    Bravo Malaysianpotpori. I'm sick of Malaysian Insider too. They are actually making tons of money by creating havocs in this country. Surely MI will deny this.

  17. Anonymous11:41 am

    Malaysian Insider frequently howling that local major prints are bias and racism. In actual fact Malaysian Insider are too damn biased and too racist. It's always in the name of freedom of press but Malaysian Insider themselves are not free. Enough said.

  18. Anonymous11:54 am

    The Jalleh family are truly Bumiputras. They have been in Malaysia since time immemorial. Members of the family became senior police and army officers. Martin's father was a senior civil servant (Customs). Martin and his brothers grew up with Malay kids, and they all speak Bahasa most fluently.Martin is a "sambal belacan" orang Tanjung.
    Do not traduce him. It shows that you are unschooled and shallow. Criticize his facts or fiction.
    His brother was a colonel in our Armed Forces, and a distinguished officer. Have you ever served in the armed forces? Who is the pendatang?

  19. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Nampaknya malaysianpotpourri ini butthurt bila baca rencana En Martin. Tak dapat dengar idea berlainan. Tuduh En. Martin melatah tapi sendiri pun melatah-latah tulis responnya.

    Would malaysianpotpourri like some cheese with his whine? Kat Mercato Pavilion ada banyak jenis cheese. kahkahkah

  20. Anonymous12:06 pm

    I read something like this once in a while, especially in Malaysian Insider. Never have I taken anything like this seriously.

    I go out and meet people. At the pubs that I frequent, I'd meet all these expats and mat sallehs. We'd talk and over time, we'd become friends. Never have I met anyone w/ such frustrations. They love this country. If they don't, they would have left a long time ago.

    Sure, we're not perfect. Where can you find perfection anyway?

    I read Insider and I think to myself, Really? And then I go out liberally and freely and do whatever I want w/ no restrictions (within the bounds of law, that is) and I think again, Oh.

    Sure, there are people whining about this and that, about how hard it is to make a living out there, yet here they are, at the pubs every day drinking away their money. Sometimes I just don't know what the hell it is that these Anwaristas want. It's not peace and prosperity, that's for sure.


    -Bangsar Libertarian

  21. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Suppose it runs in their blood.

    His forefather must have bad mouthed every single bit about his country of origin, HENCE BEING hunted by their authorities there, had no choice but to flee in Tongkangs which landed in Malaya...


    Thrir cycle never will end, the same as the streams of China Dolls still sneaking here today and destroying whatever they touch.

    These types have no sense for anything, campur kaluuu jadi = NONSENSE..



  22. Anonymous12:12 pm


    MJ is a Swakian, former environmental activist in the Bruno Manser mould. He was harmless & ignored then.

    But what makes him a dangerous agitator now is his opportunitistic MO of adding the combustible flames of religious fervour (he's Catholic) in his rants. Of course MI will have a place for ingrates & losers like him.

    After all, MI's MO too is crystal clear - any enemy of UMNO (read Malay / Muslim ) is a friend of mine. Regardless of his leanings & credibility.

    So after all this subversive and divisive shit on MI, question that comes in mind is -- Hisham ni tido ke takde telo Dato??

  23. MalaysianPotpourri dare to offer his piece to Malaysiakini ...he will be fucked up...left right and center by dozens of commentators.
    There is no doubt he can write well but with all his command of the English langiage ..the substances and arguments are full of shit and a doggy voice for UMNO B.
    The latest sex show sting.. aganist Anwar have backfired.
    Yes...Anwar wants to be PM and so millions upon millions want him to be PM too.
    Ask Najib to declare 13th GE and be voted as PM by the people and shut the fuck up.

  24. Maaf Datuk,


    "There is little point in commenting to The Malaysian Insider as I have on occassions questioned their credibility as they do NOT practise fair and balanced reporting"

    Thank you

  25. Anonymous12:42 pm

    The letter is a joke coz ppl who r stupid doesn't know how to reply to the truth!

  26. nstman1:40 pm

    Angry Reader, you are a psycho and mental patient. You dont have the locus standi to comment on a patriot like Martin Jalleh. Jalleh is a true Malaysian.

  27. Anonymous1:42 pm

    What wrong with the "kampung" in me? i am proud of it.

