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A global Malay on Lee Kuan Yew


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"There is nothing as depressing as watching a man way past his use-by date trying to revive the old glory days, strutting his opinionated  versions of what should be." - Anak si-Hamid
The Malay archipelago

These days, the Malays in Singapore are not trying too hard to hide their contemt towards Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.I have friends and relatives there, OK, so I know. The Minister Mentor's latest diatribe against the Malays in his latest book is the last straw for some. One more smart remark, Kuan Yew, and the Malays in Singapore may do a Hindraf on you!

Anak si-Hamid is no longer just a Malay in Singapore (she has homes in both sides of the Suez) but I'm sure Malays living on both sides of the Causeway and who are familiar with Kuan Yew's politics will enjoy reading. And she's not just hitting out at one man or one race; the best shots are reserved for her own ...
"However,  the Muslim-Malays also had their own turncoats and desperados who were happy to sell their people for a song, like the way Singapore was 'acquired'  from the Johor rulers.  And this Wayang is still going on today."
Read the rest of her posting, HMV (His Mentor's Voice), H E R E


  1. Anonymous11:26 am

    wat can u do , rocky ??? many ppl ( especially those who support DAP , like my relatives in KL ) held him in high esteem . if we have " anugerah tuhan " here , i think we have a " grand messiah " there .

    btw , we singaporeans are fed up of PAP , worse than how malaysians fed up of bn circa 2007 . but thinking of denying PAP 2/3 majority ? u be the judge .

    ulu pandan bear

  2. Anonymous11:39 am

    LKY and his Goons governed Singapore through Command Democracy and Selective Meritocracy....and the model is emulated by Nik Aziz and LGE to rule Kelantan and Penang respectively....

    Salleh Telegu

  3. BIGCAT12:21 pm

    Tapi kan Tok Guru Nik Aziz dah bagi LKY the thumbs up. Apa masaalahnya lagi?

  4. Anonymous12:38 pm

    The pot calling the kettle black....instead of LKY, think Mamakthir. Instead of Singapore Malays, think Malaysian Chinese. The story is the same.

    The grandson of an Indian immigrant now calls the Malays the supreme race, and the pendatangs are "advised" to accept it. He is more Malay than those who lived here in the "borderless" days ?

    The story of Mamakthir is not much different from that of LKY. Both have past their sell-by date. Both are Michavellian, and both will have to account to their Maker very soon.


  5. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Why are we so concerned about what Lee Kuan Yew says about Singaporeans ? Should we be concerned about Cape Malays in S Africa too ? Should we be concerned about the Muslims in S Thailand or S Philippines ?

    Why aren't we more concerned about our own backyard - especially our own leaders' incompetence and the pillaging of the country's finances ?

    A global Chinese

  6. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Yes, but Malaysia seem to be the only country in the world where the PM can get away with 'Warning' the people which when reading the NST, to us seems like a threat, and he gets away with it. Shouldn't he be reassuring us by providing measures for improvement of our living instead of threatening us? Also our military, army, police, RELA seem to be trained to HARM Malaysians rather than protect.

  7. najib manaukau3:55 pm

    Do we have turncoat running dogs in MCA, MIC and leaders of the component parties in BN licking the ass holes of shenanigan Mahathir to keep him as P.M. of Malaysia ?
    Otherwise how could the most hated man in Malaysia remain as P.M. of Malaysia for 22 years ?
    To settle the argument between so many people why does't the shenanigan come out and stand as a candidate in the coming GE and prove to the many doubtful toms how popular he is ? Just look at the recent years by elections anywhere he was not seen or out to support a candidate the fortunate candidate would win. Whereas anywhere he was seen to support the candidate the candidate would loose. One more thing between Marcos,Mubarak and shenanigan Mahathir why is the common denominators between them. Their love for power and all their names all start with a 'M' to depict their love for power and the one that is gone now is proven to have hips and hips of ill gotten gains stacked abroad. History will show Mubarak and the shenanigan too have hips of ill gotten gains stacked abroad. They all have sent many opposed to their view to jail.
    It will not be long now both of them are in their twilight years and will get their retributions soon.They are all dictators !

  8. Very surprising that many of the singapore muslims I know actually respect the old man. In fact they shudder at the thought of a racist like Mahatir running singapore. After so many years of his running the country, the malays in malaysia are still poor and backward. All he can offer them is racist diatribe and empty promises. I wont be surprised that the only malays who have any contempt for LKY are the UMNO morons from this side of the causeway.

  9. Anonymous4:12 pm

    "Global Malay on LKY"?

    Never heard of her before this! Has she achieved 1/100th of what LKY has for S'pore? How many S'pore voices does she really represent? 1? 2?

  10. Local Malay4:23 pm

    Global Chinese,

    I totally agree with you that "our military, army, police, RELA seem to be trained to HARM Malaysians rather than protect." Yes, to HARM the ungrateful and harmful 'citizens' whose allegiance is towards their ancestors'lands far far away from the Malay Archipelago including the Hindraf, the Suqiu, and its kind.

