Sunday, March 27, 2011

Of getting laid, lies and liars

Anwar's (o)mega opportunity. I wrote in my column in the Paper That Cares Of Sex, Lies and Politicians (24 March, 2011)  that "this is not the first time Malaysia has been rocked by a sex video scandal involving prominent politicians".  We've been on this road before. Twice before. Chua Soi Lek, who was also a victim, resigned and then made one of the most spectacular comebacks in Malaysia's political history!

In the so-called Anwar sex video scandal, the ball is now in the court of the three men who called themselves Dato T, to prove the video in their possesion is authentic and not a hideous attempt to bring down an enemy.
If the video was indeed doctored as claimed by Anwar and loyalists like Nik Nazmi, the three must be charged and sent to jail.
If it's authentic, well, life will still move on and Malaysians know it.
They will probably not discount the possibility of a comeback. Or, at least some of them won't rule it out.
Anwar has a great opportunity here to make an even more spectacular comeback than CSL. All he needs to do, as Soi Lek himself has stated, is to prove that he is NOT the man in the sex video. So eeeeasy. Reformasi failed before and it will be harder to make it work this time. Please don't squander this opportunity like he did on the DNA issued.
In my posting I am Not Male Y, I wrote: 
This is Anwar's best chance to prove to all that he is not "Male Y" and that he is a victim of conspiracy, indeed. All he needs to do is volunteer his own DNA sample and let the truth finally prevail.
His coterie of advisers, however, had advised him against volunteering. They also advised Anwar to fight tooth and nail against the prosecution's attempt to get the judge in the Sodomy ll case to compel Anwar to give his DNA sample. I thought that it was bad advice. I think Anwar is being ill-advised.
p.s. In case you're wondering, the picture above shows an Omega watch BUT not the one that Wan Aziz is allegedly keeping for her husband, h e r e.  No I don't have an Omega but if could, I would like to have this one. Because it's close to orange.


  1. Anonymous2:52 pm


    You're more likely to get Hamas & Israel together than for AI to "volunteer" anything.

    His game plan is clear --- rile up the masses (whatever Malays left coz the Chinese won't want to get their hands dirty) for another ala 1998 street confrontation & "drown" the evidence.

    As I said earlier, don't bother about the non-Malay opinion. As if they don't know who this lying, abusive bi-sexual charlatan really is. But they need him desperately for their ends.

    This country is so polarized now with the non Malays determined to end & rewrite the sociopolitical arrangments, to suit their ends vs. the long-compromising Malays who still have some moral fibre in them not to allow an abomination like Anwar to rule in Putrajaya.

    BN's best approach now is to go for fence-sitters, to reassure them that reforms are underway BUT within the agreed upon terms set by our forefathers & the political realities of this country.

    Certainly not by destroying our foundations & installing devil-reincarnate himself.


  2. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Its not about the authenticity of the video.I believe it authentic.pure video.Now why people of Malaysia think abt whether the video is ori or not.Sure indeed it is ori,because this is conspiracy.But let me tell u brother,let me bring u how it started and think,coz u are older enuf to think. u know how many people could have the look of p.ramlee?even there was a movie which would be a pramlee movie and the person who is actually should act as him been found and he look almost 100% like u think its hard enuf to find someone look like anwar?

    2.Why the video is black and white?nowadays we are HD and 3D version.

    3.Hotel has CCTV in their room?which hotel could be permitted to do this?so,this must be conpsired by some group who knows that DSAI would play with prostitute at that time,at the said day.Let say someone put the cctv,it must be near the date of 21 Feb,coz if its not,someone who stays at the hotel might found the cctv as what eskay found.

    4.If this conspirator knew that DSAI would see the prostitute,why not call JAIS/JAWI to standby at the hotel and enter the room while DSAI having the game.Why wait until this week to reveal the truth after 21Feb?Are they waiting for the hotel management to delete the recording so that investigation will fail?

    U should answer this 1st before u spread anymore doubts in people's mind

  3. Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia berada dalam kerugian...

  4. Anonymous4:25 pm

    I guess the authenticity of the video is of secondary importance.Its what consequences do the trio face? Scott free?
    Moreover, Anwar has denied it was him and has lodge a police report.Also, I suppose Anwar need to be charged for what ever offences on the alleged video, and he still need not have to prove anything.
    Maybe, we have become a very liberal country like the west?
    Honestly, Rocky, suppose One Datuk "c" were to show a similar video, under the same reasons, that may have a semblance of you,and news reported it look like you, move like you, so it must be you, so you are unfit to helm the position you are in now? Do you go to the FBI, Scotland yard, etc to prove if its authentic? What would you do?

  5. Anonymous4:44 pm

    actually it is mind boggling why would Anwar, in the middle of a sodomy case and the centre of public attention, have a go with a prostitute without even suspecting or checking for the presence of CCTV?

    I was about to believe that he DID do it with Saiful but after this video, I'm quite convinced that he was set up.

