Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They took my Ferrari

Laptop, Streamyx modem seized. The MCMC "interviewed" me for 90 minutes. I told the reporters that they treated me nice. After the interview, we took a drive from Cyberjaya to Puchong via the backroads and to my house, where I parted ways with my dear laptop. The guys from Bukit Aman's cyber unit came along. My neighbours were hiding behind the curtains. The sight of a patrol car and an MCMC 4x4 on a Wednesday afternoon does not inspire many to venture out.

I'm being investigated by the MCMC under Section 256 under "Pemeriksaan orang yang tshu mengenai kes". If the A-G decides to charge me, I shall be charged under Section 233, the same provisions they used against blogger-cartoonist Hassan Skodeng. Basically, it's a crimkinal offence. I could be fined max RM50,000 and jailed a year if convicted.

Next to be summoned is Big Dog. Maybe even the business site Taikors & Taikuns, if they know who is or are behind it.

The reporters did not come to my house. At the MCMC headquarters, after the interview, TO BE CONTINUED.

The NsT reports:

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CYBERJAYA: Datuk Ahirudin Attan yesterday spent 90 minutes at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) headquarters answering questions on a posting on his blog, Rocky's Bru.
Ahirudin, who is president of the National Alliance of Bloggers (AllBlogs), was summoned after Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim lodged a police report against his blog and two others.

The report was about the blogs' postings on the ministry's RM1 billion grant to improve broadband access in the country.

He was accompanied to his house in Puchong by seven officers from MCMC and Bukit Aman federal police headquarters' cyber unit where they confiscated his laptop.

Ahirudin, better known as Rocky, told the New Straits Times that he did not know which part of his posting "Who gets Santa Rais' RM1 billion handout?" offended Rais.

"Maybe the word 'Santa' offended him. But if the minister had cared to read the posting properly, he would find that the posting from bigdogdotcom which I had linked on my blog was actually feedback from people who are talking about his son being a beneficiary of the grant.

"It was not an accusation, not even a claim. It was a constructive message for the minister and the ministry.

"To stop people from talking, he should make the award of the grants as transparent as possible," Ahirudin said.

He added that the reason he posted the link on his blog was for that reason alone.

"No malice was intended to the minister but his action against the bloggers does seem malicious.

"Unfortunately, the minister has taken it in a totally different way. He was probably advised to lodge a police report against me and the other two bloggers.

"In fact, what he got out of all this is that he is the first minister to have lodged a police report against bloggers. For that, I must congratulate the minister."

Ahirudin has yet to be contacted by the police but believes that he will be soon. He is being investigated under Section 256 of the Penal Code.

"The minister is wasting everyone's time, including his own. He could have just responded by denying the talk and thanking bloggers for bringing it to light.

"Personally, I'm disappointed at the minister for aiming to intimidate all bloggers.

"It is a shame because the minister is in charge of bloggers.

"He should take time to read the posts thoroughly and understand them as he is supposed to protect bloggers and encourage responsible blogging."

Rais, in his police report, said the complaint was against the three blogs -- believed to be Rocky's Bru, Taikos and Taikuns (TnT) and bigdogdotcom -- for allegations contained in the article and not levelled at the bloggers.



Anonymous said...

Good at least we can see justice done, better than nothing. If can send this pendatang back to SG that would be even better.

Anonymous said...

Be patient my dear brother! We will teach Rais a valuable lesson!

zakimi said...

Salam Tuan, sesungguhnya Allah SWT akan membantu hambaNya yang berada dalam kesusahan, banyakkan berzikir, ketahuilah bahawa walau sebesar kuasa yang manusia ada, tanpa keizinan Allah, ia tak'kan berlaku.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, this is just a wayang play by BN govt. Nothing will happen after that.

Healthilal said...

Berani krn benar! Tak perlu takut jika kita tak bersalah. Good luck and all the best Mr Rocky!

The healthy halal choice!

Unknown said...


I will, insya Allah, walk with you and Zakhir.

Anonymous said...

bro, although i do not condone irresponsible blogging or even tweeting, I nevertheless sympathise with you.

If its any consolation, just relax...nothing will happen to u. believe me. They will give you back your 'ferrari', modem, etc.

fret not:)

-not blogger from BUM-

Anonymous said...

RICE tis aint nice. Rocky has Najib broken ties. You, said he is nice. Now you may spend your days with sum criminal guys. BN is fully of lies. Anwar he is a lice. Rocky, join PKR, give Malaysia some spice. Spies spys spys spys. Time to eat RICE.