  11. Anonymous4:36 pm

    The malaysian chinese will be better off migrating to Kuan Yew's island rather than whining about UMNO this and UMNO that....and pls bring along the PKR and PAS malay muslim with them. And see whether they can do what they are doing in Malaysia.Questioning malay this ,malay that.

    The malay leadership of the UMNO is very tolerant compared to the chinese leadership of PAP in Singapore.Kuan Yew is now offering citizenship to chinese all over the world to his tiny little island. Malaysian chinese is the most preferable. They need about 1 million chinese to fill the quota. PLS apply before the end of this year 2011.


  12. Anonymous4:36 pm

    who is the world best pm? it is malaysia 4th n 5th pm. both won the oscar for this title,correct correct t correct

  13. Anonymous4:41 pm

    where is the former ceo/ chief of petronas working now? malacca, perlis , sabah. The answer is none oif the 3 states named, According to media report he is working in singapore - sembawang corporation, Do you know why?

  14. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Dear 'Local have addressed your prejudice to the wrong person. 'Global Chinese' did not write that comment, it is from another 'local Malay' who has no such prejudice and idiocy such as you.

  15. Skilgannon10664:57 pm

    Is this "global Malay" still a Singapore citizen?

    If she is, why is she still hanging on to her Singapore citizenship? Surely, she would feel more welcome in, say, Malaysia, would she not?

    And she has a selective reading of history. Did the Malays living in Singapore before the time of Stamford Raffles spot the island's natural geographical advantage of being strategically located on the major trade routes between Britain, India and China? Oh, no - it took the perspicacity of Raffles to spot that and build on it.

    We can look at the progress of Penang in the peninsula, Brunei and Indonesia for parallels. Did they ever achieve the economic prosperity and well-being of British-administered Singapore (or Hong Kong)?

    This particular "global Malay" waxes nostalgia for the departed glories of a bygone era. She should take a hard look at competitiveness rankings and quality of life indicators before passing facile judgements on what it takes to build a nation in a globalised era where capital and talent are internationally mobile.

    But, perhaps, such truths are uncomfortable for her mindset!

  16. Anonymous4:59 pm

    No person however great is revered 100%. Just as no human is 100% without fault or weakness.
    LKY has his share of detractors-you find a lot of them in Temasek Review.
    In the end a man is judged by his achievements-for a leader of a country, the achievement of the country itself and his standing amongst the leaders of nations.

  17. Anonymous5:11 pm

    I want to puke whenever I hear that old man in the Chinese small island talk.
    Enough la woi. Just be content the Malays there do not revolt like they do in Egypt.
    The Chinese here are many, many times better off than the Malays there.
    And what happened to your genetic engineering Harry? You got an albino grand-son and his mom committed suicide not long after that.
    So perfect, yah you and your family and your race there.

  18. There is nothing as depressing as watching a man way past his use-by date trying to revive the old glory days, strutting his opinionated versions of what should be.

    haha how timely .. padan muka Mahathir...

  19. "One more smart remark, Kuan Yew, and the Malays in Singapore may do a Hindraf on you!" I guess Hindraf members in bolehland had some justification for doing what they did? Being pushed to some imaginary corner by smart ass statements by native peninsularians.

    You know, the sauce for the goose kinda thing.

  20. Anonymous6:31 pm

    dont blame chinese nor indian,dont blame their ancestor nor where they come.We are Malaysians and so what?quota this quota that,if you think you are better than singapore,why not show respect to other ethnics?PAP anti muslim,so do DAP?UMNO tolerance,but they play racial slurs everytime.MCA & MIC buat tak tau,ni lah semua,NEGARA MAJU!CONGRATS!You took it back!We dun give a ****!

  21. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Agree with rocksteady. Leave if you are not happy. Get lost.

  22. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Rock, It would be best to sell Johor to Singapore and I can tell you the price of property in Johor will shoot up 200% in the 1st hour.

  23. Rocky,

    I just loves it when one individual thinks that his thot is the thot of the universe, when he this person hates someone, for example, Tun M, he thinks the whole universe hates him and Tun M becomes most hated person in this world.

    This guy would be the 8th or the 9th wonders of the world, that is after AI since he is the gift of god to man kind.

    I had the pleasure of visiting Philippines a few times. Thats the time of Aquino, Ramos and if not mistaken even during the Actor.. Forgot his name, how insignificant. Never been to Egypt and cant really comment on them.

    To compare Marcos and Tun Mahathir and say they have done the same to each country must be the stupidest observation that anyone can do. Go to Manila and look how life was when Marcos was in power and fr that matter when Aquino was the president.

    An Engineer could not buy a car, imagine that, us here, everyone can own a car. I dunno about now, back then in early part of 2000. To buy a car needs at least 25% down payment or deposits and interest is about 10%. And salary for an engineer with 5 years experience is about RM2,000.00. Imagine that, std of living is high. And that is with a MNC.

    Go figure if Tun M is the same as Marcos.

  24. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Yang berbahagia Dato';

    It would be a mistake to think that the same statement is not shared by the Singapore government. Although his son did mention that he does not share his father's opinion, it is just a "wayang".

    The Malaysian leaders needs to be careful. I hope our government leaders prevail in the negotiations over the KTM land. We must be wiser than them.