  6. Anonymous4:46 pm

    If you are a Muslim and believe in Akhirat, you would not be party to this allegation (mengaibkan saudara Islam sendiri). Apatah lagi memanjang dan menghasut orang lain untuk percaya.

  7. Salam Datuk,

    Since the police are and they have the venue of the alleged incident, the China Doll is another way to verify the identity of her copulator.

    As reported, she is caught on tape taking the watch and retrieved from her as well.


  8. Anonymous4:58 pm

    They employ that underaged girl rapist to produce the video sex!!!. That is why it failed miserably.

    Ro Bru..tell Najib that my script is much better here: " You employ a sexy actress and ask her to meet Anwar personally in his office on some pretext. Once she is in the office, strip naked and cry out rape..rape..Anwar... trying to rape me. Then get the (ex) Brig. Gen Jamil & his religious Jakun team to quickly raid the office when the actress cried rape. Take pictures of the naked girl hugging Anwar'.

    I think this script will sell to the malaysian public rather than that stupid video sex produced by of all person, Rahim. People will vomit when they heard of Rahim's name. What more what he produced or spewed from him mouth.

    Try that Bru, in convincing Najib.

  9. Anonymous5:22 pm


    When najis want to release the next series...

    Anwar & Avatar chick in the mind cubicle...

    Anwar & elephant in zoo negara...

    Anwar & kak leemah on the roof top...

  10. Anonymous5:33 pm

    To all Anwaristas...

    Spinning much?

  11. Anonymous5:52 pm

    what does DNA proved?

    remember sodomy 1 and how carrying mattresses can elevate one to become the head honcho. Oh, at the end of the day, they realise the folly of planting evidence, didnt they?

    Rocky, you may be an editor but in a civilised world, the prosecutor has to prove guilt and its not for the accused to prove his/her innocence. If you are ignorant of law 101, please get a few beers.

  12. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Abandon the thought of leaving the country...

    Where in the world can you find & be entertain by stupid $ incompetent leaders trying to outdo one another in making fool of themselves.

    Come next election let's vote for them again & be entertain for another 5 years.

  13. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Lockyblur, why u malay are so engrossed with gutter politik laced with sex ?

  14. Pengundi Atas Pagar6:46 pm


    sebar-sebarkan.. JOM RERAMAI RAKYAT MALAYSIA!!

  15. Anonymous7:11 pm


  16. hi not think you are smarter than Karpal Singh.
    Anwar is not ill advised..and if you want to know why..then look up Siva's vodeo..and listen to his explainations. It's all at Anwar's blog.
    One even say PR cock sure to win governin g .if the fight is focussed with Tunku against Mahathir.
    It sems everyone is trying hard to ignore CORRUPTIONS and MURDERS.

  17. It is not for Dato Seri Anwar to prove that he is not the man in the Sex Video.It is for the the criminals cum persecutors to back up their claim.If the three criminals fail to do so they would be found guilty and fined for defamation.This is in addition to possessing and screening the sex video.It will be extremely difficult for them to escape due punishment.

  18. And the Omega watch is a very old solid gold model.
    And everyone expects more stunts to come...using the watch.
    Anwar is riding high...inspite of all nonsense thrown at him.
    Go...view his lateast speech at Gombak where 15 minutes are allowed.
    Why 15 minutes...when idiots from UMNO B can show sex movoe openly..and Najib can speak with no permit and papers are all promoting one sided oppositions no chance to respond.
    Wht not talk freedom of speeches clearly all gone under Najib?
    Come on a real Freedom Fighter..and get sacked from Malay Mail.....hahahahahahaha
    Saw the sign "MM avaialable here" at Summit Kopitiam...but only from Mon to Fri only.
    See..working for the Govt...real easy life...makan gaji buta.
    Never seen any papers rest during weekends...unless useless ones.

  19. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Rocky you should quit blogging, from Datuk Shan.

  20. Anonymous7:34 pm

    aku rasa UMNO dah bayar pada CEO facebook dan twitter supaya padam tweet DSAI pada jam 9.20pm hingga 10.40 pm.

    Amacam? Suruh DSAI guna alasan ni.

    Nasib baik la Facebook dan tweeter bukan ciptaan dan milik rakyat Malaysia.

    kalau tidak mesti puak pakatan kata UMNO dah bayar ceo facebook dan tweeter.


  21. Anonymous7:44 pm

    I think may have missed the point. Set up, trap or what ever you may call it, if the video is found to be authentic, it would implicate the same person. The same person who have been going all over the world and impress upon many people that he is indeed a pious man. Even leaders in the so called Islamic party believed it.

  22. A.T.U.7:53 pm

    The BN has lost big time here. I do not know if this would have any effect on the Sarawak election, since much of the country is rural. But on the forthcoming GE, it definitely would have an effect. What this UMNO-engineered video does is to influence the voting in the more urbanised parts of Malaysia in such a way that BN would find it difficult to win -- more difficult in fact than in 2008. So sorry to see a party which was already regaining its lost ground (eg the by-election victories) now finding itself, not exactly in square one, but worse than before. Rahim Thamby Chik has screwed up his party's chances massively, and with the ridiculous sodomy 2 trial in progress, it will ensure that the party's chances of recovery is almost nil.

