Sunday, December 26, 2010

SM Sains Miri: Don't do it, Muhyiddin

Close the school, move the kids out, but NOT 120km away, please! The news portal Sarawak Update says the parents of 400 students are upset with the Deputy Prime Minister  and Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin for agreeing to this.

An editor at SU told me the new location for the secondary school is "deep in the jungle, where the roads are like hell, no electricity and no hospital nearby". It's hard not to sympathize with the parents and the students. You don't close a school in KL and relocate it in Jelebu, do you?

By the way, Miri is a 50-50 seat, election speaking. And the state election is just round the corner.


  1. Do it Muhyiddin. That will be a cause for losing Miri.

  2. I guess Muhyiddin knows Miri is gone case for BN in 13th GE...and so the real UMNO B
    "People First.Performance Now" slogan forgotten.
    You don't vote for BN...UMNO B will make life difficult for anyone.
    These are crooks using money to buy loyalties ..worst than using drugs.

  3. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Who care sekolah sains miri? the rogol indon maid cerita belum habis lah. why yo go and change the new story mah rocky? bila wiki-licks want to expose the story? next week ah? will the wiki-licks mention the name of the rogol minister? why the najib still keeping him inside the cabinet ah? so is there a cabinet reshuffle when the wiki-licks bocor the rogol minister name? if Najib still dont drop the rogol minister haiyya, better go and die lah. If want to cabinet reshuffle, I think better ask the PM wife help mah. The women better at arrange the cupboard, the things inside the cabinet, the peti sejuk and like that mah. I think the PM wife better at cabinet reshuffle.

    Hj Single Malt Last Nite

  4. Put politics la ... THis is about pupils and rakyat

  5. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Pindahkan saja kalau ia kerana faktor keselamatan. Kalau ibubapa tak setuju, keluarkan anak2 anda dan sekolahkan disekolah menengah biasa sahaja. Bila kementerian hendak memindahkan murid2, semua faktor telah di ambil kira, kemudahan sekolah, kemudahan asas sekolah, kelengkapan sekolah dan sebagainya. Ingat main suka2 pindah sahaja ke.

  6. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Why Jelebu? Anything to do with Rais Yatim? At least Jelebu have a hospital nearby.

  7. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Dato' Rock,
    1 MALAYSIA, dimana2 pun sekolah jugak. Jangan kata kat bandar tapi budak2 ponteng plak. Kalau PR ambil isu dan BN kalah kalah. Kalahnya kpd Parti dalam Malaysia jugak bukan kepada parti luar Malaysia. TPM kena buka minda seluas mungkin dalam hal ini..Rakyat..He3..kena kau.

  8. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Almost similar to the North-South Expressway's Sg Besi toll-Ayer Keroh toll distance = 127km ;)

    So, it's like one day you are a school pupil in KL, next day you are forced to study in Melaka. Haha!!

    - Azlan.

  9. Anonymous12:24 am

    Bastard lowlife monsterball!

  10. dato rocky,

    1. ini adalah contoh tipikal ketidak cekapan pegawai-pegawai kementerian pelajaran. dari perkara besar hingga perkara kecil.

    2. kalau betul pun soal keselamatan, kenapa tiada perancangan yang teliti dan munasabah.

    3. keputusan yang dibuat selalunya menyusahkan rakyat dan orang ramai.

    4. walaupun nampak kecil tetapi jelas memperlihatkan ketidak cekapan.

    5. contohnya, jadual asal peperiksaan spm yang lepas. semua pegawai terlepas pandang 22hb November 2010 adalah cuti umum di johor.


  11. charleskiwi8:07 am

    Put the DPM there as a candidate or the next election and we will see the real results of how popular and good he is ?
    It will not be 50-50, he will be lucky if he can even get 100 votes !

  12. Bro the news report says "ada bangunan retak". The extent of the damage may be bad, maybe its imperative that the students needs to be moved for their safety and the safety of the teachers as well.

    Sekolah Menengah Sains are normally sekolah berasrama penuh. I think the MOE officials would have made sure the 400 students are transferred to another available sekolah berasrama. Too bad the one nearest is 120km away.

    Nothing political about this the way I look at it, its all about student safety. Kalau kelas roboh masa belajar nanti lain pula cerita monsterball,anon Hj single tu dan juga emak bapak pelajar sekolah yang complain tu.

    Perhaps Kementerian Pelajaran will want to explain the rationale. behind the shift to another school quite far away from Miri in a press conference.

    ps. Bro cerita sikit lah pasal comrade ronnie ban 1Malaysia logo kat Selangor tu.

  13. Pak Nyah10:45 am

    Its an act of umNO's vengeance!

    BN will be HISTORY in 2011 !!!

  14. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Muhyiddin just to make life miserable for Miri. You just do not move a Sekolah Menengah just like this. It just show what kind of education minister he is - an evil non-compassionate politician.

  15. yea ..BN will be HISTORY IN 2011 and my so call low life will be well rewarded.
    Long ago...I told all monkeys lets Twist like Chubby Checkers..and all turned mad.
    Come 2011...many monkies will be captured by PR stray be rehabilitated ...hahahahahahahaha

  16. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I do not know which school the children of DPM (if he has any)go to. England? Australia? USA or Singapore? I just feel sorry for the children of the ordinary Malaysian. Very cruel to link education policy and politics.