    I have just witnessed how a senior government servant arrogantly quoted MM LKY as saying "If Malaysia is to turn off the water supply, or Indonesia cuts off the food supply, Singapore shall send their SAF".

    I just felt like asking "Why didn't you send the SAF, when Indonesia bans the sand supply?"

    Quoting TDM, "belum try, belum tau".

    We have proved ourselves in Somalia and recently in Yemen.

    What is SAF's achievement?

  25. Anonymous9:50 pm

    That would also mean Lee Kuan Yew is the greatest leader in the Malay Archipelago?

    Without the Chinese in this region this would be no difference from Africa.

    Oxford student

  26. ..the GOLD standard of Islam is Saudi Arabia
    – Lee Kuan Yew with Charlie Rose on PBS

  27. Anonymous10:28 pm

    "the Malays in Singapore may do a Hindraf on you".. hello ada mimpi kaa...
    This Hindraf thing can only happen in Malaysia la..where the ruling majority is so bodoh..inclusive la konon....'tidak apa laa..depa orang Malaysia jugak'..'anak India anak Cina semua anak kita' don't vote for me also I give your Chinese school rm 500k...this is what happen laa...
    But in Singapore? No way jose...
    Pada Melayu Singapure yang kebekangan ni cukup kerek ,konon boleh berjaya tanpa bantuan kerajaan dan sebagai..hah terima lah sekarang.. Macam mana korang nak amal Islam pon LKY kena ajar tau tak..maseh nak kerek lagi ka..memang la dasar gendeng yang dah terlebih minum air kencing Newater..

  28. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Malaysia's first Syariah compliant 5-star hotel is opening soon..please read

  29. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Godfather has been confirmed to suffer from bipolar affliction or the deteriorating alzheimer disease.

    the malaysian chinese are top tycoons with considerable wealth but the Malays in Singapore used to be landowners now reduced to mere leaseholders of a tiny pigeon hole for 99 years ONLY - what we call 'depreciating asset'.

    their offsprings will have to WORK their butts out just to survive, cannot depend on mama papa's "wealth"

    Tun Dr M is still smiling and joking in his trademark sarcastic but lovable ways.

    But oh dear, lky is so gifted he finds it VERY to smile naturally and genuinely, poor chap

    if you care to notice, his smiley photos are so ...err... what we call nowadays "plastic"

    hahahahaha non-biodegradable!! May Allah bless Tun Dr M

  30. Anonymous10:50 pm

    global chinese should be concerned with the melamine falvoured milk coming out of china or the mercury mushrooms, the high lead toys, the rash-causing jeans

    and of course the under valued yuan and ohh the branded goods that even rich chinese will not buy for fear of counterfeit products - FAKE

  31. Anonymous10:58 pm

    najib akudisini,

    eat your heart out - we love, adore, sayang, revere, idolize, glirify, honour, appreciate, marvel at, admire, think highly of, approve, value, respect and aspire to be his clone

    Bless Tun Dr M, errmmm, who is najib akudisini again??

  32. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Leave LKY alone! He will die tomorrow.

  33. Anonymous11:04 pm

    shadow, you better come out into the sunshine, your brains are suffering a blackout


    you saying the singapore malays are RICH?? the joke of the century

  34. Anonymous11:08 pm

    anon @ 4:41 PM asks ...

    "where is the former ceo/ chief of petronas working now? malacca, perlis , sabah. The answer is none oif the 3 states named, According to media report he is working in singapore - sembawang corporation, Do you know why?"

    are you saying you DON'T know meh? He is trying to find out the trade secrets of sembawang corporation to bring home to Malaysia in order to kill off the competitors, hehehehe

  35. Anonymous12:16 am

    if s'pore is fuckinf bad, then take ur friends & relatives out & put them in m'sia???

    so who stopping u guys???

    m'sia nos 1, rite for u moolayu!!! no???

    get the moolay out off s'pore!!!!! now!!!!!

  36. Anonymous12:19 am

    UUUU melayu in singapore... malaysia need u...

    So, get de fuck from s'pore?

    Ini tanah Cina!

  37. Anonymous12:26 am

    18 miilion malays here scare of one freaking old chinese guy?

    want me to teach u guys how to suck pig dick... ?

  38. Anonymous12:39 am

    What to do? SINGAPORE is too dependent on Malaysian water, every breadth and their VERY basic survival depend wholy on MALAYSIA.

    DIE ONLY CAN TALK, so long as you are alive, don't talk too LOUD WAN OKAY!!



  39. After reading , I still do not understand why are some of the commentators still glorify Singapore?


  40. Anonymous11:25 am

    Among all the PM of Malaysia including the current one, Mamakthir, the grandson of an Indian origin, is the most hated PM of all.

  41. john tan1:33 pm

    this anonymous is shit racist bast... dun forget that if malaysia wants to claim back singapore they can do it.,just like china claims every country where certain race are majority,u can expect that their race will be the ones getting better perks...even in country such as china n anonymous stop ur fucking racist shit you asshole..

  42. Seolferwulf1:58 pm

    Heh, heh - Perwira has surfaced again. Must be a glutton for punishment, this dumpkorf, after being thoroughly pummelled by Skillyrocks in recent fora.

