Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ops Pyramid: Kudos Anifah Aman, Mas, AA, TUDM, Wisma etc

Feb 2: The "rescuers" from TUDM preparing for the evacuation of 11,000 Msian stsudents trapped in Egypt
Yesterday: The first batch of the students "rescued" from Egypt

The cost and benefits of rescuing Malaysians in Egypt. Last night while some of us were busy talking cock somewhere in Bangsar, the first batch of Malaysian students were being flown out to safety from a burning Egypt, and the blogger Zakhir Mohamad aka Big Dog was seen pawing the digits on his Blackberry. A while later, he lumbered over to interrupt with the conversation and annouced that he had just completed the math for Ops Pyramid - the initiative by the Malaysian governmen to rescue 11,000 Malaysian students trapped in Egypt.

I checked out Zakhir aka Big Dog's blog this morning and here they are. Impressive, Big Dog ni. And his sentiments are fair: "‘Ops Pyramid’ is a serious effort. Malaysians should not complain this herculean effort. Especially when ‘earth is literally moved’ to get these trapped Malaysians out."

Kudos, Anifa Aman and Co. Once again, it's action and not mere words that we need of the government, and the Foreign Minister has proven his mettle yet again. Of course, the Nik Aziz crowd who staged a protest in front of Wisma Putra the other day and who are not fans of this Foreign Minister (especially as he's deemed to be close to the First Lady), will disagree.

But as Anifa had told an aide of his, "Nik Aziz is irrelevant where foreign affairs are concerned". What's important is that we do out utmost to get all Malaysians out of Egypt safely. Those who want to get out, that is.

Anifa expects all 11,000 to be evacuated by Monday, according to the Star here.


  1. Anonymous2:07 pm

    better late than never bro rocky..
    tho we were quite late by 5 days compared to other countries.

  2. Also congrats to all pilots..

  3. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Credit must be given where it is due. The government is indeed 'rakyat di dahulukan'.

  4. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Thanks to those who shed their "keringat" to take my fellow M'sians out.
    With an effort like this, the ability to roll on the road or carry banners, does not contribute to its success.

    Bribe Free Malaysian

  5. Congrats to all. You are our heroes. Proud of you guys and may Allah bless you guys.


  6. Anak Permatang Pauh4:25 pm

    Nik Aziz is simply IRRELEVANT. The Kelantanese should wake up and over throw the PAS government who has failed to bring development to Kelantan. But of course, that's just a false hope, for the Kelantanese fail to see the high unemployment rate in Kelantan is due to the incompetence state government, and because they have been promised heaven by their tok guru, why should they remove him. Nik Aziz, PAS leaders with the help of PKR and DAP, is able to misdirect any discontent of its people to BN and especially UMNO. What can we say!

  7. Bekah PAH5:11 pm

    Hipokrit orang PAS dan PKR dah sampai ke tahap meloyakan dan jika dilayan boleh jadi gila. Pasal evakuasi pelajar Malaysia pun nak dipolitikkan. Ironinya, mereka desak kerajaan membawa keluar pelajar Malaysia di Mesir dengan segera. Disamping pelabagi tohmah dileparkan terhadap usaha kerajaan. Pada masa yang sama di Malaysia mereka sibuk nak berdemonstrasi dan menimbulkan huru hara. Kenapa tak suruh saja pelajar Malaysia yang menyokong PAS dan PKR terus tinggal di Mesir dan desak Presiden Hosni di sana. Believe me, pelajar yang menyokong PAS dan PKR yang dibawa balik, apabila sampai ke Malaysia mereka akan sibuk berdemonstrasi di jalan raya nanti. Please mark my words!

  8. Alhamdulillah. And Kudos to all participating..

  9. hello anak permatang pauh...

    did you check the traffic out of kl on CNY? ....1 guess not all the traffic lead to kelantan...bodo la awak ni...

    and it's good what the govt is doing to our students in egypt...but before the idiots in umno brag too much ...just remember that that's what the govt of the day is supposed to do; take care of the rakyat. and also this, the cost is not borne by rosmah or umno's malaysian's rakyat's money...

  10. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Jilat...Go ask those parents who were in the dark for days. Once you have children in similar situation then go ahead to lick their ....

  11. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Take some time off and read the following excerpt from one family's experience caught in Cairo and judge for yourself how efficient those that you heap praise upon:

    "Embassy personnel from other countries, with jackets emblazoned with their country names, were going round and round the airport, trying to find their citizens... they even approached my bro and his family to see if they needed help..... and where were the so-called "People First, Performance Now" M'sian embassy personnel???? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! Not hide, nor hair.