    With Anwar Ibrahim, it's best to leave him alone, and he will destroy both his party and himself in due course. But fight him, and he will fight back tenaciously; he will be stronger than before; and the rakyat's sympathies will be with him. It was stupid of UMNO to let Rahim Thamby Chik destroy his party in such a devastating manner. I wouldn't suggest how the party can regain the confidence of the rakyat, since Najib likes Rahim so much. Let him self-destruct, then he'll know the meaning of the saying: "with a friend like Rahim, who needs enemies?"

  23. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Far from understanding of inner Malaysian politics, I am more than convinced now that those in power are so very scared of the potential that this Anwar has. If not, why so much attention have had been accorded to this guy? I noticed too that so many blogs are aiming their guns at Anwar in tandem. I can appreciate the setting up of public opinion on issues of interest. But to participate in a fiesta of fitna, whether or not the target is our enemy, sorry I say NO. I am a Muslim.

  24. Saya cadangkan supaya anda mengambil pendapat ulama-ulama UMNO dalam hal video ini. Saya fikir amai orang berminat untuk mendengar pedapat,petua dan fatwa mereka berkenaan denga isu ini. Sudah tiba masanya mereka juga diberi ruang dalam surat khabar tuan dan suku sakat tuan untuk untuk bersuara.

  25. Truth Seeker8:50 pm

    You can read all the illogical assumptions of BABI followers while accusing others of illicit sex without proof or 4 witnesses but require so for BABI.

  26. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Potong stim betuila. Orang dok syiok tengok PRN Serawak, semua media massa pi alik kisah nie. Saya agak2 la, BN nie nak alih tumpuan DSAI kat Serawak kot. Sejarah M'sia zaman Tun dulu, kalau kita tengok, dulu2 kalau media massa perbesarkan satu2 kes,jaga2 masa tu Tun nak balas duit pikiak la no.
    -sender Rakyat Penang lo.

  27. Anonymous10:01 pm



  28. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Anon 4: 58... sorry to say lah brother, your script is so fucking stupid. i.e... ask the girl to see BABI... are you facuking naive ??? not event the Ketua Cabang yang dah tolong dia since year 1998 got a single chance to see him... I mean walk in just like that lah Bro.

  29. Anonymous10:09 pm

    1. Since when is somebody guilty until proven innocent?

    2. Since when is the accused must prove his innocence? It is the accuser that must show proof beyond reasonable doubt. If the accused must prove his innocence, then it is easy for anybody to maliciously accuse somebody else for any crime.

  30. Anonymous10:27 pm

    YB Loh Gwo Burne should be called in to clarify the video recording process because he is a very experienced camera man. Otherwise it would make the Lingam tapes on par with this, or vice versa.


  31. if the person is not Anwar, Anwar will be able to show his alibi. Just tell the universe where he is on that particular date and time... simple.

    but, the twitter alibi cannot be used anymore since he didn't twit between 9.40 to 11.40 PM. even the FB status is coming automatically from twitter and the FB was using daylight saving time as compared to twitter that use standard time hence the discrepancy of 1 hour (twitter updated at 9.40pm, FB shows 8.40pm).

    and Anwar can show to the world if he still has the omega watch and the one with police is not his (can check the serial number and confirm with omega).

    If Anwar can show his alibi, and show the omega watch... maybe the person is not Anwar.

    The question is :

    Can Anwar do that ? or Anwar prefer to create slander story to re-use 1998 script... "OHH its conspiracy !! lets reformn ! because I really want to be PM !"

  32. Anonymous11:22 pm


    The law is the same is innocent until proven guilty..plain and simple and it is right in man's and God's view. If you have it the other way then no one is safe anymore as what goes around comes around later as the Universe itself would work against all evil doers with no mercy eventually.


  33. Anonymous11:25 pm

    What so difficult?
    Just show the watch-lah!
    Then malu itu BN!

    So simper but yet so setoopid.

  34. Anonymous12:15 am

    Dear Rocky,

    " The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow witted-man if he has not formed any idea of them alrady: but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already,without a shadow of doubt, waht is laid before him" Leo Tolstoy 1897. If you ponder on this you will understant waht the debate of the Datuk T is all about. Thank You

  35. Rocky,

    Are you stupid or what?
    Since when does one have to prove one is innocent.
    It always been that 'guilt' has to be proved! Especially since the accusers themselves lack so much credibility and have admitted to criminal intimidation

    Imagine if I came up with a video of someone who looks very similar to you molesting a goat and called a media briefing claiming so. Does this mean that you are guilty and now have to prove otherwise???

  36. Azlan1:27 am


    Thankfully you are no lawyer = because if you were you'd send your clients up the river without a paddle....
    Only places like Nazi Germany and North Korea had a policy of guilt before innocence...
    Hell, why don't we just convict everyone first and worry about innocence later.
    Why don't we just shoot anyone we don't like based on a rumour or the word of a rapist and crook.