    LKY may be past his prime, but at least he engineered a Sing Dollar worth RM2.38 at last count.

    No wonder Dr M hates to shop in Singapore - no bang for his buck. Though the same can't be said of those Malaysian VVIPs who throng the shops in the citystate's glitzy malls.

  43. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Are people here suggesting that I, the grandson of Chinese immigrants, should subordinate myself to the grandson of an Indian immigrant from Kerala ? Or submit myself to the richest Malay, the grandson of an immigrant from Yemen ?


  44. Skilgannon10664:47 pm

    It looks as if what massquerades as Perwira's blain has been addled by spending too much time in the sun, judging from the nonsense that he/she spews out, regardless of facts on the ground.

    Like the question of Singapore's water supply and the not-so-snide digs against Newater (never mind that other countries had introduced recycled water earlier than Singapore). Carefully left unstated was the fact that Singapore has chosen to end one water supply agreement with Malaysia this year; the other will run out in 2061, and the Singapore government has publicly stated that it will not be renewed.

    And the so-called "dependency" on Malaysian water has not affected, in the slightest, foreign investors' commitments to Singapore (see the latest FDI stats from UNCTAD).

    At least, when LKY speaks, people listen. As opposed to the polite yawns when Dr M opines verbally or in writing.

    Which is why Singapore is ranked amongst the top 5 global financial centres (you can Google the report) while KL is ranked 47th. Bankers, hedge funds and private equity outfits must have a lot of trust in that little citystate as opposed to the "haven" that Dr M built during his 22 years at the helm.

    Which is why Dr M is long on excuses and victimhood, but refuses to be pinned down to debate specific rankings and statistics. Where in his blog, his writings or his speeches has he touched on competitiveness rankings, FDI statistics, per capita GDP growth figures or tax burdens? Nada, zip, zilch!

  45. Anonymous4:55 pm

    /// najib manaukau said...
    One more thing between Marcos,Mubarak and shenanigan Mahathir why is the common denominators between them. Their love for power and all their names all start with a 'M' to depict their love for power and the one that is gone now is proven to have hips and hips of ill gotten gains stacked abroad. ///

    You forgot Mugabe. 'M' to depict their love for Money - power is just the mean to that end.

  46. Having a home on both sides of the Suez Canal doesn't qualify her to be referred to as a global malay.Her ranting sounds more like someone who is a "katak di bawah tempurung". Being 66 years old she is also past her prime.A global malay, for example,is someone like Bakri Musa, Rocky !

  47. Anonymous7:07 pm

    It is strange that the chinese in Malaysia do not take Kuan Yew's kind offer to be his subject in his tiny island paradise but still insists on living in the malay UMNO's rule. It is so racist that the chinese love so much in this blessed country called Malaysia aka tanah melayu.

    Seriously Kuan Yew's offer still valid till end of the year. The Singapore malays wanted to migrate but hey why should they. Any moment the emperor will conk off. Things will fall into their respective places.

    Over here in Singapore the chinese will never DARE holding a parang in one hand and promise to spill whatever...
    1964 is a date they remember we are no easy meat.


  48. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Anon @ 12:26 AM says

    "18 miilion malays here scare of one freaking old chinese guy?

    want me to teach u guys how to suck pig dick... ?"


    Hah hah hah hah

    it is the old expired oriental fler who is scared (check spelling) of the Malays coz he was KICKED out by a Malay

    Are you an EXPERT at that skill for you to offer to teach???

    You must have had a LOT of practice, eh!!

    hah hah hah hah hah

  49. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Anon @ 12:26 AM

    Oh I forgot to add that lky CRIED his heart out the moment he got BOOTED out

    then it was shown on national tv as a compulsory education for all citizens

    but it was repeated too many times that the younger generation was put off (disgusted) at the scene of a grown man crying

    pitiful lah

  50. najib manaukau9:21 am


    You must be a typical Malay just trying to distort and twist the true situation. No, Singapore is not dependent on Malaysia on everything, in fact Singapore is not dependent on Malaysia at all instead Malaysia is dependent on Singapore for the many exports of many things.
    Singapore have said in recent times, very openly, they will not renew the agreement on the supply of water from Johore when it is up for renewal. Or did you not read that or may be the media in Malaysia did not report this matter in their 'news' .Are you not aware that they now have 17 reserviors instead of two or three when they were part of Malaysia ? Why ?
    Malaysia is just trying to retard their growth and development in order to be seen as a developed and progressive nation. What an illusion !
    When Malaysia banned the export of sands to Singapore for all kind of silly excuses, including pollution, your Klang River and most of the rivers in Malaysia is so polluted that when a person falls into the river he will not die of drowning but will die of pollution. When the truth was and still is that Malaysia did not and sill do not want them to grow and develop. It will make Malaysia like Pakistan or Bangladesh or a country in Africa.
    In spite of the ban of the sales of the sand Singapore is still able to get the sands they need from elsewhere and continue to growth and become the first world. Obviously they will continue to grow while Malaysia, according to you, have everything including corruptions you forgot to mention. remains in the third world and might I add about to go the way of Greece and Spain.
    Singapore has billions of billions dollars in reserve when Malaysiaa is still in deficit and has to borrow to build all the white elephants including the 2nd Penang bridge with borrowed money from China.
    Their currency is now worth almost 2.4 times more than Malaysia ringgit when the ringgit was worth more than Singapore dollars when it left Malaysia in 1965. Why ?
    Singapore is now being reviewed as top in almost every international survey when Malaysia is at the bottom of every field except in the area of corruption. What a bloody shamble !
    I can go on giving you hundred of examples but you will not be able to absorb them as you are still in the third world and dreaming how great Malaysia is. What an illusion !
    Whenever I get to see a successful Singaporean Malay I have not only great respect for him but that is not so whenever I get to know of a Malay in Malaysia I can only see one sitting in a wheelchairs and walking with the help of tongkats. Running 50 meters in a 100 meter race, grow up and be a human being and not a parasite. Above all stop asking the non Malays to go back to their countries of origin because they are all giving you competition that will show how slow and retarded you are. Malaysia belongs to the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters and not the pirates of Indonesia !

