Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alleged maid rape Part 2

Read "Pak Lah covered up minister's rape case". The PKR-aligned news portal Free Malaysia Today has given the original posting here a rather clever twist.

Sheih Kickdefella, who recently parted ways with PAS, which had engaged him to lead a propaganda war during the PRU12 in March 08, also has his take. He said Husam Musa's party which now rules Kelantan and Kedah knew of the report on the so-called "Rapist Minister". Read his "Allah Ta'Alla Maaf Dah". 

MAID IN AMPANG: J Lo in the movie Maid in Manhattan.
Shamsul Yunus says if it's true the said Minister had raped his maid, he should face the music. And if Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had covered up for the Minister, the MACC should investigate the ex-PM for abuse of power.


  1. Anonymous3:30 pm


    *Drum Roll*

    But then again, Jean Danker prior to where she is now, was a maid cum secretary to then PM?


    thats why, dont ever sleep on the job

    Double LOL.

    Islam Hadhari poorah.

    - Ikan Tongkol -

  2. Anonymous4:31 pm

    kickdefella is a man without conviction - sold his soul too many times

    careful Rocky - never trust tatfella

    Anwar Ismail

  3. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Malaysiakini is the worst of Anwar mouth pieces. 2nd come Malaysiainsider then follow by FreeMalaysia Today.

    It is an open secret that several of the Malaysiakini senior reporters are on the payroll. The famous one is Terence Netto, who will spring into actions to churn out articles after articles when Anwar is in deep shit otherwise he will remain quiet.

    Malaysiakini is prepared to distort and slant news all the way to fulfill Anwar's political agendas.

    Free Malaysia Today still publish a bit of Anwar's shit. Malaysiainsider will go all out to defend Kali, Tony Fernadez, AirAsia, son in law, sleepy head and Anwar.

  4. Anonymous7:45 pm

    This report on Rais excuse to withdraw is kind of strange, isn't it?

    Rais Yatim tarik diri calon Setiausaha Agung Komanwel

    KUALA LUMPUR, 25 Julai – Menteri Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim hari ini menarik diri daripada dicalonkan sebagai Setiausaha Agung Komanwel.

    Beliau berkata, ini kerana tugas dan komitmennya sebagai Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Induk Sambutan Kemerdekaan Negara membataskannya untuk ke luar negara bagi melobi jawatan itu.

    “Tanggungjawab domestik berhubung merdeka sangat berat, tidak ada kesempatan bagi saya ke seberang laut... itu salah satu masalah yang dihadapi dan tidak adil sekiranya nak bertanding tetapi tidak dapat berkempen seperti calon lain,” katanya di sini hari ini.

    Rais berkata, beliau lebih mementingkan tugas merancang acara sambutan kemerdekaan negara kerana tahun ini merupakan ulang tahun ke-50 Hari Kemerdekaan negara.

    “Saya lebih mementingkan tugas sekarang supaya tidak terabai, lagipun sudah terlewat (berkempen)... jadi lebih baik pencalonan itu ditarik balik,” katanya.

    Katanya, beliau sudah memaklumkan hasratnya itu kepada Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, serta Kementerian Luar hari ini.

    Pemilihan bagi jawatan itu akan berlangsung pada Mesyuarat Ketua-Ketua Kerajaan Komanwel (CHOGM) di Kampala, Uganda, November ini.

    Pesuruhjaya Tinggi India ke United Kingdom, Kamalesh Sharma calon India, dan Menteri Luar Michael Frendo, calon Malta, telah menjelajah serata dunia untuk melobi sokongan.

    Tempoh perkhidmatan setiausaha agung Komanwel kini, Don McKinnon dari New Zealand berakhir 31 Mac tahun depan, dan selepas ini merupakan giliran Asia untuk memegang jawatan berkenaan.

  5. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Very cruel of you to put the wrong picture.

  6. Anonymous9:33 pm

    This could be one reason he was not reappointed to the cabinet.. or being asked to resign in a quite manner.

    My neighbour dulu very very APEK, left whole day under the 18yr old maid's care.. she came crying to us after realising that she is 3months late..

    APEK offered RM6K, pleading that she keep his baby AND MARRY HIM!!!..

    Macam2 perangai orang tua sekarang eh!



  7. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Minah Indon tu bkn anak YATIM. Mentegi Penerangan kame paham yg 84 peratos rakyat paham psl satuu Msia, namon 100 peratos nak tao siape mentegi PEROGOL.

  8. Anonymous9:53 am

    I repeat, it is very cruel of you to put the wrong picture.

  9. Anonymous10:18 am

    Rocky, please do not trouble our Tun Abdulla Pak Lah.
    He is having an enjoyable like with his "new" wife and his sex life.

