Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Land Grab in Sarawak? Try Seat Grab!

Jika tuntutan DAP, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Parti Kebangsaan Sarawak (SNAP) dan PAS hendak dipenuhi, hal ini bermakna Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) perlu menambah 45 kerusi lagi. Keseluruhan kerusi yang diminta oleh semua parti terbabit ialah 116 sedangkan Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak hanya mempunyai 71 kerusi. - Jeniri Amir

THE PKR-SNAP FIGHT FOR SEATS. Jeniri Amir, a senior lecturer at the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, is a native and his analysis Perebutan Kerusi Tanda Tak Sepakat (Berita Harian, 29 Mac) is detailed and, more importantly, frank

For a party that managed just 1 seat in the last state election just before the so-called political tsunami that aided the Opposition, the PKR's demand to be given 52 of the 71 seats that are up for grabs reflects total greed. SNAP which also won 1 seat in the last election, is asking for 40. DAP and PAS want 18 and 6, which Jeniri describes as appropriate..

p.s. I hope someone in Berita Harian would translate Jeniri Amir's articles for the international audience, since the anti-Sarawak movement seems more active abroad rather than here in Malaysia. 


  1. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    Understand that the issues plaguing Sarawakians (the people, not the politicians) are not these seat-grabbing issues, or any other in-party fightings. But rather, we just want a good, transparent, people-oriented government to lead the state.

    You are obviously a politically-oriented blogger; anything against Taib *and BN in Sarawak) must mean it is pro-pembangkang. How shallow your thoughts are..

    Is it too much for us to ask for a good state government? one that is suppose to serve the PEOPLE, and not their cronies. You have always maintained that the allegations against Taib is untrue, especially harping on the fact that outsiders are the ones highlighting it..

    Is it wrong to investigate those allegations? At best, politically, at least it would help clear Taib's name, and nobody would then dare question the outcome of said investigation (properly conducted of course). But hey, not a peep comes from MACC..

    Please Rocky, stop belittling us Sarawakians with your endless tirade of "if you're not with BN then you're with the Opposition" .. we are not pro-opposition. We want a GOOD government.

    I do hope you will answer me Datuk on this: Is it not better to investigate the allegations against Taib? we can at least put them to rest, or let justice be served. why harping on a non-issue to the Sarawakian PEOPLE?


  2. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Wow, what perverse logic. Land grab not greed, but seat grab - for contest only - is considered greed.

    Mind your own business, Latuk. If you have any decency, you should worry about your own BN raping and pillaging. Seat allocations do not affect the rakyat. Are you keeping your eye on the ball, or are you trying to distract the rakyat ?


  3. - Sinc Opinion -

    The MACC under Abu Kassim has shown teeth time and time again but a lot of people choose to not acknowledge it.

    Just because there are allegations against someone does not make him/her guilty. These very people often remind me about the law -- innocent before proven guilty. But when it suits them, they forget their own point.

    Hope you are different.

  4. Rocky,

    may be the Malay Mail should investigate just in the last 10 years:

    1. How many Sarawak Infra Projects were awarded under open tender and those under direct negotiation.

    2. How many and value of projects 'awarded' to companies directly under control and ownership of Taib's family.

    3. How much land has been 'appropriated' to members of Taib's family, and their subsequent value on flipping or under development.

    4. Follow up on all the alleged land and property overseas owned by the Taib family - and how they were acquired.

    Since the MACC has not followed up on any of these - why not you as a responsible journalist do the follow up?

  5. Anonymous3:21 pm

    I think UMNO better take back your datukship. It isn't worthy of the useless spin that you are trying to portray, time and time again.

    Shy lah....


  6. Anonymous3:48 pm


    BN S'wak can forget about winning by default. TM's "branding" is so bad & worthless now that it has become "anybody but Taib" sentiment on the ground. Even an apparently disjointed opposition would not prevent TM ( & BN's ) free-fall.

    So its curtains down for TM & BN candidates ala Tsunami style. Save perhaps the very few dynamic people-oriented candidates.Of course, unless TM pours more $$.Still I heard they'll accept "donations" but not give votes this time.

    It's SNAFU time for BN S'wak now. Bangkai gajah masakan boleh dihilangkan baunya Dato'. I respect you Dato' but as an editor who's close to the ruling elite, you are duty-bound to convey the people's EXACT sentiments -- not sugar-coat, what more deny them.

    DSN is in an unenviable situation with the recalcitrant TM, whose obviously deluded of his invincibility. All dictators & leaders who overstay their welcome by the way, are delusional.