  51. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Mamakthir calls LKY a big fish in a small pond. That's where the old geezer is wrong. LKY's pond is the world stage. He has the ears of the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, the US Government, the PRC government. Mamakthir's pond is Malaysia plus Zimbabwe.

    You can change history as taught in Malaysian schools, but you can't change history as taught globally in truly international schools.

    Tell Mamakthir to reserve a room in Mugabe's mansion in Harare. After all, Mamakthir donated RM5 million worth of tropical timber to Mugabe for his mansion.


  52. Godfather,

    It's big FROG in a small pond, not fish. You misquote the old man in your very first line! Hehe.

  53. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Lee : 6.19

    Plain gibberish...

    What about you ? what have u done ? other than writing unsubstantiated rubbish .

    Go under your coconut shell....or start a blog and DARE to write whats in your mind.

    Whatever she writes , its her opinion well expressed ...and you ? When you die , you'll just be a piece of forgotton shit !


  54. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Every stupid man can lead the small nation like Singapore.It is more easier with the Island(Temasik) which are establish long before Lee Kuan Yew are born.

    Just elect any taxi driver in Malaysia as Singapore PM. They can perform more better than LKY. At least they don't ban on chewing gum to their people .It's the location and previous century of International Port transaction between Arab,Malay,Caucasian and Javanese merchant that make what Singapore today.

    You stupid oxfordian don't read history and didn't know about Leaderships quality

    Hospital Kandang Kerbau Graduate.

  55. BIGCAT9:15 pm

    i read najib manaukau's diatribe and it dawn on me how a supposedly more advanced (in everything) singaporean can still be quite a racist n petty deep down inside.

  56. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Godfather you are the great grandson of the emperor's eunuch

    or just a coolie kang with long ponytails and just a shirt off his back

    oh and also illiterate and penniless

    given a home by the gracious, kind, cultured and generous landlords

  57. Anonymous9:22 pm

    skewedmoron says, "At least, when LKY speaks, people listen. As opposed to the polite yawns when Dr M opines verbally or in writing."


    I do beg to differ, when harry CRIED his heart out, the youth fell into depression

    they asked,"why must we watch that old man crying over and over again, why is he crying for goodness sake?"

    ALAS the poignant educational moment seemed to have slipped the modern generation


  58. Anonymous9:26 pm

    yoohoo skewedmoron

    the investors won't stay for long once the banking secrecy laws are fully implemented

    newater diminished cinciapore's IQ - Carol Cheng from HK was visibly relieved she is NOT living in red dot

    with the island sinking 2 inches every year, it will endup Atlantis II

    and if Indonesia succeed in charging those CHINESE tycoons (economic criminals rather) thenthe moolah will FLOW out

  59. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Lee said,"Being 66 years old she is also past her prime."


    so harry is now a Jurassic park resident

  60. Anonymous9:33 pm

    najib akudisini said, "In spite of the ban of the sales of the sand Singapore is still able to get the sands they need from elsewhere"

    this poor fella is so thick in the skull, he in unaware that sand had been STOLEN from Malaysia to be transported to the teeny weeny island with an overinflated EGO

  61. Anonymous9:37 pm

    najib aku disini shouts that "Malaysia belongs to the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters and not the pirates of Indonesia!"

    yeah, history-illiterate-dumbskull, we should let the headhunters loose upon the eunuch's descendants and collect their scalps for show to the Japanese tourists

  62. Anonymous9:44 pm

    haiya godfather

    ur wonderful harry has albino granchildren and a spinster daughter

    his daughter-in-law committed suicide

    Quote from TR, "Singapore may operate under the guise of democracy but opponents of the Government know that is far from the truth. One man, a failed Opposition candidate, has fled the country, writes the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age South East Asia Correspondent MARK BAKER in Singapore."

  63. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Special dedication to skewedmoron and sillywolf

    "Figures released by the UN secretary-General report assessing capital punishment shows that during 1991-1999, Singapore recorded 13.57 executions per one million population while Saudi Arabia, with 4.64 executions per one million population, was a distant second.