  28. INSIDER1:59 pm

    SO LATOK LOCKY, Susah Kenyang ka?

    Bloggers Wanted
    Posted by Cyber Trooper on December 16, 2010 at 17:28:32:

    As part of BN Machinery to counter oppostion and pro opposition bloggers. UMNO and PBB has set up a RM10 million Cyber War Fund.

    We invited Sarawakians with journalistic instinct to contact or visit any PBB, PRS and SUPP branches to register yourself as an interested party.

    Qualified Candidates will be notified within 7 days.

    Training will be conducted by NST, Malay Mail (Datuk Rocky Bru) and Utusan Melayu at Pusat Latihan UMNO at Janda Baik.

    Every blogger will be given a granted of RM30,000 to set up their blog, whether it is free or paid hosting, besides being paid monthly allowance of RM5,000.00 per month.

    We therefore call on all responsible Sarawakians to register themselves at offices of Sarawak BN Component parties.

    It is your duty to defend Sarawak from the onslaught by Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak.

    YB Abdul Karim Hamzah
    YB Fadzillah Yusof

  29. Insider,

    LOL. Yes, I remember that story. Came out in Malaysiakini or Malaysian Insider. Totally rubbish. But good on my ego lah. Hahaha.

    Btw, pssst, macamana nak apply, ah?

  30. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Dear Dato & Potpourri

    Gopal Raj Kumar has written an article on this Martin Jalleh guy.

    I suggest that Jalleh better keep watch on "pedophiles and other monsters within the Church some of whom visited their evil trade on many of us as boys and continue to do so internationally with impunity till they are caught".
    I quote what GRK wrote.


  31. Anonymous3:53 pm

    uote from GRK, again.

    There are 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide including those who continue to give you a home Mr. Jalleh.

    You are a Burmese Eurasian which means you have no homeland. The Church sanctified the actions of those who planted their wild oats in your women then returned to their Homeland leaving you without security, identity or roots. The Malay and the Muslim allowed you to remain with them and this is your gratitude. Of people like you Mahatma Gandhi once said:

    “Monuments to European Adultery in the East, possessing the virtues of neither the East nor the West but the vices of both” Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi.


  32. Salam Datuk,

    I am humbled.

    Gua pun nak apply.

    Kalau post bank akaun nombor kat blog boleh tak?

    Mana tahu macam cerita Microsoft Bill Gates bagi wang beribu ribu.

    Nak fix me up pun takpe, sebagai bukti Cyber Trooper UMNO, tapi berjuta juta yah.


  33. sam/PRAY, it works4:20 pm

    Martin Jalleh must have hit the nail on the head to get such a reaction from MalaysianPotpourri. The truth is hard to accept.

  34. Anonymous10:13 pm




  35. BENatang109:36 am

    Malaysia a.k.a. Rakyat paid RM500,000 millions komisen to Perimekar for 2 Sub-prime-marines. These Millions could be better spent on 1st class hospitals and schools!
    What say you... hot-numbskull head???

  36. 1munafikmalaysia3:12 pm

    Just exactly what did Mr Jalleh write that is not the truth? He is a true patriot unlike some UMNO toadys that only know how to croak.When told to jump they will say how high rather than ask why to jump in the first place.
    Mr Pot you have no idea what it is to be a true Malaysian.Criticizing our leaders is a duty of all citizens.And if that does sit right with you Its your problem not ours.
    Malaysia belong to all her CITIZENS.No one can ask any of her citizens to leave the motherland.
    Mr Pot grow up and accept that more and more malaysians are educated. We no longer are the Simpletons of the years gone by to be manipulated and lied to.

  37. Anonymous5:04 pm

    It is people like Matin Jalleh who gives this country some hope.

    If we leave it to the UMNOputras than we will be onle famous for porn.

  38. Anonymous5:53 pm

    You know what the funniest thing about Malaysian Insider is?

    Pre-March 2008, the whole bloody country was gunning after the Pak Lah administration.

    One of the most criticised was the way the NSTP group spun stories to protect Pak Lah, and his group of the Chosen Ones.

    Sentiments ran so high.