    Malaysian students, including lone female students, with no money, no food, no tickets, no nothing, stuck in the airport, not knowing what to do!! At least my bro and his family had the means (and the credit card availability) to get themselves on another flight (Emirates, to Dubai) out of Egypt late on Monday night/Tuesday morning... but what about those who had nothing? Where were our "caring" Embassy personnel? NOWHERE IN SIGHT! Not hide, not hair."

  12. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Oh where, where, where are the usual detractors on this one? Where are the DPPs or the monsterballs or the usual anonymii who find everything the government does, even good ones, to be all useless?

    Astaghfirullah Kasssiiimmm...

  13. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Bro... the second picture is not 'The first batch of the students "rescued" from Egypt'... they actually came back on their own pocket money.. same picture appeared on Berita Harian front page today 5th Feb, i got to know from the caption there. I hope you can correct your caption.


  14. Anonymous12:12 am

    Kudos to all..especially Malaysian Government and all agencies involved.
    Being an ex RMAF pilot myself,I would say its not an easy task to fly thru so many airspace in a military aircraft.The need to have airspace clearance is not easy.The C130 maximum height is also a challenge to all weather.The time to fly to Jeddah couple with so many stops over is another challenge.Operating the noisy aircraft on a long route is also another challenge.Unlike MAS and Airasia super jumbo/Sophisticated AIRBUSS,the C130 is the work horse of the airforce.Kudos to all crew.
    I was there before,I know how tiring to take up that special TASK/MISSION.You guys doing it on humanitarian and for the COUNTRY..
    Syabas..The old faithful Captain.

  15. Anonymous12:47 am

    Usaha yang terbaik yg pernah dilihat bravooo pada semua

  16. Tahniah to all peoples involved
    in this herculean task.

    The government deserves the credit.

    Excellence job.

    Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

  17. syabas to pasukan2 yg terlibat dlm Ops Pyramid!

    good job! looks like our Malaysia STILL BOLEH! :D

  18. Anonymous4:31 am

    so how much ?

    20 or 50 millions?

  19. Anonymous4:51 am


    fuck!!! me paying taxes just to save some useless bastards???

  20. Anonymous4:59 am

    yo, just have few special draws la!

    Magnum, 3D + Toto... didahulukan!!!

    we can hire hundreds of planes !!!

    to get those bastards back!!!

  21. When ever Malaysians lives are saved from a foreign country with a "war" going on...the efforts must be supported.
    Nice to read all 11,000 Malaysians are safe and expected to be at home on Monday.

  22. Anonymous6:21 am

    Unfortunately they are not well taken care of in Jeddah. Total disarray. Msian Consul General should do more in that dept. Kesian diaorang esp yg dgn anak2 kecil

  23. To evacuate 11,000 Malaysians from a burning Egypt is one hell of a herculean task considering the logistics involved.

    Imagine obtaining air space permission for our TUDM Hercs, MAS and Air Asia and the refuelling/checking at the various airports thru'out the route.The job to contact and take 11,000 Malaysians to meet at the airport rendezvous point is equally difficult but was done well despite some hiccups which would be expected in this kind of critical situation.

    A job very well done, syabas to PM Najib, his Ministers and his Government/Civil Servants/Military and the Private Sector people and Thank You.

  24. Anonymous10:44 am

    Firstly, kudos to the various members of the Rescue Squad who risked life and limb to save fellow Malaysians.

    Rakyat didahulukan? MY FOOT!!!!

    When did news of trouble brewing in Egypt start? Yesterday????

    While clockwork-like arrangements were made by other nations to evacuate their citizens, our Performance Now government were lumbering about.

    And to deflect any attention, "Don't politicize" lah, "PAS cannot" lah.

    Remove your damn blinkers lah!!!

  25. Anonymous11:28 am

    You go in urself, then you get urself out!!!

  26. Anonymous12:01 pm

    If I am not mistaken, rosmah
    was gloating tat she good buddies wit mubaraks wife. Btw, it is the tax payer's money, not tat of najib, anifah or nik aziz.

  27. nstman12:25 pm

    If our students cannot take the heat in egypt, then dont study there. study at home. Simply ridiculous.

  28. most of rakyat malaysia tak pernah so so many complaining and 1001 mother story....

    bersyukurlah atas nikmat ALLAH....none is perfect including urself and ur family....what is happen is ALLAH faith saja nak uji bagi korang sedar sikit...

    but too bad, u never understand the meaning of susah...last time gov like to compare petrol price in malaysia and u all kiss goverment backass and compare malaysia kedutaan and others...

    bersyukur laaa oooii...duit rakyat ke duit kerajaan ker...pertolongan come from ALLAH...what u get usually for what u r...bersyukurlahlah...jgn banyak komplen....mulut masih boleh makan...jgn banyak ckap...syukur jer kepada ALLAH dan terima kasih pada Malaysia Goverment...

    ps: so do rakyat Slangor bersyukur pada ALLAH dan terima kasih pada Kerajaan Selangor bagi free water...takda banyak citer pun...