    But such numbers are far from conclusive, because the Singapore government has always been “secretive about the number of executions,” says Lance Lattig, a South-east Asia researcher at Amnesty International.

    “Singapore might or might not be in the first place (today) when it comes to executions per capita,” Lattig said in an e-mail interview. “Either way, the government’s secrecy about its record on executions suggests that this is one indicator Singapore isn’t entirely proud of.”

    Critics question the rationale of the country forging ahead with a mandatory death penalty for drug traffickers and murderers – while keeping the number of executions hidden.

    “They justify executions to deter crime but they don’t publish the details,” says Danthong Breen, chairman of the Union of Civil Liberty, Thailand’s oldest human rights organisation. “It is extraordinary. They treat the details of executions as a state secret.”

    But what is not a secret is the manner in which condemned prisoners meet their death: all hangings take place at dawn on Friday."

  64. Anonymous9:52 pm

    A final-year aerospace engineering student Lim Zi Rui, 23, stood up during the Nanyang Technological University Ministerial Forum and asked SM Goh Chok Tong if he is aware that many young people no longer felt a sense of ownership in Singapore?

    Mr. Lim said that when he was younger, he was very proud of being a Singaporean but “that was about five, 10 years ago. Five years later, with all the changes in policies and the influx of foreign talent, I really don’t know what I’m defending any more.”

    He added that he was reflecting a sentiment held by many of his men in the SAF, who had to compete with foreigners for jobs. “I feel that there is a dilution of the Singapore spirit in youth… We don’t really feel comfortable in our country any more.”

    Mr. Goh’s reply was one of deep concern. “This is one early sign of danger… If this is happening, it is very serious.”

  65. Anonymous9:56 pm

    An Originating Summons (to file a lawsuit) against the Government of Singapore (represented by Attorney General) and Majlis Ugama Islamic Singapura (MUIS) has been filed with the High Court on 31st January 2011 , in the face of the recent controversial remarks by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew against the Muslim Community in his new book entitled “Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going“.

    1. That 2 statements in particular in MM Lee Kuan Yew’s new book Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going“ are tentamount to racism against Muslims.

    2. That the Minister Mentor and his previous and present government had adopted discriminatory practices which had formed the foundation of government policies since 1959 that has lead to racist policies and laws instituted against the minority Malays, Muslims and Indians.

    3. That the remarks (made by MM Lee) reflect discriminitory policies against the Muslims and the Malays by the Singaproe state and thereby unduly infringing the rights of Muslims in practising their faith, hence violating Article 15 of the Singapore Constitution.

    4. That the remarks (made by MM Lee) and the discriminitary practices infringe the rights of the Malays in failing to recognise the special position of the Malays enshrined under Article 152 of the Singapore Constitution and their right to practise their religion enshrined under Article 153 of the Singapore Constitution.

    5. That the HDB’s ethnic quota policies deny the rights of the minority Malays and Indians their rights to freedom of association with their own ethnic group in their particular constituency and diluting their rights to form majority status in their own constituencies and have the choice of having their own leaders represent them in Parliment are in violation of Article 12 and 14 of the Singapore Constitution.

  66. Anonymous10:15 pm


    You ought to understand that my English is better than the Tun's. The correct phrase is "big fish in small pond", not "big frog". Yes, I misquoted the Tun, but I was trying to correct his English phraseology. Kaspisch ?


  67. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Seolferwulf said...

    You just dont know who or where I come from... We are trained from belly chemall to pelotek our beloved NATION, you are no match to who I am..or what our group is made of..

    Kesian APEK NYONYA yang sesat jalan. Kita olang mayak suka kasi manja2 sama otak olang2 maciam you.. kasi lu olang syiok syiok, lost souls trying to find a place in the sun, NEITHER here NOR there..with no ROOTS..

    PITY sama lu olang..


  68. Anonymous12:31 pm

    If you are happy being jaguh kampung, there is nothing wrong with that. Just admit it, and we can continue to have the plethora of goreng pisang stalls along the roadside. Don't knock others, especially our neighbours. They want a different lifestyle, different set of standards, so let them be.

    1Jaguh Kampung

  69. Anonymous5:03 pm

    bro, that article is NOT by hantu laut. He plucked it out of Straits Times (singapore)

  70. Seolferwulf5:07 pm

    Various anons

    It's a crying shame that your opinions aren't shared by the biggies who matter.

    Like, let's say, the captains of industry, top international bankers or the leaders of the heavy hitters in the neighbourhood.

    If you want to talk stats, why not pull out the UNCTAD reports on FDI, the World Bank reports on ease of doing business, the various competitiveness reports, the Heritage Foundation reports on economic freedom etc etc.

    Unlike Perwira or the idiots that populate Perkasa, these reports do actually influence the streams of investment dollars.

    Ask Ibrahim Ali where he is going to find US$400+ billion to fund the ETP and watch him mumble racist rhetoric without a semblance of reality.

    Which is pitiful, really, but par for the course where these idiots are concerned.

  71. Anonymous6:45 pm

    "....given a home by the gracious, kind, cultured and generous landlords"

    9:16 PM

    You mean to say "warlords", the chief warlord being a mamak from Kerala, and whose chief enforcer was another Mamak called Ali Abul Hasan.