    You are either incredibly ignorant or have a warped sense of justice..

  37. Anonymous2:08 am

    Jeopardy: Malaysia Edition

    Courtesy of Arif ...
    Answer: Are you stupid or what?
    Since when does one have to prove one is innocent.
    It always been that 'guilt' has to be proved! Especially since the accusers themselves lack so much credibility and have admitted to criminal intimidation.

    Question: Were DS Najib & DS Rosmah involved in the Altantuya incident?

    Answer courtesy of Anon 4.44pm ...
    actually it is mind boggling why would Anwar, in the middle of a sodomy case and the centre of public attention, have a go with a prostitute without even suspecting or checking for the presence of CCTV?

    Answer: Are politicians smarter than a 10 year old?

    Courtesy of Anon 6.45pm...
    Answer: Lockyblur, why u malay are so engrossed with gutter politik laced with sex ?

    Answer: What was Chua Soi Lek famous for?

    Courtesy of Anon 8.00pm
    Answer: I am more than convinced now that those in power are so very scared of the potential that this Anwar has. If not, why so much attention have had been accorded to this guy? I noticed too that so many blogs are aiming their guns at Anwar in tandem. I can appreciate the setting up of public opinion on issues of interest. But to participate in a fiesta of fitna, whether or not the target is our enemy, sorry I say NO. I am a Muslim.

    Question: What's the media role in society? What's publicity, sensational stories and scoop? How to increase circulation?

    Courtesy from 10.01pm...

    Question: What is a Schizo?

  38. The Watcher2:13 am

    So, the onus is on the accused to prove that he is innocent? And not on the accuser to prove guilt? You Mahathirite supporters are cock-suckers par excellence. And its a principle that should be remembered when Pthe time comes to round up and lock up Mahathir's dogs.

  39. I am the alpha and the omega.

  40. Anonymous6:57 am

    Arif said...

    Are you stupid or what?
    Since when does one have to prove one is innocent.
    It always been that 'guilt' has to be proved! Especially since the accusers themselves lack so much credibility and have admitted to criminal intimidation

    Imagine if I came up with a video of someone who looks very similar to you molesting a goat and called a media briefing claiming so. Does this mean that you are guilty and now have to prove otherwise???

    12:15 AM

    Well said Ariff. There seems to be a new order now. You have o prove yourslef against all allegations that any Tom Dick or Harry makes.

    The three men have admitted to possessing and screening a porn moview. That is againat the law. Charge them! That is fair but as usual Rocky only takes one side of the coin.

  41. I know that in life that we must take side.I love balance or rather something resembles it so I could make my 'educated decision'. But I'd guess maintaining balance is quite tricky. After all at the end of the day we could only mark only one of the boxes on the ballot paper.

    So I choose not to. From today onwards I am abstaining my vote until I found someone that's worthy of it.

  42. Dear Rockybru: I have come here/hear but only under very sspecial circusmtances do I pen my opinion. This is one,hear goes:)

    Yes, by giving a DNA sample -- which police already haveAnwar's, by the way, from previous investigations, remember? -- the former DPM might satisfy people ofyour thinking. BUT the fundamental right of anyone in NOT giving a DNA sample, and in Anwar's case, the diligent judge must have agreed, is ANWAR's human right to exercise ALONE.

    Think about this point, dear friends hear: A DNA can be PLANTED INTO ANOTHER MALE'S ANUS.

    But to plant semen -- which had to be fresh or the millions of sperm would die quickly outside the human body -- would be the most challenging of tasks...and that will be the TEST IN THE SODOMY @ CASE.

    Even if Anwar's DNA could be proven to have been in Saiful's anus, IT COULD HAVE BEEN PLANTED... I rest my case here as MORE EVIDENCE will come out. I just pray the court is not of Augustine Paul's standard lah!:( -- YL, Desi, fullOFerotica sometimes

  43. Anonymous8:34 am

    Any idiot worth his salt will say wait for the outcome of the police investigation into this video!

    But you, as usual of course ( being highly paid & all that ) must spin for Anwar to prove that he is not the one in the video !

    Common, its all basic common law, and you do not seem to understand this, the onus is on the accusing to prove not the other way around !

    It is indeed a shame that you are the editor of Malay Mail, for you surely have brought down by several notches the independence of journalists as a whole, that also not mentioning your crass stupidity level- another humiliation to the "Towering Malays"

  44. Anonymous8:43 am

    Religion aside, why is everyone so interested in the sex life of others? As a society, have we been that warped to think that sex has to be regulated?? No wonder UK would rather have a non commonwealth country to process our visa

  45. Anonymous8:54 am

    Dear Abg Din,

    If the "play" really took place in the said hotel room, so what?

    Datuk R1, Datuk R2, Datuk N, Datuk C, Datuk V and a lot of UMNO, MCA, MIC, DAP, PKR & PAS Datuks did the same act on different time & places. One of the Datuks in the media coverage was not spared on the act.