    Yet today, MI is being run by the same exact people, plus people who used to work in wires condemning anything Malaysian, including Pak Lah, while kowtowing to the agendas of their foreign masters.

    Strange bedfellows these..

    You know what the agenda is?
    Play the trouble-maker role. If Najib falls, the funders would have done either Anwar (or even Muhyiddin) a favour...The rest, you can guess by now lah...

    What a joke!

    BODOH in capital letters...

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....


  39. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Once ie before GE2007, Rockybru was my number one Malaysia blog. After I found out Rocky is actually a UMNO supporter and misled us all, I stopped coming here ( maybe only once in a while), but have been a dedicated Malaysian Insider reader (Malaysiakini is subscription based. Overall my thumbs up for Malaysian Insider. It is the first online source I visit. Rocky I do visit but for entertainment purpose since the author seems very biased. But credit goes to him for allowing all types of comments in his blog. Most of the time here and other places the reader comments are very illuminating.


  40. Anonymous11:27 pm

    what stupid crap is this malaysianpotpourri talking about?

    martin jalleh forefathers have been here long b4 Malaysia get independence.

    whatlah, this pot and some bodoh commentators here think he is a johnny come lately mat salleh muallaf from in-ge-lend?

    luckily MI didn't post your letter, sure you get laughed out for your ASSumption. consider they do a favor for you.

  41. Salam Dato'

    1.Tabik kat MalaysianPotpourri. Saya pun ada baca dan sakit hati di buat nya...

    2.Lalu saya teringat habitat BULLFROG, baca dalam internet. "Copy and paste" sikit untuk telahan bersama :

    "These guy can LEAP pretty big leaps!! Around 3-6 feet (1-2 meters) in distance!

    Bullfrogs are territorial and protect their territories by calls, displays, chases, jump attacks, and even wrestling. Male bullfrogs chorus at breeding ponds.

    Females also give aggressive calls and they respond to the breeding calls of the male frogs. Females are attracted to males with the territories that provide the most food.

    Male frog: "Hey baby baby baby! I gottem many bugs!"
    Female frog: "hey baby, I'll hop over to your pad tonight!"

    A female bullfrog may lay up to 25,000 small eggs that are held together at the surface of the water.

    When they finally hatch, bullfrogs tadpole can remain in that stage for up to 2 years! the longer the better,experts say, because it means that it will be a bigger frog and therefore have a better chance of survival!

    Moral cerita nya, mika ni hidup mewah, senang hati di Malaysia, hidup lama dalam "stage" yang sama dan amat teruja dalam kelompok sendiri. Orang lain (semua Melayu Islam serta penyokong UMNO) semua nya salah dan bodoh belaka!

    Sampai bila...

  42. Anonymous2:27 am

    and you think rockybru is fair and balanced reporting?

  43. Skilgannon10665:34 pm

    Well, "MalaysianPothole" has chosen, wisely, perhaps, not to reveal his/her real name.

    Wassamatter - don't have the courage of your convictions to reveal who you really are?

    Martin Jalleh, at least, has the guts to put his name on all the reports and commentaries that he has written. No gutless anonymity for him!

    And I am surprised, Rocky, that you don't seem to know the difference! Or maybe that you believe that "free speech" is a restricted right to be practised only by those "in favour"?

    Why don't you cross-reference Jalleh's alleged "rantings" and "misinformed prose driven by negativity and hatred" against what Malaysia has achieved in international rankings? Don't konw where to look? I'd be happy to educate you, but I suspect that "MalaysianPotpiddle" knows only too well what these are.

    That's par for the course for those whose "otaks" are firmly set on the succubi of "privileges", "special rights", "quotas" etc and for those who believe that the world owes Malaysia a living no matter what.

  44. mustaqim7:45 pm

    i hit the same problem before...only if kickdefella can remember when i exchange comment with 1PASfella in kick article...kick simply rule me out....but that was long gone forgetful story 4me....

    from 1st day i born in this so called article....i wonder if kebebasan media really exist???no matter paper, blog, book, etc, is it really free??

    as long as human write it down i believe human got interest, agenda and own kind of mind freedom unless the writer free to do what he want in his life(including kill people who look at him, shopping in naked, having sex with who he wanted, jump from building hundreds time)....

    plz never trust america media freedom and say that malaysiakini is a media yg such thing...

    so mi...never accuse utusan and other as not transparent because u know it best who pay u or u never realise???