Old Fart said...

"First they came ..." Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

No one left really...

So who are you complaining to?

Anonymous said...

Sabar as usual,klu org Melayu kene tak de siapa backing kita skrg ni.Kalu bukan melayu kena, semua org defend sampai MCA, Gerakan, DAP, PAS semua backing, Malaysia Insider, Singapore, Malaysiakini semua backing. Hmmm....skrg org melayu dh jadi mangsa dikalangan bangsanya sendiri yang sibuk nak dpt undi...


eddy said...

Bro, God forbid, if they do take action against you or BigDog based on Rais's report then BN going into the soon to be called GE will be severely handicapped.

I hope the Information Minister and the Cabinet and UMNO go into this with their eyes wide open and not ruled by the heart. Declaring war on BN leaning bloggers is a sure way of losing some vital votes. I hope the PM and DPM is monitoring the situation, this will get worse before it gets better.

I hope common sense will prevail,I hope parties just settle it outside the courts and on the kopitiam table.

George Choo said...

rocky, in this case I support you.In fact you did not mentioned any name but BIGDOG did.If they are to investigate,it is not you but Bigdog Zakhir. Recently,Ku Li in a forum mentioned that Billions belongs to the rakyat are STOLEN by UMNO and BN and this KAKI RASUAH have to use the Police and the MCMC to silence people like you in order to protect themselves.That is why financially the govt of Malaysia is BANKRUPT. I thought that with Najib as PM,things would be better but it is the opposite. Do not worry,your readers is with you.Remember not so long ago,when NST sue you,I gave you a cheque for a small amount of 150 but you did not bank in. This time if you need anything to pay legal fee,my contribution will be the 150 which you did not bank in.Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

The law has finally caught up with you.

Anonymous said...

Sudah terantuk baru tergadah
Itu pasal tak leh jadi seasonal freedom fighter journo
Kalau org PKR + pembangkang okay kena charge = padan muka, ko tambah2 lagi
it is karma my dear

Anonymous said...

Report was lodged on Tuesday.
You are interviewed on Wednesday.

That's fast. Very fast.


Uki® said...

bro...get another ferrari..hehe

Anonymous said...

what the hell..!!

lipandes said...

For someone who is being accused as UMNO/BN Najib paid blogger,

you sure have lousy cable.

Grandpa said...

Datuk, we know you have the strength and willpower to go through this

Anonymous said...

I think Rais is again burning his bridge. If he managed to crawl back on the burnt bridge the first time, Rais may not be able to do so the second time around. Lest he forgets, he is not dealing with politicians this time around who do not have permanent friends or enemy. What makes Rais' reaction regressive is his inability to use his position as the Info Minister to debunk a posting in a blog so much so that he needed to resort to the force of law. In other words, he feels the only way to effectively shut up his critics is by using the force of law. That means he accepts that he won't be able to argue his case via the information channel he controls. Such an act means that Rais himself admits that he is not an effective Information Minister to be able to debunk such a blog posting on his own. Imagine how can PM Najib rely on him to counter all the allegations and criticisms leveled at him and the Government if Rais can't even rebut a few postings in the blogs. Is Rais going to lodge police reports on the thousands of blog postings which had maligned the PM and the Government? Or is it that he only lodges reports if it maligns him?
To my mind, Rais resorting to using the force of law to silent what he deemed to be a wrong committed on his person is a pathetic representation of an Information Minister. And that should disqualify him to continue in his present portfolio.

Shamsul Akmar

Anonymous said...

Bru, Confuseus shall walk with you, too.

We are battle hardened and these episode will make us stronger.

People, just get rid of these arrogant SOB.

Nonetheless, I have proposed many times that the Govt should engaged RPK and I see it is finally happening.

Confuseus is BACK and Confuseus is not anti government, just anti INCOMPETENT Govt.

Anonymous said...

I hope you prevail in this case bro.

But let this be a lesson why you should not feed and cosy to crocodiles. More people may be hauled up in next few days.. we shall see.

Irony. BD, voice, among others supporting teh ISA, Sedition Act, and other oppresive laws but crying foul when their tim kena bantai by the very same laws they support. huhuhu

Anonymous said...

Datuk Rocky,

Ensure you record all those who came for your Ferrari. Check, and check, and check AND CHECK THEIR PERSONAL backgrounds. Buka fail mereka..


Tengok Lawyer Banting tu, Ahli Majlis Bar Coucil atau ex pun bole perangai sebegitu sekali.