    The mamaks are in control, and the poor Malays think that RM 50 angpows at election time is a big thing to vote for these mamaks.


  72. Anonymous9:51 pm

    1Jaguh Kampung@12:31 PM laments "Don't knock others, especially our neighbours."

    The REAL problem is that this particular neighbour is the FIRST to knock others as exposed by wikileaks.

  73. Anonymous6:48 am

    No democracy in Singapore, plenty of democracy in Malaysia. No corruption in Singapore, plenty of corruption in Malaysia.

    Hence the comparison is justified. Hahaha....bodoh orang Melayu ni.

    1Jaguh Kampung

  74. Anonymous8:59 am

    Seolferwulf Haiya,

    I P T U.

    Your papa dont like Chairman Moa, they lun here.

    You dont like TDM and Najib, you lun there..

    Ibrahim Ali aloso you dont like wan.. PERWIRA aloso you dont like!

    Ebelywhere you go, you dont like people. Haiya who you like?

    Lu punya family, otak mayak sewel?



  75. Skilgannon10664:15 pm

    Heh, heh - Perwira can't, or will not, reply to the points raised by Seolferwulf, hence the resort to doggerel English/Malay/Chinese.

    Par for the course for someone with a typical Malaysian intellect, schooled, no doubt, by the rigourous curriculum of a national school!

  76. Skilgannon10665:14 pm

    "S'porean to be exec director at Carrefour" (Singapore ST, Feb 9, 2011)

    "A Singaporean is set to become the first non-French national to hold the post of executive director at global supermarket giant Carrefour.

    "MR SHAFIE SHAMSUDDIN, 40, currently chief executive of Carrefour Indonesia, is headed for the company's headquarters in Paris.

    "He will take on the role of executive director in charge of talent management and organisational development. He starts in his new position on March 15.

    "In his new role, Mr Shafie will be tasked with revamping Carrefour's organisational structure. His special focus will be on finding and training new talent.

    "He said in an interview with Malay-language newspaper Berita Harian: "I'm grateful for the opportunity to take on this bigger role and I've been told I'm the first Asian to have been relocated to the French headquarters.

    "In thisw new role I will be responsible for finding and developing new talents for Carrefour, not just in Paris, but in all the countries that we operate in"...

    His career at Carrefour began in 1996, when he was hired as a management trainer after graduating with a business administration degree from Nanyang Technological University".

    A towering Singaporean Malay! All without the benefit of quotas, handouts or special privileges!

    Hey, Rocky - why not interview him for the Malay Mail?

  77. Anonymous8:23 pm


    Nothing to be proud of LKY wan..

    If he is exceptional he should now be Chairman of ROC. Why and What is he doing in Singapore?

    PARASITES of cos grow well on their host, sendili kalu don't know how to make their own food.

    WATER, even after 50years, no idea how to be independent from Malaysia.

    Want to drink evelyday also must depend on Malaysia, Ops! other host plants!

    Hali2 syiok sendili punya bakul angkat.


  78. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Offer still open for Malaysian chinese to migrate to Singapore? better apply quick cos' the mainland chinese I heard came by countless boats and tongkangs.

    History repeated itself.For once just admit and acknowledge that malaysia is a blessed land.That is why the chinese chose to be here. Ini tak de terimakasih mau kutuk kerajaan lagi...busuk punya olang.

  79. siewchinteo8:55 pm

    Anon @ 9.56 pm - can we know where the court papers are filed? High Court Malaysia or Singapore? :)))

  80. Anonymous3:40 pm



    There are over 1billion Chinese for you to compare yourself with.. Cannot compare yourself with them alleady ? Dont know where to hide your face?

    Without your kind there, China is now one of the greatest nations on EARTH..They have rid themselves of the true parasites and scavangers like you.

    What are you doing in Singapore?

    I P T U


  81. Anonymous11:32 pm

    ya lah

    if so great why conquer only a red dot, try the USA lah

    kena whacked punya, like any other chingkie

  82. Anonymous11:40 pm

    wooiii skewedmoron

    many other towering Malays from red dot have made it on their OWN sweat, without help, support or guidance from the govt

    Ashley Hisham
    Anita Sarawak
    Najib Ali
    Fandi Ahmad
    Ali Ahmad
    Mardan Mamat
    Hanis Hussey

    the malaysian chinese who work in red dot cannot meet standard lah, don't deny ok!

  83. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Hey Perwira

    Let's wait. It is only a matter of time before the newater shows its effect on skewedmoron and sewaktu dgn nya punya IQ

  84. Anonymous11:54 am

    Pity the Chinese singaporeans, guys. They are truly too arrogant and embarrassed to be in this region but can't go anywhere else because no other country would like to give up an island to give to them as generously as what Malaysia had done.
    Pity them because they feel out of place here and unable to become a European or an American. Pity them because they are stuck celah kangkang the great state of Johor.
    Pity them because they have to drink water that is not theirs because the bountiful rivers flows only in beautiful Malaysia.
    Pity them because they only live in apartments and flats whereas we Malays own our front lawn and backyards and are landlords and heirs to numerous lands all over the country (i personally own a few acres).
    Pity them folks because they're Singaporeans, living in their Fantasy Island.