    I was aboout to have negative impression on Datuk A1 due to the on-going court case, but because of the stupid ploy by the damned 3 stooges made me think on "innocence" of Datuk A1. You did a good job in opening my mind.

    Keep up the good work Datuk A2.

  46. Anonymous9:15 am

    Most of us are just plain disgusted with slander politics.

    Please sign my petition and forward to friends who agree:



  47. Anonymous9:46 am

    Is there any difference between the current video and the video of CSL?

    If the answer is no then why is it that we treat both of them differently?

    hik hik

  48. Anonymous9:58 am

    To anon 3:30pm

    Maybe u r old enuf to think what u can think of. But not smart enough!

    1. If there are look alikes, why aren't they around? I remember seeing Obama look alike in malaysia. Anwar ibrahim clone! where r u. or at least someone must know...

    2. The video is in colour during bright light and automatically switch to BW when Anwar dim the lights - like night vision. Its HD alright. Hi-tech equipment

    3. Its not CCTV dumb axx! It's a spy setup. you have not been reading enough! The serviced apt probably used solely for this purpose and taken up by the Spa.

    4. The group that set up the recorder was the Spa. NOT by Datuk Trio. So all VIP's that used the service got filmed, including Anwar and maybe Datuk SK too. And Anwar has been placed in the same room every time he needs the service. Why should the Spa bring JAWI??? To close doem their joint?

    Does that answer you old guy? Maybe you're too old to do a little search that make sense.

  49. Anonymous10:07 am

    You guys dont get it right.

    (Axiom A):-

    Rahim, Eskay, UMNO, BN, etc etc are bad, right? So if they do whatever it was they were alleged to do, namely the "publicising" of the video, it would only be consistent with their "badness", right?.


    Now Anwar Ibrahim is a sanctimonious, fault-free, pious Gift of God, saviour of Malaysia (more accurately, saviour of the fastly-dying, Malayan-Union-esque "Malaysian Malaysia"), right?

    So irrespective of whether Axiom-A results in the support or condemnation of the T-trio, it doesn't matter: If their actions are right, they stand high. If their actions are wrong ---well---what can you say. "It's UMNO anyway".

    But Axiom-B is more serious. A pious man is EXPECTED not to be as vulgar as the action portrayed in the video. So then yes, it IS expected that he clears his name, and all this talk about being innocent until proven guilty and other shits is moot because we are not in court yet: only in a trial would such adage be important.

    Here's a perception war, and rather than shouting "conspiracy", it would be best for Anwar to fight this perception war first.

    But sadly, thousands of eyes and ears, via what is portrayed in the media, are begining to understand and read between the lines.

    For example, upon being asked if he would perform the SUMPAH to deny the allegations, Anwar flared up and shouted at the reporter,
    "Sumpah, Sumpah, Sumpah --- I am fed up with all of this. Dont you (UMNO, BN, ... fill in the blanks...) have anything else as part of your conspiracy theory?"

    But then, come to think of it, a simple 10-word sentence "Saya sumpah dengan nama Allah tidak melakukan sex dalam video itu" is so much simpler, shorter, more to the point, busts the UMNO-BN-DatoT Conspiracy Hegemony --- and, to top it all, reduces bad adrenalin flow and reduce Blood Pressure some more.

    But naaawwww... he didn't do it. Why? Because, to give proper credence to Anwar, Anwar is a God-fearing man. He would know that his faith in God would mean that such a sumpah would definitely fall on back to Him by using the Lord's name in vain.

    Come to think of it still, many people would have sufficient faith to believe in the Power of Allah, but not so quite enough to prevent from the luring eyes of any China Doll in any 20-minute bliss.

    Meanwhile, the westerly winds continue to blow. Old folks say that if one is to strain one's ears enough in the early hours of dawn just before the first sliver of light appears in the Straits horizon, one would hear the cries and pinings of dead sea captains of Portuguese galleons lamenting on their wishful journey back to their old povoação.

    But I ignore these thoughts and continue to write.

  50. Anonymous10:37 am

    to me, i m against a bisexual PM..

  51. Anonymous11:51 am

    hmm, if BN leaders caught in this situation, they have to prove themselves.

    If Anwar caught under the same circumstances, he should prove that hes right too yes? Ni x habis2 suruh org provekan dia x salah. Dah bagi pun still deny and deny n deny til kingdom comes.

    PR supporters have been saying Najib is linked to altantuya, so now pls give us the the proof. Mana video, mana gambar? That should be the logic kan?

    PR supporters have been saying Rosmah was thr when altantuya was killed, now pls give us the proof. Mana video dgn gambar from RPK? That should be the logic too, yes?

    Bila jadi kat org PR je, orang lain kena provekan yg diorg bersalah? now dah tunjuk pun x percaya?

    PR people definitely has some stupid logic that will only apply to their stupid brain! Its ok to accuse other people but it comes to your own people, terus cry wolf.

    If kes anwar ni is a conspiracy, then this must be the most expensive conspiracy ever!


  52. Anonymous12:24 pm


    Datok T are trying to revive Elitism in UMNO. Well their motive is not in line with Curent Najib ideals. Go to Hell with them as well as Anwar.