Manatau ader yg teringin nak bawa cewek rasa naik Ferrari you, silap letak kat parking lot nanti, tayar hilang, lampu kena curi, engine pun disapu..

Bagi peringatan ni pasai 20 of us (group)dah pernah terkena.


Anonymous said...


looks very much like a scripted play. you are the STAR isnt it.

is the govt. afraid that this might cause an uproar should they go for the opposition bias blogs FIRST?


Anonymous said... carefull as your pricey datukship could be taken away as well.Perhaps its time for you to switch the side again. Come on bro!!! you did once before and I can assure youif you do Mat Sabu will mobilise at least 100K people protesting against action on you on every corner of KL City.


Anonymous said...

menteri kebal kut kawan - kawan . mana boleh usik kan kan kan . siapalah kita ini kan kan kan . go rocky goooooooooooooooooooooo !

Mat Cendana said...

MY CONFESSION: No; sorry to disappoint but it's not about some "...and 5 strokes of the rotan" class sexual misdeed, sex luar tabie or something juicy centred around some alluring Top 10-class janda near Batang Kali. Batang Kali, gettit? Muahaha! Oh, okay - it's about some of the comments from the first "Rais Santana" post... retchings from a jaundiced mind and self.

I don't have any issues with reasonable and related opinions even when I totally disagree with them. And being opinionated isn't a problem either; like the comments from people like malasla.. 10:43 PM, George Choo 10:55 PM etc. I could understand and appreciate their points and interpretations and then move on. But with some people... God knows I've tried to, but I just can't understand how they think.

Or maybe it's "how and what they ARE"... small-minded cretins and loud-mouthed-but-chickenhearted pygmies. Is that too harsh on hit-and-run cowards who don't contribute anything and are limited to just making personal attacks, especially on Rocky? Now, I don't have to waste time and energy by just ignoring their `comments', like what Rocky does most of the time. Now this is one wise and definitely cool guy. Unfortunately I'm not - I like to waste time and energy with the retards... mongrels sent from 2008 to try outshout, harass and discredit Rocky and a few other well-known bloggers and commentators "who had the courage and followings to obstruct deceitful worms from having a free run at undermining matters related to Article 153 in the Malaysian Constitution." And they are sore... especially when the expected home run from `16 Sept' and Permatang Pauh turned to vapour.

See the issue here and compare that to the comments. Now these are by people who loudly thump their chests claiming to be noble champions and brave defenders of the rakyat... of being watchdogs and wanting `good governance', `justice for all', `governmental and corporate responsibility', `accountability', `Bangsa Malaysia' (HAHAHA!), `freedom and democracy' and whatever-else slogans.

And what did they do when this matter was raised by the mentioned bloggers?...the possibility of impropriety regarding taxpayers' money? They launched personal attacks against the blog's owner.

It's definitely okay not to have an opinion yet. Or of asking to see more evidence first. Or even in defending Rais Yatim, the police, MACC; giving their reasons for this, of course. But what do you say of chimps who are gleeful over the possibility that those who are brave enough to bring up the alleged abuse OF OUR COMMON MONEY were questioned by the authorities, with the possibility of being charged?

Here's one of the smug imbeciles: "it is karma my dear" ... WHAT is the karma, my dear retard? Persoalan yang terpenting sekarang ialah tentang kemungkinan wang sebegini banyak disalah-guna...tentang kemungkinan berlakunya pilih-kasih oleh seorang Menteri. Tidakkah wajar keutamaan perhatian kita di tuju kepada usaha untuk siasat samada benar atau tidak?

Tapi, bila taksub parti dan tokoh, dan menyimpan dendam terhadap yang tidak bersama kita, maka jadilah OTAK BEKU sepertimana yang ditunjuk melalui Comment. Itulah - Raya dulu sepatutnya banyak melawat, bukan banyak meliwat. --- TO BE CONTINUED

The Eugenist said...

Bro, did you manage to find the place based on the directions I gave to you?


Anonymous said...

Saudara Rocky,

Saya bersimpati dengan apa yang saudara lalui. Saya baca artikel saudara itu dan kepada mereka yang bijaksana saya tidak nampak apa-apa 'pembunuhan watak' dalam kandungannya!

Biarlah, hari ini hari saudara, mungkin hari esok hari dia pula. Langit tidak selalu cerah dan 'kuasa' yang dipinjamkan tidak selamanya milik kita.