    Tattoo : Da plane Da plane!
    Mr Roarke : Smiles, everyone... smiles!

  85. Skilgannon10662:53 pm

    Anon 11:40 PM

    Really, ah?

    How many of those persons you listed have given up their Singapore citizenship to take up some other passport?

    Ash Isham, for instance, proudly proclaims that he is Singaporean every chance he gets. Ditto for Najip (not Najib!!) Ali, Fandi Ahmad, Mardan Mamat etc.

    As for former Malaysian Chinese who have made good in Singapore, there are several to choose from:

    Chief Justice (and former A-G) Chan Sek Kheong
    Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan
    SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hua
    Hyflux Corp CEO Olivia Lum
    OCBC Chairman (and former CEO of Singapore Airlines) Chan Choon Keong

    See, I can quote examples with the best of them!

  86. Anonymous10:03 pm

    ya the chinese singaporeans MUST pass mandarin but face difficulties, some pack up their bags to go angmoh country so no need for children to study mandarin mah

    work so hard to buy big house big car big pay big credit big name

    but on death bed, lawyer say got 4 other wives quarrelling with each other to get the most inheritance

    old man cry to see them loving his money not himself

  87. Anonymous9:51 pm

    aiyoyo skewedmoron

    don't let your badly wired brain get the better of you

    the point of debate was towering Malays making good without govt's help

    nothing to do with giving up red dot citizenship, after all gong li and the battalion of "sports" scoop from chinese countries were given citizenship on the cheap

  88. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Special dedication to skewedmoron

    Chief Justice (and former A-G) Chan Sek Kheong - Tuesday, January 12, 2010
    Singapore's Chief Justice, Chan Sek Keong disgracefully and shamefully abused the law.
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Judge Chan Sek Keong, Singapore's Chief justice and it's highest ranking legal official showed a complete lack of integrity, in 1997, when he abused his then office of Attorney General of Singapore.

    In his doing so, he disgraced not only the office of Attorney General of Singapore but also completely discredited the administration of law in Singapore.

    Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan has by-pass surgery
    Posted by Ravi Philemon on May 6, 2010 87 Comments

    A spokesperson from the Ministry of Health (MOH) speaking to The New Paper said that Minister for Health Khaw Boon Wan, 57, had by-pass surgery on Tuesday.

    The New Paper reported that Mr Khaw’s doctors advised him to go for the surgery after a health check last week.

    P.S. is he given the right portfolio?

    SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hua - June 11th, 2010 | Author: Your Correspondent

    Recently, two foreign professionals, Swiss national Oliver Fricker and Briton Lloyd Dane Alexander broke into SMRT Changi Depot and vandalized a train with graffiti. Fricker was arrested a few days after a video of the vandalized train appeared on Youtube

    Today they were fined for breach of security (heh heh)

    Hyflux Corp CEO Olivia Lum - Hyflux Ltd. (HYF SP), Singapore’s biggest publicly traded provider of water treatment services, sank 4.2 percent to S$2.30. Hyflux drops more than 10% from $3.40 to $2.98 in just 3 consecutive days after a failed symmetrical triangle. The price has slump past the 200 days moving average indicating the weakness of this security.

    "OCBC Chairman (and former CEO of Singapore Airlines) Chan Choon Keong" wooii moron, did you get the name WRONG??

    (THE BUSINESS TIMES - SINGAPORE) OCBC Bank chairman Cheong Choong Kong yesterday hit out at DBS Bank chief executive Jackson Tai over remarks he made on corporate governance at a seminar last Friday.

    'I cannot understand the fellow,' Dr Cheong said. 'The bank under his charge has the lowest PE (price-earnings) ratio among the three of us (Singapore banks).

    'Yet according to press reports, he is blaming everything and everybody. He forgets that he has something very valuable that other banks could only wish they had the chance to acquire - the huge POSB network.

    'I can forgive most accusations against OCBC, however unjustified, including that of over-conservatism - but not one of being irresponsible. I resent the insult to my board of directors.'

  89. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Skillyannon, go isap puting susu, you deserve some comfort..

    The Malaysian education system has been ranked number eight in the world by newsmagazine Newsweek, Education director-general Datuk Abdul Ghafar said in a statement.

    On the 2010 target of 20 high performance schools, three students from Tunku Kurshiah College came out second in the Special Award category at the Intel ISEF competition held in San Jose, United States for their Natural Oil Boom project.

    Heheheh... hehehe... hehehee..

    Yap Rocky,
    should I continue... hehehehehe..

    Read more: 'Local education system ranked 8th in the world'


  90. Sorry D’Rocky...I feel sorry for hindraf because ‘we’ were against MIC first...then umno and mca. Many did not read the memo to terms like ‘genocide’ was stupendous.....btw ...Wtf did MIC do with all the $$ ...when Indian hve highest crime PAS is good for
    My version of some ‘interlok’....would read like how the 'pariah' worked in the hot sun building jalan raya and KTM...rubber estates... towards nation building.