  45. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Spot on, Msian Potpourri. Well said. Siapa makan cili dia yg rasa pedas and judging from the pathetic responses you received here there's a lot of people in Msia who can dish it out real good but can't swallow the cili padi.

    "Martin is a "sambal belacan" orang Tanjung..11:54 AM".
    Please lah. Who wants to be mild sambal belacan when we can be a masak lomak cili api?
    Wild, fiery and flaming hot.

    What's the saying....if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen...?
    By all means,please do.

    1munafikmalaysia "the true malaysian" can take the first Airasia flight out available.

  46. Skilgannon10663:59 pm

    Anon 12:27 PM

    Tell that to the PM who is desperately trying to drum up private sector investments - local and foreign - to get his Malaysia "developed nation" thingy in place by 2020!

    Did somebody mention the figure of RM444 billion?


    So, you have surfaced again.

    I thought you would have had enough after being asked why Taib Mahmud's Sarawak is still exporting unskilled labour to Singapore! Something which you prudently chose not to reply to directly.

    Wassup, doc? No "special rights" in Sarawak to keep these unskilled natives happy and contented in their homeland instead of having to cari makan in negeri asing?

  47. Skilgannon10664:07 pm

    Anon 12:12 PM

    Catholics = fanatics????

    Crap - I could point you in the direction of the Jemaah Islamiah thugs in Indonesia who claim to defending their faith. They are not fanatics, are they?

    Oh, wait - let's ask Hishamuddin for an answer!

    Whilst on the subject of Indonesia, it's interesting that the Bakrie Brothers Group is getting into a joint venture with the Rothschild family in Europe to take over Bakrie's coal mining interests in Indonesia.

    The Rothschild family? Really?

    Which goes to show that nothing can get in the way of a cross-border business deal!

    Unless, maybe, you are in Malaysia!

  48. Anonymous4:11 pm

    BENatang10 9:36 AM

    Why don't you officially forward your findings so the authotities can work on these case.

    Otherwise you are nothing but a mere SKUNK.. Everywhere you go you stink..


  49. Anonymous5:25 pm

    I have heard & met Martin Jalleh's during many talks/occassions & found him an impeccable person. He is down to earth & mind you he lives a very simple life ; unlike this Malaysia Potpurri fellow who like a leech is stuck on UMNO's hind side.Martin is more Malaysian then this silly Guy is. Care to trace back your roots, Heh Pot "calling kettle" porri! UMNO has bred this fellow to be stupid; both mind & soul.

  50. Anonymous6:28 pm


    So. I see the cili has gone to your brain and has rendered you brainless.
    As always, a first-class crass and boring hypocrite. Crass because you have no class despite your high falutin airs and boring because you say the same things over and over again.
    And hypocrite because you are one.."Well, "MalaysianPothole" has chosen, wisely, perhaps, not to reveal his/her real name.
    Wassamatter - don't have the courage of your convictions to reveal who you really are?"

    Seriously? Skilgannon?

    Ps. and if you think i'm going to indulge you in a debate after this, i'm not interested.

    Anon 12.27pm

  51. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Skillyannon +13

    Pity you..
    Go enjoy some fresh air.. Sentosa?



  52. Bro, disappointed with you la..This guy is rambling and raging incoherently and making quite a few statements that might be construed racist, and yet you find it ok to publish it on your blog? should have just left it at your comments section if that is how he got to you.

  53. Skilgannon10664:31 pm


    No need to go to Sentosa, lah! Too many Malaysians milling around the halls of Resorts World Sentosa!

    Just go to Changi Airport and see the Malaysians (including a fair number of Sarawakians) to pick up on a previous thread) working there as toilet attendants, food court cleaners, luggage trolley retrievers and auxiliary police personnel.

    Unskilled labour exported from Malaysia. Full stop. In spite of the high-faluting claims of Sarawak politicians who shall remain nameless.

    Or is this a perverted version of the Malaysian dream - to earn a living paid in a high-value currency overseas?

    At least, Martin Jalleh is staying put in Malaysia.

    Unlike certain Malaysians who choose to vacation overseas every chance they get.