Saya penyokong kerajaan dan ada segelintir watak dalam kerajaan yang saya fikir perlu disingkirkan kalau kerajaan hari ini mahu terus berkuasa!

Warga Setia

gram.kong said...

Absolute power corrupt absolutely is so true in this country.

Why should Rais used the MCMC and police to prosecute you.If he strongly felt that you have slander him than the right thing to do is to sue you and take the case to court where he can than prove his innocent, that he did no such thing.

Why are our ministers afraid to use the court to clear their names and resort to arbitrary power to shield themselves?

I hope the wise judge would throw out the case.

Anonymous said...

Fuck rais n najib's stupid media handkers. U will prevail bro. Salute
Patriot jawa johor

Unknown said...

If the government had been more transparent non of this would have happen.
I am just wondering with the election around the corner, BN has yet to prove themselves worthy to run the country again......... BEST OF LUCK !!!

Anonymous said...

Someone said:

Don't worry, this is just a wayang play by BN govt. Nothing will happen after that.

Only right partly.

Yes - this is a wayang kulit by BN govt.

After that, the full force will be aimed at all anti-BN elements, quickly picked up by the authorities under the name of 'national security interest' and safely kept away using the ISA.

Then the general elections, where the BN expects to win back all the states 'democratically'.

But if some states still do not sway back to BN, apply Perak formula - as teher will be less resistance since by then many will be custodians under ISA.

What a rosy picture for BN!!

And they happly continued looting thereafter.


Anonymous said...

saya rasa YB Rais tak perlu melatah dengan membuat laporan polis berkaitan dengan cerita tersebut. Kalau tak betul, cuma nafikan ajelah. Atau pun list kan syarikat yang bid tersebut dan siapakah shareholder nya. Macam Tun dr. Mahathir buat pada tahun 1990 an dulu. Ada tuduhan tentang kroni, dia pun list kan senarai syarikat yang berjaya dan shareholder nya. Rakyat akan tengok sendiri betul ke tidak cerita tersebut. Macam2 tuduhan kena kat dia dulu. Kalau ikut style sekarang ratusan laporan polis terpaksa perlu dibuat. Kalau betul, betul lah YB. Tak yah selindung disebalik POLIS, PEGUAM NEGARA DSBNYA. KETULUSAN DAH CUKUP.

chemat said...

bro. ini ada lah satu ingatan untuk anda berfikir dan muhasabah diri. Berapa banyak manusia tak berdosa yg telah menjadi fitnah reporter dan blogger. maruah mereka di cemar dengan cerita yg tak tentu kebenaran. lepas tu sedap sedap minta maaf.

Not a Rais Yatim supporter said...

Rocky: I supported Rais Yatim taking civil action against you. That's why I said, in my message to the previous post, that I wished he'd sue the shit out of you. But it looks like he's serious in using the instruments of government against you, and well, I am more sympathetic towards you now, in the same way that I was sympathetic towards Anwar Ibrahim during Sodomy 1 and am sympathetic during the present Sodomy 2 wayang (I was a non-supporter in between). For governing politicians to use the instruments of government against their opponents is, I think, cowardly (why can't he take civil action or privately settle this matter with you??), and my dislike of Rais Yatim can only grow bigger.

Anonymous said...

Berani buat, beranilah tanggung. Kalau tuan tak salah tak perlu risau tetapi kalau salah...den tak dapt nak nolong.


Anonymous said...

Lesson no 1, trust nobody and not quote any sources.You never know the bait they lay for you!
Its a war zone for news scoop so be very careful!

Pasquale said...

No one in their right mind should really make me get pissed off and angry, I am almost angry...and when that really happens shit will hit the me!
Rais if you have enough good political sense apologise to Rocky or you are a goner (politically that is)! BELIEVE and I am with you Bro!

Anonymous said...

It's all your fault. Who asked you to be pandai-pandai support Mamakthir openly when the old man is no longer to rescue you.

You bet on the wrong horse and you have to pay for your folly mistake.

Anonymous said...

Latuk, don't worry lah, all this UMNO sandiwara with a very predictable outcome. They can't do anything to the Chief Executive of the Malay Mail, who reports to Najib. To be safe, however, insist that they interview you on the ground floor or not higher than 2 storeys up.


Anonymous said...

Helooo latuk,

Dey bollow your felali? kah...kah...kah...

Wow, you must be the ri-chest blogger in the world!

Anyway, let me know when Dey return back your stuff, bro.

If i can bollow your Fellali, probably i could follow your footstep -- be famos like Amos!


Nzain said...

"Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned." - Milton Friedman

Hang in there, bro. This too will pass.

Anonymous said...


Baca post dr Malaysiakini:

The day Ibrahim Ali's mouth goes numb

Doc: An Umno-aligned politician getting his datukship revoked is something most unusual. It's common knowledge that most sultans are under Umno's thumb so is this Umno's way of trying to get Ibrahim Ali back under their control and tame him? There is more than meets the eye here.

Tgk camno Malaysiakini yang membenci, menuduh dan mengutuk Sultan boleh lagi jadi rakyat Malaysia. Sedangkan all these web portal Malaysiakini, Malaysia Insider semuanya mengagung-agungkan raja Sepet LKY n Kaum Kerabat dia.
Cakap pasal LKY, dia bersih, xde corruption, bijak, pandai, segala-galanya. Tak tahu ke tanpa LKY silap2 Singapore lagi maju dr Hong Kong plus sape yg tolong Singapore klu tak US, Israel, dan Zionist.

Aku tak tahula bro, I respect u try to be independent but the problem is Malay always Oppress Malay, dgn non-malay, Nawamee n Malaysiakini ialah rakyat Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Sabar! Kerja tuan ni datang dengan risiko macam tuan lalui. Ini "political/legal intimidation" dengan akta2 dan seksyen2 dihumban pada tuan. Peliknya bangsa asing yang biadap dibiarkan begitu saja tanpa sepatah abuk tindakan tegas. Sabar tuan, sabar ye.

nightcaller said...


I will walk with you and bigdog when the time comes... in my books, you have not breached any barriers, yet.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

Anonymous said...

It was only an investigative exercise. You know better, Rocky.

You know...MCMC knows, too. It wasn't you, but someone else who carried the malicious overtones. You had to be questioned as part of the process.

Chill, man.

Anonymous said...

MCMC please DISCLOSE list of who were the RECIPIENT of the USF fund, this year and last year, plus the amount they received. Then we shall see, who is telling the truth.


Anonymous said...

The problem is, when we decided to teach Rais, it is not just Rais who's going to fall flat, but the whole of UMNO and BN. Unfornatedly, that's what we have to do. Warning to Najib!

Anonymous said...

I seldom agree with what you write... but I always agree you have the right to write what you choose to write, I am with you on this.


mak tiri said...

ala rocky tulis pun mesti ada yang suruh sbb dah tak tahan dengan pembahagian tak tulus mengenai grant tu.... rocky dapat datuk tu ,bukan suruh duk diam.... mesti keja le bro

Anonymous said...


Maybe you weren't being malicious, but I think you were naughty in coming up with that post. You knew very well that such a post with such a headline is bound to create a negative environment for the person you're posting about.You're in the newspaper business so you know darn well that headlines that can infer many things, is a recipe for readership but it can be damaging to the person you're writing about. Santa is someone who gives out presents, and to put the man's son in the same article, is bound to make readers draw conclusions.

I'm not saying he should sue you, but I think he deserves an explanation. To expect him to refute these rumours is akin to tagging someone a liar even though you don't have proof but expecting the accused to refute the accusations. I believe that is something you've highlighted of being against in the past.

So yes, I'm a little disappointed in your actions. I think you've made a grave mistake. I hope it ends well for you though.

Eugene, KL

Unknown said...

I disagree with the minister's action to intimidate bloggers like how they treated the peaceful candle vigil !

hope all will be well with you

We can't afford to loose you, the blog space still need you to be critical of PR!

keep well!

Anonymous said...

Satu lagi nak pesan pasai Ferrari..

Go change yr license nbr, insurance cover, and apa segala kunci2, yg tertinggal dalm ferrari you tu, FAHAM tak Datok?.

Soon you will be getting unsigned anon letters.. quoting details about your cats and ayam itik.. JUST BE CAREFUL.Some pagar loves to eat the padi.

Kasi peringatan kat sini pasai kami semua dah terkena..


Anonymous said...

time to change government when ministers that are supposedly elected by the people are jailing the very people for highlighting something that COULD happen... UMNO with Rais is a total joke.

Mat Cendana said...

[From The Mamak Mail]: LOS ANGELES - Movie and music companies in Hollywood have called upon the authorities in Malaysia to take action against a company there for infringement of copyright issues. They want Malaysia's information czar, Mr Reese Yard-Teem to investigate a Batang Kali-based entertainment company called MCMC (Mat Cendana Multimedia Commission). MCMC has released a film called A Bridge Too Far to burn.