  17. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Tak jadi hal la itu. Kalau kemudahan cukup, tak semestinya ada masalah. Sediakan perumahan untuk guru juga.

    Bagi sekolah asrama penuh, bagus jugak kalau jauh dari mak bapak yang duduk kat pekan. Tak adelah sebok nak jenguk anak tiap2 minggu.

    MRSM Bentong dulu pun macam ni juga. Tak heran pun.

    Anak Apak

  18. Seolferwulf7:41 pm

    Not surprising. The Malaysian school system is screwed up anyway. Look at the latest PISA rankings done by the OECD.

    Politicization of the national education system to assuage the sensitivities of the pseudo-nationalists and chauvinists of every ethnic hue is directly to blame for this abysmal state of affairs.

  19. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Pls check you facts la ol' bro... I suppose when the DPM denies this, you'll say its because of your blog eh?

  20. The question of moving temporarily or permanent?

    For safety reason and back to school just round the corner, there's always an alternative of doing so in the same area.Not 120km deep in the jungle as reported. If so,similarly the question of childrens' safety too!

    Look for the shop houses that were unoccupied!

    If it is permanent,PIBG must play their role for the do-s and dont-s, and Muhyiddin will determine the definite answer.

    Politically,it's not in their mind to do such thing and hopefully it's not.

  21. Anonymous9:27 am

    Stupid idea from an equally stupid minister. The school is in the city and next to Tajong Lobang beach and they are eying the prime land it is sitting on. Want to bet that it will end up in Taib Mahmud's family hand?

  22. Rukunegara yang pertama : Percaya pada Tuhan, bukan percaya pada manusia.

  23. Anonymous10:54 am

    pindahkan saja..apa nak takut election...sampai masa pilihanraya bagi seorang pengundi Rm50, beres this fools will vote again for BN. most of our voter ada harga RM50 dah boleh jual iman dan BN dah masak dgn gelagat dan harga pengundi.

  24. Anonymous8:29 am

    jangan melompat tak tentu arah. Baik kita dapat penjelasan dulu kenapa kena pindah dan dimana. kalau sebab sebab keselamatan dan tempat sekarang tidak sesuai, perlu dah di pndahkan. tempat baru perlu juga di kaji. Sekarang dah tak sesuai lagi kalau nak buka tempat pengajian, persekolahan, maktab atau universiti dalam hutan. cadangan itu bukan untuk kepentingan penuntut atau pembelanjaran tapi kepentingan politik semasa.

  25. Thank you, rocky's bru & SU & siapa-siapa yang highlight issue ni.
    I'm an alumni SMSM, so the issue is deep in my heart. Despite the report mentioning buildings cracking up, there are many area available to build new buildings. Some of the problem buildings had been known since 1996, just that no action was taken. No class room? No problem. At least 2 hostel blocks were not used for lodging (total 8 hostel blocks, 6 utilised) were never used. Should be able to modify the hostel for use. And just tonight, I got news from SU that they (Gov) agreed to repair school and rebuild new buildings. Thank you.

    PS: for those who don't understand the issue, it is not about safety only. Moving the students to another school for safety reason is ok, provided that the road to the new school is paved road. In this case, the only vehicle which can traverse the road is 4WD and you need to travel 120km in this condition.

  26. Dear Danny Liew,

    Thanks for coming forward with your comments. We hope the relevant ministry hears you.

    I must pass all the credit of this expose to The Sarawak Update, certainly one portal with a heard.


  27. bro. i have to disagree with the decision to move the school. it will give a lot of negative impact.

    if u have time, try to write about the football. some people take certain things seriously, others dont. if u have time to visit my blog. take your time bro

  28. Thank you rocky's bru. I believe this incident will be a trigger amongst Sainsri students (as we had proudly called ourselves) to stand out. In the past, we might had been meekly keeping quiet. I still believe in supporting the government of the day, but not to the extent of letting go of our right to proper representation so that our voice will be heard. 308 proved it once, and now this incident also proved, when we (in this case, the parents, teachers and the students) are united in our voice, even voices shall turn into 1 single voice. As a Swahilian saying, when small people take collective action, the world shall be moved (I don't have the exact words of the saying).

  29. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Bende2 gini kadang2 tu Menteri tak tau pun. Pegawai2 kementerian dgn jabatan mmg ada yg cube memandai. Lepas tu menyusahkan dan memburukkan nama org lain. Politik Sarawak pun ada kaitan ni. Tak bleh caya sgt geng Taib nih

  30. Anonymous12:57 am

    sekolah menengah sains miri?
    nak pindah sesuka hati?SBP tu..bukan sng nk pindahkan pelajar sesuka hati ke sesukahati sekolah makbapak engkau..kalau seri puteri dr kL ke cyberjaya lain kira sbb infrastruktur d cyberjaya mmg cukup..ini dr SBP k ceruk jin bertendang...saya paham..only sarawakians know well...