  29. Anonymous2:30 pm

    By the way, who is the first lady you are referring to? Is she offically the First lady of Malaysia???

  30. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Anon 6:05pm

    If you are a sponsored student surely they have been briefed (WHERE OR WHO TO CONTACT IN CASES OF IMMERGENCIES)by the sponsors, before setting foot in Egypt.

    Or if working for a Corpn, surely they have Human Relations to look into immergency cases?

    Very strange, A MALAYSIAN FAMILY in a foreign land, lost and alone at the airport not knowing where to go or what to do? There must be something really wrong with this family?

    Jangan jadi like those stateless persons in UK, bila bermasaalah baru start looking for Malaysian reps. for help.


  31. Anak Permatang Pauh4:47 pm


    No, I did not check the traffic out of KL on the CNY...but I surely know the statistics of Kelantanese working outside Kelantan. In the Klang Valley alone there are an estimate of about 50,000 kelantanese `MENCARI MAKAN di perantauan." Why, because their state government is not capable of creating jobs." If this happen in the US, the state government will last only one term. But in Kelantan, because the're promised heaven, the Tok Guru survives 5 elections. But let me tell you, the Tok Guru himself is not guaranteed of a place in heaven. Kesian, Rakyat Kelantan di perbodohkan including this Greenbottle (Botol arak ke ni?

    Sokong Gelombang Merah

  32. Wonder how much this mission is going to cost?

    Is there a possibility of leakage, inefficiency or worst, corrupt practices in this mission?

    After all, its the Rakyat's money!.

    It is the Govt of the day responsibility to look after its citizens in foreign countries.

    Compared to other countries' afford how's Malaysia doing? - mediocre or 1st Class?

  33. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Who is this huh??? What do you mean useless bastards? YOU and your family are the useless bastards? How much tax do you pay? Get out if you don't like this country. Nobody is forcing you to stay here.

  34. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Why would we need to send so many student to a country like Egypt, what have they got to offer?

    We should send our students to Singapore, just next door and one of the world best place for a good education.

    Our TDM also went to Singapore to complete his education in medicine.

  35. Salam Dato,

    1.of course the government must be responsible, saving innocent lives (malaysian citizen) out of the danger zone.

    2.11000 is not a small number.No matter what,the real signal is safety first.

    3.Nik Aziz's groups just fond of making noises.On the other hand, they failed to give helping hands (financially) or at least give positive moral support.

    4...and some bastards 'here' are worried about the costs,the taxes they paid and behave like MORONS! as if they are the real tax-payers!

    5.and these MORONS are the 'real bastards' in the 'Malaysian scene' that will run away,when,say if
    Malaysia face the same tragedy.

    6.kudos ops pyramid.

  36. Anonymous2:56 am

    Anonymous 9:50 PM

    You are definitely not a Muslim and definitely not a Doctor.

    Read more b4 commenting..


  37. Anonymous7:42 am

    There are a few fundamental issues here.

    What are these students going to do here during this break? Loiter, riot, join PAS madrasah?

    And who's going to re-enrol them if Mubarak exits?

    The PR folks are now working overtime to find faults with this rescue operation. Perhaps the easy job of looking after these idle students should be passed to them. But then again, all they preach is riot.

    So, this rescue will cost the Government quite dearly. But is it worth? Will the religious parents and students be thankful for a change?

    Well, that's left to be seen.


  38. Anonymous8:22 am

    Anak Permatang Pauh,

    The Kelantanese are well known for their excursions to all corners of the nation (may be world too). They like to venture out, even during BN's rule in Kelantan frm 1978 to 1990. It's their nature. Just look at express bus service of any bus company. KL - KB route or vice versa is the most lucrative. It has been so for so long including during 1978 to 1990 period.

    Yes, going by the US yardstick of democracy and fair play, the Malaysian Federal Govt would have fallen in 1999 but this is Malaysia boleh!!!

  39. Anonymous9:25 am

    The government of the day is yaking for credits but its their responsibility to see everyone is return safely. No big deal for MAMA Ros or Najib.....
    Typical scenerio of bolehland!
    Anak Permatang Pauh perhaps you got your ears screwed ! Nik Aziz and Kelantan has nothing to do with such evcauation....nothing to do with kelantanese working out of state....
    Ask any soul idiot its the money you go for in a job...