    Ibrahim Kati

  53. This is unoriginal lah, but I truly believe that Anwar never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Fortunately for Malaysia that is the story of his political life.

  54. observer2:15 pm

    ayo Latuk

    you memang dah tak peduli dosa dan pahala atau memang you sudah tidak percaya pada agama?

  55. Innocent until proven guilty lah. Anwar don't have to prove anything in the 2 cases. Or any Malaysian for that matter. It's the law. wtf!

  56. Anonymous2:39 pm

    And do you have info of more such tapes in the making? Perhaps you can guide those producers how to do it for its effectiveness?


  57. Anonymous3:06 pm

    bn perompak and you know it.they rompak duit tbg haji via ismee.go check it out.
    check ruzi.sama gak.nak beli
    mpkb for 5 mil konon.itu yg buat duit that carpet beggar t adnan.
    go check.
    daim..kah kah anuar
    othman,ex renong.he will tell you.
    takkan lah nak mencuri lagi?lotfi of kwasa land? kah kha...mrcb razeek? kah kah...glc
    bantai duit epf bro...
    go check.
    mrt 133 mil usd per km?

  58. Anonymous3:14 pm

    The main thing is not the authenticity of the video...

    but whether the guy humping the prostitute is BABI or just one of the ammo dog.

    Since that Zaid fler said it is a documentary & not porn movies... then just release it & let us decide if it is BABI or one of najis loverboy.

  59. Anonymous4:14 pm

    "Imagine if I came up with a video of someone who looks very similar to you molesting a goat and called a media briefing claiming so. Does this mean that you are guilty and now have to prove otherwise???"


    Well put, Ariff, but I would venture that UMNO and Perkasa would immediately deny that it was Rocky in the video, but that even if it were Rocky, the goat was the one that did the molesting.....

    Such is the brains behind UMNO nowadays.


  60. Anonymous4:28 pm

    All these stupeeeed UMNOputras, all you need to do is to claim that Anwar fabricated everything, including staging the video with a lookalike, to entrap UMNO.

    Anwar knows he is being followed 24 hours a day by Special Branch, so he has his cronies film a video between a China girl, and a lookalike. He sends out an Omega watch that looks exactly like his, but with a different serial number. Then he gets the commission master and the paedophile UMNOputras to believe in the tape.....and they all swallowed the story, hook, line and sinker....

    In the meantime, the China girl has gone back to China, Anwar has a watertight alibi for the day in question, the hotel's video cameras have all disappeared, and now UMNO doesn't know what to do next.

    Is it a set-up for Anwar or is it a set-up by Anwar ?

    Bodoh betul, UMNO.


  61. Anonymous5:01 pm


    I am sure this BN sex maniacs cant stop playing with themselves and bringing the country to disrepure.

    What say we go to the JAIS and ask them to buck up and get cracking with this DATO T jokers.

  62. Anonymous5:05 pm

    The most biggest bunch of hipocrates- UMNOputras!

  63. I love reading here, the videos about sex is hot story, wow.

  64. Anonymous5:23 pm

    LOCK 2.52pm.

    ...long-compromising Malays who still have some moral fibre...


  65. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Anon LOCK 2.52pm, you poor mind is very muddled up by Mahathir. Now its between those Malay 'Have and Have Nots ' nothing to do with the Non Malays. I sympathize you for your narrow thoughts and your self denials even though you have been abused by your own kind from UMNO for you have not learn how to tell shit from clay until then you shall and will be abuse by your own race.

    Wally, NZ

  66. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Datuk Attan,

    I am sure you are not that dumb as those three stooges in the Datuk T, I believe you are much smarter than the average joe on the streets. Deep in your heart you know its garbage re the lewd video.
    Of all person the Paedophile Rahim guy is involved and that will no doubt cast a lot of doubts in the Public's mind let alone try to convince them that the event actually took place. All this is sowed by him and now the Almighty is making Rahim reap what he sowed a few decades back. Someone else was sent to jail for his crimes, God always works in misterious ways
    when you least expect. WHO stood up for that poor underaged girl and WHO was punished instead ?? Was it a Malay ?? I don't think so and you know that very well too. Today One was rewarded for his good Deeds and the Other will be punished. Attan, your family is young and is most treasured and you must treasure them, Fear God and be truthfull and he'll bless you and your family. Remember, your Allah is watching your every moves and intentions, its your choice, make the right choice for you too will reap what you sow.
    Take care bru,

    A friend from Auckland, NZ

  67. I really envy those privilege fellows which probably includes you latuk to be able to view the movie and talk about it as if one is lecturing a less knowledgeable audience.

  68. Anonymous7:23 pm

    This Blogger is Mahathir's ass licker. What a fool? You are innocent until proven guilty. Not the other way around. Please go and lick Mahathir's ball. It shows that is all you can do.