    Best bet for DSN would be Plan B --covert overtures to the most likely party to win the most number of seats (SNAP & handful of independents) who would be willing to work with Putrajaya for a new vibrant S'wak.


  7. Anonymous3:56 pm

    The way you spin anti PKR ( aka anti Pakatan ) puts you in the unenviable position as an UMNO ( Najib ) lap dog

    common, money is not everything !

    Its still not too late to repent and become a normal Malaysian,maybe not so rich with Datuk title but fighting for common & fair rights, and to put the corrupt behind bars.
    Your rare Malay writing talent has been wasted, but its not too late

    Let us Malaysians respect you once more just like those Bodowi days of yore, where Blogs like yours were an inspiration to the downtrodden and the weak. But now you are on the evil Empires side

  8. The MACC under Abu Kassim has shown teeth time and time again but a lot of people choose to not acknowledge it.

    Just because there are allegations against someone does not make him/her guilty. These very people often remind me about the law -- innocent before proven guilty. But when it suits them, they forget their own point.

    Hope you are different...SOKONG SANGAT..

  9. Anonymous8:45 pm

    You have bad memory indeed.
    When UMNO gate crashed into Sabah, guess who took away the lions share of the DUN seats by the next elections?

    People have good memory Dato'.
    And they don't forget that easily.

    UMNO started it, but you still overlook it. Why?


  10. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    You better check with your UMNO sources why, for the first time in the history of Bolehland, the PM and DPM made the pilgrimage to Sarawak at the same time.


  11. Anonymous10:33 pm

    When the new State Assembly building was awarded without tender to a company controlled by the late wife of the CM, and immediately subcontracted to Bina Puri for RM 70 million less, did MACC investigate ? Of course not, cos it is a legitimate business transaction.

    When Syed Mokhtar sold his letter of award on the Tanjong Bin power plant to Malakoff for RM 800 million cash, did MACC investigate ? Of course not, cos it is a legitimate business transaction.

    When Daim agreed to pay RM 8 per share in MAS to Tajuddin Ramli when the market price was much much less, did the MACC investigate ? No lah, this is willing buyer-willing seller mah....

    Keep it up, guys. Keep stealing until the country gets on its knees.


  12. Anonymous1:00 am

    So pls tell me how is the performance of the reps from DAP and opposition for example in Sarawak?

    I heard they are so pathetic,most of the voters swore not to vote them in again this coming election.No service just lip talk.

    People are also fed up with opposition reps lah.Talk much but no work.

    Voters want change for a better future not just for the sake of it.if the oppsition in Malaysia is a better alternative,I will suppoert them too.

    They are not stupid as many of u guys think so


  13. AminGL1:35 am


    You are real sickening.

    Please read what happen to Sarawak Forest and please tell us, the Rakyat who did it to Sarawak?

    Google Earth reveals stark contrast between Sarawak's damaged forests and those in neighboring Borneo states

  14. What the fuck give Jeniri Amir the authority to comment what Oppositions are planning and discussing on seats allocations to fight BN?
    He should be very happy keDAILan with one seat is making a fool of themself....wanting 52 seats.
    Why the fuss?
    The fact is...keDAILan demands scare the hell of bloody racists from BN...knowing it is a smart move...preparing for the big one...the 13th GE..after Sarwawak.
    You have sex showmen..busybody...small frys talking cock..all the time about PR matters.
    Rocky better stay nuetral....or else lots of fucking to him too.

  15. Anonymous7:53 am

    To everyone,

    If you expect Rocky to be a real journalist and do investigative reporting,,,,,,ha ha. Forget it....he is just happy to spin spin and spin. Pls do not taint the name of journalism by calling him one.

    Seat grabbing among political parties appears to be of extreme imprtance to this so caled seasoned jounalist. I feel sad for the Malay Mail. It was a real investigative based newspaper, now its just Locky's mouthpiece...THank God its free...cant imagine paying for it.

  16. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Running down PKR...

    Looks like it become the priority & past time of the amno dogs !

  17. Anonymous9:19 am

    Dear Datuk,
    I wonder very much why you turned like this?
    People in the past have respect for you but they no longer can shower you with one anymore.

    So many good people can see what BN is doing to the country. Young bloggers at times can think better than you can when they see something is very wrong going on with the leaders of BN.

    It is very sad that you are very blind (forgive my language but I cannot find better suitable word) to those what is considered obviously wrong. Money can not you everything Datuk not even dignity.

    I sincerely hope that one day Allah s.w.t will give you back your instinct as a just writer who can see with perspective reality and not be swayed by your misguided senses of late.