  40. Anonymous9:59 am

    another cock story from the students,ask ministry of higher education to postponed their exams in mesir..ridiculous

    trust me, in a week all the student will ask the gomen to pay their flight back to mesir..damn

  41. Anonymous10:42 am

    just couldnt help wondering.....all the malaysian students coming out of Egypt seem to resemble one particular race....could not see Malaysian students of other races. are egypt universities exculsively for them?

  42. Anonymous11:15 am

    eh! I thought it was due to Rosmah's relationship with Middle East. Where did Anifah come into the limelight. Rosmah must be unhappy.

  43. Anonymous11:21 am


    It is not an easy task to get all the Malaysian students as well as those working in Egypt to assemble in in area as most of them are scattered all over Egypt and communication pose a problem. It is adviseable that when Malaysians especially students when they study abroad they should contact the nearest Malaysian Embassy to register themselves by providing their contact number and address, especially those private students.
    It is during times of emergencies that it is difficult to get in touch with them. The Embassy then gets teh blame for not helping stranded Malaysians.

    The other problem that the Malaysian authorities face is obtaining visas for our rescue team as well as obtaining approval for landing rights and flight path for the rescue aircraft as they are required to fly over airspace of several countries and in addition we must not forget that other countries too are trying to get their students and citizens out of Egypt. Personally for me kudos to the Malaysian rescue team for a job well done.

    On the issue of not being able to purchase food, well during curfew time certainly one cannot venture out of their domicile however after curfew is over then the stops are open again, unless the students do not go out. I am told that the Embassy staff including MARA and MSD officers send pack food to Malaysians who are stranded at the airport and certainly they had to go through a lot of obstacles of being stopped along the way by different groups.

    On the same note we are aslo not certain of how long these demonstrations are going to last? By the look of things it is already on the downward trend. Offices, banks and businesses are already operating and the sitautaion is back to normal.

    Based on the feedback from some friends there are Malaysian students in Egypt who wish to stay on and not wanting to come back to Malaysia as some of them will be having their exams mid February and that they are of the opinion that they should continue with their studies and exams and not wnating to prolong their study time. The universities in Egypt too had not given a specific date as to when studies can resume.

    Well Dato' it is easy for anyone to make accusations at the way the Egypt situation is handled. It may look easy i.e. for those who did not have any experience in handling such situations. Crisis management is easier said than done!

    Ex Foreign Service

  44. I believe many chose to stay and complete their studies and use this as an opportunity to draw lessons on sustenance, both personal and national.

    Has not Egypt been the centre of technical and scientific activity far longer than the West? Why do we have to treat it as developing economy?

    What qualifications do we have to make pronouncements on Mubarak, through our actions and words?

  45. Anonymous12:47 pm

    One particular race? Why not? This IS THEIR country.

  46. Anonymous2:53 pm

    kalau iya pun nak puji kawan tu, nama dia eja betul-betul la. Anifah Aman la, bukan ANIFA. Apa la....

  47. Anon 6.05 pm..9.50 pm and 10.42am...ignore that good for nothing braggart PERWIRA.
    He/she has taken the role to insult all against the get attention and your respond.
    I suspect is a lonely itchy bitch.
    Three of you do not respond.
    This "PERWIRA" loves to get my attention too..and so she/he will.
    Browse all over his
    her past comments....keep talking cock...wanting a cock so badly.

  48. Anons 10:42 AM and 12:47 PM

    Perhaps when all the obscure mediocre colleges in Malaysia find themselves in the middle of riots (created by the Pakatan people of course) then maybe we can send in the troops to rescue the students with FRU trucks.

    Would that make you feel more important/wanted/loved/ appreciated?

    I have idiots as countrymen.

  49. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Monsterball lau ren,

    Cute lau ren, Pity you..


  50. anonymous7:14 pm

    To Anonymous, some stupid indians try to blame the Government embassy staff comparing with other countries embassy going round and round.

    The fact that they went round and round shows that they have very few citizens in Eypt while Malaysia has 11,000 mostly students!

    Show me another country that evacuate 11,000 people within one week by plane?

    Show me which country was allowed entry into Saudi Arabia with visa on arrival. Which was given two airplanes to fly their citizens back? Obviously the Malays are well connected in the Middle East.

    Watch out for the Chinese and Indians detractors.

    Which country did better than Malaysia? The Malays are good administrators and the Malay military is well trained and organised. See how they captured the Somalis pirate?

    Our response rate is first class!

    Congrats to the Malay Airforce and Majlis Tindakan Negara!

  51. to anonymous 9.50pm... hahahaha... Singapore...???? Most of them go to Egypt to study relgion (Islam)... shariah, usuluddin, fiqh but there also medical, economics etc... but mostly study related to Islamic.