One of the most memorable scenes was where a group comprising of nine Internet companies sang a P. Ramlee song: "Tolong kami, bantu kami, kami anak (rais) yatim piatu" ... and RM1 billion rained upon them.

The company has also released another war film - Burn The Bridge Over The River Kwai. The theme song is played by a rock band called Deepshit Purple - Burn The Bridge sung by M. Daud Coverdale.

Anonymous said...

Though I may not be a fan of some of your articles, but I support your freedom of thoughts, speech and expression.

Lee said...

The minister should not intimidate bloggers.He has set a very bad example to other ministers and servants of the people! At this rate,
if the others follow his example, our police will be kept busy and prevented from doing their real duties !Even a veteran minister is following the trend of making police reports.Sad sad !

Anonymous said...

Round and round it goes;
When it stops no one knows.
Evil against evil, the devil in the midst
When God strikes, He does not miss.

I say, bro, you could be the one standing.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe some of u even have the slightest thought that rocky is stupid!!! Guys u r not looking at the right places. I know rocky very well. Do u guys really think he didnt weigh all the consequences before posting the story? Common guys dont insult him! Seriously think harder!!!

Pais said...

Yo Datuk Bru,

Here comes the Santa..but this Santa neither wearing red and white costume nor laugh HO..HO..HO as usual but clads in Judge Dred's uniform and shouts.."I'M THE LAAAW!!".

Charles said...


I kind of have a feeling that this will all blow over after a while.

Anonymous said...

After changing side and landed on a good job, you should be thankful to yr boss. Instead you main2 sini sana. You tell your boys all the time, "Jangan Main Api." But you yourself is doing that. Now, your friends Haris, Zooro and the rest are laughing over there.Do you think this serve you right?

najib manaukau said...


As you said the Minister may not have taken his time to read the blog. It would have been better said that the Minister typical of an Umno member did not comprehend what you meant in your blog.
Such is the comprehension of your blogs by all the Umno Ministers you should therefore not to expect them now or in future to avoid any further any police report. Let see what shenanigan Mahathir has to say about this ?

Liverpool FC said...

You will never walk alone!

p/s: Who is this Endie clown that works in Malay Mail? Heard he's a bummer and needs to seriously grow a set of balls.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,

Well, You demand others to be accountable for what they write. Well, that same standard should apply to you, sir. So don`t cry, don`t shout this as `injustice'. A lesson for you to learn in a hard way. You will be alright in the end as you are in "Rocky inBolehland".
Just be patient.

Anonymous said...

Bulan Mei Ratu Dangdut Gerudi, Inul Daratista tidak dibenarkan membuat dua konsert di Sabah.

Begitu juga penyanyi sensasi dan seksi Amerika Beyonce Knowles turut di ban dari membuat persembahan.

Macam mana pula artis gay Adam Lambert boleh dibenarkan? Ini dah luar tabie.

Ini akan memberi satu tamparan malu kepada kerajaan Najib Tun Razak. Semasa Anwar sedang dibicara di mahkamah atas tuduhan sodomi, kerajaan mempromosi gaya hidup luar tabie gay .

Anonymous said...

Siapa yg membuat andaian? Apa tujuan mereka yg berbuat demikian?
Salah ke Rais mengambil tindakan utk membersihkan namanya?
Dalam hal fitnah dan berniat jahat, tak kan bolih Rais hanya menjawab bahawa semua yg ditulis itu tidak benar. Siapa nak percaya?
Berani buat berani tanggung beb!
Nasib baik Malaysia,kalu negara lu dulu...lagi sakit beb.

kuntakinte said...

Why rais, Why?

Anonymous said...

halo bro..

I only worried about your hair being cut later. If you a chinese then you ok man but god create us as malay so think yourselve

kingnek said...

Rais Yatim ni perangai macam Lee Kuan Yew lah

Anonymous said...

They Took Your Ferrari...So What..You Still Have Yr BMW X6 bro...

1Portal untuk 1Malaysia said...

Rocky, I support you. Don't "change your mode".

Praxis said...

You shouldn't have called him Santa, dude, given the Gestapo administration's distinct lack of humour during these times!

Dr Rais shouldn't blame his advisers; he is eminently qualified to take action or no action, with due cooling period as befits the circumstances.

A factual reponse by Rais would served the cause of justice and purpose of the blog.

Isn't raping bloggers a criminal offence?

Did Dr Mahathir make a police report aganist Barry Wain?

Dr Mahathir took us into civilized status and now we regress so easily.