  69. Anonymous7:58 pm

    This is not about whether Anwar screwed a chinese prostitute.....IT IS ABOUT WHO BECOMES THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA. On one side is NAJIB who most people believe to be the one behind the Altantuya Murder and theft of RM500million (in the form of commisions).)On the other side is Anwar who appears to be a highly sexed individual but not very interested in other things like "stealing the rakyat's money".

    The obvious choice to most reasonable people is ANWAR. Doesn't UMNO have any non-murderers or non-thieves to field as PM?

  70. SickosPKR8:27 pm

    There is really no criminal offence if Anwar was doing what he was doing with the Chinese pros.

    It is a moral issue and religious one.

    What normal people want is that we should not allow such people be our leaders.

    So the best course of action is to give this tape to those self appointed religious group like PAS and see what their leader is really like.

    But being hypocrites themselves , Nik Aziz will come up with some excuse and maybe want to do it themselves.

  71. Anonymous9:42 pm


    Best duk tengok how Anwar is spinning his Pakatan followers...

    SPIN Anwar SPIN..

    let us all witnesssee sampai ketahap mana kebiadaban all these parasites who will do whatever to destroy this Beloved nation.

    If anyone think they can simply sneak into this coundtry and make fools of us... SORRY..FAT HOPES.

    Keep on Spinning Anwar,


  72. Anonymous10:34 pm


    You sendiripun seiras Ramli Sarip kan? Ramai yang pelandok dua serupa... jangan lekas menuduh.

  73. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Seriously guys... Omega watch was in PDRM hand now. So why Anwar keep bluffing and lying that Kak Wan still kept that watch?

    There is no truly strong evidence for Anwar can denied on his video sex tape now.. Who cares his perut buncit, or twitter, facebook posting date.. What his try to do is just keep bluffing 'ini konspirasi, UMNO zalim, Najib terlibat..blablabla..'

    Common, im so sick have been cheated by Anwar for 13 years. Can u just Sumpah? End of the case. Noted..

  74. Anonymous8:58 am

    It's said that the guy in the video looks like Anwar, but so does that Eskay "Dato T" guy, no?

    Guess Najib is really sincere when he says "Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya".

    - Frust

  75. Try Again, Atuk9:32 am

    Ah sudah lah datuk t. Cubaan pertama wat video, gagal, skang nak cuba lagik?

  76. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Gaji dan elaun ketua pegawai eksekutif Tabung Haji RM82,000 sebulan

    KUALA LUMPUR 28 Mac - Ahli Parlimen Pasir Mas, Datuk Ibrahim Ali hari ini memberitahu Dewan Rakyat bahawa gaji dan elaun yang diperolehi Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Tabung Haji adalah RM82,000 sebulan.

    Beliau berkata, perkara itu dimaklumkan sendiri kepadanya oleh Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom ekoran daripada soalannya ketika sesi perbahasan titah ucapan Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Khamis lalu.

    Sehubungan itu, beliau meminta kerajaan mempunyai satu garis panduan supaya gaji yang dibayar kepada peneraju-peneraju syarikat milik kerajaan (GLC) sama ada ketua pegawai eksekutif atau pegawai-pegawai kanan adalah pada kadar yang munasabah dan bukannya dengan jumlah terlalu tinggi.

    "Gaji Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin sendiri pun tidak setinggi seperti mana ketua pegawai eksekutif terbabit sedangkan tanggungjawab mereka lebih besar kerana terpaksa menguruskan sebuah negara.

    "Berbanding dengan tanggungjawab seorang ketua pegawai eksekutif bagi sebuah GLC mereka hanya menguruskan sebuah syarikat. Tambahan pula mereka dibantu ramai kakitangan," katanya.

    Beliau berkata demikian ketika membahaskan Rang Undang-Undang Perbekalan Tambahan (2010) 2011 di Dewan Rakyat hari ini.

    Ibrahim turut mempersoalkan kewajaran mereka mendapat imbuhan sebegitu besar walaupun hanya setakat menguruskan sebuah syarikat.

    Beliau berkata, sebagai seorang ketua pegawai eksekutif sepatutnya mereka hanya berhak mendapat satu gaji serta satu elaun sahaja.

    "Ini tidak, bila memegang jawatan ketua pegawai eksekutif sebagai contoh, di Tabung Haji, beliau juga akan menjadi pengerusi anak syarikat serta pengarah anak-anak syarikat yang lain.

    "Beliau sepatutnya tidak layak menerima elaun tambahan tetapi cukup hanya satu gaji dan elaun sahaja," katanya.

  77. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Whatever it is... true or lies , our malaysian politics is becoming so dirty . Where is our good people? This is still missing! What a pity and waste of resouces for great nation like us. May Allah bless us.

  78. Anonymous4:43 pm

    rocky , if anwar rises , you lose your job!

  79. Anonymous7:00 pm

    "All he needs to do, as Soi Lek himself has stated, is to prove that he is NOT the man in the sex video. So eeeeasy"

    You must be one heck of a cacat journalist to even think of that ! You are a disgrace to the Malay Mail, as the Malay editor !