  10. Anonymous11:14 am


    Kuala Dimensi funded everything. They paid money to Khir Toyo and UMNO Selangor and also permanent Chairman of UMNO to buy Malay fisherman land in Pulau Indah. The land was bought thru the koperasi. The Malay fisherman were paid peanuts. The koperasi then sold the land to Kuala Dimensi, also for peanuts. Then Kuala Dimensi sold the land to the gomen at very high price which then became the PKFZ Scandal.

    Rais Yatim was the Minister of Law. He advised the gomen to allow Kuala Dimensi buy the land from the koperasi. Under acquisition act, the gomen no need Kuala Dimensi. The gomen can buy the land straight from the fisherman. UMNO korup bro, apa nak buat?

    Rais Yatim as Law Minister also advised gomen to accept the price of RM20 psf.

    After selling the land to gomen PKFZ for RM20 per square foot, Kuala Dimensi bought more land to replace the land they have sold to gomen. Bro, Kuala Dimensi bought more land at RM5.00 psf. WTF bro? Monday sell land for RM20 psf, Tuesday buy back more land from koperasi at RM5.00 psf? Melayu punya bodoh dahsat bro.

    Rais Yatim helped in the PKFZ scandal. This one during Pak Lah Time pun sambung lah. So Rais tolong Pak Lah, then when Rais play 'pisang saya montel' with the maid, Pak Lah helped to cover up with the Indonesians.

    Happy New Year bro.

  11. Anonymous11:36 am


    Is the senior minister in reference rumoured to be the same minister who got you hauled up by MCMC in a jiffy and afraid to make a police report and confiscated your 'Ferrari'?

    Wat lah, not only is he a liar but also appears to be a rogol kaki!!!

    - a malaysian -

  12. What kinda music should he face?

  13. Anonymous3:58 pm

    So why wait? Where MACC? Where Polis? Where Nazri?

    Investigate please! Dont show hipocricy barking when you hate and kissing when you love.

    DS Najib.... show transparency please.

  14. Well, Isn't it true that Badawi covered up a lot more stuff?

  15. You want to trust and believe kickdefella who addressees me as Papa dear and close and even have few posts hero worshiped me in the past?
    I don't even trust want to trust him....Rocky?
    His stubborn attitudes will make him a failure.
    He can be bought like Raja Petra too.....but Kicky is no match to Petra's smartness.
    He has no manners gratitude..nor respect for anyone.
    All those shown outwardly are for show only.
    Just look at how he ambil bodek Husam when he was working for him in PAS.....and he will apply that to anyone that he feels beneficial to him only.
    Will he ever can change for the better?
    Sure he can..but lets not waste time to hope and pray for that.
    He is very cunning and unreliable...right now.
    He is a master instigator par any politcal party employing him.

  16. Anonymous7:54 pm

    For a hypersensitive pondan, he sure got lots of testestorone

  17. Anonymous9:04 am

    The Minister should use his brains and just do an Anwar. Take it to the streets, request for his own judge, employ sick lawyers or just join Pakatan Ruckus. All will then be well, and he will be hailed a hero. Yeah and call it a conspiracy, for better impact.


  18. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Please stop accusing people of rape unless you have absolute proof. Its disgusting and if you are BN supporters, it only paints a poor image of BN. And all these unprovoked attacks on Pak Lah and Jean! I cant believe that some Malaysians have such dirty mouths!! What did they ever do to you?

  19. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Whenever I see Pak Lah, whenever I hear about him and whenever someone mentions him.... I feel sick. I just want to forget the hypocrite!

  20. Anonymous3:01 pm

    What about Mahathir covering up murder case of Mustazikah secret lover of Megat Joned?
    When will u call misuse of power?

  21. Anonymous12:36 pm

    allahtaala apa yang maaf,siapa nampak mulut allahtaala,allah tak napak macam mana ciptaan dia ada tangan,zina malam raya cina macam mana allahtaala bagi lesen kongkek,minta haramkan pekida islam taik agama dari tahun jual mak saya polis pinjaman srilanka tahun 1970.Pekida islam adalah pengasas agama pariah sanngup tidur dengan mak kandung

  22. Anonymous5:26 pm

    The use of force on maids is also widely reported in the Middle East. These ' ketuanan' peoples thought all gentiles pussie are like their granfathers' land which they could plough whenever they like. Sorry no go , not without permissions. Should they need the extra services, they have to pay for it.


  23. Wow, unbelievable. Minister rapes, what else will happen to our nation?

  24. Anonymous12:46 am

    Hey Dato'

    u r 1 of my fan. But reading this, it really wonders me if u have a conspiracy theory against this particular minister? Pls dun put down ur name and write something with facts. Let reader like us guessing seems u've personal agenda against someone.