    It is up to the accuser to prove anwar's guilt or not - not Anwar to prove himself

    Holy shit, no wonder Malaysian newspapers has gone to the cows !

    real patriot not a fake

  80. Anonymous12:35 am

    Yee Har !!! Now you can produce, distribute & show sex movies...

    And get protected by the law !!!

    So why the fcuk wasting time watching Kak Limah & all those idiotic ghost movies?

  81. Anonymous9:11 am

    Your uncanny title of this post aptly describes UMNO, Najib , Mahathir, Rockybru, Malay Mail & of course not forgetting yourself.

    Your writings here & there I believe can only mildly influence some Ketuanan Melayu /Perkasa diehards but I am sure the rest of awakened Malaysians can see thru your hopeless spin.

    Surely you can do better than that lying Dr V something from Wales aka Teh BH homicide case

  82. Lady J10:44 am

    Only in Malaysia where facebook and twitter updates are more overwhelming as an evidence than dna samples, cctv, video in which the face perfectly resembles the accused etc.

    I got some perfect alibis for my next crime:

    - Open a facebook and twitter account under my name, give the information to my accomplices and ask them to update them during the time that i commit the crime.

    - Fatten myself silly, do the crime and vigorously exercise and starved myself so that i can be thin in like a week or so.

    Since all of those beats videos evidence and forensic samples it seems.

  83. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Anon 3:06pm, Tabung Haji di rompak oleh Jasmi, abang kepada Ismee (CEO)? Boleh minta tulis fakta aktiviti Jasmi dan Ismee? Siapa pula Ruzi seperti yang ditulis oleh saudara/saudari? Dia terlibat juga merompak Tabung Haji?

  84. This is a masterclass political move by Anwar camp.

    Datuk T is well known to Anwar.

    Datuk T iparticularly loves money and power.

    Datuk T will do anything for money and power.

    Anwar promises Datuk T money and power.

    Datuk T goes ahead and expose the video.

    Datuk T and Anwar knows that it is a bogus video.

    Datuk T and Anwar knows that Anwar is not the person in the video.

    Pro Government types jumps on the bandwagon and vilifies Anwar.

    Government itself has no clue what's going on.

    Government cannot shake Datuk T's link with Government.

    Government denies having anything to do with video however the damage is already done.

    Police in a bind.

    Police is thinking very very hard whether to tell the thruth.

    If police tells the truth, Anwar is vindicated.

    Court of Public Opinion finds Anwar not guilty of sexual escapade.

    Court of Public Opinion finds Anwar not guilty of sodomy.

    In the meantime Anwar must not give DNA to Court under any circumstances.

    Anwar is vindicated and everyone agrees with his wife that He is God's gift to all Malaysians.

  85. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Annon 9:11 AM

    You watched the video already?


  86. Anonymous5:00 pm

    I dont think Anwar is suitable to be PM and i dont think our current government is any better. Corruption here and there. So why settle for something less....

    We malaysians seems to have the tendency to settle for less.

    We seem to be very idle over the past years....

    ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE..... dah merdeka for 53 years, but our mentality still bagaikan dijajah!

  87. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Rocky bru,

    I think the Anonymous fella can insult anything they like about Najib or Anwar.
    But to insult Islamic Department as Jakun team is too much..You can insult anyone you like even PM or Opposition leader, but not to religious especially Islam.

  88. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Why all these Umno goons like to talk about sex? Can't get enough from your wife meh???

    So disguisting!!!Yark!!

    You guys can bring him down with other ways, but sex...come onlah...Why are you Umno so desparado?

  89. Anonymous10:17 pm

    The so called PR said if the win next general election among others they will increase the teacher'as salary by RM500. They will reduce petrol price at pump stations etc. Apa ni. Kalu UMNO & BN beri peruntukan ketika pilihanraya dituduh rasuah. Belum apa2 lagi memerintah dah offer rasuah.PAS pun bodoh, yg UMNO-BN buat semua haram, kalu PR harus dan dibolehkan. Samalah Pak Aji Adi dulu kapir mengkapir skrg panggil ulama syaitan bisu sebab tak setuju dgn pendapat so called ulama dan 'cendikiawan' PAS. Dalam dunia ni agaknya pendapat dia je yg betul dan sahih.Bongok.

  90. Anonymous10:30 pm

    my thots exactly.

  91. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Banyak sangat yg suruh anwar sumpah. Kenapa tak suruh rais yatim bersumpah,duta ke amerika kenapa tak sumpah. banyak tanah org melayu tergadai kenapa tak suruh mentri bersumpah. sumpah oooo sumpah. Jangan termakan sumpah.

  92. QUOTE: "No I don't have an Omega but if could, I would like to have this one. Because it's close to orange."

    Why would anyone want such a gaudy-looking watch?? Just because it's a Rolex? I have one too - my father sent it to me when I was in Pusat Gambang... the `RM10 version'.

  93. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Mat Cendana,

    Why would anyone want such a gaudy-looking watch?? Just because it's a Rolex? ..

    Because they dont want to work at Changi airport as labourers and dont want to work wash toilet wan..

    Ask skillyannon she will know how to answer ebelithin wan..